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Aussies Chemical Cascades formed back in 2010. Recently, they self­released their second demo. The first thing you’ll notice is the raw and ravenous production of these six songs. However, every instrument got the vital clarity necessary to be fully appreciated. Musically, this is an intense black metal played with some heavy metal flashes throughout. They have fast early black metal parts, slow doom sections and plenty of mid­paced tempo. This is a very nice mix of genres, and all come together into one dark and heavy piece. So, their sound emphasis is not only based on speed, but it also rely on the atmosphere they create. The songwriting is good, each song sounds interesting and inspired but still a bit repetitive at times. The guitar riffs sound deep and reverbed with black type riffs mixed with slower Black Sabbath like doom sections. Monotonous growls will probably get on some peoples nerves but it's something that may need to grow on a listener. Overall, the flow and feel of the release should leave black metal fans well sustained. It may not be an innovative effort, but they successed to add considerable depth to their proposal. CHEMICAL CASCADES Demo Self­released 27 August 2013 Composition:

Arrangement: Performance: Production:

Chemical Cascades  

"Demo 2013" Review (Milfits 'zine, issue#3)

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