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How to be a hawk

Anything you could possibly want to know about being successful at Mill Creek

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Greetings Parents and Students, Welcome to Mill Creek High School, Home of the Hawks! It is our hope that this copy of How to be a Hawk is a useful tool as you become acclimated with high school, particularly the freshman year. This booklet addresses the registration process, as well as our bell schedule, grading policies, elective course offerings, transportation and food services. This publication also introduces you to life at Mill Creek from the academic and extra-curricular standpoint. Parents, no doubt you will find the high school environment different from when you were in school. Technology alone is a huge differential in our daily teaching and learning. The sheer scope and size of our Gwinnett high schools is most likely another difference from when you were in high school. We expect to serve roughly 3,500 students during the 2011-2012 school year. At Mill Creek High School, it is our belief that we are partners in your student’s education. Please help your students get a fresh and positive start in August. Students, make sure you do your homework, keep up with your reading, and get involved in your school. Participation in extra-curricular activities is encouraged. Research validates the contention that involved students do better in school. Involved parents are also important. Mill Creek is a learning community. We learn and grow by listening and responding to compliments or criticism. Most of all, we are about teaching and learning, with the emphasis on learning. Thank you for becoming a supporter of Mill Creek. We are excited to have you as part of our school community and our Hawk Family. Sincerely,

Jim L. Markham Jim L. Markham, Principal Mill Creek High School


Assistant Principal

Kari McIntyre

Assistant Principal

Gary Long

Jim Markham

Curriculum and Instruction

Athletic Director

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Wanda Cain

Vicki Husby

Patricia Lowrie

Community School

Staff Development

Community School

Assistant Principal

Steven Hardegree

Monica Hudson

Chesley Cypert

Jim Kay

Language Arts Department Student Discipline A-C

Math Department Student Discipline D-H

Social Studies Department Student Discipline I-M

Physical Education / Fine Arts Student Discipline N-R

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Terry May

Gibson Lowry

Todd Drake

Science Department Student Discipline S-Z

Foreign Language Department Testing Coordinator

Special Education Department Student Discipline Special Ed


Motto: Honestas Fideltas Virtus “Men and women of honor possessing unimpeachable loyalty while pursuing individual excellence.”

Our Mission Statement: Using the GCPS curriculum (AKS) and complying with National, State and Local School Board Policies and procedures it will be our mission to make sure that every student receives quality instruction and worthwhile guidance every day.

Our Vision Statement:

We view learning as a partnership shared equally among students, parents and faculty. Working together we believe that every student regardlesss of innate ability, race, creed, ethnicity or national origin is capable of making measurable improvement each school year.

Bell Schedule:

Mill Creek quick facts: • Mill Creek was established in August, 2004, under the leadership of Principal, Jim Markham. • Our staff consists of 12 Assistant Principles, 250 teachers and 50 clerical and custodial members. • Our student body consists of roughly 3,500 students. •The school building includes three levels: -main level: social studies, language arts, fine arts, performing arts, tech nical and business education, and the media center -upper level: science labs, math, and foreign language -lower level: gym, weight rooms, health classes, and dance studio -additionaly, we have 53 trailers and an outdoor classroom on campus

First period Second period Third period Fourth period 4A


Fifth period 5A 5B

Sixth period 6A 6B

Seventh period


7:20 AM 8:22 AM 9:21 AM 10:20 AM 10:20 AM 10:49 AM 11:19 AM 11:19 AM 11:48 AM 12:18 PM 12:18 PM 12:47 PM 1:17 PM


8:16 AM 9:15 AM 10:14 AM 11:13 AM 10:44 AM 11:13 AM 12:12 PM 11:43 AM 12:12 PM 1:11 PM 12:42 PM 1:11 PM 2:10 PM

Important Places Front Office

School Secretary: Theresa Sutton Upon arrival to Mill Creek High School, all parents or visitors must sign in at the front office and should be prepared to present a PICTURE ID. Once your Phone number: 678-714-5850 ID has been approved, you will sign in our visitor log book and Mrs. Sutton Office Hours: 7:10 AM to 3:10 PM will assist you with directions to find your destination in the building. When you enter the school from Most common office visits scenarios include: the front doors, -checking your student out (you will be the Front Office directed to the Attendance Office) is the first door -delivery of a forgotten item for your on the left. If you student (you will be directed to the pass this statue, Attendance Office) you have gone -Attending a meeting in another office too far.

Attendance Office

Assistant Principal: Dr. Jim Kay Attendance Clerk: Lori Cavanaugh Attendance Clerk: Susie Thiman Phone number: 678-714-5850 Office Hours: 7:10 AM to 3:10 PM

In this office, you can check in and out, obtain certificates of attendance, turn in notes for absences, and obtain bus passes. We expect students to attend school every day. We also expect students to come to school on time and prepared to learn. Students who are frequently absent from school have a difficult time being successful and completing make-up work. You are officially counted absent for the day if you miss four or more periods in one school day. Students, if you are absent from school, you will need to do the following: 1. On the day you return to school you should bring a note to the attendance office first thing in the morning. 2. The note must be written and signed by a parent or guardian. 3. The note should include your full name, your student ID number, the date of the absence, reason, parent/guardian signature, and phone number for verification. Please contact the attendance office for more information regarding preplanned absences, excused absence requirements and other attendance -related issues.

Assistant Principal: Kari McIntyre Secretary: Mallory Thomson Registrar: Wanda Jackson Sasi Clerk: Deborah Junker Phone Number: 678-714-5891 Office Hours: 6:45 AM - 3:00 PM

Curriculum Office

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is primarily responsible for generating the school master schedule, including all teacher and student schedules, overseeing grade reporting and academic instruction. This office works closely with the guidance office in the areas of student course registration, student enrollment and withdrawal, and graduation requirements. Appointments to discuss a teacher or a particular issue in a teacher’s class are recommended. Before an appointment will be scheduled, it is expected that the parent has already made prior contact with the teacher.


Course Registration 2011-2012 Course Selection:

The registration process is a collaborative effort between you, your child, and your child’s current teachers. On the registration form, your child’s teacher will make a course level recommendation of College Prep, Honors or Gifted in the subject areas of Language Arts, Math, and Science. We strongly encourage you to trust the course level recommendation of the 8th grade teacher, as they have been instructed by the high school department chairs as to how to best make placement recommendations. 8th grade students will receive a mailed letter in May with a listing of course requests for their freshman year. When you receive the letter, please refer to your PINK registration copy to verify your selected classes versus the classes assigned. If any of the course requests are incorrect due to a keying error, (not change of selection) please contact the Mill Creek Curriculum Office at 678-714-5891. We will certainly correct the error in the scheduling system. In future years while at Mill Creek, your student will be responsible for registering for his/her classes. This registration typically takes place in late February or early March. Students choose all of their academic and elective courses for the next school year. We try our best to accommodate all student requests for classes.

Grading Information:

Students are issued two progress reports EACH semester: one at 6 weeks and one at Progress Reports All 12 weeks. The reports are distributed directly to the students during their first period

Report Cards Final Exams

Grading System Make-up Work

Incomplete Grades

class and always on a Friday. First semester report cards will be issued directly to students in January. Second semester reports cards will be mailed home the first week of June. Students will receive a total of 8 report cards in 4 years of high school. Students will take semester final exams in December and May. There are two parts to all final exams, a written performance exam and a multiple-choice exam. Both of these exam grades together comprise 20% of the student’s overall semester grade. The written performance finals are administered during a regular class period, usually at the beginning of December and May. The multiple-choice portion of the exams is administered the last 3 days of each semester (students will report to school from 7:1511:30 on these days). Students are provided 2 hours to take each multiple-choice exam. An exam will be administered in every course a student takes. Beginning in August and September, look for announcements in the Hawk Herald (newsletter mailed home), school web page, or Mr. Markham’s video message (accessed through web page) with exact dates for final exams. A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 74-7 9 D = 70-73 F = 0-69 Students will only receive credit for grades 70 and above. When a student has an excused absence, he/she has five school days to make up missed work or at least make arrangements for making up work. A student who has been suspended will be given the opportunity to make up work missed. Suspended students should access teachers’ websites to obtain daily class assignments. The five-day makeup rule does not apply to long-standing due dates on assignments such as: term papers, projects, literary works, and in some cases test/exams. In those cases, it is generally expected that the student would turn in the assignment on the first day back to school. Incompletes are not assigned in high school. If a student has missed an assignment due to an excused absence, a grade of zero will be averaged in the place of the missing grade until the student makes up the work. According to GCPS policy, students have five days to complete work or make other arrangements granted by the teacher. All pre-assigned work will be due on the day of a student’s return from an absence.

MILL CREEK 9TH GRADE REGISTRATION FORM 2011-2012 LAST NAME:______________________________ STUDENT NUMBER:_______________________

FIRST NAME: ________________________ SCHOOL:











ESOL (sheltered) 23.0610021










AP Biology






DUAL MODEL: BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY (Check box above for biology and below for chemistry) Honors Chemistry 40.0510041 Gifted Chemistry 40.2510041


IA (gifted)




IG (gifted)







AIA (gifted)

IA Co-Taught


IA Resource



AIG (gifted)


MATH STRATEGIES (OPTIONAL elective course that pairs with IA math) College Prep 27.0440001

Resource 27.8440071 (both semester long courses are required for graduation) Summer School NOTE: If you take only PE 101 in summer you

HEALTH and PE 101 Mill Creek



HEALTH and PE 101


PE 101 only

will be scheduled for Health first semester and another PE class second semester.

Choose 3 courses below. Indicate your preference by writing a 1, 2, or 3.

You will be assigned classes based on availabilty. Scheduling is YEARLONG from August to May.

GEOGRAPHY CP Honors Gifted




Computer Applications

German I



Web Design

Latin I



Introduction to Engineering

French I



Banking and Investing


FINE ARTS: With the exception of Theater and Art, all other Fine Arts classes require audition or approval. Dance



Literature I

Language I

Language Development


Art: 2D / 3D

ESOL Language Arts II




Journalism: Must be registered for Honors or Gifted LA

Affective Skills: Case Manager approval required

Reading Support: Case Manager approval required

Study Skills: Case Manager approval required

Comments: Parent Signature:

Contact Number:


Pink: Parent


Yellow: Send back to 8th grade teacher

AP Geography


White: Teacher


Do you know what credits you need to have to graduate?

Obtained from The Freshman Book 2010-2011, GCPS publication.

Secretary: Nancy Kabrich Records Clerk: Dianna Roberson Career Specialist: Donna Zimmer Phone number: 678-714-5864 Office hours: 6:45AM - 7:10PM Counselors: Marcia Arnold Joi Barlow Kelley Griffin LaVonna Groce Gigi Murphy Robert Nelson Karen Smith

Counseling Office

The Guidance and Counseling Office is available for students and parents before school, during school, and after school. The function of the counselor in high school encompasses a variety of responsibilities. Appointments to meet with a counselor should be scheduled through Mrs. Kabrich, at least 24 hours in advance. Students can make an appointment with their counselor by stopping by the office. Mrs. Kabrich will attempt to schedule an appointment during the student’s ACT (homeroom) period, if at all possible. To set up an appointment with a counselor: -Parents, call the counseling office and arrange an appointment time. -Students, simply stop by the office to arrange an appointment time.

Student Services: Counseling

•Academic Counseling •Schedule and Facilitate Parent Conferences •Facilitate Student Support Team Meetings •Review Student Progress: -Applications for Graduation -Junior Credit Check -9th Grade 4 Year Plans •Assist with Study Skills

•Consult on Post Secondary Plans •Provide Scholarship Facilitation •Personal Counseling •Social Counseling •Crisis Intervention •Classroom Guidance

•Peer Leaders and Peer Facilitators •Parent Information Nights for all grades •Governor’s Honors Program •Georgia Scholars/Star Student •National Merit (based on scores from PSAT) •Foreign Exchange Students

•New Student Groups/Care Team •Accel & Joint Enrollment Program •New Student Registration/Record Transcripts •Hospital Homebound Services •Community Agency Liaison: DFACS, Juvenile Justice, Hospitals

Special Projects and Organizations

Standardized Testing Office

Assistant Principal: Gibson Lowry The testing office at Mill Creek oversees, organizes, and schedules all major standardized testing for students. Secretary: Beth Thackery Phone Number: 678-714- 5917 End Of Course Tests are administered second semester in May in the courses of 9th EOCT and 11th grade Language Arts, Biology, Integrated Algebra I, Integrated Geometry, US History, and Economics. They are administered in December in the courses of Economics and Accelerated Integrated Geometry. EOCTS count 15% of the overall semester grade; students do not have to score a passing score on the test to obtain credit for the course, however, they must have an overall grade of 70 in the course to get credit. This is a onetime test administration. No credit for the course will be given until the student takes the exam.


Gateway tests are administered to students in the spring of their sophomore year (April). Tests cover subject matter from World History, Biology and Chemistry. A passing score on this assessment is required for graduation; students have multiple opportunities to take the test; free intervention classes are provided to students during their ACT (homeroom) throughout the school year.


Georgia High School Graduation Tests are administered to students in the spring of their junior year; multiple-choice tests are given in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies; a persuasive writing test is administered in September or October of their junior year; a passing score on this assessment is required for graduation; students have multiple opportunities to take the test; free intervention classes are provided to students during their ACT (homeroom) throughout the school year.


Fine Arts Electives

Art Any student

(9-12) can take Two-Dimensional Art or Three-Dimensional Art. Both courses must be taken and passed before you can take any advanced art courses. Two-Dimensional Art is a beginning class that will include instruction on drawing and painting skills. Three-Dimensional Art is the beginning pottery and sculpture.


Band is for students that have previously had band instruction at the middle school level. Please see your Band Teacher at your Middle School on direction for Band Courses. You may also speak with Erik Mason at Mill Creek if you have questions about the courses.

art courtesy / Hokyum Kim

Chorus Any student can take Beginning

Chorus during freshman year. The Advanced Choruses are auditioned performing groups. Please contact Kim Maugans at Mill Creek for more information.

Theater Any student (9-12) can register for Introduction to Theater. It is a prerequisite to all theatre courses. Students who are successful in Theater first semester will be moved into Acting for second semester.


The Mill Creek Dance Department offers courses for beginning students as well as advanced-level students. Ninth graders can take Introduction to Dance with little or no prior dance training. Classes have a performance requirement and after school rehearsals each semester. The Intermediate and Advanced Dance courses are by audition only. Auditions for the 2011-2012 school year were held in February. Students were notified of their acceptance into the program.


The Mill Creek Orchestra Program is a dynamic and growing program which seeks to include all string players. Most ninth graders are placed in Concert Orchestra where they will build technique for future classes. Symphonic and Philharmonic Orchestra are open to students by audition.

Business and Tech Ed Electives

Introduction to Engineering, Drawing and Design

Do you want to be an Engineer or an Architect? Intro to Engineering, Drawing and Design is the first step towards your goal! This class will teach you how to get your ideas on paper so that others will understand them. This year-long course starts with the basics of manual drawing and works its way up to the use of cutting-edge engineering software. You will learn to use the same software that real engineers and architects use every day. After completing this class in 9th grade, you can take many more advanced engineering and technology courses offered at Mill Creek High School. Emphasis for this class is placed on safety, geometric construction, fundamentals of Computer-Aided Drafting, and multi-view drawings.

Web Design

In Web Design you will learn the fundamentals of xHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks. This class is required before you can take Advanced Web Design.

Computer Apps

Students are introduced to computing through instruction in word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations using Microsoft Office. This course is a prerequisite for many of the other business courses. Projects include the Stock Market Game, Magazine Cover project, Music CD database project, and many more.

Banking and Investing

Banking allows you to learn and understand how the banking system works. Learn how banks make money (off you) and create money off deposits. You will also learn how to write checks and balance a checkbook. Investing is an eye-opening class where you can learn simple steps that will enable to have MILLIONS in the back when it comes time to retire. You will learn about budgeting, credit, investing, stocks, mutual funds, buying a car and/or house. You will also learn the importance of setting goals.


Academic Electives

Foreign Language Spanish




Salvete! Did you know that two years of the same foreign language are required for admittance into 4-year universities in Georgia? All first year courses concentrate on the basic communication skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the language. Clubs are available in each language, whether you are taking the language or not. A third year of a foreign language will also count for a Fine Arts credit.

World Geography This course will prepare students for their threeyear required Social Studies sequence. It also provides extensive opportunities to develop and refine writing competencies which prepare the student for the high school Gateway Assessment. Offered in CP, Honors, Gifted, and AP.

Intro to Journalism

You must be in Honors or Gifted Language Arts to participate.

Intro to Journalism will teach you the basic essentials of both Newspaper and Yearbook publication styles. You will learn the dynamics of both writing and design for both, gaining experience in programs such as Adobe Indesign and Photoshop.


Students are trained in the production of the school’s newspaper, The Chronicle. Learn the fundamentals of journalism, including interview techniques, event coverage, and the business and legal aspects of newspaper production. (This publication you are reading was created by a newspaper staff editor :D )

Yearbook Explore and experience the process involved in the creation of a large publication. This includes preplanning, designing layouts, copyrighting, proofreading, organizing visuals, and the production and sale of the yearbook.

helpful hints Lockers: Transportation: Students are encouraged to rent a locker for $2.00. Students will not share lockers with other students, unless instructed to do so by a school official. Currently, we have enough lockers to accommodate our student population.

Cafeteria Services:

Gwinnett County School System provides bus transportation to every student enrolled in school, provided the student lives within the county and attends the appropriate school within his/her school attendance zone. Due to the excessive traffic in the mornings, we strongly encourage students to take advantage of our bus transportation system. Students who are transported by bus are never late to school!! On occasion, if a bus does arrive late, students will not be marked tardy to class. For information regarding routing or other bus concerns call 770-932-7104.

Mill Creek High School offers excellent breakfast and lunch programs to our students and staff. Student breakfast meals are currently $1.00. Student lunch meals are currently $2.00 for a regular meal. Students are not allowed to charge their food at Mill Creek, but can add money to their account online at Lunch lines are operated on a self-serve basis allowing students a choice of items as well as portions to be served. Students may elect to request additional portions of particular items but will be appropriately charged for these extra portions. Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch.

Parent Portal:

Parent Portal is an online communication tool for parents. Here you can access school information, safely and securely, anytime from any place. You must sign up for this service in the front office to receive a log in and password. Stop by our office if you would like to register. You must have a picture ID.

Community School: Director: Pat Lowrie Director: Wanda Cain Secretary: Wanda Jackson Phone Number: 678-714-5855 Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 1pm-9pm Friday 7am-3pm

Hawk’s Landing:

The Hawk’s Landing is the school’s very own apparel and gift shop. Inside, you can purchase things from T-shirts and other apparel to balloons for a friend. The store is run by a marketing class. Items may also be purchased online at

Mill Creek Community School offers after school and evening classes to adults and children of all ages. The most popular classes are Driver’s Ed, SAT Prep, Photography and Ballet. We also offer many great summer camps. Contact our office or email us if you have any questions about our programs or classes.

Hello future Mill Creek High School students and parents! I designed this publication in close collaboration with the administration, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it as it guides you through the basic information about the school. Students, this is a place where you will be encouraged by all to grow and excel both academically and personally. Remember, every single faculty member is here for you. Each and every teacher, counselor, and principal is working towards preparing you for life after high school, no matter what your plans may be. Embrace Mill Creek, for it is a community of strength, devotion, and determination. Be a part of it, get involved. I chose the Mill Creek Chronicle, Springboard Diving, and Future Business Leaders of America. Through these, I have gained excellent photography and design skills, trained with US Olympic Diving Coach Jeff Huber, and determined my career path. Find something you are passionate about, and pursue it endlessly. Let it lead you to accomplish things that you never thought possible. No matter who you are or what you like, Mill Creek offers something for you. As I leave Mill Creek, I welcome you in. May you enjoy every moment of it, just as I have. Sincerely, Kari Lynn Zimmer Mill Creek High School Class of 2011


cross country football cheerleading softball volleyball basketball swim and dive wrestling baseball golf lacrosse soccer tennis track academic team academic decathlon academic world quest art club marching band best buddies club beta club chess club chorus color guard dance club dance national honor society distributive education clubs of america environmental club equestrian club etiquette club future business leaders of america fellowship of christian athletes family career and community leaders of america future educators of america fencing french club german club german national honor society gwinnett student leadership team gay straight alliance improv club indoor drum line interact club international thespian

“When you do nothing, you feel

overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.” -Pauline R. Kezer society invisible children japanese club jazz band key club knitting club korean club latin american student organization latin club literary magazine literary promotion math team math honor society mill creek photographic society mock trial team national history club national honor society newspaper orchestra leadership council pep band poetry club president’s club reading bowl reflections ptsa relay for life rugby science olympiad students against destructive decisions spanish club spanish national society step team student government technology student association teen age republicans theater guild tri-m web design club winter guard world reach for christ yearbook young democrats of america young life hockey


How to Be A Hawk  
How to Be A Hawk  

9th grade helpful guide to Mill Creek High School