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“Leaders imagine a world that they would like to be a part of, a world worth fighting for.” - Seth Godin

AIESEC envisions

Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential We believe it is possible by enabling leadership development in young people to make a positive impact in the society

AIESEC enables leadership development by young people through the

Experiential Leadership Development Model

Experiential Leadership Development AIESEC offers and facilitates the experiences below for young people

Team experiences

Students volunteer to join AIESEC to have practical team experiences, which compliment their academic study at university.

(6 months to 4+ years)

Be a team member or lead a team HR, Sales, Marketing, Operation, Finance

Frequently assess performance and development Report to a Board of Advisor

Run AIESEC operation

Be allocated to a function Go through a selection process

Work abroad experiences (1.5 months to 18 months)

Frequently assess performance and development

Receive logistical, visa, culture integration support from AIESEC

Report to a supervisor

Go abroad to volunteer at NGO or work in a company

Students or recent graduates sign up to go abroad for volunteering or professional work opportunities. AIESEC partners with 8,000 organizations around the world to provide these work abroad opportunities.

Be offered challenging opportunities abroad

We call this the “Global Volunteer” or “Global Internship Program”

pre-selection process

The uniqueness of AIESEC platform Unique characteristics of AIESEC, that most of other organizations don’t offer to young people with.

Real Resources

Real team, AIESEC brand, conferences, training, global information system, etc.

Learning by Doing

Create and implement initiatives, risk tolerant environment, learning oriented environment

Developing Others

Take real responsibility for others – a team, an entity, etc., and being kept accountable

Global Network

International conferences, work abroad experience, global information and communication system, entities from different countries are required to work together to deliver student exchange program

Achievement of Results

Offering of high goal and ambition, performance assessment and celebration of success

The leadership AIESEC develops AIESEC is enabling life-long leadership journey for young people. Based on unique nature of the organization and essential elements to trigger leadership journey, we develop the following:

Self-Aware Aware of my strengths and weaknesses; Know my values and purpose in life

Responsible and purposeful Aware, take ownership and action to contribute to something bigger than my self

Effective Communication Engaging others with my purpose and values; communicate effectively and build networks

Strong talent shortage trend Talent shortage trend Low/no shortage trend Strong employability challenge Medium employability challenge Talent gap trend 2010-20


Significant talent gaps expected by 2020 and beyond (In countries with no talent shortage trend, employability is the challenge)

+ EUROPE Over the next decade, Western Europe’s talent supply will continuously decrease, leading to an almost empty talent pipeline by 2020, and reaching an average growth rate of only 0% to 1% (with some countries having negative growth rates). Economic growth expectations coinciding with projected waves of retirements will force employers to find, attract and retain scarce talent.

War for right talents

+ ASIA PACIFIC Except for Australia, report no shortage trends in numbers of people, due to economic growth, higher birth rates and population sizes. However, talent gaps are still anticipated in these countries due to lower skill levels. ~70% of individuals in developed countries currently meet the definition of “talent,” compared to ~30% in developing countries (Source: WEF Global talent risk 2011)

+ US Expected talent gaps will be caused mainly by demographic shifts – notably, the retirement of baby boomers. Immigration and expected birth rates will not balance the workforce losses caused by aging populations.

With Experiential Leadership Development Model, AIESEC is developing a global talent pool, who could be the future leadership pipeline in organizations.

High caliber, well rounded

Technology savvy

Highly transferrable soft skills

Leadership qualities

8,000 organizations across sectors around the world partner with AIESEC to support youth leadership development and gain direct access to our talent pool. Contact us to find out how to become an AIESEC Partner Milena Nguyen Global Business Development Manager | AIESEC International 13-14 | 126 Teilingerstraat, 3032-AW Rotterdam, The Netherlands | | +31 10 443 4371 |

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