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TCMS02 Contents, Welcome and Staff listing.

Welcome to the second issue of Trekkie Central Supplemental. TCMS02 Star Trek The Experience Closing note. This issue is a bit different from other issues, because we have no interviews for you to read. Instead we have three reports from various conventions and trek gatherings across the planet. The first of these reports is about the sad closure of the Trek Mecca itself, in the form of Star Trek; The Experience. After 10 years boldly flying the flag of the United Federation of Planets, The Experience fell foul to two companies that couldn’t agree on a price for renting the space. On this sad weekend for Trek fans we were lucky enough to have our very own Admiral there in the form of Admiral ‘I’m not dead yet’ Cole aka Jennifer Cole from Star Trek; Hidden Frontier. Jennifer’s article paints a very good and emotional picture of the closing weekend of The Experience. Following on from this is an article on the Starfleet/Klingon Banquet in Milton Keynes UK and an article on a Star Trek Convention that took place in Australia, so all in all it is a truly international affair. We all hope you enjoy reading about various Trek meetings across the world. Live Long and Prosper Richard

Trekkie Central Staff: Writers: Heather Ashleigh; Michael Bednar; Jennifer Cole; Gerri Donaldson; Josh Edelglais; Beo Fraser; Danny Levy; Alex Matthews; Richard Miles; Eugenia Stoypa; Michael Struck; Sean-Paul Teeling; Tim Vining and John Whiting. Head Writers: Gerri Donaldson; Alex Matthews; Richard Miles and Eugenia Stoypa. Photographers: Jennifer Cole and Richard Miles Graphics Artists: Steve Gilson and Richard Miles; Front Cover: Richard Miles Creative Consultants: Michael Hudson and Rick Pike. Assistant Editors: Heather Ashleigh and Alex Matthews Editor: Richard Miles Special Thanks: Contributors: Jennifer Cole; Gerri Donaldson; Richard Miles and Eugenia Stoypa. Events: Star Trek The Experience; Starfleet/Klingon Banquet and Terra Nova 6. Trekkie Central Magazine and Supplemental is produced for fans by fans. This is a free to download and view online magazine, from which no profit is made in anyway. If you see this magazine on sale anywhere please do not purchase it as this will jeopardise feature issue of this magazine. If you do find it on sale please inform us immediately by emailing us at and put fraudulent magazine in the subject box. Many Thanks

TCM02 Star Trek The Experience Closing Note

The end of an era… How does one convey their thoughts and feelings about one of the truest, most unique places any “Star Trek” fan could truly feel at home with? Just how do I say how sad and upset I am that the one place I did indeed feel at home with is now closed? Hmm… Guess I just did. So, how did the final weekend go? All things considered it went very well. There were lines for everything. Lines I hadn’t seen since the first time I went to the Experience. And for those who never got to go, know that you missed one heck of a COOL place and one helluva party that weekend! I arrived on Thursday, Aug 28th and left on Tuesday, Sept 2nd. I had missed the grand opening in January 1998, so I was real determined to be there on the closing weekend. As soon as I arrived, I made a beeline for the Experience to check things out. Despite being “warned” that the shops were closed and merchandise was pretty sparse, I was still real surprised by what little there was. Of course, over the last 10 years of going to the Experience, I’d certainly purchased enough, so I didn’t have to buy anything… ☺ There were no t-shirts, no hats, no cool toys (e.g. models), no mugs or glasses, etc. What did I find? A lot of Borg teddy bears (by a lot, I mean, three or four shelves full!), Starfleet teddy bears, TOS playing cards, boxes of Quark’s matches, Warp Core/Borg Sphere drink bowls w/stands (wish I had gotten one of these), and the TOS Communicators, and some other stuff. All the stores, with the exception of the “Admiral’s Collection” and “Moogie’s Trading Post,” were all closed. Thankfully, the store signs were still up; even the replicator was still there and working!

One of the coolest things I saw were a bunch of notes & letters from fans that lined not one, not two, but THREE walls of the Experience. I even added my own note… “To our friends at Star Trek The Experience From your friends and fans from Los Angeles – U.S.S. Angeles ( We are sad that the Experience is closing, but we are also grateful and blessed that we got to come and share our love of “Star Trek” with you for over 10 years. Your dedication to the “Star Trek” universe will not be forgotten. Live Long & Prosper, Jennifer L. Cole, President, USS Angeles.” th

Starting Friday, Aug 29 , Suzie Plakson (from TNG - Dr. Selar and Worf’s wife), Beverly Washburn (from the TOS episode “The Deadly Years”), and Chase Masterson (DS9’s Leeta, the Dabo girl) were there signing autographs all the weekend. That weekend, I believe I had lunch or dinner at Quark’s at least four times… Hey, had to get in as many meals as possible! It was still so strange and unusual to have to WAIT more than 20 minutes to get on either the Borg 4-D or the Klingon Encounter attractions. st

Monday, Sept. 1 . The final day… I went down to The Experience as soon as I was ready to check things out. I had no idea what to expect, so I was surprised by what I found: a great big gold curtain had already been set up, lots of people were milling about, and a stage was set up. By the stairs leading down to Quark’s there was now a large sign informing you that filming was in progress, so if you didn’t want to be filmed, then stay away, yadda, yadda, yadda… ☺ So for the final ‘decommissioning’ ceremony it was just Jonathan and I, everyone else from the USS Angeles and UFPI had gone home. At about 8:30pm, we managed to find a spot close to the Space Quest bar, where we were up a little high and could see the stage without (much) interference. The crowds were amazing! That entire area filled up and I mean filled up! By the time the ceremony began (which was after 10pm), neither Jonathan nor I could move much. We were really packed in there. I think the people behind me tried real hard to get into my shoes several times, that’s how close everyone was. Sheesh! At around 10:00pm, Russell Giles, one of the Experience managers, got up on the stage and thanked everyone for coming, for supporting the Experience over the years and asked us to give our thanks to all the employees and cast members who entertained us for over 10 years. He left the stage and about 15 minutes or so later, Chad Boutte, Operations Manager for the Experience got up on stage, said a few words then introduce Suzie Plakson, the Master of Ceremonies for the decommissioning ceremony.

The Decommissioning ceremony – part of the speech that Suzie read from went as follows: “The is both a celebration and a farewell. An homage to the human th tradition, that will live on to the 24 Century and beyond. On January 4, 1998, Stardate 51347.9, Star Trek: The Experience, designated time station 1001, was th charged with a ten year mission – to explore the roots of our own 24 Century culture, to catalog information and histories that were believed lost, and to preserve the notions and ideals of its founders – the United Federation of Planets, managed and governed by Starfleet Commander, this bustling community of commercial, scientific and strategic significance has been a resounding success. “General Order Number One – The Prime Directive was followed to the letter. Ensuring that all of its events unfolded as they should, without undue influence of officers and crew. Ten years is at once a long time and just the blink of an eye. Ten years is over three million visitors and over 150,000 missions flown.” After her speech, a roll call began of all the cast/crew of Star Trek The Experience began, which was bulk of the decommissioning ceremony. From my vantage point, I could see cast/crew/staff lining up along the museum walkway and as their name was read, they walked down the ramp towards the casino and were enthusiastically greeted by us fans. At the bottom of the ramp, a lucky fan was there to greet them and hand them a special commemorative certificate (nope, never got to see it, so I have no idea what it looked like or what it said). The final cast members to come down were the various Starfleet crews followed by the Alien Ambassadors – 4 Borg (“7 of 16”, “5 of 16”, “8 of 16” & “Larry of 16”), 3 Klingons (Major Kahlen, General Motog & Commander Churoq), two Ferengi (“Quan” & “Rog’l”), Andorian (K’Stran Thral), and finally, Professor T’Pril, the lady Vulcan, played by April Hebert. Here is what Suzie had to say at this point, first she called back to the front “Captain” Chad Bouett: “In accordance to tradition, the first crewmember

assigned to the Experience, is now the last to disembark - Miss April Hebert. For ten years, this banner, bearing the seal of the United Federation Banquet of Planets,TCMS02 has stoodStarfleet/Klingon watch over this facility, in Review observance of maritime tradition, as our longest serving crewmember, you are entrusted with its safe keeping.” Here is where Suzie’s voice broke, and April was really struggling to hold back her own emotions, but when this was announced, she was caught off-guard. Everyone, I think got choked up by that, including me. Once roll call was done, Suzie asked them all to come back on stage for their final bows – to thunderous applause, shouts of joy and lots of flash photography. Then it happened - the gold curtains came down. That was it. The Experience was closed. We lingered there for a bit longer, mostly because we still couldn’t move! But, it didn’t take long for the crowds to thin out. Both Jonathan and I were hungry, so we invited the two people who had been squished next to me (on my left), Lauren and Robert (from Kansas City) to join us for a late dinner. Funny thing, we didn’t know their names until we actually sat down in the restaurant! We then sat there until after 2am talking. We walked them back to the monorail station (which was right next to the Experience), were we could hear and see some of the partiers (those invited to the VIP party immediately after the curtain came down) still going strong. So, we lingered a bit more in front of the curtain, took a few more photos from behind the curtain and said our farewells to Robert & Lauren. Tuesday morning, Sept 2, time to pack up and check out. Bummer! As we took the last of our luggage to our cars, we made one FINAL detour to the Experience… I took out my video camera and got some of the final photos & video that I’d ever be able to get and it was really time to say goodbye. It was hard. Even writing this, I’m tearing up again. I hate that it closed. I hate that I now no longer have a place to go to geek out in. Guess I’ll just have to go back to all my photos and videos to keep those memories alive from now on. Thanks for reading! Hope I didn’t completely bore you! Keep on Trekkin’! Jennifer Cole USS Angeles ( Hidden Frontier Productions UFPI, Inc. ( STARFLEET International (


Starfleet/Klingon banquet TCMS02 Australian Convention Review

As I sit here writing this at 1.30am I find myself thinking over the evenings events. From the time I put on the Uniform and had to walk down a hotel corridor and get into a lift full of people, right up to the end of the evening where I trudged back to my room tired after a fun evening. I decided that if they another Banquet, money permitting, I will be there. Going down at around 5.50pm I was immediately met by a Klingon who asked me where I was from and then introduced me to people from USS Essex, which is a fan group based in Hockley Essex UK. We chatted for a while until dinner was served, upon which time we all entered the Dining Room and sat down at our designated tables. Then once everyone was seated and acquainted the Banquet was officially declared open by Kehlan. Then the starters were brought in, for which I had a Bloodwine soup. This was followed by the main course which for me was Sabre-Bear Steak in Warnog Sauce and then dessert which was Tulaberry Pie in Cheral Sauce. All the meals were delicious and most welcome after only a sausage roll for lunch whilst stuck in traffic. Once the meal had finished, the main reason we had all gathered together was brought to our attention. That was to raise money to help in the fight against cancer. All proceeds from this event went to the MacMillan Cancer Care, a British organisation that helps people through their fight with cancer, being it be a lift to hospital or someone to talk to they are there for these people day and night. The organisation will also send in nurses to help out around the home. In order to raise the most money possible the organisers of the event had arranged a raffle and an auction for the evening. Also John Carrigan ("Star Trek Phase 2") had brought along some Star Trek memorabilia to auction off. The auction went well with everything selling for more than ÂŁ5.00 and the maximum selling price for an item was ÂŁ65.00. Then the draw for the raffle took place with everybody standing a chance of winning. I myself won a tray of fruit. This was then followed by the screening of the trailer for Phase 2's upcoming episode "Blood and Fire" as well as a sneak peek of part of the episode that featured John Carrigans character Kargh. I have to admit it looks like exciting stuff! The evening then wrapped with a disco and a chance to mingle and get to know people a little better. This year's event raised more than last year's, which is great and will help this charity enormously. We will announce this total once it is known. If anyone near you arranges an event like this I would encourage you to go and support the event and charity. These events are important and help these equally important charities to survive. For information on MacMillan Cancer Support visit their website here: For information on Starfleet/Klingon Banquet visit their website here:



TCMS02 Conventions Listings

Defiant Docks Downunder.

A weekend event like Terra Nova 6 doesn’t just happen!! It takes months of preparation and planning, from designs of Convention posters, tickets and programs to the minute by minute running of the actual Convention. With changing guests and minor hiccups the weekend was finally upon us. nd

The weekend started Friday August 22 and the two guests, Aron Eisenberg who played Nog in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Sean Williams author of the just released Star Wars novel based on the New Star Wars Game ‘The Force Unleashed’. We raced into the weekend by attending ‘Hanging with Aron’ on the Friday night where we had a chance to have an intimate gathering with Aron. After filling ourselves with food and chatting with Aron we sat down to hear Aron talk about the love of his craft and how he prepared for his role in ‘Once a Paper Moon’. Attendees are certainly fortunate in Adelaide because they are given the chance to really get to know the guest. After a late night of catching up with friends from all over Australia (which is a big place, the UK would fit into it approx 32 times) who travel many thousands of miles to come to Terra Nova Events in Adelaide because of the intimate nature of the convention. Saturday arrives and Con activities for the day. The Function Room buzzing with people arrived finding their seats and then perusing the dealer tables for that must buy item. We meet each convention goer with a smile and a cheery greeting even though we hadn’t had much sleep the night before due to rowdy hotel patrons (but that is another story)! The Convention began with a multimedia extravaganza called ‘Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact’ (delivered by me, Eugenia!) The talk was well received with everyone agreeing that Science Fiction writers make a major impact on our world. They help to plant the seed for people to make what they (the Sci Fi writers) think real! The Costume Guild of Australia, paraded costumes that spanned the many incarnations of Starfleet uniforms and the odd alien or two, with the Klingons being most intimidating (of course)! The oddest sight was a costume worn by one of the convention goers, who was the tallest Ferengi we had ever seen he is approx 6ft 2ins. We guessed that is what a Ferengi would look like on growth hormones!!

Gerri and Eugenia are members of the Terra Nova Crew. Terra Nova Events is a Sci Fi convention event organisation that is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Terra Nova Convention Promoter Stuart Blair held “Terra Nova 6” in August 2008. Along with Stuart and 3 other crew members ensured Terra Nova 6 was a fun filled weekend.

TCMS02 Next Issue of TCM

Before long it was time for the first of the guests to arrive on stage. Sean Williams is an internationally recognised and successful South Australian author. Sean had the room fascinated and laughing as he talked about being a writer in the Sci Fi genre. Many a diehard Star Trek fan sneaked to the stall of one of Australia’s leading Book Stores that was selling his book, after his talk to buy the book to get it signed. As this fascinating talk came to an end the time arrived for the special guest to jump on stage. Aron ran in and from his opening words had everyone laughing and enthralled. It was great seeing this actor from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. The great thing about Aron was that not only does he love what he did on DS9 but he actually loves all forms of Sci Fi, reading, watching and writing it himself. Things did not end there, Sean Williams was back on stage and with Star Trek and Star Wars fans selected from the audience “The Debate” began ‘Star Trek or Star Wars, which one is better?’ After an hour or so the debate was called a draw with both sides acknowledging that Star Trek and Star Wars have their place and offer many hours of enjoyment to many people. Autographs in hand the day event drew to a close but Terra Nova 6 was not over yet! The next event organized for the weekend was an evening meal ‘Feasting with the Ferengi’! More food, more laughter, and more time with Aron, there wasn’t much we didn’t know about Aron by the end of the night! Another late night for everyone but lots of fun! The next day we drove to the National Wine Centre in inner city Adelaide to join Aron for a Wine tour and more food as we sat down to have a lovely lunch with our VIP ticket holders. More food and more laughter, exhaustion setting in by the time things finally wrapped up Terra Nova rocks!! We had a WOW! of a weekend not only from meeting Aron and Sean but catching up with other Sci Fi fans from around the country. Being part of the organizing team for a Convention is a very different experience from just being a Convention attendee. A few kilos heavier (it only seems that way, LOL!) and very tired, we went our separate ways with many fond memories of Terra Nova 6. No rest for us though as we start thinking about who and what we can offer at Terra Nova 7 in 2009.





TCM Supplemental Issue 2  

Second issue of the supplemental magazine

TCM Supplemental Issue 2  

Second issue of the supplemental magazine