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THE MILLBURN KEY The Official Newsletter of the Millburn High School Key Club New Jersey District of Key Club International Division 14 Volume 4 Issue 4 | September 2013


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Worldwide Day of Play Recap

Millburn Key Club had a blast at Fall Regional Training Conferences on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, at Mount Pleasant Middle School in Livingston. Read more on page 5!

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September 28, 2013 was a day full of fun and smiles thanks to Worldwide Day of Play! See page 2.

The Millburn Key • September 2013 • Volume 4 Issue 4 • Page 1

As one of the first events of the school year, Back to School Night is always an easy way to get hours and meet other Key Clubbers. This year proved no different. Dozens of people from each grade level turned out to help pass out directories for the PTO and maps to parents in the hallways, along with helping to sell sweatshirts at Key Club’s table in the cafeteria. Volunteers were also handing out pamphlets about Millburn’s new Kiwanis Club and advertising to passing parents. Every year, Back to School Night proves to be a successful springboard into the year of service.

Back to School Night Recap Worldwide day of play recap By Josh Chodor, Committee Head

By Darren Khong, Photography Committee Head

The World Wide Day of Play event held on September 28 was an exciting and extremely fun day for all the key clubbers and little children who participated in all the entertaining games that were set up. All the volunteers met up at the park on 1000 Galloping Hill Road in Union, NJ, to set up and prepare all the activities for the day. The activities of the day were compromised of various games, races, dances, and even a karate demonstration that kept everyone being active the whole time; there was never a dull moment. We were either running around going crazy with all the little children ensuring a day of fun, jumping up and down on the sidewalk hoping to grab peoples’ attention to come and support the event, or just taking photos of all the festivities. By the end of the day, all key clubbers got together for a final group photo and said goodbye together knowing that we had a fun and successful day.

The Millburn Key • September 2013 • Volume 4 Issue 4 • Page 2


By Noyonika Nath, General Member Photography by Samuel Dantowitz On Saturday, September 22nd, 2013, Millburn High School was transformed into a carnival. Key Club gave members the opportunity to spend their time fruitfully, enjoy time with fellow Key Clubbers and give back to the community in a creative way, an event called “Fall Festival”. Fall Festival was filled with Key Clubbers provided with green t-shirts to distinguish them from the rest. Key Clubbers were assigned to tend to different carnival stands where children came and played the games provided. Also, some Key Clubbers decided to work with their friends at the same time, which proved to be a lot of fun. Some things included in the carnival were refreshments and several rides. Foods included a popcorn machine, cotton candy, an ice cream stand and a sandwich shop. Some rides included a huge inflatable slide and a bouncy castle, among several others. There was even a live performance artist and a DJ. Right after this entire event was the Millburn vs. Livingston football game so if Key Clubbers chose to come early to the game, they could have participated in fall festival. Overall, the Fall Festival was an enjoyable and instructive experience that gave many volunteers a chance to give back to the Millburn community.

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The Millburn Key • September 2013 • Volume 4 Issue 4 • Page 4

From fundraising ideas to teaching you how to dress, the RTC's this year encompassed all sorts of things. Being it my first year in Key Club, I learned a lot about who Lieutenant Governors are, and what jobs everyone has in this club. Not only did I get to know our Millburn Key Clubbers better, but I also met new people from across the state who also participated in Key Club. The RTC's were a melting pot of Key Clubbers, ranging from Presidents to General Members. We also met the New Jersey District Board members and the lieutenant governors of many of New Jersey’s 23 divisions. Aside from teaching skills to make us better Key Clubbers, seminars held there also taught vital life lessons, like public speaking, or how to be professional. On top of the hours we got for going, the RTC's helped everyone interact with other Key Clubbers, and taught us a little more about what Key Club is really about.

North Jersey Fall RTC Recap By Simon Yang, General Member

Kiwanis charter meeting recap By Mrs. Gabriella Levy, Kiwanis Member

Millburn High School has long had a thriving Key Club, one of a large network of student community service clubs affiliated with Kiwanis International. Most Key Clubs work closely with the adult members of local Kiwanis Clubs. But until Sept. 26, there was no Kiwanis Club in the Millburn-Short Hills community, and the high school organization had to function without the support of a complementary group of local adults. Now, thanks to more than a year of work by a core group of Millburn students and teachers as well as officers of other north Jersey Kiwanis Clubs, the Kiwanis Club of Millburn-Short Hills is a reality. At a packed Sept. 26 ceremony to launch the new club, Kiwanis International's outgoing president, Tom DeJulio, spoke of the organization's global reach in raising money for causes to help children. The club's current focus is known as "ELIMINATE" and aims to eradicate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Officers of the fledgling Millburn-Short Hills Kiwanis Club were sworn in at the event, which was held at Trattoria Gian Marco. At the helm is President Michael Birnberg, whose daughter Marlee Birnberg worked with high school advisers Neil Cooperman and Bridgette Nevola to lay the groundwork for the new club. Marlee is now a freshman at Cornell University. Mr. Cooperman and Ms. Navolo attended the ceremony, as did the Key Club's current president, Sylvia Levy, and vice president Karen Fich, both of whom were involved in the effort to launch a local Kiwanis Club. Olivia Estes, the daughter of Kiwanis Board member Kathleen Estes, was also present. Other officers who were sworn in Sept. 26 are: Michael Dana, vice president; Susana Fernandez-Poyatos, Secretary; and Roxanne Kam, Treasurer. Members of the board of directors are: Kathleen Estes; Yuan-Fea Lai; Annette Romano; Eric Siegel; and Sheila Tagle. So far, members include Gregg Kam; Carmella Keyles; Barry Kirschner; Tithi Majunder; Lisa Chenofsky Singer; Rita Weimer; and Gabriella Levy.

The Millburn Key • September 2013 • Volume 4 Issue 4 • Page 5

President Sylvia Levy


 GET YOUR REGISTRATION IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY!  FALL RALLY is on Sunday, October 13, 2013. Get pumped to meet 3,000 other Key Clubbers from across the state of New Jersey! If you would still like to sign up, contact an officer or an advisor, and bring a $49.00 check.  KEY CLUB TALENT SHOW is on Saturday, October 19, 2013.  TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF boxes are available now! Get your box and start collecting spare change up until Halloween. Your donations will help people through UNICEF and you will also get volunteer hours for your hard work 

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group, “MHS Key Club 2013-14” and view all of these newsletters in full color at

Vice President Karen Fich Recording Secretary Evanie Anglade Corresponding Secretary Ilina Ghosh Treasurer Uma Sarwadnya Editor Allison Mak Webmaster Sofia Fernandez-Poyatos Lieutenant Governor Division 14 Michelle Desjardins Advisor Mr. Cooperman Advisor Mrs. Nevola 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 • 317.875.8755 • US AND CANADA: 1-800-KIWANIS

The Millburn Key • September 2013 • Volume 4 Issue 4 • Page 6

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