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OGIP CEED JOB DESCRIPTION AND EXPECTATIONS Assist the oGIP team of AIESEC in LC Belgrade EF in the matching process. Assist in the delivery of Outgoing Preparatory Seminars/Cultural Preparatory Seminars for oGIP EPs Weekly training for oGIP members in EP management and matching process. Assist wiht organization of Matching day and other events connected to GIPo Establish strategies concerning marketing and more efficient matching

aise EPs (oGIP)




Work on LC2LC Partnerships and provide faster realization of matched EPs Take part in LC forums and events.



• 15 matches in the IT sub-product • AT LEAST 50% OF TARGET 50 EP’S RAISED • AT LEAST 80% MATCH TO RAISERATIO •4 LC-LC Partnerships • 1 Outgoing Preparatory Seminar for EPs

What we offer? •

Free accommodation (the CEEDER will be lodging in the Local committee house together with interns from other parts of the world). • The CEEDER will have access to an office with free internet service. • Opportunity to travel around Serbia.

• Develop leadership and interpersonal skills. • Develop coaching/training skills. • Develop sales skills. • Diverse Serbian culture • Provided food in student canteens

GIPo CEED REQUIREMENTS The applicant should: • Be a former or current EB member of an LC (Preferred). Members on TLP will be taken to consideration based on at least ONE year of AIESEC experience. • Have at least one year of experience in AIESEC (Required). • Have experience in Global Internship Program (Preferred). • The CEEDER must be ready to stay in Serbia for at least 4 weeks (preferred). • Have good presentation and facilitation skills (Required). • Be fluent or excellent in English Language (Required). • Be knowledgeable in usage and management (Required). • Have excellent selling skills (Preferred).

Application Instructions The CEED will be in the months of Decemberr and January for duration of maximum 6 weeks. Earliest Start Date; 15.12.2013. Latest End Date: 15.02.2014. To apply please fill the following application: Also please upload your CV. TNs (issues)





Deadline: December 1st, 23:59 GMT+1


Contacts : Dunja Ilić- TL oGIP LC BG EF e-mail: mob: +381693187878 Skype name: dunja.hruska.ilic Jelena Stevanović- VP oGIP LC BG EF e-mail:


AIESEC in Serbia- LC Belgrade EF OGX GIP CEEDership (GIPo matching manager)  
AIESEC in Serbia- LC Belgrade EF OGX GIP CEEDership (GIPo matching manager)