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Official Newsletter of Millburn High School Key Club/ NJ Division 14

The Millburn Key

Volume 3 Issue 8 January 2013

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Going to the basketball fundraiser that supported Joe Valentine was a great experience. Since he has cancer, the purpose of the fundraiser was to raise money for his family. Every dollar spent at the games, whether on food, admission, or taking a shot was donated to the cause. The stands were full, and everyone was there to support Joe and his family. There were six basketball games, all which took place at the high school. The games were all pretty intense and fun to watch. During half-time I along with a few other Key Club members helped rebound balls since people from the audience were paying a dollar to take a shot. If the ball went into the basketball hoop, the audience member would sit down on a bench and receive a prize. Everyone could participate because of this added feature, which made the whole experience more

Millburn High School Key Club

interactive and enjoyable. Although I was just rebounding balls, it felt nice to know that I was contributing to a good cause. If there is another fundraiser like this one in the future I will not hesitate to sign up and I urge you all to do the same.

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President’s Note BY MARLEE BIRNBERG Dear Key Clubbers, As always, I am so proud of what you have been doing to make this an excellent service year. Although the winter months traditionally bring upon less service projects and less attendance at the weekly meetings, I have seen no such decline this year. Keep up the good work! Between bracelet sales, club officer elections, and District Convention (DCON), we have an exciting next few weeks, so stay updated. “BE YOUrself.” These two simple words engraved in $1 bracelets broadcast an important message. Our district project this year is the EliMiNaTe Project and we will continue to fundraise for it until our next project is announced at DCON. Karen Fich spent time this year making up her own bracelets that were a huge success. Now we have new bracelets that are part of an advocacy project. Wearing the “BE YOUrself bracelets” means that you not only support the EliMiNaTe Project, but also promise to be the best person you can be. Being you is about having the self-respect and confidence to appreciate the qualities that make you unique. Please see me to buy a bracelet as soon as possible. While sporting a “BE YOUrself” bracelet is rewarding because of the lives saved on your behalf, it is also rewarding because it shows club members that you are active, knowledgeable, and ready for duty. Club elections will take place in late March. We will distribute election packets within the next few meetings that will explain the various club positions available to you. On Election Day there will be a mandatory meeting, so when we announce the date, don’t forget to mark it on your calendar. My positions as Editor and President have shaped the person I am today and have made me a better Key Clubber. I suggest that that everyone starts thinking about running for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor, or Webmaster. District Convention officially starts the next service year, so upon returning from DCON the new Millburn High School Key Club

officers will be installed. DCON this year is from April 5th to April 7th at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, NJ. The price is $260, which is expensive, I know. But remember that for every Entertainment Book you sold, you get a price reduction of $12. Talk about it with your parents and we will try to accommodate. DCON is full of fun dances, caucusing for district positions, and socializing with fellow Key Clubbers from New Jersey. This will be my second year attending, and I can’t wait! The cold weather may make some feel dreary and lazy, but the fiery passion for service continues to burn. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time or come up to me after a meeting. All of you are the most important part of Key Club and I value your continual efforts. Yours in Caring and Service, Marlee Birnberg

DCON     

April 5th to April 7th Ocean Palace Resort and Spa in Long Branch, NJ Contact Karen Fich if you are interested 1920’s theme! What goes on at DCON: o Elect the new District Board o Go to leadership sessions o Dance! Dance! Dance! o Meet Key Clubbers from all over New Jersey! For More information, see


The Random Corner BY EMMA QUONG

Recently, I have been noticing a whole lot of angry drivers, yet I do not understand why they get so mad. Yes, a driver might have cut you off, but you getting mad over it will not affect the driver in front of you. Precisely, cursing at the driver in your car is useless. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO HEAR IT! Then there is the “roll your windows down and ‘talk’ to the other driver” scenario, which is a disaster just waiting to happen. 99.9% of the time this turns into a scream-fest of the “I am right you #%@!*%” monologue. Back to the scream-fest, viewing this feels like you are in the center of the Hunger Games. Usually when the drivers are done screaming at each other, they talk to the passengers inside their car usually saying: “That rude $%!@%!” “They didn’t have to scream!” “I was right!!!” Well how did they expect the other driver was going to react? If you roll down your

window and start going on a wild-rampage on how the other driver turned right at a left turn lane, that other driver will not be Confucius in his “Zen”. That driver will fight fire with fire. Sometimes you get those drivers who are so hypocritical. The ones who yell at other drivers for making a “driving mistake” while they are the one turning left at the turn right lane. Maybe people get so angry because driving is a boost of their pride and ego. The type of car you drive, how fast you speed, and the sunglasses you wear while blasting your music way to loud, affects your mindset. So when someone criticizes your driving, it ultimately feels like someone is questioning your pride. Like me, most of us will be driving soon or are already on the road. So for the sake of sanity, PLEASE drive calmly and safely.




Millburn High School Key Club

Dear Fellow Key Clubbers, January was a very exciting month! And I guarantee that February will be even better! This January, we had another Red Mango Night in Millburn! It was even more successful than the last considering that we raised $60. That is enough to save 33 lives! So great job guys! I have an amazing fundraiser planned for the month of February and March. It is so big that it gets two whole months! It’s called “Eliminate Hands”. Every hand cut out is to be sold for $1 and every five you sell is one hour of community service! When the fundraiser is over, we will attach all the hands together; it will look like all the people who donated are holding hands. That way, we can represent how a community has come together to stop and help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus! This fundraiser will not only serve as a great opportunity to gain hours over the break, but also to raise money and help expunge maternal and neonatal tetanus around the world! Yours in Caring and Service, Karen Fich Eliminate Committee Head

The K Column is a periodic piece written by Karen Fich highlighting important information about our club, Kiwanis and the projects that we work on. Karen is a Junior and is a highly dedicated member of our club.

2012-2013 Board: President Marlee Birnberg Vice President Chaerin Ahn Recording Secretary Ashley Wu Corresponding Secretary Lyndsay Wittenberg Treasurer Harsimran Minhas

donated to the Eliminate Program

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January 2013 Newsletter  

Volume 3 Issue 8 January 2013 Newsletter Featuring: Basketball Fundraiser, President's Note, The Random Corner, The K Column.

January 2013 Newsletter  

Volume 3 Issue 8 January 2013 Newsletter Featuring: Basketball Fundraiser, President's Note, The Random Corner, The K Column.