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Forever Young a letter from the Editor!


ou know, it takes just one question to determine if you’re over the hill or not... “Do you think the music is a little loud in here?” I turned 40 this year and by some standards I’m still a spring chicken but to be perfectly honest folks, things ain’t like they used to be! I’m stuck in this in-between stage where my kids don’t quite need me as much as they used to and grandkids are a fuzzy distant thought. It seems slightly unsettling and gets me thinking about things I’ve yet to do; like it’s time to get down to the business of living before any more time slips away. I have learned that everyone has their own Fountain of Youth; you’ve just got to tap in to it. Whether it’s regular exercise (yuck!) and eating right or doing one of those fancy new injectables, we all do what works for us. For my mother it’s hanging out with the grandkids. There’s nothing that makes a grandma feel younger than being shoved into the front seat of a sled and slingshot down the hill with the grandkids hanging on for dear life as they’re dragged behind. It’s got all of the important components; hanging out with those younger than you, exercise and laughing until you can’t breathe. Statistics’ show that the number one aging factor continues to be stress in our life; of course I think there’s no better way to de-stress than a good road trip. For a new spin on traveling the roads, check out our article on caravan road trips for some fresh ideas for new adventures. And while you’re at it, be sure and cancel all guilt trips! They’re not much fun and you never get anywhere. In this month’s featured Connections! you’ll meet Mike and Angie from Paducka, KY. You can spend about 5 minutes with them and you’ll feel like a kid again. They’re just plain ol’ cheerful folks. Mike’s only question when he picked up the new coach was how to turn the bidet on remotely. We’re not sure why he wanted to know that but if his mischievous grin was any indication, Angie better watch out for her

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backside (literally)! Which brings me to my next lesson; surround yourself with cheerful people who make you laugh often, long, and loud. Now there’s one thing for sure that can send me south; a bad number! Whether it’s on the scale, a vision chart or one of those nasty cholesterol checks…. we all want good numbers, don’t we! I know Nelson has got to the point that his arms aren’t long enough to correct his vision. He’s still wearing those Walgreen’s glasses because it seems a bit less permanent than a doctor’s visit! But eventually I fear Walgreen’s will run out of options for him…which brings me to the next piece of advice. Ignore all nonessential numbers, let the doctors worry about them!

Life is not measured by the breaths we take,

I have to admit that we have had a lot of fun putting this magazine together for you. “Our Finicky-est Friends section is my personal favorite; Cuddles interview was tres’ magnifique! I’m always so interested in what our furry friends have to say about their parents. Our kids and pets always have a way of spilling the beans on mom and dad. But don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. And like any good Kindergarten teacher, we know how to keep it under wraps (your secrets are with us). Despite it all, our pets really do give us unconditional love and the real important lesson here is; whether it’s pets, grandkids or your favorite hobby, surround yourself with what you love! You’ll notice in upcoming issues that we’ll be adding some additional features from you, our favorite readers! This month we’ve brought you an exciting road trip from one of our owners as well as some great advice from Dr. Wes Borgmen, our resident Veterinarian. He’s an expert on helping us to keep our pets healthy as they travel. We hope you enjoy the new expanded format of our magazine. Our goal is to be a great source of information for you as you continue to enjoy the Millennium lifestyle and luxury travel! Much love and safe travels,

Evelyn Figueroa Editor, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer!

but by the moments that take our breath away.

Road Trip!


ach October, one of the world’s most unique and fascinating wildlife events occurs on the banks of the Hudson Bay when scores of Polar Bears gather along the shore just outside Churchill, Manitoba longing to begin their annual migration for the winter feeding. Recently, Millennium owners Terri and El decided to leave the well traveled roads behind and take off in search of these magnificent creatures. Heading off into arctic wilds could seem a bit daunting to the faint of heart but what better way to visit an unfamiliar area than a guided tour with an RV caravan! RV caravanning is an experience unmatched by any other type of group travel. It gives you the freedom and independence to enjoy the sites and activities while affording the luxury of a professional travel planner handling the details. Terri and El chose the well known Adventure Caravans as their guide. “They make all of the arrangements and reservations so you can just enjoy” said Terri “there was such peace of mind in knowing that they were going to make sure we didn’t miss the good stuff!” Since many travelers have taken these roads before, the Wagonmasters know all of the potential problems and all of the “don’t miss” spots. “While we were on another tour

with Adventure Caravans, in New Brunswick, our tour guide made arrangements for us to share a potluck meal with a small Russian community”, said Terri. “The children performed native dances and the food was so authentic!” It’s these special moments that create trips of a lifetime. The 2011 Polar Bear Migration Tour begins in Rugby, North Dakota and travels throughout the Province of Manitoba to Thompson where you’ll board a train to spend 3 nights in the far northern reaches of Churchill. You’ll get up close and personal with the polar bears through the use of a specially designed Tundra Buggy ®. With lots of local culture, museums and even a wildlife tour, this is a wonderful journey for the adventurous, nature enthusiasts and for those who want something unique. With itineraries that span several countries with literally thousands of activities there’s something for everyone. Trips can be as short as 10 days to as many as 78 days depending on the location. “Our guests constantly tell us there is no possible

way they would see or do as much as they did had they attempted one of our trips on their own,“ says Brian Fearon of Adventure Caravans. For those who like a little independence, you’re welcome to travel alone and rendezvous with the group in the evenings. El really likes the fact that there is an experienced Wagonmaster leading the way and a Tailgunner bringing up the rear should anyone need mechanical assistance while enroute. “They were really flexible and went out of their way to make it an exceptional trip” said Terri. “We had picked up a brochure about a local paper mill in New Zealand that looked interesting, when we showed it to our guide; he made a few calls and quickly added it to the agenda!” Now that’s flexible travel! Adventure Caravans will be offering special pricing on the 2011 Polar Bear Migration Tour for our readers. Originally $6795, it’s now being offered at $6245 through August 31, 2011. For other

Experience the Adventure ...we’ll do the rest! ION V VACAT




Arctic Circle to Panama, Europe to South Africa... ...across Canada and the USA.

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rest ...We’ll do the the Adventure Experience


-7897 1-800-872 w w w. a dve

ntu re c ar

av ans . c


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...where do you want to go? Our RV Caravans are designed for independent travelers who also enjoy being catered to. We travel between destinations enjoying the journey - stopping at the places that appeal to us as individuals... in camp we share stories, enjoy professionally guided tours, experience local culture and build friendships that last a lifetime.


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Call today to receive your RV Vacation Catalog.’s your turn. Experience the Adventure and we will do the rest!



Connections! Many of you have been following along as we completed a custom built Millennium triple slide H-3 45 for Mike and Angie. If you’ve checked out the web site lately you’ve seen that Angie did a spectacular job selecting the interior of their Millennium! We thought you’d like to get to know the newest addition to the Millennium family.

Mike & Angie

Mike and Angie call Paducah, Kentucky home. A place where folks still smile and say “hi” as they meet up at the local diner and often leave the front door unlocked and the keys hanging in the ignition (hopefully not in their new Millennium!) And if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet, you’ll know them by their southern drawl & hospitality and that they can use the word “fixin” as a noun or verb.

Mike and Angie have been RV’ing for over 15 years. “Our first motor home was an American Tradition and we just kept trading up the ranks” recalls Mike, “we liked the lifestyle so much we decided to move up to a Prevost. After owning a few different conversions we decided to custom build a Millennium!” “We became interested in Millennium when we saw the great service and support that our friends, Larry and Terri Jones received as Millennium owners. We also loved Millennium’s interior design and of course Nelson and Evelyn,” Mike explained. Work began on their new coach last October when we sat down in the design center and started looking at fabrics. “It didn’t take long at all to pick the colors and design for our coach,” says Angie. “We choose what we wanted and realized it was just like our home! Even the A/C systems, the operating systems and the iPad all function exactly like our home in Kentucky. We enjoyed the experience of custom building our coach and the end results were even better than we expected. We were also impressed that what were “add -ons” in our other coaches are standard in our Millennium. “There was nothing that we needed to add” Mike noted. Mike and Angie always hit the road towing their 28 ft stacker trailer with a custom paint job so they could “fill it up with toys”……6 motorcycles (check), 2 Boss Hoss (check) 1 Golf Cart (check) and matching boots and helmets (priceless)! On board you’ll also find their girls Carly (Black Lab) and Lucy (Yellow Lab) two rescue Labs who love the extra room that the triple slide gives so that they can stretch out and chew on a good bone. We asked if they had big plans for the summer in their new home on wheels and Angie exclaimed, “We can’t wait to get on the road in our new coach and go to our ultimate favorite place….Sturgis!! We love all the great riding out there!” Mike added “We also like to go to Daytona Beach twice a year for the NASCAR races and Biktoberfest (and of course the Millennium Rally!) We know everyone likes to keep the skeletons in the closet but we love to hear about memorable trips and Mike and Angie didn’t disappoint. When asked about trips they’d never forget they shared this with us…..”We were heading to Aspen for a ski trip and didn’t want our dog to have to fly so we decided to take the coach so he’d be more comfortable (we love those pets!) So we’re heading into Aspen and that darned lady on the GPS kept saying “Turn Right!” so finally we gave up and made a right turn. We quickly realized that we’d made a Big Mistake but couldn’t get turned around! Once we finally found a safe place to pull over and get out Mike proceeded to get buried chest deep in snow! We quickly decided that we were literally in over our heads and called for help. After some serious maneuvering we ended up heading back down the mountain with a semi tow truck hooked to the rear of our rig. He helped “lower” us down the mountain and kept us from careening out of control on the icy roads.” Needless to say sometimes you just have to tell that gal in GPS to mind her own business! Mike and Angie, welcome to the Millennium family!

©4 Issue 12

After a year of hard work, we’re pleased to announce that we have finally completed extensive renovations of our new facility and recently celebrated our long overdue Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with friends, family and local celebrities!

This luxury resort is nestled in a peaceful and gated 104 acre community, 35% of which consists of green areas. Surrounded by 3 canals, the resort has 645 large lots that are all exclusively available to the class A motorcoach. The lush tropical landscape design offers maximum privacy to all residents.

Š6 Issue 12

Aztec RV resort is ideally located minutes from the beautiful beaches, this jewel will satisfy the most selective motorcoach owner. With world class shopping and dining only a short drive away.

Aztec RV Resort 1-A Aztec Blvd. (Sundial Circle) Margate, Florida 33068 Tel: 954-975-6411 Toll Free: 1-888-493-2856

Luxury and Comfort awaits you!


#1691 2012 Millennium H3-45 Triple Slide

Š8Issue 12

w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m

2010 Millennium H3-S3 #1163

2008 Millennium H3-S2 #517

2008 Marathon H3-S2 #0942

2003 Royale XLII S1 #7916 877-322-0190

Š 9

AGM versus Lithium, the Battery Power Struggle


ver the past few months I’ve received several calls and emails asking for an opinion on the new Lithium battery technology versus the traditional AGM battery, which is part of the valve-regulated lead-acid Nelson Figueroa, President battery family typically used in a motorhome application. Batteries are the real workhorse of any auxiliary electrical system and there’s no room for lightweights. AGM batteries were developed in 1985 for use in Military aircraft and then introduced to the civilian aviation, marine and RV industry around 1992. Replacing the common flooded lead acid and gel cell batteries, they were specifically designed to combine the best power, weight and safety standards available at that time. They have continued to develop over the years with advancements in their efficiency and safety ratings and continue to become lighter and sleeker. AGM batteries offer a low internal resistance and rapid migration of the acid into the glass matt plate. Simply stated, AGM batteries deliver and absorb higher rates of amperage. This is important in the RV industry because of the

10 Issue 12 ©

constantly changing environmental conditions as well as the unique power demands of each user. From Maine to Arizona, 0 to 120 degrees they perform well in a variety of temperatures. With unregulated charge and discharge rates, we’re not limited to how much power we can pull or how quickly we re-charge. This comes in handy when you’re making a quick pit stop for lunch on a 105 degree day. We can pull enough power to run four A/C units and the coach without having to kick on the generator and then when we hit the road again, initiate a rapid charge cycle to power them back up. In contrast, the Lithium-ion battery starts degrading as soon as it leaves the factory and only lasting two or three years from the date of manufacture, whether you use them or not. When exposed to heat, lithium-ion battery packs begin to degrade much faster than they normally would. If you’ve ever held a cell phone to your ear for too long or held a computer on your lap, you know that heat is a natural byproduct of most batteries, but especially lithium batteries. Highly sensitive to charge and discharge rate, it’s necessary to have an onboard computer to manage the charging cycles and limit amount of power output as well as how quickly they regenerate to full capacity. You’d be limited to an A/C or two on that same pit stop and would need an extended period to recharge. If a

Lithium-ion battery becomes completely discharged, it’s ruined. There is also the concept of Thermal Runaway which is a condition in which a Lithion-ion battery pack fails and has the potential to burst into flames. With the sensitivity to temperature and charging rates and higher potential for safety issues, they’re just not a good match for the RV market. Green Car Advisor notes that the FAA has recorded six fires onboard passenger and cargo jets linked to lithium-based batteries since March of last year and it’s apparent that legislation will be drafted in the near future regulating the use or shipment of Lithium-ion batteries on airplanes. The FAA has denied the request from some airplane manufactures requesting to use Lithiumion batteries citing, “The battery does not contain the additional safety standards that the administration considers necessary to establish a level of safety equivalent to that established by the existing airworthiness standards.” The strength and durability of your electrical charging system lies in your choice of batteries. An AGM battery is like a workhorse while a Lithium-Ion battery is like a Unicorn. If you want to power your cell phone your best bet is to use a Lithium-ion battery, if you want to power your motor home there is no better battery technology than the AGM. Unless you believe in Unicorns!

w w w. m i l l e n n i u m l u x u r y c o a ch e s . c o m

Happy Tails on Your Happy Trails

“Our Finicky-est Friends!”

by Dr. Wes Borgman


raveling with pets can take some extra planning but the benefits of having your four legged friend with you makes it worth the extra effort. Important considerations include protection from parasites and diseases that may not be prevalent at your home base, precautions if your pet gets lost, and quick ideas to keep your pet comfortable.

Many people don’t realize that recommendations for preventative immunizations and medications vary depending on how and where you are traveling. Before your big trip, take your pet to your veterinarian to be sure immunizations are up to date and let your veterinarian know where you will be traveling. There may be parasites where you are headed that are different from where you live. Many parts of the country may be infested with heart worms, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks but other areas are not, so veterinarians may not routinely consider these for patients. If your pet does not have a microchip it is a good idea to get one before you travel. Make sure this chip has up-todate registration including all of your current contact information. Also be sure dogs have a collar with current contact information such as your cell phone. If traveling across state lines you should bring along your pet’s rabies

vaccination record. Your veterinarian can also write a heath certificate for travel over state lines. When packing for your pet include an ample supply of your pet’s food. Don’t rely on stopping along the way to pick up their food or picking it up at your final destination. Their particular brand of food may not be readily available and it is not advisable to introduce your pet to a new brand of food while traveling. Packing or giving your pet bottled water is usually unnecessary. If your pet suffers from motion sickness ask your veterinarian about new medications that last for 24 hrs to prevent vomiting. We wish you many Happy Tails and Happy Trails! Dr. Wes Borgman was voted Best Veterinarian in Sanford for 2009. He frequently writes for the Orlando Sentinel and has been featured on local news networks for his great advice on caring for our pets.

Seminole Animal Hospital 2515 HE Thomas Pkwy, Sanford, FL 32771, 407-330-PETS (7387)


“Bonjour” (Pardon my French)…. my name is Cuddles. I usually don’t tell my age, that’s something a lady just doesn’t do, but in this case I’ll make an exception…. I am 10 years old. I know what you’re thinking, I hear it all the time, “how could she be 10, she doesn’t look a day over 5 years old.” Well, I must give all the credit to my Mum, Cindy! She makes sure that I stay on a healthy diet and daily exercise. I am in such great shape that I can still to this day jump from chair to chair with ease. Ron, my Papa (or father as you would say in English) takes my Mum and me to only the finest places. We travel to Petoskey, Michigan and then head south to Naples, Florida and of course make our stop in Sanford, Florida at Millennium. I’m in heaven when we go to Millennium Luxury Coaches! Millennium has the cutest service men! I just love a man in uniform. I must admit, I think they are so cute that I kiss them every chance I get. And even though I love our home in Clarklake, Michigan, I just can’t wait to take our annual trips to see all of our friends. Oh, and talk about traveling, our Millennium is simply to die for!! I can sit on the back of the sofa and from a bird’s eye view I can see everything; even people and their pets that have the nerve to walk by our coach! I get so upset that I bark at them in French! When I’m not visiting with friends and neighbors, I love to take a good afternoon nap. Not because I’m old mind you, but because I need my beauty rest, and I love my little leopard print princess bed in my Millennium! Au Revior!

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Millennium Luxury Coaches 1601 Dolgner Place Sanford, Florida 32771


Millennium Magazine Issue 12  

Millennium Magazine Issue 12

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