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Few Things to Consider for Third Party Software Testing Services Third­party certifications give customers confidence that the products and services they invest in are  able to meet the needs from a security and trust perspective. There   are   many   companies   who   often   do   not   have   sufficient   resources   or   expertise   required   to  conduct an entire set of tests before accepting custom software from a vendor. Even though a service  type agreement may exist between the client and vendor, these kinds of agreements helps to reduce  the cost and frustration of spending more working time to correct bugs when development is not to the  acceptable phase. Often,   vendors still   may charge  for   rework  by  citing  weak   or   ambiguous  requirements that were provided by the client. At the end, the client spends considerably   more   than   planned   in   time   and   money   just   to   get   the   result   they   expected.   Now a days  quality of software naturally becomes a common focus, and much attention is given to the quality of  the   software,   such   as   security,   stability,   reliability,   convenience,   functional   agility   and   high­ performance,   etc.   As   third­party   testing   agencies   meet   all   of   the   above   conditions,   the   third­party  testing is the effective way to raise the level of testing, quality assurance and deliver full play to test  effectiveness.  A couple of questions for considerations  What we are we trying to achieve? The   more   clear   the   requirement   the   better   understanding   and   better   approach   and   pathway.  Requirement is the root of a software development. Requirements clearly understood by the testing  team become the quality base of a software­testing project.  Who can do it?  We must outsource the software testing activity service according to the testing requirement and the  testing organizational capability to complete the effort. How does the third­party agency achieve the testing effort? Preferences   to   standardized   organization   can   be   given   as   they   have   well   defined   processes   and  methodologies for all activities. Help and supervision for the work to the testing company does go a  long way in getting effective and fair outcomes. Not only the application but also the documentation  with all its norms and sufficiency’s get delivered timely. Advantage: ­ Identifies requirement issues in the early development stages of the application. ­ Provides a check and balances system that benefits the client and software vendor. ­ Saves money and rework time by reducing the number of errors coded in the first place. ­ Verifies that the technical design conforms to the requirements and expectations of the user. ­ Provides the client with an objective view of the readiness of the software at any given time. ­ Reduces the client's workload by having an independent third party test the vendor built application,  minimizing the chances a client will sign off and accept problematic software. ­ Reduces the number of defects released into production.

Every business aims to develop a solution that can capture maximum market within less time. This will  only be possible if all the bugs and errors are eliminated from the software before its final release. SPEC­INDIA, leading offshore software company in India offers testing services like usability testing,  android application testing and manual software testing. 

Few Things to Consider for Third Party Software Testing Services  
Few Things to Consider for Third Party Software Testing Services  

It is a fact that software testing requires additional investments in terms of qualified manpower, resources, time and money. Customers gain...