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Get fired for oming in late. o directly to BEACH DAY!

Order surfboard from local shaper. Move forward 1 space.

Drop in on Delbert. Start over.

Survive first winter framing houses. Move forward 2 spaces.

Collect unemployment while in the Caribbean. Move forward 3 spaces.

ing cal

ks game that lasts a yet never ends.

WORK A DOUBLE! Stay put ’til you roll 2.

Take weekend shopping trip to VB. Stuck in traffic for 2 turns.

Risk driving home after big night out. Go to directly to JAIL.

Forget to slack tires. Spend next turn digging out.

Open your own restaurant. Spend rest of life at work.


n’t born here, you ain’t from here. olled the dice once by moving you go local’ and see how far can you get.

In-Laws visit unannounced. Go directly to BEACH DAY.

Bypass Wreck! Stay put for 2 turns.

Get blown off course kiting. Spend 3 turns hitchhiking home.

Stiff bartender. Spend next turn waiting for beer.

Find “Real Job” — then get transferred inland. Start over.

Baby born on island. Move forward 2 spaces.

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Stuck here on purpose


Stuck here on purpose

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