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Wisbech Milkman Travels The Extra Mile For His Customers A Dairy Crest milkman working from Wisbech has been recognised as one of the farthest travelling milkmen in the UK, regularly completing a staggering distance of 791 miles each week – that’s 41,000 miles per year, to deliver 2,700 pints of milk to 500 doors across Lincolnshire.

Dave, 57, has been delivering milk from the Wisbech depot on Begdale Road since 1989, and although his nightly round takes him across five villages travelling across vast countryside between houses, he says there’s no other job he would rather do. In his time as a milkman Dave has delivered a staggering 2.6 million pints of milk to his loyal customers base.

Dave says working outdoors and meeting all different people are the best bits of the job and he looks forward to many more years and miles to come. “It’s a great round and I’m proud to be one of the farthest travelling milkmen in the UK as I know that my customers are extremely grateful for the service I deliver.” “So much has changed over the past 20 years but I’ve never stopped delivering to my customers come rain, shine or a foot of snow! Back in the 80s everyone ordered semiskimmed milk and then the occasional pint of orange juice or eggs. Today we have an online service called milk&more where customers can place and change orders up to 9pm at the night before I deliver. Now I deliver a huge range of products - the regular pint can now be anything from organic soya milk to 1% fat milk and then all sorts of other items from pet food and bin bags to croissants and bacon.”

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Wisbech Milkman TravelsThe Extra Mile For His Customers