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It’s so easy Easy liner change We manage the process for you Hygienically cleaned parts Complete claw maintenance And a feedback service on the efficiency of your wash system

Managing your change process and maintaining your cluster will improve animal health and milk quality.

It will save time and money


We make the change process effortless and easy Changing liners is always low down on your activity or priority list so we take out all the effort for you When you sign up to the service we take all the details of your herd and parlour size – and calculate for you your planned change dates

Cluster Technology We use the latest technology to improve milking efficiency and improve teat health.

The liner … the biggest advance in actually milking the cow in a generation

On your planned change date fresh, hygienically cleaned clusters arrive, assembled ready to go

Improved teat end condition and greatly reduced congestion of the teat

Now all you have to do is take off the used clusters, fit the new ones and then give us a call so that we can collect your used clusters.

Liners stay on the teats better, with reduced squawks and slips


Pulsation and vacuum curves through the milking cycle - at low flow Mouthpiece vacuum - with the vent

Vacuum in the claw

Mouthpiece vacuum - without the vent

Pulsation curve




Automatic Scheduling



Dryer teats – because milk is taken away more efficiently Anti-twist feature


0 0





Chart shows reduced vacuum acting on the teat when using Impulse Air which gives improved teat condition



Orbiter HD Claw Claws can come with or without shut-off They can be vented or non-vented depending on your choice of liner We can also provide 350cc or 250cc bowls We will provide the ACR bracket if needed, and parking bracket to fit your wash systems We will also provide fittings for your cluster flush system if fitted

And don’t forget the air tubes..... We check and maintain your air tubes for you.

So no more leaking air tubes!

Cluster Maintenance We maintain the cluster for you Have you ever thought about the costs you have to pay to maintain your cluster? A broken claw bowl? Seals that age and break? Air tubes that cut and crack? Now there are no more costs for replacing or repairing these parts. It’s all inclusive within the service Lifetime guarantee on all parts We maintain the claw We change the air tubes when required



Feedback Service

Support services

How well is your wash system washing?

This service includes

An efficient wash system is a key process in controlling somatic cell count, bactoscans and cross-contamination. You usually only find problems though when it’s too late Now, we get to see the condition of your used clusters – liners, claws and shells We inspect all clusters – including a close inspection of the liners – to see how well your wash system is working

An assessment of parlour conditions and routines An assessment of pulsation and vacuum conditions to provide the optimum settings and conditions for output and teat health A regular review process of your wash performance, through our feedback system

We work directly with you and your dealer.

Then we issue a feedback report – to you and your dealer. It’s a much more rapid and reliable way of picking up problems before they lead to milk quality or animal health issues.



Accessories Options for your cluster

Low Extractables

Parlours come in many different configurations, these accessories will help ensure your parlour performs at an optimum efficiency.

Will not crack, pit or degrade

Wash System:


FULL WASH SYSTEM, including Articulated wash tray Wash cups Stainless steel candlesticks Bracket options - for wall or pipe fitment

Upgrade your milk tubing to Ultraclean and we can add this into your exchange programme Twin air hose sized correctly for your application

WASH CUPS AND JETTER Closed wash cups Jetter cups Distributors Candlesticks


Exceeds FDA & European standards

TPV inner surface possesses a high chemical resistance, low extractables, and maintains a prolonged sanitary surface.

Rubber exterior provides flexibility, durability, and excellent ozone resistance


MILKRITE Hampton Park West / Semington Road /  Melksham / Wiltshire / SN12 6NB / UK Tel: +44 (0) 1225 89 64 26 Fax: +44 (0) 1225 89 63 07

Contact us on 0870 731 5012 Or email us at

The information in this document is not binding and can be changed without notice. Parlours and herds vary considerably, so these details are meant to be guidelines to operation only and not a specification. It remains the responsibility of the operator to ensure the correct working of the plant and the health of the animal. Milkrite liners are warrantied to last a minimum of 2500 milkings or six months when used in accordance with our instructions and those of the parlour manufacturer The Milkrite name and logo are the registered trademarks of the Avon Rubber p.l.c. group of companies. Avon Rubber p.l.c. Registered in England with number 32965 with its registered office at Hampton Park West, Semington Road, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6NB, UK. Š2014 Avon Rubber p.l.c. All rights reserved.


Milkrite Cluster Exchange Catalogue UK 2014  
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