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Welcome Welcome to the third issue of Trekkie Central Supplemental. In this issue we have two exclusives for you and both set in the Star Trek Diplomatic Relations. Firstly we have an interview with Ambassador Kingsley herself, aka Barbara Puder. Then Alex Matthews lets us into the mind of the creator and writer of the series to find out a bit of what is going to happen in Season One. Finally with this being the second of three release’s in two weeks we hope you enjoy this issue. Live Long and Prosper. Richard

Trekkie Central Staff: Writers: Heather Ashleigh; Michael Bednar; Jennifer Cole; Gerri Donaldson; Josh Edelglais; Beo Fraser; Danny Levy; Alex Matthews; Richard Miles; Eugenia Stoypa; Michael Struck; Sean-Paul Teeling; Tim Vining and John Whiting. Head Writers: Gerri Donaldson; Alex Matthews; Richard Miles and Eugenia Stoypa. Photographers: Jennifer Cole and Richard Miles Graphics Artists: Steve Gilson and Richard Miles; Front Cover: Richard Miles Creative Consultants: Michael Hudson and Rick Pike. Assistant Editors: Heather Ashleigh and Alex Matthews Editor: Richard Miles Special Thanks: Contributors: Alex Matthews and Barbara Puder. Trekkie Central Magazine and Supplemental is produced for fans by fans. This is a free to download and view online magazine, from which no profit is made in anyway. If you see this magazine on sale anywhere please do not purchase it as this will jeopardise feature issue of this magazine. If you do find it on sale please inform us immediately by emailing us at and put fraudulent magazine in the subject box. Many Thanks

Barbara puder interview TCM TALKS DIRECTLY TO BARBARA PUDER ON HER CHARACTER AMBASSADOR KINGSLEY. TCM: What can you tell us about Ambassador Kingsley? BP: Jessica has worked her way up the ranks thanks to a combination of smarts, hard work, and intuition. She's got a knack for making good choices, which comes from knowing when to go with that intuition. She tends to follow procedure, but sees it as a framework within which to work, and won't let herself be bound by it when procedure only gets in the way. While she certainly understands and uses the nuances of diplomacy, she's always focused on the goal of her mission and tries to get people to reach an understanding as swiftly as reasonably possible.

TCM: How would you describe the role that Kingsley plays within the Diplomatic Relations universe? BP: While she certainly has earned the right to the big glory assignments, she prefers to go where she feels her talents are most needed. In the current story line, the presence of the repositories complicates what would be an ordinary diplomatic situation into one of extreme delicacy. Tahn L'oss, which would otherwise be a backwater planet, seems to be poised to become an important part of discovering the ancient history of the galaxy. Because of that, and because of the unstable situation on the planet, Jessica's special talents of insight and intuition are most needed. TCM: How did you become involved with Diplomatic Relations? BP: I met Alex Matthews, the writer of the series, at the filming of the wedding in the finale of Hidden Frontier. Since I'm not the Starfleet type, I decided to dress as an ambassador instead. I kind of chatted with Alex about it on the trip over to the shoot and back (we were his transportation), and I guess that inspired him to ask me to do the role of Jessica Kingsley. He even set his first scene directly after the wedding to establish a continuity with the HF universe. TCM: What storylines would you like to see Kinglsey have? BP: I'd like to see a story line that dealt with the absent Mr. Kingsley, whether it be him coming back into her life if he's alive, or her being forced to deal the circumstances of his death by being involved in a similar situation. I think the latter one would be more interesting, especially if she ends up in an position of being the cause of someone's death rather than as the victim. For example, if he got left behind in some way, I'd like to see her have to make the choice of whether or not to leave somebody behind, and how she would deal with it. TCM: Some would say that Kingsley is a forceful character in someways, would you say this is true and if so why? BP: I would say assertive rather than forceful. Part of her success as an ambassador is due to her ability to take charge in a situation and not let it get bogged down in unnecessary details or petty arguing over unimportant issues. She knows when to let people have their say and when to tell them, in her own elegant way, to go pound sand. As I said earlier, her focus is always on the goal of her mission. When things seem to be going off-track, she'll put her hand in and firmly guide it back. TCM: Is there anything else you can tell us about Kingsley? BP: Since I wasn't given a lot of background on her, I can only go by what I glean from the scripts. She's a loving mother, and some of her skills as ambassador were probably honed on her own family. (After all, dealing with heads of state is sometimes not very different than dealing with children.) Working in a field where veiling hostility with pretty words is often standard practice, she values honesty and forthrightness. She has many friends, but the closest ones are those who share her standard of personal integrity and honesty. She also has a good sense of humor, which helps when dealing with difficult people. I have to say that she's awfully close to my own personality, and that I really enjoy playing her.~

Diplomatic relations season one preview HERE IN A TCMS EXCLUSIVE ALEX MATTHEWS, SERIES CREATOR OF STAR TREK DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS, LETS US IN ON WHAT IS IN STORE FOR SOME OF SEASON ONE. When I started writing down the ideas that would later form into Diplomatic Relations, I had a lot that I wanted to convey. With the situation that the show presents, I knew there would be a large cast of characters, each who would have an individual part to play in both the setting of the show, as well as the general theme the show would have. The star is undoubtedly Jessica Kingsley, and she is surrounded by a small group of main characters, such as Commander Al-Zaid, First Representative Es'Laan, and Ambassador Sovik. But not every story can focus on just those characters, so each and every character will get a chance in the spotlight. The good thing about the audio medium is that I don't have to worry to the same degree as something like HF Productions do with having to arrange to get people together. Many of our cast have no idea who the others are, since in some cases, there are transatlantic distances involved, but that is the joy of having connections via the Internet. I also have to remember to give certain characters time in the spot-light, and not simply stick to characters I really enjoy bringing to life, such as Kingsley (voiced by Barbara Puder), Yiela Norien (voiced by Jennifer Cole) and Dr. Phillip Gregson (voiced by Nick Beckwith). The main theme of our first season is the idea of first impressions, and how they can not always be accurate. Tahn'Los is only recently a member of the Federation, but before that, was a protectorate, and Kingsley and her staff are discovering that the transition from one to the other is not as smooth as they expected. Both the Tahn'Lana government and the Federation staff are realising that the other side still have a lot to learn about the other, and occasionally, this can be detrimental to their relationship. Examples include episodes 3 and 5, titled “Accession” and “Asylum”, respectively, currently two episodes we have in pre-production, which highlight the fact that despite being lead by appointed representatives, the populace are now governed by rules they had no so say in. A related sub-plot to this is the idea that there are still some members of the species who are not happy with either the Federation presence or the current government status quo, who have come together to make their voices heard, by whatever means necessary... Another plot-line established in our pilot is the fact that the Federation are keeping secrets from the Tahn'Lana, regarding the unearthing of several dozen repositories of knowledge from their ancient history. Evidence has been found to show that the Preservers, quasi-mythical entities encountered by Starfleet before who were known to transplant humans from Earth to distant planets for unknown reasons, have had some kind of presence on Tahn'Los. While Starfleet sends specialists in on the pretence of helping the Tahn'Lana more about their forgotten past, who are actually there to decipher and understand the 'Preserver Problem”, they have yet to reveal just who the Preservers are to the Tahn'Los government. The season will comprise of 13 episodes, and conclude on a another arc of episodes that will deal with the ramifications of the previously mentioned plots, as well as begin a new storyline that will take us into Season Two, where everything that the listeners have gotten to know will change... and not for the better.~





TCM Supplemental Issue 3  

TCMS Issue 3

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