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Katia I. Meier, MD


and The Clear Sky Medical Team

Thursday October 25th 6:00 pm


October’s Topic:



At Clear Sky Medical, we assist you in getting to the core of your underlying issues that may be causing chronic health problems. In the process, as part of our natural treatments, we utilize advanced integrative testing that is not usually known to a traditional medical practitioner. Tracy Wolfe Dietrich, MNT Nurse Practitioner We see you as an individual. Our Karin Nutrition Therapist Specializing in Risk extensive cholesterol test may indicate Factor Analysis for Heart Disease, Diabetes, that a statin drug is actually not the best option for your & Chronic Disease cholesterol profile. Instead, a number of other markers, including inflammation, hormone imbalance, and early detection of insulin resistance, may guide us as to why you may still be at high risk for cardiovascular incidents. The correct course of treatment for you, including the right diet to improve your risk, will also be based on genetic marker information. Bone health assessments can be processed using blood and urine, which can indicate if your supplement program is actually effective in reversing bone deterioration. A brain chemical analysis may answer why your antidepressant medication has not been as effective as you hoped. Intricate hormone assessments can finally give clues as to why you have not been able to lose weight despite vigorous dietary efforts. Cellular metabolism analysis may be the breakthrough you need to improve symptoms of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We have discovered that most of our new patients were not previously aware of the availability of these tests and the life-changing possibilities they offer for early detection, intervention and prevention. This month’s FREE presentation will illustrate various tests and enumerate the ways of finding the answers to your health issues that might have been eluding you for years. Our goal is to proJOIN OUR E-MAIL LIST! vide you with the keys to ultimate health. Make TEXT 22828 TO CSM your reservation today by calling 303-790-7860. AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

Seating is limited and fills up fast! RSVP 303-790-7860.


Panorama Falls • 9085 East Mineral Circle. #260 • Centennial, CO 80112

SPECIALS FOR OCTOBER PACKAGE SPECIAL: Buy 4, get 2! Keep your skin in the best shape possible by regular maintenance with a package. Choose one or alternate between both Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel or, for addressing corrective Heather Evans treatment, combine both Medical in a Corrective Facial. Aesthetician

MICRO OR CHEM PEEL PACKAGE $260 - $130 savings



October is for PUMPKINS! And not just for jack-o-lanterns! There are many wonderful benefits the pumpkin can provide to our skin! A Pumpkin peel not only resurfaces, it’s packed with vitamins C, E and A and can deliver a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants that will leave you with a healthy glow throughout the season!

$60, or buy 2, get one free



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natural awakenings

October 2012


contents Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


Crunching the Numbers on Products We Consume by Brita Belli


Ananda Y A Yoga Th Therapy: Chopra Center Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program October 20 & 21

A powerful regimen of Ayurvedic practices and techniques, developed by Deepak Chopra.



Denver’s first exclusive Yoga & Ayurvedic Therapy Studio



RSVP call 303-895-7298 • info

Global Commitments to Catalyze Change


by Brita Belli


Enabling “We” Instead of “Me” by Michael Ungar


GLOBAL FLAVORS New Ethnic Vegetarian Recipes Rock Taste Buds by Judith Fertig


COFFEE WITH A MISSION It started in Pueblo and grew from there. The world’s only commercial solar coffee roasters, using less energy and reducing the carbon footprint of coffee lovers everywhere. Solar Roast Coffee is organically grown and fairly traded all over the world.

Sign up for our Coffee of the Month Program! Buy 1 or more pounds of coffee for a year, and the coffee is delivered to your door.

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

COLLABORATIVE CONSERVATION Threatened Species Rebound by April Thompson

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October 2012


coverartist Tranquility Laura Tucker Sand and walls were the mediums of choice for artist Laura Tucker when she was a wideeyed toddler, taking in her world with wonderment and an evergrowing imagination. She painted Tranquility on a weekend trip to the Florida Keys. “I spent the day at the Turtle Research Hospital in Grassy Key, where the faces and soulful expressions of the turtles resonated with me. Tranquility is a state these turtles reach after rehabilitation and release back into the wild. It was also the state I reached while working through the entire painting.” To view more of Laura Tucker’s art, contact her at 570-236-7676 or

newsbriefs JEN Energy Bars Now with Coconut Oil


EN (Just Energy Nutrients) Bars, a vegan, gluten and dairy free, organic energy bar with all natural ingredients has changed their formulation to include coconut oil instead of butter. Says Larry Emerson, co-founder of JEN Bars, “Mostly we changed because of people’s hesitation about incorporating butter into their diet. The coconut oil is an excellent source of nutrients and essential fatty acids that the body needs, while allowing our bars to be dairy free, which is becoming more and more important for many consumers.” According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, “The naturally occurring saturated fat in coconut oil is actually good for you and provides a number of profound health benefits, such as: Improving your heart health; Boosting your thyroid; Increasing your metabolism; Promoting a lean body and weight loss if needed; Supporting your immune system.” Locally-made JEN Bars can be found at See ad page 7.

Inner Connection Institute Announces Third Location


nner Connection Institute (ICI) has opened a third location at 10th and Lincoln, located inside the Balanced Body Center at The Beauvallon, 975 Lincoln St., Suite 202, Denver. At this new location, Lauren Skye will offer meditation programs for everyone, special classes just for women, and private clairvoyant reading and healing sessions. Lauren is the founder of the Inner Connection Institute and has been practicing as a professional reader and teacher since 1994. See Community Spotlight page 19.

Thrive Movement Solutions Group Initiates Drive for GMO Labeling


olorado-based Thrive Movement Solutions Group has begun work on an initiative for the 2013 state ballot to require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMO’s) in Colorado. They hope to follow in California’s footsteps to pursue state legislation that will ensure that consumers are given the ‘Right to Know’ what is in their food. Anyone interested in becoming involved is invited to attend and the next meeting is planned for October 25th. To learn more about the Colorado Thrive Solutions Group contact Tryna at tryna@ or


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Yoga and Ayurveda Combine for Unique Therapy


nanda Yoga Therapy in Golden announces their unique combination of Yoga and Ayurveda for complete purification of mind/body systems. Devon Beninga, owner, says, “We are the the first studio in the Denver area that offers the combination of Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic treatments for unique mind/body wellness programs.” The unique therapy programs offers purification, rejuvenation and revitalization through individualized Yoga, Ayurvedic treatments, pancha karma (an Ayurvedic healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system and restoring balance and well-being), group yoga classes, Chopra Center & other educational workshops, meditation, and many different yogic & ayurvedic practices. Ananda Yoga Therapy, 4415 Eldridge St., Golden. 303-895-7298 or See ad page 4.

T H E H E A LT H I E S T F O O D YO U C A N E AT New JEN Energy Bars! • Increase natural fiber, magnesium, and • Decrease free-radical damage with vitamin with Buckwheat raw nuts (roasting causes fats and oils to go rancid) • Boost your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to maintain and repair the • Reduce high blood serum cholesterol with brain and nervous system Sesame and Flax seed meal • Naturally low in sugar and carbs • Organic & Gluten-and-dairy free

We hope you enjoy our product as much as we enjoy making them. m. m. Each bar is made by hand, and should be refrigerated to preservee the nutrient value.We proudly ship to all 50 states of the USA.

Order a sample 6-pack for just $20! •

We offer: • Acupuncture • Acutonics (Sound Therapy) • Akashic Record Readings • Crystal Healing Therapy (BioMat w/SpR) • Chakra Balancing • Footbath w/ Frequency Wave • Healing Facials

New Healing Art Comes to Lakewood


oy Willey, Emergence Care practitioner, has opened his practice in Lakewood offering a new modality for healing and wellness that draws from ancient wisdom traditions as well as modern science. “What draws me to Emergence is its tenet that all healing comes from within. We all have access to a transcendent awareness - a connection to a higher source that knows better than any practitioner, doctor or therapist what needs to happen for us to heal,” said Willey. An Emergence session takes 45-60 minutes. The patient lies face down and fully clothed while the energetic structures surrounding the body are worked with. It involves very little physical contact yet enables the release of tremendous amounts of stored stress and tension. According to Willey, the effects of Emergence Care are progressive and cumulative. Roy Willey ECP, 720-295-7265 or See listing page 27.

Support ca Lo l Business! e JEN Bars are Mad in Denver

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Herbal Body Wraps House/Property Clearings Massage Natural Childbirth Classes Reiki Therapy Spiritual Advising Spiritual Response Therapy Spiritual Restructuring Plus a full Gift Shop

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natural awakenings

October 2012




Washday Woes: Scented Products Pollute the Air S

NOOCH VEGAN MARKET recently opened its doors on 3360 Larimer St., Denver.

ome scents make no sense for personal or planetary health. Using scented laundry products can release harmful—even carcinogenic—pollutants into the air, report University of Washington researchers. Their findings, published online in the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, show that air vented from machines using the top-selling, scented, liquid laundry detergent and dryer sheet contains hazardous chemicals. When researchers analyzed captured gases from dryer vent fumes after participating households ran regular laundry cycles using liquid laundry detergent and a leading brand of scented dryer sheets, they found more than 25 volatile organic compounds, including seven dangerous air pollutants. Of those, two chemicals— acetaldehyde and benzene—are classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens, with no established safe exposure level. Benzene is linked to leukemia and other blood cancers, according to the American Cancer Society, and studies have shown that acetaldehyde can cause nasal and throat cancer in animals. “This is an interesting source of pollution, because emissions from dryer vents are essentially unregulated,” says lead author Anne Steinemann, Ph.D., professor of civil and environmental engineering and of public affairs. “If they are coming out of a smokestack or tail pipe, they are regulated—but if they’re coming out of a dryer vent, they are not.”

“WHAT THE BLEEP” RESEARCHER HOSTING WORKSHOP IN DENVER: Dr. Garland Landrith, Ph.D., whose research was cited in “What the Bleep”, is coming to Journeys for Conscious Living in Arvada October 13th to present a workshop on how to “Manifest the Life of Your Dreams using Quantum Field Technology Combined With Tapping on Acupuncture Points and Heartmath.”

g n i t a E y l l a e R u o Are Y

? u o Y r o F s d o the Right Fo That healthy wild Alaskan salmon may be great for one person, but may be causing you subtle problems.

Simple IgE testing may uncover a true food allergy that qualifies as a disease state. This only affects 5% of the population. But the ALCAT Test will detail optimal foods, occasional foods and avoid foods specifically for you! 80% of you may have latent sensitivities to specific foods that impact your digestion, immune function and overall vigor and health.

Clients that have undergone this testing to discover their own optimum diet report:

Cell Cel Ce C elll S e Scie Science cie cie cien ienc ncce e Systems Syyste S ssttem em ms s

Reduced Body Fat/Increased Muscle Tone Increased Energy Enhanced Mental Clarity Improved digestion Decrease Pain

Call 720.962.5200 today

Cell Science Systems


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

to learn more about the ALCAT testing offered at Asana Body or order your test online at



hat we place on our skin might increase the risk for diabetes, based on findings by researchers at Uppsala University, in Sweden. They noted a connection between phthalates found in cosmetics and plastics and the risk of seniors developing diabetes; even a modest increase in circulating blood levels of such chemicals doubled their risk. Monica Lind, associate professor of environmental medicine at the Section for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Dr. Lars Lind, professor of medicine, analyzed new information from a study that involved more than 1,000 70-year-old men and women in Uppsala. The participants submitted blood samples for analysis of various environmental toxins, including several substances formed when the body breaks down phthalates. Even after adjusting for obesity, blood lipids, smoking and exercise habits, the researchers saw a definite connection between blood levels of some of the phthalates and an increased prevalence of diabetes. The Linds also found that certain phthalates were associated with disrupted insulin production in the pancreas. Most people come into daily contact with phthalates. These chemicals are commonly used as softening agents in plastics and as carriers of fragrances in cosmetics, personal care products, air fresheners and scented candles.



ow levels of vitamin D have been linked to depression, particularly among those with a history of the disorder, according to what researchers believe is the largest such investigation ever undertaken. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center psychiatrists, working with the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study, reviewed the relevant results of nearly 12,600 participants from late 2006 to late 2010. They suggest that patients with a history of depression could benefit from a vitamin D assessment.

Enhance Your Life by Creating, Learning, Transforming! • Create and manifest your own reality and desires • Learn to meditate effectively to reduce stress and gain clarity • Read clairvoyantly to tap into universal wisdom “I am totally impressed with how classes and church are presented at ICI. I am encouraged to validate myself, live in the now and be who I am. What a gift!” –DML, Management Analyst

Denver: 303-282-9439 Wheat Ridge: 303-257-4797

We invite you to attend: Free Guided Meditations • Meditation Classes Psychic Development Programs • Energy Healings • Professional Psychic Readings

Change Your Money Mindset and Have More Money Now Individual and Group Coaching with Melanie Smithson, LPC, BC-DMT, CHt Certified Sedona Method Coach 6 week tele-class starts October 6th. Visit for details.


Live Your Passion & Purpose Create your best life. Feel fit, energized and happier. Experts show the way in Natural Awakenings’ special November issue.

For more information, call

303-770-1981 natural awakenings

October 2012



Opening to Your Authentic Self By Nancy McCleary

W Hero’s Pets (Planetary and Ecologically Trust Supplies) goal is to help change the world for the better. We offer you the highest quality foods, treats, supplements, toys, beds and more at affordable prices, and focus on educating our customers about ecological local and global issues, nutrition and more.

8086 Bowles Ave N Littleton, CO 80123 303-972-1926

hen a person’s spirit begins to awaken, they often feel a tug in their heart to find more fulfillment in their life and their work. The thought that there must be more to life than just getting a paycheck gets close examination, along with questions such as “Who am I?”, “Is there more to life than this?” and “Why am I not feeling more joy?” The answers to these questions can often be found with some dedicated introspection. Life events such as job loss, illness, passing of a loved one, becoming an empty nester, or a change in relationship status can spur these deep, personal questions. The hope in the darkness is the opportunity for self-examination and ultimately a chance to discover our divine essence. We don’t have to wait for a crisis or a loss to begin living a more fulfilled life, we simply need to have the courage to look within. Often the journey begins in the self-help section of the bookstore. Or by asking yourself, “what were your passions when you were young? What would you do if you had ten million dollars in the bank?” Numerology and astrology can give us a clearer picture of ourselves and experts in those areas are readily available to help us better understand ourselves, bring clarity to our insights and move us through pain and fear. Ultimately, we must do an “in-depth” analysis of ourselves. After going through a process, quiet solitude allows the truth of who we are to work its way to the surface. This may take some courage, but the rewards are an authentic and purposeful life, experienced with integrity, joy and inner contentment. Living authentically is good for your soul. It means you can lay your head on your pillow at night and know that you are practicing integrity. You can make the changes that will result in a more fulfilling and satisfying life. It is that first step that may be the most difficult, but we all have it within us to take it. With congruent thoughts, feelings and actions, you will be living with purpose, joy and passion in no time at all. Nancy McCleary is an intuitive and owner of Life Work Intuitive. 303-519-0355. See listing page 27.

Dentists Can Help Diagnose Gluten Sensitivity Tell’em You Saw It In

Natural Awakenings! 10

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition


he mouth may be one place that signs of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity are manifested, according to a recent study by researchers at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They discovered a link between the disorder and dental enamel defects and recurrent aphthous ulcers, or canker sores, and concluded that dentists can play an important role in identifying unrecognized celiac disease. Appropriate referral and timely diagnosis can help prevent serious complications.

Healing with Past Lives: A Pathway to Wholeness By Renee Ellis


hen it comes to past lives, how do we get from curiosity to healing? It’s not about knowing if you were previously incarnated as Cleopatra or Genghis Khan. As intriguing as that might be, there is much more to be gained. According to Webster’s dictionary, ‘to heal’ is ‘to make whole.’ Past lives are a pathway to knowing yourself as whole…a pathway to seeing the big picture. What in your life could be pointing you to wholeness? It could manifest as unexplained or persistent pain, irrational fear, anger or anxiety, overwhelming sadness or a situation that just isn’t working no matter how hard you try to change it. Past life processing therapy does not require hypnosis. It can lead you to places you never imagined that change everything. For instance, a client with a conflict at work was overwhelmed with anger. While processing past life experiences she learned how her past efforts to achieve great things have been derailed and what to do differently. She also realized the formula for bringing her dream of starting her own business into reality, the confidence to do so and awareness of the pitfalls that she now can avoid. Out of anger, she found the opportunity to benefit in this life from her soul’s expansive past and an experience of wholeness. Renee Ellis, MA is a psychotherapist, intuitive counselor, past life therapist and energy healer. 720-984-9575 or See listing page 30. natural awakenings

October 2012



Choose the Right Probiotic


robiotic supplementation became officially mainstream when the Wall Street Journal covered the market January 2009 in “Bug Crazy: Assessing the Benefits of Probiotics.” You already know the importance of a healthy gut (our second brain), but how do you choose a product that is right for you? There are over 400 different types of beneficial bacteria in the normal human gut (WebMD), and thousands of studies have proven their benefit, but which ones should you take? Some companies have even patented certain strains and delivery systems. The most popular strains are Lactobacillus acidophilus (ferments sugars into lactic acid) and Bifidobacterium bifidum (common in the gut, mouth and vagina). These good bacteria are under constant assault from medications,

GMO’s, processed foods, chlorinated/fluoridated water, refined grains, sugars, pollution and even antibacterial hand soaps. A few things you should look for when choosing a supplement: which strains have been studied for your particular complaint; the word ‘Live” on the label; a delivery system that gets the good bacteria safely past your stomach acid; a company that manufactures in a GMP/NSFcertified facility.

Women may have special need for a focused supplement. According to The Harvard Medical School, “Probiotics may be of use in maintaining urogenital health. Like the intestinal tract, the vagina is a finely balanced ecosystem. The dominant Lactobacilli strains normally make it too acidic for harmful microorganisms to survive. But the system can be thrown out of balance by a number of factors, including antibiotics, spermicides, and birth control pills. Probiotic treatment that restores the balance of microflora may be helpful for such common female urogenital problems as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and urinary tract infection.” As with any dietary supplement, be aware that probiotic supplements are regulated as foods, not drugs. Tell your doctor about everything you are taking, including the specific bacteria in your probiotic supplement. Beth Avedis is the founder of Bio-V, a probiotic developed especially for women. See ad page 19.

LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST Our mission at Grossman Wellness Center is to change lives. Experience a health and wellness evaluation with us will be the beginning of a journey that will help you achieve an optimal level of health and wellness virtually every day of your life

Terry Grossman, M.D. Karen Kurtak, L.Ac. Dipl.Ac. Paula Quezada, Medical Aesthetician

Lolita Hanks – RN, FNP Velina Lujan, MA, CMT, Certified Holisitic Stress Manager

Paul Battle, PA-C

antiaging • nutrition • food hormones for men and women connective tissue diseases • sensitivities autoimmune issues • heart disease weight loss • autism • diabetes and overall improving health.

2801 Youngfield St, Suite 117 Golden , CO , 80401

(303) 233-4247


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Feel Better, Lose Weight, Increase Energy & Mental Clarity Natural Awakenings’ Detoxified Iodine People using detoxifed iodine have reported relief from: t$ISPOJD'BUJHVF4ZOESPNF 4ZOESPNF t%FQSFTTJPO t8FJHIU(BJO t'JCSPNZBMHJB t-PX&OFSHZ $ t3BEJBUJPO /-: 0 t)ZQPUIZSPJEJTN TVQQMZ   XFFL N t)ZQFSUIZSPJEJTN FT t#BDUFSJB7JSVTFT t:FBTU .PME'VOHVT



Here’s what people are saying about Natural Awakenings’ Detoxified Iodine “I’ve had symptoms of hypothyroidism for years. I’ve been taking a prescribed medication given to me by my medical doctor. I’ve been taking this detoxified iodine for a few weeks now. I noticed very quickly having more energy, improved mental clarity and feeling more positive.� LL in Florida “I started taking the drops years ago when my thyroid levels were out of whack and they are now in the ideal range. So I’m a fan!� MB in Connecticut “In the first 5 days, what I am so excited about is my nails. For the past couple of years my nails have been weak, brittle and unhealthy after chemo treatments 10 years ago. After 5 days I actually noticed how much improved they are. I am very excited how this works because the majority of my family has hypothyroid (hashimoto’s).� DB in New York

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globalbriefs Food Fight No More Hidden GMOs California voters face a food-protection milestone this November when Proposition 37, a citizens’ initiative, appears on their ballots. If it passes, California will be the first state to require labeling of a wide range of foods containing genetically engineered (GE) ingredients. Determined to defeat this first-ever initiative, some of the nation’s largest biotech and agribusiness companies have poured millions of dollars into negative advertising. Even more alarming is that much of the money comes from sources most shoppers would not suspect. “Consumers might be surprised to find out that brands hiding under ‘natural’ façades are in fact owned by multi-billion-dollar corporations that are contributing bushel baskets of cash to defeating Proposition 37,” says Charlotte Vallaeys, director of

Farm and Food Policy at The Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting sustainable, organic agriculture via research, investigation and education. According to Cornucopia, recent polls indicate that nearly 70 percent of California citizens support informational labeling. Proponents of Proposition 37 have contributed $3 million—a number

dwarfed by the $23 million bursting from biotech and food manufacturer coffers to fight the measure. The California vote is crucial because many companies will find it more expensive to produce foods with GE labels for California while creating a different product line of foods for the rest of the nation. “Just as we’ve observed in Europe, where labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is mandatory, we fully expect that when given a choice, consumers will choose organic or non-GMO products,” said Cornucopia Co-Director Mark A. Kastel. To help consumers identify and support organic brands whose corporate owners have contributed to Proposition 37 and avoid product lines committed to its defeat, Cornucopia has compiled an online guide and is sponsoring a petition. Learn more and take action at For local movement participation, see news page 6.

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Such product assessments are challenging, because it’s not only about what happens after a cell phone, for example, is thrown into a landfill that takes an environmental toll. It also entails the chemicals used, toxins released and fossil fuels burned to manufacture and ship that phone. To help us sort out the best approaches, The Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University has created the online Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA) that crunches the numbers for commonly used products—from household cleaners to mattresses—to provide us with the bigger-picture impact. So, as their website explains, “The effect of proby Brita Belli ducing an automobile would include not only the impacts at the final assembly facility, but also the impact from Braungart and American Architect very product we use has a lifecycle, mining metal ores, making electronic William McDonough for describing or duration of environmental imparts, forming windows, etc., that are products designed never to become pact. According to the State of the needed for parts to build the car.” World 2012: Transforming Cultures from waste. Such innovative products The chart, using the latest available typically are made of both technical Consumerism to Sustainability, by the EIO-LCA figures, provides comparisons components that can be reused and Worldwatch Institute, humans collecfor some common products—from the biological components that decomtively are consuming resources equivamost to the least energy-intensive—as pose back into the natural world. lent to 1.5 Earths, or 50 percent more Current examples of products that have well as recycling rates and suggested althan is sustainable—and that’s before obtained C2C certification include gDia- ternatives for keeping our own resource projected population growth. In short, usage and waste load to a minimum. pers—biodegradable cloth diaper liners we’re depleting more resources than the Brita Belli is the editor of E-The Envithat can be flushed or composted—and planet can replenish; hence, our perronmental Magazine. Greenweave recycled fabrics. But smart, sonal consumption habits matter. In an ideal world, all the appliances, sustainable design is not yet the norm, so we have to monitor our own consumpfurniture and electronics we use and CRADLE TO CRADLE tion and waste habits to try limiting our later discard would be “cradle-toPRODUCT LIFESTYLE CHART cradle,” or C2C, certified, a term popu- support of polluting industries and bution to ever-growing landfills. larized by German chemist Michael


Follow the Lifecycle Crunching the Numbers on Products We Consume




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October 2012


Sustainable development, as defined by the U.N., includes fighting poverty, social inclusion (including advancing the status of women) and protecting the environment. Building a sustainable future for the planet, say those involved, means addressing all three simultaneously. It demands the kind of real, immediate action so evident at Rio+20.

Real Results

Shaping the Future We Want Global Commitments to Catalyze Change by Brita Belli


e don’t need another plan of action or more treaties; what we need are people that will begin to implement the commitments and meet the goals that have already been created and established,” explains Jacob Scherr, director of global strategy and advocacy for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), about the new thinking that drove this year’s Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The June conference brought together international heads of state, business leaders, nonprofits and activists to prioritize and strategize sustainable development. Unlike the United Nations’ annual climate change conferences, which led to the Kyoto Protocol in 1997—a legally binding treaty that


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

set targets for greenhouse gas emissions the United States refused to sign—the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is held once every 20 years. The theme of Rio+20 was simple and direct: The Future We Want. Moving away from political posturing and endless negotiating, the meet-up asked businesses, governments and charities to publicly declare their specific commitments and solicited the public’s ideas for realizing sustainability, all aligned with the priorities and opportunities of the 21st century. “With growing populations depleting resources, how do we keep increasing and ensuring prosperity while we are already using more than we have?” queries U.N. spokeswoman Pragati Pascale. “It’s a conundrum.”

By the end of the Rio conference, more than 700 voluntarily secured commitments, valued at more than half a trillion dollars, were earmarked to address everything from protecting forests and reducing ocean pollution to building rapid transit bus systems and increasing the number of women entrepreneurs in the green economy. The NRDC launched to track and publicize new pledges and make them easily searchable by region or category. Some commitments are breathtaking in scope:  International development banks have pledged $175 billion to boost sustainable transportation in developing countries;  Bank of America promised $50 billion over 10 years to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and energy access;  The World Bank committed $16 billion to boost clean energy, access to electricity and cookstoves in developing nations;  The New Partnership for Africa’s Development promised to achieve energy access for at least 60 percent of Africa’s population by 2040;  The European Bank offered $8 billion by 2015 to support energy efficiency projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia;  Microsoft pledged to be carbon neutral across all its operations by the end of 2013;  The United States together with the Consumer Goods Forum (which represents more than 600 retail and manufacturing companies) committed to achieve zero net deforestation in their supply chains by 2020. “The real action, the real energy, was the 21st-century aspect [of

“With growing populations depleting resources, how do we keep increasing and ensuring prosperity while we are already using more than we have? It’s a conundrum.”

and how it can be put into practice. “We want to continue the overall campaign and build upon it,” says Pascale. “Whatever frustrations people have with businesses, nongovernment organizations (NGO) or governments, we need to harness that energy and keep that dialogue going to give people a voice in making sustainability happen.”

~ Pragati Pascale, United Nations spokeswoman

Results-Oriented Role Models

Rio+20],” advises Scherr. “I call it the ‘network world’, recognizing the number of players today. It’s not just national governments; it’s states and cities, corporations and philanthropists. In addition to the official meetings and negotiations, between 3,000 and 4,000 other gatherings were going on between business people, mayors, civil society organizations and others, presenting myriad opportunities to make specific commitments. We’re moving to a different dynamic.”

Sowing Seeds The inclusive atmosphere is reflected in another new U.N.-sponsored international sharing website, FutureWe, featuring visions and videos relating to sustainability and solutions to dire environmental problems, such as turning global warming-inducing methane from China’s farms into a usable energy source; predicting periods of drought in Ethiopia to prevent humanitarian crises; and investing in solar power to bring electricity to 1.4 billion people around the world. More than 50 million people worldwide have submitted ideas for a more sustainable world, ranging from ways to increase public education to plans for stopping industrial pollution and better managing waste. “The huge public engagement in the conference is exciting,” says Pascale, “because that’s really how progress will happen. People have to force their governments to take action.” The NRDC dedicated website is part of a coordinated effort to hold governments, businesses and nonprofits accountable and inform the public. The new U.N. websites facilitate a thriving discussion of what sustainability means

State-based examples of sustainable development in action speak to widespread needs in the United States. Here are examples of five models worth replicating. PlaNYC: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement of PlaNYC, on Earth Day 2007, signaled an historic moment. The people’s vision of a cleaner, healthier New York City, one that could accommodate 9 million predicted residents by 2030, aims to be a model for urban sustainable development. Its original 127 initiatives leave few sustainability stones unturned, including cleaning up brownfields, building more playgrounds and parks, increasing public transportation and bike lanes, implementing aggressive recycling, enforcing green building standards and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Two-thirds of the initial goals have already been achieved; the latest update calls for 132 initiatives, including a new set of annual milestones. Speaking at the Museum of the City of New York in 2009, Daniel Doctoroff, the former deputy mayor of economic development and rebuilding for the Bloomberg administration, called PlaNYC “one of the most sweeping, most comprehensive blueprints for New York ever undertaken.” Most critically, all of its stated commitments are achievable (see PlaNYC-goals). Evergreen Cooperative Initiative (ECI): Businesses and community groups in Cleveland, Ohio, determined that

they needed to solve the problem of joblessness in low-income areas by creating living-wage jobs and then training eligible residents to fill them. They developed a new, cooperative-based economic model, based on green jobs that can inspire other cities with similar economic woes. The ECI is a community undertaking in which anchor institutions like the Cleveland Foundation, University Hospitals and the municipal government leverage their purchasing power to help create green-focused, employee-owned local businesses, which to date include a green laundromat, the hydroponic greenhouse Green City Growers, and Ohio Cooperative Solar, which provides weatherization and installs and maintains solar panels. The solar cooperative will more than double Ohio’s solar generating capacity from 2011 levels by the end of 2012 (see CALGreen: Updated building codes may not generate much excitement until we consider that U.S. buildings account for a lion’s share of carbon dioxide emissions (39 percent), and consume 70 percent of the electricity we generate. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) reports, “If half of new commercial buildings were built to use 50 percent less energy, it would save over 6 million metric tons of CO2 annually for the life of the buildings— the equivalent of taking more than 1 million cars off the road every year.” The California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen), which took effect in January 2011, sets the highest green bar for new buildings in the country. It requires that new buildings achieve a 20 percent reduction in potable water use, divert 50 percent of their construction waste from landfills, use paints and materials with low volatile organic compound content and provide parking for clean-air vehicles. Multiple key stakeholders have been involved throughout the process, including the California Energy Commission and the Sierra Club. “We really

natural awakenings

October 2012


tried to bring together an entire spectrum of people and groups with different perspectives and expertise to build a consensus,” says David Walls, executive director of the California Building Standards Commission. “If we were going to put something in the code, we wanted to make sure it was right.” (See Renewable Portfolio Standard: Texas leads the country in electricity generated from wind power. One complex, in Roscoe, features 627 turbines on 100,000 acres that cost $1 billion to build. Much of the rapid growth of the state’s wind industry can be credited to Texas’ Renewable Portfolio Standard, legislation passed in 1999 that mandated construction of renewable energy, including solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass and landfill gas, in addition to wind. It further mandated that utilities generate 2,000 megawatts of additional renewable energy by 2009, then 5,880 MW by 2015 and 10,000 MW by 2025. The 10-year goal was met in six years, and Texas has added many green jobs, increased tax revenues and provided security against blackouts, which is critical in the event of extreme heat or drought (see Tinyurl. com/TexasStandard). Edison Innovation Green Growth Fund: Clean technology is booming despite the economic recession and attracting serious investment funds. According to a report by Clean Edge, Inc., venture capital investments in clean technologies increased 30 percent between 2010 and 2011, from $5.1 billion to $6.6 billion. New Jersey entrepreneurs are upping their state’s potential in this arena with

the Edison Innovation Green Growth Fund. The program proffers loans of up to $2 million for companies, research facilities and nonprofits engaged in producing clean energy technologies, ranging from energy efficiency products such as LED lighting to solar, wind, tidal, biomass and methane capture. A condition of the loan is that a project must employ 75 percent of its workforce from New Jersey, or commit to growing 10 high-paying jobs (minimum $75,000 annually) over two years (see

Grassroots Leadership Elinor Ostrom, the political economist who won a Nobel Prize in economics but passed on just before the start of the Rio conference, dedicated her last blog post to considering the event’s impact. Titled “Green from the Grassroots,” the post stressed the priority of a multifaceted approach to curbing emissions. “Decades of research demonstrate that a variety of overlapping policies at city, subnational, national and international levels is more likely to succeed than single, overarching, binding agreements,” Ostrom remarked. “Such an evolutionary approach to policy provides essential safety nets should one or more policies fail. The good news is that evolutionary policymaking is already happening organically. In the absence of effective national and international legislation to curb greenhouse gases, a growing number of city leaders are acting to protect their citizens and economies.” She reported that even in the absence of federally mandated emissions targets, 30 U.S. states have passed their own climate plans and more than 900 mayors signed a climate protection

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Sustainable development includes fighting poverty, increasing social inclusion (including advancing the status of women) and protecting the environment. agreement essentially agreeing to reach the Kyoto Protocol goals the federal government refused to sanction. Rio+20 built upon such bottom-up commitments and pushed states and businesses to go further than they’d ever imagined. “There was an incredible amount of energized activity,” concludes Scherr. “Many people came away feeling empowered and encouraged, because they saw that the sustainability movement is truly worldwide. That’s going to be the legacy of Rio.” Brita Belli, the editor of E-The Environmental Magazine, reports for Natural Awakenings.



Inner Connection Institute By Terry Chriswell


auren Skye’s broad smile is infectious. There is an energy and a wisdom about her that makes you want to step right in and experience all that she knows via her classes, healings and professional services at the Inner Connection Institute (ICI), which she founded in 1996. Now with 3 locations -- the newest one opened in September on 975 Lincoln St in Denver– Lauren is able to reach even more people with her message that there is a safe place for spiritual exploration without judgment, and you can take that new-found awareness into practical and everyday usefulness to create a life that reflects your true spirit. ICI consists of a multi-faceted space for inner growth with classes on meditation, spiritual development and a great new one on women and food, as well as workshops for energy healing, and professional services such as clairvoyant readings, house/business clearings and spiritual counseling. There is also a church space, the Church of Infinite

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Spirit, which hosts a Sunday service each month with meditation, talk, energy healings and community time. We spoke at length about the importance of meditation and how a deepening of one’s meditation practice can literally change your life. I, for one, am living proof. Two years ago a painful hip that I had for perhaps a dozen years literally vanished after doing a short, guided meditation on removing other people’s energies from my body. Lauren believes that using your meditation skills and learning to read other people’s energies can be transformative. While you might not want

to become a professional psychic or reader, Lauren says, “The experience of learning to read other people is really about the person doing the reading. It’s a different state of consciousness that translates into an incredible experience of ourselves and self-growth.” Because Lauren had a very difficult childhood, at 23 she started a conscious process of healing and believes that any experience can be transformed into one of healing. “Sometimes,” she explained, “our greatest challenges can be our greatest gifts.” For instance, her panic attacks were actually a sensitivity to others’ energies. “There is a certain frenzy that is going on in the world right now,” says Lauren. “People don’t feel good enough, or they are overwhelmed or overloaded, like there is always something to do.” This is a perfect time to learn meditation techniques, she says. Lauren’s meditation techniques are more about redirecting our thoughts, not shutting down the brain so those of you who have not felt “successful” may find this style more effective. “Really,” said Lauren, “ICI is about empowering you to create the life you desire; a reflection of your true spirit.” The Inner Connection Institute has 3 locations: 2755 S Locust St., # 213 and 975 Lincoln St, # 202, Denver, 303-2829439; North Side location 4325 Harlan St., Wheat Ridge, 303-257-4797. See ad page 9.

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October 2012



in their communities, on the job, as citizens and as members of the human race. How can we help youngsters feel truly connected and learn to be responsible for themselves and others?

All Together Now

Children Follow Adult Examples Enabling “We” Instead of “Me” by Michael Ungar

“If you want to be miserable, think about yourself. If you want to be happy, think of others.” ~ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


he phrase “connected kids” may describe youth consumed by Internet-dependent relationships. Yet these same young people still crave old-fashioned, face-toface connections with the adults in their lives. With one parent or two, stepparents, a grandparent, aunts or uncles, older family friends, teachers and coaches—experience shows they all can help guide our children by showing the compassion that nurtures kids’ own caring instincts. Swedish futurist and author Mats Lindgren characterizes these young people, raised by the “Me Generation” (born in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s), The MeWe Generation, for their efforts to balance a culture of individualism and their need to belong. He notes, “Although the MeWes travel and experience more than any other generation before them, [in surveys] the small things in life still get the highest scores. A happy life is based on relations and companionship.” Family life, for better or worse, establishes the way children connect with others at school,


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

The cycle we want to start at home encompasses compassion, connection, responsibility and citizenship. The alternative is selfishness, alienation, exploitation and disenfranchisement; terms we hope will not apply to our children. If we want children to embody healthy and positive qualities and play an important role in family life and beyond, we need to understand how to enable kids to think “We” by outgrowing some of our own Me-thinking ways. To start, it helps to understand that when we ask nothing of our children—keep them from experiencing larger challenges and taking real responsibility for themselves and others—we risk spoiling them. Children that instead see and experience We-oriented caring for others and regularly participate in compassionate acts feel more attached to a community of family and friends. A child that feels noticed and embraced, and is then given opportunities to act independently of his parents, also will know what it means to be trusted. Parents convey, “I know you can do this.” A youngster that experiences this compassionate caring and trust will mimic such compassion, because it feels good to give and he wants others to acknowledge his worth. Also, having been allowed to suffer the consequences of some bad personal decisions (up to a point), he understands that his choices affect both himself and others. Given the opportunity to think things through for himself, he can make helpful choices instead of feeling forced to either resist or give in to what adults want. He knows how to show respect because he knows what it feels like to be respected. Acting responsibly follows naturally as a way to identify with others and demonstrate the strength of his connections and contributions to the welfare of others. It sews a child into the fabric of his family and community, which responds, “You are a part of us. You belong and we rely on you.” The child quietly says to himself, “I’m here” and “I count.”

Connecting Places These connections to others and community are also profoundly shaped by the physical spaces we occupy. Studies cited in Alain de Botton’s The Architecture of Happiness, attest to their effects on mental well-being, relationship patterns and even physical health and longevity. Cloistering children inside large, middle-class houses may be the greatest single threat to the realization of We Generation values. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average U.S. home grew from 983 square feet in 1950 to 2,434 square feet in 2005. This overwhelming spaciousness dampens family interaction, denying the informality that allows us to offer ourselves to each other spontaneously. Fewer central family hearths reduce the passing of stories among generations, leaving children feeling alone in their room amidst material abundance. They grow up expecting to have things to themselves without having to share.

Why live in a bigger house if it threatens our relationships with our children, neighbors and spouses? It takes a lot of extra hours at work to afford the mini-mansion and two cars for the long commutes required to sustain a detached lifestyle in the suburbs. Countermeasures are called for. When I ask kids where they’d like to live, they want to be where they can navigate their own way to the store, school and friends. They rarely mention square footage. Most would be happy to give up large rooms and en suite baths for greater personal freedom, a cohesive community and more time with parents that are less stressed. Listen closely and we will hear children asking permission to live their lives truly connected with us and with their widening circles of friends around the world.


Michael Ungar, Ph.D., is a clinician and research professor at the School of Social Work at Canada’s Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He based this article on his book, The We Generation: Raising Socially Responsible Kids, published by Da Capo Lifelong Books.

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October 2012


savethedate calendarofevents CHANGE YOUR MONEY MINDSET AND HAVE MORE MONEY NOW 6 Week Tele-class starts Saturday, October 6th Uncover and release the subconscious blocks to your abundance now! Learn how to free yourself of worry and lack habits that keep you from having what you want. For more info, go to or call 303-271-7659.

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OCTOBER 1, MONDAY Emergence of Essence Circle–6:30-8:30pm. 10 Mondays. Develop your authentic power, create greater flow & live your true essence with grace & joy. $144. Heart of Oneness Center 720 14th St., Golden. 303-278-3414 or Richard Rudis Gong Bath–7-8pm. Healing vibrations of the Earth Gong bathe your body. Live a life of more ease, clarity and life purpose! $20 advance/$25 door. Starhouse 3476 Sunshine Canyon Rd., Boulder. Alicia Lochary 720-308-3696, or

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5-Wk Basic Meditation–7-9pm. Transform your life, create change. Meet your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. Release negativity, increase positive energy and improve health. Early $165, Reg $180. Journey Within; Inside Rishi’s Crossing Yoga Studio 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood. Anita Destino, Journey Within 720-413-7303 or

Love and Logic: Magic for Early Childhood with Rev. Barry Ebert–6:30-8:30pm. 5 wks. Have more fun as a parent with Love and Logic’s workshop. $90/single-$150/couple. Child care $25/child. Mile Hi Church 9077 W Alameda Ave., Lakewood or Oneness Deekshas, Meditation & Sacred Sound Kirtan–7-9pm. Deeksha is a Divine, non-denominational, intelligent energy transfer that causes a neurobiological transformation. Experiental, not instructional. Journeys for Conscious Living 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695 or

OCTOBER 5, FRIDAY Beyond the Bedroom–Fri 6pm-Sun 5pm. Beyond the Bedroom Weekend Conference explores what is possible in sex and relationships. $179 3-day pass; $55 Fri pass; $89 Sat Pass; $89 Sun pass. Ramada Plaza Denver North 10 E 120th Ave., Northglenn. Robyn Trask 970-667-5683 or Daka Dan 720-515-0080.

Oneness Blessing–7-8pm. Also 10/16. Experience the grace and divinity of the Oneness Blessing, a non-denominational transfer of energy that awakens the heart. Native American drum, Tibetan singing bowls. Love Offering. Heart of Oneness Center 720 14th St., Golden. 303-278-3414,


Free Conscious Movie-“The Line”–7:30pm. Film documents people living at or below the poverty line. People like you and me with goals and children. Discussion follows. Free. Center of Light 2300 Forest St. 720-308-9944 or

National Qigong Association Day–11am-2pm. Qigong workshops, nurture your health and network with the community and Qigong practitioners. Free; donations accepted. Washington Park Recreation Center, Denver. Info Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406 or

OCTOBER 3, WEDNESDAY Active Meditation Program–6:30-8pm. 4-wk series to create contentment, empowerment and lasting change. Easy, effective ways to relax, recharge and find emotional balance. Facilitated by Lauren Skye. $110/4 classes or $150/4 classes+downloadable recordings. Inner Connection Institute, 975 Lincoln St., # 202, Denver. 303-282-9439 or Oneness Blessing–5:30-6:30pm. Certified blessinggivers offer Oneness Blessings, a non-denominational benediction and energy transfer that accelerates spiritual growth. Love Offering. Mile Hi Church 9077 W Alameda Ave., Lakewood. 303-237-8851 or Emergence of Essence Circle–1-3pm. 10 Weds. Develop your authentic power, create greater flow in your life & live your true essence with grace & joy. $144. Heart of Oneness Center 720 14th St. Golden. 303-278-3414 or

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Let Go to Have More- Sedona Method Releasing Group–12-1:30pm. Ready to let go and enjoy life, be free of anxiety and worry and have what you want? Learn this simple technique of letting go. $25 advance/$35 door. Smithson Clinic, 2825 Vallejo St., Denver. Melanie Smithson, LPC, BC-DMT, Certified Sedona Method Coach, 303-762-8994 or

OCTOBER 7, SUNDAY Non-Denominational Church Service–11am. Doors open 10:40-11am. Celebrate the journey of life with meditation and informative spiritual message. Includes free aura-healing/chakra-balancing clinic. Rev. Margaret Johnson, Officiating Minister. Church of Infinite Spirit/Inner Connection Institute 2755 S Locust St., # 213, Denver. 303-282-9439 or Happiness is a State of Consciousness–10:3011:30am. Understand how Divine Spirit (the ECK) works in our lives. Reading from the ECK works, HU Song, quiet contemplation, music and connection. Free. ECKANKAR Center of Boulder Valley 1800 30th St., #208 Boulder. Tom Boston 303-443-1610 or Learn to Heal with Angels–11am-1pm. 5-Wk class. Guardian & Healing Angels help release grief, guilt,

addictions and habits to create the life you desire. Help others while healing yourself. Early $165, Reg $180. Journey Within; Inside Rishi’s Crossing Yoga Studio 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood. Anita Destino, Journey Within 720-413-7303 or Transformational Breath Intro–5:30-7:30pm. Free your breath and live more fully with Natalie Gentry, Certified Transformational Breath Trainer. Experience this beneficial healing tool and participate in a breath session to feel its positive effects. $35/advance, $40/ day of. Space limited, advance RSVP req’d. Dancing the Soul 950 Jersey St., #C Denver. Natalie Gentry 303-325-4150, or Got Fibromyalgia? We can Heal Our Selves–35pm. Experienced therapist/wellness coach w/published research on Fibromyalgia helps sufferers using alternative, research-based therapy. Personal attention and web-based FibroCourse gets you symptom-free. $25. Isis Bookstore 2775 S Broadway, Englewood. RSVP 303-761-8627 or

OCTOBER 8, MONDAY Women and Food–Evening Series: 3-Month Program of Transformation for Women–6:30-8:30pm. Rev. Lauren Skye and Dr. Trina Woods provide practical, medical information for emotional and spiritual growth related to food. $125/mo, discount for early reg. Inner Connection Institute, 975 Lincoln Street, #202, Denver. 303-282-9439 or Richard Rudis Sacred Sound Gong Bath–78:30pm. Healing vibrations penetrate your cells. Experience ease, focus and greater purpose. Healings, miracles and awakenings! $30 advance/$35@ door. Starhouse 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr., Boulder. Alicia Lochary 720-308-3696 or

OCTOBER 11, THURSDAY Women and Food–Daytime Series: 3-Month Program of Transformation for Women–10am-Noon. Rev. Lauren Skye and Dr. Trina Woods provide practical, medical information for emotional and spiritual growth related to food. $125/mo, discount for early reg. Inner Connection Institute, 975 Lincoln St., #202, Denver. 303-282-9439 or Holistic Moms Network “How to Stay Healthy In Spite Of Your Doctor”–6:30-8:30pm. Dr. Patti Gonzalez teaches about true health, causes of disease, basic nutrition for healing and energizing 12-min exercises. FREE. The Denver Waldorf School 940 Fillmore St., Denver. CCC: Consciousness Creatives Community–6:4510pm.“Manifest the Life of Your Dreams by Combining Quantum Field Technology with Tapping on Acupuncture Points with Heartmath” with Dr. Garland Landrith PhD. Journeys for Conscious Living 7401 W 59th Ave., Arvada. 303-731-6695 or

OCTOBER 12, FRIDAY Trance Medium Healing Clinic–7pm. Doors autolock 6:55pm. Open Channeling 7-7:30ish, Free. Followed by Healings-$10. Dynamic process facilitating re-alignment and cleansing of the spiritual body. Channeling, energy readings and individual clearings. No appt necessary. Inner Connection Institute 2755 S Locust St., #213, Denver. 303-282-9439 or

savethedate WRITING THROUGH TRANSITIONS Wednesdays November 7, 14, and 28, 6-8pm This guided journey of expressive writing explores three phases of transition: endings or the falling away of things once relied on; the neutral zone between the known and the new; and new beginnings of emotional acceptance and redefining who you are. Journal techniques help you understand your transition process and manage the range of feelings inherent in change. Explorations are quick, easy, and reliably revealing. Facilitated by Carolyn Jennings, Journal to the Self® certified instructor. $45 for three sessions. Location: Eating Disorder Foundation Support Center, 1901 E. 20th Ave., Denver. 303-469-3672, or Register at

INTRODUCTION TO SOUND HEALING Saturday, November 10th, 11:00am - 5:00pm This class explores the principles of sound theory and the use of sound on the body as a transformational element. We will cover the Ohm tuning forks of various frequencies and how to apply them on Chinese acupressure points. Learn how to use these instruments in treatment protocols including opening and closing sessions, balancing the chakras, and stress reduction. Furthermore explore the use of singing bowls and tingshas to create an overall amazing healing experience. $100. Denver Center for Acupuncture, 700 East 9th Ave, Denver. For more information, www.omdenver. com or call 303-832-7375

BECOME A CERTIFIED REFLEXOLOGIST! TRAINING BEGINS FEBRUARY 2013 Comprehensive 305 hour, weekend classes. “Professional Foot, Hand, Ear Reflexology” prepares for rewarding career. Also Fall Classes in Meridian Therapy and Aromatherapy. Just for Health School. Englewood, CO. State Approved. Rachel Lord 303-320-4367; ,

JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME: EGYPT 2013 WITH LOUISE OLIVI February 24 to March 8, 2013 This incredible trip facilitated by Intuitive Louise Olivi (recommended and trusted by Natural Awakenings publisher Terry Chriswell) includes: R/T Egypt Air airfare (JFK); internal flights/transport; hotel/meals; Nile cruise incl Edfu, Kom Ombo and Philae temples; Private time in Sphinx/ Great Pyramid; Cairo Museum; Old Cairo; Luxor, Karnak and temples; Valley of the Kings, Past life recall w/Louise en route on the Nile Cruise and much more. $4400 all incl/dbl occupancy. Single supl/$810. $500 deposit. Surcharges subject to change. Info Louise Olivi,, 203-469-1712.

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October 2012


Relaxation Happy Hour-Bodywork Sampler– 4-7pm. Pamper yourself with healing and experience alternative modalities of: Mind Energy Body Transformation, Alexander Technique & Universal Theta Healing Massage. $33. RSVP. Heart of Oneness Center 720 14th St., Golden. 303-278-3414 or

OCTOBER 13, SATURDAY Men’s Yoga with Gary Reitze–Noon-2pm. Learn the how and why of yoga practice in this special monthly workshop for men taught by a self-described old guy. All levels welcome. $40/4 sessions or $25/ea. Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver 770 S Broadway, Denver. 720-570-9642 or Reiki Level II Certification Course–1-6pm. Level II attunements, learn Reiki symbols and distance Reiki, gain a deeper understanding of Reiki healing techniques, certificate, ongoing support, must be Reiki level 1 certified. Love offering ($60-$120). Heart of Oneness Center 720 14th St., Golden. Katy Kelley 303-842-7552 or Yoga Nidra: Realize Your Intentions–12:304:30pm. Workshop for anyone wanting to consciously, quickly create positive, sustainable change in their life. A powerful relaxation technique that creates change internally. $49. Rishis Crossing 2730 S Wadsworth Denver. 303-984-8444 or “Manifest the Life of Your Dreams by Combining Quantum Field Technology with Tapping on Acupuncture Points with Heartmath”–10:30am4:30pm. Dr. Garland Landrith PhD combines Quantum Technology with Tapping On Acupuncture Points to bring about life changes. Journeys for Conscious Living 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695 or

OCTOBER 14, SUNDAY The Chakras: Access Health and Healing– 1-4:45pm. Transform how you see, create and live in the world. Balance your chakras and tap into the healing wisdom of your body. $49. Rishis Crossing 2730 S Wadsworth Denver. 303-984-8444 or New Moon Intention Ceremony with Drum Circle–7-9pm. Share in the creative energy of the new moon. Bring your drums, snack to share and special intentions. Love offering. Journeys for Conscious Living 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695 or Passion Test Workshop–1-4pm. The Passion Test is simple, fun and profoundly effective - a tool for the rest of your life to effortlessly follow YOUR unique passion. $49 or $44/Members. $30 w/friend. Eli

Ashby Healing Arts Center 7401 Grandview Ave., Arvada. Danette Barrett 303-463-6565 or

OCTOBER 16, TUESDAY Brain Balance Achievement Center Informational Lecture–6:30pm. Lecture covers brain function of a child struggling with academics, socialization and behavior. Help your child overcome these issues without medications! Free. Brain Balance Achievement Center 1211 Avery St., Golden. RSVP 303-278-1780 or

Conscious Creation Holistic Health Fair–11am3pm. Also on 11/17 and 12/15. Holistic health practitioners, products, services, educational information and alternative/complementary therapies. Most vendors charge $1/min. $3. Clements Community Center, 1580 Yarrow Str., Lakewood. Cheryl Roach 303-885-8584 or Getting In Touch With Your Intuition–10am3pm. Gain confidence in your intuition in this fun, interactive workshop. $55. Boulder. Casey Rathjen 720-515-7408 or

Oneness Blessing–5:30-6:30pm. See description 10/3. Mile Hi Church 9077 W Alameda Ave., Lakewood. 303-237-8851 or

Reincarnation Revival Tent and Group Past-Life Regression Session–1-4pm. Learn about the latest research from hypnotic regression studies of children who spontaneously remember verifiable details and do your own regression session. Bring pillow, blanket, Yoga mat. $30. Isis Books 2775 S Broadway, Englewood.



Tap In to Your Intuition Every Day–7-8:30pm. Relieve stress, achieve your goals with less effort, access your intuition and enjoy a calmer lifestyle. FREE. Yoga of the Mind Intuitive Meditation. David Stevens 303-668-2358 or

Community HU Song–10:30-11am. Denver or Boulder each 3rd Sun for Community HU song, an ancient name for God sung for spiritual upliftment. Free. Eckankar Center of Denver 5800 E Evans Ave., Eeckankar Center of Boulder Valley 1800 30th St., #208 Boulder. 303-443-1610 or


Unleashing Your Calling with Tama Kieves–2pm. Express yourself creatively, benefit the world and thrive financially. Uncover your inspired abilities and your true passion. $20. Mile Hi Church 9077 W Alameda Ave., Lakewood. 303-232-4079 or


Relaxation Happy Hour-Bodywork Sampler– 4-7pm. Pamper yourself with healing and experience alternative modalities of: Trager, Reflexology and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. $33. RSVP. Heart of Oneness Center 720 14th St., Golden. 303-278-3414 or

OCTOBER 20, SATURDAY Why do I still have Thyroid Symptoms?–121:30pm. Lab Tests Normal and still experiencing weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, bloating and other thyroid symptoms? Get answers and tools now to support your health. FREE, but pre-reg req’d. Smithson Clinic, 2825 Vallejo St., Denver. Gail Smithson, LAc, 303-762-8994 or Not New to Yoga, but New to Iyengar Yoga Workshop–12-2pm. 2-hr course w/Donita Reitze that teaches how to align and modify the poses you already know-in the Iyengar method. $20/advance, $25/door. Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver 770 S Broadway, Denver. 720-570-9642 or Powerful Healing w/Oils–11am-1pm. Essential oils build your health and boost your immune system. Inhale oils and apply topically; leave class feeling energized, motivated. $20, $10/Members. Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center 7401 Grandview Ave., Arvada. 303-463-6565.

Establish Boundaries with Grounding and Centering–2-4pm. Cont’d 10/28. Eliminate worry and stress in 10 mins/day for people with “busy minds” and people-intense professions. $39. Yoga of the Mind 8 E 1st Ave., #103, Denver. David Stevens, 303-6682358 or

OCTOBER 24, WEDNESDAY Food Day 2012–10am-6pm. Healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. Hands-on cooking; experts in food access; nutrition; film screenings. FREE. Denver Botanic Gardens 1007 York Str., Denver. 720-865-3580 or Heal The Healers–7-9pm. This night is designed for healers to both give and receive. Bring your energy, tools, and a snack to share. Journeys for Conscious Living 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

OCTOBER 25, THURSDAY Advanced Integrative Testing–6pm. The various tests and ways of finding the answers to your health

Magical Awakenings with Dan Liss • Intuitive Tarot Readings • Past Lives • Reiki Healing • Dreams • Ceremonies & Rituals

720-468-2624 24

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

issues that might have been eluding you for years. FREE. Clear Sky Medical 9085 E Mineral Circle #260, Centennial. RSVP 303–790–7860 or Thrive Movement Solutions Group–7-9pm. Support ‘Right to Know’ labeling for GMOs. Anyone interested in keeping their families safe from these dangerous foods is invited to attend. Journeys for Conscious Living 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695 or

OCTOBER 26, FRIDAY Relaxation Happy Hour-Bodywork Sampler–4-7pm. Pamper yourself with healing and experience alternative modalities of: Reflexology, Acupuncture/Tuina, Psychic Readings/Reiki. $33. RSVP. Heart of Oneness Center 720 14th St., Golden. 303-278-3414, Free Conscious Movie-“Sun Come Up”–7:30pm. Learn how climate change is affecting the world’s first environmental refugees, the Carteret Islanders, as they leave their remote island chain in search of livable land. Donations go to The Climate Reality Project. Free. Center of Light 2300 Forest St. 720-308-9944or Life Between Lives: Guides Prepare us for the Shift– 6-7pm. Based on the work of Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls, Life Between Lives Sessions allow us to speak directly with our spiritual guides, friends and council. FREE, but pre-reg req’d. People House, 3035 W. 25th Avenue, Denver. Melanie Smithson, LPC, BC-DMT, 303-762-8994 or Dinner with the Doctor–5:30-6:30pm. Ask health questions to a local doctor of chiropractic and learn how it may benefit you. More than just chronic pain; asthma, allergies, sleep improvement and more! FREE, meal incl. Integrative Health, Inc with Bruce Kamins, D.C. RSVP/ location 303-577-9977.

OCTOBER 28, SUNDAY Gong Meditation Event-Bath in the Sounds of the Gongs–Soothe and nourish your spirit by aligning your being with the universal sound of OM. The harmonic resonances reduces stress, relieves depression and is excellent therapy for body imbalances. $15. Denver Integrative School of Massage 1221 Galapago St., Denver. 303 832 7375 or Full Moon Ceremony with Sacred Sound–7-9pm. Celebrate the Full Moon with sacred sound, crystal bowls, drumming, dance, ceremonies, teachings, and networking. Bring your drum and a snack to share. Love offering. Journeys for Conscious Living 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695 or Bowling for Tao’ler’s Charity Tourney–5:30-8:30pm. Raise money for a charity of your choice. Bowlers sign up in advance and collect pledges, then bowl your highest score ever to raise funds. No exp nec; fun req’d! Bring snacks. Elitch Lanes, Denver. Info Debra Lin Allen at 720.427.0406 or

OCTOBER 29, MONDAY The Denver Meditation Meetup–7:30pm. Discuss and practice ways to still your mind to enter into the deep stillness within. Free. Center of Light 2300 Forest St. 720-308-9944

OCTOBER 30, TUESDAY Wayne Dyer presents Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting–7pm. Dyer promotes his latest book, a voyage of discovery where you learn to manifesting the life you desire. $40. Mile Hi Church 9077 W Alameda Ave., Lakewood.



Looking for a way to bring in extra money? Maybe even a second income? Come change the world with us - one child at a time! We are looking for health-minded people who have a heart for helping others. If you like to educate others, believe in the power of whole food nutrition, and want to make a difference, this might be a fit for you. Please contact Heather @ 303-753-2665 for details and questions. Have a healthy, happy day!

Traditional Ayurveda: Taos high desert Ayurvedic clinic offers Kindly priced panchakarmas (seasonal detoxification) and rejuvenating retreats. We specialize in traditional Ayurveda, pranic yoga, and healthy organic grown-on-the-spot food. Friendly, quiet, private, secluded. Come and rejuvenate with Tizia! 575-776-2212 or

International Health and Beauty Company with $2.9 billion a year turnover Seeks Successful Driven Self-Motivated individuals/ couples with Business Experience. Earn extra income without compromising your current career/ business, or lifestyle change LOOK NO FURTHER. If you are openminded, find out if this business is for you- call me! Free Information. Independent Distributor of Forever Living Products: MERCEDES PERALTA. ID# 001002402522. 720-226-4617. Backed by BBB, Awesome support to help you reach your goals! NO SELLING, NO INVENTORY. FREE WEBSITE, FREE TRAINING. Contact Heather at 303-646-3331 or fill out form at

CAREER/LIFE COACHING Awaken Your Purpose and Empower Your Life: Are you dissatisfied with your work? Do you know you have something important to offer but aren’t sure what it is or how to create it? Discover simple but powerful tools to uncover your deeper purpose and create fulfilling, prosperous and meaningful work. Call Marlene 720-771-1257. or

Digestive or Feminine Issues? Do you struggle with Feminine Odor • Vaginal Discharge • Yeast • Gas & Bloating? Discover the link between digestive and feminine health. Breakthrough probiotic blend developed just for women! Supports healthy digestion AND promotes female health by influencing vaginal flora. Woman-owned business; Made in Colorado.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES APPOINTMENT SETTERS: Confident in talking to people and not afraid of commission? Cold calling and/or walk-in to set appointments for Natural Awakenings; $10/appointment set and bonuses. Script and training given. Part-time easy grocery/gas money! Email Salespeople wanted! Earn a generous commission selling ads for Natural Awakenings; 10% for warm leads or appointments or 25% for handling clients. Full time, part time. Must have sales experience. Email Earn additional income in 3 days per month delivering Natural Awakenings near your home! We are looking for help in all areas of Denver and Boulder. Perfect for those with flexible schedules. Must be available for 3 days at the end of the month and have your own transportation. Need reliable, trustworthy people who could use a little extra cash at the end of the month. All mags must be delivered by 1st of each month. Email Doug@


FOR RENT Studio/Event Center Space Available: Beautiful space for workshops, events, classes or practices inside carriage house located behind Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center in Olde Town Arvada. Call Lori 303-463-6565.

Loss of energy? Weight problems? Take the first step to a more enlightened you. I offer fitness raw food workshops tailored for your specific needs. Learn the lifestyle that will change your life. Seek Energy Within with David Rodriguez Jr., 720-8628719,

SPIRIT MEDIUM / PSYCHIC FOR SALE $100 off SUN ANCON CHI MACHINE! Vibrates the whole body, aligns the spine, oxygenates the blood, and provides a complete lymphatic drain. Benefits of 15 minute session with cardio breathing equals a power walk for 1.5 miles! Cost with discount $449 plus S&H. Includes free vitamin supplement! Contact or 303-665-0175

Missing a deceased loved one? Would you like to communicate with someone who has passed? Psychic Mediums Kent and Cindy translate Spirit messages to clients in one-to-one readings via telephone or video skype. Schedule sessions by phone (720) 248-8396 or e-mail soar@ Subscribe to our monthly enewsletter at


natural awakenings

October 2012


ongoingevents mondays Mommy and Me Yoga–3-4:30pm. Bring your child (<3yrs) to exercise, relax, dance and rejoice together. Get back into shape quickly. $14/non-member; $12/member. Denver Botanic Gardens 1007 York Str., Denver. 720-865-3580, or Kids Yoga–4:15-5:45pm. Also on Thursdays. Introduce children to yoga to keep them alert, active and connected to self. 30-min craft project after. Parents enjoy yoga at the same time! $48/4 or $13/drop-in. Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver, 770 S Broadway, Denver. 720-570-9642, info@ or

tuesdays John of God Circle of Boulder–7:30-9:30pm. Experience the healing power of community prayer and meditation circle rooted in the work of John of God, hosted by Susie Verde. Love Offering. Vida Yoga Studio, 2749 Iris Ave., Boulder. Susie 303-448-0068, or Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Aura clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Free. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-6682358, or

JOHN OF GOD • Healing Journeys With Susie Verde

• Official guide service to John of God in Brazil • Weekly JOG meditation circle in Boulder • Spiritual healing and community support Restore yourself in the energetic womb of JOG healing groups led by Susie, a native Brazilian, experienced spiritual medium

Intro to Meditation and Christian Mysticism–7:30pm. 6-week intro course for modern mystics. Classes: Inner Spiritual Path, Meditation, Soul, Light, Prayer and Blessing. Learn principles of meditation, move into the reality of God›s presence within. Free. Center of Light 2300 Forest St., 720-308-9944 or

wednesdays Free Energy Healings; Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing–6-7pm. A healing is an energy clearing, like an “energy car wash.” Release negative energy and create the life you desire. Love offering. Journey Within; Inside Rishi’s Crossing Yoga Studio 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood. Anita Destino, Journey Within 720-413-7303, or

questions, get a psychic perspective about what is going on. FREE. Boulder Psychic Institute 1332 Pearl St., Boulder. 303-530-0920 or

saturdays Weekly Free Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing Healing Clinic in Wheat Ridge–1:30-2:30pm. A healing is an energy clearing, like a psychic shower. Unneeded energy is cleared, clarity and contentment are restored. Donations welcome. 1-hr student readings by appt $25. Inner Connection Institute North Side location: 4325 Harlan St., Wheat Ridge. 303-257-4797.

sundays Community Yoga–4:30-5:45pm. Free. Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver, 770 S. Broadway, Denver. 720-570-9642, info@ or Meditation and Sunday Service–9:30am. Song, prayer and sermon. 30-min silent meditation quiets the mind and prepares you for blessings of the Service and Communion. Children’s program runs concurrently. Brunch follows. Free. Center of Light 2300 Forest St., 720-308-9944 or

looking ahead 2012 NOVEMBER 2-4, FRIDAY-SUNDAY The Presence of Breath–Fri, 6-9pm; Sat 1:30-8:30pm; Sun, 12:30-7:30pm. Align with Presence, integrate unconsciously held negative emotional charges, feel profound shifts at the Causal level of experience, and be introduced to the Presence Process format, the powerful transformation tool as created by author Michael Brown. $375 until Oct 21, $425 thru Nov 2. Dancing the Soul 950 Jersey St., #C Denver. Christian Minson 760-445-4264, or





Aura and Chakra Healings–6-7pm. Drop-In for 10min healing. Negative energy is gently removed and replaced with your own positive energy. Feel great and ready to take your next steps. FREE. Boulder Psychic Institute 1332 Pearl St., Boulder. 303-530-0920 or Psychic Readings–7-8:30pm. Schedule a 1.5 hr reading, learn about soul essence, past lives and aura. Ask personal

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Writing Through Transitions–6-8pm. Also on 11/14 and 28. Learn journal techniques to understand three phases of transition: endings; the neutral zone; and new beginnings of emotional acceptance and redefining who you are. Explorations are quick, easy and revealing. $45/3 sessions. Eating Disorder Foundation Support Center 1901 E 20th Ave., Denver. Carolyn Jennings, Journal to the Self certified instructor, 303-469-3672, CJennings@ or



ACUPUNCTURE ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL ASIAN MEDICINE MARIA BARAYBAR LEE 1529 York Street, Denver 303-333-9977 Feel relief from headaches, back pain, allergies, sports injuries and menstrual problems to autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia or MS, even side effects of chemotherapy. Acupuncture even helps infertility! Acupuncture has been in practice for over 3,000 years, and stimulates specific points on the body (called meridians) which connect all the organs in the body. Don’t be afraid – these needles don’t hurt! Call 303-333-9977 now to make an appointment any Tuesday and your Acupuncture Treatment will be only $40, no questions asked about your income. Promo code: TUESDAY CLINIC.

CONSULTANT: TOOLS FOR ABUNDANT LIVING SC CARROLL ASSOCIATES LLC SUSANNAH CARROLL 303-861-4338 Find clarity on your life’s direction and learn techniques for staying calm in any situation. Live abundantly and prosperously! Susannah Carroll is a Motivational Consultant supercharging your incarnation with tools and resources, a mixture of east/west philosophies and designed for use anywhere and anytime. We work with individuals, business executives, entrepreneurs, sales teams and more! Offering a FREE 30-minute phone consultation for first time clients.

LIFE WORK INTUITIVE WITH NANCY MCCLEARY 303-519-0355 Uncover your perfect career and get specific actions steps for creating the work of your dreams. It is time to get excited about your Life! Life Work Intuitive Nancy McCleary will guide you in discovering your true passion, what you really came here to do. Nancy uses a combination of Channeled Guidance, Numerology and Astrology. Gain self-understanding, relief and heal anything that may be holding you back from achieving your greatest potential. Nancy is a certified Intuitive Coach, having trained with Sue Frederick, author of the book I See Your Dream Job.


Understanding Dogs Class and Dog Trainer Apprentice Classes! Understanding Dogs: Unique opportunity to receive an evaluation, treatment plan and coaching experience with your dog. holistic approach with positive reinforcement techniques tailored to each dog and situation. Dog Trainer Apprentice Class: Become a dog trainer utilizing behavior science, holistic approaches and positive reinforcement techniques tailored to each individual dog, pet parent and specific situation. Learn to evaluate behavior, design exercises, coach humans, handle dogs, deliver presentations, and resolve and prevent a variety of behavior problems.





OPEN SPACE, OPEN MIND CM BROWN Boulder 303-396-9023 Are you confused? Overwhelmed by life? It sometimes helps to sit down and stop analyzing. You already have the answer. You may simply need help allowing what is already present to reveal itself. It is easier than you might imagine. This is not psychotherapy or learning how to cope. Through the Buddhist and Vedantic teachings, uncover a new way of living your life. Private meetings include discussion, reflection, and self inquiry. Discover how thoughts and preconceived notions create unnecessary limitations in the way you approach your life. Don’t approach your life. Live it. Free 30 minute consultation. Reasonable rates. Sliding scale available.

Emergence Care is a newly developed, totally unique healing art. By activating latent energy surrounding and within the body, Emergence Care enables the body’s innate healing powers to emerge, promoting change from the inside out. Unlike other therapies, the primary goal of Emergence Care is not to identify, treat or “fix” specific problems or symptoms. Rather, healing occurs as recipients regain the ability to connect with their transcendent wisdom; their “inner” healer. When this happens, it’s common for lasting improvement to occur in multiple aspects of people’s lives: physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual, all of which are interrelated.

JOURNEY WITHIN WITH ANITA DESTINO Inside Rishi’s Crossing Yoga, 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood 720-413-7303


7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 303-731-6695


Discover and develop a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living (J4CL) is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers and event center (space rental) to empower people to create thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand the community. J4CL invites you to co-create opportunities, collaboration and communities for individuals and businesses to reach their full, highest potential, while experiencing love, joy and transformation. See ad page 24.

Whether your goal is to encourage a healthy attitude towards oral health in your children or ease your own anxiety about dental procedures, our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere will change the way you approach dental care. At Vibrance Dentistry, we believe that oral healthcare should be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Our state-of-the-art equipment and spa-like amenities allow us to offer services that transcend traditional dentistry and promote whole-body wellness. See ad page 15.

7400 E Crestline Circle, Ste 230, Greenwood Village 303-770-1116

A safe place for people interested in creating change in their lives, Journey Within helps you focus on spiritual growth, developing your intuition and personal development. Give to yourself with Free Energy Healings, Angel Healings, Guided Meditations, Meditation Classes, Workshops and Intuitive Readings/Healings. Join us for a Free Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing held every Wednesday from 6-7 pm, open to everyone.

FAMILY PRACTITIONER CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. See full listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

natural awakenings

October 2012


FIBROMYALGIA WELLNESS HEAL-OUR-SELVES Allen Ernst, MS ChT Locations in Metro Denver 720-285-1664 Experienced therapist/wellness coach w/published research on Fibromyalgia specializing in wellness coaching for sufferers using alternative therapy developed from three-year study. Personal attention coupled with web-based FibroCourse will get you symptomfree like me. Track your progress with clinicallyderived assessments; receive an individualized treatment plan; sort out emotional issues and frustration related to treatment adherence. You are not alone in this and will also have the opportunity for group sessions. Check our website calendar for latest seminar dates. You can feel results in a week and regain hope for positive change.

HEALING & PSYCHIC READINGS TATYANA TSYGANOK Intuitive Healer & Psychic 303-359-1150 Connect with your higher self and receive healings for PTSD, traumas, addictions, depression and low self-esteem with my support and natural gifts. I use different modalities to help including psychic readings, past life regression, Psych-K, Bodytalk, EFT & Matrix Energetics. Also assist with adopted children from Eastern Europe. I welcome everybody who needs my help and I will greet you with love! Call for help today!

HEALTHY SUPPLEMENTS ALOE VERA INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR MERCEDES PERALTA 720-226-4617 Anchoring into Loving and taking care Of your body Empowering your health with ALOE!

KATIA I. MEIER, M.D. Panorama Falls 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 Feel your best at any age with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health inside and out with customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy, Nutritional analysis and Therapy, Medical Aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Programs, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Treating all ages and most insurance welcomed. Call to set up your appointment today. See ad page 2.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

BRAIN BALANCE ACHIEVEMENT CENTER OF GOLDEN 1211 Avery Street, Golden 303-278-1780

We all know how beneficial Aloe Vera is for skincare. Did you know aloe can be taken internally too? Aloe Vera provides digestive and immune function support, anti-inflammatory response, oral and skin health, helps to maintain healthy weight and energy levels, and more! This is an aloe vera formula in its purest, most potent form through Forever Living’s patent stabilized formula. We offer Aloe Vera drinks and even skin care and cosmetics! We have received 5 seals of approval that ensures its purity, potency and efficacy. (Business Opportunity available)

Help your child reach his or her greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential. Individualized and comprehensive brainbased approaches (not drug-based) to help children with neurobehavioral and learning difficulties such as dyslexia. The brain can be changed—which means your child’s problems aren’t permanent, and the situation isn’t hopeless. Customized physical and cognitive exercises, combined with dietary change can correct the underlying imbalance, improve function and reduce/eliminate negative behaviors. Tour our center and learn how we can help your child. Call us today. See ad page 21.



RED TAIL WELLNESS CENTERS IAN HOLLAMAN, DC 4520 North Broadway, Boulder 303-882-8447 Are you tired, foggy-brained, gaining weight for no reason, have elevated cholesterol and other symptoms of thyroid disease, but your thyroid levels are “normal?” Go beyond the “traditional” standard of care to Ian Hollaman, DC, who focuses on difficult and chronic cases such as elevated glucose and cholesterol, thyroid disorders, and novel solutions to pain and injuries with proficiency in multiple modalities such as Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine. Chiropractic and Nutrition. See ad page 32.



RED TAIL WELLNESS CENTERS KAREN HOLLAMAN, DC, LMT 4520 North Broadway, Boulder 303-882-8447 www. Women, are you looking for a different standard of care for you and your children? I was given a second chance at life because of a holistic chiropractor’s understanding of how the body heals itself when given the proper support. I offer women and children the same hope and care I had been generously given. If you or your family struggles with health issues please contact the Red Tail Wellness Center so I can help you take flight again and let your health soar. See ad page 32.

CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. See full listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

BJ BROWN, MSW, CIBP Body-Centered Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master In Boulder 303-808-4006 We create a compassionate and powerful container in which you discover the source of your well being Discover a deeper sense of wholeness, integrity, passion and joy. BJ Brown brings her commitment, presence, humor and expertise in the areas of relationship, trauma, spirituality, life transition, addiction, and body-mind awareness. Retreats, long distance consultations and healings also offered. Read my recently published book, “The Six Gates of Completion - A Companion in Life’s Transitions”, available on my website, Kindle, The Boulder Bookstore, and The Tattered Cover. Begin your life transformation today!

CASEY RATHJEN Intuitive Consultant, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Pet Intuitive 720-515-7408 Need to overcome fears or anxiety and gain confidence to create success? Would you like to communicate better and overcome conflict in your relationship? Would you like to learn more about your intuition and have a peaceful and balanced life? These are just a few of the many things I assist people with. Being able to apply my natural gifts with my certified skills allows me to address what’s happening emotionally, physically, and energetically and creates a safe space for complete healing and success. You have all the answers; I just get the honor to help you connect with them.

MASSAGE IN TOUCH MASSAGE THERAPY WITH BRENNA WITT, LMT Kittredge Village, 26030 Hwy. 74, Kittredge 303-526-0038 Do you have sore muscles, an injury with persistent pain or just need to relax? Allow your mind and body to melt into my capable hands at In Touch Massage Therapy, located on scenic Hwy 74, just minutes from Evergreen.. Enjoy your fully customized massage with Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue and/or Hot Stone while listening to the soothing sounds of Bear Creek and bird songs outside the window. New client special! $45 for an hour; $65 for 1.5 hours or the package: buy 5 and get the 6th free! Gift Certificates are available. Call or email for your massage today!


PIANO: PRIVATE OR CLASS KEYBOARD MAGIC STUDIO Evelyn Billberg 303-629-9209 Discovering the Genius Within! Join us on this exciting journey. We’ll help you find that place within, bursting with music and waiting to be discovered and expressed through the keyboard. Instruction is presented in a manner which will advance the student’s skill and enjoyment as rapidly as possible. This special instruction will help the student understand harmony and theory and use that knowledge to play beautiful music. PIANO MARVEL: This new computer interactive piano course is used for interested students in the Keyboard Magic Studio. It is fun and dynamically instructive.

Esther Yang,, CMT 7007 E Hampden Ave, Ste B, Denver 303-758-1078 Bring balance, health and happiness to your life. Heal persistent pain, body aches and relax with Balance Healing’s therapeutic massage. This type of massage brings healing to the body by pressure points using acupuncture meridian techniques that revitalize the spirit, mind and body. We also provide acupuncture sessions to help relieve pain and healing foot reflexology. Come and relax with soft music and in an atmosphere of true healing. Gift Certificates available. Call for your appointment today at 303-758-1078.

NUTRITION CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. See listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

Where will you be when our readers are looking for you? Be found in the

PROBIOTICS WWW.MYBIO-V.COM Feel Fresh and Confident Every Day 1-888-770-2468 110% Guaranteed, Made in Colorado Concerned with Feminine Odor • Vaginal Discharge • Yeast • Gas & Bloating? Discover the digestive/feminine health link. Take BIO-V™ daily to help your body create a clean, natural fresh scent; Aids with smooth, comfortable digestion and immune response to unhealthy bacteria or fungi; Regularly promote your overall feminine well-being – and enjoy the benefits of a balanced system. Ensure a significantly higher percentage of beneficial organisms reach your intestines alive with the patented BIO-tract® Delivery System which protects probiotics from gastric acid and extends shelf life without refrigeration. See ad page 19.


Coming in January…

The Natural Living Directory First annual Denver/Boulder area guide for healthy living and a healthy planet. 50,000+ potential clients will be looking for resources under categories such as holistic health, fitness, eco-friendly products and services, and more.

This issue is kept year-round for easy reference. Be sure your business is listed in this healthy and green living directory.

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Panorama Falls 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860


Feel your best with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health inside and out for children and adults. Customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy, Nutritional analysis and Therapy, Medical Aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Programs, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Treating all ages and most insurance welcomed. Make your appointment today. See ad page 2.

We are all psychic! Improve your innate psychic abilities to make better decisions for your life or to become a professional. Take the classes you are drawn to or get a certificate in Psychic (Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant+), Medical Intuitive, or Spirit Medium. We have a variety of classes and instructors.

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CARNITA M. GROVES, MA, LPC, CSPT, CAC-III 1570 Humboldt Street, Denver O: 303-698-0446 / F: 720-858-8183


Seeking to improve self-care or interpersonal skills? With an integrative approach to mental health counseling, a broad range of issues can be identified and brought to meaningful resolution. Carnita, perhaps, more of a mental health artisan, is Level 2 EMDR certified. She helps people use simple home-based research as one of many practical tools to help people expand their competencies. She specializes in psycho-nutrition, style/aesthetic therapies, and ethnic groundedness. Pragmatic. Holistic. Dynamic. Weekend appointments available. It helps to have someone to talk to!

Release the past, create the future and experience your life from a whole new perspective. Move into a rich and joyful life with guidance and support as you travel through significant life transitions, transform grief, and find clarity about your life path and purpose. Renee is a unique guide who weaves together traditional counseling techniques with intuitive abilities, energy healing, personalized Bach Flower Essence formulas and past life therapy without regression. Her focus is on grief and loss, life transitions, finding and stepping onto one’s path, spiritual development, releasing phobias and healing from chronic pain. Individual sessions and classes. Free 30-minute consultation.


Psychotherapy, Intuitive Counseling Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing Located in Central Denver 720-984-9575

BODY ALIVE ROLFING DENVER WITH ERIN FARLEY 303-915-5274 Rolfing® Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that can lead to postural improvements, alleviate chronic pain and discomfort, or allow for greater freedom of movement and provide a sense of revitalized energy and bodily well-being. Rolfing works on the seamless network of connective tissue to release, realign and balance the whole structure, with the goal of allowing the body to remain effortlessly upright in gravity. Whether you are active or not-soactive, or merely looking for the “next step” ignited by physical transformation, achieve your optimum state of alignment and ease in gravity. If you’ve never tried Rolfing for stress, postural misalignment or other conditions, discover a new level of healing! Call today for your appointment. Soul Body Integration clients receive a discount on sessions at Body Alive Rolfing.

SOLAR GOLDEN SOLAR 614 10th Street, Golden 720-278-5253 A solar system for your home or business has never been so affordable and painless! You know solar is good for the environment, but it’s also great on your wallet! Hedge yourself against ever-increasing electricity rates and inflation. Clean, quiet, maintenance free, reduce pollution and CO2 emissions. Increase your property’s value. Colorado owned and operated with master electricians and professional installers. Respectful, clean and quick work. Solar incentives, tax credits and rebates available – ask us today! Buy or lease options. Installation guaranteed for 10 years. See ad page 14.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

SPIRITUAL GROWTH SOUL BODY INTEGRATION Heather Lenox, practitioner Denver 720-876-7465 Develop a true sense of purpose and a sustainable kind of peace with a blend of spiritual guidance and energy work. Soul Body Integration helps you increase your level of consistent soul consciousness, so you grow more powerful and less reactive, have more authentic relationships and become more productive in your pursuits. Your first session is free! Body Alive Rolfing clients receive a discount on Soul Body Integration sessions.

INNER CONNECTION INSTITUTE CHURCH OF INFINITE SPIRIT 2755 South Locust St., Suite 213 Denver Denver: 303-282-9439 Wheat Ridge: 303-257-4797 Create the life you desire through our easy, effective, supportive techniques . A non-denominational, spiritual sanctuary offering clairvoyant reading and healing services, meditation classes, psychic development programs, ministerial services, and ordination programs. Locations in Denver and Wheat Ridge. Free aura clearing and chakra balancing in Wheat Ridge every Saturday 1:30 - 2:30pm. Free open channel clinic in Denver on the 2nd Fridays of the month at 7pm. Everyone is welcome! Call for more information. 303282-9439. See ad page 9.

THERAPY: ADULT/CHILD/COUPLES GARY D ALEXANDER, MS Psychotherapist – LMFT, LAC, NCC LoDo & SE Denver Locations 720-315-8770 Emotional presence and human connection together are a catalyst for personal revelation, insight, and change. Bring balance, communication, life transitions, learn boundaries, deal with codependency, grief, LGBT development, and addictions (both chemical and behavioral). Gary’s approach as a therapist is heartfelt, direct, engaging, and down-to-earth. Contact Gary today to learn more about how he can help with your life’s challenges.


THE JOHN OF GOD CIRCLE OF BOULDER Meets Tuesdays with Susie Verde 303-448-0068 John of God is known as one of the most powerful healing mediums in the world. At his spiritual hospital in Brazil, he attracts thousands of people from all over the world in search of profound healing. Susie Verde is a native Brazilian official guide with over seven years experience, who regularly brings groups to see John of God and gives public talks at his Center. In service locally, her John of God Circle of Boulder meets most Tuesdays of the year. Come for the community support and immerse yourself in the current of this remarkable healing energy from Brazil. See ad page 26. 303-304-7460 Invite balance and health into your whole body and life today with New Beginnings Health & Wellness and find a tranquil sanctuary created specifically for your healing, rejuvenation, and relaxation. Tailor services and products to suit your individual needs, offered by professionally certified or licensed practitioners passionate about their work. Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Holistic Health Coaching, Natural Weight Loss Coaching, Bio-Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Psychic Healing, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Facials, Chakra Balancing, Allergy Testing, as well as educational classes and support groups. Parties, Groups and Companies served with Chair Massage, Readings, or Healthy Lifestyle Classes.

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Across North America, Natural Awakenings’ over 85 publishers are helping more than 3.6 million readers make positive changes in their lives, while promoting local practitioners and providers who support natural, Earth-friendly lifestyles. Create a healthier community while building your own financial security in the franchise market of your choice. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. Complete training and support is provided.

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Get In Balance, naturally! Are you one of the 13 million undiagnosed Thyroid Disease sufferers?

Did You Know?

Good Thyroid Health is important for healthy: Bone metabolism â&#x20AC;˘ Gastrointestinal function â&#x20AC;˘ Male reproduction â&#x20AC;˘ Liver â&#x20AC;˘ Gallbladder â&#x20AC;˘ Growth hormones â&#x20AC;˘ Fat burning â&#x20AC;˘ Brain chemistry â&#x20AC;˘ Insulin and glucose metabolism â&#x20AC;˘ Pregnancy â&#x20AC;˘ Cholesterol â&#x20AC;˘ Adrenal hormone metabolism â&#x20AC;˘ Estrogen metabolism and breast cancer â&#x20AC;˘ Liver detoxiďŹ cation â&#x20AC;˘ Stomach acid production â&#x20AC;˘ Protein metabolism â&#x20AC;˘ Heart â&#x20AC;˘ Protein binding

â&#x20AC;˘ Hashimotoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s disease, an autoimmune disorder that destroys thyroid tissue, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your optimal health is our familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s passion â&#x20AC;˘ A Hashimotoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sufferer can present with normal levels â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dr. Hollaman has been able of TSH (thyroid stimulating to re-create the proper function hormone). of my endocrine system and â&#x20AC;˘ 90% of Hashimotoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sufferers I feel like a new person! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve improve after eliminating lost weight and feel good about gluten from their diet. myself again.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;˘ 20% of T4 is converted to T3 (the one the body can Jill C. Steam Boat Springs, CO Ian Hollaman, DC & Karen Hollaman, DC use) in the intestines, but only in the presence of A new paradigm of healthcare exists at Red Tail Wellness, using proven healthy ďŹ&#x201A;ora. principles to listen and understand your health goals. Compassion, conâ&#x20AC;˘ Birth control pills can mask low thyroid by elevating TSH to normal levels despite the presence of signiďŹ cant symptoms. â&#x20AC;˘ Taking Iodine may worsen Thyroid symptoms. â&#x20AC;˘ Thyroid dysfunction can elevate cholesterol and triglycerides.

cern and knowledge underscore a passion in using the most modern forms of health-care including Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Thyroid Care and Chiropractic. Call today and let your health soar!

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