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The royal rock of roman roads Why choose Porphyry Porphyry is chosen for its beauty, function, and durability. Despite being commonly referred to as cobblestone paving, it is a type of block paving. Porphyry provides an unrivaled aesthetic and defines the importance of a place. Porphyry makes an indelible impression as a critical element in European plazas and streets. It adds richness, color, and beauty to landscape design. Why Chose Milestone Imports? Milestone Imports has been importing porphyry pavers and paving stone since 1998. We pride ourselves on expert knowledge of the stone, its use, and installation techniques. We've built a system of quality control, logistics, and service that ensures high quality, reliability, consistency, and satisfaction to our clients.

Your home is an extension of your aesthetic and personality. You want an exterior that mixes form and function—a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor surface that is virtually maintenance free. Porphyry pavers and cobblestone are the solution. Porphyry makes an indelible impression as a critical element in European plazas—and your home’s outdoor living spaces. It adds richness, color and beauty to your landscape design. Porphyry is an excellent choice for residential customers: There are dynamic color options Versatile design elements from traditional to contemporary It’s a sustainable, environmentally friendly paver It’s water permeable It boasts long-term value and durability Its lifespan is hundreds of years It dries quickly and does not become slippery

As a building professional, you’re always looking for versatile materials that offer superior value. Porphyry pavers and cobblestone are the solution for your exterior design challenges.

With increasing environmental regulations for exterior design, porphyry meets high ecological standards: It is sustainable It is environmentally friendly It is water permeable It can last hundreds of years with almost no maintenance Logistically, porphyry provides solutions for your clients: There are dynamic color options There are design elements for traditional and contemporary projects It boasts long-term value and durability

Milestone Imports provides a number of services designed to aid in the design and proper installation of Porphyry Pavers and Cubes. DESIGN With a high resolution digital photograph of your existing project area we can work with Photoshop to show inserted photo design options of material in different patterns to illustrate how each would look installed

If the project is new and in the design and development process we have available Auto CAD & Sketch Up abilities to work with existing architectural drawings. We can insert patterns and sizes to demonstrate the look desired. We also have the services of a design team which can work from your drawings or even visit the job site to work with you to achieve the best possible design and layout for your unique location. OTHER DESIGN AND INSTALLATION RESOURCES Archaeo Architects - Santa Fe New Mexico Architects Architectural Alliance - Santa Fe New Mexico Architects Avants Stone - Porphyry Design and Installation - New Mexico Porphyry Distributor EcoSystems Grout - Permeable and Non-Permeable Epoxy grout INSTALLATION We have available a complete installation manual authored by architects available in English & Spanish in a digital format. The manual is extensive and covers: Geological, Physical & Technical properties of the stone; All aspects of the quarrying process; Preparation of surfaces for installation; Interior and Exterior installation techniques and applications; Patterns and uses. We also have available installation seminars periodically scheduled through out the US and Mexico or can arrange a specific training course for installers at your projects.

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