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BMW Repair: Preventing Breakdowns before they Happen The cooling systems can be any BMW owners’ best friend. For this reason, every owner should know how it works. The cooling system of a BMW performs a critical function. It maintains proper engine temperature by circulating coolant through the engine to absorb heat, and pass it through a radiator to cool it with air.

Cooling systems have three main parts:

BMW Water Pump To keep the coolant mixture moving, water pump handles the pumping function of the cooling system. Its main water pump is belt-driven. In many cars, however, there’s a secondary electric water pump to improve the flow. The drive belt is important to the pump’s operation. On most recent cars it’s the timing belt, while on older models the belt and the pump are external. When a car has timing-belt-driven pumps, the owner should always replace it together with the tensioner and timing belt.

BMW Hose The BMW cooling system’s piping includes control valves, hoses, heater core, expansion tank, and radiator. All parts hereweaken more from time than use because of the continuous contact with the coolant and the materials used. For maintenance of the system’s piping, owners should check all hoses at least twice a year for abrasions, evidence of leakage, cracks, and flexibility. For radiators, heater cores, control valves, and expansion tanks, owners should replace them if they notice plugging or leakage. A BMW professional should assess these parts, as proper functioning is crucial to many other systems within the car.

BMW Thermostat The cooling system’s temperature controls consist of all coolant temperature sensors, expansion tank top, fan clutch, cooling fan, and thermostat. These parts function individually, but they control the engine either through sending control signals to the electronic systems or through cooling. The thermostat is a spring-loaded valve. It opens and closes depending on the temperature of the coolant flowing through it. The usual first sign of a sticking thermostat is a high reading after a drop to normal temperature. Many other conditions, however, may cause these symptoms so it’s important to get the expertise of a BMW professional to eliminate each possibility. Keeping a BMW cool is very important so it’s necessary to check its cooling system for any leaks or deterioration in any of its related parts.


Preventing breakdowns before they happen  

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