Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) Pamphlet

Page 3

Similarly, the Army has canceled a series of policy letters which impermissibly departed from the standard VA schedule of disabilities. My PEB liaison officer -- PEBLO – knows what he/she is doing and has my best interests at heart. Sometimes this is true -- sometimes not. PEBLOs work for the military department and are typically, mid-level military or civil service personnel. Several of them are particular favorites of ours – but clients tell us that other PEBLOs appear weak or disinterested. You looked out for the military -- they will look out for you. Sadly, we often say that our clients have a “broken heart" along with other disabilities or injuries. We mean this: They gave their all for the military, laying their lives on the line in Afghanistan or Iraq. They believed they could rely on a “bargain” which the Nation will honor. Unfortunately, the best way to view the system is like your antagonist in a personal injury lawsuit.

“I don’t get it. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan, both. Now I’m screwed up. It’s not enough to tell me “thanks for your national service.” I heed to put food on my table for my family. Why don’t they care?

--Army E-7

My assigned military lawyer will work hard for me and knows what he/she is doing. Once again, we find many dedicated, hard-working judge advocates ready to help clientele. The core problem lies in the fact that your assigned JAG has no specialized medical training. Question: How can such a lawyer, however dedicated, counter assertions made by the voting PEB doctor sitting on your board?

“Will Captain X take the bullet for me? He serves with these PEB board members all day long. You think he’s going to get them ticked off at him just for me, one lonely client? “

--Air Force E-6

The PEB system is always fair. We only wish this were so. We often run into truly, sad stories. One of our clients, a young man at Fort Bragg, was unable to get his military chain of command to listen despite obvious traumatic brain injuries and PTSD concerns.