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MBA Newsletter Message From the MBA Director alumni to join the alumni board. The Alumni Association organized pre-event gatherings before the autumn quarter executive speaker and the Professional Networking Event. We look forward to more alumni association activity in the near future. I am pleased to present 26 students who should be joining the alumni ranks by the end of Summer if not sooner. Please take a look at their profiles in the pages that follow. The founding president of our alumni association, Chris Inverso, has had some success in recruiting

V O LUME 3 (3) S PRIN G / S UMME R 2013

I N S I D E T HI S IS S UE : graduate and MBA classes as relevant. I had the pleasure of hosting Brittany Ellsworth 2011, David Sloan 2011, Adam Small 2010, Paul Werner 2009, and Geoff Lawrence 2007 in my own classes. If you would like to guest lecture please email Aubree of your availability and the topics you would be interested in speaking on. Also, please do send us news about you for the class notes section—promotions, additions to the family, etc.

It was great seeing many of you at the TGIF/ 10 Year Reunion. We hope you will join us in the future for these events and for our quarterly executive speaker series. We are very interested in having MBA alumni Please read on to learn guest lecture to our undermore about Professor Daniel Bryan.

Class Notes for Spring 2013 Class of 2003 Cheryl Ann Graf

Meet the Graduates


Executive Speaker Series


Foster International Study Tour


Spring TGIF & Class of 2003 Reunion


Faculty Profile & Beta Gamma Sigma


P O I N T S O F I N T E R ES T:  Application Deadline— The application deadline for Autumn quarter is July 15th, 2013  Class Notes—send your updates to Aubree Steffens at by October 15, 2013to be included in the next newsletter.

While attending UW- Tacoma I was directing a local Emergency Department (ED) and working clinically as a Nurse Practitioner. I went on to work as a consultant and sales executive for a prominent Emergency software vendor for 5 years on a national level. Traveling across the USA helping hospitals with key changes in their EDs related to documentation and provider adoption of software solutions. I went on to add one more daughter (total 4) now with my husband and we have also become Grandparents x 2. UWT has proven to open doors in my career and strengthen my professional relationships and created a lasting relationship with the best professor of all time Richard Stackman who has taught me many lessons and challenges since my graduation in 2003. Class of 2012 Graciela Tena de Lara Grace and her family will be moving to Madrid this summer for her husband’s next military assignment. Grace is excited to explore opportunities to use her MBA education abroad. Stay connected with the Milgard MBA by liking us on Facebook and joining the Milgard MBA alumni group on Linked In. Search for “Milgard School of Business MBA” Search for “Milgard MBA Alumni Group”

Sharath Gopalappa ‘13 participating in the Foster School of Business study tour in Argentina.

V O LUME 3 (3)


Meet the Graduates Brendalynn Taulelei Brendalynn plans to continue her role as Aviation Business Systems Manager for the Port of Seattle. She hopes to pursue more senior level positions within the organization now that she has completed her MBA. In the meantime, Brendalynn is looking forward to some much needed relaxation. She plans to do some traveling with her family in the summertime and just enjoy her free time before starting on new projects.

Brendan VanderVelde Brendan is enjoying his new role as the Budget Manager for the Attorney General of Washington. He is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and son and the birth of his daughter (May 2013!).

Charles Kraus Attending the Milgard School of Business has been a great experience, the knowledge and insight I've attained has given me confidence and preparation to seek out new career options. I'm currently looking at entrepreneurial possibilities in the Puget Sound area and cultivating options in International Business. Also looking forward to an uninterrupted football season free from study and student project deadlines.

Clay Krauss Clay is currently working as an IT Management Analyst for the City of Tacoma. He looks forward to using his Milgard education to make a positive impact in confronting complex organizational challenges.

Katie Parlin Katie is looking forward to the road that lies ahead. This includes her husband returning home from Afghanistan in June, followed by a much needed boat cruise through British Columbia after classes have ended in August.

Matt Schemp Professionally, I continue working at Weyerhaeuser Company as Finance & Planning Manager for our distribution business in the Northwest. Personally, after graduation, I'm looking forward to spending more time with my wife, Megan, and son, Griffin (2).

Christy Allen

Megan Bentley

In September 2012, Christy accepted an Associate Product Manager position within the product development group of Russell Investment's Private Client Service business unit. Upon completing her final quarter of grad school this summer, Christy plans on preparing for and taking the Series 7 exam. And then Christy plans on enjoying life without any exams or study nights.

After finishing up in a-term this summer I am getting married, and then I plan to put all the vacation time I’ve saved up over the past two years for a great honeymoon! Professionally, I will be continuing in my current role here at UW Tacoma with an eye toward further advancement within the field of Higher Education.

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Meet the Graduates Mike Warjone Mike looks forward to spending more time with his wife and daughters. He was also recently promoted to Forestry Manger for US Operations at Port Blakeley Tree Farms

Oscar Rangel I am planning to continue working as a financial analyst for Weyerhaeuser. I want to use the skills that I have acquired from this MBA to open my way into more challenging opportunities. I am also looking forward to spending more time with my family and catching up with all my other hobbies (e.g. soccer).

Paula Greuling Paula continues in her search for excellence in home and in work. “I just plan to live each day the best I know how and hopefully the result will be goodness --- in the children I turn out, in the job I do for my employer and in the relationship I have with my spouse.�

Rick Griffith After a recent change from private sector to the public sector, I will continue to work for the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services as the Enterprise Network Operations Manager. Leading technical staff through fast-paced change, providing them a vision for the future and implementing innovative technologies to modernize our government is a challenge that I look forward to.

Rocale Timmons Currently applying to move from the public to the private sector.

Ryan Finley Ryan will continue his work in project management at Razorfish. This summer he will be working on his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in addition to training for cycle tour, and catching up on two years of pleasure reading.

Scott Miloscia Scott is looking forward to spending more time with his family and in-laws back in Asia. He still works for the State of Washington and is now focusing on Quality/ LEAN continuous process improvement.

Sharath Gopalappa I am currently working as a Software design engineer at Microsoft. I am planning to explore the financial roles after my graduation. I would like to thank my family members (parents, sister and my wife) for all their support towards my management career.

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Meet the Graduates Stephanie Puleo

Wes Bailey

Stephanie plans to spend her vastly increased free time with her husband working in their yard and preparing their house for sale. Next year her and her husband plan on moving somewhere new (and hopefully sunnier). Stephanie is looking forward to finding a company to work for where she can apply her new MBA knowledge and be a true asset.

Wes Bailey plans to take a short break after graduation to reconnect with family and friends. After that, Wes will be working on entrepreneurial ventures and developing various concepts.

Clint Farleigh I believe that I have grown in many ways through my experiences in the last two years and I will continue to try to challenge myself. I look forward to spending time with my family after graduation.

Not pictured: Shana Konschuh, Sean Falk, Lee Kirkpatrick, Geoff Moody, Kurt Jones, Todd Malone, Leah Marquez-Glynn

Executive Speaker Series: Anthony Hemstad, President and CEO of World Trade Center Tacoma

On May 28th the Milgard MBA Executive speaker, Anthony Hemstad, President and CEO of World Trade Center Tacoma spoke to the audience about international trade and the work of the World Trade Center. Mr. Hemstad’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound; Master of Arts degree from University of London and his MBA from University of Chicago. His career has been varied and has included being a professor in Prague, running his own public affairs firm, and serving as City Manager of Maple Valley. Mr. Hemstad started his talk by offering his advice for students about to graduate.

His main pieces of advice were to continually reinvent yourself and your career-take stock in your achievements and seek new challenges and opportunities. He discussed the importance of having strong network of colleagues that you take time to know both personally and professionally. Develop relationships with people who can serve as mentors. Take advantage of opportunities to experience new cultures and languages, if possible, spend time overseas and learn how different cultures operate. Mr. Hemstad has served as President of World Trade Center Tacoma since 2009. In this time membership has tripled and continues to grow. World Trade Center is the largest international network supporting global business. The WTC Tacoma is one of the fastest growing in the western hemisphere. The benefits of joining include trade consulting and research; trade education and training; and trade missions. The resources available help businesses create trade opportunities worldwide and offers expertise in trade with China, an important global market. Another goal of WTC Tacoma is promote international investment in Pierce County. Currently, Washington State

ranks 35th in states with Foreign Direct Investment. There are some challenges with increasing foreign investment in Pierce County, China is a large investor, but tends to invest more heavily in San Francisco, Orange County, and Vancouver, BC where there are larger Chinese populations. Another challenge is that with the global economic crisis, many countries are aggressively seeking foreign investors. Additionally, other countries, such as Canada, are common wealth nations which have processes that make it easier to get an investment visa. The United States EB-5 program is similar in idea, but has more loop holes. The EB-5 process has been revised but still has a way to go to work as well as the Canadian process. Mr. Hemstad pointed out that Washington state is largely trade dependent. Forty percent of the state’s jobs are tied to trade. The top exports are transportation goods and agriculture. He also pointed out the importance of service exports such as healthcare and education. Mr. Hemstad provided the students with some great insights into international trade as well as gave them some wonderful advice to keep in mind along their journey towards their MBA.


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Todd Malone-Foster School of Business International Study

The Global Business Center at the Foster School of Business organizes global business study tours. The study tours are between 10-14 days and usually depart during winter quarter finals week and span spring break. This year five Milgard MBA students took advantage of the opportunity, three students went to China and two went to Argentina. One of our China study tours participants, Todd Malone wrote up a few paragraphs about his experience. The International Study Tour to China was AMAZING! Having an opportunity to meet with key players, expats, and senior management of organizations such as; Amazon China, Apple China, KPCB China, SKF China, and of course US Chinese

Ambassador Gary Locke, was invigorating. The professionalism, insight, and experience of not only the individuals but the organizations brought so much deeper of an understanding (and application) of concepts that I have learned through my time at the Milgard MBA. We had the opportunity to travel to a beautiful, historical, and culturally rich country. Having time and opportunity to see historical landmarks or even ride a bullet train (somewhere around 300 kmh) was insane! My favorite had to be the Great Wall; how crazy is, not only, the size of the structure but the fact that there was drainage built into the wall with a natural grade sloping from one side to the other (funneling then to holes

which released the water)? My favorite moment was that I was able to toboggan down from the Great Wall to the town below. I feel that where possible every MBA student should take the opportunity to do a study tour and gain appreciation for other cultures. You may just end up falling in love with a whole new world. Check the Global Business Center website for information about their 2014 tours.


Spring Quarter TGIF & Class of 2003 Reunion

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Q&A—Faculty Profile with Dr. Daniel Bryan, By Jennifer Rea, Milgard Scholar, MBA Program Intern eventually took a management position. I spent a total of six years living in Japan. I spent one year learning Japanese at a language school, and four and a half years with Nortel. The other six months I spent just enjoying Japan. Q: Could you tell us about what you are currently researching?

Q: Dr. Bryan, when did you begin at the University of Washington Tacoma’s Milgard School of Business? A: The fall of 2007. Q: What about the Milgard School of Business attracted you to this very young (est. 1994) program? A: The Northwest location along with its size and potential for growth is what attracted me. It reminded me of my days at Cal State San Bernardino. I was also drawn by the opportunity to work with such great colleagues who have a good publication record. Q: Where did you attend college? A: I received my undergrad and MBA at California State University, San Bernardino. I then attended the University of Oregon for my PHD. Q: Tell us about your professional experience and any affiliations you would like to share. A: I did various internships during undergraduate school, but my first real professional experience was with Ernst & Young as an auditor. I spent three years with E &Y and finished my time there as a senior auditor. I next worked at Nortel in Tokyo, Japan. I started as a systems analyst, and

A: I am working on a paper on bankruptcy emergence, the impact or role of auditor’s opinion, and management gaming the system through aggressive accounting techniques or changing auditors. I am also currently working on a paper about the effect that accruals have in compensation. Q: What made you choose academia? A: My father was an accountant and auditor for the United States Air Force. He also taught part time community college night classes. Both of my parents went back to school so I was in an academic environment from a very young age. Having academia as a very visual piece of my childhood was a large factor in my decision to teach. Q: Could you share with us some changes or improvements you have seen in managerial accounting and auditing processes from when you started your career to today? A: There have definitely been some changes in auditing since the late 80’s to early 90’s in the area of efficiency. The swing towards higher efficiency decreased the amount of work and detail in audits and in turn lowered the quality. This change is what created the many famous auditing failures such as with the company Enron. Now, thanks to many recent government regulations, the efficiency is swinging back towards more work/detail. This has caused parts of auditing to begin being outsourced, which I do not think is necessarily a good thing. The outsourcing is

removing the main audit team from examining some of the internal controls of the business processes. This could definitely lead to problems in the future because the audit team may lose some understanding of internal controls and business processes important to the production of the company’s financial statements. It may also affect the on the job training of the entry level auditors. In regards to managerial accounting, I would say that the most significant change has been in compensation. Now top management, more often than not, is compensated with stock options. This can be very good for a company’s growth, as a personal stake in the company’s success could drive the top management to take some healthy risks. However, when the growth begins to subside this could drive them to be overly aggressive and try to manipulate the system. Some would say that Sarbanes Oxley is supposed to fix this possible issue, but I am not sure it has helped with the management philosophy side. Q: Do you have any advice for students as they strive toward earning their MBA? A: I would tell them to study hard and to build that foundation of business language, marketing, and strategy negotiations. Find opportunities to use and practice your work. I would also say to build up your networking through your MBA colleagues. Take advantage of the networking opportunities that are available while earning your MBA. Q: Dr. Bryan is there anything else you would like to share with the Milgard School of Business MBA candidates? A: Don’t get too engrossed in your pursuit of career goals to miss out on the world. Take some time off and explore. You owe it to yourself to take a break, and I would suggest taking a couple weeks after graduation to travel.

Congratulations to 2013’s Beta Gamma Sigma Inductees! From left to right: Lee Kirkpatrick, Megan Bentley, Clinton Farleigh, Clay Krauss, Geoff Moody, and Brendan VanderVelde

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