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What can you tell us about the show?

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2353-2354 cadet first year general studies/Security Starfleet Academy SF HQ 2354-2355 cadet 2nd year security/Tactical Starfleet Academy SF HQ 2355-2356 cadet 3rd year security/Tactical Starfleet Academy SF HQ 2356-2757 cadet 4th year Fighter cadet Starfleet Academy SF HQ 2357-2359 Ensign security USS EISEN NCC -24541 2359 2365 LTJG Security/Tactical USS EISEN NCC -24541 2365 2367 Lieutenant Security officer USS Princeton NCC-58904 2367-2367 Lieutenant Security officer USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 D 2367-2373 Lieutenant Chief of Security USS IMPERIUM NCC-50824 2373-2377 Lt Cmdr Chief Tactical USS IMPERIUM NCC-50824 2377-2380 Lt Cmdr Acting First officer USS IMPERIUM NCC-50824 2380-2387 Commander First officer USS IMPERIUM NCC-50824 2387-Present Commanding Officer USS IMPERIUM NCC-50824

We filmed our first episode and things turned out very well. Star Trek Imperium has some very great actors. Some new changes are taking place though. We are going to start using the star trek Nemesis uniform very soon. I would just like to thank everyone that helped me make this happen. We have a great first season of four full episodes will be one hell of a adventure with the season's final being one epic ending to our first season

Why did you decide to create the show? Have been a long time fan of star trek once it went off the air I came up with an idea for my own show. It was not until I did some acting with Dark Frontier that the project came to life.

Can you tell us about your Character? He is a very interesting character. He has his two childhood friends as his command staff on the ship. He is also very troubled his wife and son died at Wolf 359.

Species Human Home planet Earth Affiliation Starfleet Posting USS Imperium Position Commanding Officer Rank Captain Portrayed by James Woomer


Shield Output: 489,000 Mw (4x Saucer Emitters, 3x Star Drive Emitters) Directed Energy Weapons :(18) Type XIII phasers, (4)Type V phaser cannons Maximum Phaser Power Output: 8.2 megawatts Maximum Phaser Range: 300,000 kilometres (8) Mk IV Photon Torpedo Launchers - 4 fore 4 aft (2) Dual Rapid fire Mark Q-II Quantum Torpedo Launches -1 fore 1 aft Torpedo Explosive Yield: 18.9 isotonnes Torpedo Spread: 4 per launcher Maximum Torpedo Range: 4.05 million kilometres Torpedo Load Status: 150 Photon Torpedoes, 100 Type II quantum torpedo warheads Defensive Systems ablative hull armor generators- ablative hull armor is capable of withstanding a direct attack from the disruptors of a Klingon Negh'Var class battleship. Each Athena Class vessel is equipped with an average depth of 10 centimeters of armor hullwide, which can be replaced as wear permits at select fleet yards. Due to the supply demands, repairs made to the hull of a starship in the field will lack the extra layer of armor until the vessel is able to dock at a facility with spare plating.

Commanding Officer - Captain James Anderson Executive Officer - Commander William James Carter Second Officer - Commander Kristina Zamora Length: Classified Beam: Classified Height: Classified Decks: 26 Mass: Classified Crew Complement - 180 Marines: 100 Fighter Pilots: 15 Maximum Evacuation Limit: 500 Persons Maximum M/AMRA power output??? Normal Velocity: Warp 8 Maximum Cruise: Warp 9.9 Maximum Sustainable Velocity: Warp 9.999 for 36 hours Recommended Yard Overhaul: 10 Years Minor Yard refits: 1 Year Standard 6 Person Transporters: 6 Emergency 22 Person Transporters: 6 Cargo Transporters: 4

The starship was constructed at the Utopia Planitia Fleet shipyard in 2366 as a galaxy class starship and commissioned as the USS Imperium; she was decommissioned in 2386 after she was involved in a temporal incident. The USS IMPERIUM NCC 50824 jumped into multiple realities while shifting through time after encountering a temporal rift. This temporal rift had left the Imperium trapped in another timeline. The crew of the USS IMPERIUM encountered the temporal rift once more. They used modified chronotic / anti time particles the USS IMPERIUM had found the right reality while attempting to enter the temporal rift the ship was hit by a massive tachyon burst. Upon returning to the proper time the crew undergoes an unageing process, under orders by Starfleet the Crew of the IMPERIUM were sent to Starfleet medical for study on earth. In late 2386 she was decommissioned. In 2387, The Athena Project was completed. The two NX Athena Starships were commissioned the USS Athena, and the USS Imperium. The NX Athena had a major problem while on its test flight and had to be towed back to the shipyard. Starfleet corrected the issues while the USS Imperium NCC-50824 was still in spacedock before its test flight.

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