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Patience is a Virtue and Other Life Lessons a letter from the Editor!


mbarrassing moment #302 (or thereabouts) – Okay, so last week my daughter and I were standing in line at Steinmart, yes ladies I was hunting a bargain. I turn to look at something on the rack behind me and these two ladies just hop in line right in front of me. Oh no they didn’t! Really?! Just like that? I’m standing there, mouth agape at the pure rudeness and audacity just waiting for them to notice my indignation. Do you think they did? Nope, just two Chatty Cathy’s discussing lunch. Well I hate to admit it, but patience is not one of my virtues, I was starting to get peeved. When the huffing and puffing and evil eye didn’t do the trick, I started complaining loudly to my daughter about the rudeness of others. Of course they had found their share of bargains and by the time they had wrapped, bagged and tagged about two carloads of merchandise I was just about fit to be tied! As they left the store, I whispered to my daughter, “Can you believe those two, cutting in line like that?” She looked at me slightly confused and said, “Mom I told them to go in front, I thought you weren’t done shopping.” Life lessons from my child. Humbling to say the least…… Here at Millennium we like to remind everyone to “Enjoy the Journey”, take the back road and stop and smell the roses. In short, to have patience with life, don’t rush through the journey. One of my favorite scriptures talks about God giving us what we need, and sometimes in life those little moments that slow us down and force us to take a detour are just what we need.

©2 Issue 15

For those who really need to slow down and take the back roads, check out the great Alaskan Adventure article submitted by guest writers and Millennium owners Tom and Jane Karlston. They make an annual pilgrimage to Alaska and they’ve shared the details and some really great travel tips. From ferry rides to Salmon fishing they didn’t miss a thing that the great state of Alaska has to offer and all from the comfort of their Millennium. Now if you really want some life lessons, watch your pets. They are the best examples of complete relaxation. Just ask our Finicky Friends Angelo, Mauriceo and Dimitri. They’ll probably recommend a little butterfly chasing and bird watching. They’re really proud of their ultra cool new home built especially for them by the Millennium crew! In Connections! you’ll meet Neal and Donna Boortz. Neal is a nationally recognized radio talk show host and his idea of slowing down is hitting the road in their new Millennium! As he and wife Donna look towards retirement they’re planning some adventures on the open highway. They’ve got miles and miles of travel planned and we sure hope they plan to take the back roads!

Some of my favorite Life Lessons “­W ­ omen­and­cats­will­do­as they­please,­and­men­and dogs­should­relax­and­get used­to­the­idea.”­ “Never­put­off­until­tomorrow what­you­can­do­the­day after­tomorrow.”­ “I­have­not­failed.­I've­just found­10,000­ways­that won't­work.”­ “Before­you­criticize someone,­you­should­walk­a mile­in­their­shoes.­That­way, when­you­criticize­them, you're­a­mile­away­and­you have­their­shoes.”­ “When­all­else­fails,­grab­the bull­by­the­horns­and­hang on­for­dear­life!”­

Whether you’re planning a trip to Alaska or just to the grocery store, plan to take the scenic route, make many stops along the way and don’t miss out on the special moments. Remember, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans!”

Evelyn Figueroa Editor, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer!

w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m


Neal and Donna Boortz

Meet Neal and Donna Boortz


e love introducing our new Millennium owners but Neal and Donna Boortz may not need an introduction! Many of you may recognize Neal from his wildly popular syndicated radio talk show, The Neal Boortz Show. As controversial as Neal can be on air, Donna says he’s really just a big softy, and we tend to agree! No strangers to the RV lifestyle, Neal and Donna have been RV’ing for over 30 years visiting many of the US National Parks during that time. Although they’ve enjoyed traveling in many types of Class A Motorhomes, owning a Prevost has always been on Neal’s Bucket List and we couldn’t be happier that they’ve chosen a Millennium! When Neal and Donna aren’t exploring Yosemite or hiking through Glacier National Park, you may find Neal enjoying another past time, aviation. As his millions of listeners can tell you, Boortz is also an avid pilot and hot air ballooner, taking to the skies whenever possible. While they have plenty of travel options, none are as functional as their Millennium, and they don’t have to run anything past the TSA to use it. Now in his 41st year in talk radio with over six million listeners tuning in each weekday you’d be surprised to know Donna isn’t one of them. She’s never listened to his show. Neal claims this is the way they’ve managed a life together of relative tranquility since 1973. Donna spends her time administering a charitable foundation she founded in 2005. Neal will tell you that the best status symbol anyone can obtain is a longterm marriage. While their coach was designed to be the ultimate in luxury and enjoyment, the “Boortz Bus” isn’t just for play, it also serves as a mobile office and has been equipped with remote broadcasting systems too. Boortz, who plans on using his coach 7-8 months a year, can broadcast with a moment’s notice just about anywhere in the country. Whether sharing his latest tale of exploration with his fans, or reporting live on location with breaking news, you’ll be sure to hear from him, after all “somebody’s gotta say it!” and now, thanks to Millennium, he can say it from anywhere!


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Featured Coach

#1957 Millennium H3-S4 Quad-slide – More square footage than your first apartment!

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2013 Millennium H3-S3 #1894

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Pre-Owned Inventory 2009 Millennium H3-S2 #0860

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A Spotlight On Some Of Our Favorite pressure washer – Just in case you get bored on a Sunday afternoon With 100 foot of hose you can rinse the bugs off the windshield, wash the tow vehicle or detail the entire coach. Wash the dog, clean the driveway, rinse the motorcycle. Spray your wife, hillbilly lawn sprinkler...folks we could just keep going!

remote aCCess – Leading the way in innovation! Exclusively from Millennium Luxury Coaches, iControl programmable automation revolutionizes how you interact with your coach. Use your iPhone, iPad or Kindle Fire to access coach functions remotely or have Millennium technicians remotely connect to monitor and diagnose, even during transit. Our iSecure system incorporates real time monitoring of up to eight cameras mounted throughout the interior and exterior of your coach along with motion and audio sensory detectors.

Custom sized shower – Rub-a-dub-dub, where’s the tub?! Most RV'ers trade the tub for extra storage but that's all the more reason to have a FANTASTIC shower! Each Millennium shower unit is built to a custom size rather than using a prefabricated shower unit "off the shelf.” This allows us to make the most of the available space, making the shower much larger than what you'd find in most conversions.

Granite Countertops – There's nothing like the beauty and durability of natural stone. Our proprietary process allows us to work with almost any granite. We often take our clients right to the stone yards to hand select their slabs of granite. The stone is then milled to a 1/4 inch thickness, backed with fiberglass and then shaped into a beautiful countertop. No synthetic plastic countertops for us!

headhunter toilet with Bidet – Potty Lessons come standard! •Warm Air Dryer •3 custom Water saver flush options •Thermostat controlled water temperature •Hydraulic Seat Lid •Comfortable heated seat

©8 Issue 15

w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m

Features Battery Bay – Millennium installs eight 8D AGM batteries. The best power, weight and safety standards available in the industry. AGM batteries deliver and absorb higher rates of amperage. This is important in the RV industry because of the constantly changing environmental conditions as well as the unique power demands of each user. From Maine to Arizona, 0 to 120 degrees they perform well in a variety of temperatures. With unregulated charge and discharge rates, we're not limited to how much power we can pull or how quickly we re-charge. When you're making a quick pit stop for lunch on a 105 degree day, you can pull enough power to run four A/C units and the coach without having to kick on the generator and then when you hit the road again, initiate a rapid charge cycle to power them back up.

Central vaC – May the force be with you!

(4) 120amp alternators with Quad inverter Bank – The most efficient way to generate power

High-performance commercial grade power cleans your coach quietly without a tangled power cord. A one gallon disposable bag constructed from 3-layer, electrostatic material captures particulates as small as .3 microns.

Through the use of 3 house alternators and 1 chassis alternator we make use of the engine power during transit to charge the house and chassis batteries. By incorporating a marine grade switching system we can cycle alternators on or offline as load requirements change. Or in the event of an alternator or belt failure any single unit can be taken offline allowing the remaining units to "pick up the slack." With four 3500 watt inverters a Millennium is like a rolling power plant with over 14,000 watts of power!

Four 3-staGe awninGs – Return your tray tables to the upright position we're ready for take-off! Each Millennium comes standard with 4 full length roof mounted awnings equipped with a motion sensor which provides more reliable feedback than the traditional wind sensors. Rather than detecting the amount of wind blowing, the sensors detect how much awning movement is occurring. To provide for more flexibility, awnings have three position selections. Whether you just want to protect the slide out tops, shade the windows or provide full shade for your outdoor seating area, our awnings allow you to be in control.

home automation – Your “home away from home” should have all the comforts of home. Change the channel, adjust the air or command privacy….all at the touch of a button from the comfort of your armchair. Transform your space and your mood with custom lighting programs all easily customized to your preferences. Add one button touch features to set your favorite music station, adjust the temperature and the stage has been set for you…the star of the show.

Custom hardware – A little bling never hurt anyone! In fact it's been proven to improve mood and save marriages! Custom designed pieces of jeweled hardware inlaid with Swarovski crystals give the finishing touch to our hand crafted cabinetry.

Floor heat – There's nothing like "Toasty Tootsies"!

window GraphiCs –

And we ensure that by installing electric floor heat throughout the coach. Not only does it keep the floor nice and warm, it's a great way to heat the coach too!

A Millennium Signature Feature From the exterior they give the appearance of uninterrupted graphics through the windows, but from the inside you have an uninterrupted view.


© 9

Tom and Jane Karlston

Alaskan Adventure Letters from the road. Tom and Jane Karlston take us along as they head north to Alaska for the trip of a lifetime!


trip to Alaska seems to be on everyone’s Bucket List and if you appreciate wildlife and beautiful remote scenery this could be a trip of a lifetime. We took our first coach trip to Alaska in our new 2009 Millennium H3 45 (S2) in the summer of 2009. Our focus was sightseeing with no planned itinerary and no reservations!

silt covered roads, it was a fabulous experience and our Millennium did great – no dust inside the coach. Amazing since we were our own dust bowl as we moved slowly along this very narrow road. Our Millennium’s built in pressure washer proved to be a very good friend and the coach washing service in Tok, AK is a must! Fairbanks and Denali National Park are unique and well worth the visit although we suggest using only Park Service tours for Denali. The Kenai Peninsula is our favorite area of Alaska.

by Jane Karlston

Seward (Marine Wildlife Center), Soldotna, Kenai, and Homer are all beautiful with nice RV parks, sightseeing, shopping and fishing opportunities. Valdez offers awesome scenery and worth a few days stay with its beautiful harbor, fishing fleet, bears and other wildlife. All along the way we were treated to black and grizzly bears, sheep, moose, caribou, eagles and other wonderful wildlife. We decided to take the ferry from Haines to Skagway, AK. With a 25-foot low tide, the exit from the ferry to the street in Skagway was

With a Milepost publication we headed North via the Yellowhead and Alaska Highways and returned South via the Cassiar Highway through remote British Columbia (BC) and the Yukon Territory (YT). We’d definitely recommend a tow vehicle visit to Banff and Jasper. We traveled to Dawson City, YT and across the Yukon River on the free ferry on to the Top of the World Highway toward Tok, AK. Although this route is usually not recommended because of many miles of rough 10 Issue 15 ©

w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m

exciting to say the least. The crew of the ferry made up for the extremely steep ramp from the ferry with many timbers being moved between our coach axles. The loud timber cracking sounds were a “bit” of a concern – but no damage to the coaches. The next time we have this idea we will check on the tide levels and wait for a lesser tide! Our stop in Hyder, AK on the way south was an awesome experience. The observation point to view salmon fishing grizzly and black bear close up is too special for words. During our most recent trip we traveled with our boat and jeep on our coach boat/car trailer, and made a stop in Valez to “test drive” our Florida boat in Alaskan waters. All went well and in a few days we had reloaded the boat onto the trailer and were “combat” fishing for Red/Sockeye Salmon standing in hip boots in the Kenai River near

Soldotna, AK. We filled one chest freezer with Reds and purchased a second chest freezer with the hopes of good luck Silver/Coho Salmon fishing in the ocean outside of Valdez. The first bay in our Millennium held both freezers easily and fish filleting and processing inside was not a problem because of our easy-care all granite floors and large counter space. A couple glasses of wine or beer helped our fish processing attitude. Space at RV parks was not a problem and there were plenty of large roadside parking areas if you want to skip some campgrounds. Our Millennium is especially comfortable for dry camping with its large battery and holding tank capacity. The cool and wet AK weather of the summer of 2011 was not an issue with our focus on fishing. It was convenient to visit Kenai and Homer in our Jeep. After a quick flight home to FL with the coach parked in an Anchorage RV park we were on to Valdez Narrows and Bay waters for Silver/Coho Salmon fishing using our own boat. We took some kidding

from locals about our Florida registered boat that “there were no inland waterways in Alaska.” With a lovely drive south along the Cassiar Highway to the contiguous US we made our plan for another coach and fishing trip to Alaska for the summer of 2012. Anyone with a couple of months available for travel and a bit of a quest for adventure would enjoy a trip to Alaska. All it takes is a current copy of the Milepost publication, perhaps a second set of coach belts, an attitude to take your time along the roadways and a love of wildlife and beautiful scenery. It is also enjoyable to take advantage of the vast opportunities for off road trips around Alaska. Good friends to travel with adds to the fun. We hope to see you along the way! Tom and Jane For a more detailed itinerary visit our web site at under Favorite Getaways!

“We took some kidding from locals about our Florida registered boat...” 877-322-0190

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Our Finicky-est Friends!


iao friends!!! I’m 11 yr old Angelo aka Popies and this is 2 yr old Mauriceo, and our baby brother Dimitri “Little Man” is 1 ½ yrs old. We were all born in Maine, although with our Italian names, some might think we came from Italy. We have (3) homes. Our winter home is at Mt. Olive Shores in Florida, our summer home is in Sebago Lake, Maine and our home on the road is our beautiful Millennium coach that our daddy, Bob bought for us so that we can go everywhere our parents go!! Our Millennium home is really cool!! We have a downstairs Lanai in the first bay so that we can lie in the sun to watch the birds and butterflies, smell the fresh air and play with our toys and each other! When we see the birds and butterflies, mommy says we chatter at them, but we really are speaking Italian! We like to say “siamo lieti di vedervi” Italian kitty style, which means “we’re glad to see you!” We also love the fact that we can lay on our parent’s bed and even hide under it! Our big screen TV and Bose sound system are great for watching our favorite show Animal Planet…. why it’s just like being there! Our mommy, who some call “Lady Di”, makes sure we have plenty of fun by keeping the nearby bird feeders and bird baths filled so that the birds fly near us at our lake house in Maine. It’s very exciting! We hope to see you when we’re roaming around in our Millennium…. But until then buon viaggio, have a safe journey!

©12 Issue 15

w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m

Power Tech Generator Feeling a little power hungry?


roper energy management is a challenging aspect in any RV and we’ve accepted the challenge and met it head on with an onboard 20 kw Power Tech generator. Located in a custom “hush box” bay, it provides a generous amount of power but remains whisper silent. Over twelve years ago Millennium partnered with Power Tech, the leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile diesel generators for the RV, commercial and military industry. A longtime supporter of the RV community, PowerTech has 1,000's of authorized service centers worldwide providing service throughout the country. Millennium is the only converter certified by Power Tech to mount the generator's radiator on the roof where it receives better ventilation, a pretty standard installation method used overseas in some of the hotter climates. We know heat rises, so it’s much better to have that heat exchange happen on the roof. e roof is a much cleaner environment than under the coach where the radiator is in constant contact with road grime and debris.

the chassis. One is noise. e sound is channeled through several layers of insulated pipes keeping everything cool and quiet. Also, the overall undercarriage clearance is not compromised by having exhaust pipes under the coach subject damaged by low clearance on the roadways and especially steep inclines. Finally, there’s no added heat under the coach. rough the use of “exhaust blankets” Millennium is able to eliminate most of the heat generated by the pipe itself and its connections. Never underestimate the amount of heat generated by this exhaust. One evening Evelyn and I were walking through a group of coaches parked on a lot at a show in South Florida when I looked over and saw a burning bush. At first I thought God was

sending me a message like he did Moses in the story of e Burning Bush! After taking a closer look I could see a generator exhaust pipe had set fire to a bush planted behind the bus. After a couple of buckets of water from the nearby pond, the fire was extinguished and the bush was gone! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Here at Millennium we don’t just do things to be different; we do things to be better. Yours and your family’s safety are always at the forefront of our design engineering. e next time you find yourself around a Millennium take a moment to check out some of these and other great features.

Another process exclusive to Millennium is the method by which we exhaust the generator engine to the roof. ere are a multitude of benefits with this installation. Outside of the obvious, the generator exhaust fumes are out of the living and entertaining area, there are several other advantages to having the diesel fumes come out of the top of the coach instead of under


© 13

Š14 Issue 15

w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m


estled in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota is Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort & Golf Club at historic Frawley Ranch. If you’re planning a family vacation, reunion, wedding, enjoy hiking, biking, or golfing this is a destination you won’t want to miss! Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club, a Championship 9Hole Par-36 Layout with 285 feet of elevation changes gives way to spectacular views of Elkhorn Peak and the historic Centennial Valley . This facility is open to the playing public offering the finest Practice Facilities in the Northern Black Hills complete with a double-ended Driving Range, two Putting Greens and Fairway and Greenside Practice Bunkers. Events and Outings welcome! For more information please contact a member of the Golf Shop Staff at 605.722.GOLF. The motorcycle enthusiast can enjoy riding some of the best rides in the world, and if you are looking for a real adventure come in August for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The fisherman will be in heaven with a choice of 14 mountain lakes and meandering streams loaded with a variety of brown, brook and rainbow trout.


Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort & Golf Club has been built at the Frawley Ranch, which is listed on the National Historic Registry. The 5,000 acre ranch is home to wildlife, a renovated historic school house, sod home, cabins, and home to a small buffalo herd; with historic tours available for guests. A 1,000 acre planned community development is home to the RV Resort, Golf Club, golf course housing, and the Frawley Ranch Estate with room to add a hotel, restaurant and retail real estate. The Resort lodge provides our guests with a grocery store, full service liquor store, unique gift shop, and the Corner Café that serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Added to the services is a propane fill up so that our guests can enjoy their vacation worry free. Elkhorn Ridge Resort & Golf Club invites you to visit for a weekend, week, month, or more. You may decide to build your vacation home here because you will fall in love with the spectacular setting and beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Elkhorn Ridge Resort I-90, Exit 17, Spearfish, SD 605-722-1800 877-722-1800

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Millennium Luxury Coaches 1601 Dolgner Place Sanford, Florida 32771


Millennium Magazine #15  

Millennium Magazine #15

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