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MBA Newsletter Message From the MBA Director

In this issue, I am pleased to share 10 year updates from several alumni from our inaugural class of 2003. The Milgard School looks forward to

recognizing and celebrating with the 19 alumni from our inaugural MBA class at a 10 year Reunion during our Spring Quarter TGIF on May 17th. In addition, we will toast the 28 students who have or will join our alumni ranks this academic year. Please plan to join us for this event; we enjoy reconnecting with alumni and introducing you to our current students.

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Please read on to learn more about various events organized by the MBA program this past quarter and view profiles of current students, alumni, and faculty. We hope that you are well and look forward to seeing you at a future event and connecting with you virtually. As always we appreciate your recommending our program to those in your social and professional

Class Notes for Spring 2013 Class of 2013 Geoffrey Moody Dr. Altaf Merchant and second year MBA student Geoffrey Moody’s paper titled Impact of University Heritage and Reputation on Attitudes of Prospective Students has been accepted for presentation at the Academy of Marketing Science Main conference. This emerged out of Moody’s independent study with Dr. Merchant.

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Class of 2003 10 year updates


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P O I N T S O F I N T E R ES T:  Priority Application Deadline—The application deadline for Autumn quarter is May 1, 2013.  Class Notes—send your updates to Aubree Steffens at by May 10 to be included in the next newsletter.  Class of 2003 10 Year Reunion & Spring Quarter TGIF– May 17th 5-8pm The Swiss  Have you signed up for the MBA Alumni Association (MBAAA)? Join by filling out the online form:

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Class of 2003 10 Year Updates Kandice Kimberling After 15 years in HR at Boeing, I changed careers in 2011. Still with Boeing, I am now part of Supplier Management and am a Procurement Agent for the 747-8 program working on the lightning strike appliqué project. I am fortunate I was able to make such a dramatic career switch and I am really enjoying my new endeavors as a Buyer. My husband David and I are expecting our first child (son), Odin Halvorsen, in March 2013. I still see John Harrison, Ben Shamansky, Chris Dinwoodie and Darin Padur from time to time to reminisce about the greatest and smartest MBA class in the history of UWT.

Pat Lewis I am current working as a Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager for Umpqua Bank in downtown Tacoma, where I’ve been for over five years. I’ve been keeping myself busy with my three kids…Andrew (18), Nathan (14), and Sydney (10). I’m also currently serving as President of the Pierce College Foundation Board and President of Puyallup PlayCare Center.

Emily Hawkins After earning the Associate of the Society of Actuaries designation in January 2009, I continued at Standard Insurance company for another 2.5 years before starting with a media analytics company called Rentrak in November 2011. I work in the television division calculating ratings and other measurements that compete with the Nielsen ratings… pretty interesting stuff! On a personal level, I continue to enjoy traveling, particularly trips to England and Zambia, as well as ringing handbells and participating in the Portland To Coast walking relay race every summer.

Eric Kurtz While attending UW-Tacoma for my MBA, I was working as a Product Line Engineer for Maxon Furniture in Kent, WA. Shortly after receiving my MBA, I was promoted to Product Manager and served in that role for several years and got married to my beautiful wife! I then worked for Lumicor, Inc. for 4 years in Renton, WA as Product and Engineering Manager. I am currently located in Milwaukee, WI, serving as a Market Manager for Bostik, one of the largest adhesive and sealant companies in the world. My wife and I are about to celebrate our 9th anniversary with our 3 daughters! (Wish me luck!) The MBA program at the University of Washington, Tacoma was the best educational experience of my life. I appreciate the dedication, innovative approach, and professional focus of the faculty and administration. I would highly recommend the MBA program at the University of Washington, Tacoma to anyone aspiring to be a positive change agent grounded in proven application techniques.

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Class of 2003 (cont.) Sarah Hogenson Sarah Hogenson graduated and entered a 2-year accelerated Leadership Development program at Boeing. Upon graduation, she accepted a Senior Leadership position within Industrial Engineering, setting up the new Final Assembly and Delivery Center in South Carolina for the 787 program. Currently, her latest promotion has been into a South Carolina Site Leadership role as the Training and Employee Development Leader for 6,000 + employees where she partners with the state of South Carolina, as well as local Universities and schools, to develop the future employee pipeline for Boeing.

Jennifer Yost My current title is - Contracts Regional Director Europe. My position entails working with our Boeing Commercial Customers in the region of Europe. I am responsible for negotiating and administrating the Contracts associated with the sale of Boeing Aircraft and Services. I am married with two children ages 9 and 5. When I am not working, family activities keep me very busy.

Darin Padur Darin is currently a Manager with BNY Mellon Performance & Risk Analytics, responsible for overseeing a team of Consultants servicing large corporate, government, not-for-profit and endowment clients. He enjoys spending time with his family and especially coaching both of his sons (Jackson 7 and Landon 4) for Auburn Little League. Darin also was involved in a little baseball history in 2012, having the honor of scoring Felix Hernandez's perfect game during his side gig as part-time official scorer for Major League Baseball.

Darin Frost Darin continues to work at the U.S. General Services Administration in a leadership role. He currently is the Director the National Project Management Office at improving delivery construction and leasing projects across the agency. He and his wife Kristy live in Puyallup and are enjoying raising their two boys, currently ages 6 and 8.

Not Pictured: Jacqueline Allen, Bonnie Bizzell, Christy Collins, Cheryl Graf, Christopher Dinwoodie, John Harrison, Martha Holvani, Pete Hudspeth, Benjamin Shamansky, Andrian Smith, John Walters

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Student Profile: Brendalynn Taulelei, MBA ’13, Business Systems Manager, Aviation Maintenance Department, Port of Seattle; Seattle-Tacoma International Airport ing of an organizational culture around accountability and transparency in the work being done, and most recently the deployment of mobile technology to field technicians enabling a consistent dataflow of information from technicians to their supervisors.

Brendalynn Taulelei is a Business Systems Manager in the Aviation Maintenance department of the Port of Seattle; Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Brendalynn’s primary responsibilities in her role at the Port involve leading process improvement efforts to create operational efficiencies through the integration of people, technology, systems, and process. To be effective in this role, Brendalynn recognized early on that she needed to be comfortable with change management; a concept that was foreign to her when she first started in this job twelve years ago. Within the past seven years, Brendalynn has been the driving force behind some key initiatives within her department. These initiatives include the reimplementation of an enterprise asset management software system, the build-

As a manager and leader, Brendalynn believes in developing people for upward mobility. She encourages her team to develop their skills in their fields of expertise by getting additional training, pursuing higher education, or taking on stretch assignments. This desire for continuous personal development is part of why Brendalynn decided to pursue her MBA. Taking advantage of the Port’s tuition reimbursement program, Brendalynn joined the UW Tacoma MBA program in 2011. Through the MBA program Brendalynn hopes to further her understanding of the connection between business and technology as well as the implications of such business decisions on the success of the whole program or organization. Brendalynn finds the MBA program classes to be stimulating, rewarding and practical. She finds the class materials and concepts relevant, as well as their immediate application to her job. In addition, Brendalynn has found the knowledge gained from her fellow MBA cohorts to be invaluable. “The mix of perspectives shared in the cohort group has made this

Class of 2003 alumni Ben Shamansky, Kandice Kimberling, John Harrison and Darin Padur at UW PAINT THE PARK PURPLE held at Cheney Stadium.

Class of 2003 alumni Chris Dinwoodie & Ben Shamansky at Katie Downs on Tacoma’s Ruston Way Water Front.

MBA experience even more worthwhile”. Although Brendalynn’s career has been in the public sector for the past twelve years, her long-term goal is to open a small business one day. Brendalynn feels the MBA program has equipped her with the tools to realize this goal in the very near future. Prior to joining the Port of Seattle in 2001, Brendalynn worked as an IT database report writer for a private insurance firm in Seattle. Discussions with her customers generated her interest in her current field of Business Systems. “Business decisions about acquiring new technology should be based on addressing the business need; not because it’s the latest & greatest tool on the market”. Brendalynn graduated from Walla Walla University in 1992 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Outside of work and school, Brendalynn enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids. She has a passion for playing music, mentoring youth, and preserving her Samoan culture and traditions. Brendalynn is looking forward to graduating this summer and finally having some focused time to plan for her new small business venture.


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Executive Speaker Series: Janine Terrano, President & CEO of Topia Technology

On March 7th, MBA students and alumni were invited to hear Janine Terrano, President and CEO of Topia Techonology speak about Corporate Entrepreneurship. Topia Technology is Ms. Terrano’s fourth company. Ms. Terrano began her discussion by sharing her views on the difference between individual entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship. She identified the main difference between the two as primary funding source; with individual entrepreneurship, the independent person or group is self-funding their venture and seeking financial support from others. Whereas with corporate entrepreneurship

there is already a budget in place and there is backing from the larger corporation. Her understanding is that corporate entrepreneurship stems from the disruptive influence of technology; these disruptions make corporations realize they need to embrace change and react to fast moving change. In contrast, the independent entrepreneurship process is observing and identifying an opportunity. She emphasized the importance of always being aware of your customers. They are the ones who will use your product, so it is necessary to seek their feedback and remain in tune to changes that may be emerging. Janine shared anecdotes about starting two of her businesses. Though vastly different in scope and outcome, the process was the same. It was her personal experiences that helped her to see the opportunity to create an option that was not readily available. First as a young college student, seeing an opportunity to work with local vendors to create an events calendar that promoted school events and offered discounts to the students and the other as a mother needing to locate resources to research her son’s medical diagnosis. The first

experience ultimately failed due to lack of knowledge about issues of protecting intellectual property. The second experience lead to the creation of Business Internet Services, a successful web application company. When asked to reflect on her experiences with entrepreneurship she said that it is the people and the talent you surround yourself with who can make your company great. The characteristics she looks for when hiring people for Topia are critical thinking, interest in the arts and sciences, people who are open to thinking outside of their trained field, and creative types who are well trained, but also have strong instincts. Her point being that training will take you so far, but it is your instinct that needs to respond when the unexpected occurs. She feels that successful entrepreneurs maintain strong relationships with their clients, understand their product lifecycle, and need to constantly be studying and reading to be able to anticipate change before it happens. Janine Terrano receives the Small Business Leader of the Year award at the 13th Annual Business Leadership Awards on April 30th.

Alumni Profile: Judi Griffin, MBA 2009 Director of Logistics, Burkhart Dental Judi Griffin is a 2009 UW Tacoma MBA Alumni who grew up locally. She graduated from UW Tacoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, magna cum laude, in 2001. After completing her BA, she worked as a Distribution Manager for Milgard Tempering and an Operations Manager at Cardinal Health Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Judi felt like an MBA would help her career advance to the next level, and she knew that the MBA program at UW Tacoma would be her number one choice. Her undergrad experience at UW Tacoma had been challenging, but it had well prepared her for the real situations that she encountered in the business world. The exceptional faculty was another reason for returning as many of the same professors were teaching in the newly created MBA program. The fact that the program could be completed at night with some flexibil-

ity was critical as she was also raising her teenage son. The MBA program really exceeded her expectations by building on her undergrad education and adding additional components. Upon graduation in 2009, she joined Burkhart Dental Supply as their Customer Service Manager and today serves as their Director of Logistics. Burkhart is a locally headquartered dental supply company with about 400 associates serving clients in 21 states. In her current position, she is responsible for their purchasing, distribution, and customer service departments. MBA courses in leadership, economics, and communication have been particularly useful in her career at Burkhart.

Judi enjoys reading, traveling, craft beer critiquing, and many types of water activities in her spare time. She values lifelong learning and continues her education by participating in online classes through Coursera. She and her husband are currently working on an extensive remodel of their home in Maple Valley.

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MBA Networking Event

ple you know who have professional relationships with people you would like to meet and ask for an introduction. Second, participate in events offered through professional associations and networking groups. Third, maintain your relationships and offering value to that relationship. We concluded the event with our speed networking activity, which made it possible for everyone to actively engage with at least 4 people in less than 30 minutes. This is an event the MBA program looks forward to hosting each year and we would be happy to hear ideas you may have for future networking events, please contact Aubree Steffens (aubreer@uw.ed) with your suggestions. On Monday, February 25th the Milgard School of Business MBA program hosted our third annual Professional Networking Event. This event brought together Milgard MBA students and alumni and students from the Master of Accounting program. Paul Werner (MBA ’09) began the evening with a talk about developing your career within a large corporation. Paul’s has been working for Cisco Systems since 1997 and in that time has seen them grow from about 6500 employees to more than 65,000. Prior to Cisco he worked with IBM for 9 years. Paul offered many tips for career development. He pointed out that when you first start your career you are building skills and developing within a niche specialty. Those first steps in career advancement may be related to what you know and a specialized expertise. Equally and possibly more important given rapid industrial change is taking time to nurture professional relationships. Spend time getting to know your colleagues and networking within your company and industry; the more people who know you and what you have to offer increases your potential for new professional opportunities. He suggests that as you develop your brand it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

 

What am I known for within my company/industry? What would I like to be known for?

Other key points from Paul’s talk included:

Don’t be afraid of lateral moves when the new position offers oppor-

 

tunity to develop new skills and allows you to expand your area of expertise Don’t be afraid to change firms, it may be the fastest way to move up to a new position. But, if you are changing firms do it for the right reason. Have mentors. It is helpful to have someone outside of your day to day professional life who may offer advice and guidance. When identifying a mentor be clear about what you would like to learn from them. Before you begin exploring a career transition make sure that you have updated your social media profiles.

After Paul’s talk the event transitioned to Chris Inverso (MBA ’11) who shared networking tips. He offered three ideas for building and maintaining a professional network. First, identify the peo-

Below: Paul Werner Class of 2009

Suggested Reading Each of our speakers provided suggestions for additional reading: Burg, B. & Mann, J.D. (2007). The GoGiver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea. Christensen, C., Allworth, J., & Dillon, K. (2012). How Will You Measure Your Life? Drucker, P.F. (2005). Managing Oneself. Harvard Business Review, January. Ferrazzi, K., & Raz, T. (2005). Never Eat Alone. And other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time. Gladwell, M. (2011). Outliers: The Story of Success. Sanders, T. (2003). Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends.



MBA Winter Quarter TGIF at the Swiss

Pictured left: Trish Zander, Milgard School administrator, & Mike Slevin ‘04, Director of the City of Tacoma Environmental Services Department winner of the inaugural Business Leadership Award for Distinguished Alumnus.

Pictured Right: Dean Saudagaran announces one of the winners of The University of Washington Tacoma Milgard School of Business 12th annual Business Leadership Awards


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Q&A—Faculty Profile with Arindam Tripathy, Ph.D, By Jennifer Rea, Milgard Scholar, MBA Marketing Intern

Q: Tell us about your professional experience and any affiliations you would like to share.

Q: Do you have any advice for students as they strive toward earning their M.B.A.?

A: I have been in academia since earning my Ph.D., prior to that I worked with a Big 4 accounting firm for over eight years.

A: I enjoy teaching the MBA students. I have found many of our students striving to balance between work, classes and other commitments. I just want to tell them that we are people not programmed devices, it is ok to not be perfect and not be able to manage everything all the time, what matters is that one is sincere and hard working.

Q: Could you tell us about what you are currently researching? A: I work on multiple projects at any given time, one of the projects looks at the market’s reaction to earnings of firms pursuing different strategies. I am also working on modifying and extending the work in a recently published work of mine which looks at detecting financial statement fraud using evolutionary algorithms.

Q: Dr. Tripathy, when did you begin at the University of Washington Tacoma’s Milgard School of Business? A: I joined the Milgard School of Business in September, 2009.

Q: What made you choose academia? A: I grew up in a very academic surrounding. I was interested in academia since my undergraduate days. I enjoy doing research and being in the classroom.

Q: What about the Milgard School of Business attracted you to this very young (est. 1994) program? A: I was attracted by the opportunity for growth on a personal as well as at the institutional level.

Published by: University of Washington Tacoma Milgard School of Business 1900 Commerce Street, Box 358420 Tacoma, Washington 98402-3100 253.692.4580

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