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Come join us in living the UFS Experience aboard the USS Chester W. Nimitz Greetings Everyone! I have started a Chapter within United Federation Starfleet, a fan group dedicated to enjoying Star Trek in whatever way is the most fun for them! For me, I have designed this chapter in they style of my fondest memories of UFS. This chapter is dedicated to fans becoming friends and having fun. Greedy Greedy games, movies, sitting around a table and talking Trek. My vision for the chapter is that is focused on everyone having the best time that they can. The Nimitz is an Excelsior class heavy cruiser that’s mission is deep space exploration and defending the Federation. For role plays I host, I welcome crew to create their own stories for everyone to enjoy, the Nimitz is in the late 23rd century and early 24th century. This has always been one of the most exciting times in Star Trek because it is a time when the Federation is at its peak, before the Borg and Dominion. It is a time when war was most likely with the Romulans or Cardassians. Anyone with questions please feel free to contact me at: I try to answer questions promptly Live Long and Prosper and Warp Speed Ahead! Brigadier MilesPrower Dagger

USS Nimitz Launch  

Luanch Announcement of new chapter