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Hailing from Sydney, Australia, “Lycanthia” are a death­doom/gothic metal band featuring dual female vocals meshed with death vocals, that shine alongside violin, keyboards/piano's, guitars, bass, and drums arrangiaments. After the release of their highly regarded debut “Myriad”, in 2012 “Lycanthia” are back with their latest album “Oligarchy”, which is a definitive statement of a band in top form. Questions answered by Lee Tassaker (Bassist and Vocalist) are following below. What were the band members musical backgrounds prior to the formation of “Lycanthia”? How did everyone hook up to form the band? I’ve been doing this band, in one form or another, since I was quite young. For Lachlan and I, it was pretty much our first band ­ although we have and do play in other bands outside of that. Basically all members have joined the band at various points over time. Most have played in metal bands, and all have a strong influence in doom, metal, classical and all things dark. Why did you name the new album "Oligarchy"? Is there any special meaning behind it? A number of songs that we had written for the album focus on our lack of freedom and how we are controlled by the powers that be; the

elite and powerful. So we decided it would be a great idea to title the album based on these concepts and to coincide it with the cover art, which is a giant creature cloaked and unseen, holding the world in the palm of its’ hands, squeezing it until it bleeds. Are you satisfied with how the album came out? Was it a difficult album to make? I’m completely satisfied. Definitely exceeded all our expectations, we could not be happier. It was rather difficult to make, it took a long time to put together and we scrapped the original version of it because it wasn’t up to standard and there were too many technical issues. So initially, it was a little bit of a tedious and frustrating process, but when we eventually found the right people to work with, it was very exciting watching it all come together. May 2013 I Milfits 'zine

Many of the songs on the album are quite lengthy, but very focused as well. Is that something you set out to work on, or is it a result of a natural songwriting? Definitely natural song writing, but we never have any preconceptions of how long a song is to go for. Once the basics of a song has been laid down, we spend some time playing through it and either extend parts of remove parts, depending on what we see works best ­ but on lighter note it is really cool to write a long drawn out doom song hahahaha, it works wonders in maintaining a set mood. Are there any leftover tracks that were recorded but won’t be appearing on the album? There were some tracks in the works that didn’t make the album; it’s not anything to do with them not being quality enough to appear. It was just a matter of simply how much room we have on a CD. We don’t really go in for the 75minute long albums or anything like that. So those songs weren’t on this album, they will appear on future albums though. With such a contrast of vocals, from elegant and bright female vocals to rough and scream male vocals, the band seems to have no problem creating perfect harmony. Is this a difficult task? No, I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. We lay something basic for starters, usually these days we do a lot of our writing in front of the computer and have very rough tracks to start with, so the idea is down, and then we can start building the layers on top of that, and trying things out. Have you any favorite female metal singers playing around? “Lycanthia” has never really had any female vocalists that have inspired us specifially, however we do enjoy a lot of bands with female singers. A couple of my favourites being Lisa Johansson, “ex­Draconian” and Anneke van Giersbergen, “ex­The Gathering”. Do you consider your non­metal influences as important as your metal ones? Yeah, we definitely take all our influences as seriously as the others. Just as an example, some of my current influences go from "Primordial" and to another extent, recent "Anathema", which these days I wouldn’t put May 2013 I Milfits 'zine

LYCANTHIA into a category of Metal ­ but I draw influence from both equally. Obviously the classical influences come out in our music. It’s sometimes suggested bands are a product of their geography and environment, have your surroundings inspired or influenced you? I wouldn’t go to say that, I don’t think Sydney is the worst place to live and half an hour or so in each direction I can be on the coast or I can be up in the mountains, but definitely the fact that I have to go to work every day, money, society, politics, environmental problems; but these things would affect me anywhere that I could be living in the world. What do you think about the Australian Metal scene? Are there any bands that you specially like? I think the Australian Metal Scene is awesome, and very underrated. Here is a number of Australian bands that I enjoy, and anybody reading this should definitely check them out: “Subterranean Disposition”, “Myraeth”, “Futility”, “The Veil”, “Okera”, “The Eternal”, “Ne Obliviscaris”, “Be’Lakor”, “Avrigus”, “Cruciform”. What are the goals that you hope to achieve through “Lycanthia”? Long term: more albums, and hopefully to tour overseas. Short term: we will be touring a number of dates on the Australian East Coast, with label­mate “Subterranean Disposition”. Our album “Oligarchy” will be released in March 2013, world­wide, in a digipak format, through “Hypnotic Dirge Records”. In May we will be supporting Swiss band “Eluveitie” in Sydney, and then we will be spending some time focusing on completing songs for a new album. Any final thoughts or comments? I hope to see you all at one of our shows in the upcoming months, check out our website or facebook page for any Merch and information.


"Lycanthia" Interview (Milfits 'Zine Preview)