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Military Kids International Promise At Military Kids International we work hard to know military

kids and their families. We take the time to understand their challenges and unique lifestyle. And we know you need resources to build family readiness, teaching kids the skills of resilience; the ability to handle change and overcome hard times. That’s why M.K.I. promises to offer resources that are resilience building, age appropriate, fun and easy to use. These relationship building resources help kids discover the adventure of the military lifeTM.

Welcome to the program for children of service members that’s filled with adventure! Its volunteer friendly,, easy to decorate and tons of fun!

On Resilience Island your kids will: ○ Dive feet first into activities that build resilience through adventurous pirate play. ○Create meaningful connections with their peers, command , families and community partners. ○Create awesome take home tools to thrive during deployment ○Discover the adventure of the military life! So batten your hatches and hoist your mainstays landlubber– the adventure to earn your sea legs is about to begin!

Passport to Adventure Creed “I HAVE… friends and family I can trust and talk to about how I am feeling. I AM… a friend that shows I care about others and their needs by helping them. I CAN… learn about myself and others through what I think, what I say and what I do. I WILL… discover the adventure

of the military life.”

All aboard Military Kids International’s

Voyage to Resilience IslandTM, as military kids embark on a high seas adventure! As kids set sail around the pirate island hideaway, at Resilience Island, they’ll learn tools and tips to develop the skills of resilience and

discover the adventure of the military life! This easy to use, effective, and fun outreach program is exactly what your family readiness program is looking for.

How it works On the Voyage to Resilience Island, school age children become Crew Members & form small groups of up to 25 kids (a Crew). Each Crew has a Captain– or an adult or teen leader. Crews rotate through 5 stations, or Ports of Knowledge, during a single event and the Passport to Adventure Creed is reinforced at each station throughout Resilience Island in creative ways.

At Marauder’s Beach Crew Members learn their role during

deployment as they discover personal responsibility and

teaches kids that every family member plays an active role in a successful deployment.

Swashbuckler’s Lagoon field games and active play encourages communication and teambuilding through fun, interactive pirate games.

Blackbeard’s Locker unleashes creativity and personal expression as Crew Members create a Deployment Treasure box– a useful tool that encourages families to stay connected during deployment.

Buccaneer’s Bluff helps Crew Members learn the foundation for understanding deployment by exploring the Earth in which they live and gives them a chance to change the lives of children in their community, building a sense of empowerment through local community service projects.

Darkwater Falls encourages Crew Members to navigate the oceans of emotion that deployment brings when kids learn about their feelings through an interactive and familiar game.

We’ve taken care the details... so you can focus on outreach, fun and helping kids discover the adventure of the military life! Voyage to Resilience Island Pre-Deployment Program comes with everything you’ll need to plan a successful predeployment outreach event. Included items in the kit       

Live introduction webinar Director’s Resource Guide Craft Guide Games Guide Feelings Guide Responsibility Guide Snack Guide

     

Service & Geography Guide 2 Captain’s Log Leader Guides 24 Crew Member Guides 2,400 Courage Coins Trading Post Kit Certificate of Completion

Resilience Island Pre-Deployment Starter Kit Item number: RI-SK1-1000

Crew Member Kit Item: RI-SK1-1025

24 Student Workbooks 2– Captain’s Logs 2,400 Courage Coins

Trading Post Kit Item: RI-SK1-1500

An assortment of over 200 kind friendly, fun items to stock your trading post.

Director’s Resource Guide Item: RI-SK1-1035

Includes: Instructional how-tos, Check lists, Budget worksheets, Press Releases, Certificates of Appreciation, Community Partnership Re sources, and more!


Your crew members, staff and volunteers will really get into the spirit of the adventure with these awesome program resources.



Captain Bags 20x20

Unit size 12

Unit size 1

Unit size 12


RI-2035 (1-5)

Front Staff Shirts RI-2045

Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL



Sashes– Youth Unit size 24 RI-2035 (6-10)

Lanyard Unit size 12 RI-2025

Youth Pirate Hat Unit size 12 RI-2040

Courage Coin Pouch Unit size 12 RI-2060

Stationary Unit size 12 RI-2100

Iron-On Transfer Unit size 6 RI– 2046

* All items subject to availability.

Crew Member Carry All Unit size 24 (9x12) RI-2055

Inflatable Globe Unit size 12 RI-2110

Pirate Eye Patches Unit size 12 RI-2120

Scene It


Recreate the magic of Resilience Island with our easy & cost effective Scene It KitsTM. Designed by event design professionals, our kits will make decorating for your program a breeze.


A. Scene it: Dock Kit RI-3000 Our 20’ dock is created by 2’x4’ wood grain flat paper and corrugated pilings. Assembly required. Includes paper for 11 pilings and corrugated boardwalk.



Add themed accessories to your Scene It Kits to bring them to life.

B B. Lantern Pilings RI-3010



C. Wood Grain Paper RI-3020-1

C. Lantern RI-3015

Ranging in size from 2’-6’, the pilings Lt. wood grained pattered paper, 12”x5” holds a tea feature hemp rope accents and a lamp. printed on one side. 4’x 50’ roll. light– not included.

Scene It Kits


E. Island Photo Mural RI-3025-1 Comes in 8 easy to handle pieces of heavy paper. 9’x 12’6”

F. LED Tea Light RI-3017 2”x1” Battery operated candle with flickering flame. Battery included.


Pirate’s Cove- Greet your Crew Members during the Pirate’s Cove opening


and closing assembly with an authentic clipper ship and cove scene. G. Pirate’s Cove Ship RI-3100


This massive8’ h x16’ w x8’ deep printed ship features hemp rope accents. Decorated on one side. Masts sold separately. Assembly required.

H. Pirate’s Cove Ship Masts RI-3125




(3) 16’h x 7’w x 1’d corrugated masts with hemp rope, gossamer and fishnet. Assembly required.


I. Treasure Chest

This cardboard and corrugated chest is 27”w x 14”h x 17” d. Assembly required.

K K. Scene It Paper– Sand



J. Water Gossamer RI-3022

This non-woven, lightweight and sheer material Create a sand dappled shoreline with this bright, creates the perfect seascape. 19”w, 25yd. sturdy paper. 9’ x 36’ roll. 1 2 K. Scene It Paper 3 4 RI-3030- (1-20) 5 6 Transform any room using 7 8 our paper to cover doors, 9 10 11 12 walls, floors and windows. 13 14 Works with most art medi15 16 ums so you can create perfect 17 18 scenes. without worrying. K 19 20 L

L. Scene it: Darkwater Falls Kit


Set the scene to discuss oceans of emotion with this 9.5’h x 9.5’ w waterfall made of gossamer and lights draped over a cardboard structure. Iridescent shred adds the sparkle.




Gulls RI-3015 Coins RI-3030 Tree RI-3018 3-d, paper with 21” wingspan. 12 per unit

Plastic coins. 144 per unit.



Map RI-3025-2 Beads RI-3032

Inflatable palm Giant World map tree. 43’w x 5.5’h photo mural. 31’ round base 6’x8’4”

72 count.

Resilience ISland by Military kids International  
Resilience ISland by Military kids International  

Military Kids International's Passport to Adventure Program- Voyage to Resilience Island, A Pirate's Guide to pre-deployment teaches militar...