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Who? • Unit team

Developing Management Competencies (DMC) Lecture 1: Introduction to the unit W/c 30 September 2013

Session Overview Who?



How? Where?


• myBU

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Milena Bobeva Elvira Bolat Carly Lamont Mark Ridolfo • Intended Learning Outcomes • Experiential learning

• Delivery: Lectures, lab sessions, seminars • Assessment: missions

• Sessions: Online timetable • Assignment deadlines

The DMC Teaching Team Who? Mark Ridolfo International awareness Tel: 01202 9 65525; C119

Carly Lamont Human Resource Management; OB Tel: 01202 9 65905; C114a E-mail:

Milena Bobeva System analysis; Project management Tel: 01202 9 65193; ,EB501

Elvira Bolat Marketing Tel: 01202 9 68755; C116 E-mail:

Effective Management Communication Competency Teamwork Competency

Planning and Administration Competency

Managerial Effectiveness

Global Awareness Competency Self-Management Competency

Strategic Action Competency

A Model of Managerial Competencies (Thompson Learning, 2005, based on Hellriegel et al., 2004)

Learning in the

st 21


• Networked students • Networked learning • 21st century management competencies Click on the diagram above to play the YouTube clip “The Networked Student”

Professional Development 

Focus on employability

Experiential learning

Source: Managerial Skills Model (Peterson and Van Fleet 2004)

Real-life Business Community Engagement (BCE) projects

Contemporary technologies

Multiple perspectives

The Developing Management Competencies (DMC) Unit Intended Learning Outcomes:  Identify and apply appropriate strategies and techniques for information searching and management;  Recognise business and individual needs, and identify relevant information sources, evaluating their quality using a variety of analytical tools;  Contribute, in a constructive, pragmatic and proactive manner, to the effective management of group-based projects;  Demonstrate competence in a wide range of interpersonal and transferable skills and to work in a variety of contexts.

Main Topics What?

Managerial effectiveness

Project management

Risk management

Digital competencies

Source: Managerial Skills Model (Peterson and Van Fleet 2004)

Safe information management

Cross-cultural awareness

International mgnt


Unit Delivery How?

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Experiential learning model How?

Concrete experience Do something

Active experimentation Try again with your conclusions in mind

Reflective Observations Think about what you did

Come to conclusions about what you did Abstract conceptualisation Adapted from Kolb et al (2007 cited in Robbins & Hunsaker, 2009)

Assessment How?

 

50% individual & 50% group assessment 4 Missions (contribution to unit mark - 25% each):    

Mission Mission Mission Mission

1 2 3 4

- individual assessment; w/c 21st Oct’13 – group assessment; by 2nd Dec’13, 12:00 – group assessment; w/c 13th Jan’14 - individual assessment; 7th Feb’14, 12:00

Self- and peer-assessment

Managing Productivity Tools

Managing Projects

Managing Internationally

Managing Self and Others

Study Materials & Information Where?

The DMC unit on myBU  Study materials  Recommended reading  Discussion board forums: Q&A; Mission-specific

 

Online timetable Other myBU resources  

Library tab Academic Skills tab: The Management Toolkit

E-mail !!!

FAQ: Recommended Reading 

The work on the unit will be supported by a variety of sources, rather than a single book (or a set of books). 

“Surviving and thriving as a professional today demands two new approaches to the written word. First, it requires a new approach to orchestrating information, by skilfully choosing what to read and what to ignore. Second, it requires a new approach to integrating information, by reading faster and with greater comprehension.” Jimmy Calano “Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.” Francis Bacon

Help & Support Where?

 

    

Peer support Discussion forum Individual/group meetings with tutor PAL leaders Librarians Programme administrators GROW@BU

Teamwork: The Student View ‘The step up from 6th Form to University was a huge change and a lot to take in. Initially I was frustrated by the fact we were encouraged to do everything by ourselves with little input from teachers. Overtime, we started relying more on each another for support and this brought the group closer together. I have learnt a great deal from the experience and have noticed a progression in myself which I know will be vital in the years to come. For that I am eternally grateful’

The BCEs: The Student View “ The BCE activities were great. Completing the tasks really helped the group get to know each other and we learnt a lot about working in teams. Having milestones helped to keep us on track but not everyone contributed as much as others�

Our Expectations Engagement Professionalism


• Preparation • Weekly tasks • Further reading

• Communication • Referencing • Teamwork • Keep • Stop • Start

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