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DIABETES FREE: Prevent and Reverse It Naturally

by Linda Sechrist





Christopher L. Kukk, Ph.D


Seven Natural Home Remedies by Karen Becker




Healthy Twists on Old Favorites by Judith Fertig

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Holiday Books Invite Inspiration by Randy Kambic



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natural awakenings

November 2017


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Denver Mile High Edition

here may be good reason to believe that this time on Earth is mired in a dense, heavy energy. Many ancient wisdoms such as the Vedic and Mayan calendars were aware of the 26,000-year “Precession of the Equinoxes” and believed in the cycling of high Golden ages with dense Iron ages. The 2012 end of the Mayan calendar was marking the low point for human consciousness on the planet. It sure feels that way and makes sense intuitively. This shows up in the concentration of power, wealth and control amongst a relative few; in the polarization of politics and society; blaming and finger-pointing; the mass shootings and police shootings; the unmasking of latent racism; and “needing” to make people act, think and feel in certain ways deemed “acceptable” to society so that we feel comfortable, while confining them into virtual prisons of uniformity. At Natural Awakenings, we seek always to be positive-focused and solutionoriented. Complaining about what’s wrong in the world or in our lives can become a self-defeating habit. We continually see proof in our lives that perceptions and judgements help to create the reality we live in. We’ve also witnessed enough “miracles” to know that possibility is only limited by our imagination. Humans are capable of tremendous love, compassion and enlightenment. We could create a world where we work together to solve problems; listen to every idea; support everyone in demonstrating their individuality, inspiration and creativity; where everyone is safe and protected; where every member of society is valued for their contribution; where hunger, poverty and ignorance are the enemies – not each other! We look to inspiration from great teachers such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Jesus, and all who’ve led non-violent forms of protest. Even Einstein said, “We can’t solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created it in the first place.” Let’s face it, if we hate the haters, then we are just another hater! This isn’t easy, but we must learn to love and respect and bless even those with whom we see absolute disagreement. Everyone’s suffering is tremendous right now, and we can’t know their path nor their choices. It is only the Ego that must be right, must be heard, must prove that someone else is wrong, and must strike back at its perceived enemies. Now, more than ever, we need to express our Divine selves. We are absolutely committed: to allowing all others to be who and how they are; to committing constant acts of kindness in a world where so many are angry/stressed/impatient; to looking for the good in our lives and others; to forgiving those that say and do hurtful things; and to drawing our own boundaries in loving and appropriate ways that don’t lay blame on others. We author our experience with the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the actions we do. Each of us is valuable, important, unique, and capable of unlimited wisdom and creativity! We add our light to the growing power of lovingkindness consciousness on Earth in order to bring about new possibilities. Won’t you join us?

COVER PHOTO: Copyright: photodeti / 123RF Stock Photo

newsbriefs Special Offer on Healing Services


oAnne Palladino, Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive and Channel, is offering $30 off a Reiki energy healing, Shmaya vibrational healing, and Intuitive reading for new clients whether in person or over the phone in November. According to JoAnne, “Shmaya is here to help you awaken to realize and embody complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance. Awakening is about rising up to a level of consciousness that frees you from old depleting patterns to a peaceful and mindful way of life. Your session touches all aspects of your being. It will bring your mind, body and spirit to a higher level of consciousness that will allow you to REALIZE and EMBODY that you are a significant sacred human being.” Contact JoAnne Palladino at 303-263-0679 or See listing page 30.

Surgery-Free BUNION THERAPY Natural, Safe & Effective

We use microcurrent technology and other holistic techniques to re-align the foot, reduce pain, naturally straighten the big toe, dramatically decrease pain, and reduce the appearance of the bunion.

Real Patients. Actual Results. No Surgery.

Gratitude Integral to Breema Class



aura Rawson and Christine Hunt, certified Breema instructors, are offering a class called “When There is Gratitude We Are More Alive” on Sunday, November 19 from 4:00-6:30 p.m. at 421 21st Ave., Suite 212 in Longmont. According to Laura and Christine, Breema is an integrated self-study that combines bodywork, exercises and a practical philosophical foundation. Gratitude is an important aspect of the work. The class introduces students to new ways of using their bodies through simple Breema sequences alone and with a partner. Mutual Support, one of Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony, will be a focus in the class as it offers an opportunity for students to explore giving and receiving simultaneously. “When we have a taste of interconnectedness, gratitude is natural and spontaneous. An actual momentary experience of interconnectedness is also a taste of being present--the aim of Breema,” says Laura and Christine. Register at For more information, contact or 510-379-4057.

“Make and Take Party” with Essential Oils


vie Yang, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, offers classes every Tuesday and Saturday in Littleton to make personal products with essential oils, and learn invaluable tips on what they are and how to use them. Personalized group parties can also be offered at different dates and times. Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm: Make a Lavender-Eucalyptus-Peppermint personal nasal inhaler. “This fast and easy, ultra-convenient inhaler fits in your pocket. It promotes relaxation, boosts your immune system and supports emotions and energy levels.” $5, drinks/snacks provided. Saturdays 1-3pm: Make a Citrus-Rosemary-sugar scrub. “Just because we live in a dry climate doesn’t mean our skin has to be! Exfoliating is beneficial and important. It smells amazing and my skin is so soft after just one use. Get my secret recipe.” $5, drinks/snacks provided. Evie is also offering 30% off customized aromatherapy consultations. She adds, “Support your energy, immune system, emotions, muscles, skin and so much more this holiday season with a customized essential oil blend created just for you.” Evie Yang, CCA, of Aromatherapist-Evie™ can be contacted at 858-922-2964, or See ad page 9.



Best experience and results that I could have asked for. - Mary E. THESE CLAIMS HAVE NOT BEEN CLINICALLY EVALUATED BY THE FDA.

Guarantee a safe, non-invasive treatment with no downtime and a fraction of the cost of surgery!

The only patent pending non-surgical bunion treatment. • • • •

Re-align the foot Dramatically decrease Pain Naturally straighten the big toe Reduce the appearance of the bunion ppp

Dr. Robert Levingston, DC, FIAMA


3470 S. Sherman St. Ste 3 • Englewood, CO 80113

Call Today for your FREE Consultation. Mention this ad for 10% OFF in November!

natural awakenings

November 2017




Start a New Career in Hypnotherapy Beyond Maria: Coming Together Academy of America in Albuquerque, to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico offers their next 500-hour hypnotherapy course beginTheNMHypnotherapy

ning January 22. After completing the first 300 hours of modules one through three, students are eligible for certification as hypnotherapists with the International Board of Hypnotherapy. By also completing the additional 100 hours of module four, which covers pain management techniques and accelerated healing, students become eligible for the professional designation of certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist. Module five is a 100-hour elective that covers natal regression and past-life therapy, for a total of 500 hours of training. Academy Director Tim Simmerman Sierra states, “Our state licensed hypnosis courses and clinical hypnotherapy training have led the field in hypnotherapy education for almost 30 years. The 500-hour accelerated certification course in hypnotherapy is held three times a year and is taught in two-week modules.” Location: 2132 Osuna Rd., NE, Ste. B, Albuquerque. To register, visit or call toll free 877-983-1515. See ad on page 9.

Medicine for the Earth


J Brown, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher teaches “Medicine for the Earth” November 3-5 in Boulder, based on“Medicine for the Earth” by Sandra Ingerman. “This class creates deeper connection to the rhythms and teachings of our nature,” says Brown. “Together we will increase our awareness, senses and intuition to transmute toxic thoughts and beliefs affecting our well-being.” Highlights include: Communicating with the elements earth, air, fire, water and weather/nature spirits for direct revelation; Transforming toxins within ourselves and our environment; Walk about - what is our footprint and how do we effect our environment?; Creative expression as tools for transmutation. $295 fee includes art and ceremonial supplies, snacks, tea/coffee. Contact BJ Brown to register at 303-808-4006 or


uis Mendez and Waleska Sallaberry, the publishers of Natural Awakenings Puerto Rico edition for the past 15 years, have a simple request: “Please help us rebuild.” Mendez and Sallaberry are remarkable community leaders having launched PR’s #1 health and wellness publication. They have been inspirational to their readers and clients, but also to other publishers in the Natural Awakenings family, who have benefited from their guidance, leadership and vision for the magazine. Publishers have created a GoFundMe account to support their efforts to rebuild PR’s holistic health and wellness community at a time when healing services are so desperately needed. Mendez and Sallaberry will be trustees of this fund and will disseminate the proceeds to the people and organizations in PR at their discretion. Donations will help not just one family, but an entire networked family of businesses and organizations that are part of the backbone of PR. “I’m overwhelmed by your support and responses...from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! We are so grateful to be alive!!! We are working very hard every day and trying to get our lives together as well as the people around us but has proven to be difficult with the limited information and resources! We have never been good asking for help as we are used to helping others but we’ll be eternally grateful for any effort or initiative by our extended family! will go a long way for all of us,” said Waleska. For more information and to make a donation, visit

With a World Teacher! Maitreya is that teacher and is now here. investigate for yourself: Ron 303-819-2100 • Connie 303-834-0526 8

Denver Mile High Edition


Environmental Energy Affects Us W

e may not be aware of it, but energy from the earth can affect us in many ways. The earth’s natural energy systems support our immune systems and minds, but when this is disturbed by cell phone towers, electromagnetic energy, geological fractures or underground water it can create stress in our environment that affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By neutralizing stressed energy and improving the natural flow of positive energy, people feel better and thrive. This appears as less tension and conflict between family members, a calmer and more harmonious home life, improved health and ability to achieve goals, ability to focus, enhanced creativity, better sleep, improved energy, and children being calmer, happier and learning much more easily. Aligning your home with earth’s natural energy, relieving geopathic stress and blocking electric pollution can enhance the energy of your home, work or school environment to be supportive and uplifting. Tina Atchley of Everyday Health and Home offers consulting services that enable you to make positive changes in your life and environment. She can be reached at 303-910-4593. See listing page 30

Caregiver, Heal Thyself T

he cumulative effect of years of caregiver burden can lead to ongoing overwhelm, unrelenting sleep loss, and deep feelings of grief and exhaustion. According to The British Journal of Psychiatry, (Feb 2002), increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol were found in both those with chronic disease as well as those who care for them. Cortisol is a diabetes risk factor and a contributor to depression and anxiety. The following offer restorative counterbalance: Yoga/Meditation provides calming breath that is well documented for reducing stress. Practice helps us remember the impermanence of crises. Dreams can offer insight, meaning and comfort. Learn to glean guidance and information from them. Empathy for others going through similar experience can have enormous healing effects on stress. Imagination/Imagery/Envisioning affects physiology according to Current Biology (Oct 2013). Spend time in meditation imagining a symbol that is powerful or comforting, perhaps an image that appeared in a recent dream. Spiritual Practice contributes to well-being no matter our beliefs, according to “Health Education and Behavior” (1998). Utilizing deeper psychological methods, it is possible to gain psychospiritual strength via the very struggle and challenge the disease asks of us. Linda Buzogany teaches in the Psychology Department at Red Rocks Community College. Contact her at or 303-521-5984.

Aromatherapy for Health 30% off your consultation Customized for your health concerns Holistic and natural

Make Your Own! Make and Take Parties Fun with friends for only $5 ‘Enjoy your own scrub or essential oil mix at home’

858.922.2964 Young Living Independent Distributor #1765155

Career Training in Hypnotherapy 500-Hour State-Licensed Certification Course Begins January 22nd Turn Your Interest in Healing and the Mind-Body Connection Into a New Career Helping People

Hypnotherapy Academy Co-Directors of America Angela & Tim Simmerman Sierra 505-767-8030

natural awakenings

November 2017


healthbriefs Medical Qigong


rising through the roots of timeless wisdoms, and guidance from within the ancient Chinese culture of natural health and living, is the most powerful energy healing modality of Medical Qigong (pronounced chi gung). Medical Qigong is a profoundly precise energy science and intricate healing art. The adept practitioner undergoes many years of training, first to strengthen and refine his or her own chi – life essence and consciousness – and then to develop the ability to spiritually commune and intuitively communicate with the surrounding environment and life beings, chi to chi, utilizing keenly and delicately attuned internal senses, a firm grounding in heart centeredness and a humble, unwavering dedication to the greatest good. While Medical Qigong was formalized in Chinese Medicine slightly more than 5000 years ago and can be quite technical, many of its treatment techniques are tens of thousands of years older and may be shamanic in nature. In the treatment visit, the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul-level conditions of health are evaluated to measure any deviations from functional and structural integrity. These deviations are treated through external chi transmission to restore their systems’ natural alignment with harmonious health, heightened vigor and optimal performance. Medical Qigong is an active chi treatment procedure: chi to chi connection is made through the practitioner’s hands and listening skills are employed to guide the chi with specific instructions to complete the healing work. Since the treatment does not use any physical form of tools, the practitioner is able to treat any of the organs and functional systems directly through the chi healing field in addition to any of the energy meridians channels and points. The Medical Qigong practitioner may offer self-care practices, exercises, and nutrition and herbal supplementation to support and continue the healing process post-treatment.

Debra Lin Allen is a medical qigong therapist and qigong teacher, and founder of Chi Wellness in Denver. Contact her at 720-427-0406 or See ad page 23.


Cannabis Supplements for Optimal Health


ndocannabinoids found in cannabis are being studied for their role in maintaining the body’s normal function. According to researchers in Neurotherapeutics (Oct 2015), the endocannabinoid system (a network of receptors activated by endocannabinoids) regulate normal motor function, digestion, bone growth, memory, immune response as well as to help protect skin and brain cells. Stress, aging and poor diet can disrupt the normal production of endocannabinoids and according to research published in Neurotherapeutics (Oct 2015), supplementing with chemical components of the cannabis plant can help correct these imbalances. For example, hemp oil, which has nearly no THC, is rich in these phytocannabinoids and can help optimize the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. According to an article in Prospect Medicin Chem (June 2016), the endocannabinoid system was entirely unknown until the early 1990s, and now joins the 11 other systems in the human body as fundamental to existence. Learning about this system and how to take care of it is absolutely vital if we want to optimize our body’s ability to heal, and be strong and healthy. Even more remarkable, author J. Harold Ellens reveals that the ECS gets activated when a person is meditating, praying, or having a spiritual experience. Feelings of well-being and peace are the result. Couldn’t we all use a little more of that a day to day basis? Becca Williams, a clinical nutritionist and licensed dietitian, works with elements of the cannabis plant to support people in awakening experiences that enrich and heal their lives. Contact her at


EMBRACE YOUR HEALTH. LET’S CHANGE YOUR STORY. Dr. Jessica Riechert, D.C. Gentle, Compassionate Chiropractic Care

7120 E Orchard Road #250 Centennial, CO 80112 Call for appointment: 720-974-9680


Therapeutic Massage and more! Reiki, Nutrition & Spiritual Counseling


Denver Mile High Edition

Practitioner Spotlight

William S O’Malley L.M.T. Massage from the Heart 7200 E Dry Creek Road #C-103 Centennial, CO 80112

303-566-0999 •



News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.


Wine Worry Mariyana M/

Glyphosate Toxin Turns Up in Wines Monsanto’s toxic Roundup herbicide glyphosate has been found in all 10 California vintages tested, including organic wines. While glyphosate isn’t sprayed directly onto grapes because it would kill the vines, it’s often used to spray the ground in the vineyard to be absorbed via the roots. Sometimes, glyphosate drifts from conventional vineyards into nearby organic and biodynamic vineyards. Other times, the toxin remains in the soil after a conventional farm has been converted to organic; the chemical may persist onsite for more than 20 years. Glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic. Designed to kill bacteria, it harms both soils and human health, and has been cited as a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Advanced Integrative Medicine offers a Contemporary Blend of Traditional Medicine & Complementary Therapies At AIM, you’ll enjoy a complete experience of health in a beautiful setting. Aside from our Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Osteopathic Doctors, Our Complementary team brings out the best in you with expert Nutrition, Life and Grief Counseling, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Podiatry, and Naturopathy. You’ll experience:

• • • • •

For glyphosate-related consumer information, search Actions at

Landfill Eulogy

Smoother moods with less swing! Extra Energy to enjoy FUN and Family More Focus and Mental Sharpness Deep, Restful Sleep Lose Weight and Increase Self Esteem!

Yaniv Schwartz/

Sweden Dumps its Dumps Landfills generate environmental problems such as the greenhouse gas methane that warms the atmosphere and toxic chemicals from household cleaning products that pollute soil and groundwater. Installations are smelly, noisy and can breed disease-transmitting vermin, as well as harm wildlife. Recycling helps cut the volume of waste, but the bulk of all trash continues to fill these dumps. Sweden produces about the same amount of waste as other European nations, but less than 1 percent of its household refuse ends up in landfills. Thirty-two waste-to-energy (WTE) plants that have been operating across the country for years incinerate more than 2 million tons of trash annually—almost 50 percent of all waste. The country still recycles, but anything else normally ends up in the WTE incinerators, creating steam to generate electricity distributed on the grid. This system heats close to a million homes and powers more than a quarter-million, thus reducing Sweden’s reliance on fossil fuels. Sweden also helps to clean up other countries in the European Union by importing their trash and burning it. Because specific products contain materials that cannot be recycled or incinerated, some landfills are still necessary.

$20 OFF

First appt with Naturopath Diana Milling. CALL TODAY!

10455 Park Meadows Dr., Unit 102 Lone Tree, CO 80124 303.708.0246

natural awakenings

November 2017


globalbriefs 2018 EDITORIAL CALENDAR


6th Annual Healthy Living Directory Feature: Living Courageously Plus: Meditation Styles

Healthy Food Issue



Feature: Ethnic Cuisine Plus: Super Spices Feature: Climate Health Update Plus: Healthy Home

Women s Health Issue



Feature: Natural Care First Plus: Personalized Medicine Feature: Livable Communities Plus: Natural Beauty

Nutrition Issue


Feature: Farmers Rooted in Health Plus: Anti-Inflammatory Diet Feature:6LPSOLͤHG Parenting Plus: Multilevel Healing

Humpback whales are famous for their prodigious leaps from the water. A recent paper published in Marine Mammal Science proposes that breaching the surface and making a big splash serves as an acoustic telegram to communicate with far-off pods. The phenomenon may be compared to a distant drumbeat, which probably carries farther than the whales’ signature songs. Former University of Queensland marine biologist Ailbhe S. Kavanagh, Ph.D., and her colleagues observed 76 humpback groups off the coast of Australia for 200 hours between 2010 and 2011 and found that breaching is much more common when pods are at least 2.5 miles apart, with more local slapping of fins and flukes when fellow whales are nearby.

Paul S. Wolf/

Why Whales Leap High

Getting Greener Renewables Hit High Mark in UK In a major marker of renewable growth, sources of energy that includes wind, solar, hydro and wood pellet burning briefly generated more electricity—50.7 percent—than coal and gas in Great Britain for the first time on June 7. When nuclear sources are added, the number increased to 72.1 percent. Records for wind power are also being set across Northern Europe.


2018 Directory

Humpback Holler

Body Movement Issue

Feature: Joint Health Plus: Yoga for Flexibility Feature: Game Changers Plus: Chiropractic

Get Outside Black Friday Alternative This year, all REI outdoor outfitter stores will close on Black Friday and join hundreds of national and local organizations and like-minded brands to ask, “Will You Go Out with Us?” For the third year, the REI #OptOutside initiative will mobilize Americans to firmly establish a new tradition of choosing trails over sales on Black Friday, including camping under the stars instead of camping out at malls.

Health Defense Issue


Feature: Immune System Boosters Plus: Safe Drinking Water Feature: Uplifting Humanity Plus: Holidays



Denver Mile High Edition

For helpful ideas, visit opt-outside.



Marijus Auruskevicius/

Pedestrian Power Smart Street Lights Powered by Footsteps Conventional street lights collectively emit more than 100 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. The city of Las Vegas, a leader in municipal sustainability, has contracted with EnGoPlanet, a New York City clean tech startup, to install the world’s first Smart Street Lights powered by pedestrians’ footsteps via kinetic energy pads and solar energy. When someone steps on a kinetic tile, energy is created and goes directly to a battery. Petar Mirovic, CEO of EnGoPlanet, says, “Clean and free energy is all around us. Urban cities have to build the smart infrastructures of tomorrow that will be able to harvest all of that energy. This project is a small but important step in that direction.” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman says, “Through our LEED-certified buildings, solar projects, water reclamation, alternativefueled vehicles and sustainable streetlights, Las Vegas continues to lead the way.” The company also cites Smart Street Light projects in Chicago, Detroit, Auburn Hills (Michigan), Asbury Park (New Jersey) and at stadiums such as the MercedesBenz Superdome, in New Orleans. View an illustrative video at SmartStreetLights.

Gain Spiritual Clarity & Guidance Get the Answers You Are Seeking Discover Your Spiritual Purpose Developing Your Divine Gifts Release & Let Go of Blocks & Resistance Find Your Spiritual Tribe


...Because the last 20 minutes of each day are precious. Conscious Stories, LLC: Also available on Amazon

1. 2. 3. 4.

Spry Living–8,907,303 Shape–2,521,203 Men’s Health–1,852,715 Prevention–1,539,872

5. Natural Awakenings–1,536,365 Natural Awakenings M agazine is Ranked 5th Nationally in Cision’s 2016 Top 10 Health & Fi tness Magazines List

6. Women’s Health–1,511,791 7. Weight Watchers Magazine–1,126,168 8. Dr. Oz The Good Life–870,524 9. Vim & Vigor–789,000 10. Experience Life–700,000 The world’s leading source of media research


natural awakenings November 2017


ecotip Oil Spoil Holiday meal traditions that kick off with a Thanksgiving turkey and continue through festive meals for New Year’s can produce lots of cooking oil and grease waste. Following proper disposal procedures protects both the environment and home plumbing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that vegetable oils and animal fats share common physical properties and create similar environmental effects as petroleum spills, including coating and suffocating animals and plants; polluting food supplies and habitats; fouling shorelines; and clogging water treatment plants. Cooking oil and kitchen grease is the number one cause of stopped-up sewer pipes, according to Earth 911. Grease sticks to the lining of plumbing pipes in small particles, which catch onto each other and accumulate until the growing mass can block and backup sewage lines, leading to a nasty mess and sometimes costly repairs. This potential problem can be avoided simply and easily.


n For small amounts of kitchen grease such as lard, shortening or tallow that inevitably go down the drain, flush with cold water so that it solidifies, making it less likely to stick to pipes.

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet can be a natural solution for a truly restful night’s sleep. ology® Its Natural Frequency Technology promotes overall wellbeing. Wearers have experienced:

· Falling asleep faster · Increased quality sleep · Waking up more refreshed hed Recommended by

Discover more at

If you choose to return your Philip Stein goods, please do so within 30 days of receipt in perfect condition and in the original packaging.


Denver Mile High Edition

n Freeze small amounts of used cooking fats, oils and grease in a container like a used coffee can with a tight-sealing lid, then place it in the trash. n Larger and unfrozen quantities of used cooking oil may be taken to an area recycling center for proper disposal year-round. No special container is required and the liquid is emptied from the consumer’s container onsite. Don’t combine the contents with anything else, so it can be repurposed by vendors that collect it from the centers.

Africa Studio/

How to Properly Discard Cooking Oil

Thankful... “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.” Brene Brown There is no greater gift than LIFE itself and I am eternally grateful to it. –Debra Lin Allen

I am thankful I have so many choices in my life; I can even choose to put an adorable puppy and kitten on the cover of my magazine for November! -Terry

I often lead an exercise called “When There Is Gratitude, We Are More Alive” that I experience opens up the heart area and energizes the arms and hands. I use it when I am feeling particularly dull emotionally.  It never fails to bring energy to this area of the body. I am thankful to Existence for having been given a physical body. It is an alwaysavailable tool I can connect to and know I am present.  I am grateful for the breath in the body. Its presence and its rhythm can give me a profound impression of my own aliveness and connection with the Whole.  -Christine

I’m thankful for my grandmother. She is a positive influence in my life and a blessing for the support, encouragement, and belief she has in me. She helps me be a better person and inspires me.  She is my hero and friend.  -Julie

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity today to be a better man than I was yesterday; To know that I can create the life I desire with devotion to better thoughts and attitudes; To be of service to my fellow man; To be a conduit for “constant acts of kindness;” And to having a wonderful partner with which to share it all! -Doug Zerbarini

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. -Willie Nelson

Whatever we are waiting for - peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance - it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. -Sarah Ban Breathnach

I’m forever grateful that I’ve given this opportunity to do what my Heart truly enjoys. It’s a second chance; to those that made this possible, “Thank you for my beautiful life.” -Evie Yang

I’m grateful for new and seasoned friendships. Sharing a cold winter morning with a hot cup of tea and a dear friend in honest conversation; or cozying in a sweet circle coming together to share a meal, sacred ceremony, and deep friendship. Sweet Bliss! -Donna DeNomme

Live Type 2 Diabetes-Free Prevent and Reverse It Naturally


ore health practitioners today are recognizing the mind-body connection into preventing and reversing illnesses. As a result, those facing diabetes are accessing resources such as the medical science and natural methods explained by author Gary Null, Ph.D., in “No More Diabetes: A Complete Guide to Preventing, Treating, and Overcoming Diabetes.” Null cites medical evidence that explains how the physical causes of diabetes are related to the pancreas’ production of the insulin hormone and the body’s use of it, together with rollercoaster blood sugar levels determined by food selections, stress, sleeplessness, insufficient rest and lack of exercise. His approach for preventing, reversing or managing this debilitating condition is to raise awareness of the physical, behavioral and mental causes that lead to its emergence, and making healthy lifestyle choices that regulate blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar


The body’s prime source of glucose are ingested sugars and carbohydrates. Insulin is the body’s tool for regulating and transporting glucose as needed by the skeletal muscles and brain. The


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Oleksandra Naumenko/

liver is our main repository of stored glucose. Normal blood glucose levels vary throughout the day. For healthy individuals, a fasting blood sugar level upon awakening is less than 100 milligrams/deciliter of blood. Fasting normal levels are 70 to 99 mg/dl; otherwise, 100 to 125. Consistent readings above 126 indicate that lifestyle changes are needed to avoid eventual progression into full Type 2 diabetes. “Rollercoaster sugar levels irritate nerves and weaken the lining of blood vessels. Fluctuations cause insulin levels to spike, stress the pancreas and cause sugar crashes, called hypoglycemia, which can lead individuals to make impulsive, poor food choices,” advises Marcy Kirshenbaum, a boardcertified clinical nutritionist in Northbrook, Illinois. “Fluctuating sugar levels also raise triglycerides, a fat that circulates in the blood, and cholesterol. Both triglycerides and cholesterol are an important measures of heart health. An excess of more than 150 mg/dl in fasting blood can heighten risk of a stroke or heart attack.”

Effective Diet Choices Individuals that consume large amounts of simple carbohydrates and sugars, are overweight or are exceedingly sedentary and eat unhealthy processed foods, have higher risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Making the highest-impact food choices is critical in the earliest stages of diabetes. That’s why nutritionist and holistic integrative health practitioner Saskia Kleinert helps patients integrate dietary changes into everyday life. “Patient education includes the necessity of eating lowglycemic index foods and reducing blood glucose levels, while increasing healthy fats such as nuts, avocado and olive oil,” advises Kleinert. She notes that antioxidant-rich plant foods are another key component of an effective dietary plan for all age groups. The role of exercise is also vital for those needing to reverse pre-diabetes or managing diabetes aided by insulin. “Exercise increases the muscle cell’s demand for glucose, moving it out of the blood, and so lowering insulin levels,” explains Jamie Coughlan ND. Dr. Angelo Baccellieri introduces patients to intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that helps preempt insulin resistance and control blood sugar. “The concept depends on going 14 to 16 hours without food, replicating how our long-ago ancestors ate. They feasted when food was available and fasted during famines, sometimes going several days without eating,” advises Baccellieri, who notes that intermittent fasting can be done once a week. “Our biochemistry actually does very well with this approach, which isn’t hard to do when your last meal is at 7 p.m. and you skip breakfast and delay lunch the next day until 1 p.m. You can drink water with lemon, teas and black coffee throughout. By 1 p.m., the body has been 18 hours without protein and carbohydrates. Insulin levels haven’t gone up and the body is burning fat for fuel,” explains Baccellieri.

Helpful Weight Loss In The Diabetes Breakthrough, Dr. Osama Hamdy and Sheri R. Colberg, Ph.D., explain a home-based version of

Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing. ~Louise L. Hay the 12-week “Why WAIT” (Weight Achievement and Intensive Treatment) program. It claims a track record of 82% of participants reaching all their weight and blood glucose goals, along with improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, liver and kidney function. The program’s success is due to doable increases in exercising that puts greater emphasis on strengthening muscles; effective ways to change bad habits; the key to portion control; healthy alternatives to favorite foods; carbohydrate counting; and meals composed of the right balance of complex carbohydrates and antioxidant-rich plant foods, protein and fat, all to achieve optimum body weight and diabetes control.

No Quick Fix Restoration of health begins with the most important lifestyle changes. They include: • Replace processed and sugary foods in meals and snacks with nutrient-dense, whole foods. • Determine possible food sensitivities with an elimination diet. • Eat some protein with every meal. • Eliminate environmental toxins. • Perform some form of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training at least three to five times a week. • Add stress-relieving practices such as yoga, tai chi or qigong. According to Hamdy, “On average, diabetes has the potential to rob you of more than 12 years of life, while dramatically reducing the quality of life for more than 20 years through chronic pain, loss of mobility, blindness, chronic dialysis and heart disease.” Such serious consequences also include stroke, hearing impairment and Alzheimer’s. All provide good reasons to live responsibly every day, cherishing long-term goals of laying claim to the best possible health. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at natural awakenings

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Live Longer and Prevent



f I told you that you could possibly live 15% longer while improving your overall health for just $4 per day, would you want to learn more?

The Anti-Aging Pill

Life-Extending Evidence

In March of 2016, the FDA granted approval for the first-ever anti-aging study to be conducted on humans. The Metformin in Longevity Study (MILES) announced by the Life Extension Foundation is currently ongoing. The study of the generic, diabetes medication Metformin will investigate gene expression (for aging markers) while also assessing insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion. ( This compound, in use worldwide since 1957 and listed by the World Health Organization as an “Essential Medicine,” is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults and children with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is a biguanide derived from the French lilac that improves glucose (sugar) tolerance by lowering both baseline and post-meal blood sugar. It decreases how much glucose the liver produces while decreasing the intestinal absorption of dieatary sugar. It also improves insulin sensitivity by increasing peripheral glucose uptake and utilization while fasting insulin levels and day-long plasma insulin response may decrease. It is mostly excreted unchanged via the urine and is not metabolized by the liver. (Package Insert)

Decades of studies and anecdotal evidence have hinted at the possibilities of this simple compound. Aside from the documented beneficial effects listed in the package insert, Metformin may confer greater benefits of lowering cancer risks, decreasing heart disease risks, reducing body weight (and all the benefits this conveys) and so much more. An aptly named study, “Can People with Type 2 Diabetes Live Longer Than Those Without?” published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (Nov 2014) stated, “Patients with type 2 diabetes initiated with metformin monotherapy had longer survival than did matched, non-diabetic controls… This supports the position of metformin as first-line therapy and implies that metformin may confer benefit in non-diabetes.” In fact, the study found that diabetics taking metformin lived 15% longer than non-diabetics. And in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences (June 2014), “We show that metformin extends lifespan through the process of mitohormesis and propose a signaling cascade in which metformin-induced production of reactive oxygen species increases overall life expectancy.”


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In In Oral Oncology, “The risk of Head aand nd Neck Cancers was decreased (by 46 4 6% among diabetic participants; 46%) m met e metformin use may at least partially exp explain this inverse association.” Plus, they noted a 55% reduction in risk of stom stomach cancer. (2016 Oct;61:47-54) In Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy, “This proof-of-concept study shows that use of metformin in patients with Diabetes Mellitus is associated with lower 30-day all-cause mortality and tendency for a lower 12-month all-cause mortality following MI (heart attack) without discernible improvement in LVEF. (2015 Jun;29(3):265-75) “Metformin treatment lowered weight and systolic blood pressure and increased HDL in women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In post-hoc analysis it increased insulin sensitivity and lowered testosterone in obese women.” (Hum Reprod. 2007 Nov;22(11):2967-73)

No one is going to tell you about Metformin Even though the American Diabetic Association recommends “health-care professionals could consider metformin for anyone with prediabetes or an HbA1C level (a measure of long-term blood glucose control) between 5.7% and 6.4%.” But, according to Annals of Internal Medicine (April 2015), it is rarely used to prevent diabetes. Only 3.7% of people with prediabetes were prescribed metformin over a three-year period. In “Metformin: Current Knowledge,” the authors state, “Metformin drug has been shown to prevent diabetes in people who are at high risk and decrease most of the diabetic complications.” (J Res Med Sci. 2014 Jul; 19(7): 658–664.) Prediabetes can be diagnosed if your fasting plasma glucose between 100125 OR if Hemoglobin A1C is between 5.7 and 6.4%. Studies have shown that up to 86 million Americans may have pre-Diabetes and 30% of them will develop Type 2 within five years. If you are eating well and exercising but still struggling to get weight and blood sugar levels under control, you may be a prime candidate for this therapy. Doug Zerbarini, current publisher of Mile High Natural Awakenings, has previously worked as a Sales Representative for Big Pharma. Contact him at



Christopher L. Kukk, Ph.D

THE COMPASSIONATE ACHIEVER: How Helping Others Fuels Success


cting with human decency—in every situation and interaction—is another way to connect to human capabilities hidden in plain sight. In news and TV stories about those who did something heroic, they usually say that they were just doing their job or they did what anyone else would have done in the same situation. None of them did it for recognition or to receive a plaque; they did it because it was the right thing to do. It was, in their minds, what any decent human being would do. We have met two types of people who say “I’m just doing my job”: those who use it as an excuse to do nothing to help others and those who use it to downplay credit for heroism. There is a third type of person who uses the phrase: an individual who ordinarily and routinely acts with kindness, civility, and respect in normal daily life. Albert Camus’s main character in The Plague, Bernard Rieux, illustrates the point that you don’t have to perform heroic acts like saving lives; you just have to “do your job” with common decency—meaning civility and respect.

RIEUX REFLECTS: I know now that man is capable of great deeds. But if he isn’t capable of great emotion, well, he leaves me cold. . . . However, there’s one thing I must tell you: there’s no question of heroism in all of this. It’s a matter of common decency. That’s an idea which may make some people smile, but the only means of fighting a plague is—common decency. Rieux’s words point to the idea that basic common decency is all that is needed to overcome and even avoid problems in every aspect of society. It’s acting in ways that prioritize kindness, courtesy, and respect for each person you encounter. You befriend and never belittle. Common decency is about honoring and respecting the human dignity of every individual. I call this way of everyday thinking and acting Rieux’s Routine. Following Rieux’s Routine is the middle way between the excuser and the unsung hero; it’s something that each of us can follow without ignoring (the excuser) or risking (the hero) anything. It’s about

acting on our common belief in basic decency. Recent national surveys on civility show that 95 percent of us believe in common decency, but are concerned about its decline in our political, communal, and personal lives. At the beginning of 2016, 70 percent of Americans polled said that incivility in their country has reached “crisis levels, up from 65 percent in 2014.” The “crisis” begins and ends within each one of us—meaning that if we each choose to act with civility, we can avert problems that eventually create crises. From The Compassionate Achiever: How Helping Others Fuels Success by Christopher L. Kukk, Ph.D. Copyright ©2017 by Christopher L. Kukk, Ph.D., published by HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Heart-Centered & Compassionate Spiritual Guidance Receive love, light and insight from a higher soul perspective concerning healing from grief and loss, health, career, relationships, finances, and other matters of the heart.

ELISA MALANGONE • 720-372-3927 • natural awakenings

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By Removing Toxic Silver Fillings Did you know that amalgam (silver) fillings contain 50% mercury, and have been called “a biochemical train wreck in your body”?*

South Lakewood Dental is Certified Mercury Free and Mercury Safe!

Our office has used only non-amalgam products for restoring teeth for over a decade and we take every precaution to remove amalgams safely for your health and ours. We offer biocompatibility testing to see which filling material works best for your body, especially for sensitive individuals.

All Holistic and health-minded individuals should demand the safe removal, handling, and disposal of silver fillings. *from Boyd Haley, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at University of Kentucky

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DIY FIRST-AID FOR DOGS Seven Natural Home Remedies by Karen Becker


any pet parents check their kitchen cabinets first when treating their canine companion’s minor health issues. Three helpful basics are canned, 100 percent pumpkin, povidone iodine antiseptic and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, plus apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.


Constipation, Diarrhea and Other Minor Digestive Issues Solution: Canned pumpkin. For occasional mild tummy upsets, give a teaspoon of pumpkin for every 10 pounds of body weight, one to two times a day, either in food or as a treat, for non-allergic dogs. Pumpkin’s soluble fiber can ease diarrhea and constipation.


Minor Skin Abrasions, Cuts, Infections or Hot Spots Solution: Povidone iodine. The gentle Betadine brand can allay staph, yeast and most common bacteria. It’s safe if a pet licks it. Dilute the povidone iodine until it looks like iced tea, soak a clean cloth and gently wipe infected skin areas. Rinse the cloth, wipe the skin, and then pat dry. Repeat twice daily for a minor issue.


Itchy, Irritated Paws Solution: Footbaths. About 50 percent of a dog’s foot licking and chewing can be alleviated by simply rinsing off allergens and other irritants

from its paws. For large dogs, soak one foot at a time in a bucket. Stand small dogs in a sink or tub, or dunk one paw at a time in a small container of solution. Dilute povidone iodine to the color of iced tea and add to the footbath. Swish it around while the dog stands in it for two to five minutes. Talk soothingly and offer treats as needed.


Fleas Solution: Apple cider vinegar (ACV). It doesn’t kill fleas, but helps deter them. Put a solution of equal parts raw, organic ACV and water in a spray bottle and spritz the pet before they head outdoors plus dog bedding. Consider adding it to a dog’s food as well; one teaspoon for every 20 pounds of pooch.




During baths, pour diluted ACV of one cup of vinegar to one gallon of water over a freshly bathed dog (avoid the head) for a flea-preventive rinse. Massage the ACV solution into their coat and towel dry. Don’t rinse. Alternatively, add about two cups of apple cider vinegar to their bathwater.



Crusty Skin and Nails Solution: Coconut oil. Skin treatments using 100 percent organic, cold-pressed, human-grade coconut oil can reduce flaking and improve skin quality, especially for seniors with crusty patches of skin and funky nails. Bathe the dog, and then rub the oil into the skin all over their body, especially on dry areas. Let it absorb for about five minutes. Follow with another bath (not much lather) and a very light rinse. Also, dab it directly on hotspots, eruptions and rashes after disinfecting.


Skunk Encounter Solution: Skunk rinse. In a pail, mix one quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, one-quarter cup of baking soda and two teaspoons

dishwashing liquid. For a large dog, double, triple or quadruple the mixture, based on their size and coat. Apply the mixture to the dog’s dry coat, taking care to avoid the eyes. Massage the mixture into the coat and skin for about five minutes or until the skunk smell starts to dissipate. Use a sponge to apply the solution to the chin, cheeks, forehead and ears. Rinse thoroughly. When rinsing the head, tilt the dog’s chin upward to protect the eyes. It may be necessary to repeat the entire process up to three times. Rinse off the solution completely.


Toxin Ingestion Solution: Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and give one teaspoon for every 10 pounds of dog weight. Add a little vanilla ice

cream or honey to encourage swallowing, or simply syringe it down their throat, if necessary. Walk the dog for a few minutes— movement helps the hydrogen peroxide work—which typically occurs within 15 minutes. If the dog doesn’t vomit in 15 minutes, give a second dose. If after another 15 minutes they still haven’t vomited, call a veterinarian. Don’t induce vomiting if the dog is throwing up already, has lost consciousness or can’t stand, or it’s been more than two hours since they ingested the toxin. Harsh chemicals can cause burning both as they are swallowed and come back up. For these problems, seek veterinary care immediately. Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative veterinarian in the Chicago area, consults internationally and writes Mercola Healthy Pets (HealthyPets.

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Not Your Grandma’s Stuffing Lisa F. Young/

Healthy Twists on Old Favorites by Judith Fertig


hanksgiving side dishes continue to evolve, even though traditional entrées still hold pride of place. New, lighter alternatives to time-honored stuffing maximize flavorful dried fruits, herbs and nuts. Healthy options may use gluten-free bread or black rice, cauliflower, chestnuts or pecans for flavor, bulk and color. A stuffing can also fill a halved acorn squash or cored apple. According to renowned health authority Dr. Joseph Mercola, pecans contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals, including anti-inflammatory magnesium, heart-healthy oleic acid, phenolic antioxidants and immuneboosting manganese. Erica Kannall, a registered dietitian in Spokane, Washington, and a certified health and fitness specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine, likes dried fruits because they contribute antioxidants and fiber.

Intriguing Options Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, of New York City, salutes his Italian heritage

with chestnuts and embraces healthy living with millet and mushrooms in his special stuffing. His new book Rocco’s Healthy + Delicious includes healthy takes on Thanksgiving dishes such as a sugar-free cranberry sauce. Sonnet Lauberth, a certified holistic health coach, blogger and cookbook author in Seattle, created a healthy stuffing she loves. “My Grain-Free Sage and Pecan Dressing is one of my favorite dishes to bring to gatherings because it works with a variety of diets,” she says. “It’s gluten-, dairy- and grain-free, paleo and vegan. The pecans can be omitted for a nut-free version.” Riced cauliflower is the base, which is available prepackaged at some groceries, but can be made at home simply by chopping the florets into rice-kernelsize pieces. “Cauliflower is the perfect base for this recipe, as it adds a nice texture in place of bread and provides extra fiber,” she says. Laurie Gauguin, a personal chef in the San Francisco Bay area, specializes

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible.


Denver Mile High Edition

in gluten-free dishes that she prepares in clients’ homes. “Anything that will hold its shape and not crumble too much can work as a stuffing base,” she says. “Gluten-free, somewhat sticky grains, like short grain brown rice, Chinese black rice, millet or soft-cooked quinoa work well.” “Choose a mixture that contrasts with the texture and color of the food you’re stuffing,” advises Gauguin. “I created a stuffing that has crunchy pecans, tender black rice and chewy, dried cranberries to contrast with the creaminess of the cored squash entrée. The black rice looks striking against the golden squash.” A stuffing that everyone can eat is ideal for a holiday gathering, either to serve or bring. Lauberth observes, “While not always possible, it’s nice if the host can accommodate various dietary concerns and preferences. Bring your own hearty side dish or two so that you have enough to make a meal for yourself if needed.” Judith Fertig writes cookbooks and foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (

Healthy Holiday Stuffing Recipes photo by Stephen Blancett

Heat a large, safe, nonstick sauté pan over high heat and use it to sauté the mushrooms until tender and golden, approximately seven to 10 minutes. Transfer mushrooms to the same mixing bowl as the millet.

Rocco DiSpirito’s Stuffing Yields: 8 servings 1 Tbsp grapeseed oil ¼ cup millet 1 lb crimini mushrooms, sliced 1 large onion, diced 3 stalks celery, diced 1 medium carrot, diced 4 chestnuts, chopped 1 Tbsp fresh sage, chopped 1½ Tbsp poultry seasoning 3 scoops Rocco’s Protein Powder Plus (check 2 egg whites 1¾ cups low sodium chicken or vegetable stock Kosher or sea salt and freshly ground pepper Place grapeseed oil in a 12-inch cast iron pan; place the pan in the oven and preheat oven to 425˚ F. Cook a quarter-cup millet in a small saucepan on the stovetop according to package instructions. When millet is cooked through, transfer it to a large mixing bowl.

Heat a large, safe, nonstick pan over medium heat and use it to sweat the onions, celery and carrots until tender and translucent, about 10 minutes. Transfer the vegetable mix to the same mixing bowl as the millet and mushrooms. Add the chestnuts, sage, poultry seasoning, protein powder, egg whites and chicken stock to the large mixing bowl, and then use a rubber spatula to mix well, so that no lumps are visible. Carefully remove the cast iron pan from the oven, and then pour stuffing batter into it. Popping occurs as the outside batter develops a crust. Return the cast iron pan to the oven and bake for 13 minutes. Remove from oven and turn the result out onto a serving dish.

Grain-Free Sage and Pecan Stuffing 1 cup pecans 1 Tbsp coconut oil 1 medium yellow onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 3 stalks celery, diced 4 cups raw cauliflower rice (prepackaged or via a grater or food processor shredding blade) 1 Tbsp fresh sage, chopped 2 tsp fresh thyme, chopped ½ tsp kosher or sea salt ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper ¼ cup chopped fresh Italian parsley Preheat oven to 250˚ F. Spread pecans on a baking sheet and place in the oven until lightly toasted, about five minutes. Monitor to ensure the nuts don’t burn. Remove pecans from the oven and place in a food processor. Coarsely chop and set aside. Heat coconut oil in a large pan over medium heat. Add onions, garlic and celery and cook until onions are translucent, about five minutes. Add the pecans, cauliflower rice, sage, thyme, salt and pepper and cook for seven to 10 minutes, until the rice is tender.

Recipe courtesy of Rocco DiSpirito, Rocco’s Healthy + Delicious.


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Children’s Spirit Animal Cards By Dr. Steven D. Farmer

sirikorn thamniyom/

with Jesseca Camacho Illustrations by Pamela Anzalotti

These simple yet powerful Children’s Spirit Animal Cards offer beautiful, age-appropriate messages of love and guidance to help and support children as they develop and grow. Stunningly illustrated, comes with a guidebook that provides children easy-to-understand insight and includes a Guide for Parents. Also available at Amazon

Books that Kids Will Love Holiday Books Invite Inspiration by Randy Kambic • 719-487-0424

Learn to use Energy to Transform your Life! Boost Vitality, Improve health, & Enhance Relationships Introduction to Pranic Healing® and Stress Relief Nov 12, 1pm-3pm in Highlands Ranch, CO Dec 7th, 7pm-9pm, in Longmont, CO Learn to Meditate for Stress Release & Emotional Healing Dec 16, 12pm-2pm in Denver, CO Reserve your space for these events:


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hile kids may list movies, account designed to excite kids 8 and video games, music downup about math, science and engineerloads and other media featur- ing—cultivates positive role models ing their favorite athlete, actor or music via inspirational personal stories. She star as priority holiday gifts, books will points out that most of those depicted expand their thoughts, curiosity and were not that well known, and theredreams by exposing them to a different fore can be emulated and more readset of role models and aspirations. ily related to. Reading takes kids away from tech One of these is Katherine Coleman screens and expands horizons in ways Johnson, a black National Aeronautics that can improve their and Space Administration school grades, maturity research mathematician Holiday gift and overall inquisitiveand physicist, portrayed books can inspire in the recent film Hidden ness. Many wise-hearted parents are recognizing lifetime readers. Figures. Marine scientist the benefits, as children’s Eugenie Clark, known as book sales were up 5 percent in the the “shark lady” for her daring under12-month period ending in mid-Octowater research, and major pioneers in ber 2016, according to the American cartography, archaeology and other Booksellers Association. Humor, fantasy fields also stir inquiring minds. and magic, classics, nonfiction, time “I wanted to provide a variety travel and participatory activities rank of fields, backgrounds and ethniciamong the most popular topics. ties,” remarks Lawlor. “They were all determined, very smart and persisAward-Winners’ Advice tent, and made strides in opening “Children can’t be what they can’t doors for women.” Lawlor’s 2012 see,” says author Laurie Lawlor, of children’s book Rachel Carson and Evanston, Illinois. Her 2017 book Her Book That Changed The World Super Women: Six Scientists that describes how Carson’s seminal 1962 Changed the World—a nonfiction book Silent Spring helped spawn the

conservation and pro-environment movement by chronicling the dangers of pollution. Children’s fascination with nature and wildlife can also be met through the Dog and Bear series by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, out of Long Island, New York, and Vermonter Jim Arnosky’s scientifically sound wildlife chronicles ( Boulder author Andrew Newman created Conscious Stories (, a 12-book set for ages 3-12, to help kids explore nature and mindfulness practices with loveable and wise characters. The stories teach core life values including self-acceptance, belonging, peace, honoring nature, finding love, making choices and more. Says Newman, “because the last 20 minutes of each day are precious, these books use important time to help children and parents grow consciously together in mind, body and spirit.”

own. Try taking turns reading a paragraph and then a page with them. “Women tend to read more than men, so get Dad involved, as well,” says Barnhill.

4 Access quantity. “Make many books available to kids,” advises Barnhill. “They’ll enjoy having a choice.” Thrift stores are stocked with heavily discounted used books.

Cultivate Reading 4 Know the child’s interests. “If they like horses or birds, you’re certain to find great related books,” advises Lawlor.

4 Lead by example. “Seeing you reading or gardening or making things invites them to learn more about what they like,” says Lawlor. 4 Be flexible and share. There’s no clear-cut time to transition from reading aloud to having a child do it on their

Welcoming diversity and providing a safe and reassuring community space for both confident and vulnerable youngsters, the American Library Association ( provides libraries with positive, unifying resources for children and families. They include a Storytime for Social Justice Kit; booklist for Hope and Inspiration storytime events; resource list on Talking to Kids about Racism and Justice for parents, caregivers and educators; and curated media list on immigration. The Barnes & Noble bookseller groups selected children’s books—including classics such as Dr. Seuss titles, poetry, nature, sports, history and science—in five age categories from newborn through teenage years. “It’s an amazing era for children’s books,” assesses Barnhill. “The success of the Harry Potter series reminded people that kids like real stories. There’s been a boom in creativity, vigor and technical skills in story construction.” Freelance writer and editor Randy Kambic, in Estero, FL, is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings.


oday’s children’s books are created to help spark a conversation, to invite questions, and give our kids strategies and ideas to successfully manage their biggest problems. A thoughtfully-crafted work of children’s literature can allow children to compare and contrast ideas, which also invites critical thinking and learning. Parents and educators must first create an environment where children feel safe to discuss their viewpoint. As children are invited to agree or disagree with the characters’ actions, they learn to express themselves. Then children’s literature becomes a jumping off point for a larger and deeply meaningful conversation about personal issues, and a place where children can safely offer their deepest concerns and fears. Karen Stuth is the owner of Satiama Publishing and Satiama Writers Resource. See for children’s books and more. See ad page 24.


Your smile… the ultimate accessory

Dr. Cate Vieregger believes that dental health plays a SIGNIFICANT role in your overall health. A SPECIAL diagnostic appointment will help us UNDERSTAND your individual needs and desires. We will work with YOUR other holistic health partners to provide optimal care.

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Reiki, vibrational healing & intuitive reading for first-time clients. In person or phone. 700 E 9th Ave., #9, Denver. JoAnne Palladino, Reiki Master-Teacher, Channel, & Intuitive. 303-263-0679


5-Week Class on Chakras and Auras–7-9pm Thursdays. Learn about your Chakras and how they coincide with our Aura; clean and align your Chakras; easy technique to set energetic boundaries. Early/$225 Reg/$210 Journey Within, 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino, 720-413-7303,


Shmaya Gathering w/JoAnne Palladino–7-8:30pm. Experience Shmaya, an illumined, channeled presence that attunes you to the love and light within. $20. First Spiritual Science Church, 3375 S Dahlia St, Denver. RSVP 303-263-0679 or

Richard Rudis Gong Bath–7pm. Dynamic meditative sound vibrational experience which guides into physical well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness. This Gong Bath will work with the intention of Grounding In Love & Feminine Power (Root, Cube, Earth). Info/tix Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

FRI NOV 17 Sacred Drumming Circle, Sound Celebration & Meditation–7-9pm. Enjoy celebration using sound, breath, mindfulness and meditation in the energy of the circle. Bring snack to share and instruments. $10. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

SAT NOV 18 Scared and Scary on Leash Dog Training–11:15am12:45pm. Desensitize your dog with strategies for walking, addressing emergency situations and changing your dog’s behavior.In Lakewood. $25. No Dogs. RSVP req’d


Happy Thanksgiving! FRIDAY NOV 25 Holida Holistic Healing and Psychic/Intuitive Fair– 11am-5pm. Massage, shamanic, foot baths, reiki, sound healing, healing touch, oils, and more. Readers include palmistry, tarot, intuitive, astrological and vendors include crystals, jewelry, oils, arts. $ varies. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695

MON NOV 27 We Are Change Open Mic Night–6-10pm. Share the power of uniting our local grassroots activist community for an evening of food, music, interviews, headliners, poetry and dancing. Details


ongoing sundays


North Boulder Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Lon 303-746-7118

$30 Psychic Readings – Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7-8:30pm, by appt only. Performed by grad students. Enjoy an advanced skill set and ask questions about relationships, career, health, and more!

Sunday Morning Tai Chi–9-10:30am. Set a peaceful and productive rhythm for the new week, moving your chi in Tai Chi foundations, increasing balance and flexibility. $20 drop-in or $90/6 classes. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406

The Way Of Mastery Practice Group–6:30-8pm. Study the channeled words of Jesus offering self-healing teachings that evoke complete, unconditional love and self-acceptance. $25 drop-in; $120/6 Sessions. Coly Vulpiani, Facilitator. 700 E 9th Ave, #9, Denver. RSVP 303-476-8402 or

tuesdays Lavender-Eucalyptus-Peppermint Holiday Helper Inhaler Party–7:30-9:30pm. Learn how fast and easy it is to make this ultra-convenient inhaler (fits in your pocket). It promotes relaxation, boosts your immune system, supports your emotions, and supports your energy levels. $5. Refreshments/snacks incl. In Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang or 858-922-2964. Wheatridge Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Tim 303-239-8101 $30 Psychic Readings – Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7-8:30pm, by appt only. Performed by grad students. Enjoy an advanced skill set and ask questions about relationships, career, health, and more!

wednesdays ParaYoga Class–Noon-1pm. ParaYoga integrates movement, breath, chanting and meditation: balance your nervous system, clear your mind, brighten the light of your Soul. $15 Embody Your Life, 607 10th St, #109, Golden. RSVP/info Energy Healings/Aura Clearing/Chakra Balancing–6-7pm. A healing is an energy clearing, release negative energy blocking growth and create the life you desire. $5/healing. Free for first timers. Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino 720-413-7303

Longmont Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Connie 303-834-0526

saturdays Citrus Rosemary Sugar Scrub Party–1-3pm. Oh So Soft Skin-finally-after creating this! Get my secret recipe and make with your friends. Bonus! Invaluable tips on essential oils from a Certified Aromatherapist. $5. Refreshments/snacks incl. In Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang 858-922-2964 or aromatherapistevie@gmail. com. Qigong Movement–1-2:30pm. Stillness within cleanses and builds your chi for stamina, flexibility, health, life balance. $20/drop-in or $90/6 classes. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406 Qigong-Tai Chi Push Hands–2:45-3:45pm. Physical and energetic health strengthen, develop keen sensitivity to yin-yang shifting to eliminate obstructions to the natural flow of life’s essence. $20/drop-in or $90/6 classes. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406 Fencing for Chi Fitness–4-5:30pm. Olympic Foil, Saber and Epee skills and techniques heighten the pace of qigong exercise into spontaneity, mental flexibility, chi and physical endurance. $50 drop-in or $120/3 classes. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406

Guided Meditations, Angel Healings, Energy Healing– During the month of December Journey Within will be offer several ways to give to yourself with Guided Meditations, Angels Healings, Energy Healings and more. Watch for more details next month. Journey Within, 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino, 720-4137303, or

DEC 7 Introduction to Pranic Healing & Stress Relief–7-9pm. Learn to use energy to transform your life. Boost vitality, improve health and improve relationships. In Longmont. RSVP

Uplifting Humanity


Aura and Chakra Healings–Drop-In between 6-7pm. Receive a 10 minute cleanse and release negative thoughts, emotions, pain and fear. Get replenished with positive energy and feel great. Free. 1332 Pearl St. Boulder. 303-530-0920

looking ahead 2017 & 2018 CHECK DATES/TIMES



plus: Holidays Our Readers are Seeking: Spiritual Guidance & HolidayRelated Providers & Services

Healthy Living Directory Be found in the 2018 He Hea ealth hy Living Livi Li ving ng Directory. Healthy This issue will be distributed year-round and kept for reference.



Living Couragerously plus: Meditation Styles Our Readers are Seeking: Personal Development & Meditation Providers & Services

DEC 16

Learn to Meditate for Stress Release/Emotional Healing–12-2pm. Learn to use energy to transform your life. Boost vitality, improve health and improve relationships. In Denver. RSVP

JAN 22, 2018

500-Hour Hypnotherapy Course Begins– Accelerated certification course taught in twoweek modules. Complete first 300 hours, be eligible for certification w/ International Board of Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy Academy, 2132 Osuna Rd NE, Ste B, Albuquerque. Register: 877-983-1515.

To advertise or participate in our next issue, call 303-770-1981

natural awakenings

November 2017


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Publish One of the Nation’s Leading Healthy Living Magazines Own a Natural Awakenings0DJD]LQH

Looking for a way to bring in extra money but don’t want to get “another job�? Need something flexible to fit it into your life? What if you could transform your health and your wealth in the next 90 days by partnering with us? What if you could work a handful of hours each week and bring in a nice side income? We are looking for people who want the above and want to make a difference in the world while having FUN! WHAT IF YOU COULD? Please call for more info @ 303.903.8248




90 Minute Massage $65: Relax & unwind @ Northern Lights Massage Therapy! Intro special for new clients. Mon-Sat in Wheat Ridge. Call Angie 303-475-6937

CisionÂŽ is the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading source of media research. For more information, visit or follow @Cision on Twitter. *Natural Awakenings recently received the prestigious FBR50 Franchise Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review.

Allergy Testing for Foods and Supplements: Using FDA registered Biofeedback testing. 160+ foods tested with immediate color results. See what foods and/or supplements may be causing you bloating, gas, fatigue, brain fog etc. $185. Call Trish Watson, CNC 303-257-0058 $30 Off Initial Healing Session: Reiki, vibrational healing & intuitive reading. In person or phone. 700 E. Ninth Ave., Suite 9, Denver. JoAnne Palladino, Reiki Master-Teacher, Channel & Intuitive. 303263-0679 or Remove Toxic Amalgam (Silver) Fillings: Denverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offers mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL, Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician, 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood, 303-988-4338. Depth Psychotherapy: With Linda Buzogany, MS, LPC. Explore your Grief, trauma, and/or illness in a comforting, empathetic environment .Dreamwork and other somatic methods involving the newest neuroscientific findings help to resolve and understand your pain. 303-521-5984, buzco@aol. com or

JOBS AVAILABLE Earn Extra Spending $$ as a Distribution Driver for Highlands Ranch/GV/Lone Tree, Metro Denver & Castle Rock Areas: Natural Awakenings is looking for a reliable, conscientious, honest delivery driver with a good driving record and car, who lives in the area. Must have own insurance; basic ability to work with Excel/email; be available for a day or three between the 25th-1st; ability to take on side jobs for extra $$ on same route. No phone calls please. Email with your qualifications.

Contact us about acquiring an existing publication FOR SALE highlighted in RED* Natural Awakenings publishes in over 80 markets across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (listed below). Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;


Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;


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November 2017


yourlocalresources DENTIST SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood 303-988-4338 Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offering mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Holistic-minded individuals should consider the safe removal and handling of any silver fillings. We offer a bio-compatibility test to decide which replacement material is best for you. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. See ad page 20.

VIBRANCE DENTISTRY Dr. Cate Vieregger 7400 E Crestline Circle, Ste 230, Greenwood Village 303-770-1116 Whether your goal is to encourage a healthy attitude towards oral health in your children or ease your own anxiety about dental procedures, our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere will change the way you approach dental care. Our state-of-the-art equipment and spa-like amenities allow us to offer services that transcend traditional dentistry and promote whole-body wellness. See ad page 25.

ENERGY HEALING/ MEDITATION JOURNEY WITHIN Anita Destino 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood 720-413-7303 A safe place for people interested in creating change in their lives, Journey Within helps you focus on spiritual growth, developing your intuition and personal development. Give to yourself with Energy Healings, Angel Healings, Guided Meditations, Meditation Classes, Workshops and Intuitive Readings/Healings. Join us for Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing every Wednesday from 6-7 pm, open to everyone. $5 per person. Free to first time visitors.


Denver Mile High Edition

ENERGY MEDICINE / ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY HEALING CHANGE Marie Adams EEM-AP, CHT, PT Littleton office: 679 W Littleton Blvd. #205 303-668-0299 / Individual sessions using a combination of different techniques such as Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), Hypnotherapy, EFT (meridian tapping), and Matrix Reimprinting will facilitate deep healing at the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels of your being to create that permanent change in your life. You will leave the sessions with tools that you can use at home to continue the healing work and progress towards a better you. Ongoing classes in EEM for increased Joy, Health and Vitality! Free 20-minute phone or Skype consultation.

NEW! ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH EVERYDAY WHOLE HEALTH AND HOME Tina Atchley 303-910-4593 Create a home and work environment that energetically supports your health and well-being. Disturbances in the earth’s natural flow of energy caused by cell phone towers, electromagnetic energy, underground water and the like, create stress in our environment that affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Neutralize geopathic stress energy, cure negative vortexes, release karma lines, space clearing and more. Heal your home/work space for harmony in relationships, better sleep, enhanced creativity, improved health and more. Free 15-minute consultation.

FAMILY PRACTICE/ HEALTHY AGING CLEAR SKY MEDICAL Katia Meier, MD 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 / Feel and look your best at any age with Katia Meier, MD, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Specialty trained in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine in Europe and certified in laser and injectable aesthetic dermatology. Specializing in whole body health with customized approaches. All ages; most insurance welcome. Set up your appointment today. See ad page 2.

HEALING JOANNE PALLADINO 303-263-0679 / FREE MEDITATIONS! Receive free audio meditations and/or blessings each month when you sign up. Shop handmade, one-of-a-kind mala beads and bracelets, forgiveness practice beads, sacred essential oils such as “Christ Scent,” “Love” and more. A meaningful intuitive reading helps expand perspective; Shmaya, a channeled vibrational language of light presence, attunes you to a love frequency; Reiki energy healing dissolves blocks. In-person or by phone. In Denver. Info/ RSVP

HYPNOTHERAPY SEEDS OF SATYA Kari L. Rivers Geurts BSN, CHT Depth Hypnosis Practitioner 303-489-3068 / At Seeds of Satya you are the healer willing to go into the heavier spaces of consciousness that need to be energetically transmuted, opening you to receive esoteric truths that release you into a new way of being and coping. Kari guides you to plant seeds of truth using Regression Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Counseling. Whether you are navigating trauma, life transitions, or spiritual growth, Seeds of Satya is here to help you come into greater harmony and peace.

INTEGRATIVE CARE CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional Medicine. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.

Quick decisions are unsafe decisions. ~Sophocles

yourlocalresources MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT ELISA MALANGONE 720-372-3927 / Searching for passion and insight to your life purpose? Connect to your unique insight and higher soul perspective for guidance concerning healing from grief and loss, health, career, relationships, finances, and other matters of the heart. Elisa combines authentic mediumship abilities and intuitive coaching by connecting to spiritual guidance to assist you in tapping into your higher wisdom and best self. Live, phone or virtual readings & events. Call or see website for more details. See ad, page 19.

NO-PAIN OPTIMAL ALIGNMENT NEUROENERGETIC RELEASEâ&#x201E;˘ (NER) Donald W. Kipp, Founder 303-697-4923 NER helps people be Healthier, Decrease Pain, and Increase Peak-Performance ...In Seconds! Control systems, not force are used to painlessly and quickly realign and rebalance the entire body. This releases whole-being patterns causing seemingly unrelated symptoms (such as back pain, headaches, indigestion, brain-fog and asthma). NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes, and dis-ease. Call now for optimal health and performance.



CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier and staff offer Certified Nutrition therapists, specializing in the food-brain connection, nutrition for cancer prevention, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities/allergies, elimination diets and medically supervised weight loss.. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.

PHYSICIAN: BOARD CERTIFIED HOLISTIC CLEAR SKY MEDICAL Dr. Katia Meier 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 / Feel and look your best with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health for children and adults. Customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutritional Analysis and therapy, medical aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Program, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Make your appointment today. See ad page 2.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. ~Joseph Addison

Vialet Rayne 5808 S Rapp St, Suite 265, Littleton 303-257-2276 Join us for a variety of exciting classes and programs including: Angelic Reiki, Reiki, Akashic Records Reading, Crystal Healing, Crystal Grid, and many fun events including Ladies Fairy Party, Goddess Energy Workshops, Crystal Grids, and Candle Making. Vialet also offers a variety of services including Coaching, Akashic Record Readings, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and much more. We also offer several free events a year for community connection. See our pages on Meetup (DiscoverYour-Spiritual-Gifts) and Facebook (discoveryourspiritualgifts). See ad, page 23.

VIDEO FOR BUSINESS OWNERS ANTHONY C. PRICHARD Google Business Trainer, Video Producer, YouTube Specialist 303-994-8612 Learn Youtube strategies to grow your business from a certified Google Partner. Show thousands of people who you are and what you do through video. Mastering The Art of the One Minute Video, Anthony provides your script, teleprompter, choice of background and musical logo/graphic intro. Your video is yours to use. Allin-one production/publication special for Youtube, facebook, your website - $399.

natural awakenings

November 2017


yourlocalresources ACUPUNCTURE JASMINE PEARL ACUPUNCTURE Leilani Houston, MSTCM, L.Ac. 8906 W Bowles Ave, Ste 110, Littleton 303-736-9117 Leilani loves to help you find health and happiness in your life. She does this with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Theta Healing, and Dream Interpretation. She believes that meditation is a key to a less stressful and less painful life, and is now offering meditation classes.

ACUPUNCTURE SPECIALISTS OF GOLDEN Rhonda Marr, L.Ac. 1019 8th Street, Ste 102, Golden 720-556-5332 Become pain free, reclaim your health and get your life back! Services include acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Chakra Balancing that incorporates acupuncture, crystals and essential oils. Additional services include Sound Healing, using Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and crystal bowls. Nutrition Response Testing, a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. We also carry nutritional supplements by Standard Process, handcrafted Chinese topical herbal remedies, several brands of Chinese herbal formulas.


NEW! CHI HEALING / QIGONG CLASSES CHI WELLNESS, THE CENTER OF QIGONG Debra Lin Allen, Founder/Director 720-427-0406 Thrive in balance and flexibility in body and life, physical vigor and health, spontaneity and inner peace through chi cultivation, care and practice with Debra Lin Allen. Medical Qigong and Qigong Lifestyle Coaching by private appointment. Qigong self-care classes throughout the week. Professional certification programs also available. Your prosperous life awaits you, call today!

CONSCIOUS EVENTS AND SPEAKERS JOURNEYS FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING 7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 303-731-6695 / Discover a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers and event center (space rental) to empower people to create thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand the community. See ad page 19.


15455 E Hinsdale Dr., Centennial 303-617-0152 /

Jeremy Scott Lambert 425 South Cherry St, Ste. 900, Denver 720-306-9170 Are you ready for change? Cultivate awareness, healing and deep lasting change through a holistic and mindful approach to counseling-in an environment of safety, trust, and non-judgement. I work with individuals and couples from a holistic space with a foundation rooted in growth and purpose. Come in for a FREE, no pressure, 30-minute-consultation to discover how we can best work together.

303-801-1959 / Professional Mechanics, Not Professional Prices! Owner Darrell Weddell’s motto is to take care of your problem, educate you to make an informed decision, and to advise on future repairs and maintenance. Whether it’s major or minor issues, your electrical system, or a combination of mechanical problems, Darrell’s team has the experience and know-how to diagnose and accurately repair your vehicle.

Conscious Relationship/Tantra Coach 1025 Rosewood Ave, Ste 106, Boulder 303-630-9479 / I am dedicated to Conscious Relationship & Tantra. Tantra. It’s a path of meditation…what sets it apart from other ‘paths’ is that it looks to the wisdom of the body & the senses as a means to becoming more present & alive in every aspect of our lives. Our bodies have a deep wisdom that modern life often ignores. Sessions include bioenergetics, breathe practices, meditation & more. There is no nudity or sexual contact. Individuals & couples may explore issues such as Tantric Lovemaking & Spirituality; Tools for Initiating & Deepening Intimacy; Support in the Awakening Process; Men, Women’s & Teens Empowerment.




Psychotherapy, Intuitive-Focused Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Classes 1211 S Parker Road, Suite 103, Denver 720-984-9575 Live your knowing counseling helps you gracefully bring wisdom to life. Find your way through grief and loss, discover your path and purpose, resolve relationship challenges, ease depression and anxiety, befriend intuition, thrive as a highly sensitive person, and enjoy personal and spiritual growth. Experience a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy, intuitive-focused counseling and support, past life therapy without hypnosis, energy healing and personalized Bach Flower Essence formulas. Individual sessions, programs, and classes in a relaxing, supportive and non-judgmental setting. Gain clarity, confidence and more joyful life. Get started today with a phone or inperson complimentary consultation.

EMBODY YOUR LIFE, LLC Inge Sengelmann, LCSW, SEP, RYT 607 10th Street, Suite 109, Golden 305-788-6857 Break through the limits of talk therapy with body-mind-spirit integration strategies to help you tap into limitless wellbeing. Healing is more than reducing symptoms. Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Somatic Experiencing® & ParaYoga® combined can empower you to thrive by rewiring unhelpful nervous system patterns and amplifying your healing potential.

November 2017 Mile High NAtural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving the Front Range from Aurora to Evergreen - from Castle Rock to...

November 2017 Mile High NAtural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving the Front Range from Aurora to Evergreen - from Castle Rock to...