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Naval Air Force Atlantic welcomes new commander NavalAirForceAtlantic (AIRLANT) held a change ofcommand ceremonyaboard the aircraft carrierUSS Dwight D.Eisenhower (CVN 69),Aug.17 RearAdm.DouglasVerissimo relieved RearAdm.John Meierduring the time honored ceremony. PageA3

TOP:MEDITERRANEAN SEA(Aug.14 2023)Theworld’s largest aircraft carrierUSS Gerald R.Ford (CVN 78) steams in formationwith the Blue Ridge-class command and control ship USS Mount

Whitney(LCC 20),the flagship ofU.S.Sixth Fleet the Hellenic Navyfrigate HS Elli (F450),assigned to Standing NATO Maritime Group 2,and theTiconderoga-class guided-missile cruiserUSS


AMH-60S Sea HawkHelicopter,attached to the“Ghost Riders”ofHelicopterSea Combat Squadron (HSC) 28,takes offduring flight operations aboard the Blue Ridge-class command and control ship USS MountWhitney(LCC 20),flagship ofU.S.6th fleet,Aug.12,2023.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALISTSEAMANJOSEPHMACKLIN) ABOVERIGHT:SEYMOUR

JOHNSONAIRFORCE BASE,N.C. U.S.NavySeabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11 and U.S.Marines dig out debris from a simulated crateras part ofairfield damage repair efforts in support ofLarge Scale Exercise (LSE) 2023 at SeymourJohnsonAirForce Base,North Carolina,Aug.10 2023.(U.S.AIRFORCEPHOTOBYTECH.SGT.CHRISTOPHERHUBENTHAL)

Navy and Marine Corps conclude Large Scale Exercise 2023

ByCommander,U.S.FleetForces Command

NORFOLK,Va Morethan25,000Sailors and Marines across the globe participated in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps-ledLargeScaleExercise(LSE)2023 Aug.9-18 Oneofthelargestexercisesforthe maritimeservices,LSE2023isalive,virtual and constructive, globally-integrated exercise designed to refine the synchronization ofmaritimeoperations.

During a media roundtable, the commandersofU.S.FleetForcesCommand, U.S. Pacific Fleet, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa, and Marine Forces Command

highlightedLSE2023astheleadingexercise in how the Navy and Marine Corps further improves their ability to fight on land, air, sea,space,andcyberspaceinordertomaintain a military force that is most effective in peacetimeandmorepowerfulinwar.

“We have a responsibility and a duty to be able to respond globally to threats and vulnerabilities to peer adversaries and competitors,” said Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander U. S. Fleet Forces Command. “AndthewayyougetgreatatthatistopracticewithexerciseslikeLSE2023.”

LSE 2023 spanned 22 time zones and includedparticipantsfromU.S.FleetForces Command, U.S. Pacific Fleet, U.S. Naval

Forces Europe-Africa Command, Marine ForcesCommand,U.S.MarineCorpsForces EuropeandAfrica,U.S.MarineCorpsForces Pacific, and seven U.S. numbered Fleets: Second,Third,Fourth,Fifth,Sixth,Seventh, andTenth

The integration of fleet operations with emerging technologies played a key role in refiningandvalidatingDistributedMaritime Operations(DMO)capabilities.

“The United States is a global power that hasglobalinterests Wehavealliesandpartnersaroundtheworld.Weroutinelysail,fly, and operate in international spaces,” said Adm. Stuart Munsch, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa. “You put

thatalltogether,andwehavearesponsibility tobeabletooperateglobally,effectively,and that’s what we’re doing. We demonstrate thattoassureouralliesandpartners,andwe demonstrateittodeteradversaries.”

LSE 2023 reinforced a culture of learning and increased warfighting readiness by merging real-world operations with virtually constructed scenarios to create a realistic training environment that allowed SailorsandMarinestotrainthewaywefight, regardlessofgeographicboundaries

“Thisisanexercisewherewecanbringall of our experiences together and learn from

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U.S. Navy posthumously awards a swift boat Vietnam Veteran the Bronze Star with Valor

ByNavyExpeditionaryCombat Command

The Navy posthumously recognized Lt j.g. William Collins, a Vietnam War veteran andformerofficer-in-chargeofaswiftboat, during a ceremony today onboard Joint ExpeditionaryBaseLittleCreek-FortStory. Collins’wifeEstellaandhisfamilyaccepted the award on his behalf from Rear Adm. BradAndros,commander,NavyExpeditionaryCombatCommand(NECC).

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro recently upgraded the award to a Bronze Star, recognizing Collins’ meritorious service in connection with combat operations from November 1967 through July 1968 whileservingastheoffice-in-chargeof apatrolcraftfast CoastalDivision11,in the Republic of Vietnam. Collins conduct 120 combatpatrolsinshallow,hazardouswaters and directed the boarding and searching

of hundreds of junks and sampans, which contributed immeasurable to the efforts to half communist infiltration of South Vietnam.Onmanyoccasions,heparticipatedin naval gunfire support in conjunction with landcombatoperations

DuringaMay2023ceremonycommemoratingthe50thanniversaryoftheendofthe Vietnam War, Del Toro said, “It is not only appropriate butabsolutelyessentialthatwe asanation,taketimetofocusonthisperiod in our country’s history, and especially, to thank these most deserving of our citizens, ourVietnamveterans.”

Collin’s daughter Jacqueline Collins Kilduff said her father loved his time in the Navy and would be incredibly proud to receivetheBronzeStarawardifhewaswith themtoday

“The Navy provided him with the best

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VOL.31,NO 29 Norfolk,VA| flagshipnews.comAugust 24-August 30 2023 www.flagshipnews.com www.facebook.com/ The.Flagship www.twitter.com/ the_flagship THEFLAGSHIP’SFREEHOMEDELIVERY CALL TODAY! 757.446.9000 SOUTHHAMPTONROADS: Get the convenience ofyour Navy newspaper delivered to your door for free! Farewell, FLIP! Renowned Navy-Owned Research Platform Retired after 60 Years of Service Adynamic era in naval oceanography recentlyended as the iconic Floating Instrument Platform popularlyknown as FLIP was officiallyretired from service. PageA4
Lt j.g William Collins stands aboard patrol craft fast 53with his crewmates (PHOTOCOURTESY OFTHECOLLINSFAMILY)
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Submarine supply officer selected for Vice Adm. Robert F. Batchelder Award


Submarine Readiness Squadron (SRS) 32 GROTON, Connecticut A Submarine Readiness Squadron (SRS) 32 supply officer hasbeenselectedfortheprestigious2022Vice Admiral(VADM)RobertF.BatchelderAward, an annual honor given to Navy Supply Corps junior officers who have made a significant contribution to the supply readiness of operatingforces Lt Phung Duong born in Saigon, Vietnam and raised in San Jose, California, was selected by the Navy League of the United States (NLUS) for her efforts while serving aboardtheUSSWyoming(SSBN742)forthe 2022calendaryear “ThisawardbelongstoalloftheWyoming supply members; I am certain they are as grateful as I am for this recognition,” Duong said.“Wehavealotoftalentedsupplyofficers in our corps, and being able to represent our bestandbrightestisanhonorofalifetime.

“I am a firm believer in taking ownership ofeverythingyoudo,earningthetrustofwho I work with, and pushing my team to reach theirmaximumpotential,”Duongadded

The Batchelder Award is given in recognition of “outstanding efforts” according to the NLUS selection criteria, and Duong was one of five supply officers selected for the Navy Duong, a former enlisted logistics specialist, creditsherselectiontomeetingthedemands on board Wyoming as a new officer during a 335-day extended operational deployment Her citation reads that her contributions “wentaboveandbeyondthecallofduty.”

“While leading the supply department, theyaccomplishedrevampingtheWyoming’s HAZMAT [hazardous material] program from being significantly below standards to being one of the very best in the fleet, the citation continues. “Her involvement while

conducting inventory managing a budget of morethanfourmilliondollars andidentifying traininggaps leadtoimprovementsacrossthe waterfrontforallsubmarinecrews.”

The Batchelder Award, established by the NLUS in 1983, honors the memory of Vice Adm. Batchelder, who served on active duty from1917-1957andretiredasinspectorgeneral at the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, now NavalSupplySystemsCommand.Tobenominatedfortheaward selecteesmust“personify Navy’s core attributes” of integrity accountability,initiative,andtoughness.

“As a first-generation Vietnamese-American, I am proud to receive this award and representhowfarwehavecomeasacommunity,”Duongsaidwhenaskedwhatthisaward meant to her “The United States is an amazingcountrythathassomuchtoofferforthose willingtoputinthework.TheNavyhastimes andtimeagainopenedsomanydoorsforme;

I am grateful for the mentors I met along the waywhohadallowedmetoknock.

Duong, a 2012 graduate of California Polytechnic State University, enlisted in the Navy in 2015 and served on board the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) while attached to Strike FighterSquadron(VFA)81 SheattendedOfficerCandidateSchoolin2018andNavySupply Corps School in 2019 before transitioning to theUSSWyomingin2020.

The mission of Submarine Readiness Squadron32(SRS-32)istocentralizeadministrative and support functions, economize resources and provide a common pool of experts who provide complete functional support to the commanders of Submarine Squadrons Two, Four, and Twelve. SRS-32 provides support in the areas of administrations medical,legal,chaplain supply,combat systems, engineering communications and operations to improve readiness for Navy submarineshomeportedatNavalSubmarine BaseNewLondoninConnecticut.

First woman military chaplain reunited with painted portrait

Naval History and Heritage Command

WASHINGTON NAVY YARD Every portrait attempts to capture the essence of thesubject.Famousexamplesfromacrossthe agesandindifferentstyles—suchasLeonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring, and Vincent van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat” bring both physical and mental characteristics of their subjects to life This is what artist Margaret Sargent aimed to do in 1974 whenshepaintedaportraitofthefirstfemale chaplainintheU.S.military,Lt DiannaPohlman-Bell.

“Dianna Pohlman is a fine intelligent and warm human being; a distinct credit to the Navy,” wrote Sargent in a log she kept while creatingtheportrait “ItismyhopethatIwas able to capture these qualities in my painting ofher.”

The53inchby43inchportraitdepictsPohlman-Bell, then a chaplain stationed at Naval Training Center Orlando, standing against a textured white background in her dress blue uniform, her right sleeve in the foreground showcasingthechaplaincorpsinsignia,agold cross Her left hand clutches a pair of white gloves and her officer combination cap She wearsawarmexpression,smilingwhilelookingoffcanvasintothedistance.

The portrait was created as part of the Navy Art Cooperation and Liaison Committee(NACAL).

“NACALwasaprogrambetweentheNavy theSalmagundiClubinNewYorkCityandthe HollyHouseinLosAngelestoworkwithcivilian artists to document events related to the Navy,” said Pam Overmann, Curator at Naval History and Heritage Command “The artist would be issued invitational travel [orders], perhaps to Boston or Vietnam, or in this case Orlando,Fla.,andcreateartworktobeexhibitedandultimatelydonatedtotheNavy.”

The oil-on-canvas painting now resides as part of the Navy Art Collection and is held at theWashingtonNavyYard

Almost 50 years after the portrait was created, Pohlman-Bell was reunited with it whilevisitingtheNavalHistoryandHeritage Command in July The last time she saw the paintingwasin2004.

Reflectingonhowshefeltwhenseeingthe portrait, Pohlman-Bell stated, “I had a lot of feelings.Thefirstwas,whatabeautifuljobthe artistdid.ShecapturedalotofwhatIwasfeeling and what I was thinking about my role at thetime,movingforwardandbeingdifferent in a lot of ways When I saw it, I felt proud to

seeit.Asamatteroffact,ittookmebacktothe feelingsIhadatthetimeoftheportrait,which wasconfusionandalotofstressbecauseofthe nature of the work I was doing So stress and prideatthesametime.”

AsthefirstfemalechaplainofanyU.S.military service, Pohlman-Bell was a pioneer in an era when women were expanding their rolesintheNavyandfemaleclergywererare PortraitslikethisandmanyothersintheNavy ArtCollectionhelptosignifyimportantmilestones in the Navy’s history and document Sailorswhopavedthewayforothers.

“The art within the collection documents the work the Navy does, both in wartime and in peace, on shore and at sea, the people, placesandequipmentthatcreatethatunique environment,”saidOvermann “Astheservice has expanded to include those that have in the past, been excluded from its ranks, it is important to highlight those that created an openingforothers,likeMrs.Pohlman-Bell.”

Pohlman-Bell was commissioned in 1973 by the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Elmo Zumwalt

In a 1994 oral history interview with Pohlman-Bell she recalls her journey to becoming a chaplain in the Navy She stated that a military chaplain had approached her with information that the Navy was seeking their firstwomanchaplain.Aftermanydiscussions, she became more and more interested it the opportunity “TheMaundyThursdaybefore[seminary] graduation I knew I was called to ministry in ordinationandtothechaplaincyintheNavy,” statedPohlman-Bell.“Ihadneverthoughtof myselfasbeingamilitaryperson.Igrewupin San Diego My father was in the aeronautical business, but I was not connected with the militarythereatall,soIhadneverthoughtof a military career at all. What hooked me and whatwasveryinterestingtomewascreating a role model for women in a whole new way andplace.”

After serving in the Navy for three years Pohlman-Bell went on to continue her work in ministry for a total of 50 years, ultimately retiringfromacareerasacivilianministerin the Presbyterian Church She now serves as a chaplain in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, the civilian uniformed volunteer component oftheU.S.CoastGuard.

The Navy Art Collection is a branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command Comprisedofnearly20,000paintings,drawings,prints,andsculptures,itisacollectionof nationalsignificanceandcustodianofsomeof themostwell-knownandlovedimagesofU.S.


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Retired Lt Dianna Pohlman-Bell,a chaplain in the U.S.Coast GuardAuxiliary- the civilian uniformedvolunteercomponent ofthe U.S.Coast Guard -visits Naval Historyand Heritage Command headquarters on theWashington NavyYard onJuly26 Pohlmanwas first female chaplain ofanyU.S.militaryservice,a pioneerin an erawhenwomenwere expanding theirroles in the Navyand female clergyin orout ofthe servicewere unusual.During her visit to NHHC Pohlman-Bell metwith NHHC DirectorSamuel Cox.Shewas also shown an oil on canvas portrait ofherin the Navy’sArt collection byNHHCArt CuratorPamela Overmann.The portraitwas painted byartist Margaret Sargent (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASS COMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST1STCLASSADAMBROCK)

Lt Duong poses foran awards photo afterreceiving theViceAdmiral BatchelderAward. (PHOTOBYPETTYOFFICER2NDCLASSWESLEYTOWNER)
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Naval Air Force Atlantic welcomes new commander


NORFOLK, Va Naval Air Force Atlantic (AIRLANT) held a change of command ceremony aboard the aircraft carrier USS DwightD.Eisenhower(CVN69),Aug.17


Adm. John Meier during the time honored ceremony. Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, U.S.FleetForcesCommand(USFFC),served as the presiding officer witnessing the ceremonialtransferofcommandleadershipfrom MeiertoVerissimo.

During the ceremony, Caudle emphasized the impact Meier had on naval aviation throughout his time as commander of AIRLANTfromMay2020topresent.

“You [Meier] leave behind a remarkable legacyofoperationalexcellence,unmatched vision, and sage counsel, all of which the

Navy and AIRLANT will fundamentally andsubstantiallybenefitforyearstocome,” saidCaudle.

Meier, a native of Export, Pennsylvania, talked about his time as commander and how it has impacted him as a naval officer andaperson.

“Youcansimplyboildownwhatwedoas commanders in the Navy into two categories:it’sthe‘stuff’,billionsofdollarsofmaterial, and it’s the people. And then it’s how we put those together to train and develop a warfighting ethos and a capability,” said Meier

This ceremony also marked the end of Meier’stimeintheNavyasheisretiredafter 37yearsofservice “Icantrulysaythatthisisthebesttwostar jobintheNavy,”saidMeier.

During Meier’s tenureascommander, he

oversaw the manning, training, and equipping of seven aircraft carriers, five carrier airwings,andfourtypewingstoensurethe higheststateofreadiness Heestablishedthe AviationBoatswain’sMateHandlingUniversity (ABHU) program to provide hands-on training to Sailors in an effort to prevent aviation mishaps while moving aircraft on the flight line Meier also created a Safety Training Team at AIRLANT to observe, understand, and solve potential risk factors innavalaviation.Healsofurtherdeveloped the Maintenance Operation Center (MOC) which has produced the highest aircraft readiness rates in recent history In honor ofhisefforts AIRLANTrenamedtheMOC to the RADM John “Oscar Meier MaintenanceOperationCenterinJuly2023

Verissimo, a native of Falmouth, Massachusetts, recently served as the director

of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, Maritime Operations He addressed the audience comprised of family and friends, and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the 35th commander of AIRLANT

“To all of you, I will do my best so that naval aviation leads us into the future with clarityandinnovation,”saidVerissimo

AIRLANTisresponsibleforsevennuclear-powered aircraft carriers, 54 aircraft squadrons, 1,200 aircraft and 52,000 officers, enlisted and civilian personnel with priorities focused on warfighting, people, and readiness by providing combat ready sustainable naval air forces with the right personnel, properly trained and equipped, withafocusonreadiness,operationalexcellence, interoperability, safety, and efficient resourcing

passes through sideboys for the final time with his wife Rachel during a change of command ceremony aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). Meier has retired from the Navy after 37 years of service. He was relieved of command by RearAdm. Douglas Verissimo making him the 35th commander AIRLANT is responsible for the manning training and equipping of seven aircraft carriers and 54 squadrons on the east coast. (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSMOBOURDI)ABOVE RIGHT: RearAdm. Douglas Verissimo, the new commander of Naval Air Force Atlantic (AIRLANT), gives his remarks at a change of command ceremony aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). (U.S NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST 2NDCLASSJACOBHILGENDORF/RELEASED) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, August 24 2023 3 FREE INSTALL on bathremodeling projects LowMonthly Payments Offer valid until 9/05/23 + LABOR DAYSALE UPGRADE YOUR SHOWER OR BATH TODAY! BATH REMODELING DONE RIGHT From start to finish,weprovide customers with a quick and easybathroom remodeling experience Simply meet with one of our design consultants, view our styles and options, design your new shower or bath, andreceive an exact quote. Afterwards, our in-house installers will remove yourold unit, get your new project installed in as little as 1day and your home cleaned up before they leave. REAL REVIEWSFROMREAL CUSTOMERS 4.8/5 Based on 19,682 reviews 4.9/5 Based on 12,009 reviews 4.7/5 Based on 6,996 reviews (Company reviews across all branches as of 8/01/2023) OVER 144,413+ BATH REMODELING JOBS COMPLETED IN 1DAY 757-280-2257 *Financing available to well qualified buyers on approved credit at an APR of 6.99% for 180 months, with an estimated monthly payment of 0.89% of your purchase amount. For example, for $11,000 financed, the payment will be 180 payments of $99 paid monthly.You may prepay your account at any time without penalty.Money down may be required. Financing is subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only.Normal late charges apply.See your Truth in Lending Disclosures for more information. Call 866-393-4573 for financing costs and terms. Minimum purchase $9,999 required. See design consultant for details. Other restrictions may apply.**Free install is equal to 20% offthe total project price. New orders only.Offer not valid on previous sales or estimates and cannot be combined with other offers. Offer expires 9/05/23.
ABOVE LEFT: NORFOLK,Va (Aug 17 2023) RearAdm.John Meier the outgoing commander of Naval Air Force Atlantic (AIRLANT),

Farewell, FLIP! Renowned Navy-owned research platform retired after 60 years of service

Office of Naval Research

ARLINGTON Va A dynamic era in naval oceanography recently ended as the iconic Floating Instrument Platform popularly known as FLIP was officially retiredfromservice

Builtin1962withfundingfromtheOffice of Naval Research (ONR), FLIP helped generations of scientists and oceanographers better understand the mysteries of the sea, including internal waves, air-sea interaction and long-range sound propagation.Sadly,ageandexorbitantlife-extension costs resulted in the platform being disestablished

On Aug. 3, a solemn gathering of well-wisherswatchedasFLIPwastowed,at sunset, to a dismantling and recycling facility Lastmonth,aformalgood-byeceremony was hosted by the Marine Physical Laboratory at the University of California San Diego(UCSD)

Still, FLIP which was owned by the U.S. Navy and managed by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD boasts a proudlegacyandrepresentsagoldenageof oceanography that saw a renewed focus on oceanexploration,thecreationofnewfields of study and greater public appreciation of thescientificandstrategicimportanceofthe ocean

“Over its career, FLIP was a key mission enabler for ONR’s basic and applied programsinmeteorology,oceanographyand ocean acoustics,” said Dr Thomas Drake, head of ONR’s Ocean Battlespace Sensing Department “Whether investigating air-sea interaction, ocean mixing boundary layer dynamics or acoustic thermometry, FLIP’s unique properties and capabilities enabled the collection of exquisite datasets that served as the gold standard for numerous process studies and extensive model development, ultimately increasing our understanding of themaritimeenvironment.”

Shapedlikeasparbuoy,the355-footFLIP resembled a giant baseball bat. When horizontal, FLIP was towed out to sea where on-board hydraulics and ballast tanks “flipped”theplatform(inabout30minutes) to the vertical producing a stable, mobile at-sea experimental laboratory, capable of ridingoutswellswhileprovidingsensordata 300feetintothewatercolumn.

FLIP could carry a research team of 11 people and a crew of five, and sustain research operations for up to 30 days without resupply Also everything mounted on the platform turned 90 degrees when it “flipped” at sea All fixtures from generators to toilets turnedat rightangles,and therewereseparatepassageways,doorsand platforms for every major space inside and outside

Because FLIP had no propulsion system ofitsown,ithadtobetowedbyshiptoalocation. This quiet design made FLIP perfect forrecordingoceanacousticsandsoundsas wellasobservingtidalforces,internalwaves andsmall-scaleturbulence Suchdatagathering fostered greater knowledge of ocean currents and acoustics, air-sea interactions andmarinemammalsounds

In addition, FLIP was crucial to groundbreaking naval basic and applied research, muchofwhichwassponsoredbyONR This includesoceanography,meteorology ocean acoustics and the development of hydrophones(underwatermicrophones) aswell ashowtheupperpartoftheoceaninteracts with the lower part of the atmosphere and howthatinterfaceaffectsthingslikesonar

Another aspect of FLIP’s design that enabledittoberelevantforsixdecadeswas itslackofbuilt-insensorsthatcouldbecome obsolete This allowed generations of researchersandscientiststoinstallcuttingedgeequipmentandtechnologyfortesting

Retired Scripps physical oceanographer Dr Rob Pinkel logged many hours on FLIP cruises, starting in 1969 as a graduate


“In total, I spent about three years at sea aboard FLIP over the course of my career,” he said “I enjoyed working with the crew and my research group to achieve something special. When all of the instruments wereperformingproperlyandthedatawere coming in, it was like operating a very rich goldmine.

Naval Postgraduate School Professor Dr QingWangledanONR-sponsoredresearch cruise aboard FLIP in 2017 to study air-sea

interaction: “FLIP was such an impressive researchplatformthatenabledustodovery detailed,thoroughwork.Ittrulywasagamechangerintermsofnavalscientificresearch andwillbemissed.”

RobSparrock,aprogramofficerinONR’s OceanographicResearchFacilitiesdivision, said, “Losing FLIP is unfortunate but the loss will be mitigated by new unmanned assets and networks of smaller buoys being developed FLIP’s legacy also lives on in current research platforms such as the

FrenchPolarPOD,whosedesignisinspired byFLIP.”

Though retired, FLIP will live on at Scripps Oneofitsbooms(crane-likearmsfor suspendinginstruments)willbeinstalledon theScrippsresearchpierinLaJollaandused to deploy instruments. Also artifacts from theplatformwillbedisplayedinapermanent exhibitatScripps’BirchAquarium.

Warren Duffie Jr is a contractor for ONR Corporate Strategic Communications

Department ofthe Navy’s Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP) begins the process oftransitioning from horizontal tovertical byfilling ballast tanks in the stern during a cruise commemorating 50years ofcontinuous service to the scientific community.The 355-foot researchvessel,owned bythe Office ofNaval Research and operated bythe Marine Physical Laboratory at Scripps Institution ofOceanographyat UniversityofCalifornia,conducts investigations in a numberoffields,including acoustics,oceanography,meteorologyand marine mammal observation. (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYJOHNF.WILLIAMS/RELEASED) Fifty-five feet remainvisible afterthe crewofthe Floating Instrument Platform,orFLIP partiallyflood the ballast tanks causing thevessel to turn stern first into the ocean.The 355-foot researchvessel,owned bythe Office ofNaval Research and operated bythe Marine Physical Laboratoryat Scripps Institution ofOceanographyat UniversityofCalifornia,conducts investigations in a numberoffields,including acoustics, oceanography,meteorologyand marine mammal observation.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYJOHNF.WILLIAMS/RELEASED) 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, August 24 2023

Capt.Bob Carmickle,outgoing commander ofNaval ComputerTelecommunications Area Master StationAtlantic (NCTAMS LANT),was presentedwith a gift from the Chief’s mess at the NCTAMS LANTchange of command ceremony.NCTAMS LANToperates and defends responsive and telecommunications systems,providing information superiorityfor global maritime and joint forces (U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYJASONRODMAN/ RELEASED)

NCTAMS LANT holds change of command


Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area

Master Station - Atlantic


Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic (NCTAMS LANT) held a change of command ceremony on Aug. 17 at Naval StationNorfolk.

Duringtheceremony,Capt.BrettO’Donovan,aPennsylvaniannative relievedCapt. Bob Carmickle a native of Kentucky who servedasCommandingOfficersinceAugust 2021.

“Serving the NCTAMS LANT Sailors and civilians has been the highlight of my career and something I will never forget. The endless dedication to Fleet Readiness and focus on operational lethality is nothing short of impressive,” Carmickle said during the ceremony. “It’s been a privilege andhonortobetheirCommandingOfficer.”

CarmicklespearheadedoneoftheNavy’s largest shore Command, Control, Communications,ComputerandIntelligence(C4I)

military construction projects and led the successful operational transition of a Fleet Cyber Command key C3 (Command, Control, and Communications) node The new NCTAMS LANT facility, Building MB-100, is a $165 million dollar complex construction with C4I systems that culminated in Interim Operational Capability in December2022.

NCTAMS LANT executed a phased approach of relocating more than 700 personnel from Buildings M-51 and W-143 into MB-100 Carmickle planned and executed 183 afloat units spanning four Fleet Areas of Operation, 31 Regional Base Communications Offices, and five Task Units, supporting 56 strategic communicationsEmergencyActionMessagingcircuits andfourCarrierStrikeGroups/ExpeditionaryStrikeGroups

“IwouldliketothankCapt.Carmicklefor his inspired leadership and selfless contributions to our Navy and to the Information Warfare community He and the entire NCTAMS team are instrumental in main-

taining the critical communications on which our fleets rely,” said guest speaker Vice Adm. Craig Clapperton, commander, U.S.FleetCyberCommand/U.S.10thFleet.

“Well done, and congratulations on an exceptionaltour.”

Carmickle enlisted in the Navy in 1999 as an Operations Specialist. In 2001 he receivedhiscommissionfromOfficerCandidate School in Pensacola Fla. In July 2003

Carmickle was selected for lateral transfer totheInformationProfessionalCommunity

He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and CertifiedInformationSecurityManager(CISM).

As well as a Master of Science degree from Syracuse University, Dr Carmickle holds a doctoraldegreefromRegentUniversity

O’Donovan is a 2000 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science

He was designated a Naval Aviator in 2002 andanInformationProfessionalin2016 He holds a Master of Science degree from the NavalPostGraduateSchoolinsystemsanal-

ysis and Master of Arts degree in defense and strategic studies from the Naval War College His most recent assignment was with INDOPACOM J60 as the Deputy Director for Command, Control, CommunicationsandCyber.

“To the Sailors and civilians of NCTAMS LANT, it is an honor to have the opportunity to lead this exceptional team. We will continue to provide the war fighting capability of Assured Command and Control to supportedcommandersacrosstheNavyand theJointForce, O’Donovansaid NCTAMS LANT’s mission is to operate anddefendresponsive,resilient,andsecure computerandtelecommunicationssystems, providinginformationsuperiorityforglobal maritimeandjointforces


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A family bond across two ratings

U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

In2006,asanewlyenlistedsailor,Zachary Newcomb asked his maternal grandfather what was in the locked wooden boxes thatnewlyselectedNavychiefscarried His grandfather, a retired Master Chief Petty Officer in the Hospital Corps replied, “I guess you’re going to have to make Chief if you really want to know.”

MAC Zachary Newcomb is one of the selectnon-medicalenlistedsailorsattached to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) in Falls Church, Virginia. As the sole Master-at-Arms Newcomb is BUMED’s subject-matter-expert for criticalinfrastructureprotection,continuity of operations,andforceprotection,andoverseestheimplementationandmanagement of the core pillars of security operations antiterrorism,lawenforcement,andphysicalsecuritythroughouttheNavyMedicine Itisarolehecreditstohismaternalgrandfather.

Growing up in Suffolk, Virginia, Newcomblookeduptohisgrandfatherand admired the role he played in the Navy “I was always interested in my grandfather’s career,”said Newcomb “I spent a lot of my childhood with my grandfather and saw the sacrifice he made to our country And I wanted to continue his naval legacy—to honor him, his sacrifice and to serve our nation.”

Paul Thomas Bishop is a fitting name for Newcomb’s grandfather The Carlisle, Kentucky-native had originally studied at the seminary to become a priest, but left at the outbreak of World War II to enlist in the Navy After boot camp and Hospital Corps School, Bishop deployed to the Pacific with the 75th Naval Construction Battalion (SeaBees) taking part in combat operations on Guadalcanal Bougainville New Guinea and New Georgia as well as supporting the construction of strategic airfields and torpedo boat bases

“Irememberhimsayingthecombatwas terrible,” said Newcomb “The Japanese wereaformidableenemy,andhewaslucky to have made it through the war alive. He wouldalwaysthankGodforhismanyblessingsforhissafetyandallowinghimtohelp those he could.”

After the war, Bishop graduated Navy Pharmacy Technician “C School, and served as an Independent Duty Corpsman aboard the Buckley-class destroyer USSCoolbaugh(DE-217)beforebecoming an instructor at the Pharmacy Technician School in Portsmouth, Virginia. In 1959, Bishop was promoted to Senior Chief as

partofthethirdclassofhospitalcorpsmen toreachthisgrade Andonlytwoyearslater, BishopwaspromotedtoMasterChiefPetty Officer He retired in 1966

According to Newcomb Bishop loved being able to serve in positions where he could help others, whether by providing medical aid or by mentoring junior sailors And Bishop was thrilled to see his grandson follow in his Navy footsteps, albeit as a Master at Arms.

Newcomb acknowledges it is this same desiretohelpothersthatledhimtopursue

the field of law enforcement

“Law Enforcement interested me because I saw it as one of the best ways to helppeople,”saidNewcomb “Ihavealways viewedmypositioninthistradeasbeingat the best level to help those in need Many times,Ihavebeenthefirston-scenebefore emergency services, or I have worked closelywiththemtoprovidesafetytothose that were injured.”

Over the last 17 years, Newcomb has carried this outlook across the globe while serving at Joint Expeditionary Base Little

Creek-Ft. Story, Naval Support Activity

Bahrain, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) and USNS Comfort (T-AH-20).

AlthoughBishopdiedin2008 Newcomb knows he would have been overjoyed to know he made chief in October 2022, and finally discovered what was in the Chief’s Vessel.

“EventhoughhepassedyearsagoIknow he would be proud that I was able to figure outwhatthewoodenvesselwasallabout,” said Newcomb

Bishop (left) and ZacharyNewcomb (right).Bishop served 26years in the Navyas a Hospital Corpsman and rising to the rankof MasterChiefPettyOfficer.In 2006 fortyyears afterhe retired Bishop’s grandson ZacharyNewcomb enlisted in the Navy Today,MAC Newcomb serves as MasteratArms at the Bureau ofMedicine and Surgery (PHOTOSCOURTESYOFMACNEWCOMB) 6 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, August 24 2023 thanyou might think YoumightknowUSAAfor our awesome insurancefor your car,home and other belongings. But we also have banking and other perks, all forthe military communityand their eligible family members. Find out moretoday at usaa.com Investments/Insurance: Not aDeposit •Not FDIC Insured •Not Bank Issued, Guaranteed or Underwritten •May Lose Value Useofthe term“member”or“membership”refers to membership in USAA Membership Services and does not convey anylegal or ownership rights in USAA. Restrictions apply andare subjecttochange.Tojoin USAA, separatedmilitarypersonnel must have received adischarge type of Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions.Eligible former dependents of USAA members mayjoin USAA. Property and casualtyinsuranceprovided by United Services Automobile Association (USAA), USAA CasualtyInsuranceCompany, USAA General IndemnityCompany, Garrison Property and CasualtyInsuranceCompany, based in San Antonio,Texas; USAA Limited (UK) and USAA S.A. (Europe) and is available only to persons eligible forproperty and casualtygroup membership.Eachcompanyhas sole financial responsibilityfor itsown products.Coverages subjecttothe terms and conditions of the policy. Lifeinsuranceand annuities provided by USAA Life InsuranceCompany, SanAntonio,TXand in NewYork by USAA LifeInsuranceCompanyofNew York,Highland Falls,NY. All insuranceproducts aresubjecttostate availability, issue limitations and contractual terms and conditions.Each companyhas sole financial responsibility forits ownproducts.Credit cardsare issued by USAA Savings Bank and serviced by USAA Federal Savings Bank.Otherbank products areprovidedbyUSAA Federal Savings Bank.Both banks areMember FDIC.All credit cardssubjecttoapproval. No DepartmentofDefense or governmentagencyendorsement. ©2023 USAA. 292572-0423 Auto Home LifeBanking Credit Cards MORE

Army MEDCOM provides vital support to NAVSUP FLC

Norfolk Navy Food Management Team mission


When the NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Navy Food Management Team (NFMT) boards a ship to provide training the ship’s food service team might be surprised to find a Soldier as part of the training team They quickly learn that the Soldier is a vital part ofNFMT.

The U.S. Army Medical Command’s (MEDCOM) Army Veterinary Services (AVS) supports NFMT with Army Veterinary Food Inspectors (VFIs) They along withNFMTSailors conductassistvisitsand training aboard ships and classroom training According to NFMT Director Chief WarrantOfficerAlethiaCastro,theyserveas aninstructortoteachfoodpreparationwith qualityassuranceandsanitationstandards “TheimpactoftheVFI’sinsupportofjoint missionsuccesscannotbeoverstated,”said Commanding General, Medical Readiness Command, East U.S. Army Brig Gen. Mary V. Krueger, who oversees VFI 68R assignments “Conductingclassesandinspections both in port and accompanying the Sailors underway, the Army Vet Services food inspectors educate the ship’s teams, while learning Navy vernacular and the mission atsea.Itisawin-winfortheTotalForce.”

“MytimeattheNFMTwasatrulyrewarding experience,” said Army Sgt. 1st Class CarmeloValentin aformerNorfolkNFMT VFI “BeingtheonlySoldierinaNavyorganization was a bit daunting at first but the team truly made me feel like a member of theteamandtaughtmeeverythingIneeded to be successful and to be able to relate to Sailors.”

Army VFIs hold a special designation (68R) and are trained in food safety quality assurance and protection from intentional or unintentional contamination of food. They are at the forefront of food safety and defense,usingstatisticalsamplingmethods tomakesurefoodisinspectedforfreshness, properstorageanddelivery

WhileassignedtoaNFMT,theArmyVFI serves as an instructor to teach food preparation with quality assurance, food sanitation standards and food defense through courses such as ServSafe “My tour at the NFMTallowedmetoseesomeofthecapa-

bilitiesoftheNavyandthestrengthofoperating in a joint environment,” said Valentin. “The NFMT has left a lasting and positive impactonmycareer.”

Army officials communicate often with localfleetlogisticscenters(FLCs)toensure a shared understanding of Army and Navy requirements for the VFIs. Open communication between the services ensures the NFMT mission is met while addressing mandatoryArmyrequirementsfortheVFIs assigned to the team. The NFMT director is responsible for fostering cohesion and

communication of the VFI’s day-to-day duties including support of their career development.ThetourlengthfortheVFIis normallyaminimumofthreeyearswiththe NFMT All Soldiers assigned to an NFMT aretopperformersintheirfield MedicalReadinessCommand,Eastmaintains command and control of NFMT VFIs and continues to support the Navy Food Management Teams According to Public Health Command East, Commander U.S. Army Col. Jody Brown, VFIs are integral to optimizing readiness of the Navy’s Food

Service Teams “I stress the importance on building ships - relationships, partnerships and friendships,” said Brown. “The robust relationship between MEDCOM and NAVSUP shapes the Navy’s Food Service Teams in understanding the Army Veterinary Services’ vital contributions and support to the Navy’s operations The strength that bonds Soldiers’ and Sailors’ food service have a long history of devotion totheArmy’smotto ‘ThisWe’llDefend’and the Navy’s ‘Non Sibi sed Patriae’ (Not Self, butCountry),”addedBrown.

US Naval Community College selects Western Governors University for data analytics program


U.S. Naval Community College


The U.S. Naval Community College selected Western Governors University for the Pilot II data analyticsassociatedegreeprogramsAugust 2,2023

Thisnewagreementprovidesactiveduty enlistedSailors,Marines,andCoastGuardsmenanopportunitytoearnanaval-relevant associate degree in data analytics that will directly contribute to the readiness of the navalservicesandsetthemonapathoflifelonglearning “In this information age this degree programwillhelpourSailors,Marines,and Coast Guardsmen use, present, and under-

Large Scale Exercise

from Page 1

each other,” said Lt Gen. Brian Cavanaugh, commander,MarineForcesCommand.“I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Admirals Caudle, Paparo, and Munsch, as well as General Jurney and General Sofge, and you don’t get that until you come together and do an exercise like this The challenges we encountered during LSE 23 only help us in ourcontinuumoflearning-fromthetactical unit, up through the highest levels of decisionmaking.

LSE 2023 incorporated live units underwayrangingfromaircraftcarrierstosubmarines,shorelogisticsupportunits,andmore than30virtualunits.Thisincludedpier-side participation from ships as well as training facilities and staff headquarters from around the world From the strategic level with combatant commanders down to the

Bronze Star Recipient

from Page 1

years of his life,” said Kilduff “His role as a swift boat captain was a defining life experiencethatshapeddad’sfuturecareer choices, community engagement, and parenting skills.”

The Navy authorized the use of swift boats,moreformallyknownaspatrolcraft, fast (PCF) boats, in Vietnam in April 1966 By November of the same year 84 PCFs were on task for Operation Market Time and charged with the interdiction of Vietcongsuppliesalongthe1,500milesofrivers and canals They also searched vessels and other craft for weapons and were used for the insertion and extraction of U.S. Navy SEALs The swift boat community evolved into today’s Maritime Expeditionary Security Force,whodeploygloballythroughoutthe sea-to-shore and inland operating environment protecting maritime infrastructure, providing insertions and extraction capabilities, and supporting Fleet assets in support of maritime operations Servicemembers from Maritime Expe-

standdatainawaythathelpsthemimprove their missions and results,’ ” said USNCC’s President Randi R. Cosentino, Ed.D. “This willmakeourNavy,MarineCorps,andCoast Guard even more efficient and results-focused.”

Sailors Marines and Coast Guardsmen

who pursue the Associate of Science in DataAnalyticsthroughUSNCCwillhavean opportunitytogainanin-depthunderstanding of information technology foundations & applications, scripting & programming, network security, spreadsheets, data management, probability & statistics, and data management applications The degree will also have an established transfer path to a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics throughWGU. “WGUisdelightedtocontinuethelegacy

hands-on training on the tactical level, this exerciseencompassedawiderangeoftrainingfortheNavyandMarineCorps

Weareaglobal,responsiveNavyoperatingdynamicallywithinthejointforce,ready to respond to threats against our nation, saidAdm.SamuelPaparo,commander,U.S. Pacific Fleet. “Our competitors are increasingly cooperating and operating further afield. This underscores the importance of exercises like LSE to hone our ability to find trackandmonitorpotentialthreatsand coordinateglobally.”

TheU.S.NavyandU.S.MarineCorpswill incorporatelessonslearnedfromLSE2023 intotheplanningofitsnextlargescaleexerciseiterationwhichwilltakeplacein2025.

Toreadthefulltranscriptfromthemedia roundtable with LSE 2023 commanders visit: https://www.usff.navy.mil/PressRoom/Press-Releases/Article/3498119/ large-scale-exercise-2023-commanders-interview-transcript/

ditionary Security Group Two (MESG-2) and subordinate units attended the ceremony, paying homage to a forefather who set the standard for the community they serve within today.

Capt Christopher Wells commodore of MESG-2, said “In today’s era of strategic powercompetitionwherepeeradversaries are rapidly modernizing their militaries to challenge the international order, yesterday’s Riverines and swift boat veterans serve as an example of strength and resiliencefortoday’sSailors LeaderslikeLt j.g. Collins stood the watch, and now, it is this current generation’s opportunity to serve withthesamehonor,courageandcommitment to preserve our freedom of the seas and to defend our Constitution.”

Theceremonyalsoincludedthepresentation of leadership awards, including ceremonial black berets, from the Gamewardens Association to active duty Sailors serving within the Maritime Expeditionary Security Force. The Gamewardens are a Vietnam veteran organization formed to honorthelegacyofthepatrolboatveterans who served in the community in Vietnam and through to today.

work of the US Naval Community College with a new offering in Data Analytics,” said retiredAdmiralJeffHarley,WGU’sdirector of military engagement “This new degree isareflectionofourdata-drivenworld,and USNCC students will enhance our nation’s warfightingcapability.”

ThedegreepathwayalsoincludesaCertificateinNavalStudiestaughtbytheUSNCC’s faculty and a Certificate in Data Analytics FoundationsearnedthroughWGU.

WGU is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities While the USNCC is pursuing accreditation a process that typically takes two to three years WGU will be the primary degree grantor for this associate degree program, ensuring the service members who graduate from this program


Active duty enlisted Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen can fill out a student interestformontheUSNCCwebsite,www. usncc.edu, and the USNCC anticipates acceptingapplicationsonthewebsitestartinginSeptember Thefirstcourseswillstart inthespringof2024.

The United States Naval Community Collegeistheofficialcommunitycollegefor theNavy,MarineCorps,andCoastGuard.To getmoreinformationabouttheUSNCC,go towww.usncc.edu.ClickontheInquireNow link to learn how to be a part of the USNCC PilotIIprogram.

NORFOLK,VA (Aug.9,2023) Lt Cmdr ChristineTyndall,from SanJose,California,left and Lt

Steven McGhan,from Merritt Island,Florida,standwatch during Large-Scale Exercise (LSE) 2023 aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrierUSS Dwight D.Eisenhower(CVN 69).(U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSMOBOURDI/RELEASED)

Virginia Beach,Va -The Navyposthumouslyrecognized Lt j.g.

William Collins,aVietnamWarveteran and formerofficer-incharge ofa swift boat during a ceremonytodayonboardJoint ExpeditionaryBase Little Creek-Fort Story Collins’wife Estella and his familyaccepted the Bronze StarMedalwith combatV on his behalffrom Rear Adm.BradAndros,commander Navy ExpeditionaryCombat Command (NECC).(U.S.NAVYPHOTO BYSPENCERR.LAYNE/RELEASED)

Lt j.g William Collins poses forhis Navyservice photo (PHOTOCOURTESYOFTHE COLLINSFAMILY)

Sgt.1st Class CarmeloValentin teaches a Serve safe class at NAVSUPFLC Norfolk.(PHOTOBYTHOMASKREIDEL)
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8 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, August 24 2023 $750U.S.Military REBATE1 THANKSTOALLTHEBRAVEMENANDWOMENFORYOURSERVICETOOURCOUNTRY. CASEYTOYOTA 601EastRochambeauDrive•Williamsburg 757.259.1000•caseytoyota.com CHECKEREDFLAG TOYOTA 5301VirginiaBeachBlvd.•VirginiaBeach 757.490.1111•toyota.checkeredflag.com FIRSTTEAMTOYOTA 3400WesternBranchBlvd.•Chesapeake 833.628.1653•firstteamtoyota.com GLOUCESTERTOYOTA 6357GeorgeWashingtonMemorialHwy. Gloucester 804.693.2100•gloucestertoyota.com HALLTOYOTAVIRGINIA BEACH 1877LaskinRoad•VirginiaBeach 757.437.4000•halltoyotavirginiabeach.com PEARSONTOYOTA 12978JeffersonAve.•NewportNews 757.874.6000•pearsontoyotascion.com PRIORITYTOYOTA CHESAPEAKE 1800GreenbrierParkway•Chesapeake 757.213.5000•prioritytoyotachesapeake.com PRIORITYTOYOTAHAMPTON
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DOD, FEMA Fully Engaged in Maui Recovery Efforts

JointTaskForce 5-0 is supporting the efforts ofcounty,state and federal authorities on Maui,Hawaii,ensuring that the residents receive all necessaryassistance available, said the taskforce commander PageB3

Finding success through persistence and social media


AustinBreum Commander Navy Recruiting Command


“What do I want to be when I grow up? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives For Electronics Technician 1st Class HeavenlyMcDonaldmoore,itwasaquestionshe found an answer to with a little help from afriend.

“Igraduatedin2010andthendidn’treally know what I wanted to do,” McDonaldmoore said “I worked at a gas station and then my friend and I decided that we were goingtojointheNavytogether.”

Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, the notion of enlisting in the Navy was initially unfamiliar to her However, the allureofglobaltravelandtheknowledgethat afriendsharedherinterestpromptedherto arrangeameetingwitharecruiter

“I didn’t know anything about the Navy There’snoNavyinfluencewhereI’mfrom, McDonaldmoore said. “I just wanted to try somethingnewforalittlebit.


highontheArmedServicesVocationalAptitude Battery and she was offered the job of Electronics Technician. While her friend ultimately didn’t join the Navy McDonaldmooredecidedtopresson

Over the next decade, she found herself studying electronics for the Navy, traveling the world aboard two aircraft carriers, and starting a family In late 2020, she reported to Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Heartland eager to start another adventure intheNavy

“I thought it was going to be really fun,” McDonaldmoore said. “After a couple months here, I was like, ‘oh man, this is not what I thought it was going be like. I really thought that people just walk through the doorandit’sthateasy.”

It wasn’t long before McDonaldmoore recognized that people don’t just walk into the recruiting station as she had a decade earlier She soon learned that the job especially in an area where there isn’t much of a Navypresence requiredalotmorelegwork thansheinitiallythought.

“It’scrazytomethatIdidn’tknowthatwe weregeneratingourownmarket,”McDon-

aldmoore said “You’re kind of your own publicist,you’redoingyourownmarketing, you’re also the one that’s doing the phone powering and telemarketing to these kids andyou’regoingtotheirhighschools.

Although she had no issues going to schoolsandtalkingtokids,shefoundlimited successindoingso

“I can start a conversation with students, butwillitleadthemtowanttojointheNavy by the end of it? Probably not,” McDonaldmoore said. “Nine, maybe ten times out of ten, they’re just going to be like, ‘what a weirdo,’ because people don’t do that anymore.

Shesoonfoundthatthroughpersistence, andtheuseofsocialmedia,shewasfinding thejobofrecruitingtobemucheasier.

“I think that I probably use social media more than other recruiters,” McDonaldmoore said. “I think the biggest thing is not necessarily to be good at it, it’s just to be really persistent. I sent so many messages topeopleonFacebookduringmyfirstcouple of months that it blocked me from messaging people for like two weeks because they thoughtIwasspam,butitdidwork.”

McDonaldmoore believes that the world has changed significantly in recent years and that “a lot of the old school recruiting methods,”don’tworkaswellwiththenewer generation.Shefindsmanyyoungpeopleare more comfortable being approached in the digitalworld “Mostkidsaren’tatthemallanymore,but alotofthemaregoingtobeonsocialmedia,” McDonaldmooresaid.

McDonaldmoorehasprovenherrecruiting ability and was recognized as NTAG Heartland’s Sailor of the Quarter She will leave recruiting at the end of the year to start another adventure, this time aboard adestroyer.

Navy Recruiting Command consists of a commandheadquarters,twoNavyRecruitingRegions,and26NavyTalentAcquisition Groups that serve more than 815 recruiting stations across the world. Their combined goal is to attract the highest quality candidatestoassuretheongoingsuccessofAmerica’sNavy

Sailor in the Spotlight: BM3 Leo Daniel Sangalang


Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center

Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class, Leo Daniel Sangalang,assignedtotheQualityAssurance (QA)Department(Code130)forMid-AtlanticRegionalMaintenanceCenter(MARMC) isthismonth’sSailorintheSpotlight.

Sangalang a Monterey Park, California native,joinedtheNavyin2017,immediately after high school Since joining MARMC in 2022, Sangalang has been a dedicated and contributingmemberoftheQAdepartment

“I wanted to join the Navy to become a part of something bigger than myself,” said Sangalang I’ve always had that hero complex in me and always wanted to do somethingthatbenefitsothers.

Sangalang primarily works with Seabees andengineerswhoplayacriticalroleforthe safety and readiness of MARMC. QA uses diagnostics and precise testing protocols to identify issues and ensure proper functionalitypost-repair “Mostly, we complete weight tests,” said Sangalang. “We are in control of all weight handlingequipment.Afterweconductatest, nomatterhowminiscule wealwaysensure theequipmentisinserviceableconditionso itisreadyforthefleet.”

Leo Daniel acknowledges that there are many daunting challenges working in QA However, he has enjoyed pushing himself andstrivestolearnmoreeveryday.

“Inqualityassurance,thechallengeisthe reward,” said Sangalang. “I look forward to coming into work and completing tasks I pushmyselftolearnandimproveeveryday.

Maintainingaproductivelifestyleoutside of work, Leo Daniel enjoys spending time with his family and friends They serve as a motivation for his military service Leo

NORFOLK,Va - Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class Leo Daniel Sangalang,assigned to the QualityAssurance (QA) department at Mid-Atlantic

has been married for four years and has one son Other passions include travelling,playingtheguitar,andboxing. An active participant in church and communityevents,hetookpartintheNATO

for the last two years If the event is for a charitable cause, his family always enjoysgettinginvolved.

In recognition for his impeccable work in the QA department, Leo Daniel was

recentlyoneofthenomineesforMARMC’s Blue Jacket of the Quarter His nomination serves as a testament to his outstanding effort and the valuable input he has made withinMARMC

Regional Maintenance Center(MARMC),poses fora photo at hisworkstation during his“Sailorin the Spotlight”interviewAugust 7,2023 QAplays a crucial role in ensuring compliancewith technical and contractual specifications forrepairand overhaul contracts (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBY HARRISONCOX/RELEASED) ElectronicsTechnician 1st Class HeavenlyMcDonaldmoore,a recruiterassigned to NavyTalentAcquisition Group Heartland,is highlighted as thisweek’s Recruiterin the Spotlight (PHOTOBY
www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, August 24 2023 1

Continuing Promise 2023 completes first mission stop in Almirante, Panama



U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command / U.S. 4th Fleet

ALMIRANTE,Panama The Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport ship, USNS Burlington(T-EPF10),completedthe first stop in support of Continuing Promise 2023 in Almirante Panama,Aug.17,2023

TheContinuingPromiseteam worked collectively with participating host and partner nations to enhance regional interoperabilityanddisasterresponsecapabilities, increase security and stability in the region and foster new and enduring partnerships in the Caribbean, Central and SouthAmericanregions

Throughout the remainder of Continuing Promise 2023, the Burlington will visit Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Grenada. The Burlington will bring a medical engagement team to each mission stop to provide direct patient care in community clinics and through host nation medical facilities

The team includes veterinarians who will work with animals in the host nation, biomedical technicians, Navy Seabees who will conduct small engine projects, and the U.S. Fleet Forces NavyBandDetachmentwhowill entertain people through school visitsandconcerts

During Burlington’s stop in Almirante, medical personnel saw more than 2,700 patients Care for these patients included the administration of over 850 vaccinations and the distributionofmorethan7,000prescriptions The medical team also participated in 14 subject matter expert exchanges The veterinarian team delivered medical treatment to over 250 dogs and conducted multiple trainings with local K9 law enforcement entities Continuing Promise mission personnel conducted a two-day workshop for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and shared in Women, Peace and Security initiative events Theteamalsoconducted community relations engagements to restore an outdoor

gymnasium with the help from localcitizensofAlmirante,which took over 30 hours of work to complete The U.S. Fleet Forces Band hosted six performances to over 850 people. The Seabees completed the restoration of a local clinic with assistance from localvolunteers whichtookover 75hoursofworktocomplete “Itwasanhonortoworkalongside Panamanians in the Bocas del Toro Province to provide medical and veterinary care, assist in reconstruction projects, and learn from each other through professional engagements”saidCmdr CharlesCastevens the Continuing Promise 2023missioncommander “This mission not only represents our commitmenttogoodwill,butalso our eagerness to work alongside Panamanian professionals and buildlong-lastingrelationships.”

Continuing Promise 2023 marks the 13th mission to the region since 2007 and the first involvingUSNSBurlington.The mission will foster goodwill, strengthen existing partnerships with partner nations, and

encourage the establishment of new partnerships among countries, non-government organizations, and international organizations

U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S 4th Fleet supports U.S. Southern Command’s joint and combined military operations by employing maritime forces in cooperative maritime security operations to maintain access, enhance interoperability, and build enduring partnerships in order to enhance regional security and promote peace, stability andprosperityintheCaribbean, Central and South American region. Learn more about USNAVSOUTH/4th Fleet at https:// www.fourthfleet.navy.mil, https://www.facebook.com/ NAVSOUS4THFLT and @ NAVSOUS4THFLT.Learn more about USNAVSOUTH /4thFleetat https://www.facebook.com/ NAVSOUS4THFLT and @ NAVSOUS4THFLT

Navy entertainment underway

USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78)


Sailors aboard the world’s largestaircraftcarrierUSSGeraldR. Ford (CVN 78) had the opportunity to happily decompress Aug. 18asentertainerscameaboardto performinthehangarbay.

Sailors from all departments gathered in the hangar bay to watch the freestyle rap group Free Daps and the Street Drum Corps perform their respective arts. Popcorn and other refreshmentswereavailableforviewers toenjoy.

“We make up everything on the spot, that’s why our jokes are stupid” said Isaac Knox, a member of the freestyle rap group Free Daps “This has beensocooltosee.We’vedonea coupleofcarriersandthemorale here, the energy here has been thebestthatI’veeverseen.”

Organizing entertainment eventsandcreatingtheschedule for all of Gerald R. Ford’s 4,200 Sailorstocomeparticipateisnot a simple task, and still requires

Sailors to join in on the set-up, maintenance, and clean-up of big events such as this Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) events like these, however, are a great way for Sailors to relieve stress getawayfromtheirworkload and spend time laughing withtheirshipmates.

Those attending the event saiditwasahectictimeandvery funny.SeamanPerryYoung,from Milwaukeesaidhethoughtitwas cooltoseeamusicaleventscheduledaboardtheshipafterwork.

”On the flight deck we work really hard and just look forward to the next port visit, said Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) Airman Apprentice Ikechukwu Onyemauwa, from SanAntonio “Whentheyshowed up,theywerereallyenergeticand messedwiththeaudience Everyonelikedthat.Itwascooltohave alittlebreakfromourwork.”

Stress relief is a continuous evolutionintheU.S.Navy Regular events, activities and outlets create a variety of ways for Sailorstoblowoffsteam.Itisknown byenlistedandofficersalikethat mentalwellnessfacilitatesphys-

icaltoughnessandmilitaryreadiness Having periods of rest and recreation is an ongoing mission and involves more than just the performers “Noneofthiswouldhavebeen possible without the crew here onboard and MWR’s help,” said Bobby Alt, a member of Street DrumCorps.“We’resadtoleave There were a lot of people in the crowdwhoshowedtheirpassion formusicandI’mhappywewere abletoshowourappreciationfor everythingourservicemembers aredoingouthere.”

The Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group (GRFCSG) is conducting a scheduled deployment in the Atlantic Ocean in support of interoperability and maritimesecurity.TheGRFCSG provides an inherently flexible naval force capable of deploying across combatant commands to meet emerging missions, deter potential adversaries reassure allies and partners enhance security and guarantee the free flowofglobalcommerce Intotal, the GRFCSG is deployed with morethan6,000Sailorsacrossall platformsreadytorespondglob-

ally to combatant commander


Gerald R. Ford is the U.S. Navy’s newest and most advanced aircraft carrier As the first-in-class ship of Fordclass aircraft carriers CVN 78 representsagenerationalleapin the U.S. Navy’s capacity to projectpoweronaglobalscale Fordclass aircraft carriers introduce 23 new technologies, including Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System, Advanced Arresting Gear and Advanced Weapons Elevators The new systemsincorporatedontoFordclassshipsaredesignedtodeliver greaterlethality,survivabilityand jointinteroperabilitywitha20% smallercrewthanaNimitz-class carrier, paving the way forward fornavalaviation

For more information about the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), visit https://www.airlant. usff.navy.mil/cvn78/ and follow along on Facebook: @USSGeraldRFord,Twitter:@Warship_78, DVIDS: www.dvids.net/CVN78 and LinkedIn at USS Gerald R. Ford(CVN78).

Q: Whattypesoffamily housingareavailable?

A: There are three types of housing available to families:


Housing is also referred to as privatized housing in the Navy

The Navy partnered with different private management companies to provide housing to Service Members. These companies are responsible forthe construction, renovation,maintenance and day-to-day management ofthe housing PPVhousing may be located on oroffgovernment property and in most cases will be formermilitary housing GovernmentOwned (also known as Military Housing orNavy Managed Housing is what was formerly called on-base housing While only available in limited quantities CONUS,Government Owned Housing is still widely available OCONUS. CommunityHousing is any housing that a Service Member may choose that is not PPVor government operated This is housing outside ofthe base that is privately owned and operated NAVY HOUSING Norfolk: 757.445.2832

JEBLCFS: 757.462.2792

Oceana/DamNeck: 757.433.3268 Yorktown: 757.847.7806

Mid-Atlantic Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) programs and services are designed to help you make the most of your military experience, and they’re all available to you at no cost.


ClinicalCounseling – Individual, Couplesand ChildCounseling

Personal Financial Management

Information & Referral

Family EmploymentAssistance


FamilyAdvocacy Program

Deployment and Mobilization Support

Ombudsman Support


Parenting Programs

Stress andAngerManagement

Command Support

Crisis Support

Suicide Prevention

SAPR Support

ALMIRANTE,Panama (August 18,2023) - U.S.service members participate in avolleyball gamewith members ofthe local communityinAlmirante, Panama as part ofthe Continuing Promise 2023 mission.Continuing Promise 2023 marks the 13th mission to the region,beginning in 2007 and the first involving USNS Burlington.Since the first mission,Continuing Promise medical personnel have treated more than 595,000 people,to include approximately7,300 surgeries.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYLT.J.GNICKOWEST)
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DOD, FEMA fully engaged in Maui recovery and assistance efforts

DOD News

Joint Task Force 5-0 is supporting the efforts of county, state and federal authorities on Maui, Hawaii, ensuring that the residents receive all necessary assistance available,saidthetaskforcecommander.

“Iwanttoreiterateourcommitmenttothe residents of Maui County and the broader Hawaiian community The combined strength of our military and civilian partners is making a significant impact on the ground, and I’m immensely proud of every individual contributing to these efforts We will continue to support and aid local, state andfederalauthoritiesandpartners ensuringthatweofferthebestpossiblesupportin the days and weeks ahead, said Army Brig Gen StephenF.Loganduringapressconferencetoday

The wildfire has killed more than 100 people and destroyed much of the city of Lahaina

U.S. Army Pacific published a statement today on its support of the disaster includingtheeffortsoftheHawaiiNationalGuard andJTF5-0.

According to the statement, the support includes:

DOD has 691 personnel in Maui who are engaged in planning, synchronizing and coordinatingsupporttoFEMAandthestate ofHawaii

Two CH-47 Chinook helicopters with water buckets from the Hawaii National Guard are conducting fire suppression support.

Search and rescue teams are conducting searchesoverawidearea.

JTF5-0continuestomaintaintraffic-control points and conduct 24-hour security operations in Lahaina in coordination with locallawenforcement The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has moved32FederalEmergencyManagement Agency generators to Maui and 61 generatorsarestagedatOahu.

Thesecretaryofdefensehasapprovedthe Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency to assign six forensic anthropologists to assist ingatheringandidentifyinghumanremains Other anticipated actions include engineeringanddamageassessments,including atportfacilities andrebuildingefforts.

Thestatementalsoincludedasynopsisof containmentefforts saying: ThefireinthePulehu/Kiheiareais100%




According to Maui County, 2,170 acres burned in the vicinity of Lahaina and 678 acresburnedinvicinityofKula.

Marcus Coleman, a senior FEMA official who spoke before the briefing by Logan, said FEMA is working closely with Maui’s faith-basedandcommunity-basedpartners, as well as local, state and federal organizations Currently,thereareover1,000federal responders on Maui, including 350 search andrescueandcanineteammembers There are also FEMA survivor-assistance teams going to shelters survivors’ homes and placeswherepeoplemayneedhelp hesaid.

Nearly 6,000 survivors have registered forfederalassistanceandmaybeeligiblefor immediateresources,suchashotelroomsor financialassistance,Colemansaid.

Survivorswhohavenotyetregisteredcan do so 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-6213362, visiting disasterassistance.gov, or by usingtheFEMAapp,hesaid.

FEMA is encouraging survivors to visit its newly opened Joint Disaster Recovery Center at the University of Hawaii Maui College Survivors can speak to FEMA specialists there, get assistance registering for disaster assistance, get in touch with volunteer organizations, and access other federal and state resources from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.,sevendaysaweek,hesaid

FEMA has approved more than $5.6 million in assistance to nearly 2,000 households including more than $2.3 million in initialrentalassistance,hesaid.

AnArmyCH-47 Chinookfills a bucketwithwaterto drop around the perimeterofan area impacted bythewildfires in the town ofLahaina on Maui,Hawaii,Aug.16 2023.(PHOTOBYARMYSPC TONIACIANCANELLI) JointTaskForce 5-0’s search,rescue and recoveryelements conduct operations in areas damaged bywildfires in the town ofLahaina on Maui,Hawaii,Aug.15,2023.(PHOTOBYARMY
The HawaiiAirNational Guard provided airlift forabout 100 HawaiiArmyNational Guard soldiers,Aug.15,2023.The flight also contained medical supplies and equipment to support in Lahaina, Maui,Hawaii following devastatingwildfires.(USAIRNATIONALGUARDPHOTOBYMASTERSGT.ANDREWJACKSON) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, August 24 2023 3

Medal of Honor Highlight: Navy Ensign Charles Hammann

DOD News

Navy Ensign Charles Hazeltine Hammann was one of the first U.S. military aviators who wenttobattlewhenthecountryenteredWorld WarI,soit’sfittingthathisheroicsintheskies overEuropemadehimthefirstaviatortoearn theMedalofHonor.

Hammann was born March 16, 1892, in Baltimore, to parents Jacob and Elizabeth Hammann. He had a brother, Edward, and a sister named Lillian Called“Haze”byhisfriends,thankstohis middlename Hammannplayedhighschool football at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute before graduating in 1910 He spent a few years working in business, including for a brewing company, before joining the Naval Reserve’sFlyingCorpsin1917

Hammann learned how to fly at the Navy’s only air station at the time, which was in Pensacola, Florida. He then sailed to France in June 1917 Over the next year, he got a lot of flight time under his belt and even learned how to do stunt piloting according to a letter he wrote home to his brother.

By the spring of 1918, Hammann was senttoItalytojointhefight.OnAug.21,he andthreeotherpilotsweresentonapatrol over an Austro-Hungarian naval base near the enemy stronghold of Pola, in modernday Croatia. The pilots were flying Italian Macchi seaplanes when enemy aircraft came after them. Inthemiddleofthedogfight,theairplane of the lead pilot, Ensign George Ludlow, was hit by anti-aircraft fire. According to a 1938BaltimoreSunarticle,theplanenosedived about 12,000 feet before leveling off and landing safely in the water Hammann immediately did his best to dodge the remaining enemy aircraft to attemptarescue Hedovedownandlanded on the water close to the disabled plane and took Ludlow onboard, even though his aircraft wasn’t designed to hold two people Hammann put Ludlow under the motor, a 1918 Baltimore Sun article said,

Corsini in northeast Italy before it fully broke down. The plane fell into the water right off the coast. Hammann and Ludlow had to swim to shore but they made it.

Two months after the incident, Hammannwascommissionedasanensign. HereturnedfromoverseasinJanuary1919

Unfortunately, Hammann’s life was cut short a few months later The 27-year-old was killed on June 14 during a Flag Day celebration at Langley Field in Hampton, Virginia.Accordingtoa1938BaltimoreSun article, he was stunting in an aircraft when it went into a tailspin and crashed.

HammannisburiedinOakLawnCemetery in Baltimore.

HammannwasnominatedfortheMedal ofHonorbeforehedied;however,itwasn’t made available to his family until November 1920. Newspaper coverage at the time showed the holdup was due to a Congressional investigation into injustice within theNavyregardingtheservice’smannerof distributing recognition of distinguished war-time service

AccordingtotheNavalHistoryandHeritage Command, Hammann was the first U.S. aviator of any service to receive the Medal of Honor His August 1918 heroics also earned him the Silver Medal for MilitaryValorfromthekingofItalyandtheItalian War Cross Hammann’s name has not been forgotten within the Navy or in his hometown. A monumenttotheaviatorandanotherBaltimore World War I Medal of Honor recipient, Army Private Henry Gilbert Costin, waserectedinthecity’sdowntownin1939

before taking off

again. The extra weight caused the plane to sway and strain with effort, but when enemy aircraft came for them, Hammann was still able to turn his

machine guns in their direction, which caused them to flee Hammann’s overweight aircraft almost made it back to Naval Air Station Porto

During World War II, there were actually two warships named for him. The first USS Hammann was a destroyer launched in1939,butitwassunkinearly1942during theBattleofMidway Laterthatsameyear, a commissioned destroyer escort was renamed as the second USS Hammann This article is part of a weekly series called“MedalofHonorMonday, inwhich we highlight one of the more than 3,500 MedalofHonorrecipientswhohaveearned the U.S. military’s highest medal for valor

NavyEnsign Charles H.Hammann,a Medal ofHonorrecipient poseswith aWorldWarI-era airplane.(PHOTOCOURTESYCONGRESSIONALMEDALOFHONORSOCIETY) Austrian U-boats are shown togetherwith the dreadnaught Erzherzog FranzFerdinand at a naval base in Pola,Austria,duringWorldWarI.(U.S.NAVYPHOTO) NavyEnsign Charles H.Hammannwas awarded the Medal ofHonorforheroism in rescuing Ensign George M.Ludlowduring aerial operations offPola,in theAdriatic Sea,on 21August 1918
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Firefighter —Fromvolunteer to qualified leader

As ateenager,growing up in Marion, North Carolina, walking the halls of McDowellHighSchool,ayoung15-year-old BlaineWilliams,becamefascinatedwithhis highschoolpeerswhowouldwearaunique uniform that he thought set them apart fromtheotherstudents.Williams’curiosity drove him to learnthe significance of these uniforms and thatthey represented ahigh schoolprogramthateducatedandcertified studentsonfirefighting and as emergency medical technician(EMT),and he wanted oneforhimself

“Whatinitiallygotmeintofirefightingasa kidwasseeingtheuniformstheguyswould wearatmyhighschool,”saidWilliams

Aclose friend of Williams noticed his interestforfirefightingandhelpedopenthe doorstobeginhisfirefightingjourney

“I wasalwaysintrigued by firefighting, but Ididn’tknowhow to get started,”said Williams.“In high school, Igot into the junior programs through my highschool’s CareerTechnicalEducation(CTE)program that offered firefighting and EMT. At the same time,Ireceivedtrainingand educationwiththefiredepartment,andfromthat pointforward, Ijustfell in love with firefighting and became fully certified before my18thbirthday.”

Williams continuedhis new passion for firefighting by volunteering at McDowell County Rescue Squad in Marion, North Carolina.

“I volunteer because it’s agreat call to honor,” saidWilliams. “It’ssomethingthat everydayI’m learning something new It’s something Ifeel Ican giveback to my community,andIlearnedit’sagreatresponsibilitytoupholdatitleasafirefighter.”

Over the years,Williams volunteered at manyfire stations andeventually he would

obtain afull-timeposition as afirefighter engineer with Glenwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentinMarion,NorthCarolina.

“Asa firefighter engineer,I wasresponsiblefor doing allofthe truckchecksevery morning,stationduties,maintainingequipment and training,” said Williams.“Butmy main responsibility wastodrivethe fire truck to the call and from there, assess the call.Icoulddoanythingfromoperatingthe trucktobeinghands-onandactuallyfighting fires,andninetimesoutof10,Iwasthefirst persononthescene.”

During the earlyhours of alateDecembermorningin2020,justbeforeChristmas, Williams responded to acall that would forever remind him of the importance of beingafirefighter

“Ireceivedtheinitialcall,”saidWilliams “IdrovethetruckandIcouldseetheplume of smoke whiledriving thereand my initial thought was‘wow, this is alegitimate fire.’

When Iarrived on scene,thereweretwo other firetrucks pulling up with me and therewasafirecrewalreadygoingtowork Iasked the chief on scene what he needed. He told me to go inside and assist hisguys Iwentbacktothetruckandestablishedthe gearandthe equipmentthatIneededandI assistedinhelpingputouttheinitialfireand completetheoverhaul.”

While the homeownerslosttheir home tothefire,Williamsandtherespondingfire crewshelpedrecoversomeoftheChristmas presents “Atthe end of theday,their house might nothavebeensaved,”saidWilliams.“Butit’s very wholesometoknowthatwewereable to save their Christmas packages -they still hadsomethingtolookforwardto.

Williams,now an enlisted Sailorinthe U.S. Navy asanAviation Boatswain’sMate (Handling) Airman, assigned to theworld’s largestaircraftcarrierUSSGerald R. Ford’s (CVN 78)air department, hangarbay division (V-3), joined the crew January 2022,

andquicklybecamecertifiedinmanyin-rate firefightingqualifications,adopting new firefighting methodsand leadership skills alongtheway.

“ThemainthingIamlearninghereonthe ship is how to be abetterleader and how to hold myself accountablefor my actions,” said Williams.“When Iwas younger in the fireservice,everythingwaslearnedquickly onthefly,butnow,Icanstudyandlearnthe thingsIshouldbepracticingtokeepmyself safe.That’ssomething I’mgoing to try and instill and pass on to my Sailors as Itrain them.”

Firefightingisacontinuallyevolvingpractice.New equipment and lessons learned bring quicker and saferapproaches to best combatfiresandsavelives.WhileWilliams is eager to learn all aspects of firefighting he likes to focus his firefighting trainingon perfectingthebasics.

“You have to learnhow to crawlbefore youcanwalk,”saidWilliams.“Soforme,the simplestuff is the mostimportantstuff to teach.Everybodywantstolearnthecoolest and mostdifficult stuff first, but if youdon’t understandthebasicsfirst,thenhowareyou goingtokeepyourselfsafe?

SomeofthebasictrainingpointsWilliams emphasizes is the importance of understanding their personal protectiveequipment(PPE), what it is, whyit’sthere, and what the equipment can tolerate to best avoidpreventablecasualties “Whenanactualemergencyhappens,you don’thavetime to sit and guess and question your abilities,it’stime to react,”said Williams.“Knowyourequipmentbecause that could be the difference insaving your lifeandothers.”

With William’sreal-world experience fighting fires prior to the militaryand his continueddedicationtolearningallaspects offirefighting,hispeersrealizehehasgained anabundanceoffirefightingknowledgeand that he holds himself to ahigh standard,

which hasgarneredWilliams arespectable nicknameamonghispeers

“Theycall me ‘the firemarshal’ inV-3,” said Williams.“It’s not to pokefun at me, they knowI’m very passionate when it comestofirefighting.They allknowI get very aggravatedifsomethingisnot correct becauseIknowitislife-savingequipment.”

“Thefire marshal aboardthe ship has a greatresponsibilitywhenitcomestodamage control,”said Williams.“So they kind of honormewiththatnicknamebecausethey knowhow passionate Iamwhen itcomes tofirefighting.”

Williams is currently deployedwith the GeraldR.FordintheU.S.SixthFleetareaof operations.When he returns to his homeport, he plans on pickingupwhere he left off,volunteering with thelocal firestation, Carrollton Volunteer FireDepartment, in Carrollton, Virginia. Williams is recruiting and encouraging other Sailors to follow his footsteps and volunteer for their local communityfirestations

“Firefighting is something Idon’tget bored with,” said Williams.“Ilearn somethingnew everyday,and even after 6years, Istillenjoy the challenges,and that’s what keepsmevolunteering.”

Gerald R. Ford is the U.S. Navy’s newest andmostadvanced aircraft carrier, representingagenerationalleapintheU.S.Navy’s capacity to project poweronaglobal scale

The Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Groupis onascheduleddeploymentintheU.S.Naval ForcesEuropeareaofoperations,employed byU.S.SixthFleettodefendU.S.,allied,and partnerinterests.

Formoreinformation about the USS GeraldR.Ford(CVN78),visithttps://www. airlant.usff.navy.mil/cvn78/and follow along on Facebook: @USSGeraldRFord, Instagram: @cvn78_grford, Twitter: @ Warship_78,DVIDS www.dvids.net/ CVN78andLinkedInatUSSGeraldR.Ford (CVN 78)

Navy to christen guided-missile destroyer TedStevens (DDG 128)


TheNavywillchristenthefutureUSSTed Stevens (DDG 128) duringa9:00a.m. CDT ceremonyonSaturday, Aug. 19,inPascagoula,Mississippi. The principal addresswillbedelivered bytheHonorableSeanO’Keefe,69thSecretaryofthe Navy and 10thAdministrator of NASA.Remarkswillalsobeprovidedbythe

Honorable Russell Rumbaugh, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller); Vice Admiral

JeffreyHughes,DeputyChiefofNavalOperationsfor Warfighting Development;and KariWilkinson, executive vice president of HuntingtonIngallsIndustriesandpresident ofIngallsShipbuilding.Theship’ssponsors areCatherine Ann Stevens,SusanStevens Covich, and Lily Irene Becker,the wife and daughters of the ship’snamesake.Ina time-honoredNavytradition, the sponsors willchristentheshipbybreakingabottleof sparklingwineacrossthebow

The ship’snamesake, TedStevens,was aU.S.Senator from Alaskawho servedthe

Senate and the Solicitor of the Interior Department for over40years.Hewas a strong supporter of the Navy and Marine Corps This is the firstU.S.Navyship to honor Stevens and will be the thirdFlight III upgradeship Arleigh Burke-class destroyers arethe backbone of the U.S. Navy’s surfacefleet, providing protection to Americaaround the globe. These highlycapable,multi-mission ships conduct various operations, from peacetime presence to national secu-

rity, providing awide rangeofwarfighting capabilities in multi-threat air,surface,and subsurface domains.These elements of seapowerenable the Navy to defend Americanprosperityand preventfutureconflict abroad Media maydirect queries to the Navy Office of Information at (703) 697-5342 More information on guided-missile destroyerprogramscanbefoundat:https:// www.navy.mil/Resources/Fact-Files/ Display-FactFiles/Article/2169871/destroyers-ddg/

Commander,Navy RegionMid-Atlantic (NRMA)staffmembers completedthe2023 NRMALeadership CommunityClassatJoint ExpeditionaryBaseLittle Creek-FortStory,Aug. 18,2023.Thetwo-day classisaregion-sponsoredleadershipprogram developedtoprovide valuable,practicalleadershiptrainingtothe NRMAteamwithanaim forparticipantstobetter understandthestrategic directionofthecommand andhowtheirfunctions relatetoit.


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JEB Little Creek-Fort Story hosts the 2023 NRMA Leadership Community Class

NAS JRB Fort Worth receives IFLOLS


Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base

NASJRBFORTWORTH,Texas Naval AirStation(NAS)JointReserveBase(JRB) FortWorthhasrecentlyexpandeditstraining capabilities by acquiring an Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (IFLOLS) Withthisspecializedequipment, NAS JRB Fort Worth is now fully equipped tohostspecializedtrainingflightsforpilots enabling them to practice and perfect their aircraftcarrierlandingskills

“TheIFLOLS,or‘meatball, willbeinvaluable for student naval aviators learning to landonaircraftcarriers,”saidExecutiveOfficer Clayton Johnson. “The aircraft carrier environment is unique among runways since it is just 500’ long, located 60’ above a pitching sea with minimal lighting at night The meatball is a key component to getting a naval aviator on deck safely at the carrier Itrequiresspecialexperiencetouseitproperly, and the consequences of ignoring it or misinterpreting its signals can easily result incatastrophicmishaps.”

TheIFLOLSallowsnewpilotstoundergo traininginacontrolledenvironment.AspiringnavalaviatorswillundergoFieldCarrier LandingPractice(FLCP)flights bothduring thedayandnight,tomasterutilizationofthe IFLOLSundersimulatedcarrierconditions

“FCLP flights consist of up to a dozen touch-and-go landings per student, each of which will be carefully graded by an expe-

riencedLandingSignalsOfficer(LSO).The LSOisaseasonedcarrieraviatorspecifically trained to mentor and guide pilots as they

beresponsibleforconductingmaintenance to ensure the IFLOLS remains in optimal workingcondition.

Recovery Equipment Maintenance Subject MatterExpertRobDonaldson

Thistrainingensuresthatpersonnelare equipped with the necessary skills to efficiently perform these tasks and maintain the IFLOLS system at its peak operational capabilities The setup process itself typicallytakesaround45minutestocomplete.”

Now that NAS JRB Fort Worth has an IFLOLS it can be used as a training facilityduringtimesofheavybirdmigrationsor hazardousweather allowingflighttraining tocontinueyear-round.

“The IFLOLS arriving at NAS JRB Fort Worthisimportantbecauseitwillfacilitate trainingforpilotsbasedinKingsville,Texas andMeridian,Mississippi,”explainedJohnson “Thesetwolocationstendtoexperience seasonal bird migrations that can prevent FCLP flights from safely occurring Even a smallbird-strikeiscapableofcausingsignificantdamagetotheT-45

Goshawk, the training jet being used by thesestudentpilots.”

The IFLOLS is unique to the US Navy as no other service routinely operates aircraft offshore,hundredsofmilesawayfromland.


The installation and removal of the IFLOLSontheflightlinewillbehandledby thetransientlinepersonnelatNASJRBFort Worth.Groundelectronicstechnicianswill

“WeproactivelysenttwoSailorsfromthe transient line and one from ground electronics to NAS Meridian for training on the pre-operationalinspectionandpropersetup of an IFLOLS,” said Aircraft Launch and

“In one sense, it is the IFLOLS in conjunction with tailhooks and arresting cables that allows our Navy to project poweraroundtheworld I’mproudthatNAS JRB Fort Worth gets to be part of the story forthoseyoungstudentpilotslearninghow tolandat‘theboat,’”saidJohnson

A Mighty Wind: Using wind tunnels to measure sound by deadening the noise


TheOfficeofNavalResearch(ONR)sponsored a project at Virginia Tech University nearly 20 years ago that is now growing in influence across the world for measuring aerospaceandaeronauticalacoustics Since noise reverberates against solid surfaces, such as the walls of a wind tunnel where acoustical testing takes place collecting accuratesounddatahadbeennearlyimpossible at the time Researchers were also struggling to discern the sound of the wind tunnel’sairflowfromthenoiseoftheobject travelingthroughit.

After learning about some experiments onKevlarasawindscreen,WilliamDevenport, an engineering professor and director of Virginia Tech’s Stability Wind Tunnel, said he and a colleague wrote a proposal to then-ONRprogramofficerRonJoslintotry addingKevlartotheirwindtunnelwalls

“The idea was that we would have the flowgoingoninthetunnel,theKevlarwould contain the flow and it would improve the aerodynamics At the same time, the sound producedintheflowwouldbeabletomake its way out through the Kevlar, and we couldhearitintheanechoicchamber,”said Devenport.

Devenport submitted the original grant proposal (N00014—04—1—04933) through the FY 2004 Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) for alterations to Virginia Tech’s existing Stability Wind Tunnel that would allow it tomeasureflow-inducednoiseofrelevance toNavyapplications

Atthetime usingKevlarinawindtunnel wassuchanovelideathatJoslinwaswarned by other Navy acoustic experts it would be a waste of resources Now, as many as 20 major facilities around the world are using the technology to build a hybrid anechoic tunnel (HAWT) or upgrade their existing windtunnelswithKevlar.

Dr JulieYoung,anONRSeaWarfareand Weapons Department program officer for PowerandEnergyResearch,NationalNaval Responsibility for Naval Engineering, gives credit to her predecessor, Joslin, for seeing thepotentialofthiskindofresearch

“It’sreallynicetoseeabreakthroughidea that significantly advances the state of the

art, the science in that area, and that’s why everybodyelsefollowed,”saidYoung Young oversees ONR’s propulsor hydrodynamics, hydroacoustics and structure dynamics portfolio which includes the Kevlar wind tunnel program. In addition, Young said both she and Devenport are working with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) advanced vehicle technology (AVT) program, which brings togetherexpertsrelatedtoairandwater.

“I’m on three of the NATO AVT panels and one of them is led by William Devenport,” said Young “In addition to lift, drag, thrust,stability acousticsisalsoanimportantconsideration.”

“Thisisrelevantforaircraftandundersea craft, and by the way, it’s also relevant for a lot of energy harvesting devices like wind turbines because they also produce noise,” she continued. “We need to understand

where the noise originates from and why andhowitpropagates.”

Devenport said acoustics are important for two reasons “If we’re talking about aerospace or aeronautical applications one is to control how loud things are inside the cabin We’re working with Julie Young exactly on that subject trying to measure the pressure fluctuations that cause vibrationsintheaircraftthatareheardinside.”

Devenport said the other reason to study acoustics is to learn how they affect the outside environment the sound created by a hydroplane, for example, or the blades ofaturbine

In order to resolve an issue Young said you have to understand the science behind it: “At ONR, the mission is foundational researchthat’srelevanttotheNavy Wehave to understand the science and by understanding,wedeveloptechnology.”

Although Devenport and his team at Virginia Tech have been working with Kevlar at their Stability Wind Tunnel for nearly two decades, he said they are still learning how well it works But they are no longer flying solo Wind tunnels adopting this technology include the Department of the Navy’s Anechoic Flow Facility at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division,theJAXA2MtunnelinTokyo,the newDanishNationalWindTunnel,andthe DSTG Low Speed Tunnel in Australia, as well as a number of universities in the U.S. andaroundtheworld.

Projects utilizing the technology have also spread to include the National Science Foundation,theNationalRenewableEnergy Laboratory,NationalAeronauticsandSpace Administration (NASA) and more than 70 commercially sponsored programs within largemultinationalcompanies

T-45 out ofNAS Kingsville using the Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (IFLOLS) at NASJRB FortWorth.(COURTESYPHOTOBYCARLRICHARDS/RELEASED) The Office ofNaval Research (ONR) sponsored a project atVirginiaTech Universitynearly20years ago that is nowgrowing in influence across theworld formeasuring aerospace and aeronautical acoustics.(COURTESYPHOTO)
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Team members fromT-line and Ground Electronics attend training on IFLOLS.(COURTESY PHOTOBYROBDONALDSON/RELEASED)
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On iberty

Power back-to-school weeknight

meals with pecans

Starrcast VI the premier pro wrestling convention takes place in Chicago September 1st-3rd, founder Conrad Thompson tells us all about it.


To all the pro wrestling fans worldwide, the place to converge September 1st - 3rd is Chicago IllinoiswhereStarrcastVIistaking place this year There will be something for everybody and especially if you are an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) fan. Friday night AEWRampagewillbeattheNOWArenain Chicago,SaturdaynightAEWCollisionand Sunday night AEW All Out Pay-Per-View will both take place at the United Center in Chicago So that weekend, almost all of the AEWsuperstarswillbepresentatStarrcast VI for autographs, photos stage shows and more. This is destined to be a Heaven sent weekendespeciallyforallAEWfans.

Fans can go to www.starrcast.com for all the information concerning tickets, all the superstars that will be at Starrcast VI, thescheduleofevents,themeetandgreets, vendors and more. Also for those not able to attend, they can watch everything from the comfort of their home on the Premier StreamingNetworkathttps://watchonpremier.com/section/Starrcast?pathname=/ section/Starrcast&state=undefined&search=

Yiorgo:WithustodayisConradThompson, a wrestling fan and mortgage guy, who became an award-winning multi-winning podcaster and founder of Starrcast. Tell us Conrad whatexactlyisStarrcast?

Conrad Thompson: Starrcast is a pro

wrestling convention like no other. We give wrestling fans plenty of opportunities to meettheirfavoritewrestlers,purchasewrestlingmerchandise,memorabilia,photoops, autographs stageshowsandmore.

Y: Who are some of the names that will beinattendanceforthefanstomeet,havea photoopandgetautographs?

CT:Awho’swhoofjustaboutallofAEW talentwillbethereincludingAEWfounder Tony Khan who will be the special guest for a live All Elite Wrestling Unrestricted podcast. There are too many superstars to list here, but some of them include: Sting Jon Moxley Jeff Jarrett, Jim Ross Orange Cassidy, Renee Paquette Rob Van Dam, Dr Britt Baker, Ruby Soho, Saraya, Thunder

With newroutines and jam-packed calendars, quickand easyrecipes can be the solutions you need Trythese simple dinners and makeahead snacks: Mac and Cheesewith Pecan Breadcrumbs and Pecan EnergyBars. PageC4 TurntoStarrcastVI, Page 8

Rosa, Buddy Mathews, Britt Baker, Hardy Boyz, Malakai Black, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Jake Roberts and the list goes onandon.

Some of the non-AEW superstars and legends that will be there include: Dennis Rodman, Scott Steiner, Tashiaki Kawada, Marty Jannetty, Matt Cardona, Steph Delander,BlueMeanieandmore.

Y: What are some of the stage shows at thisyear’sStarrcast?

CT:AlongwiththeaforementionedTony Khan on AEW Unrestricted podcast live, Eddie Kingston will host his hero Kawada Swerve Strickland will have a special guest

NashFest 757 Music & Food Festival coming to Town Point Park on September 16th


NORFOLK, Va NashFest 757 Music & FoodFestivalwillmakeitsreturntoTownPoint ParkalongtheDowntownNorfolkWaterfront onSaturday September16 Aone-daycelebrationoftheiconiccultureofNashville,thefestival runsfromnoonto10pmandfeaturesnational andlocalrecordingartists,mouth-wateringhot chicken,barbecue,linedancing,craftbeerand whiskey tastings, interactive experiences, and muchmoreatwhathasbecomeoneofHamptonRoads’hottestnewsummerevents

The musical lineup is headlined by one of Nashville’sfastestrisingstarsincountrymusic TylerBraden,aswellassinger/songwriterLogan Crosby NashvillerecordingartistKassiAshton and Hampton Roads’ very own Allen Hudson andtheHalfmoons.

Inadditiontothemusic,thefestivalwillalso boastanauthenticdiningexperiencewithlocal restaurants, food trucks, and chefs crafting a regionalspinonNashville-inspiredcuisine,such ashotchicken,barbecue mac&cheese biscuits,

andmore Guestscanalsoenjoybothcraftbeer and Jack Daniel’s whiskey tasting experiences. And,ifthat’snotenough additionalentertainment includes line dancing lessons neon sign exhibits,authenticshoppingandapparel,guitar displays Nashville-inspiredselfiestations and muchmore

The event is free and open to the public. For more information and FAQs, head to bit ly/NashFest23 or Festevents.org View the complete music lineup, as well as artist bios, below.Additionalinformation,includingalistof foodandretailvendors,willbeannouncedsoon.

„ TYLER BRADEN | tylerbraden.com

| Spotify | Tyler Braden has the gritty powerhouse vocal, the expressive pen and the ability to deliver a lyric with complete conviction worthy of a headliner His new Warner Music Nashville EP, Neon Grave, combines deep-rooted country tradition with the rollicking high-energy instincts of a born rock ‘n’ roller The project’s flagship single “Try

Losing One,” hit No 1 on SiriusXM The Highway’s Hot 30 Countdown. Billboard asserted that the fiery yearning ballad features “one of the most moving vocal deliveries in country music right now, while MusicRow declared that it“ burns with ferocious power and passion.”

„ LOGAN CROSBY | logancrosby.com | Spotify|Singer/SongwriterLoganCrosby is a proud Georgia native and credits his early musical start to singing at his grandmother’s Baptist church. Having grown up in a musical family in rural America, Crosby always gravitated towards country music. Logan first gained notoriety when a string of successful videos on TikTok, as wellasothersocialmediaoutlets,garnered the attention of thousands of followers In July 2022, Logan appeared on the highly acclaimedABChittelevisionseries“Claim To Fame” where he came in second place while becoming a central beloved character of the series

„ KASSI ASHTON | kassiashton.com |

Spotify | With a little bit of rock, a hell of a lot of soul, and a throwback R&B groove MCA Nashville’s Kassi Ashton is set to take the music world by storm. Kassi defies convention and defines her signature style with confessional, catchy storytelling and dynamic delivery on songs including her latest, “Drive You Out of My Mind,” and critically acclaimed releases “Dates In PickupTrucks,”“Heavyweight,”“California, Missouri,” “Hopeless,” “Violins,” and more.

„ ALLEN HUDSON AND THE HALFMOONS|Facebook|Spotify|Allen Hudson and the Halfmoons are an alternative rock band from southeastern Virginia. They have recently garnered significant streams and radio time with their newly releasedsong“Indigo.”

For more information on Norfolk Festevents’ 2023 Season of Events visit Festevents.org

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The Flagship welcomes submissions from ourreaders online.

Pleasesubmiteventshere: www.militarynews.com/users/admin/calendar/event/

Pleasesubmitnewsandphotoshere: www.militarynews.com/norfolk-navy-flagship/submit_news/

Seeking to preserve Veterans’ stories of service and sacrifice


Whether it’s pride, pain, inspiration, nostalgia or a combination of sentiments, any time veterans tell their stories, there’s a good chance they’ll evoke strong emotions from both the tellers and their audiences Those feelings are often well-warranted as many veterans have been through intense experiences in the name of service to their country

United States Army Staff Sergeant Shilo A. Harris’ story is no exception.

Althoughhewantedtobeasoldierhisentirelife,itwasn’tuntilaftertheterrorist attacksofSept.11,2001thatHarrisfeltcompelledtoenlistintheArmy.Hewentto basictrainingatage27andbeganhiscareerasacavalryscoutstationedinGermany.

During his second deployment to Iraq, his life forever changed.

OnFeb.19,2007,Harriswasonpatrolwhenhismilitaryvehiclestruckanimprovised explosive device (IED). The estimated 700-pound IED, which was buried intheroad,blewthevehicle“topieces,”killedthreesoldiersandcriticallyinjured Harris and the vehicle’s driver

While he survived the explosion, Harris spent the next 48 days in a medically induced coma while doctors worked to heal the third-degree burns covering 35% of his body and multiple fractured bones Harris lost both ears, three fingers and thetipofhisnose Heunderwentmorethan75surgeriesandthreeyearsofintensive rehabilitation to regain basic abilities and maintain an independent lifestyle

HarrisretiredfromtheArmyin2010andisdeterminedtokeepagratefuloutlook despite struggling with post-traumatic stress and ongoing care needs.

“I do have bad days, but for the most part I live my life because life is worth living,” Harris said.


He also submitted his oral history to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project (VHP).

The Veterans History Project is a national effort to collect, preserve and make accessiblethefirst-handremembrancesofU.S.militaryveteransfromWorldWar I through more recent conflicts and peacetime missions so future generations mayheardirectlyfromveteransandbetterunderstandwhattheysaw,didandfelt during their service.

The stories veterans carry with them are powerful and shape who they are. Stories can hold valuable lessons, details of accomplishments and battles won or memories of friendship and camaraderie They can also serve as reminders of sacrifice and hardship

Participating with VHP can be as simple as recording a 30-minute (or longer) video or audio interview sharing details of your service Veterans or families of veterans may also submit a minimum 20-page diary journal or unpublished memoirand/or10originalphotosorletters EachcollectionisaddedtothepermanentarchivesoftheLibraryofCongressthenmadeaccessibletothepubliconline and in-person.

To get started, visit loc.gov/vets and click “How to Participate” to download a field kit and access more details and instructions


5 Tips to set your kids up for back-to-school success


Whether you’re dreading hectic schooldayschedulesorexcitedforkidstobebackin the classroom, most parents agree the transitionbacktoschoolcanbeastressfultime

Change can be trying for kids and adults but it doesn’t have to be if you tackle the season a little at a time - mentally, emotionallyandlogistically.

Considerthesefiveschool-readiness tips from KinderCare experts to help parents ease the jitters, prepare for school days and set goals to help ensure their children have greatyears


Ease into school-year routines. Many children thrive on routines Prep for the transitiontoaschool-dayscheduleasearly as possible by slowly moving your children’sbedtimesupalittleeachevening.You shouldalsoestablishschool-yearbreakfast, lunchanddinnerroutines tohelpchildren

adjust to regular mealtimes

„ Take a trial run and figure out what hiccups need addressing Ask your children’s school if you can take an after-hours tourtoincreasefamiliarityandpracticeyour routine According to KinderCare’s Parent Confidence Report, 61% of parents believe being a parent means constantly thinking about child care gaps, so now is the time to makebefore-andafter-schoolcarearrangementsanddiscussthemwithyourchildren Help ease their nerves by making sure they practice the little things like opening and closinglunchboxes,waterbottlesandbackpacks, and finding their drop off and pick up locations then adjust as needed to make suretheyfeelconfidentineachofthetasks

„ Start back-to-school conversations at home. Children sometimes experience big feelings, and they may not know how to explain what they’re experiencing.

Whether it’s excitement, jitters or anxiety around the unknown, having open conversations at home about school can give childrenacomfortablespacetosharewhatthey feel and help quell their nerves This is also a good time to gently remind your children about kindness and acceptance of others

During the school year monitor your children’s behavior to better understand how theymaybefeeling

„ Build strong home and school partnerships.Oneofthebestthingsyoucando foryourchildrenisgivethemtheresources they need for success then support them along the way. One way to do this is by buildingpartnershipswithyourchildren’s teachers to create a strong foundation for the entireschool year Whetherit’sjoining thelocalparentgroupatschool,downloading a classroom app, following your children’sschoolsocialmediapagesorsending an informal “getting to know you” email

to your children’s teachers, consistent and effectivecommunicationisoftenbeneficial whenyoufacechallengesorhavequestions down the road.

„ Setschool-yeargoals These don’t have tobeformal;theycanbeimpactfulandfun, too This may help your children understandwhatthey’reworkingtoward Maybe theywanttotryanewsportorlearnamusical instrument. Maybe they would like to increasetheirmathcompetenciesbyaletter grade or demonstrate more patience while learning new things. Make a mental note to continuouslyrevisitthesegoalsthroughout the year to celebrate progress and growth. Watch for ways you can help them accomplish these objectives with support from counselors coaches and instructors as well asathome


2 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 3 | Thursday, August 24 2023

VCW at Hampton High School on Sept. 2nd with Gangrel!

VirginiaChampionshipWrestlingreturns toHamptonHighSchoolforthesecondtime in 2023 on Saturday night September 2nd with special guest “The Vampire Warrior” Gangrel! Fans will be able to see the WWE Attitude Era legend in action as well as get anautographorphotowithhim!Doorswill open at 6:30 PM with bell time at 7:30 PM. Frontrowseatsare$30,ringsideis$25,and bleacherseatingisjust$20.Aportionofthe proceedsfromthiseventwillbenefitHampton High School Tickets can be purchased onlineinadvanceatvcwprowrestling.com.

ThelasttimeVCWwasatHamptonHigh School anewVirginiaHeavyweightChampion was crowned when The Boar pinned Logan Easton Laroux to win the richest prize in Virginia On September 2nd, these twowillfindthemselvesonoppositesidesof theringonceagain.However,thistimeitwill beinaboutfortheVCWTagTeamChampionship TheBoarwillteamwiththewinner of the 2023 Liberty Lottery Erica Leigh to battle VCW Tag Team Champions N_R_G (The Reason and Logan Easton Laroux). N_R_G became the VCW Tag Team Champions at the Liberty Lottery, when Laroux replaced an “injured” Jerry Stephanitsis in a match against the Golden Pinky Society. Laroux would use a crutch on the injured knee of Benjamin Banks to propel his partner The Reason toward their title victory After becoming the first woman in history to win the Liberty Lottery match, Erica Leigh made it clear she wasn’t a fan of how the ending to the VCW Tag Team Championship match went down. Therefore, she would use her guaranteed title match to team with her long-time friend The Boar and challenge for those titles. If they do manage to defeat N_R_G, Erica Leigh will make history once again as the first woman to hold the VCW Tag Team Championship Thisoneiscertaintobeexplosive!

Speakingofexplosive,Gangrelwillmake hisreturntoVCWinamatchagainstafamiliar rival “Mr. Xcellence” Brandon Scott. A few years ago, Gangrel defeated Scott for the Virginia Heavyweight Championship in a wild bout. These two have faced-off several times since that fateful day, but the issue between them is still present. Scott just recently came up short against Matt CardonaattheLibertyLottery,soheislooking to get his VCW career back on track. A victory against a legitimate legend would certainlydothat,butcanheputthevampire inhismetaphoricaltomb?

There’s no doubt that VCW is going to bring a lot of great action to Hampton High School, but apparently, it’s also going to bring a birthday celebration. We have all been invited to the 40th Birthday Celebrationof“TheDirector”JerryStephanitsison September2nd.Well…almostallofus “The Director has made it clear that the Golden Pinky Society are not invited to his party It seems a little petty because it is This event is certain to be filled with a lot of back-pattingandself-congratulations.Hopefullythe fansinattendancewillbeabletostomachit.

VCW Liberty Champion Devantes will defend his title against “The Heaven-Sent Kid” Alex Divine Divine nearly took the title from Devantes back in June in a Fatal Four Way bout despite having wrestled twice earlier in the same day! Now that the playingfieldwillbeleveled,it’spossiblethis couldbeAlexDivine’scrowningmomentin VCW. Nothing is for certain though, especially when “The Manager of Champions” NeilSharkeyislurkingatringside Hampton High School alumnus “The Platinum Icon” Phil Brown returns home tobattleBigACatthisstackedevent.Brown eliminated the monstrous Big AC from the Liberty Lottery single-handedly in an

incrediblefeatofstrength.Thebigmanhas beenstewingoverhiseliminationforweeks and intends to make a statement by taking down Brown in his hometown! If there’s one thing this author has learned over the years, it’s that you can’t count out the VCW veterannomatterhowimpressivethechallengemaybe

Also on the card, BJJ World Champion “Mush Master” Tim Spriggs takes on Dezmon King Irvin Legend challenges the mountain of a man named Rex Lawless Dirty Money goes one-on-one with the debuting Chris Slade. From top to bottom this is an impressive card and is certain to leavefanswithsomelastingmemories

VCWalwaysbringsanincrediblecardof family-friendlyprofessionalwrestlingaction to town and Saturday night September 2nd at Hampton High School will be no different!Don’tforgetthatdoorswillopenat6:30 PM with a 7:30 PM bell time. You can get your tickets online in advance at vcwprowrestling.com.I’llseeyouatthematches!

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Power back-to-school weeknight family meals with pecans


Back-to-school season means many families are busier than ever, leaving less time to plan weeknight meals While a new school year brings plenty of exciting moments, it also adds up to early mornings, long days and late evenings, making it tough to keepnutritiontop-of-mind.

With new routines and jam-packed calendars, quick and easy recipescanbethesolutionsyouneed.Swappingoutcomplicated dishes for simple dinners and make-ahead snacks allows you to make your loved ones health a priority while also managing hecticschedules

To help make those simple yet tasty menu additions a reality, look to a flavor favorite and nutrition powerhouse like pecans They’retheidealnuttokeeponhandtoincorporateintofavorite mealsandafter-schoolsnacks

Tasteisjustthebeginningwhenitcomestopecans Theirnutritiouspunchprovidesauniquemixofhealth-promotingnutrients Plus,they’reaversatileingredientthatcanshineinawiderange offlavorprofilesfromsweetorspicytosalty smokyandsavory

Thesebenefitsmakethemadelicious,nutrient-denseoptionto powerupschooldays Considerthemasabetter-for-youaddition to breakfast in banana bread recipes and energizing snacks like these Superfood Pecan Energy Bars They’re simple and nutritious, making them an ideal after-school snack and on-the-go solutionbetweenactivities

Whenthewholefamilycomeshomeafteralongdayofschool, work,gamesandsocialcommitments pecanscanaddadelightfulcrunchtoair-friedfavoriteslikechickentendersorchildhood classicslikeMacandCheesewithPecanBreadcrumbs.Formore back-to-schoolrecipeinspiration,visitEatPecans.com.

Mac and Cheese with Pecan Breadcrumbs

Cook time: 50 minutes | Servings: 6

„ 8ouncescavatappipasta

„ 1teaspoonsalt,plusadditionalforsalting pastawater,totaste

„ 1tablespoonbutter

„ 1block(8ounces)cheddarcheese

„ ½cuprawpecanpieces

„ 15ouncespart-skimricottacheese

„ 4tablespoonssourcream

„ ¼teaspoongroundpepper

„ 1largeegg,lightlybeaten


Cook cavatappi in salted boiling water Drain, reserving ½ cuppastacookingwater.Returnpastatopotandstirinbutter Usingboxgrater shredcheddarcheese

Using food processor, combine ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheesewithpecans Processtocoarsebreadcrumbconsistency Addremainingcheddarcheese,ricotta,sourcream,1teaspoon saltandpeppertowarmpasta.Stiruntilthoroughlycombined. Addegg;stir Add2-4tablespoonsreservedpastawatertoloosen mixture;stiruntilsmooth.

Pourintobuttered9-inchsquareorroundcasseroledishand topevenlywithpecantopping.


Substitutions: Use pre-shredded cheese in place of cheddar cheeseblock Usepastaofchoiceinplaceofcavatappi

Superfood Pecan Energy Bars

Cook time: 40 minutes | Servings: 14

„ 15Medjooldates(9ounces)

„ 1cuppecanpieces

„ ½cupgluten-freeoats

„ 1tablespoonchiaseeds

„ 1teaspoonvanillaextract

„ ½teaspooncinnamon

„ ¼teaspoonkoshersalt


In food processor, process or pulse dates untilchoppedandroughtextureforms Add pecanpieces,oats,chiaseeds,vanillaextract, cinnamon and kosher salt; process about 1 minuteuntilcrumblydoughforms Line baking sheet or jelly roll pan with parchment paper Dump dough into center of parchment paper and use rolling pin to rollinto6-by-10½-inchrectangle Cutdough into 14 bars about 1 ½-by-3 inches or into desiredshapes.

Bake bars 30 minutes. Cool bars to room temperature then refrigerate in sealed containerbetweensheetsofwaxpaper

To package for on-the-go snacking, cut 4-by-6-inch rectangles of wax paper wrap aroundbarsandsecurewithtape.

4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 3 | Thursday, August 24 2023

Have other health insurance?

Here’s how it works with TRICARE


YourTRICAREplanmightbeonlypartof yourhealthcarecoverage Ifyouhaveadditionalcoveragethroughyouremployer,your spouse’s employer, or a private insurance program, you have other health insurance (OHI) “TRICAREandOHIcanworktogetherto helpcoveryouformedicalcareandservices,” saidJeremySchneider,managementanalyst with TRICARE Policy and Programs at the DefenseHealthAgency “CertainOHIplans canaffectyourTRICAREhealth,dental,and pharmacybenefits.”

Here are six tips to help you learn how TRICAREworkswhenyoualsouseOHI.

1.HowtoreportyourOHI TellyourdoctorandTRICAREcontractorif youhavecoverageinadditiontoTRICARE. This will ensure all claims are processed accurately You can report your OHI using anyoftheoptionsbelow: „ Byphone:CallyourTRICAREregional contractor.

„ Online:Filloutandsubmityour TRICAREcontractor’sOHIquestionnaire. Thisformcanbefoundathttps://tricare. mil/FormsClaims/Forms/OHI „ Bymailorfax:Completeandsendthe OHIquestionnaire.


In most cases, TRICARE pays after OHI. This is true for employer-sponsored insuranceandprivateinsurance Ifyoubuytravel health insurance, TRICARE also pays after travel insurance You or your provider should only file a claim with TRICARE after your OHI processes your claim. If TRICARE receives your claim before your OHI, TRICARE will deny the claim. If TRICAREpaysfirstandthenlearnsyouhad OHI,TRICAREwilltakebackanypayments it made and reprocess the claim after your OHIprocessesit.

How does OHI work with the Medi-

care-wraparound plan TRICARE For Life?

As noted in the TRICARE For Life Handbook (https://www.tricare.mil/Publications/Handbooks/tricare_for_life), Medicare coordinates with your OHI.

Whether Medicare or your OHI pays first depends on if your OHI is based on current employment If your OHI pays after Medicare, you’ll need to submit a claim for TRICARE to pay any remaining balance TRICAREalwayspayslast.

There are a few exceptions to the “TRICARE pays last” rule File claims withTRICAREfirstifyouhaveanyofthese benefits:

„ Medicaid „ TRICAREsupplementalplans

„ State victims of crime compensation programs „ OtherfederalgovernmentprogramsidentifiedbytheDefenseHealthAgency

3.HowtouseOHIasanactiveduty servicemember Active duty service members can use OHI

under certain circumstances and when in compliance with Department of Defense andserviceregulations IfyouuseOHI,keep inmindthefollowing:

„ You’reresponsibleforallcosts

„ TRICAREwon’tbesecondpayer There’s no coordination of benefits with your OHI andTRICARE.

„ You must disclose your military status to your OHI to avoid claim denials or recoupments „ Ifyougetcarefromacivilianprovider,you mustcomplywithserviceregulations

„ Any unauthorized care may affect your fitnessfordutystatus

4.HowtocoordinateyourOHIwith pharmacybenefits

When you have OHI with pharmacy benefits,yourOHIpaysfirstandTRICAREpays second. Be sure to complete a TRICARE Other Health Insurance (OHI) Form and mail it to the TRICARE pharmacy contractor Express Scripts You can avoid higher costsbygettingyourprescriptionsfilledata

pharmacy that’s in both your OHI network and the TRICARE retail network. Read “How to Use TRICARE and OHI at the Pharmacy” to learn more at https://newsroom.tricare.mil/News/TRICARE-News/ Article/3050887/how-to-use-tricare-andother-health-insurance-at-the-pharmacy


If you’re enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP), submit the TDP claims formtoUnitedConcordia,theTDPcontractor United Concordia will work with your other insurance company to determine the coordination of benefits. Depending on the situation,TDPmaypayfirstorsecond Read the TRICARE Dental Program Handbook tolearnmore.

If you have dental coverage through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision InsuranceProgram(FEDVIP),youmayalso have other dental insurance Contact your FEDVIP dental carrier or your other insurance provider if you have questions about thecoordinationofyourbenefits


If you lose your OHI, TRICARE becomes the primary payer. If you have TRICARE For Life, TRICARE becomes the secondarypayer.RemembertotellyourTRICARE contractor that your OHI status has changed.LosingOHIcountsasaQualifying LifeEvent Thisgivesyouandeligiblefamily members90daystochangeyourTRICARE healthplan

If you haven’t informed your TRICARE contractor about your OHI, do so now. Whenallpartiesareinformedandworking together,itensuresyougettheproperbenefitfromyourhealthcarecoverage

Would you like the latest TRICARE news sent to you by email? Visit TRICARE Subscriptions and create your personalized profile to get benefit updates news andmore

Pediatric nearsightedness cases on the rise

Myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness,istheleadingcauseofvisualimpairment in children worldwide, according to theNationalInstitutesofHealth

“Myopia is the ability to see things up close but not far away,” said Dr Michael D. Pattison,readiness andoperationsoptometryprogrammanagerfortheDefenseHealth Agency’s Vision Center of Excellence

“Myopia is often diagnosed early in childhood, frequently a result of reported difficultyseeingatadistanceintheclassroom.

Pediatric Myopia is on the Rise

Nearsightedness affects one in three people ages 12 to 54 in the United States. Its prevalence has been rising worldwide according to the World Health Organization. Experts predicted that nearly 50% of theworld’spopulationwillbecomemyopic by2050,andabout10%ofthesenear-sighted peoplehaveseverecases

Juvenile-onsetmyopia themostcommon type typically starts during elementary school and the late-onset type is frequently showingupinteens

In a recent U.S. study, it’s estimated that 36%ofyouthhavemyopia,with41%ofthose located in urban areas and almost 16% in rural areas, according to the National InstitutesofHealth.

“The exact cause of myopia remains unclear but experts found that genetic predisposition and environmental causes contributesignificantlytothedevelopment andprogressionofnear-sightednessinchildren,”saidU.S.NavyCmdr (Dr.)HongGao, aerospace optometrist with the Medical ServiceCorps.

Pattison said that myopic parents are more likely to have nearsighted children. Kids with two myopic parents have three times or more higher risk of becoming near-sightedincomparisontokidswithout myopicparents According to Gao, an increase in screen time,lackofexposuretosunlight,andexcessivenearactivityaresignificantriskfactors

Near work is considered work that requiresclosevisualfocustoaworker’seyes, likeheavyuseofcomputerscreens working onapuzzle orevenreading.

She said preventive measures for myopia canvary

“Some interventions are shown to be effectiveindelayingtheonsetorcontrolling progression of myopia in children. For instance, increasing time spent outdoors and decreasing the duration of near work may prevent against developing myopia or myopiaprogression,”shesaid “Somestudiesshowthereisanassociation betweenphysicalactivityandoutdooractivitytothepointthatalotofeyecareproviders arenowrecommendingthatchildrentryto spendatleasttwohoursadayoutsidedoing something other than looking at devices,” said Pattison. “It’s good for children to play outsidewhenpossible.”

Why This Matters to the U.S. Military

“Warfighters with a functional unaided vision have significant advantage on the

battlefield or in other operational environments,”saidGao Service members with better vision have “less dependence on visual aids and better marksmanshipperformance,”Gaosaid.

Determiningwhytheseratesaretrending upwards is important to the Department of Defensetoensureitsfuturepoolofwarfightersaremissionready

Duringcalendaryear2019 approximately 20%oftheactivedutyservicemembershad substantialrefractiveerrorsthatrequirefulltime spectacle correction, according to an articlepublishedinaDHAMedicalSurveillanceMonthlyReport.

According to this report, 24% of U.S. armed forces active duty service members required some sort of spectacle correction, withalmost15%intheU.S.CoastGuard

Gao said that the “vision standard for appointment, enlistment, or induction into the military services has not changed for decades Medical waiver for higher nearsightedness is available for some military duties.”

“If a candidate’s vision can be corrected with glasses to a level at which they can read regularly sized print, then their vision will likely not prevent their enlistment or commission, saidPattison.

Most cases of myopia fall within the acceptable range of military vision standards,” he said. “Even with the increase in

the incidence of myopia in this country, it is unlikely to be an issue in terms of future numbers of individuals meeting the vision requirementstoenlistinthemilitary.”

There are a few specific occupations in the military, principally those dealing with aircraftandships,thatrequireahigherstandardofvisualfunction.<

Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Vision

Eatwell:Eatingahealthydietrichinfruits andvegetablescanhelpprotectyourchild’s vision.

Limit screen time: Increased screen time can make uncorrected vision problems worse.Takingfrequentbreaksisalsoagood habit to have when doing other kinds of near-visionactivities,suchasreading,writing,ordrawing Get enough sleep: Not getting enough sleep can affect how well your child’s eyes heal from everyday eye strain and irritants in the environment—like dry air, allergens, andpollutants Spend time outdoors: Just like other musclesinthebody themusclesintheeyes need time to relax. Going outdoors allows their eyes to look at objects in the distance, which gives their eyes a chance to recover fromeyestrainandfatigue

Wear sunglasses: Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays over time can be harmful to the eyes For the best protection, make sure yourchildwearssunglassesthathave100% UVprotection.

Useprotectiveeyewear:About90%ofeye injuries can be prevented with protective eyewear Ifyourchildisinvolvedinsportsor otheractivities,makesuretheywearprotectiveeyeweartoavoidseriouseyeinjuries

Get regular eye exams: When your child getsregulareyeexams,theireyedoctorcan followtheirvisionateverystageofdevelopment.Ifanythingchanges,thedoctorwillbe able to treat and manage your child’s vision quickly

“Overall the prevalence of nearsightedness is expected to be higher in the United States as young children nowadays are exposedtoexcessivenearactivityandmore screentimeearlierinlife,”saidGao “Preventionandcontrolamongschoolagechildren havethemostsignificantbenefit,whichmay prevent eye diseases, increase warfighter performance,reduceunaidedvisualdisability,anddecreasecostintheU.S.military.”

Like for any ailment, regular exams at every age are key to staying healthy and catchingproblemsearly

For information on TRICARE eye exam coverage, visit: www.tricare.mil/EyeExamsopensTRICARE.mil

Otherhealth insurance (OHI) is anyhealth coverageyou have in addition toyourTRICARE plan.It can be throughyouremployer,yourspouse’s employer,ora private insurance program. Certain OHI plans can affectyourTRICARE health,dental,and pharmacybenefits
U.S.AirForce Lt Col DerekMelton,an optometristwith the 181st IntelligenceWing examines a patient’s eyes in Owyhee,Nevada,May23 2023 Approximately100 Soldiers andAirmen from theArizona,Idaho,Minnesota,and Nevada National Guards are providing care forlocal residents May22-24 as part ofOperation Nimiipuu Health.Operation Nimiipuu Health is an Office ofSecretaryofDefense ReserveAffairs-sponsored, ArmyNational Guard-led,multi-service training event As part ofthe Innovative ReadinessTraining program,the event is designed to improve service memberreadinesswhile providing keyservices toAmerican communities.The IRTevent kicked offlastweekin Lapwai,Idaho and operated there through May18 before arriving at Owyhee.(U.S.AIRNATIONALGUARDPHOTOBYMASTERSGT.AMYM.LOVGREN) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, August 24 2023 5
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onhisSwerveCitypodcastliveandsomuch more.

Y: Let’s talk a little about you. As a true wrestling fan, who was your favorite wrestlergrowingup?

CT: The reason I became a wrestling fan was because of Hulk Hogan. He was marketedtokidsandwasareallifeHe-Man. Acomicbookcometolife hewasmyMarvel superhero

Y:Itisyourloveofprowrestlingandyour many podcasts with the who’s who of the wrestling world that made all this possible. FromBrucePrichardtoRicFlair,fromTony SchiavonetoArnAnderson,fromKurtAngle to Jeff Jarrett, from Eric Bischoff to Mick Foley toDiamondDallasPageandJake“The Snake” Roberts you are constantly adding evenmoreaswespeak.

CT:Weareveryblessed.Fanscanfindus on all social platforms and at www.adfreeshows.comformanyexclusivecontents

Y: I notice with your different podcasts, your style and questions vary How do you findyourflowwitheachpodcast?

CT:Iviewmyjobasbeingthepointguard and getting the ball where it needs to be for my teammates to score It’s not about me scoring points, it’s about me scoring assists. I let the play develop if you will, by letting our conversation evolve and based on the feedback,I’mgoingtosupporthimbyasking questions just like when you try to make a sale.Ihavetobeabletoadjust.Ican’tbethe same My job is to be a chameleon. I have a background in sales and I’ve been blessed to talk to people from all walks of life and the way you ultimately make a sale is to ask questions from the very generic to the very specific and as you get more specific, now you can “close the sale”. Well that principle can apply to a really good podcast We start very generally and we get more and more specificandattheendwegetastorythatthe restoftheworldhasnotheard Wemoveon andItrytodoitagainwithadifferenttopic.

I view the art of what these guys have done to be pretty valuable, special and very important and in order for us to hang it on the wall, well it needs a frame and I think that’s me I’ve got to frame this conversation and frame this art. I’m just the vehicle but also I know that I am the demographic

I am 41 years old and our average listener is 41.Ihaveaprettygoodideaofwhatwewant to hear Sometimes the talent, “the boys’ ‘, they don’t know It’s been so long that they have been a fan that they don’t think like a fan anymore, they think like an insider I’ll always think like a fan and have a pulse on whatthefanswanttohear

Y:Yourventureintopodcastingallstarted withBrucePrichard,whowasBrotherLove, manageroftheUndertakerinWWF/WWE andcurrentlytheExecutiveDirector-CWT atWorldWrestlingEntertainment(WWE).

HowdidyouandBruceoriginallymeetand how did the idea of doing a podcast come tobe?

CT: I met Bruce through Ric Flair Bruce and I hung out a couple of times With Bruce’s background in production, that led to us doing some business together and in ourquiettimesittingarounddrinkingbeer I wouldask,Heyman,Whathappenedwhen? andhewouldanswermyquestions Butthen I asked what happened when “The Radicalz jumped over from WCW to WWE?


He gave me an hour-long answer that had me at the edge of my seat, and I wanted more.Itwasalightningboltmoment.Isaid, Dude,that’sapodcast.

Bruce was like, “No I don’t want to do a podcast, they suck, and you got to have

guests.” I said, No, nobody cares about quests Theywantwhatyoujustdidandit’s a way better version of a shoot interview because it’s a specific topic, long form This is what people like me, a wrestling fan, are thirstyfor Iamthetargetdemographicfora podcast Youneedtodothis Overthecourse of two weeks I beat him down I convinced him to do one and he had one caveat: he demandedthatIdoitwithhim

Y: How do you feel your podcast with Bruce has evolved from the type of questions you ask to the humor and the banter that goes back and forth between the two of you from the first one to now your 400th episode?

CT:Ofcoursewhenwestarted,Brucewas not working for WWE and now as ExecutiveDirectorofWWE hebarelyhastimeto breathe Itisatestamenttohischaracterand speaks volumes about Bruce that he makes every effort to do the podcast. To answer your question, Bruce has loosened up and hehasmadeaconsciousefforttoquitbeing soguardedandjusttrusttheprocessandme We were already good friends at that point andhadreallygoodrapportbutnowwehave a better on air rapport maybe because we havefiguredoutourrhythmandthefactthat what the people want is the whole story in detail.

Y: Especially the first few years, your episodes with Bruce would go on for two to three hours. I love it; I do not want them toend.

CT: You know that long format goes against every conventional wisdom in the podcast industry Every matrix says you should not go past 1:20 min, you should be under an hour and now there is a push to make them 40 min, 20 min even 10 min Meanwhile we are going the opposite way. Some of our shows have been over 3 hours andwehadtoactuallytrimitdownbecause thefilewastoobigforustoshare.Weknow iftheshowswereshorterweprobablyhave moredownloadsbutweknowifthecontent

is riveting they will keep coming back. And we work hard to make sure the content is goodstuff

Y:YourfrustrationwithBruceonthe“No Holds Barred” episode made it real to me, the listener, of how seriously you take your part.Youwerepissedoffathimfornotbeing veryforthcomingwithhisinfo.

CT:Yes,Ihunguponhimandcalledhim back.Iputin8-15hoursbeforeIcallhimand he just has to answer On my end, I’ve got alltheequipment,doingalltheleveling,the research,puttingitalltogetherandallIneed Bruce to do is give me some good answers I’mgivinghimthewrestlingmad-libandall hehastodoisfillintheblanksanditwillbe captivatingandfunny,entertaining insightfulandeducational.IfeltlikeinthatparticularepisodeIwasgettingone-wordanswers Ineededhimtogivemesomething

Y:Whoaresomeofthenamesthatyouare impressedwiththatlistentothepodcast?

CT: The biggest name for me has been RickRuben(formerco-presidentofColumbiaRecords)andwhenIgotadirectmessage from Rick Ruben it was one of those I have totellsomeoneinmyofficemoments Ihave such respect for him and to know that he is listening is unbelievable to me As far as WWE, more guys listen than don’t. When I go to the WWE shows, a lot of the guys come over and introduce themselves to me and tell me how much they appreciate the show. The biggest thrill for me was Paul Heyman who introduced himself to me at a show, then followed me on twitter. ECW was my absolute favorite as a kid and to know he listens to something I do and appreciates it is awesome Sean Waltman has been a huge supporter and put us over and me specifically on the Pro Wrestling Torch. The fact that Ricky Morton listens to our show shocked me At WrestleMania 33,hetoldmehowmuchheenjoystheshow andBruce’simpressionofJimCornette It’s weird when guys you have grown up being afanof aretelling youtheyareafanof your

work. I’m just a fan. I buy tickets to shows. Ihave replicabelts I’mafan,soforthemto listen,itissuperhumbling It’sagreathonor.

Y: Another one of your great podcasts is “What Happened When” with Tony Schiavone Youarenowonepisode344 Howdid youandTonymeet?

CT: I met Tony through Ric Flair We had Tony on our original “Woooo Nation” podcast from a few years ago and I had his number When I started to think about the success of Bruce’s show and how the numbers have grown because people are thirstyfortheWWF/Estuff,Isaidyouknow this is only half of the story. The other half, WCWandtheCrockettsideofthestory,the onlyrightguytodothatwithisTonySchiavone He was there from the beginning: the Starcades, the JCP years, the WCW years, everything He was there for the good, the bad, and the ugly This is the guy He is a professional broadcaster; he is not overexposed.TheTonyIsawatNWALegendswas wittyandfoulmouthed.HereallyistheBob Saget of professional wrestling Everybody grewupwithhimbeinghisorherdad,then you go to his stand-up comedy, and you’re shockedwithwhatyouhear

Y:HowhaveyoubeenabletogetTonyto openupmorewithhisanswersandbemore forthcoming?

CT: I love that you ask the question that way. Tony has not changed, I have Our debut show was Goldberg I approached it as if I had Bruce in front of me and I did not.Ispentaweekdoingmyresearch,really worked hard on it. We got a lot of info to ask, but I did not get a lot of info back. My rapport with each one is different. And in reality their jobs were different Tony’s job was calling matches and Bruce’s job was helping creative for everyone So I learned intimetoaskquestionsinordertogetTony’s opinion,andhecouldsayitwasstupidifhe wantedto

Y: Let’s talk about one more podcast. Aboutayearago,youaddedDiamondDallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts to your podcastfamily Howdidthathappen?

CT:Ididn’tknowitbutbehindthescenes Jake was talking to DDP for a long time about doing a podcast. Eventually, Dallas gives in and says I will if Conrad would do it with us I had seen Dallas and Jake do an update video when Jake was in town in Atlanta after a long, long time of him not being there. They used to put content out together all the time when Jake was living with Dallas but that was not their circumstanceanymore SowhenIsawtheirupdate videoonYouTube ImessagedDallasattwo o’clock in the morning because Dallas stills runs on that old wrestlers schedule and I said, Hey man, I see you guys talking again on camera and I just wanted you to know howgreatIthoughtitwas.

Dallas said, “Man, your ears must have been burning, I’ll call you tomorrow.” So he called me the next day and said, “Jake has beenaftermetodoapodcastandItoldhim IwoulddoitonlyifConradhastimetohelp us.” And when Jake and Dallas ask you, you sayYES

Y:Whathasbeenyourfavoriteepisodeof DallasandJake’s?

CT:Ihavehadsuchagreat timewiththe guys The episode Iammost proudof is the ScottHallepisode Itwasanemotionalshow about their friend Scott, the ups and downs oflife,justthehumanconditions Ijustthink it was a home run episode and really, really special.

Yiorgo is an arts, entertainment and sports writer A stage, TV and movie actor, he is also a sports entertainer, educator, motivational speaker, writer storyteller and columnist

(PHOTOCOURTESYOFSTARRCASTVI) Starrcast VI from Page 1 8 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 3 | Thursday, August 24 2023
ConradThompson rightwithYiorgo at lastyear’s StarrcastV.(PHOTOCOURTESYOFYIORGO)