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Seasons Greetings a letter from the Editor!


lease pardon the huge smile on my face and my tendency to wear Santa hats. It’s that time of year! Time to drag down the boxes of ornaments and make the big decisions… Real Tree, Fake Tree or No Tree! Thanksgiving at our house, the kid’s house or if you’re lucky…on the road! This is absolutely my favorite time of year, there’s a crispness in the air that hints at what’s coming. Yes, there’s the cooler weather but also the smell of roasting turkey, and more importantly, leftover turkey eaten on the couch while watching the football game. Who doesn’t smile as the leaves and eventually snow begins to fall, which for us snowboarders is the whole purpose of winter! And is it just me or do people just get nicer during the holidays? That is if you’re not fighting over the last iPad at the Best Buy on Christmas Eve! I just love the whole thing. The cooler weather is also the herald for Snowbird Season. For all you nonFloridians that’s what we call the time of year when all of you Northerners head south to take advantage of our fabulous winter climate. For us here at Millennium that means lots of visitors! Just last week we had over 35 coaches join us for our Open House. If you really need a laugh check out the “Lady Vava” video on our website, I didn’t know our Vonna had those kind of moves! We welcome you all to stop by and take advantage of our recently finished Camp Millennium. Spend a night, spend a week, spend your kid’s inheritance!

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Of course more visitors mean more sales, more trades, and for you More Inventory! We’ve given you a great sampling (pg 8 & 9) and of course we’re receiving new inventory daily. Visit our website for the most up to date listings. We know you’re hitting the road so we wanted to bring you some great information on towing. Check out the info on one of our favorite towing systems, Air Force One (pg 3) and if you’re in need of something to tow may we recommend a new Gold Rush Trailer? Just like Millennium, Gold Rush (pg 6 & 7) is known in their industry as the best of the best, using only the finest quality materials and unbelievable craftsmanship. The absolute best in trailers, we’re proud to hitch them to our wagons any day! I do take my holiday shopping seriously, so if I run into you at Best Buy on Christmas Eve…’s every man for himself! Nothing personal but Christmas morning is when I score my major Mommy Points for the year. Nothing says I love you like the new iPhone 4S! Wherever you head for the holiday season we hope it’s toward those you love. From our family to yours…..Seasons Greetings and Safe Travels!

Evelyn Figueroa Editor, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer!

There are three stages of a man’s life... He believes in Santa, He doesn’t believe in Santa, He is Santa.

Air Force One! SMI’s Air Force One Braking System can make your towing safe and stress-free The winter season is upon us; time to make plans, pack your coach, hook up your tow and head south. But before you hit the road, consider safety! When towing any vehicle, no matter how small, it will increase your stopping distance. That increase of just a few feet can make the difference of a “close call” or a bad accident. That’s why many states, including provinces in Canada, require a supplemental braking system on a towed vehicle. With so many products on the market today, it can be hard to choose which braking system to use. We love the Air Force One system from SMI Manufacturing. It is specifically designed for air brake systems. Air Force One uses the latest in braking technology, taking a small amount of air from the coach’s air brake system to create the vacuum necessary to activate the power brakes of the towed vehicle, and then applies the towed vehicle’s brakes in a truly proportionate manner. Because Air Force One uses the same air that brakes the coach, truly mirrored and proportionate braking is achieved in the towed vehicle. The SMI Air Force One system isolates the motor home’s air supply from the tow through the use of a ¼ gallon reservoir and a common air brake relay valve. It is designed so that should the line become severed, the air in the reservoir or “ping tank” will be the only air to escape; thus there is no danger of losing air pressure in the coach system nor will the brakes be affected.

Since this system only uses air supply, there is no need for an electrical pump. In fact, there are no moving parts at all! The Air Force One easily fits under the hood of the tow vehicle and the very small brake actuator mounts on the brake arm of the car/truck that’s in tow. In addition, Air Force One is the only air brake that offers and includes coach protection for the air supply in an event of a separation. With “Total coach Protection”, the coach’s air supply is sealed off to allow the coach to stop normally. At the same time the coach is protected, the breakaway system on the car activates the towed-vehicle’s brakes.

The Air Force One braking system is a revolutionary product that will apply truly proportionate brake effort in your towed vehicle. The simple install along with vacuum-assisted power brakes makes the Air Force One second to none for motor homes with air brakes. Combine the power brakes of the car being active with all the other great features, including no set up for towing, and you too will agree with RVer’s all over the country; Air Force One is Millennium’s choice of supplemental braking systems and one of the greatest new innovations for this industry!

We really like the notification light. This light is activated directly by the towed vehicle’s brake-light switch. So anytime the brakes are applied in the tow, the lights will go on. Added information at the dash is always a benefit.

SMI Manufacturing, Inc. 7457 W. State Route 66 Newburgh, IN 47630 800-893-3763

2600 E. Southlake Blvd. • Suite 120-292 • Southlake, TX 76092 (817) 488-1526 •


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 MILLENNIUM RALLY 2011  ere was ropin’ & ridin’, shootin’ & slidin’. Some sang with the Blues Brothers and others just sang the blues. We got twisted up with Cirque du Soleil and then unwound at the Lakeridge Winery. ere were visits from Hollywood Stars and Oscars awarded. We ate too much, drank too much, we laughed and then we cried. To top it off, a surprise performance by “Lady Va Va” moved us to come together in song and dance..... “We are Family!” And indeed we are!










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w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m
















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920 Stone Hill Rd • Denver, PA 17517 Toll Free: 866-478-7245 Tele: 717-484-2424

Features Custom built for you Gold Rush Build Standards • Aluminum Monocoque Construction • Highest Grade Materials • Integrated Weight Distributing Floor • Sizes from 14” to 36” • Two or Three Axle

When not even the best will do…… then it’s time for Gold Rush! The new Gold Rush AirV Coachman line uses the legendary Gold Rush quality that has been the benchmark in the trailer industry for over 35 years and combines it with current engineering and manufacturing innovations. The aerodynamic pointed leading edge and true smooth side exterior provides a sleek new look while at the same time decreasing wind resistance and providing unparalleled tow quality. Gold Rush is known for excellence and that extends to the interior. Whether you want clean lines and great storage for your toys or a towable luxury condo, or maybe a little of both,

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In addition to manufacturing, Gold Rush offers a full trailer service facility, servicing and customizing all makes and models of trailers as well as sales of new and pre-owned trailers.

Gold Rush can fully customize the interior. With amenities like air conditioning, custom audio visual equipment, designer bathrooms, versatile bedrooms, combined with luxurious, well-appointed finishing’s, it makes a great “guest house!” Today, under the new leadership of the Langford family, Gold Rush occupies 47,000 sq. ft. of design and manufacturing space and Lankford, PA less than a mile from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Customers are encouraged to visit their facility for a tour or to plan and design their new custom trailer. On staff engineers work with clients to customize their design and provide a full set of drawings prior to construction along with 3D digital modeling.


#1828 2012 Millennium H3-45 Double Slide

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w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m

2010 Millennium H3-S2 #1286

2008 Regal H3-S2 #0697

2006 Royale XLII S2 #8400

2002 Featherlite XLII S2 #7237 877-322-0190

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Experience the Adventure ...we’ll do the rest! ION V VACAT




Arctic Circle to Panama, Europe to South Africa... ...across Canada and the USA.


the Adventure

2011 2013

...We’ll do the



1-800-872 w w w. a dv

e nt u re c

ar av an

s . c om

We encourage you to compare our product & our price - then choose the right experience for you.

...where do you want to go? Our RV Caravans are designed for independent travelers who also enjoy being catered to. Our journey is the experience between destinations - stopping at the places that appeal to us as individuals... in camp we share stories, enjoy professionally guided tours, experience local culture and build friendships that last a lifetime.


RV Tours & Rallies

designed with you in mind...

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Call today for a FREE RV Vacation Catalog. It’s your turn. Experience the Adventure... ...we’ll do the rest!

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Connections! Howard and Debby are always looking for opportunities to meet new friends and take on new adventures! Debby is a true “Valley Girl” from Burbank, California. She attended school with actor/director Ron Howard and lived down the street from Sally Fields. But she had to go all the way to Texas to find the love of her life, Howard. Howard is a rare Houston native, born and raised right in the heart of Houston, Texas. Howard and Debby call Alvin, Texas home and between them they have 4 kids, a son & daughter each, and Debby has 3 grandkids and 3 great-grandkids! Howard & Debby

Howard and Debby are very active and are on the road as much as they can be; attending vintage car shows, riding their Harleys and golfing their way across the United States and abroad. They’ve even attended a star gazing party in Nebraska! “It’s those little unplanned side trips that I love most” says Howard. Although they’ve done a bit of off roading in their Millennium, we saw the pictures to prove it, they enjoy spending time at Blue Water Key RV Resort and also love to visit Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina in Orange Beach, AL. We had a blast hanging out with Debby and Howard this year at Sturgis! We found out that Debby is an excellent cook and can throw together a dinner party in seconds. She even had a pie in the oven while we were doing this interview! And now we know why Debby likes hanging with Howard so much, he’s quite the comedian, he kept us laughing the whole afternoon. “We are definitely motorcycle enthusiasts!” Howard adds “We love to go to Sturgis! A few years back Debby and I camped out in a tent for two weeks and ate beans from a can” “That’s when I decided next time we go to Sturgis we’re going in a Prevost!” says Debby. So they bought some property, built a bus barn for their coach and then got down to the fun part…. coach shopping! “I got online and started researching Prevost converters. We came across Millennium and I loved the look of their coaches! But every time we were ready to purchase the coach we liked, it was sold,” Debby continued, “We were determined to get a Millennium! So we decided to go to the 2010 Supershow to see Millennium’s latest coaches. We found the perfect coach on display and bought it on the spot!” “We love being part of the Millennium family, there is not a better group of people to do business with. They take care of you anytime of the day or night no matter what. We could not be happier.” “Driving is my favorite part” Howard noted, “and I also love that we have all the comforts of home but we get to see the country without the stress of packing.” Debby added, “We love everything about it; the style, the colors and galley has plenty of room for cooking.” Howard is an engineer at heart and you’ll often find him tinkering with some new idea or designing something else for the coach. The only thing Debby loves more than her miniature horses is George Strait (she’ll have to tell you about her long term relationship with George later). She once refused to give up her front row tickets at a concert….for the President of the United States! Secret Service stepped in and helped convince her that it really was a good idea. If you happen to run into Howard and Debby on the road, pull up a chair and sit a spell. We promise they’ll feed you some really great food, share a really good glass of wine and have you laughing ‘til you cry as they share a few of the wonderful adventures they’ve had. They’re the kind of friends that are hard to find, you hate to leave, and that you’ll never forget!

Debby’s Famous Spinach Dip Recipe

Spinach Dip 1 package (10 oz) baby spinach, chopped OR 1 package (10 oz) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry. (I prefer to use the fresh baby spinach chopped) 1 container (16 oz) sour cream 1 cup real mayonnaise (I use Hellmann’s) 1 package Knorr Vegetable recipe mix 1 can (8 oz) water chestnuts, drained & chopped 3 green onions chopped Combine all the ingredients and chill for at least 2 hours. This is great with veggies, tortilla chips or in a bread bowl!


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Millennium Luxury Coaches 1601 Dolgner Place Sanford, Florida 32771


Millennium Issue 13  

Millennium Issue 13

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