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The Finer Things Kacey Anne + Exclusive Photos & Interview


What is Easter? The Best Games To Celebrate With

Infidelity and You: Confronting the Truth

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Dieting - Keepin’ It Simple OG’s VS Newbies Get It? Got It? Good!

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We are constantly on the hunt for the most talented and driven people

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Our company is made up of people who have never belonged to one

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“ What You Focus On With Your Thoughts And Feelings Are What You Attract... “

The Law Of Attraction and The Power Behind It By Miles wilk


he law of attraction is a belief that focuses on positive and negative thoughts, and that with those thoughts, a person can attract positive or negative results. The entire foundation for the Law Of Attraction is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from energy, and this in turn attracts similar energy. Now, many of you may be skeptical of this concept or belief, but myself, as well as many of my colleagues and business partners can say otherwise. We have seen the powers behind the Law Of Attraction first hand, and


would like you to give it a whirl. Don’t believe me? Let me give you some examples of what can come from harnessing and utilising the powers of Attraction. Let’s begin with me and my story. I grew up in a rough part of town where the possibilities of success were you know what I mean. You were either part of a crew and did what you had to, or you were attempting to make it by working a regular 9-5 job. Back then, the group of people I was associated with were always flaunting their money and what they owned, and so working a normal job did not seem like much of an option. I wanted to fit in with my ‘friends’, so I followed the trend and lived my life accord-

ingly. I was young, stupid, and ruthless, with very little life experience and always thought I knew it all. But the truth is, I didn’t know a damn thing. Realistically, the only thing I had ever known was the environment I created for myself and the poisonous friends I had encircled myself with. Then one day it all changed. I had gotten a second chance at life. Living my life in the fast lane, literally, I had everything stripped away from me due to a car accident. Throughout high school I busted my chops to get the grades I needed to leave home, and was aiming to receive a scholarship in order to go and study abroad. But nope. I failed grade twelve, as I could barely function. I was rarely attending class as I suffered from dementia, and the best part of all... my teachers and friends had lost all hope in me. They flat out said I was a lost cause, and would not amount to anything. Little did I know that their oh so kind words would one day fuel my fire. See, they lost faith in me due to the fact that I lost parts of my memory, and to this day I still cannot recall much from before the accident. According to my family, I have never been the same person since then, but truth be told, I’m sort of okay with that fact as I don’t quite remember that person anymore anyways. What I do remember, and I will not lie, is that after my accident, I withdrew myself from the world and came close to losing myself forever. I began abusing various illicit substances, lost sight of reality, and submerged myself into a world that I had soon after come to realize was the darkest place in my life. Now here’s where the law of attraction comes in. This alternative world I essentially created out of pure anger for failing and pity for myself, was also the birthplace of who I am today. For better or for worse. I allowed this world of negativity to consume me, mold me, and numb from what truly

matters in life. In other words, I was lost to not only myself, but to everyone that had ever cared about me. I allowed myself, without realizing that everything was in my control, to sink and hit what to me, was rock bottom. Once I had realized I had no other options, I began to regroup myself as well as my thoughts. Their oh so kind words slowly started to creep back in, but this time it made me angry. The remark I had muttered under my breathe when that thought came to pass was, “Tell me I can’t and watch what I do with it.” I was more or less, challenging myself. As mentioned previously, I had flunked out of high school, so I went and got my GED three months after my accident. I completed a five month course load in just under two and a half months. I began working out again, I stopped any and all substances I was using to cope, and I began designing a business plan. Working a 9-5 job was still too ordinary for me, and didn’t meet up to my new expectations I had of myself. I had found a new sense of purpose: to prove to everyone that doubted me that I do not give two shits about their opinions, and to never tell me I cannot do something. Now, I do recommend attempting to avoid following in my footsteps, as it truly was not a fun experience getting from point A to B. But needless to say, if I had a choice to relive everything I have been through, I would. These experiences have shaped my new state of mind, and have allowed me to grow as an individual and human being. They have taught me appreciate the finer things in life. Did you see what I just did there? I found the silver lining of the entire sob story I just gave you. The long, winding roads that life lays down before us will always be bumpy ones. But those bumps, regardless of the size, are


and always will be the key aspects that make life entirely worth living. The dilemma?

5. If you do everything selflessly, in good conscious and not at the expense of anyone else, physically, mentally or emotionally, the goals at hand will be much easier to achieve.

Venture Into The n w o k Un

Not always being able to find the positive aspects in the midst of all the negatives. To those of you struggling to stay afloat and are constantly trying to steer yourselves in the right direction. You must remember five key things when attempting to harness The Law Of Attraction. 1. You must first establish what it is you want to do, no matter what it is or how small the objective. Want to meet a girl? Want to start a new career? 2. Believe in what you’re doing. If you have any doubts that you should not be doing something, chances are you shouldn’t be. Your body and mind do not lie to you. They know you best so focus and attempt to listen to them every now and then. 3. Life will always throw you curve balls. Always anticipate the unexpected and be ready at all times. The second you can embrace the challenges that life has in store for you with an open mind and positive perspective is the second you can and will achieve greatness. As you learn to adapt to different situations/ circumstances you will soon realize that what once seemed to be difficult or complex, is actually quite simple. 4. Where there is a will there is a way. Take this statement and apply it to all aspects of your life. If you want something, or anything for that fact, all you have to do is will it, and it will be yours. There is a catch to this part though. Everything in life is to be earned, and thus you must put in the time and the effort to achieve it. Question becomes, just how bad do you want it?


I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck with your future endeavours, and please feel free to write me with questions at anytime. I am always willing to give advice to those who seek it. Email me at

written by meaghan L

April has come and many of you are realizing that your university or college experience is quickly coming to an end. For some the thought of this leads to absolute fear and panic. You are mostly afraid because you may not know what comes next. The truth is what comes next is…. Life. Sure life can be scary, especially when you don’t know what’s to come or what you want to do, but doesn’t that make it exciting? Knowing that you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want is a freeing feeling. You have spent almost 20 years of your life doing the same thing, getting up and going to school absorbing as much information as you can. The routine stays the same. You go to school and for a few short months you get a summer vacation. Graduation ends this long repetitive cycle and that leads to FREEDOM. Of course there always needs to be some level of practicality and logic when you are deciding what you are going to do. Let’s face it university is not cheap and in many cases you have to rely on student loans. Don’t feel bad if you need to spend the first summer after graduation working in a retail job to get some quick cash to pay the loans off. As long as you stay hungry and constantly look for opportunities this will not be a setback. Searching for and achieving your dreams takes time, but it will be worth it. And in case you need that extra push we have some tips for you. 1. Focus: This is one of the most important things to have when chasing your dreams. Getting to where you want to go requires it and dedication. In most cases your dreams are not going to happen over night. Sure you may want to party and celebrate being at the finish line and that’s fine, but don’t blow it so close to the end. You need to be focused on your finals so that you can finish it all strong and feeling good because that is going to help motivate you and go after what you want. Now once you have made it through finals the focus is going to need to be even more. Not everyone can get their dream job right away, but don’t let that deter you. Find something, even if it’s not forever and not exactly what you are looking for to help pay the bills. Don’t complain about how long it may take, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication and if you don’t


What Easter Is

like that filler job, instead of complaining use that to motivate you. There is nothing more annoying than someone who sits around and complains about not getting their dream job right after graduation. Being around “negative nellies” for too long can either drive a person crazy or make them become one. Always having a negative attitude to what is going on in your life is not going to help anything. In fact it may even make things worse for you. You need to believe in yourself and focus on where you want to see your life going, stay positive!

3. Everything Happens for a Reason: For awhile I was constantly being asked why I did both university and college, and if I regretted being in school for so long. The truth is, I don’t regret it at all. I mean for awhile I was feeling very frustrated, but then I realized that there was no point feeling that way. If I had gone to a university that offered both the practical and theoretical aspects, if I had finished my schooling in the “normal” four years things would be very different in my life. For one, there are some very special people in my life who I either wouldn’t know at all or wouldn’t have the same sort of relationship with as I do now. Meeting some of those people has led to some amazing opportunities, ones that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have chosen to go to college after completing my degree. Second, who says whether or not I would be happy if I had only done the one thing. It is a wonderful feeling when you don’t look back on your choices with regret. The choices you have made in the past have led you to where you are now. If you are not currently happy with where you are it is quite simple: make a change. The saying trust your gut has often times proven true for me. I was in my last semester of an honours degree program thinking about what was going to come next and it started to stress me out because I knew I needed more. I knew I needed something more to make myself a more marketable person. Now, because of my gut feeling, opportunities have come that two years ago I wouldn’t have even dreamed about. I’m not saying that you need to do what I did in order to get somewhere. You need to do what you think will make you happy. You need to focus on what is good for you and no one else. Trust your gut, if something feels right go for it. If people complain or don’t understand it’s probably because it doesn’t fit in with their idea of what a suitable career or lifestyle is. Why listen to them? They can’t tell you how you should live your life. You are the maker of your future, not anyone else. You are empowered to live the life you imagined. Don’t settle for anything less than the best possible version of yourself. Remember, you don’t always need to go along with the crowd. In fact, you shouldn’t. Life is boring if everyone is trying to be the same. You were born to stand out.



2. Lose the Feeling of Entitlement: This is a big one. Our generation has grown up with everyone, our parents and teachers telling us that we can do anything. We also in many cases have had things handed to us. This obviously has an impact on how we approach things. It gives us a chip on our shoulders and a different attitude. It gives us the mentality that we deserve to be somewhere or get the things we ant without putting any sort of effort into it. Don’t go out into the work world thinking that what is on paper alone is going to get you somewhere, attitude is a big part of it. It isn’t the easiest thing these days for students to get jobs fresh out of school. Don’t feel that because you spent thousands of dollars and gained a boatload of skills from your education that the world is just going to hand you your dream job. You have to have the right attitude and you have to work for it. No one like the arrogant jackass who walks around thinking he can do it all and that everyone should just fall to their knees to help him every time he walks by. In the end that guy will be the one who really is just all talk and can’t do it at all. That guy ends up looking like a fool. Let your hard work and good attitude speak for itself and you will be surprised how far that will take you.

With so many different celebratory traditions happening across the

globe, people seem to have lost sight of what Easter is really about. Easter isn’t about Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny. No no no...

Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. It bears

witness to God’s enduring promise of eternal life. As the climax of Holy Week, Easter is a time of hope and assurance. It is humanity’s turning point from destruction to glory and salvation.

But how and why did the Easter Bunny and Easter

Eggs come into play?

The name “Easter” did not become associated with the resurrection of

Christ until the 2nd century. It came from the ancient Saxon spring festival called Ostern. Many of the traditions and/or customs seen in North America originated from the ancient spring festivals. The Easter Bunny was born with the Saxons who had begun the tradition of placing rabbits carved from wood throughout their villages.

As for the tradition of giving out brightly colored eggs. That tradition was

born in the Middle East during the spring. Within many cultures, the egg symbolizes rebirth or renewal, and thus came about the Easter Egg.






3. 12

Get some eggs and get ready to get messy! First you’ll need to boil your eggs, to make sure they don’t crack as easily and splatter all over your floor. One your eggs have been hardboiled proceed to making them colorful by dyeing them! ENJOY!

First, wrap felt around the basket without gluing to see how much you will need. For our basket we used two sheets of white felt, folded in half lengthwise. Once you know how much felt you’ll need, start gluing it in place using a hot glue gun. Start at the rim and work your way downward, gluing any excess felt to the bottom of the basket. Trim any edges that overlap too much and then glue them down. Follow the same idea with the pink felt before gluing to see how much you will need to line the basket. White craft glue works best for this step. We used one sheet cut in half lengthwise for the inside and cut out an oval from another sheet to glue to the bottom. To get the measurement for this, simply place the basket onto your felt and trace the bottom with a pencil before cutting it out. To cover the overlaps around the rim, use a colorful wide ribbon. Glue it in place with hot glue as you go. To cover the handle, tack the beginning of the blue ribbon to the bottom inside of the handle. Start wrapping it around the handle, pulling snug as you go. Stop and tack with hot glue about four or five times to eliminate the possibility of it unraveling. Glue in place at the other end of the handle and trim if needed. Using some colorful ribbon, tie bows at the bottom of the handle on each end - this will cover any “messy” spots. Cut out ovals (eggs) from the pastel colored felt scraps. Using white craft glue, glue them to the white felt across the front of the basket. Optionally, you can tie a ribbon to the top of the handle that matches the ribbon on the rim.


Send your child on a search for their hidden basket of treats with this holiday treasure hunt. Start by numbering the plastic eggs that will hold your clues (we used scrapbooking stickers and 6 eggs). Hide the basket, then write a clue to its location and place it inside egg number 6. Next, find a spot for this egg, write a clue to its hiding place, and put that in egg number 5. Continue in this fashion until you’ve hidden all but the number 1 egg, then hand this egg to your child to begin the hunt.







Each team stands in single file behind the starting line and opposite their respective flags, set in the ground about 5 yards away. At the whistle, the first player in each line, balancing an egg on a spoon, races around his team’s flag, then back to transfer the egg onto a spoon held by the next teammate. The recipient races to the flag, and the first runner hands his spoon to the third person. The race continues until one team finishes the course. Anyone who drops an egg must run to the starting line for another before resuming. Always a joy to play regardless of age!

Wake up Easter morning to find the Easter Bunny’s maze winding through the entire house. He ties a different color of yarn to each of the children’s bedposts, and the kids have to follow their color (collecting their yarn as they go) to find their Easter basket hidden at the end of it. The maze is really complicated too! The yarn crisscrosses over stair railings, around doorknobs, through table legs, and, of course, over the other threads. MAKE SURE THAT THE OLDER YOU ARE THE MORE COMPLICATED THE MAZE GETS!

The ‘Easter Bunny’ simply winds the sweet routes from the kids’ bedrooms throughout the house to where their baskets await. We suspect that you are going to need two or three bags of jelly beans for your trailblazing child!


You Always Have Choices: Your Commitment Versus Your Fear

- Sammy Davis, Jr

Infidelity and You: Confronting The Truth By Mr. violet


appointed when she didn’t “Get a turn”. This was the beginning of the end for me.

All the boys applauded me, despite not knowing, and all the girls were strange to me, lut. Whore. Piece of meat. despite not knowing. The girl moved away Yes, you. eventually, but this pattern stayed with me unquestioned in my subconscious for a few I am here, in the most abrupt fashion, more years until BAM PUBERTY TRAIN COWto talk about something that has been my fail- CATCHER COMING MY WAY! ing, my misunderstanding and my abysmal inability to see the forest for the trees. As they Imagine me: gawky, glasses encased, Say in AA “My name is D, and I’m a recovering braces, frizzy hair, at the height of sixteen year cheater.” (Names have been changed to pro- old awkwardness. I wouldn’t have known what tect the guilty.) to do with a woman if she showed me models, power points and holograms. I settled my teen The first time I ever kissed a girl, I was aged tail into a relationship with a nice, though hiding beneath the back trees of my grade ultimately mismatched girl, while pining over school playground. Her best friend was there my summertime crush. Eventually, through and as we hid from the other children, I planted hanging out with this crush, she pounces me a peck right at the edge of her lips, more like a and I ... I learned I don’t need the holograms to rimshot on the cheek. Her friend seemed dis- know what I’m doing. I had cheated...


For the first time. Imagine me, five years later, in the arms of a woman who is to be married in scant few days. On her front door, comes a pounding fist and the half drunk/half asleep/totally enraged voice of her fiancé. She whispers that I need to dive under her bed. NOW. Underneath the Ikea bed frame I had just been seducing toward, I had a revelation “What the F*** is my life?” I said in my head, as the boyfriend frantically searched the apartment for me and I desperately tried not to breathe too loud. I seriously considered jumping out her window. Now WHY am I telling you all this? As much as I am here to tell you that you are in control of your life, I’m here to tell you that you are not in control of your mind, your actions or yourself if you are doing things like I was doing. Things like window browsing future adultery. I’m going to tell you what you are up against. You are up against a society that puts cheaters on TV as stars, You live in a society that essentially says “if someone leaves you over sex, it is your fault,” that says you are a sexual commodity, whether you are a man or a woman. We are told that men and women who cheat have high social value and are merely acting on it. We are told that cheating is good if we were unhappy in a relationship. We are told this by the media, the actions of our peers, our idols and our families. I cheated for one reason and one reason only: I thought it was the right thing to do. I lived in a world where I was informed that marriages were universal shams, pushed on us by an uncaring church and a hungry state army. I lived in a world where personal honour was a codename for brainwashing. I lived in a world where a good father was to me a dominating patriarch. I lived in a world where there were no truths. I lived in a world where my only

value was the kind I could redeem in sex or generally with my body. I only made decisions where I could call myself a slut, and support my friends for calling me it. I am not shirking responsibility here, I’m making a point. If my friends and family had not constantly told me I was a whore for being who I was, I would never have tried to be promiscuous. If I lived in a society that didn’t see normal healthy male sexuality as domination, I would have never confused myself with aggressively hurting other men through their partners. If I lived in a society that was fair to male sexuality, (This applies to women too, but I am a man) I wouldn’t have adapted a sexuality that hurt me just to feel a connection to my sexual identity. Every week from grade 10 on, someone called me a whore, a slut, a piece of meat etc until high school was over. Because I dated girls. I internalised it because to me it seemed true. Everyone said so, my actions proved it, so it was true. Something in my life was true and I needed that. Everyone needs truth. If you want to stop cheating, you have to make a decision. No number of Cosmo articles are going to allow your partners to help you on this. This article will not do the work for you either. This is all on you, this is your heart and mind that are weighing in. You have to choose to change as a person. You have to choose a different path in life. You have to choose to see yourself, your partners and your world differently. This is scary, it might seem like brainwashing, it might make you want to run. GOOD. RECOGNISE THAT FEAR. If you want to run, that means you have the guts to change. It means you have some control. You have to choose to fight yourself and become who you really are. You ARE capable of staying true, you ARE capable of being valuable outside of how you are used


and you ARE capable of fidelity. What you are NOT capable of doing is mindfully maintaining esteem for yourself and others if you keep judging yourself (and indeed the world) in terms that have been failing you so miserably so consistently. Applauding or condemning the sexual lives of others are both wrongheaded. It is our lives we have to govern, not the lives of others. Love comes from you, not some set of rules. You are not in control of your life if you are lying to people to get your way. You are not more powerful for sleeping with more people. Powerful people don’t need to lie to get what they want. Do something about it. Make a choice. It might help your life to know you. To know who you are outside of the bedroom. Outside of bethem badly, chances are you treat you badly. ing a piece of meat. Outside of being used. Simply outside of old judgements. 2. Honesty is energy. Keeping the truth from your relationship means it runs on fumes. So challenge the ignorant cheers and Truth is the fuel for your relationship. Tell them jeers that surround your past decisions. Stop who you are, even if it hurts if you expect this hiding. The laugh-track playing under our Jerto be long term. ry Springer sexual realities dies with the lights. When you are alone with your own mistakes: 3. Let go of past mistakes. Acknowledge, think. Challenge your own beliefs about what don’t deny, but trade the gravity of your past makes life worthwhile and what is ethical. Chalfor the levity of your future. Don’t eat rocks just lenge your sexual ethics with hard questions, to starve off hunger. don’t take stock answers. Ask yourself what love is and how you can make it. If only because 4. If you feel like you are going to cheat you deserve to know. SAY SO OUT LOUD TO YOUR PARTNER. Bottling it up will make you feel alone and make I’ve been out of the dating scene for a you crave intimacy, this will lead to it being while now, but I’m getting my sea legs back. harder to cheat. It’s better that you talk about I’ve learned a lot and I’ve got more tools to deal it, even argue about it, then you act on it. with me. Here is some of what I have learned the hard way that I hope no one else has to. If 5. Be emotionally open. You aren’t prothis doesn’t apply to your experience abandon tecting your loved ones by lying to them about it, but I find true. your feelings. Talking about your feelings opens up options. Your partner may know something Fun Fidelity Factoids (factoids means you don’t. They may be more willing to underthey aren’t technically facts and you can’t sue stand than you think. They may even be more me): emotionally intelligent than you are, and can give you real assistance and leverage. Learn 1. How you treat your partner is the clearto ask for it. They are called your partner for a est mirror for how you treat yourself. If you treat reason.


6. Have charity. Give yourself understanding in this and in turn understand others. DO NOT PREDICT YOUR OWN INFIDELITY. If you can’t see your partner as brave for trying to understand you, you don’t know what romance is and you don’t know what bravery means yet. If they are angry with you, but still present, they are on your side. 7. Listen actively. Repeat what your partner says to you when they say it, or you might be repeating it for years after they’ve gone. Don’t be a parrot, but repeat what you think they are saying until they say you understand. This is as important as double checking directions. 8. Accept their emotions. If you’ve cheated, they have every right to be angry. They have every right to hate your guts and tell the world what you did. Let it happen. Let them have their feelings. If you are asking them to understand, you damn well better lead the way. 9. Apologies and explanations are powerful and necessary. If you can’t explain yourself to yourself, what you did doesn’t deserve forgiveness. If you can’t walk someone through what you did within reason, you are being unreasonable. Go through your actions verbally and see what your reaction is to the story. Understand this reaction and how it affects your motivations. This is to prevent you from the “End of the day justification” to yourself. 10. Be fair. Operate on the golden rule as much as possible without stressing your emotional resources, Try to show this person love whether you’ve failed them or not. Don’t have double standards. If you can’t treat your lover like a person, stay out of a romance until you can. No one deserves to be demeaned.

Want to keep your special someone on their toes?

Be sure to stop by to read up on our tips and tricks to spice up your relationship!


Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything - all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. - Steve Jobs 18


Press Play The Indie Se Choo biggz

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barbie Amor ft teegee, redrum, bigpaybacc & gutta Song: Certified @_BarbieAmor

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Young Jinsu rhode island hip-hop artist young jinsu makes sure to rip apart every song he goes in on! With his distinctive flow and cocky persona he delivers .nothing but explosive songs


Sonnie carson this mixtape is a must download! Brooklyn hip-hop artist Sonnie carson does what he does best and holds it down. He goes off on that real, heartfelt, life shit. this mixtape is definitely one for to add to your playlist!

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Pries Another 5 star mixtape! What is going on here?! Pries is on some other ish! Ladies and gents, he leaves everything on every song he’s on. He flows from within bringing up deep thoughts and emotions he constantly experiences!


arbie Amor Barbie Amor Barbie Amor

She has done plenty of Movies (like ‘Friday’ with Ice Cube), background Work, Fashion Shows, Music Videos, etc. - for Major Artists such as Lil Wayne, Master P. and many More. 2010 - Barbie owned a “Members Only Club” called BARBIES PRIVATE PALACE in southern LosAngeles! She opened the doors for teens allowing them to perform their Music, Dance, & keep themselves off of the streets. This became a neighborhood rest-haven & somewhere for Youth to ‘hang-out’, with a positive outreach! Also In 2010, Barbie formed a group called “GuttaGyrlz” with 21 female members. Most of the members Rap, Sing, model and Host events! Coming from the hood, Barbie became more of a mentor to these young women, & gave them an opportunity to follow their Dreams & pursue their careers in a Positive Light! 2011 - Barbie began a new clothing line called “KissMyKlass Clothing” targeting the urban community! 2012 - Through steady & Progressive ‘Grind’ in the streets & Innovative Marketing, Barbie Amor caught the attention of HHTV, who were just finishing up TV shows on Comcast cable TV in Atlanta, GA. Seeing Barbie’s REALNESS, Marketable Looks & Strong Talent, HHTV quickly signed Barbie to an Exclusive Promo/Marketing Deal for 5 years!

- Barbie continued to Uplift the Youth on the streets of LA & worked hard to turn Barbie Amor Barbie Amor Barbie Amor2013 Gutta Gyrlz into a viable Urban Youth Brand, which is ready to go Worldwide!

Barbara “Barbie Amor” Banks was born in Los Angeles, CA. in a small section of South Central called the ‘Low Bottoms’ or ‘The Bottoms’. She Represents the Voice & Spirit of every young girl out there who will not accept the defeat the inner-city society has tried to serve them, since birth! Barbie is a ‘Survivor’ who knows her self-value & will not accept anything less than all that she deserves! She comes from a very musically talented family & background, with a Cuban Mother & an African American Father, who’s dads were both Big Musicians in their own genres (Jazz & Cuban pop). It was this same musical/Entertainment background that led her to formulate her Dreams of touching/Uplifting people - at a very young age. Barbie Amor is now the Founder & Ceo of GuttaGyrlzENT.

2014 - Her New “CERTIFIED” Music video dropped & Barbie is now one of the Hottest New Artists in LA and even California as a whole. She has also been selected for a new Hollywood movie & has joined the #WhoGotNEXXT?! National Tour. Hard work is paying off & Barbie is on her way to being a great Force in the Global entertainment industry!

_Barbie Amor

She is a Songwriter/Model/Rapper & also enjoys Acting/TV & Visual Arts! Having attended the Academy of Radio of TV and Broadcasting, she has a firm grasp & insight as to what goes on behind the scenes in the Entertainment industry. There, she learned Camera’s, Lighting, Sound, Editing, Graphics and Designs - also Completing several Courses at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College in Theater.



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Ku es t



KUEST De’Ante Maurice Brown or better known as Kuest was born on September 7, 1995. Kuest was raised in Chicago, Illinois where he was raised by his young mother and grandmother. He graduated from T.F. South High School and is currently enrolled at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago majoring in advertising. Kuest started rapping at the age of 13, becoming serious at the age of 15. He first started out as a spoken word artist preforming at his schools annual Poetry Slam his freshman year all the way up to his senior year which he won. He won his way into P.O.E.T (people of extraordinary talent) a Chicago based poerty group for teens his junior year of high school. The group would tour all over the Chicago area. His music inspirations come from 80s and 90s hip hop artist such as Tupac, KRS One to current artist in the industry such as J Cole and Wale. Which explains where he gets his unique sound from. Coming from a city where lyricis do not get the shine as much, he still strives towards his dreams.



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW MOU: Ladies and Gents, we’d like to introduce you to our feature, KUEST! First things first! Congratulations on winning best song on the Indie Hits 10 Mixtape, Hosted by DJ CellBlock! “Nights,” was a pretty deep track, but was laid down on pretty mellow beat. We loved the combo! So, for those who don’t already know who you are, tell us a little bit about yourself. When and where did you realize that music is what you wanted to pursue? KUEST: I would have to say I first realized music was what I really wanted to do was my freshman year of high school. I started out writing poetry first and with that I started to drift into music.

able. It was something I can never forget . MOU: What do you aim to provide to listeners MOU: What do you think sets you through your music? Inspiration? Hope? Just a fun/ apart from the other artists that are in the catchy song? etc... industry? KUEST: I like to provide my listeners with 100% KUEST: My drive and determina- pure honesty. Every song that they hear is either sometion is much stronger than theirs. I actu- thing that I witnessed myself or somebody I’m close to ally make art and put good quality music has experienced or I live through their stores and write out to the public while they’re focused on about it. making garbage. MOU: If you were to pick three major influences MOU: How long have you been in on your music that would they be? If you could pick three the industry and what has been the most artists that are still doing it big, and that you could record memorable experience within your career a track with, who would they be and why? so far? KUEST: My biggest and influences from a artists KUEST: The most memorable ex- in the game is J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake I’ve perience of my career would have to be been a fan of them since day one and I think that it hows when I heard my song on the radio for the in the subject matter of my music. first time, that feeling was just unexplain-


If I had to do a track with a current artist it would definitely be J Cole only because is has the type of is something that I emulated, and he keeps it so real in his music and that’s something that’s become uncommon no a days.

and Eric. And thanks to my manager at my Cj. Love Yall MOU: Much love and Respect and thank you for doing this interview with us!

MOU: Where do you usually turn to for inspiration? Past events, events/situations you’re currently going through? KUEST: For inspiration I turn to myself. If I’m in a good mood or there’s something on my mind, I vent and clear my mind. MOU: Who would you say have been your biggest supporters? You know, the people who continue to hold it down and keep it real with you and your music. KUEST: My three biggest supports are and always will be my mother, my cousin Larissa, and my closest friend Will. They aren’t the only ones that support me but they have been there the longest through it all. I can’t forget another great and special person that’s had my back since day one my number one fan and best friend Julianne. MOU: For the hundreds of thousands of upcoming artists that are trying to get it. What is the biggest piece of advice you would give them based on your experience? KUEST: The only thing I can tell them is work hard day and night at your craft; believe in yourself because nobody else will. Also remember that there are no handouts in this business. I wish I could say more but there is more I’m still learning. MOU: Any people you would like to give a shout out to? KUEST: I would like to shout out my other big supports Emilee thank you for always having my back. My bros Jeremiah, Brad, DeVonantae, Will G,

Starring: Future, Young Scooter, Que, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign & Pusha T. Contains 26 tracks featuring: Future, Young Scooter, Que, Juicy J, N.G., Columbia BT, Bama Mr. 16 Bars, Ty Dolla $ign, Kilzone Ent., Drei Ros, Pusha T, Wes Nyle, Hofa Bang, Terrance Stringz, Stevie G, LA G, RasTT, Griff, Kuest, Mr_IBeOnIt, Rubz Shaw, Kenzo Mack, Goonie, Rad City, Tyler Monahan, Rocka Boy, Ana, Chink DaBoi, Life Under Virtue, Royaltee, AyeJa, Juno Carter, Pretty Mny, Mack Joka, Charlemagne & Coasta.

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INDIE HITS 11 WINNER Bugatti Biggz, born Kaseem Mcpherson, was born on Sugar Hill in Harlem but there’s nothing sweet about his distinct baritone voice, raw and energetic delivery or his ability as an MC. After almost 10 years in prison, Bugatti turned to Rap as a way to never have to return to that dark time and place in his life. Now a member of upstart Born Starz Entertainment, he’s working at a feverish pace to catch up on the time lost. Recording frequently at SOUNDZ SO GOOD Studios, he hopes to follow the lead of the Notorious B.I.G. and be New York City’s next big man on deck.



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW MOU: BUGATTI BIGGZ! What’s good? First off we’d like to congratulate you on winning the Indie Hits 11 Mixtape, Hosted by DJ CellBlock! “Big Talk,” was some giving off some serious heat! So, for those who don’t already know who you are, tell us a little bit about yourself. When and where did you realize that music is what you wanted to pursue? Biggz: Whats good fam thank you. Born and raised in Harlem I started off battle rapping in the hood but once I started recording and putting my music out there the reaction that I got from people led me to take music serious.

next to Fat Joe, Diddy, Irv Gotti, and Sean Pecas. I watch these moguls kill the game growing up and in thinking to myself wow they don’t know me now but soon they will. MOU: What do you think sets you It was just an inspirational moment for me that had me apart from the other artists that are in the extra motivated. industry? MOU: What do you aim to provide to listeners Biggz: I think what sets me apart through your music? Inspiration? Hope? Just a fun/ from other artists is my originality and my catchy song? ability to paint a picture with such vividness Biggz: I’m a man that’s been through a lot in my life and I’ve made it through every obstacle in my life so MOU: How long have you been in far. I’m giving the fans my story in chronological order. I the industry and what has been the most want to inspire my fans to let them know there’s nothing memorable experience within your career in life that you can’t achieve nor get through. so far? MOU: If you were to pick three major influences Biggz: I’ve been in the industry on your music who would they be? If you could pick three since 2009 after my release from prison. artists that are still doing it big, and that you could record My most memorable experience was at a track with, who would they be and why? French Montana’s album release party at Webster Hall...I remember being right


Biggz: I would definitely have to say that my music is influenced by the all time greats Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas. The way they were able to tell a story and make you feel like you were there was crazy. If I could work with anybody in the game right now it would probably be Drake, Rick Ross, and J-Cole. Their work ethic is crazy and I like their level of creativity.


MOU: Now, as we all know, life is anything but simple with its unexpected twist of events. After doing almost a 10 year bid in prison, would you say you now view the world with a different perspective? What were the first few thoughts that were going through your head when you were released?

MOU: Much love and Respect and thank you for doing this interview with us!

MOU: Is there anyone you’d like to show some love and give a shout out to? Biggz: I’d like to give a shout out to my team Guttamillz, Charlio Onda BEATZ, Bornstarzent, Soundzsogood, and welcome home to my brother Sin Dollaz.

Biggz: I would definitely say that I view the world differently after doing all that time. I lost a lot while I was in that hell hole. When I was released the first thing running through my head was I’m never going back and that I’m going to do everything in my power to be successful. MOU: Who would you say have been your biggest supporters? You know, the people who continue to hold it down and keep it real with you and your music. Biggz: Aww man my biggest supporters have been my team. MOU: For the hundreds of thousands of upcoming artists that are trying to get it. What is the biggest piece of advice you would give them based on your experience? Biggz: Never stop chasing your dream and for the most part never stop working. MOU: What’s next? What direction do you hope to move towards for 2014? Any surprises or secret projects you’d like to give our readers and your fans a heads up on? Biggz: Be on the look out for my ep dropping fall of 2014. I’m also working on a


Starring: Drake, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Kevin Gates, Juicy J, Ace Hood, Ray J, Detail, Krytykal, 2 Pistols, Complex, Sizzla & Action Bronson. 25 tracks featuring: Kevin Gates, Juicy J, Ace Hood, Ray J, Detail, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Krytykal, 2 Pistols, Complex, DYnamic, Sizzla, Step Brothers, Action Bronson, Sakir Idris, Bugatti Biggz, Nic Da Saint, T.Tuck, Tru Trilla, Young Pher, Chanz Taylor, Total Khaos, Nephew, Chink DaBoi, The Deamon$, Hero, JL the Artist, King Piff, KvarCity, Triple Treat, Trappa House, Dtox Dtreeman, Eric Lee, Romeo Santos & Drake




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Dieting - keepin’ it simple I have been thinking about diet lately. Many of the people I currently know and have known in the past frequently come to new ideas of fitness and wellness, and the respective diets related to these trends. I have come to a much simpler conclusion than a miracle pill, starvation, supplements, purging, or liquid diets. Why do we not simply cut out all food we are not physically evolved to consume? Why don’t we seek only what is natural to eat? I saw some plain photographs on the internet of some men from a remote African tribe and it made me think. Their bodies were lean and muscular, and their teeth were white. These men were from a remote area where food must be found/killed and cosmetic tools such as tooth brushes do not exist. First I thought of what they may eat and it was a very short list; fruit, vegetables, and meat. Maybe this is all we require to be healthy beings. I think it is about time I consider a new lifestyle that does not include artificial substances (on the shelf drugs, alcohol etc.). Upon simple reflection of most mammals in nature, it seems that we likely do not have a need to consume dairy past infancy. I do love most milk products, but it seems like those same nutrients can be found elsewhere in a substance that does not contain things our bodies have no use for. And what about grain? The national food guide seems to tell us we need lots of wheat/grain, but I am questioning this now. Maybe the food guide is based on economics and tries to raise revenue from the abundance of wheat farming we have come to create. I Googled a few numbers and noticed a correlation between the countries with the highest obesity problems, and a high level of wheat and grain consumption. One main reason we are told to have wheat and grain is to get fiber, but if I’m not mistaken most vegetables also have fiber. To make wheat consumable, it must be processed and this is not something natural that the tribesmen in that photograph would be able to attain. Most trees and plants have compounds in their trunks, stalks, seeds, and shells that make them rigid in structure and hard for animals (including humans) to digest. These include a combination of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. If we as a species have not evolved to a point where we are able to properly digest this stuff why would I eat it? I can get the nutrients elsewhere via vegetables without putting my body through hard times. I


am under the impression I can get the minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and fats I need through meat, fruit, and vegetables alone, but I may be severely misinformed. I have to weigh my options here and see if this is a diet I can handle switching to… I will decide after I finish this freshly baked loaf of bread, brick of cheese, and bottle of wine.

OG’s VS NEWBIES Gangsters… what happened to gangsters? There used to be very few gangs, but now there are so many. The popular image of gangsters these days seems extremely sloppy. If I recall, organized gangs in previous decades had a very different look to them. What happened to make gangsters stop wearing trending suits and started wearing baggy jeans at mid-thigh height? Just in image alone the gangsters of times passed come across as more respectable. But what about their behaviours? Many gangs in the past have been documented as giving back to their communities where currently this is unheard of. I read plenty that describes the importance of respect and unwritten codes between gang families and those they associated with. Now you try to think of a time in recent days where this same thing has come to light? Maybe this is all reflective of a deeper problem in society. Maybe these changes are a result of more people having the necessity to turn to gang violence for survival. Or maybe these changes are due to the changes in crime type. There are more violence and drug related crimes being committed by gangs today where there used to be more bank robberies, loan sharking, and money-based deals. This is an incomplete thought, but regardless of what other factors there are, I am not sure the changes have been for the better. Violent crime to prove masculinity and drug sale to create short term income is not something I can respect. Long term financial security and violence only when it is necessary seems like better days to me. I am not saying gangsters are good, but I am suggesting they have gotten worse as time has passed.


Get it? Got it? Good! I saw a photo online and it got me thinking about what I have been doing with my life. This picture depicted two people with masks large enough to hide behind, and had a short story as a caption. The story basically said: “he had blue skin and hid this from the world, she had blue skin and hid this from the world, and they both spent a lifetime seeking someone with blue skin to spend their lives with. They passed by each other and never knew.” This got me thinking that maybe life is too damn short to be fake. After seeing that picture I stopped talking to people I knew if I couldn’t say ‘this’ around them without being judged, or do ‘that’ around them without being looked down on. Maybe you should consider the same because if you have to hide any of yourself to appease those around you, they are holding you back from finding the happiness you seek. From this point forward I will be me and if people like it and stick around that’s fine with me, and if not then I don’t care because they will only hold me back. I do not know about you, but I am single and want to meet someone who can love me for me. For that to happen I have to show who I am without shame otherwise all someone can love of me is the mask I have previously hidden behind. There is some food for thought for ya. This concept may seem simple, and for all I know I may be the last human on earth to realize it, but I will make damn good use of it. I don’t think it’s easy for most to drop their friends and start fresh, but I’m going to do it and you should too. This may make your life better, so make good use of the words I put down. Get it? Got it? Good!




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HOOD CLOTHING INC hit the streets in November 2011. Hailing from Southeastern Massachusetts, we are a high-quality, street art inspired, 100% American-Made apparel manufacturer & retailer. Each garment is hand-crafted with textured silk screen printing, customized embroidery, sticker hang-tags, and packaged to perfection. We have an extremely dedicated team that fuels our business, led by artist Rene Gagnon. Our product line ranges from limited edition hoodies to colorful leggings to musthave accessories, and more. Our studio is the epicenter where art and fashion mesh; and where orders are filled with boutique composition. Most importantly, there is an undeniable originality and passion that no other brand on the market is offering like HOOD CLOTHING INC. @hoodclothinginc @hoodclothinginc 44








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Kacey Anne, a woman with both beauty and brains is currently working on obtaining a Psychology degree, as well as working towards tackling a few modeling dreams she has dreamt about since she was a teen. Modeling has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember. She recently joined the Playboy Glamour Model family as of last August and is now working on growing her modeling career even more. Kacey Anne was selected to participate as a Model in the The Black Tape Project Paradise Challenge in Negril, Jamaica in September, which gave her the opportunity to work with published photographers and models from around the globe. Kacey considered it an honor to have the opportunity and cannot wait to travel more, as well as grow her portfolio!! The dream she wants to tackle most in her modeling career is becoming a Playmate and being able to inspire women across the world to never give up and always chase their dreams no matter what obstacles may come their way! @PlayboyKaceyAnn



THE FINER THINGS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW MOU: First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, ethnicity, etc? KACEY: Well I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico but moved to Texas shortly after, then Hawaii, Korea, and have lived in Arizona the longest as of now. Most would be surprised to know I wasn’t a military baby. But I am so thankful to have traveled at a young age because now it’s all I want to do every chance I get! In regards to my ethnicity I am mixed with Spanish, German, Indian, and Mexican for the most part. MOU: What got the ball rolling for you to become a model? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks? KACEY: I have had a passion for modeling since I was a teen but due to life’s path I was unable to focus on working towards my modeling goals until last



summer. The money is nice when it comes but modeling also takes a lot of investing to be successful in the industry these days. I truly enjoy modeling and being in front of the camera is one of the places where I feel comfortable, whether it’s for fun, or to submit for publication. MOU: What did your parent first think of you being a model and where they supportive? KACEY: Unfortunately my mom and dad separated when I was very young, and I didn’t see much of my dad after that. I thankfully had my mom in my life for 15 years before she took her own life when I was 15 years old. When my mom was around she was very supportive of my interest in modeling as long as it was age appropriate since I was a teen.

MOU: Where do you hope your modeling career takes you? What are your goals? KACEY: I would love to grow my career with the Playboy family in any way! Since I was a teen I have had so much respect for the Playboy brand and knew I wanted to be a Playmate for a brand that inspires women to chase their dreams and goals no matter what! I would love to travel more internationally for work and continue to add to my publications with many amazing photographers around the world. MOU: What has been the biggest highlight of your career? KACEY: For me, so far, being hired with Playboy Live was an exciting start, but shortly after I was accepted to attend The Black Tape Project Paradise Challenge in Negril, Jamaica

for 7 days and had the opportunity to work with many talented published photographers and models from around the world. It was an amazing opportunity for only being in the industry for a month at the time. MOU: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life? KACEY: Modeling has brought out my girly side a little more often these days. I grew up as a tomboy and I still enjoy my makeup free days but I tend to find myself wanting to dress up more and adding accessories to my daily outfits. MOU: What do people say is your best feature? KACEY: I honestly get complimented on my eyes the most it seems these days in person and photos. But since High School my feet


have always been one of my features people confidence in myself though my abilities hadn’t notice most. changed at all. MOU: How do you cope under the pres MOU: If you were not a model, what other sures of being a model? profession do you think you would be doing instead? KACEY: For me, I find myself reminding myself of my beliefs and morals often when sit KACEY: Modeling currently for me is part uations may arise in the industry. I do not feel time for the moment but would love to mod- I need to change who I am to be able to reach el more often in the near future. I also attend my modeling goals and dreams but I am open school full time studying psychology, hoping to minded and willing to consider new options if one day obtain a doctorate degree in Child Psy- they are best for me. chology. I also launched an entertainment company at the end of last year with my fiancé, and MOU: What are some of the guilty pleawould love to travel the world with modeling sures you indulge in food wise? while also providing services to clients around the world with Boss Couple Entertainment. KACEY: I love food! And even more so the guilty little pleasures! I love snickers al MOU: What does fashion mean to you? monds as well as sour skittles when relaxing at What are your favorite brands? home or I may bake brownies or cookies. One of my favorite treats when out is the Melting KACEY: To be honest I have not always Pot, and Carmel Apples from the Rocky Mounhad an interest in fashion until more recently, it tain Chocolate Factory. I def have a sweet isn’t something that comes natural to me but I tooth. have always had my favorite brands I have worn here and there throughout my life. I have always MOU: What one piece of advice would loved Victoria Secrets, Guess, Lucky Brand, and you give to all aspiring models? the brand I window shop at the most is Burberry. KACEY: My one piece of advice is to not give up on your modeling dreams!! Chase your MOU: Which fashion magazines, web- dreams, one step at a time, no matter how long sites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most it may take and how many obstacles. Good often? things worth having do not come easy. KACEY: These days I find I do not get time to pick up a magazine of any kind with my crazy busy schedule but do find myself on websites such as,, and Online Canvas for my online courses most often. I do not read many blogs on a regular basis unless its related to business or school research.

KACEY: As a child my role model was my mother, she made sure from the day I was born I knew how beautiful I was inside and out. Unfortunately she passed when I was 15 years old and I found shortly after that I lost all my

MOU: Who would you say have been your biggest supporters? Who has stood by you through thick and thin in regards to your career?

MOU: What do you do for fun?

KACEY: I can have fun doing just about anything! I love being outdoors and around water, whether the river, lake, or beach during the day enjoying the sun. When I get a free night I might play games at Dave n Busters, or dance the night away at a local nightclub. I also enjoy MOU: Who was your role model as a child my nights at home with a good movie and dean how did that help in being a model? livery.



KACEY: I am beyond thankful to have my Nana by my side, when I needed her the most when my mother passed away she was there, no matter how down I was, she always made sure to remind me of my worth and to not to settle in life if I wasn’t happy. Thankfully I took some of her advice and met an amazing man that is now my fiancÊ and supports all my dreams and goals. He is the only reason I am able to even think about my modeling goals again and work on tackling them. These two have been the biggest support in my life, and I am beyond thankful for them both.

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Kacey Ann

MOU: Are there any people/companies you would like to shout out/thank? KACEY: I would love to thank all my fans and supporters for their continued love and support as I work hard at accomplishing my modeling dreams. Your support motivates me more than you know and I am beyond happy to share this journey with you all.

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MOU: Thank you Ms Kacey Ann for doing this interview with us! We wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

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M SA T I B A Adore her for‌

her contagious, positive attitude. her entrepreneurial spirit. her determination and commitment to her dreams. her glowing confidence. her enthusiasm, passion and excitement. her inspiring and grateful soul. her caring, genuine support for the people around her.

She loves...

Cooking and baking healthy, vegan, gluten-free alternatives to everything. Meeting new people. Traveling. The beach. Working out. Juicing. Social Media. Makeup.

What she is best at‌

Sammi is a very talented Makeup Artist. She loves doing makeup as well as teaching it. She is an inspiring speaker and trainer to her business partners around the world. Her contagious energy will make anyone smile! 60








Adore her for...

her surprising and hilarious antics. her caring, thoughtful compassion. her uplifting spirit. her young but wise advice. her bratty wild side. her easy going mindset. her contagious confidence.

She loves...

Shopping, makeup, tanning by the water, working out, modeling, exploring new places, partying, music, random adventures, animals, healthy food, fashion and selfies.

What she is best at‌

Andrea is an amazing transformation stylist. Spend one day shopping and let do your hair and makeup and you will walk out a new woman! She is very empathetic and will help you see the best in any situation. 62




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