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NORFOLK, Va Sailors and civilians from installations around Hampton Roads attended the Norfolk Tides Navy Night at HarborParkStadium,Aug.26

The Norfolk Tides Navy Night baseball game has taken place for over 20 years and is a way for the local community to honor those individuals that heed the call of militaryservice.

“It’s important to have a strong relationshipwiththeNavy,astheymakeupabigpart ofthecommunityhere,andinthesurrounding areas,” said Drew Camp, the corporate sponsorshipandpromotionsaccount executive for the Norfolk Tides “Being a major sports team in the area - it’s nice to have events like these to show support. We are happy to have Sailors here and we love to showsupportbothonandoffthefield.

The opening ceremony began with the introduction of four command representatives: Capt Jip Mosman, the commanding officerofNorfolkNavalShipyard;Capt.Josh Appezzato, the executive officer of Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana; Lt Cmdr Roger Blake, the commanding officer of Naval Support Activity (NSA) Hampton RoadsNorthwest Annex; and Capt. Matt Schlarmann,theexecutiveofficerofNavalStation (NAVSTA)Norfolk

“It’s always an honor to represent the


USS George Washington hosts education fair

Sailors and civilian work force at NAVSTA Norfolk. The Navy and in particular NAVSTA Norfolk is such a large part of the Hampton Roads community and we truly appreciate the great partnership,” said Schlarmann. “The Norfolk Tides did an amazing job honoring the U.S. Navy in the HamptonRoadsarea.

After their introduction, Capt Mosman, alongwithfourprospectiveSailors,gathered athomeplate Fromthere,Mosmangavethe

NAVSTA Norfolk MWR hosts MLB Umpire Camp

NORFOLK Va Sailors assigned to Naval Station (NAVSTA) Norfolk participated in a Major League Baseball (MLB) UmpireTrainingCamponhistoricMcClure FieldonboardNavalStationNorfolkAug.25

This day of training was coordinated by theNAVSTANorfolk’sMorale,Welfare,and Recreation(MWR)team

The 40 Sailors that attended the training camp learned the skills associated with the trade of being a professional MLB Umpire This was the first time NAVSTA Norfolk hostedtheMLBUmpireCampandthefirst time NAVSTA Norfolk Sailors here interacted with MLB professionals on McClure

Field since the original Navy World Series in1943

“For us there is no better place than McClure Field to host an event that welcomes MLB in a way, said Anthony Benning, NAVSTA Norfolk’s MWR Fitness andSportsDirector.“Thefield’shistoryhas deep roots in its connection with professional baseball and creates a terrific environment.”

TheSailorsinattendancelearnedproper stances for making calls and how to move into proper position to gain vantage points formakingaccuratecalls Theyalsolearned thedetailsofcallingballsandstrikesaswell


Followingtheconclusionoftheswearing in,fourSailors-the“SailoroftheYear’’from fouroftheinstallationsinattendance-each threw the first pitch simultaneously This group was made up of Culinary Specialist 1stClassTerecaCameron,assignedtoJoint Expeditionary Base Little Creek; Operations Specialist 1st Class Ayisha Langford, assigned to NSA Hampton Roads; Master-

at-Arms 3rd Class Adrian Marcou and Military Working Dog Xxazu, assigned to NAS Oceana; and Aviation Boatswain’s Mate(Handling)1stClassStephineOwens, assigned to NAVSTA Norfolk.

“When I was first asked if I wanted to throw first pitch for the opening of “Navy Night” I did not hesitate in taking the opportunity to do it,” said Owens “I thoughtitwasreallygreatthatmychainof command thought of me I’m really thankful for this opportunity The experience is truly one of a kind. It’s not every day that you could say you threw first pitch for an opening of a minor league baseball team. It really is nice to know that a little bit of hard work goes a long way, and the reward is great.” Following the first pitch of the game members of the U.S. Fleet Forces Band played the National Anthem and were accompaniedbytheNAVSTANorfolkColor Guard.

After the anthem’s conclusion, a fly over of the stadium was conducted by HelicopterMineCountermeasuresSquadron(HM) 12“SeaDragons”inanMH-53Ehelicopter.

During the seventh inning stretch the usualpracticeofsinging“TakeMeOuttothe Ball Game” was preceded by a moment of silenceforfallentroopsandaspecialpresentation,andthenightendedwithalargefireworksdisplayafterthe9thinning.

Sailorsreceive pitchcalling training fromMajorLeagueBaseball(MLB) Umpires during anMLB Umpire Camp atMcClure Fieldbaseballstadium onboard NavalStation Norfolk,Aug.25,2023.The MLB UmpireCamp allowsSailorsto experiencewhat proumpiresgo throughduring theirtraining cycle.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSJOSEPHT.MILLER)

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The USS GeorgeWashington teamed upwith colleges and universities to host an education faironboardAug.29 Representatives from 15 schools talkedwith Sailors about the importance ofcontinued education and the resources available forthem. PageA5 SOUTHHAMPTONROADS: Get the convenience ofyour Navy newspaper delivered to your door
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motorcycle mentorship program Riders from the Navy Marine Corps,Army andAirForce recentlytraveled to Marine Corps Base Quantico,Virginia,towork togethertoward one common,critical goal: making theirmotorcycle riders safer.Riders participated in the Department ofDefense Motorcycle Mentorship Program beta test Aug.14-18 PageA3 (NORFOLK,Va.)Aug.26 2023 - FourSailors,assigned tovarious commands around the Hampton Roads area and MilitaryWorking DogXxazu,throwthe first pitches ofthe NorfolkTides Navy Night Game at HarborParkbaseball fieldAug.26 2023 The NorfolkTides NavyNight is an annual event that aims to recognize and honorthe Naval personnel living in the Hampton Roads area BELOW: Capt.Jip Mosman,the commanding officerofNorfolkNaval Shipyard gives the oath ofenlistmentwith fournewSailors at HarborParkbaseball field during the NorfolkTides NavyNight (USNAVYPHOTOSBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSJOSEPHT.MILLER) Sailors attend Norfolk Tides Navy Night baseball game TurntoUmpireCamp Page 7 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, September 7, 2023 1
DoD tests joint

ROICC NNSY team recognized as NAVFAC Atlantic’s “2022 Team of the Year (Product & Service) Gold” for work on flood wall project


Command Atlantic

Engineering Systems


Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC)

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) team with the title of “2022 Team of the Year (Product & Service) - Gold” for their remarkable management and execution of the P653 NNSY Flood Wall Project. This extraordinary achievement, which saw the completion of the military construction project an incredible nine months ahead of the ContractCompletionDate(CCD),isatestament to their unwavering dedication and meticulousattentiontodetail.

Theteam’sexceptionalabilitytocollaborate effectively with various NNSY entities allowed them to modify the construction schedule, enabling multiple locations to be workedonconcurrently.Thisstrategicmove ensuredthatoperationalimpactswereminimized,culminatingintheproject’scompletionsignificantlyaheadofschedule.

Theprojectinvolvedoverseeingtheexcavation of over a mile of footings around the NNSY’s north dry dock area, a task fraught with potential challenges However, the team’s rapid engineering solutions and adeptresponsetounforeseenconditionsand changestoShipyardoperationsresultedina flawless execution with no significant incidents

Perhapsthemostsignificantachievement of this project is the comprehensive flood protection system it delivered, specifically designed to combat the effects of storm surge and waves. This system now safeguardsthesubmarinedrydocksandassociatedsupportfacilities,extendingprotection tothe500-yearfloodplain.

The early completion of the project allowed NNSY to enhance their emergencymanagementplansbeforethewinter Nor’easterseason,acrucialmeasureasthey conduct overhauls on some of the nation’s moststrategicallyvitalassets.

The NAVFAC team responsible for this remarkablesuccessincludedkeymembers,

such as William House the project’s Construction Manager, who remarked, “I amhonoredtobepartoftheGoldTeamand the partnership that was forged between the Contractor (MEB) and NAVFAC on the P653-Floodwallproject Idon’tthinkthere wasanychallengethatcouldnotbesuccessfully overcome Everyone, from leadership tolaborers exhibitedacan-dospirit.Itwas ahumblingexperience.”

Keith Pope the project’s Engineering Technician, emphasized, “Building relationships is essential in developing a high-performance team. I would give just as much credit to the contractor team. My personal goal on any construction contract is to resolve issues at the lowest level possible while keeping the chain of command informed. I’m not out there to point out contractorfaults butto identifyandresolve issues to deliver a project on-time, within budget,andsafely.”

And, Michele Friedlein, the project’s contract specialist, added, “It’s an honor to berecognizedasaGoldTeammember,and

this project was a team effort. The Government and Contractor camaraderie made the floodwall project a success, and I was blessedtobeassignedtotheproject.”

The honor was accompanied by praise from Rear Adm. Lore Aguayo, Commander of NAVFAC Atlantic and Fleet Civil Engineer and Director of Fleet Installations and EnvironmentatUSFleetForcesCommand, who said, “It brings me immense pride to commend William, Keith, and Michele Theiroutstandingmanagementandexecution of the P653 NNSY Flood Wall Project notonlyunderscoretheirunwaveringdedication and meticulous attention to detail but also exemplify the remarkable synergy and collaborative spirit that epitomize the successofacohesiveteam.”

The team’s exemplary dedication and expertise have established a new benchmark for project management and execution,solidifyingtheirwell-deservedposition as the 2022 Team of the Year (Product & Service)-Gold.

World War II veteran celebrates 104th birthday

ENFIELD Conn. Mary “Dottie” Roberge a Navy veteran and Rhode Island native celebrated her 104th birthday with a ceremony at St Joseph’s Residence,Aug.29

Theceremonyincludedaflagfoldingandpresentation as well as a short slide show highlighting Roberge’s life Many residents and local veterans attendedtheeventtocelebrateoveracenturyoflife.

“I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed,” said Roberge, “Forgive me for not saying too much, I’m 104 you know.”

Roberge was born August 29 1919 in Pawtucket Rhode Island. She volunteered to enlist in the WomenAcceptedforVolunteerEmergencyService, orWAVES,in1943outofBoston.Robergecompleted her training at the Naval Training Center in The Bronx, New York, and the Naval Training School in Milledgeville, Georgia, where she trained to be a Storekeeper.

Roberge’s duty stations included the dispersing officeforadestroyerescortdeployedoutoftheThird Naval District in New York; and the Armed Guard CenterinBrooklyn Herdutiesincludedhandlingof thepayforbothEnlistedandOfficers,familyallowances,allotments,warbondsandinsurance.

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DoD tests joint

Riders from the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force recently traveled to Marine Corps Base Quantico Virginia to worktogethertowardonecommon critical goal:makingtheirmotorcycleriderssafer

Hosted by the Commandant of the MarineCorpsSafetyDivision(CMCSD)on Quantico, nearly 30 active-duty and civilian motorcycle riders participated in the Department of Defense (DoD) Motorcycle Mentorship Program beta test Aug. 14-18, which was facilitated by the Motorcycle SafetyFoundation(MSF)

Unlike other riding courses, which focus primarily on learning and mastering the technicalskillsrequiredtooperateamotorcycle, the mentorship program is focused more on decision-making and relationship-building rather than skill-building, said Dale Wisnieski, traffic safety manager for the Commandant of the Marine Corps SafetyDivisionandbetatesteventfacilitator

“Withinthemilitaryservices,weallhave issueswithcertainbehaviorsandpoordecision-making when it comes to riding our motorcycles, Wisnieskisaid

AsofAug.23thisfiscalyear,theNavyand Marine Corps have lost a total of 25 service members, with the Navy losing 19 Sailors the highest number of motorcycle fatalitiesfortheserviceinsixyears,accordingto NavalSafetyCommanddata Manyofthese fatalitieswerecausedbypoordecision-making such as excessive speed and improper maneuvers

“While other training courses focus on skills, the mentorship program covers all aspects of riding and provides valuable informationtoriderstohelpthemmakethe best decisions possible while out on a ride,” Wisnieskiadded.

The beta test mentorship program also differs from other courses in the way informationispresented andwhopresentsthe information Instead of instructors providing lessons and administering and grading testsonskill-basedknowledge,thisprogram encourages trained, volunteer mentors to meet with one to three junior riders on a recurring basis in a more relaxed environment Here the mentor can evaluate the junior riders’ skill and knowledge levels whileaddressingdifferentaspectsofriding duringeachsession.

Althoughmentorshipprogramshavebeen around and been required in one form or another byall services for roughlya decade, the lack of standardized, consistent training material or guidelines for motorcycle mentorswithinDoDisanongoingchallenge.

“The Marine Corps has had the requirementtomeetonaquarterlybasis,andriders haveconductedgrouprides,butthey’renot coordinated to evaluate the skills of newer riders,”Wisnieskisaid “Andthat’swhatthis training may provide it can give mentors thedirectionandskillstheyneedtoevaluate

newridersanddeterminehowtheycanhelp correctandguidethem.It’snotmeanttobea skillstest;itreallyismeanttobementoring.”

Thementoringmaterialprovidedduring the beta test offered suggested topics quizzesandmotorcycleexercisesmentorscould usetogaugetheknowledgeandskilllevelsof theirjuniorriders andthat’sexactlywhat thetestvolunteersdid.

The first group, 16 trainer rider-mentors, began in the classroom Aug. 14 to learn not only how to prepare to teach other riders how to become rider-mentors but also to become familiar with more than 50 topics that will be available to the new mentors to use in discussions with their junior rider mentees

“The information is there MSF developed 52 topics that will provide riders the educationtheyneedinallaspectsofriding,” Wisnieski said, “And the goal is to decrease poordecisionsthroughbettereducationand guidance.”

Monday afternoon the trainers-in-training headed to the motorcycle range to run the exercises they would be conducting withtheincomingrider-mentorslaterinthe week Forthenexttwodays,thevolunteers honed their skills as trainers, alternating between the classroom and the motorcycle range at Camp Upshur while working together to determine the best way to presenttheinformationtonewrider-mentors

Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class MatthewSharp,aninstructorattheCenter for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Oceana, Virginia, and one of the trainer rider-mentors, said although he thinks the mentorship program will help, Sailors,

specifically junior riders, also have to be receptivetotheprogram

“We can do everything in our power to helpthemhonetheirskillsandmakesmarter choices butreally whentheyleave,it’sgoing to be up to them to use that information, Sharp said. “I think that’s the biggest issue we’rehaving losingservicemembersover poorjudgement.”

The10rider-mentorsbeganclassAug.17, which was now being taught solely by the trainer rider-mentors, with the MSF staff observingandsuggestingcoursecorrections as needed. Later that afternoon, the trainers headed back to the range, only this time running exercises with their rider-mentors intraining.

U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. David Cook, an intelligence analyst at Marine Forces Command, Virginia and one of the rider-mentors in training, said although he was looking at the mentoring program through a more critical lens it was because he wants the program to be as good as it possiblycan especiallyforyoungMarines

“For being a beta test, I think it’s going well,butthereisroomtogrow,”Cooksaid.“I hopetheytakeallthethingswecritiqueand make it better, but I’m excited to see where thatgoes.”

Cook added that he’s happy the DoD is looking to enhance motorcycle programs, which sends a clear message to all services andtheirmotorcycleriders

“There are individuals at the top that continue to want to make these programs better because that hammers it home for a lot of young [riders] that you’re not just a number; you’re a person with a family, and


your service Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army theywantyoutogethomesafe,and they’regivingyouthetoolstodoso.”

The last day of training for both groups included a morning on the range and just before one final trip to the classroom Matt Gentile, one of the two MSF staff members leadingthebetatest,gavesomefeedbackon howhethoughtthetestwasgoingandhow theprogramcouldimprove

“I think it’s going fantastic,” he said. “We’re finding areas we can improve the content and its delivery Based on what we have seen here, we will add more informationtoourmentortrainerguidesothetrainers can facilitate an even better process to therider-mentors.

Feedback from test participants and service-specific safety representatives who observed the test program will determine updatestotheprogramandwhetheranother betatestisneededbeforecompletion.

Once the program is completed and released, Wisnieski said the Joint Safety CouncilandDefenseSafetyOversightCouncil will assess the way ahead for the DoD motorcyclementorshipprogram.

“Leadershipsupportiscriticalinmoving forward,” Wisnieski said. “As a collective service, our goal is to roll this out as a joint initiative, and leadership support is critical in implementing a program that can reduce the number of motorcycle mishaps and potentially save the lives of our service membersandcivilians.”

Referencestonon-federalentitiesdonot constituteorimplyDepartmentoftheNavy endorsement of any company or organization.

motorcycle mentorship
Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class MatthewSharp,an instructorat the CenterforNaval AviationTechnical Training Unit Oceana on Naval AirStation Oceana, Virginia,participates in a motorcycle exercise during the Department of Defense Motorcycle Mentorship Program beta test on Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia,Aug.14 The test which tookplace Aug.14-18 brought riders togetherfrom the Navy,Marine Corps,AirForce andArmyto test a mentorship program facilitated bythe Motorcycle Safety Foundation.(U.S. NAVYPHOTOBYAMY ROBINSON) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, September 7, 2023 3 FREE INSTALL on bathremodeling projects LowMonthly Payments Offer valid until 9/10/23 + EXTENDED LABOR DAYSALE UPGRADE YOUR SHOWER OR BATH TODAY! BATH REMODELING DONE RIGHT From start to finish,weprovide customers with a quick and easybathroom remodeling experience Simply meet with one of our design consultants, view our styles and options, design your new shower or bath, andreceive an exact quote. Afterwards, our in-house installers will remove yourold unit, get your new project installed in as little as 1day and your home cleaned up before they leave. REAL REVIEWSFROMREAL CUSTOMERS 4.8/5 Based on 19,682 reviews 4.9/5 Based on 12,009 reviews 4.7/5 Based on 6,996 reviews (Company reviews across all branches as of 8/01/2023) OVER 146,343+ BATH REMODELING JOBS COMPLETED IN 1DAY 757-280-2257 *Financing available to well qualified buyers on approved credit at an APR of 6.99% for 180 months, with an estimated monthly payment of 0.89% of your purchase amount. For example, for $11,000 financed, the payment will be 180 payments of $99 paid monthly.You may prepay your account at any time without penalty.Money down may be required. Financing is subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only.Normal late charges apply.See your Truth in Lending Disclosures for more information. Call 866-393-4573 for financing costs and terms. Minimum purchase $9,999 required. See design consultant for details. Other restrictions may apply.**Free install is equal to 20% offthe total project price. New orders only.Offer not valid on previous sales or estimates and cannot be combined with other offers. Offer expires 9/10/23.

Rebecca Douglas named NAVFAC Atlantic Supervisor of the Year for exceptional leadership

Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command


In a remarkable testament to her exceptionalleadership,Rebecca(Becky)Douglas has been named the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Atlantic Supervisor of the Year for 2022. With a career in federal service characterizedbyunwaveringdedication,outstanding achievements, and a commitment to excellence Douglas has earned this prestigious honor for her remarkable contributions to theNAVFAC

Douglas serves as the Supervisory Contract Specialist and Manager of the Design and Construction/Asset Management Contracts Branch within NAVFAC Atlantic. Her journey within the organization began in 2015 at NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic andin2019 shetransitionedtoNAVFAC Atlantic, swiftly becoming a pivotal figure within Contracting. In January 2021 she was promoted to the role of Supervisory ContractSpecialist,andshewastednotime inmakinghermark.

In her inaugural year as supervisor, she achievedremarkablesuccess,securingseven military construction (MILCON) projects valued at $200 million and a $500 million multiple award construction contract for projects in Rota, Spain. These accomplishmentswerejustthebeginningofherimpressiveleadershipjourney.

Douglas’ leadership style has garnered therespectofherteam,supportedbusiness lines, and contractors alike. She is known for her exceptional problem-solving abilities, guiding her team to execute contract actions with efficiency while consistently demonstrating responsible stewardship of taxpayerfunds.

In her role as Supervisory Contract Specialist, she skillfully managed priorities and resources to ensure the successful executionofpreandpost-awardacquisition functionsforprocurementofArchitect-Engineer (A-E), construction, and services contract actions In 2022 alone, she led her teaminexecuting145contractactionstotaling over $226 million. Her contributions extended to supporting NAVFAC EURAFCENT reachback projects, where her team awardedfiveMILCONprojectsworthover $192million,includinghigh-visibilityArmy FamilyHousingprojects.

Beyondherimpressivenumbers,Douglas’ attention to detail is evident in the impeccable quality of her team’s work products, fromacquisitionplanningtocontractdocuments Her skillful negotiation tactics have saved countless taxpayer dollars, reflecting


hercommitmenttoresponsiblespending Douglas’ leadership extends beyond her immediate team. She has dedicated herself to developing junior Contract Specialists, providing valuable guidance and mentorship,andstreamliningprocedurestoensure a high level of work output Her ability to maintain quality has been instrumental in meetingmissionsupportrequirements

Notably Douglas has been instrumental in improving relationships with supported business lines through a collaborative approach and a focus on teamwork. Her regular status and strategy meetings have fostered mutual respect, trust, and productiveworkingrelationships

HerjourneytoSupervisoroftheYearhas beenmarkedbyhercommitmenttocontinuousimprovementandexcellence Douglas graduatedfromOldDominionUniversityin 2012 with a bachelor’s in business administration and completed the Naval Acquisi-

tion Development Intern Program in 2018 NAVFAC’s Aspiring Leader Development Program in 2020, and received DAWIA LevelIIIcertificationinContractingin2021.

Douglas’ dedication to her role goes beyondherofficialduties Shereadilyvolunteers for special assignments and collaborates across branches to fine-tune and standardizecontractingprocesses

In response to receiving the Supervisor of the Year award, Ms. Douglas expressed hergratitude saying “Iamveryhonoredto receive the Supervisor of the Year award. I neverthoughtIwouldreceivesuchaprestigiousaward.Iamthankfulforthesupportof myteam,mentors,andsupervisorsandtheir effortsinmakingthispossible Iamproudto leadanamazingteam.”

Rear Adm. Lore Aguayo, Commander, NAVFAC Atlantic and Fleet Civil Engineer and Director Fleet Installations and Environment, US Fleet Forces Command,

commended Ms. Douglas’s achievements saying, “In recognition of Rebecca’s exceptional leadership and unwavering commitmenttoexcellence,shehasrightfullyearned the title of NAVFAC Atlantic Supervisor of the Year for 2022. Her remarkable contributions to NAVFAC are a testament to her dedication, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to responsible stewardship, and I couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments.”

Douglas’ journey from dedicated team member to Supervisor of the Year serves as an inspiring example of leadership, dedication,andexcellencewithinNAVFACAtlantic. Her accomplishments underscore the vital role of the Contracting department in fulfilling the organization’s mission, and her commitment to responsible stewardship and teamwork is a testament to her well-deserved recognition as Supervisor of theYearfor2022.

U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

August 31st remains a less well-known anniversary in the U.S. Navy On this date in1842 CongresspassedaNavyappropriationsbillestablishingfivebureaustooversee NavyYardsandDocks;Construction,Equipment, and Repair; Provisions and Clothing; Ordnance and Hydrography; and Medicine and Surgery Today, of the original five bureaus, only the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery(BUMED)remains

As BUMED celebrates its 181st anniversaryonAugust31stthereisnobettertimeto lookbackatthecuriousoriginoftheforgottenNavybureausystem.

The story begins in part with a once legendaryartsandculturejournalcalledThe Southern Literary Messenger. This journal may be best known today for its association with Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) who served as its co-editor from 1835 to 1836 Poe published some of his early literature reviewsandfantasticaltalesinthejournal’s pages,amongthemBereniceandtheUnparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfall In December 1836, The Messenger’s founder, Thomas Willis White (1788-1843) relieved Poeofhisdutiesbecauseoftheliterarylion’s increasingly“erraticbehavior.”Poe’sdeparture left a sizable void that was partly be filled by a naval officer named Lt Matthew FontaineMaury(1806-1873).

Maury was later known for pioneering the field of oceanographer while serving as Superintendent of the Naval Depot of Charts and Instruments/U.S Naval Observatory (1844-1861). He was also a literary man with outspoken views on naval affairs In1839,Maurybeganservingasanassociate editor of the Messenger His contributions included a series of articles about the Navy entitled “Scraps from the Lucky Bag” written under the nom de plume Harry Bluff.” Innauticalterms,a“luckybag wasalocker on old ships where “lost” and loose items (clothing,etc.)werestoredaway Inhisfirstarticle,“HarryBluff”remarked on the poor state of the Navy and proposed several drastic reforms He called for the establishment of a “navy institute of learning” equivalent to West Point a complete reorganizationoftheNavycommandstructure, and the replacement of the existing Navy Board of Commissioners by a bureau system that offered checks and balances

These “scraps” proved to be of great interest to military and political leaders of the day. Many of these articles were republishedintheirentirety,furtherstirringquestions about their authorship Who was the real Harry Bluff? Only Maury his wife, and ThomasWhite thepublisher,knewhistrue identity And it would take years of speculation before Maury’s secret identity was eventually discovered, but when it was, he becameaninstantcelebrity

Theformerhome oftheBureauofMedicineandSurgery(BUMED).

OneWashingtonnewspaper,TheNational Intelligencer, went so far as to urge that President John Tyler appoint Maury as the Secretary of the Navy However, such prospect for promotion was of little interest to Maury In a letter dated January 10, 1841, Maury wrote that the prospect of resigning his commission, becoming a civilian, andthenbeingelevatedtotheroleofSecretary just did not interest him. “I was much annoyedatfindingmyselfputinnomination forsecretaryship,forIthoughtitwasasure way of defeating the object of the ‘Scraps.’ ThoughIthinknowtheeffectwillbetocall public attention to them and consequently lead to reform on the one hand, while on the other it will whet up the animosity of theoldofficers aportionofthematleast so astogainformethehonorofaslycufffrom themnowandthen.

In July 1841, The Messenger formally acknowledged that Harry Bluff was Matthew Maury. The periodical published a biographical sketch of him written by a “Brother Officer.” And despite calls for his promotion, Maury stayed in the Navy as a lieutenant, only getting promoted after his recommendedreformsinevaluatingofficers wentintoeffectin1855.

Remarkably,Congresstookheedofmany ofMaury’scallsfornavalreform.OnAugust 31, 1842, the U.S. Navy officially adopted a

bureau system to replace the inefficient NavalBoardofCommissioners;andin1845 theNavalAcademywasformallyestablished inAnnapolis,Maryland.

BUMED would share another curious connectionwithMaury From1942to2012, BUMEDoccupiedtheoldU.S.NavalObservatoryinFoggyBottom Washington,D.C. in the very same building from where Maury established his reputation as an oceanographerfrom1844to1861.

For 181 years, BUMED has served as the guardian of healthcare for Sailors and Marines and helping ensure the readiness of our warfighters Today, this mission continues and remains as important as it didin1842.Andhowevercuriousitmaybe perhaps a man who called himself “Harry Bluff deservesamodicumofthanksforthis

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery


„ 1842 Surgeon William P.C. Barton is appointed the first Chief of BUMED in September1842 Inadditiontobeingaleadingphysicianandbotanistofhisday,Barton was an accomplished musician the son of thedesigneroftheU.S.Seal,andnephewof famednaturalistDr BenjaminSmithBarton.

„ 1842 In September 1842, Moses Poor of New Hampshire, and Marsh Clark of Pennsylvania reported to BUMED as clerk

and messenger, respectively They are the firstcivilianemployeestoworkatBUMED.

„ 1842 Role of Chief of BUMED is defined on October 26, 1842 Secretary of the Navy AbelUpshurwrote “TheMedicalofficersof theNavywillmakeallcommunicationsand requisitionsconnectedwiththeirdutydirect to the Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery to this Department, and they will obey all orders and instructions which may beissuedbythatBureauinwhichonlytheir requisitionsarerequiredtobeapproved.”

„ 1844 Surgeon Charles Fleury Bien-aime GuilloubecomesthefirstAssistantChiefof BUMED. After 1871, this title would morph intothepositionofDeputySurgeonGeneral andDeputyChiefofBUMED „ 1871. Chief of BUMED takes on additional title of Surgeon General of the U.S. NavyonMarch3,1871.CommodoreWilliam Maxwell Wood, a veteran of the Mexican andCivilWars,isthefirstindividualtohold thetitleofSurgeonGeneral.

„ 1930 Rear Admiral Ammen Farenholt becomes the first flag officer to serve as DeputySurgeonGeneral.Farenholt’sfather Oscar had been the first enlisted man to reach flag rank in the Navy From the 1920s through 1940s, Ammen Farenholt commissioned the installation of sun dials at Naval Hospitals Manyofthesestillexistacrossthe NavyMedicinetoday.

„ 1942 BUMED relocates from the main NavyBuildingonNationalMalltotheNaval HospitalWashington,D.C.campusinFoggy Bottom (originally home of the U.S. Naval Observatory) „ 1982 BUMED is deactivated and replacedwiththeNavalMedicalCommand (NAVMEDCOM). Surgeon General of the Navy takes on additional title of Director of NavyMedicine „ 1989 NAVMEDCOM is disestablished andBUMEDisreactivated.

„ 2012.BUMEDHeadquartersrelocatesto theDefenseHealthHeadquarters(DHHQ) inFallsChurch,Virginia

Sources: „ “An Act to Reorganize the Navy Department.” (1843) Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy for the Year 1843 Washington D.C: Alexander and Barnard printers. „ AnnualReportsoftheSurgeonGeneralof theU.S.Navy,1844-1930.

„ Grady,J.(2015).MatthewFontaineMaury, FatherofOceanography:ABiography,18061873 Jefferson,N.C.:McFarland&Company, Inc.,Publishers

„ Lewis, C.L. (1927). Matthew Fontaine Maury The Pathfinder of the Seas. Annapolis,MD:U.S.NavalInstitute

„ Mott,F.L.(1957) “TheSouthernLiterary Messenger.” A History of American Magazine, 1741-1850 Harvard University Press:Cambridge,MA,pp629-657

a remarkable testament to herexceptional leadership Rebecca (Becky) Douglas has been named the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC)Atlantic SupervisoroftheYearfor2022.With a careerin federal service characterized byunwavering dedication, outstanding achievements,and a commitment to excellence,Douglas has earned this prestigious honorforherremarkable contributions to the NAVFAC (PHOTOBYMICHAELMORRIS)
“Harry Bluff” and the curious origin of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED): August 31, 1842
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George Washington hosts education fair

NORFOLK, Va. — The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) teamed up with colleges and universities to host an education fair onboard Aug. 29.

Representatives from 15 schools talked with Sailors about the importance of continued education and the resources available for them.

“Sailors don’t always know what educational benefits they have and with this we are able to get them and colleges face-to-face,” said Ensign Franceska B. Brewer, the educational service officer aboard George Washington. “We decided to bring the information to Sailors rather than tell them where to look. Just being here today, we’ve had about 800 Sailors come through to talk to the representatives.”

The education fair gives Sailors the opportunity to explore options that the Navy offers both ashore and afloat.

“Even if Sailors don’t think about making the Navy their career, wherever they go, the benefit of getting a degree is there for them,” said Brewer. “You will get out of the Navy at some point: Get a degree that means something to you.”

For Sailors like Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Marquez A. Embry, who is currently working on qualifications, but looking out for what’s next, the fair was successful at showing what opportunities are out there.

“I’m not really sure what I want to study, but after seeing this I have a better idea of what I’m interested in.” said Embry, who is currently assigned to the ship’s Engineering department maintenance support center. Among the colleges were Purdue University Global, Norfolk State University and Grand Canyon University. Each school had tables set up with representatives to offer informational pamphlets and to answer any questions Sailors had.

Retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer Cassandra (San) Harris, now coordinator for Military and Veteran’s Education at Tidewater Community College is a huge proponent for education, especially for those in the military.

“My motive for becoming a coordinator was back when I was using tuition assistance and going through the educational process,” said Harris. “I did not receive what is now available to help students make an informed decision.”

Sailors can visit MyNavy Education via MyNavy Portal to submit Tuition Assistance and Navy College Program for Afloat College Education Distance Learning requests, view education records or complete Post 9/11 GI Bill Statements of Understanding.

“We encourage our Sailors to work with their chain of commands to ensure they meet the requirements to start pursuing off-duty education,” said Brewer. “It is important for them to understand that it is possible to get a degree or continue education while still in the Navy.”

George Washington is pierside in Naval Station Norfolk in the stages of inspection and survey, a comprehensive evaluation of the material condition of the ship to ensure it is fully prepared for sea operations.

aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), during an education fair aboard the ship in Norfolk, Virginia, Aug. 29, 2023. George Washington is pierside in Naval Station Norfolk in the stages of inspection and survey, a comprehensive evaluation of the material condition of the ship to ensure its fully prepared for sea operations. Culinary Specialist 3rd Class Tahira M. Rodrigues, left, from Norcross, Georgia, assigned to supply department aboard Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), speaks with Ron Ramsdell, director of military education at Liberty University, during the education fair. (U.S. NAVY PHOTOS BY MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST SEAMAN APPRENTICE GEOFFREY L. OTTINGER) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, September 7, 2023 5 ROSIE’SSUPPORTS OUR TROOPS 1996 POWER PLANT PKWY ,H AMPTON ,V A23666 Mustbe21orolder.Problem Gaming? Call the Virginia Help Lineat1-888-532-3500 ROSI ESGAMING .C OM Valid every TuesdayinSeptember.Mustcheck in at the Rosie’sRewards Club to be enrolled intothe promotion. MILITARY TUESDAYS FREE PLAY $5 R'BURGER +FRIES $5 POINTS 5X JU ST SI GN UP FO RAF RE ER OS IE ’S RE WA RD SC AR DA ND INS TA NTLY RE CE IV EB ET WE EN $25-$1,000 in freeplay FOR YOUR FIRST VISIT ! Valid only fornew members in Hampton. Mustprovide email to receive $25. + +
Maria Castrellon, a representative from Grand Canyon University, left, speaks with Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Aircraft Handling Airman Recruit Sadie C. Ortiz, from Las Vegas, assigned to air department aboard Nimitz-class


Secretary of theNavy(SECNAV)Carlos Del Toro honored navalhistory,heritage andheroestodayduringthe80thcommissioning anniversary ceremonyofthe aircraft carrier USSIntrepid. Nearly 200 former crew members returned to the ship, which is nowthe IntrepidSea, Air &Space Museum located atPier 86,12th Avenueand 46th Street in NewYork City.The ceremonyfeatured a special presentation to the World WarII crew members,a moment of silence,and aperformance of Taps to honor the fallen.

“Throughout World WarII, USS Intrepidenduredaerialtorpedoandkamikaze attacks,her crew neverfaltering in their damage control duties to keep the ship in the fight,”said SECNAV Del Toro duringremarksatthe ceremony.“Intrepid preservesthelegacyofthemenwhoserved

onboard,includingmembersofour‘GreatestGeneration, whobravelyfoughtforour Nation’sfreedom.”

Former crew members from World War II, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War, as well as manyoftheir family members, attended the ceremonyatthe museum.

“Thismuseum, along with several otherslikeitaroundour country,serves as apoignant reminder that we areindeed a maritimenation,andthatastrongNavyhas alwaysbeenthe cornerstone of our ability to preservethe peace, both near and afar,” said SECNAV DelToro.

“Having the heart and the soulof Intrepid from all aroundthe country (here) and having the opportunity for all of us to personally interact with allofyou is an honor,” said Intrepid PresidentSusan Marenoff-Zausner.“It’s because of you, literally,that Iand youhavethe privilege to be heretoday.”

Intrepid’shistoryincludesbecomingthe firstaircraft carrier in our fleet to launch aircraft with steam-poweredcatapults After amodernization period, Intrepid sailed in the US SixthFleet,deploying multiple timesthroughout the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and throughout the Caribbean.

Intrepid also playedanintegral part in our nation’sspace program, serving as the principalrecoveryshipforProjectMercury Aurora 7space capsule in 1962and for the firstGemini mission in 1965.

Intrepid wasdecommissioned in 1974 and wasset to be scrapped. NewYork City developer and philanthropistZacharyFisherspearheadedacampaigntosave Intrepid from the scrap yard.The ship openedasthe centerpiece of the Intrepid Museum in 1982 SECNAVDel Toro praised the crew members who returned to the ship for the

ceremony. “These Sailors continue toserveour Nationlongaftertakingofftheiruniforms inspiring and guiding our next generation of Sailors,justastheir former ship continues to do today,”said SECNAVDel Toro

Raised in the Hell’sKitchen neighborhood of NewYorkCity,SECNAVDel Toro wassworn in as the 78th Secretary of the NavyonAug.9,2021.BorninHavana,Cuba, Del Toro immigrated to the U.S. with his family as refugees in 1962. He attended publicschoolsandreceivedanappointment totheUnitedStatesNavalAcademy,where he earned aBachelor of ScienceDegreein ElectricalEngineering.SecretaryDelToro wascommissioned as aSurface Warfare Officer upon his graduation in 1983. AsSecretary,heisresponsiblefornearly one million Sailors, Marines,and civilians and an annualbudget exceeding$210 Billion.

Del Toro celebrates Navy heritage at USS Intrepid 80th commissioning anniversary
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Information Warfare Team Trainer continues to effectively ready teams for deployment


Watch-station Intelligence Course (AWIC)

Teams, formally known as Information Warfare Team Trainer, in both Virginia Beach and San Diego are continuing to efficiently and effectively prepare afloat Information Warfare teams from the fleet for deployment.

AWIC is a scenario-based building block curriculum for commands that comprise Carrier Strike Groups and Amphibious Readiness Groups, designed to help Sailors prepare for their Composite Training Unit Exercise, better known as COMPTUEX, as theyseekdeploymentcertifications

The San Diego and Virginia Beach AWIC teams collaborate and coordinate training evolutionsfordeployinginformationwarfare teams in order to help enable operational readinessacrossthefleet.

CryptologicTechnicianTechnical1stClass JasmineTurner,coursesupervisorforAWIC attheVirginiaBeachsite,explainedthatboth officer and enlisted personnel within these InformationWarfareteamsareprovidedthe

Umpire Camp

from Page 1

asthemechanicsofworking asafirstbaseumpire.

“I believe that this event opened some Sailors’ eyes to opportunities outside of what they know,” said Benning “Seeinganumpire on television or at the ballpark seems distant, but this gives them confidence to startanewpassionnow.”

The MLB Umpire Camp concludedthateveningwith Sailors feeling motivated by new prospects for potential futurecareerpaths

The NAVSTA Norfolk MWR team hopes to make thisanongoingopportunity forfutureSailors.

knowledgeandskills“toperformasanintegratedInformationWarfareteamatthebasic phaselevel,capableofprovidingindications and warnings for battlespace awareness to appropriatecommandersinsupportoffleet intelligenceoperations.”

Turner summarized the course as an opportunity for teams to understand the baseline for how to run their watch floors whileondeployment

TheAWICcourseatIWTCVirginiaBeach consistsofthreeweeklongiterations(AWIC 1, 2, and 3) that steadily build in difficulty.

AWIC 1 is a scenario simulated underway that helps supplementary plot and expeditionary plot Sailors develop their fundamental watch standing skills and processes, such as monitoring chat rooms and tactical reports, learn about the greater composite warfare command structure, and understandstandardoperatingprocedures.AWIC 2 increases the level of tension and amount ofreportingduringthesimulatedunderway period,requiringthestudentstocollaborate, incorporate, and fuse all source intelligence for the appropriate warfare commander AWIC 3 raises the level of underway simulation to extremely heightened tensions

andintegratesallaspectsoftheinformation warfarecommunity

Cryptologic Technician Collection Chief Marlena Peter the course supervisor for AWC at the San Diego site, described the cohesive and organic flow from AWIC 1 to AWIC 3 as a process that becomes “more kineticandincreasinglydifficultastheteams becomes more proficient.” Only after teams aredeemedproficientatthebasicfundamentals can they proceed to the more difficult stagesofthecourse The AWIC courses provide each commandwithascenariobasedonthearea ofresponsibilityinwhichthecommandwill bedeployed.ThePacificandtheMiddleEast are the current predominant options The San Diego AWIC team hasbeen instrumental in the development of new scenarios for the course, spearheading the development ofanewseriesof5thFleetscenariosandthe firsteverscenariofor7thFleet

Thus far in 2023 Virginia Beach and San Diego have helped train eleven commands includingsevenCarrierStrikeGroups(CSG) and four Amphibious Readiness Groups (CPR); including CSG-2 (USS Dwight D. Eisenhower),CSG-8(USSHarryS.Truman),

CSG-5 (USS Ronald Reagan), CSG-1 (USS Carl Vinson), CSG-9 (USS Theodore Roosevelt), CSG-3 (USS Abraham Lincoln) CPR-8 (USS Bataan), CPR-4 (USS Wasp), CPR-5(USSBoxer),CPR-11(USSAmerica)

IWTCVB currently offers 74 courses of instructionininformationtechnology,cryptology, and intelligence with an instructor and support staff of over 300 military, civilian, and contract members who train over 7,000studentsyearlyatfivetrainingsites It isoneoffourschoolhousesfortheCenterfor Information Warfare Training (CIWT) and alsooverseeslearningsitesatFortHuachuca, Ariz.; Jacksonville and Mayport, Fla.; Kings Bay,Ga.;andGroton,Conn.

With four schoolhouse commands, two detachments, and training sites throughout the United States and Japan, Center for Information Warfare Training trains over 26,000 students every year delivering trainedinformationwarfareprofessionalsto theNavyandjointservices CenterforInformation Warfare Training also offers more than200coursesforcryptologictechnicians, intelligencespecialists,informationsystems technicians,electronicstechnicians,andofficersintheinformationwarfarecommunity

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Sailors receive ball calling training from MajorLeague Baseball (MLB) Umpires during an MLB Umpire Camp at McClure Field baseball stadium onboard Naval Station Norfolk,Aug.25,2023.The MLB Umpire Camp allows Sailors to experiencewhat pro umpires go through during theirtraining cycle.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOSBY MASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSJOSEPHT.MILLER) Start now at PlayOurNews.com Listen to our top news stories for free. www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, September 7, 2023 7 Find Your PerfectHome With a VA Loan InsuredbyNCUA Product featuressubject to approval. Availablefor purchaseloansonly. Loansare subject to an additional fundingfee,which maybefinanced up to themax loan amount. 2The cash-backbonus is offered in most states andisavailable forindividual salesand purchasesofproperty;offer limited to one cash-back bonusper property with no limitonthe amountoftimes youmay usethe program. In somestates, agiftcardorcommissioncreditatclosingmay be provided in lieu of thecash-backbonus. Theprogram is notavailable in IA or outsidethe U.S. Cash-backbonus is notavailable in AK or OK.InKSand TN,agiftcardwithpreloadedpointsthat arereadyfor spendingatspecified retailestablishments afterclosing will be issued. Stateregulations in KS limit thedollaramountsand thetypeofincentive.InMS, NJ andOR, acommission reduction maybeavailable at closing. Please checkwiththe program coordinatorfor details.Thisisnot asolicitation if youare alreadyrepresented by areal estatebroker. Thecash-backbonusisonlyavailable with
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Pentagon officials are focusing on ways to attract artificial intelligence experts as theDefenseDepartmentplotsitscoursefor leveragingthetransformationaltechnology toenablewarfighters

Margaret Palmieri, deputy chief digital and artificial intelligence officer, indicated on Wednesday that her office is taking targeted action to attract those with a passion for data analytics and artificial intelligence to apply their skills in service totheircountry

“We know that DOD offers an incredible mission set for those who are interested in this field, and we want to attract people to the department to strengthen our efforts,” shesaid.

Palmieri previewed specific steps that the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office is taking to attract the right talent during the National Defense Industrial Association’s Emerging Technologies for DefenseconferenceinWashington.

Among them is the recent addition of approximately10newworkroleswithinthe DOD’scyberworkforceframeworkthatwill betteraligncriticalskillsetswithdataandAI roleswithinthedepartment

“Thisishuge becauseifyou’reanindividual inside of DOD who has a knack for data analyticsandAI,orapassionforit,there’sno positioncodedspecificallyforyou,”shesaid.

Through coordination with allies, thedefenseindustrialbaseintheU.S. hasbeeneffectiveinleveragingevery toolavailabletofieldthosecapabilities needed by Ukraine on the battlefield whilemanagingtheriskstoU.S.readiness saidthePentagon’stopacquisitionofficial

William A. LaPlante said his office has coordinated closely with industry leaders to shorten the lead time requiredtofinalizecontractsfornew materialsforUkraine.

“And those numbers are really collapsing,”hesaid addingthatdoing sorequiresattentionfromtopleaders.

Speaking Monday at the National Defense Industrial Association’s emerging technologies conference, LaPlante said the Defense DepartmentremainscommittedtosupportingUkraineindefendingitselfagainst Russia’s unprovoked invasion while maintainingU.S.militaryreadiness

“Every day, this is the job of the senior leadership in the Pentagon andacrossthenationalsecuritystaff,” LaPlante said. “You’re always looking at Ukraine and saying, ‘Where is the puck going to be?’ and trying to

“You have to look for a financial management position where you can apply those [skills] in the financial arena, or you have to lookforacomputersciencepositionthathas youworkinginaspecificmissionareaoron


Palmierinotedthatbyidentifyingspecific rolesthatrequiredataandAIexpertise,the DOD will be able ensure the opportunities are more visible to those both inside and


The CDAO is also working to provide a defined career path and network for AI professionals in DOD and improving the department’s pipeline for tapping into new talent.

“Weknowthatthisfieldrequiresconstant refresh and learning, and industry and academia are on the cutting edge of that learning,” she said. “We want to make it easier for people to come into government, serve some time go back out into industry learn something else [and] come back in if theywantto.”

“All of our retirement systems and processes inside of government are set up to do this,” she said “We just have to take advantage of it, and we have to gain the muscle memory so that we can do it faster andbetterandatscale.”

Palmieri said talent is a key component of the CDAO’s strategy for delivering AI capabilities to the warfighter. Such expertise paves the way for emerging technology to offer potentially game-changing capabilities that will enable leaders to make the best decisions in defending the homeland,deterringaggressionandprevailingin conflictwhenneeded

“ThroughtheCDAO’smissionofacceleratingDOD’sadoptionofAIfromtheboardroom to the battlefield, we’re on a path to deliver decision advantage to DOD leaders andservicemembersinawaythey’vereally neverexperiencedbefore,”shesaid.

DOD maintains readiness as U.S. assists Ukraine


The Biden administration has committed more than $43 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s invasion in February2022.

That assistance has included more than 2,000 Stinger antiaircraft systems, more than 10,000 Javelin anti-armor systems, more than 2 million 155-mm artillery rounds, and otheritems.

The assistance has been provisioned through drawdowns of existing U.S. stocks and through the UkraineSecurityAssistanceInitiative, the authority under which the U.S. procures capabilities from industry andpartners.

LaPlantesaidPentagonleadersare closely monitoring U.S. readiness in theprocess.

“Every item that is decided and takenfromtheU.S.stockandprovided to the Ukrainians, the chairman [of the Joint Chiefs] and secretary [of defense] go through it, and they look exactly at what is the effect for readiness, he said “And if they think it’s any impact, negative on readiness, or increasesrisk wewon’tdoit.”

TurntoUkraine, Page 7 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, September 7, 2023 1

Team DoverAirmen load pallets ofammunition onto a C-17 GlobemasterIII bound forUkraine during a securityassistance mission at DoverAirForce Base,Delaware Aug.9,2022 The Department ofDefense is providing Ukrainewith critical capabilities to defend against Russian aggression underthe Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.Since 2014 the United States has committed more than $11.8 billion in security assistance to Ukraine. (U.S.AIRFORCEPHOTOBYAIRMAN1STCLASSCYDNEYLEE) Apilot assigned to the 492ndAttackSquadron instructs students from the UniversityofCalifornia,San Diego (UCSD) in an MQ-9 simulatoron MarchAirReserve Base in California on Feb 17 2023.The National Guard Bureau facilitated a collaboration between UCSD and members ofthe 163dAttackWing in an effort to incorporateArtificial Intelligence to improve MQ-9 technology and provide a centralized locationwhere real-timevideo and data can be shared instantaneouslyacross organizations.Named ProjectTheia,the aim ofthe program is to save lives byreducing response times forfirst responders duringwildfires and othernatural disasters (U.S.AIRNATIONALGUARDPHOTOGRAPHBYSTAFFSGT.JOSEPHPAGAN)
DOD focuses on talent pipeline, career paths to attract AI pros Navy installations transition to DBIDS ID cards for federal civilian retirees Aug. 31 The Department ofDefense earlierthisyear announced changes to base access procedures forfederal civilian retirees,with newcredentials required forbase access. PageB3
SAINTLAWRENCE ISLAND Alaska (Sept.13,2022) Personnel from aWest Coast-based Naval SpecialWarfare command operate an R80D SkyRaiderdrone during Operation Noble Defender Sensors,artificial intelligence,and machine learning software capabilities coupled with the development oflayered denial,deterrence,and defeat mechanisms capable of addressing current and emerging threats are fundamental to national defense.(U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST1STCLASSALEXSMEDEGARD)

Understanding warfighter demands, emerging solutions gives U.S. edge

ThePentagon’stopresearchandengineeringofficialsaidshe remains laserfocusedon providingthewarfighterwithanasymmetric advantageinfieldingfuturecapabilities

Heidi Shyu, undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, said Tuesday that the close coordination with each military service thecombatantcommandsandindustry is critical in ensuring the military invests intherighttechnologytomeet thedemands ofthebattlefield Heidi Shyu, undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, said Tuesday that the close coordination with each military service,thecombatantcommandsandindustry is critical in ensuring the military invests

inthe righttechnologytomeetthedemands ofthebattlefield.

Shyu said understanding the convergence of the emerging threat and current technology is critical in maintaining a strategic advantage across domains and threat environments.

Tomaintainthatperspective,shesaidshe’s inconstantcontactwithdefenseleadersand industry

Forexample it’snotuncommonforherto havebreakfastinasensitivecompartmented information facility when she meets with NavyAdmiralJohnC.Aquilino,commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, during trips totheIndo-Pacificregion,shesaid.

“We can talk about anything, classified thingsthatareongoing,soheknowswhatI’m workingon,”shesaid.“Thistypeofdialogue


In order to match the demands from the warfighter with solutions from the private sector, Shyu said she hosts a series of recurring meetings industry partners—ranging from major prime contractors to small businesses—to broadcast defense department needsandsurveyindustrysolutions.

Shyusaidunderstandingthefullpictureis criticalformaintainingU.S.advantage


“I’mnotgoingtohorseracewithyou,”she said of competing with potential adversaries “Just because you’ve got 1,000 missiles, thatdoesn’tmeanIhavetohave1,001.Ilook at the whole situation and whole landscape verydifferently.”

SECNAV Del Toro meets with leaders in Sweden, Finland, and Ireland


Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Carlos Del TorovisitedSweden,Finland,andIrelandtomeet with partner and ally navies, government and military leaders, and Sailors and Marines, Aug. 20-27.

The international trip included stops in StockholmandKarlskrona,Sweden;Helsinki, Finland;andDublin,Ireland

In Sweden, Del Toro met with numerous Swedish officials, including Minister for Defence Pål Jonson, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces Gen. Micael Bydén, and Chief of the Swedish Navy Rear Adm. Ewa Skoog Haslum. He also toured Muskö Naval Base, Försvarsmakten Marinbasen, HMS Karlskrona (OPV), HSwMS Nyköping andtheSwedishsubmarinefacilityatSaab’sshipyard

“I truly appreciated deepening the U.S.-Sweden maritime partnership in the Baltic Sea Region,” said Del Toro “We will continuetoworktogethertomakeournavies interoperable and deepen our pursuit of mutual maritime interests As Secretary of DefenseLloydAustinsaidearlierthisyear,we lookforwardtobeingabletocallyouanally.”

In Finland, NATO’s newest member state, Del Toro met with President Sauli Niinistö and discussed global security issues and bilateral maritime cooperation. Del Toro also met with Finland Minister of Defence AnttiHäkkänenandCommanderofFinnish

DefenceForcesGeneralTimoKivinen.They discusseddeepeningdefensecooperationand increasingjointtrainingandexercises.

Before departing Finland, Del Toro spent time onboard Finnish Navy Ship HaneemmaawiththeChiefoftheFinnishNavy,Rear Adm.JoriHarju.

“It was great seeing Finland’s naval capabilities up front and in person. I am honored to work alongside Finland with our shared democraticvalues,”saidDelToro

The trip concluded in Ireland, where Del Toro met with leaders Irish Tánaiste and MinisterforDefenceMicheálMartin;Secretary General for Defence Jacqui Mc Crumb; Lt Gen. Sean Clancy, Chief of Staff of the Irish Defense Forces; Commodore Michael Malone Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service; and Ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nason Ambassador of Ireland to the United States

During the trip, Del Toro, along with Ambassador Byrne Nason and Adm. Stuart B. Munsch, Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa, laid wreaths at the National Memorial to members of the Defence Forces who died in the service of theState

“It’s important to remember and reflect on those who made the ultimate sacrifice in serviceoffreedom, saidDelToro

WhileinIreland,healsoattendedathletic events between Notre Dame and Navy, including a rugby match and the Aer Lingus


Itraveltheworld,andIamsoproudtobe among the 40,000 Americans who traveled to Ireland to enjoy the special relationship betweenourtwogreatnations,”saidDelToro

“The hospitality of Lord Mayor of Dublin Daithí de Róiste, the city of Dublin, and the people of Ireland has been nothing short of spectacular.”

Before departing Del Toro attended a reception aboard the San Antonio-class amphibioustransportdockUSSMesaVerde (LPD 19), where he thanked Ireland for the warmwelcome “AsPresidentBidensaidduringhisrecent trip to Ireland, ‘the Republic of Ireland and the United States are bound in our hope for the future a future that is equal, just, and prosperousforallofourpeople.’Onbehalfof thePresidentandtheSecretaryofDefense I look forward to strengthening the partnership between our countries and the friendship between our people even further,” said DelToro Del Toro, the 78th Secretary of the Navy, is responsible for nearly one million Sailors, Marines, and civilian personnel and an annual budget exceeding $255 Billion. His three enduring priorities are strengthening maritime dominance building a culture of warfighting excellence, and enhancing strategic partnerships to create a more ready, modern,andcapableNavyandMarineCorps team

Q: Whattypesoffamily housingareavailable?

A: There are three types of housing available to families:


Housing is also referred to as privatized housing in the Navy

The Navy partnered with different private management companies to provide housing to Service Members. These companies are responsible forthe construction, renovation,maintenance and day-to-day management ofthe housing PPVhousing may be located on oroffgovernment property and in most cases will be formermilitary housing

GovernmentOwned (also known as Military Housing orNavy Managed Housing is what was formerly called on-base housing While only available in limited quantities CONUS,Government Owned Housing is still widely available OCONUS.

CommunityHousing is any housing that a Service Member may choose that is not PPVor government operated This is housing outside ofthe base that is privately owned and operated

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The 63rd ExpeditionarySignal Battalion,35th Corps Signal Brigade (CSB),tested newdrone technologyto improve theirline-of-sight communications using unmanned aircraft systems to furthersupportXVIIIAirborne Corps’warfighters and all oftheirmission command systems. (PHOTOBYARMYSPC MAXINEBAEN)
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AmemberoftheArmy’s Special ResponseTeam at Fort Belvoir,Va.,conducts a sensitive site assessment missionwearing chemical and biological weapon protective gearknown as a lightweight integrated thermal ensemble,orCB Lite,suit (PHOTOBYNATEMCDONALD)

NMRTC Bethesda hosts Women’s Equality Day celebration


Navy Medicine

Command Bethesda

and Training

Navy Medicine Readiness and Training

Command,Bethesda’sDiversityCommittee heldaWomen’sEqualityDayCelebrationin MemorialAuditorium,August30

Women’sEqualityDayisobservedannually on August 26 to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920 giving women the right to vote This observance has grown to focusonwomen’scontinuedeffortstoward gaining full equality. The event served as a reminderoftheimportanceofdiversityand inclusioninallaspectsoflifeandwork

In her opening remarks, Hospital Corpsman3rdClassAsaNobbee,MasterofCeremonies,said “Theeventaimedtocelebrate the increased representation and firsts of womeninvariouscareerfieldswhilereflecting on future opportunities to achieve

The DOD honors the contributions of women serving in the military and celebrates the richness and diversity of their achievements

Before introducing the guest speaker, NMRTC’s command master chief, Master Chief Hospital Corpsman Josina Cato, reflected on the women who have made an impactonherpersonallyandprofessionally throughouthercareerintheNavy

“I first want to give thanks and gratitude to my mother,” said Cato “She signed the dottedlineformetojointheNavy.”

Cato recalled countless women who, throughouthercareer,have“contributedto andmademewhoIam.

Following her remarks, Cato introduced U.S. Navy Capt Fredora Mcrae, the U.S. Navy’s Diversity and Inclusion Officer as theguestspeaker

Like Cato Mcrae began with a reflection on women who have impacted her life and

naval career followed by encouraging the “phenomenal” women and men who advocate for women’s equality to “change the narrativeofconventionalwisdom.”

Mcrae’s inspiring remarks centered around“knowyourvalue,andthenaddtax,” a popular phrase she says “has existed for quiteawhile.”

“This phrase means taking the time to reallyunderstandwhatmakesyou-youand realizing what you have to offer,” shared Mcrae. “It also means believing in your intrinsicvalueasahumanbeingandknowing you are worthy of respect, dignity, and acceptancefromothers.”

Mcrae, who’s been in the Navy 38 years, said the phrase she shares is about getting crystal clear on who you are and why you matter In closing Mcrae’s remarks, “Remember that history isn’t made by cynics critics or pundits it is made by people who understand that the fight for equity is not about

fittingintoaspacethatwasdefinedbysomeone else,” encouraged women and men to makegood trouble, create their own spaces andvaluingtheirworth

“Disrupt the status quo,” said Mcrae. “Don’teverbeafraidtorollupyoursleeves, donyourarmor,andputyourselfinthebusiness of changing the narrative on conventional wisdom because it is not going to changeonitsown.”

To motivate the women and men to continuestrivingforequalityandexcellence Mcrae said “incredible women who made historybeforeus,recognizedtheirvalueand weren’tafraidtostandupandfight.”

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer encouraged those determined to help make change in the future, to know their worth-addtaxandbeunapologeticallybold “Thosebeforeusdidit andsocanyou.”

ByChiefPettyOfficerPatrickGordon Naval Air Station Patuxent River PATUXENT RIVER NAVAL AIR STATION MD The Department of Defenseearlierthisyearannouncedchanges tobaseaccessproceduresforfederalcivilian retirees, with new credentials required for baseaccess.

The Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness issued a memorandum in February canceling the Department of Defense (DoD) civilian retiree identification card effective Aug. 31 2023 New DoD civilianretireeIDswillno longer beissued, and federal civilian retirees seeking access to Navy installations, including Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities, will now need to apply for a Defense BiometricIdentificationsSystems(DBIDS) ID card. The Navy followed suit by issuing instructionstoNavyinstallationsregarding thechange

“Previously issued DoD Civilian Retiree IDcardswillremainvalidthrough31August 2023, at which point they will no longer be accepted as a valid form of ID,” stated NAVADMIN 105⁄23, signed by Vice Adm. Ricky Williamson, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics “Personnel shall coordinate with the respective Visitor Control Center (VCC) wheretheywillbeprocessedinaccordance with local policy DBIDS credentials will be issued to eligible personnel upon positive identification of the individual, visual inspection of an SF-50 indicating retirementfromciviliangovernmentservice,and vettingforfitness.”

Per NAVADMIN 105⁄23, the limited use of MWR activities by DoD civilian retirees will remain at the discretion of the installation Commanding Officer Retired DoD civilians can obtain a DBIDs card through theNASPatuxentRiverVCCinaccordance with instruction, which they would use for baseandMWRfacilityaccessastheywould aDoDID “Pax River has a large civilian population compared to some other Navy bases, so our VCC staff have been made aware to expectmoreDBIDSapplicationsasaresult of this policy,” said LT Charles Whittenton, NAS Patuxent River Security Officer “The DoD civilians who have served our country to retirement and wish to access the base will still be able to do so, just with a different credential in accordance with DoD and


Tostreamlinetheprocess eligiblepersonnelcanchoosebetweentwooptionsforthe requiredbackgroundcheck.Theycaneither completetheSECNAVForm5512⁄1andbring ittotheVCC,orpre-registertheirinformationonlineusingtheDBIDSpre-registration portalandbringtheaccompanyingQRcode totheVCC.TheDBIDScredentialsissuedto eligiblepersonnelwillinclude“MWRFacilityPrivileges”onthebackinthe“Remarks” box and will be categorized under “Facility Use”duringenrollment.

ThevalidityofDBIDScredentialsextends uptothreeyears. “It’simportanttounderstandthatanindi-

vidual will need to provision their DBIDS credential at each installation they intend to access, and access at every installation is at the discretion of that installation’s Commanding Officer,” added Whittenton “However, the background check component of enrollment will have already been completed during the initial installation visit. This means that subsequent installations will primarily focus on establishing identity and purpose potentially granting access based on the commanding officer’s discretion.

Visithttps://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/ files/document/forms/i-9.pdf for more information on acceptable forms of identi-


For the background portion, eligible personnelareencouragedtoeithercomplete the SECNAV Form 5512⁄1 and bring to the VCCorpre-registertheirinformationonline at https://dbids-global-enroll.dmdc.mil/ preenrollui/#!/andbringtheaccompanying QR code to the VCC in order to streamline waittimesattheNavyinstallation’sVCC. For

NavyMedicine Readiness andTraining Command (NMRTC),Bethesda’s DiversityCommittee poses fora group photowith Capt.Fredora Mcrae,center NavyMedicine Diversityand Inclusion Officer,and MasterChiefHospital CorpsmanJosina Cato,centerleft NMRTC Bethesda’s command masterchief,during aWomen’s EqualityDayCelebration in MemorialAuditorium atWalter Reed National MilitaryMedical Centerin Bethesda,Maryland,Aug.30 2023.Women’s EqualityDaycommemorates the passage ofthe 19th amendment to the U.S.Constitution.(U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSBRETTWALKER)
base access at NAS Patuxent River contact the NAS Pax River VCC at (301) 342-323⅛140 or Alex Collins, VCC Supervisor at alex.j.collins2
Navy installations transition to DBIDS ID cards for federal civilian retirees Aug. 31 PATUXENTRIVER,Maryland (June 23,2022) – Master-at-Arms 3rd Class DedricJohnson hands an ID backto a driverat NAS Patuxent River’s Gate 2 afterchecking theircredentials.NAS Patuxent Rivergate sentries have returned to handling ofIDs at gates and entrycontrol points on base in accordancewith CNIC Instruction 5530.14A.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYPATRICKGORDON) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, September 7, 2023 3


DON Insider Threat Awareness Month 2023

Office Of The Deputy Under Secretary Of The Navy (Intelligence and Security)

September kicks off National Insider

Threat Awareness Month (NITAM). The Department of the Navy (DON) is workingwiththeDepartmentofDefense(DoD), the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and other agencies to ensure every member of the Marine Corps and Navy are educated on insider risk indicators, bystander engagement and how to reportconcerns NITAM strengthens insider threat programsbydrawingattentiontothethreats facedbyallmembersoftheDONworkforce.

“TheDepartmentoftheNavyiscommitted toensuringthesafetyandwell-beingofour people and our Nation said Victor Minella

Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy for Intelligence and Security “It’s not always easytoseeinsiderthreatwarningsigns;but knowing them, and when necessary, acting onthem,allowsustomitigaterisk.”

The DON is using NITAM as an opportunity to educate and create awareness for Sailors,Marines,civiliansandcontractors.

“Knowing insider risk indicators and talking about them at all levels of our commands and organizations is crucial in the prevention of classified information leaks or workplace violence,” said Franco Neto, Department of the Navy Insider ThreatProgramDirector Theseriskindicatorsincludeactionssuch as verbal or non-verbal threats of harm, disparaging remarks against the United States securityandinformationtechnology violations,andpossiblychangesinaperson’s

previously observed performance due to self-destructive behaviors, such as excessive alcohol use and unstable or emotional responsesintheworkplace.

“In every insider threat case, the threats to our organization were all members of our trusted workforce, Neto said “Ensuring every member of our team knows what to look for, stays vigilant, and takes action when something isn’t right is incredibly important.”

Being educated in what to look for is only half of the equation in the detection and deterrence of insider threats “Being an engaged bystander is essential to safeguarding those around us and our National Security, Neto said. “When someone does somethinginappropriateorthreatening we individuallymusthavethecouragetosayor dosomethingaboutit.

Neto added, by taking action and reportingriskindicatorsorconcerningbehaviors, itallowsthefacilitationofearlyintervention and increases positive outcomes for at-risk individualsandtheorganization.

“Our National Security depends on each member of our team, Minella said. “When you see a potential risk, you must be bold andact.”

There are multiple ways to report. An individual can go to their security manager ortheycanreportthroughemailtotheNavy orMarineCorpsInsiderThreatHubs These reportscanbemadeanonymously.

„ NavyInsiderThreatHub: insiderthreat.fct@navy.mil

„ MarineCorpsInsiderThreatHub: insiderthreat@usmc.mil

Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Washington Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command(NAVFAC)Washingtonawarded a $63,190,700 firm-fixed-price contract to McLean Contracting Co., Glen Burnie, Maryland, for the replacement of the yard patrol(YP)craftpierandquaywallatNaval SupportActivityAnnapolis Maryland. The work to be performed provides for replacement of YP pier in the YP basin and the non-functional wave screen at Naval Support Activity Annapolis The updated pier will be comprised of a concrete main pier with attached concrete finger piers Steel pipe monopiles will be used to define thesliplimitsandserveasmooringdolphins. The concept pier will include an independent wave screen that is constructed away fromthepier Thisscopeincludesthedemolitionandreconstructionoftheexistingquay wallwheretheYPpiermeetsthequaywall. Fiscal 2023 operation and maintenance (Navy) funds in the amount of $63,190,700 will be obligated at time of award and will expireattheendofthecurrentfiscalyear Work will be performed in Annapolis, Maryland, and is expected to be completed by July 2025 NAVFAC Washington is the contractingactivity NAVFAC Washington awards contract for replacement of Yard Patrol Craft Pier at Naval Support Activity Annapolis 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, September 7, 2023

Calling All Motorcycle Riders: Join the 23rd Annual “Rumble through the Tunnels”


PORTSMOUTH,Va Callingallmotorcycle riders. Mark your calendar, the 23rd Annual Fleet Ride “Rumble through the Tunnels” ride and fund-raising event will be on Sunday, October 15, 2023 with 100% of the gate donated to Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society!

Rumble through the Tunnels began 23

years ago as a joint effort between Bayside Harley-Davidson’s owner and military retireeswhochosetheNavy-MarineCorps ReliefSocietyasthebenefactorofthisfundraiser Rumble through the Tunnels incorporates both military and non-military motorcycle enthusiasts who want to show their support and appreciation to the men andwomenwhoproudlyserveourcountry.

Founded in 1904 Navy-Marine Corps

Relief Society is a private non-profit charitable organization that provides financial, educational and other assistance to members of the Naval Services, eligible family members, and survivors when in need.

Kickstands up at noon with a ride through the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel DowntownTunnelandthenback

to Bayside Harley for live music as well as foodtrucks,vendorsandlotsoffun!Rainor shine, the event is a go

On-site registration the day of the ride from9:00 11:30atBaysideHarley-Davidson, 2211 FrederickBlvd., Portsmouth, VA

Hicks defines need to focus DOD on climate change threats

DOD News

As Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks spoke to West Point cadets today about climate change and the military, the Category3HurricaneIdaliaslammedashore inFlorida.

Thestormisjustthelatestinenvironmentalimpactscausedbyclimatechange Hicks pointed to the firestorm in Maui, floods in Pakistan,droughtsinAfricaandheatdomes in the United States and Europe as other examplesofthis HicksspoketotheSustainableInfrastructure, Resilience and Climate Consortium at the U.S. Military Academy. “A question I hear often is, ‘Why does the Department of Defense care about climate change?’ ” she said.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicksspeakstoanaudiencefromastage.

The answer is simple although the solution is not. “Climate change is a national security issue, and for the national security community, that declaration is not controversial it’sfact,”shesaid

TheU.S.nationalsecuritycommunityfirst listedclimatechangeasathreatin2008,and sincethenDODhasbeenworkingtounderstand the threat and what the department must do to combat it while operating in a changed environment. One constant in the studyofclimatechangeistheUnitedStates will“notcompromiseonmilitarycapability or the readiness of our forces,” the deputy secretarysaid

Climate change requires DOD to rethink howtobestprotectwarfightersandprevent conflict. It affects how the United States supports allies and partners. It must be andis apartofeverystrategicdecisionthe departmentmakes.

The impacts on the department run the gamut. “You can’t train for combined operationswithalliesandpartnersifthetraining facilitiesareflooded,”Hickssaid.“Youcan’t run an installation without water because you’reinadrought,andyoucan’tadequately prepareforfuturethreatsifyou’reoccupied withurgentcrises.”

Responding to climate crises is a manpower drain. For Hurricane Idalia, thereare5,500NationalGuardsmenalready standing by in Florida. That number will increase as the storm moves into Georgia andSouthCarolina.

It’s not just hurricanes. “The number of personneldaystheNationalGuardspenton firefighting increased from 14,000 in fiscal year2016to176,000daysinfiscal2021, she said. “That’s more than twelve-fold in just five years, and it is a major redirection of time,attentionandresources.”

Theseconditionswillpersistorgetworse NationalOceanicandAtmosphericAdministration scientists said July 2023 was the hottestJulyonrecord.Itfollowsthehottest Juneonrecord Theoceanandlandareheatingandoceancurrentsandtheatmosphere areaffected.Glaciersaredisappearing The icecaps in Greenland and Antarctica are shrinking “Those of you from or who have visited states like Arizona, Texas and Florida, you might’ve experienced firsthand the record-breaking temperature streaks this summerintheairandsurroundingwater ripe conditions for a climate catastrophe,” Hicks said “Around the world, we’re also seeing how climate change is altering the globallandscape,andwithit,ourmission.

“You understand and are concerned about how dire environmental conditions can create humanitarian crises, how these


circumstances can make nations vulnerable to instability, competition and conflict, and how advancing related innovation and collaborationcanensureournationalsecurity,”shesaid.

Extreme heat, floods rising sea levels droughts, wildfires and more frequent and intense storms and other natural disasters compounded by climate change are reshaping DOD’s operating environment, anddegradingmilitaryreadiness,thedeputy secretarysaid

Climate hazards affect basing and access to locations vital for deterrence They destroy critical infrastructure and capabilities Theyputtroopsandmilitaryfamiliesin harm’sway.Andtheyarecostly,Hickssaid.

In recent budgets, we have been forced toabsorbbillionsofdollarsinrecoverycosts fromextremeweatherevents,”shesaid This includes $1 billion for rebuilding Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska after historic floods. It was $3 billion to rebuild Camp Lejeune, North Carolina after Hurricane Florence and $5 billion to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base FloridaafterHurricaneMichael

“In 2021, I saw firsthand the damage caused to Pensacola Naval Air Station in the wake of Hurricane Sally,” she said “Historic levels of rainfall damaged more than 600 facilities on the air station, which trains 59,000 students a year It suffered $450 million in damages. In viewing the devastation, I was struck by how much our readiness depends on how well we adapt our plans, our missions and our budget to ensure resiliency of our facilities, installations and capabilities How we must make sure we have what we need to operate in a differentclimate.”

ShenotedthatevenWestPoint,NewYork, is not immune as the historic post received more than six inches of rain in just an hour lastmonth.“Iamrelievedthatstaff faculty, cadets and other members of the community remained safe. That’s paramount, she said. “Later today, I will see firsthand some of the flood damage on campus Estimates show that the flooding caused more than

$150 million in damages I will be thinking intently about how we can better withstandsuchchallengingconditionstofurther ensure your safety and safeguard our capabilities.”

Climate change is a problem for today, butitwillalsobeaproblemthecadetsmust grapple with even if they spend 40 years in uniform.

“It is reshaping the geostrategic, operational and tactical environments, with profound implications for U.S. defense policy,” Hicks said. “But with every challenge we face comes an opportunity And in the case of climate change we have a twofold opportunity: to make our military more sustainable and create an operational advantageforourwarfighters.Because,asit turns out, what’s good for the environment alsobenefitsourmilitary.”

She pointed to the Army’s Multi-Domain Task Force as an example The task forceismadefortheIndo-Pacificasitseeks to operate with a light logistics footprint, using less fuel and dispersed across vast distances she said

“In the Indo-Pacific, it’s no stretch to say that operational energy will dictate the marginofvictoryinanear-peerconflict,”she said.“Nationsthataremostresilientandbest abletomanagetheeffectsofclimatechange willgainastrategicadvantage Sothedepartmentmustprepareforandadapttoclimate change better and faster than its competitors. In addition, how the Department of Defense does this will shape perceptions of America’s leadership in confronting global challenges.”

The strategic environment has already become more complex with China as the pacing threat followed by Russian leaders who will invade peaceful neighbors North Korea, Iran and the threat of global extremism are also concerns Added to this isclimatechange.

“To train, fight and win in this increasingly complex environment. The department must consider the effects of climate change in every policy, strategy and level of

theenterpriseandinvestaccordingly,”Hicks said.

DODhasputthetaxpayers’moneytogood use. DOD is working off its climate adaptation plans “These investments mainly in technology and innovation, mitigate risks to the warfighter, and increase resiliency and operational capability,” she said. “We have requested an unprecedented level of climate-related investments to increase combatcapabilityandmitigaterisk growing from more than $600 million in fiscal year 2022 to more than $5 billion in our proposedbudgetrequestforfiscalyear2024 budget.”

Eachservicehasitsownsetofsustainability and operational issues to adapt to “For theAirForce,it’srefuelingplanes,”shesaid. DODusedthreebilliongallonsoffuellast yeartopowerplanes,shipsandtacticalvehicles Ofthat,theAirForceconsumesroughly two billion gallons of aviation fuel per year, shesaid.Thatiswhythenewblended-wing bodyaircraftissoimportant.Theconceptis up to 50 percent more energy efficient. “In atheaterasvastasthePacific,thistransformational technology will be vital,” she said “Increased efficiency of the blended-wing design offers us more aircraft range and cargocapacity.Andwithouthavingtomore frequently fuel and refuel, our military is moreagileandcanoperateatlessrisk.”

Military bases are another source of significant energy consumption. “Our military bases house critical missions that need to stay up and running, no matter the conditions,” Hicks said “But even here we can improve energy resilience. We can strengthen resilience by taking advantage of clean energy technologies like energy storage and distributed generation like solar panels The valueof technologies,like microgridsanddistributedgeneration,isn’t limitedtomilitarybases Infact thelessons we are learning are applicable to critical infrastructure well beyond defense, like hospitalsandwatertreatmentfacilities.”

DeputySecretaryofDefense Kathleen Hicks delivers the 2023 U.S.Merchant MarineAcademyCommencementAddress at the 87th USMMA Commencement
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NHHC receives Escort Carrier artifacts from WWII veterans, families

Naval History and Heritage Command

WASHINGTON NAVY YARD As the call, “Parade the Colors,” was solemnly sounded out in the gallery hall of the National Museum of the United States Navy, World War II veteran Robert Kruger struggled to rise from his wheelchair with the assistance of his daughter Vicki Wilson and others nearby It was the last time the 100-year-old vet would attend an Escort Carriers Sailors and Airmen reunion, and hehaddonationtooffer.

The Escort Carriers Sailors and Airmen Association(ECSAA)convenedattheWashington Navy Yard Aug. 26, not just for their annual memorial service and membership meeting but to embark on a new mission. With the passing of so many WWII veterans and so few remaining on their ECSAA rolls, the group sought to honor their fallen comrades and redirect their efforts from a reunion mission to one of historical preservation.

NationalMuseumoftheU.S.NavyDirector Charles Swift welcomed the visitors and their families to the museum, emphasizing the ongoing efforts for the new Navy museum Swift said the planned museum, locatedoutsideofthegatesoftheNavyYard, would grant the American public easier access to learn about naval history includingthecrucialroleofEscortCarriers.

“When we talk to active-duty Sailors about what they would like to see in a new

Navymuseum,theytellustheywanttohear thestoriesofthosewhohaveserved.Organizationssuchasyourspreservethosestories, whicharesuchanimportantpartofthenew museumproject, sharedSwift

NHHC Director Samuel Cox followed Swift, delving into the 30-year legacy of EscortCarriersinhistory

“ThestoryoftheEscortCarriersandtheir service from WWII to Korea through Vietnam is one of valor and sacrifice in course of victory,” said Cox. “These ships served many functions and were key in defeating the German U-boat threat. Several of these ships went up against Japanese battleships offLeyteGulfinoneoftheheroicactionsin U.S. naval history Others survived hits by Japanese kamikaze suicide planes Six U.S. NavyescortcarrierswerelostinWW2with tragically heavy loss of life, whose sacrifice wecommemoratetoday.”

An invocation by Arlington National Cemetery Staff Chaplain Lt Regina Johnson followed Cox and the Call to Colors sounded,markingthememorialforallwho hadcrossedthebarsincethelastreunion.A bellrangoutforeachnameonalonglist,and theveteransrosetosalutetheirfallenEscort Carriershipmates Taps,playedbyU.S.Navy Band Bugler MU1 Jesse Saldana, echoed through the museum gallery surround by pieces of history from others who had paid theultimatepriceinservicetoournation With the memorial complete ECSAA Board of Governors President David Ryan asked the attending members to vote to

decommissiontheECSAA’sreunionmission and refocus the organization’s efforts on historical preservation Once the vote was confirmed, Ryan presented Director Cox withdonatedartifacts.

“On behalf of Nancy (Houlihan) FitzgeraldandthefamilyofJohnWilliamHoulihan, we would like to present Naval History and HeritageCommandwithsomeofhispieces,” offered Ryan. “Houlihan was a radioman/ gunnerflyingofftheUSSGambierBay(CVE 73). His family has donated his bomber jacket, two Navy uniform tops and his ‘CrossingtheEquator’certificate whichhe justhappenedtosendhomestatesidebefore theGambierBaywassunk.

“We also have a donation from Bob Kruger,whoiswithustoday.BobisaWWII veteran and has a plank of wood from the flightdeckofUSSBogue(CVE9),wherehe served,”saidRyan.

Kruger, once again seated in his wheelchair offered the weathered plank with handsunsteadyfromage

“Naval History and Heritage Command hasmorethan500,000artifactsinitscollection,” said Cox. “And we hold on to these pieces and care for them because they are important pieces of our naval memory We value the support of veteran organizations such as yours to ensure the sacrifices madebyourSailorswillneverbeforgotten. The artifacts presented today will help us sharethestoryofEscortCarriers,andasthe Senior Curator for the Navy, I am honored toaccept.

Attheconclusionoftheceremony,Kruger, his fellow CVE veterans, families, and friends engaged with leadership, observed thereceiveddonations,andtouredtheartifacts and collections on display throughout the museum, including a collection of donated art documenting aspects of carrier serviceduringWWII.

“Itwassoimportantformydadtobehere today,” said Kruger’s daughter, Vicki. “He didn’t want to come in a wheelchair He doesn’tlikeusingit,butweinsistedbecause it’ssuchalongtripforhim.”

The Naval History and Heritage Command, located at the Washington Navy Yard, is responsible for the preservation, analysis, and dissemination of U.S. naval history and heritage It provides the knowledgefoundationfortheNavybymaintaining historically relevant resources and products that reflect the Navy’s unique and enduringcontributionsthroughournation’s history and supports the fleet by assisting with and delivering professional research analysis, and interpretive services NHHC iscomposedofmanyactivitiesincludingthe Navy Department Library, the Navy Operational Archives, the Navy art and artifact collections, underwater archeology, Navy histories, nine museums, USS Constitution repairfacilityandthehistoricshipNautilus For more information on donating artifacts to Naval History and Heritage Command, visit https://www.history.navy mil/get-involved/donate-materials.html.

WASHINGTON NAVYYARD (26August 2023) ECSAABoard ofGovernors memberBob Evans explains donated pieces tovisitors attending the Escort Carrierveterans memorial at the National Museum ofthe U.S.Navy

WASHINGTON NAVYYARD (26August 2023) Close-upviewoftheVC10 logo onJohn William Houlihan’s donated pilot’s jacket Houlihan enlisted in the U.S.Navyin November1942 and served aboard USS GambierBay(CVE 73) as radiomanwithVC10 on an aircraft piloted by Lt H.B Bassett AfterUSS GambierBaysankduring the Battle ofLeyte Gulf,Houlihan served in VC 10 aboard USS FanshawBay(CVE 70)which enteredJapanesewaters inAugust 1945.

WASHINGTON NAVYYARD (26 August 2023)James Tatum,100-year-old WWIIveteranwho served aboard USS Sangamon (CVE 26), and his daughter-inlaw,SherryTatum, reviewa collection ofdonated art documenting carrier service duringWWII on displayat the National Museum of the U.S.Navy.

WASHINGTON NAVYYARD (26August 2023) U.S.NavyBand Bugler MU1Jesse Saldanawas the names ofshipmateswho have passed since the last reunion are called out

the existing museum on theWashington NavyYard Aug.26 as part ofthe organization’s annual memorial service and membership meeting With the passing ofso manyWWIIveterans and so fewremaining on theirECSAArolls,the group came to the nation’s Capital with mission to honortheirfallen shipmates and to refocus theirefforts from a reunion mission to one ofhistorical preservation.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOSBYMONICAMCCOY/RELEASED COURTESYOF NAVALHISTORYANDHERITAGECOMMAND)
WASHINGTON NAVYYARD (26August 2023) Robert Kruger 100-year-oldWWIIveteran offers Naval Historyand Heritage Command DirectorSamuel Coxa plankofwood from the flight deck ofUSS Bogue (CVE 9)where he served inWWII.The Escort Carriers Sailors andAirmenAssociation (ECSAA)visited
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“So,bydefinition,ifit’stakenoutofdrawdown,theassessment’sbeenmade[that]we can do it and we can manage the risk,”he said.

InresponsetotheefforttoassistUkraine, the U.S. has ramped up productionofkey artillery roundsusedmostbyUkraine in in defendingits territoryagainstthe invading Russianforces Earlierthismonth,DouglasR.Bush,assistantsecretaryofthe Armyfor acquisition,

logistics and technology,said the U.S. is currently producing new artillery rounds atarateof24,000permonthandisontrack to produce morethan 80,000 rounds per monthoverthefollowingyear

Duringthe conference,Deputy Defense

Secretary Kathleen Hicks unveiledaDOD initiative to field thousandsofautonomous systemsacrossmultipledomainswithinthe next 18 to 24 months as part of the Pentagon’s strategy to counter the China’s rapid buildupofitsarmedforces

Hicks said as China focusesonthe sheer massofitsmilitary,theU.S.will“out-match adversariesbyout-thinking,out-strategizing

and out-maneuvering them,”under astrategydubbedthereplicatorinitiative.

“Replicatorismeanttohelpusovercome the PRC’s[People’sRepublic of China] biggestadvantage,which is mass,”she said. “Moreships.Moremissiles.Morepeople.”

Hicks said the replicator initiativewill prioritizethefieldingof“attritable”capabilities—platformsthatareunmannedandbuilt affordably,allowingcommanderstotolerate ahigherdegreeofriskinemployingthem

Through theinitiative, the U.S. will augment its manufacturing and mobilizationcapabilities“withourrealcomparative advantage,whichistheinnovationandspirit


LaPlante said the replicator initiative represents abold approach to addressing thepressingchallengeposedbyChina.

“What really is exciting aboutthat announcement,isnow we’retalking about doing something at scale,” LaPlante said of the replicatorinitiative. “We’renot just talking aboutdoing something fast. We’re notjusttalkingaboutdoingsomethingwith anewacquisitionauthority.”

“We’resaying we’regoing to field it at scale,”hesaid.

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On iberty

Nauticus to debut free climate change exhibition through October 29

Take a journeythrough climate changewith the traveling exhibition RealPeople,Real Climate,RealChanges PageC2


Yiorgo: With us today is our very own former fighter pilot and author of the new book“FullThrottle,ScottKartvedtwhowas stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia out of Oceana in the 2000’s. Thank you Scott for you and your family for your service to our country and also for both of your sons who arenowfighterpilotsthemselvescontinuing to serve. Also, thank you for donating 20% of the proceeds from your book to veteran suicideprevention Whydidyouchoosethat charity?

Scott Kartvedt: Thank you for the kind words and your support, Yiorgo It is our pleasure to serve our great country. I chose to donate 20% of the proceeds of my book to veteran suicide prevention because I’m ontheBoardofDirectorsoftheBlueAngels Foundation and we are very passionate

about continuing to support our veterans withmentalandphysicalhealthchallenges aftertheirservice Sadly,veteransuicideisan epidemicinthecountry,with22adaytaking their lifes Each one of those deaths affects 100’s of other people They have served our country and deserve our very best, so providing some of the proceeds to support thatworthycauseisreallyimportanttome

Y: Can you tell us about your new book “Full Throttle” and why should people buy it?

SK: I’ve had these incredible experiences such as the five combat tours, flying with the Blue Angels, served as the Navy’s first Commanding officer of the only F-35C Stealth Strike Fighter Squadron and what reallybroughtithomewasmyinvolvement with the movie Top Gun Maverick. It was a full circle journey for me because I saw the originalTopGunmoviewhenIwasasenior

The 8th annual Hermitage Handmade Festival returns Saturday, Sept. 16 with over 100 artisans, food vendors, family fun and more!


NORFOLK,Va TheHermitageMuseum&Gardensinvitesyoutocelebrateourcreative community and all things handmade on Saturday, September 16th at the free 8th Annual HermitageHandmadeFestival!SHOPfromover100artists.ENJOYscavengerhunts Fairy HairbyChelseaandchildren’sactivitiesbyButtarCups Plus whileyouarehere enjoyfree admissiontotheClaudiaBueno:EchoesoftheHeartexhibition.DINEonfoodanddrinks fromJ&KStyleGrill,Locotos,TheSaltyCactus,KonaIceandHoffmanBeverageDraftBeer Truck. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are permitted. Rain date will be Sunday, September 24 Thiseventisfreeandopentothepublic,howeverdonationsatthedoorareappreciated. The Hermitage Museum & Gardens is located at 7637 North Shore Rd., Norfolk, VA 23505 For more information, call 757.423.2052 or visit us online at TheHermitageMuseum.org. Support for Hermitage Handmade comes from WHRO Public Media and Smartmouth Brewing Co

PARKING: Complimentary shuttle service is available at 4 satellite parking locations during the event and drops off at the Hermitage Museum front gate Pick up and arrival timeswillvarybasedonridervolumeanddemand.

„ LarchmontLibrary(6525HamptonBlvd.)

„ SecondPresbyterianChurch(7305HamptonBlvd.)

„ TheEpiscopalChurchoftheGoodShepherd(7400HamptonBlvd.)

„ CrossFit757(7712HamptonBlvd.)

Noon-siteparkingisavailable Alimitednumberofdisabledparkingspotswillbeavailable acrossfromthefrontgate.Amplestreetparkingisalsoavailableintheneighborhood.When parkingintheneighborhood,pleasebesuretoobserveallparkingsignage parklegally and ensurethatyourvehicleisnotblockingdrivewaysandwalkways.

in High School and that’s when I decided that’s what I wanted to do with my life I pursued it with great vigor and it opened upalltheseincredibleopportunitiesforme And 33 years after seeing it as a high school student,Iwasaskedtobeastuntpilotinthe sequel “TopGunMaverick.” My dad was the inspiration because he wasasubmarinerintheNavyandhealways said to me, “Son, your experiences in the Navy are outrageous, you need to write a book.” So when Maverick came out, many many people would ask me, how did you get to do that? All of that prompted me for self reflection of how I had gotten the good fortune and successes that I’ve had. I am no different or more talented than anybody else. I have said yes to opportunities and I havenotbeenafraidtofail It’samazingthe support I have been able to receive from so manyandItalkaboutallofthisinthebook.

It is my journey from watching the original “Top Gun” movie to being a stunt pilot in“TopGunMaverick.”

Y: What are you hoping the people readingitwillgetoutofit?

SK:Ultimately,it’sdesignedtobeaninspirational book and to recognize that if I can doit anybodycandoitandIhopepeopleof all ages find it inspirational. In the book, I talkaboutsayingyestoopportunities Sadly, somanytimes,peoplewilllimitthemselves because internally they talk themselves out ofdoingsomething Theyneveractuallytry todoit.

Also, what the Blue Angels taught me was to self identify and self correct when I make a mistake or have a failure. So I identify resolve and move forward. We all should learn from those events in our lives

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Formerfighterpilot,authorand stunt pilot forTop Gun Maverick,Scott Kartvedtwas stationed inVirginia Beach out ofOceana in the 2000’s.(PHOTOCOURTESYOFSCOTTKARTVEDT)
Scott Kartvedt, author of “Full Throttle,” shares his flying experience of five combat tours, precision flying with the Blue Angels, stunt pilot for Top Gun Maverick and more
and more!
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The Flagship welcomes submissions from ourreaders online. Pleasesubmiteventshere: www.militarynews.com/users/admin/calendar/event/

Pleasesubmitnewsandphotoshere: www.militarynews.com/norfolk-navy-flagship/submit_news/

Nauticus to debut free climate change exhibition: Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes to be on display through Oct. 29


NORFOLK, Va Nauticus invites the communitytotakeajourneythroughclimate change with the traveling exhibition Real People,RealClimate,RealChanges Freeand opentothepublicthisengagingexhibitionis currently on display in Nauticus’ lobby and willrunthroughOctober29th.

Theexhibition,developedbytheNational Center for Atmospheric Research and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research’s Center for Science Education, will demonstrate, with scientific evidence and stories from various impacted communities, how the climate is changing and impacting real people from Midwest farmerstocoastalresidents Theexhibition alsoofferssolutionsthatothershaveimplemented and invites visitors to get ideas on how to take action to help address climate change.

“We are excited to bring this important exhibition to Nauticus where we can shine alightonscienceandshareideasofhowwe allcantakeactiontohelpaddressourchangingclimate.”saidNathanSandel,Directorof EducationatNauticus

This family friendly, interactive exhibition features nine panels and two interactive tables and will be enhanced during its runbyadditionalprogramsandeventsheld by Nauticus educators After experiencing the exhibition, Nauticus invites visitors to continue their learning journey by exploringtheirnewpermanentexhibitiongallery NorfolkInTimewhichshowcasesNorfolk’s unique resiliency in the face of continual challengeandchange Admissionisrequired tovisitNorfolkinTime

Nauticus will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday Saturdays and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays Paid admission includes access to the Nauticus museum, special programming, and the Battleship Wisconsin As always Nauticus members are free Tickets and additional details are available online at https://nauticus.org/explore/ museum-exhibits-2/traveling-exhibits/.

About Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes: Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes was developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the UCAR Center for Science Education to help share the science of climate change and how it impacts people’s lives To learn more, please visit https://scied.ucar.edu/ travelingclimate

About Nauticus: The Nauticus Foundationisthenonprofit,501©3thatsupportsthe missionandactivitiesofNauticus Nauticus’ missionistobenefitthecommunitythrough education,impactfulexperiences,andsharing access to maritime resources. For more information,visitwww.nauticus.org

Calling amateur photographers! Announcing photo contest for the 2024 Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Annual Pass



Casting call for all amateur photographers! Your picture may be the next winner of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Annual Pass Photo Contest,sponsoredagainthisyearbythe Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce

In the past, artists have captured some outstanding images that highlight our amazing scenic landscapes, fascinating wildlifeandnaturalbeauty Thecontest is held this year from August 25 to September 15, 2023 Chamber staff will select the top 5 entries based on adherence to guidelines and overall essence of the captured image Local community leaders will then be asked to pick a winnerfromthesefinalists Thewinner will be announced on September 29, 2023.Theselectedimagewillbefeatured on the front of the 2024 Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Annual Pass! Grab your cameras, visit the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and start capturing memories! For contest rules andentryform visitchincoteaguechamber.com. We are excited to share your experience!

Photo Guidelines

EachentrymusthavebeentakenonChincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Please remember that feeding, baiting and touching wildlife is prohibited. Please provide a shortdescriptionofwherephotowastaken.

„ Photos cannot include a subject that has been featured within the past 5 years


2019 Sunset/SunriseLandscape

2020 DelmarvaPeninsulaFoxSquirrel

2021 RuddyTurnstone

2022 SnowyOwl

2023 Black-NeckedStilt


2014 AssateagueLighthouse

2015 Ponies

2016 BaldEagle

2017 MonarchButterfly

2018 SnappingTurtle

„ Image cropping and resizing is allowed

but any color modifications or addition of elements not existing in the original image willnotbeaccepted

„ Photomustbeinlandscapeformat

„ Photo mustbe 3:2 aspect ratioinorderto fitthestandardpassformat.

„ Photomustbeahighresolution(300dpi) as the winning photos must look good in print.Yourfilewilllikelybe3mborlarger.

„ Only1entryperphotographer.

„ Photographersmustbethesoleownerof thecopyrightforthephotographsubmitted and entries must be submitted by the originalcreator.

„ Photo must not infringe on any other person’sorentity’srights

„ Photos with people in them will not be accepted.

„ AllrulesandregulationsofChincoteague National Wildlife Refuge must be followed when taking photographs Photographs depicting anything that does not adhere to the rules and regulations of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge; contains unsafe

acts; presents resource or public use managementconcerns;orphotographsthat are inappropriate, indecent or obscene, as determinedbytheRefugeManagerintheir solediscretion,shallbedisqualified

„ All submitted photos will remain the property of the Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce to be used in future promotions ormarketingwithproperphotocreditgiven tothephotographer.

Who is eligible?

„ ALL Amateur Photographers (less than 20% of your total income is from photography).

Who is ineligible?

„ Individuals who derive 20% or more of theirincomefromphotography.

„ Employees, interns and volunteers of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Assateague Island National Seashore,

Chincoteague Natural History Association, Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce board of directors and staff, representatives or sponsors of the participating agencies, and their immediate family members are not eligibletowin.

Winning Entry Requirements


The winner must complete & sign

Copyright Release Agreement (FWS Form3-2259).


A high resolution copy of the winning photo and copyright release must be submitted to CNWR no later than September 21, 2023 (Chamber willsubmit)


Thewinningphotowillbecomethe property of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service The photographer grants unlimited use of submitted photographs by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceandtheChincoteagueNatural History Association for publications, displays web pages presentations andpromotionalproducts Creditwill always be given to the photographer The photographer retains the copyright to their photo The winning photo will be featured on the 2024 Annual Pass for Chincoteague NationalWildlifeRefuge

„ The winner will receive a free Refuge AnnualPassatthebeginningoftheyear

How to enter

Entriesmustbesubmittedbytheoriginal creator.

A high resolution digital copy of your entry can be emailed to eshotwell@chincoteaguechamber.com

A completed entry form must be submitted with your photo. Incomplete entries will not be accepted and will be automatically disqualified. Get your form online at https://www.chincoteaguechamber.com/ chincoteague-national-wildlife-refuge-annual-pass-photo-contest/

There is no cost/fee for entering this contest.

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and apply the lessons learnedmovingforward. And asking for help is so important because most people want to help and support others So those three guidelines are what has provided me with these incredible opportunities.

Y:I’vebeenblessedtoseetheBlueAngelsperform.Absolutely incredible, thank you and the other pilots Can you tellushowin1999youwereselectedasamemberoftheUS Navy’sFlightDemonstrationSquadron,theBlueAngels?

SK: It’s such an intense endeavor to say the least, flying an airplane. The military assumes that if you can land an airplaneonthebackofashipatnightthenyouprobablyhave thehand-eyecoordinationtoflywiththeBlueAngels What theywanttoknowisdoyouhavethedemeanortolearnatan acceleratedpace,doyouhavethepersonalityandbehaviorto interactwiththepublicandinspireyoungmenandwomen tojointhemilitarybecausewearereallymilitaryrecruiters. There is no flight test to see if you can be on the team, but thereisafourmonthprocess:Yougotodifferentshows you meettheteam,attendbriefs yougettoknoweachotherand you get to see if you can work together professionally in an exceptionally dynamic environment. That’s really what it comesdownto


SK: Oh gosh yes. It was an incredible privilege to fly for theteam.Theflyingwasintense,dynamicandexceptional. What I took away from being on the team is not only the teammembersandtheprofessionalismoftheorganization butalsotheimpactonhundredsofthousandsifnotmillions ofpeopletoinspirethemaboutourarmedforcesandalsoto beinspiredbyhospitalvisits,makeawishfoundation.These thingshavehadanincredible,lastingimpressionforsure.

Y:HowdidtheopportunitycomeuptoworkandbeTom Cruise’s stunt pilot on “Top Gun: Maverick” and the new “MissionImpossible:DeadReckoningPartTwo”movie?

SK:IflyforthePatriotsjetteam,anallvolunteerandthe onlyciviliansixplanejetdemonstrationteaminthenorthern hemisphere We fly in air shows out on the west coast. It’s a unique organization with the opportunity to fly in air shows again. The owner of the team Randy Howell partnered with another company and bid to be the cinematography group for Top Gun Maverick. Because of my combat experience I was asked to teach the actors and actresses in TopGunMaverickabouthowtoflysafely,andmaneuverin airplanes So I went to California in the fall of 2018 and we taught the actors and actresses I did not meet Tom at that time.AndtheninJuneof2019afterthefilmingofMaverick, with the active duty pilots who did all the F 18 flying they needed pilots to film the final fight scene, where Maverick and Rooster steal the F 14, fight the FS 57s and fight their waytotheaircraftcarrierandsoatthatpoint,Randycalled andaskedifIwouldflywithhimasasubpilotinthemovie andthat’swhatIdid.


SK:I’veflownintheMiddleEast,incombatandthisfilmingforMaverickwasexceptionallyintensebecauseinorder to make it look good on film, you have to fly really really low,reallyfastandyouhavetomaneuververydynamically in close proximity to other jets We filmed the whole fight sequenceintwoweekswhichwasjustincredible.Wewere flyingthreetimesaday,itwasgreatandverydynamic.


SK: Yes I met Tom on a zoom call He called and asked if I would be his aviation safety supervisor on a movie that comesoutthesummerof2024,DeadReckoningPartII.Idid notactuallyflyinthatmovie,IwasTom’ssafetyrepresentative. I find Tom absolutely remarkable and impressive. He is to Hollywood what Tom Brady is to the NFL or Michael JordanistotheNBA.Heistheverybestatwhathedoes.He isakind,understanding,listeningpersonandwhenit’stime tomakefilms,heisthebest

Y:Youhaveanunusuallastname,whatisyournationality history,wherewereyoubornandwhatmadeyoudecideon amilitarycareerandspecificallyapilot?

SK: I am a second generation Norwegian. That has not been lost to me the opportunities that our great country provides because my grandparents were allowed to come here I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and I am a bit ofanadrenalinejunkie.MybestfriendandIsawthemovie andwesaidwearegoingtodothatandwebothdid.Weare stillbestfriendsandthatwasalmost40yearsago

Y: Your career as a fighter pilot is incredible They need to make a movie about your life. Can you tell us about your fivecombatdeployments,91combatmissionsinsupportof Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan

SK: I went to Iraq in 1996 2003 and 2005 and the last twoyearsmentioned,weweredeployedagainsttheenemy aggressively in Iraq I was department head, it was after my Blue Angel tour In 2005 we were in the Persian Gulf supporting operations in Remaldi and Falouza. And then in 2009 I was the Executive Officer we went to AfghanistanintheNorthArabianSeasupportingoperations Itook commandduringthatdeploymentandthenwewentbackin 2010sowewereactuallydeployed13outof17months Itwas a very dangerous operating schedule and to be honest, my most purposeful most memorable and favorite time in the militarywerethose13monthsdeployedinsupportofcombat operationswithjustanincrediblesquadron.Wewerefortunatetowinalotofawardsanditwasjustanincredibleexperience

Formerfighterpilot and authorofthe newbook“Full Throttle, Scott Kartvedtwas stationed inVirginia Beach, Virginia out ofOceana in the 2000’s.(PHOTOCOURTESY OFSCOTTKARTVEDT)

Y:CongratulationsforbeingtheNavy’sfirstCommanding OfficeroftheonlyF-35CStealthStrikeFighterSquadronintheUSinventory,StrikeFighter SquadronONEZEROONE Canyousharesomeofthatexperiencewithus?

SK:The first Stealth Fighter Squadron that the Navy had the first Jet that they had was StealthanditwastheF35StrikeFighter WhenIleftVirginiaBeach IwenttothePentagon andIservedastheprocurementsandrequirementsofficerfortheF-35programandwhen theyneededsomeonetocommandthefirstF-35squadronIwasselectedtogodothat.Iwas theseventhpersonwhenIgotthereandwewereupto150whenIleftsowehadtostartit fromscratch with all the various protocols It was a large joint program with the Air Force andtheMarineCorps,ninepartnernations,itwasalargeprogram.


SK:OnewasbeingselectedfortheBlues Thatwascertainlyapivotalmoment.IrememberdistinctlywhereIwaswhenIgotthecall Itchangedmylife Theotheronewaswhen Igotacallandtheysaid,“HeyTomCruiseisgoingtogiveyouacalltomorrow Willyoube willingtotakeit? Andofcoursetheanswerwasabsolutelyyes.



Yiorgo is an arts, entertainment and sports writer A stage, TV and movie actor, he is also a sports entertainer, educator, motivational speaker, writer, storyteller and columnist.

Scott Kartvedt from
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4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 3 | Thursday, September 7, 2023

Copayments,cost-shares and annual deductibles are types ofout-of-pocket costsyou maypayforcovered health services and prescription drugs.These costs depend onyourTRICARE plan, the type ofserviceyou get,and a fewotherfactors


When it comes to health care costs, “copayment, “cost-share, and “deductible” are terms you might hear a lot. But what do these terms mean, and how might they affect you?

Copayments, cost-shares, and annual deductiblesaretypesofout-of-pocketcosts you may pay to get covered health services and prescription drugs

„ Acopaymentisafixeddollaramountyou pay for a health care service or drug

„ Acost-shareisthepercentageofthetotal costofahealthcareserviceordrugthatyou pay. Cost-shares typically apply when you use a TRICARE-authorized non-network provider or a non-network pharmacy and you’ve met your annual deductible

„ An annual deductible is the amount you pay for health services and drugs each calendar year before cost-sharing starts. Your copayments, cost-shares and annualdeductibledependonafewfactors:

„ Your TRICARE plan

„ Your beneficiary category

„ Your beneficiary group

„ The type of service you get

„ Who provides the service

“Knowing how these factors affect what you’ll pay can help you choose the most cost-effective option for getting care, said Shane Pham, program analyst with TRICARE Health Plan’s Policy and Programs Section at the Defense Health Agency “Andifyou’reeligibletoenrollinor change your health plan during TRICARE Open Season or after a Qualifying Life

Event, understanding costs can help you choose the best plan for your needs.”

Generally you’ll have lower out-ofpocket costs when:

„ You follow your plan’s rules for getting care.

„ You see a TRICARE network provider instead of a non-network provider when you get civilian care. Read on to learn more about your plan’s copayments, cost-shares, and deductible and how out-of-pocket costs work for prescriptions

TRICARE Prime options

Active duty service members (ADSMs) don’t pay copayments and cost-shares for covered health services Neither do active duty family members and transitional survivors enrolled in a TRICARE Prime option.

Retirees their family members and all others enrolled in TRICARE Prime pay copayments for covered health care visits

TRICAREPrimeplansdon’thaveannual deductibles Butifyouusethepoint-of-service (POS) option, you’ll have an annual POS deductible The POS option refers to nonemergencycareyougetwithoutareferral.Whenyouusethisoption,you’llpaythe full cost of care until you meet your POS deductible as outlined in the TRICARE CostsandFeesFactSheet Afterthat,you’ll pay50%oftheTRICARE-allowablecharge when you use the POS option.

TRICARE Select and TRICARE premium-based plans

You have an annual deductible if you’re enrolled in any of these plans:

„ TRICARE Select

„ TRICARE Select Overseas

„ TRICARE Reserve Select

„ TRICARE Retired Reserve

„ TRICARE Young Adult Select

„ ContinuedHealthCareBenefitProgram

If you’re enrolled in one of these plans, copayments and cost-shares are based on the type of provider you see:

„ When you see a TRICARE-authorized network provider, you’ll pay a copayment.

„ If you see a TRICARE-authorized non-network provider, you’ll pay a cost-share after you meet your annual deductible


IfyouhaveTRICAREForLife,youhavea TRICAREdeductibleandcost-sharesifyou get services not covered by Medicare. To learnmore,checkout“HaveTRICAREFor Life Costs Questions? ” online at https:// newsroom.tricare.mil/News/TRICARENews/Article/3108227/have-tricare-forlife-costs-questions-find-answers-here

TRICARE Pharmacy Program

Copaymentsandcost-sharesforprescription drugs are based on who you are and whereyoufillyourprescription.ADSMspay nothingoutofpocketforprescriptiondrugs

All other beneficiary types pay copayments for drugs from TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery and TRICARE retail network pharmacies. There are no copayments for prescriptionsfilledatmilitarypharmacies

If you get a prescription from a non-network pharmacy, you’ll pay the full cost of the drug up front. Then you can file a claim forreimbursement Applicablecopayments, cost-shares,anddeductiblesmayapply How to find

out-of-pocket costs

Copayments, cost-shares, and deductibles are subject to change each plan year To find costs for the current year, check the CompareCoststoolandtheTRICARECosts and Fees Fact Sheet at https://www.tricare. mil/Publications/Costs/costs_fees.

To learn more about out-of-pocket costs, gotoTRICARECostTermsathttps://www tricare.mil/Costs/Cost-Terms And if you havequestions reachouttoyourTRICARE regionalcontractor

Would you like the latest TRICARE news sent to you by email? Visit TRICARE Subscriptions, and create your personalized profile to get benefit updates, news, andmore

Copayments, cost-shares, and other TRICARE costs you should know FREE PUZZLES &GAMES Jumble Daily|Jumble CrosswordDaily |Jumble Sunday Sudoku|Mahjong |Bubble Shooter Pro|Plus manymore Playonline every day at PlayJumble.com www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, September 7, 2023 5
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