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Jeff Primack on Qi


Restores Crops’ Nutritional Value

Mark Anthony Comes to Denver

July 2018 | Denver Edition |

RADIANT BEAUTY Inside & Out Medical Aesthetics

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? No worries, we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve or maintain your perfect look! Harmless, noninvasive procedures can maintain and freshen up your appearance easily. From unwanted brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, large pore size; we have the solutions to match your expectations. Only you will know why you don’t seem to grow older, just more sophisticated with time.

Results shown are one treatment with MiXto Co2 Laser and injectables

Family Medicine & More

Every member of the family has a place at Clear Sky Medical. We perform annual exams on children, adolescents and adults both male and female (including annual OB/GYN exams). From a simple cold to managing medical issues, we always strive to enhance your health by reversing disease, restoring health and implementing a natural, holistic, proactive, preventive approach to your family’s health care needs.

Anti-Aging Medicine

Aging is a natural part of life; however how you age depends largely on what you do or don’t do as you grow older. Are your hormones and thyroid functions optimal? Are you getting enough nutrients? Is your body accumulating toxins? Are your risk factors for hereditary illnesses controlled? Aging beautifully and healthy can be achieved holistically, in synergy with your body. We can help you at any stage for your journey.

Product Spotlight:

Hair Restoration for Men and Women!

Katia Meier, M.D. is Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and trained in Naturopathic Medicine, Bio-identical Hormone Therapy and Aesthetic Dermatology Join our e-mail list! Text CSM TO 22828 and stay tuned for more!

• We harvest your body’s own healing powers (PRP) to wake up hair follicles • Laser Hair Rejuvenation stimulates hair growth • Professional hair growth supplements help grow healthy thick hair



Stay tuned for Specials we will have for you all year! Please check us out and Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Panorama Falls • 303-790-7860 • 9085 E. Mineral Circle #260 • Centennial, CO 80112

Evidence of Eternity

Connect with loved ones in spirit.

with Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® is a fourth generation psychic medium, best-selling author and media personality. During his presentation, Mark will connect random audience members with loved ones in spirit.

August 2nd:

Mark presents the scientific basis for the existence of the soul, the afterlife, spirit communication and reincarnation at The Vail Symposium Consciousness Series “Debunking Death: The Science of Reincarnation and Eternal Life” at 6pm.

August 3rd:

Mark Anthony uses his abilities to assist those suffering with grief caused by the loss of a loved one.

Mark connects random audience members with their loved ones on the other side for “An Evening of Interdimensional Communication/Spirit Communication” from 6-8pm. It will be an evening of healing and “edu-tainment” for your soul. Location: Edwards Interfaith Chapel & Community Center, 32138 US-6, Edwards.

For tickets, see or call 970-476-0954

Join Mark in Vail August 2 & 3

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Mark Anthony in Denver




Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops


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An Interview with Jeff Primack


22 10 ANTI-

INFLAMMATORY FOODS Flavorful Ways to Lower Disease Risk


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ENERGIZED LIFE INTENSIVE DENVER, CO Discover how to use Energy, or Prana, to create immediate change on a spiritual and physical level! Master Co will guide you in learning to tune in, feel and harness the subtle energy that directly affects your body, mind, emotions and even your spiritual experiences. MCKS PRANIC HEALING®


August 4 - 5, 2018

August 6, 2018

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www. MasterCo .org



Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Baseball

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e chose a cover for July that reflects the patriotism we feel every year when our nation’s birthday rolls around. According to Merriam-Webster, patriotism is: love for or devotion to one’s country. Nationalism is: loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially: a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations. These two things are very different. As patriots, we are FOR the same principles that this country was founded upon: freedom; democracy; limited and representative government; separation of powers; the American Dream (where anyone can come to build a better life); life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; all are created equal.

We, the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what’s in it for me, a freedom without a commitment to others, a freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism, is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense. – Barack Obama We think of hot dogs, apple pie and baseball as quintessential American items yet check out these stats: According to a report (1/16/17): “Asia Pacific is the market leader of the global hot dogs and sausages market, in case of both revenue and volume terms. Hot dogs and sausages are very much popular among the younger generation in China... Japan is one of the major markets for hot dogs and sausages in Asia Pacific.” An article on (7/3/2016) states: “…the all-American dessert we eat to celebrate Independence Day actually reveals our interdependence on the rest of the world…The British used animal fat, wheat and water to create the precursor to pies — airtight, practically inedible pastry shells known as “coffyns” that served to preserve the contents within. While most coffyns were filled with savory ingredients, such as beef and venison, apple pie also had its place; the first recipe dates back to the 1300s. According to, baseball is the 5th most popular sport in the entire world, and the most popular in Japan; a major sport in Mexico, Korea and Canada. There is even an International Baseball Federation, headquartered in Switzerland, tasked with overseeing, deciding and executing the policy of the sport of baseball. Americans have good reason to celebrate the 4th of July, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, and good reason to be patriots. But let’s be honest: to promulgate America at the expense of all others is a recipe for disaster. The common good is global now, just as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie are. We as Americans can learn from other countries – not just apple pie recipes but how to provide healthcare to our citizens and end gun violence. America has always been Great and our stature in the world is not a zero-sum game. We can ALL win if we are for the human race and Mother Earth, together.

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Denver Mile High Edition

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RECOVER FASTER from WORKOUTS and INJURY While Reducing INFLAMMATION New Client Offer! We’re offering 2 Cryotherapy treatments for just $50 (a regular value of $130).

See why professional athletes swear by Cryotherapy. A 2-3 minute session in an open chamber can burn 500-800 calories, providing a rush of energy that instantly relieves chronic pain. Most people report a better night’s sleep and a cumulative effect after several sessions.

• You’ll move freely, with less pain as swelling and inflammation are reduced • Strengthen the immune system for improved overall health • Recover quickly from intense workouts • Enjoy healthy, younger-looking skin • Burn 500-800 calories per session! • Feel vibrant and energized!

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July 2018


Heart-Centered & Compassionate Spiritual Guidance Receive love, light and insight from a higher soul perspective concerning healing from grief and loss, health, career, relationships, finances, and other matters of the heart.

ELISA MALANGONE • 720-372-3927 •

Aromatherapy for Health 50% off 1-on-1 consultation Customized for your health concerns Holistic and natural

Make Your Own!

Make and Take Parties Perfect for birthdays, bridal parties, get together girl time Fun with friends for only $20 *Enjoy your own scrub or essential oil mix at home*

™ 858.922.2964 Young Living Independent Distributor #1765155

news briefs

Holistic Therapies Summer Special $79


olistic Health Practitioner Sheree Michelle of Savvy Wellness in Highlands Ranch, is offering deeply discounted specials this summer to keep you looking and feeling your best: $79 initial appointments for lymphatic drainage therapy and biofeedback. Sheree says, “Lymphatic drainage therapy and biofeedback are great complements to an already active, healthy Colorado lifestyle. Come in and relax on the weekend - appointments to fit anyone’s busy schedule.” Client Sara says, “ … The LTD treatment is relaxing, therapeutic and gave me more energy after one session! I felt immediate changes - My swelling went down, my nasal congestion cleared up, and it even helped my pain go away. After the Biofeedback service, I was able to eat allergy foods without a reaction, as well as sleep again! It gave me in-depth information about my health that I had no idea about. I’ve searched for answers to my issues for years, and it’s refreshing to find a therapy that can actually put the pieces of the puzzle together for me! I started to feel like myself again and the brain fog was gone!” Schedule your appointment at 303-471-9355 or See ad page 11.

Free One-Hour Health Coaching Consultation


laine Brogan, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and owner of Daybreak Holistic Nutrition, is offering a free, one-hour consultation (in person, via phone or Skype) to review your health history and discuss current health concerns. Sessions are available Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.; Wednesday and Thursday 1-6 p.m., with flexible meeting locations throughout the Denver metro area. Says Elaine, “Discover how a certified health coach can help you create a lifestyle that supports your unique nutritional needs and optimal wellness. Every session is a safe space to explore your questions, concerns, and goals regarding health, diet, and personal development. If you are ready for change and feel like we are the right fit, we will start mapping out your three to six-month personalized nutrition and wellness plan.” Schedule your session at 720-256-1336 or See ad page 30.


Denver Mile High Edition

All About Herbs at Denver Botanic Gardens


mong its many workshops this year, Denver Botanic Gardens has some stand-outs focusing on herbs. Herbs are small but mighty plants, overshadowed by trendy plants like kale, quinoa and chia seeds, but herbalists know the secret powers held in this versatile flora. Interested in the history of ethnobotany and spiritual properties of plants? Try Herbal Baths, Flower Remedies and Plant Brushings (Aug. 2, 10 a.m., $45-$49) and discover how plants can heal us both emotionally and spiritually. Budding mixologist? You’ll love Aperitifs & Digestives: Herbal Concoctions for Cocktail Parties (Aug. 2, 3 p.m. or Sept. 6, 6 p.m., $45-$49), creating herbal concoctions inspired by the aromatics of the mountain woods. Experience the essence of osha, fir, pine, rose, aspen and more. And for the rebel at heart, there’s Out of the Shadows: Courageous and Rebellious Acts of Herbalism (Sept. 20, 1 p.m., $51-$56). Learn about plant remedies that cultivate courage and action, and about influential teachers of Western herbal medicine. And don’t miss plant tours at the Gardens, such as Sip & Stroll (July 12, Aug. 16 and Sept. 6, 6:30 p.m., $10-$15), where you’ll enjoy a summer beverage as you learn about the medicinal plants growing throughout the Gardens. Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street, Denver. Call 720-865-3580, email or visit

Heart-Centered Goal Setting


enee Ellis, of Live Your Knowing Counseling in East Denver is offering special, mid-year, summertime Goal-Setting individual and group sessions. Register for both an individual session and the group and receive special pricing. Renee asks, “Are you staying true to what you said was important to you for this year? Or did the declarations themselves slip by you? Goal setting is self-care that requires: tuning into and getting clear and specific about what is really important to you; putting planning and resources be it time, energy, money etc., behind what’s important; and keeping your word to yourself.” This type of self-care often needs support to be most successful and Renee has two options to help get you back on track: Special Heart-Centered Goal Setting Session:  An individual 90-min, in-person session to help clarify your goals, know where to start, position them as heart-centered, identify obstacles and get you moving. Heart-Centered Goal Setting Group will run Fridays in July and August (see Calendar for details). This group will help you stay connected to your goals and accountable to self-care.   Call 720-984-9575 or email for questions or to register. 1211 S Parker Road Suite 103, Denver. See ad page 29.

A SAFE PLACE FOR CHANGE Your journey begins with the 1st step.

Tools and Classes for Personal Development, Spiritual Growth and More! GIVE TO YOURSELF WITH:

Energy Healings • Angel Healings Angel Program • Developing Your Intuition Guided Meditations • Meditation Classes Intuitive Readings/Healings, Workshops Pet Energy Healings

We look forward to working with you to help create the life you truly want to live.

Anita Destino

FOUNDER OF JOURNEY WITHIN Inside Irongate Executive Plaza 777 S Wadsworth Blvd, Bldg 2-108, Lakewood

720-413-7303 • July 2018


news briefs

Plant-Based Health and Wellness Summit

Learn About BEMER Benefits


n Thursday July 27th at 4 p.m., Clear Sky Medical will host an informational session about the patented BEMER Mat technology that you may have seen on the Dr Oz Show. Everyone who reserves their $10 seat will receive a free session valued at $45. The Bio-Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation Mat uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to deliver a specific pulsed therapy that increases circulation in the small blood vessels which make up about 75% of our circulatory system. This PEMF therapy has been approved by the FDA for use in fusing broken bones, treating severe unrelenting depression, for post-operative pain and swelling, as well as a general well-being device. According to BEMER users, the benefits include: increased energy and mental clarity; improved sleep; better digestive function; improved immunity; faster recovery from injuries and surgeries; enhanced athletic performance; decreased stress; and pain relief. Clear Sky Medical, 9085 E Mineral Circle, Ste 260, Centennial. RSVP 303790-8760. See ad page 2.


he 2-day Plant Based Health and Wellness Summit will be held August 18-19 at the PACE Center, 20000 Pikes Peak Ave., in Parker. It is a gathering of leading experts, researchers & chefs who talk about the preventive and healing power of plant-based nutrition. Their focus is on creating and maintaining a state of optimal health along with identifying tangible steps that anyone can take to live a healthy lifestyle. Informational sessions include: The science behind plant-based nutrition and the impact it has on chronic disease prevention, reversal and the aging process; How to cook healthy plant-based meals with cooking demos; Breaking free from food addictions; How to lose weight & keep it off; Outsmart Your Genes with Diet; Type-2 Diabetes the cause and how it can be reversed. Some of the expert speakers include: Chef AJ - Ultimate Weight Loss Chef, TV Series Host, Author; Andrew Freeman, MD - Cardiologist, Walk with a Doc, in Eating You Alive Documentary; and John Pierre, Nutrition and Fitness Consultant, in Eating You Alive Documentary. Registration Includes 2-Day conference admission; Plant-based catered lunches and refreshments; Saturday night chef dinner (optional). Questions Jerry Casados or call 303-944-4172. Register at

Denver Pet Expo Aug 18-19


he annual Denver Pet Expo will be held August 18 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and the 19th from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., at their new location National Western Complex, 4655 Humboldt St, Denver, where attendees can enjoy a fun-filled and educational day with their best pet friend. This indoor, air-conditioned event attracts thousands of pet lovers along with their furry, feathered and reptilian pals who are looking to enjoy a day of live entertainment, education, adoptions, contests and demonstrations. Learn about pet care, volunteerism, grooming, behavior, and fun activities, with author readings and signings, a mega-adoption event, and exhibitors with products and services for your pet. Pets are welcome as long as they’re on a fixed lead and have proof of age-appropriate rabies vaccines. If your pet is not up-to-date, there will be discounted vaccinations and low-cost microchipping available.


Your smile… the ultimate accessory

Dr. Cate Vieregger believes that dental health plays a SIGNIFICANT role in your overall health. A SPECIAL diagnostic appointment will help us UNDERSTAND your individual needs and desires. We will work with YOUR other holistic health partners to provide optimal care.

MERCURY FREE * LATEX FREE * SEDATION DENTISTRY * GENERAL AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY • 7400 E. Crestline Circle • Suite 230 • Greenwood Village • 303-770-1116 10

Denver Mile High Edition

Intuitive Guide Training


ntuitive and Equine Assisted Guide, Chantal Fidanza, offers a 6-month Intuitive Guide Certification Program that begins Jan 5, 2019 near Santa Fe. The program, which includes a 3-day retreat featuring equine support, is not exclusively for those who seek to work with clients, but also perfect for anyone who wishes to deepen his or her intuition and master the ability to manage their own energy. “This training is ideal for empaths, whether they already work with clients or simply seek ongoing support for their own transformation and empowerment. In this training we learn to channel the gift of being an empath, our light, so that it supports us in every area of our lives,” says Fidanza. “So many people, including a large percentage of practitioners, struggle with overwhelm, with too much incoming energy. I understand those struggles intimately and I want to share with others how they can turn that burden into their greatest asset, as I have.”  According to Fidanza, this deeply transformational training covers all aspects of establishing one’s own successful practice. “But anyone is welcome to enroll, simply for the powerful life-transforming benefits,” she affirms. 

For more information and to reserve your space visit or call 505-438-1074. To further connect check out the blog at See ad page 30.

Aromatherapy Discounts & Parties


romatherapist Evie Yang, CCA RA, is offering 50% off 1-on-1 holistic, personalized wellness consultation to address your health concerns, to customize essential oil blends for your needs (separate cost for blend, and yes, you get to smell it before you buy it!), and even includes a 10-minute follow-up consultation. Aromatherapy lends itself to fun also. “Make and Take Parties” allow gatherings of friends to have fun while creating and learning all about special mixes from an expert, and are held every Saturday from 3-5 p.m. and every Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Learn to create Evie’s favorites: Oh So Soft Skin w/ Citrus Rosemary Sugar Scrub or Summer Fun Inhaler. “I use my 400 hours of training and countless hours of experience to give my clients the most positive results possible from Aromatherapy,” says Evie. “People are constantly amazed by what we can accomplish for them with this ancient art. Stress wreaks havoc on our health; we all need all the help we can get; Aromatherapy is an affordable way to maintain your health naturally.” Evie sees clients in her Littleton location or in their own homes. Call 858-922-2964 or to learn more. See ad page 8.

Career Training in Hypnotherapy 500-Hour State-Licensed Certification Course

Fall Session Sept 10

Turn Your Interest in Healing and the Mind-Body Connection Into a New Career Helping People

Hypnotherapy Academy Co-Directors of America Angela & Tim Simmerman Sierra 505-767-8030 July 2018


news briefs

Outlaw Yoga Rocks Bega Park


utlaw Yoga is rockin’ Bega Park (2550 W. Main St., Littleton) this summer for a series of events beginning Sunday June 10th. They will feature founding Outlaw, Justin Kaliszewski, and live music from Marco DiFerreira to present yoga and music for a good cause. According to spokesperson Carly Sawyer, “Each class will benefit a charity within the local community. This month, 100% net-proceeds will support Kelly’s Cancer Fight. Kelly Kaliszewski is Justin’s mother and owner of Zoey’s Place in downtown Littleton.” Outlaw Yoga is a power yoga community, a technically simple and physically challenging way to practice a new way of being on and off the mat. Service has been intrinsic to their business model since day one. Admittance will be a minimum $10 donation. Contact for more information.

Love Messages from Above July 16


ifted and heart-centered spiritual mediums Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton and Elisa Malangone will deliver powerful and purposeful messages from beyond on Monday, July 16 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. at Nik Nac Nook Metaphysical Bookstore, 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd, Bldg A, Lakewood. Lyn is featuring her new book “The Hand II,” her Spiritual Tea line, and private readings. Say promoters, “Come experience this beautiful night of magnificent healing, love and compassion and see why the ‘Divinely Teamed Duo’ of Lynn and Elisa has moved and healed many.” Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton utilizes her unique gift of mediumship to convey messages of hope, love and compassion to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones. These messages bring closure, peace and love to people all over the country.  Elisa Malangone is an internationally respected Spiritual Medium who has a genuine heart-centered approach when connecting with Spirit. She is extremely respectful, gracious, validating, precise and deeply compassionate. The gentle delivery of life-changing insight, loving guidance and healing messages have brought healing and comfort for 18 years.  For tickets, visit or See ad page 9.  

Start a New Career in Hypnotherapy


he next 500-hour hypnotherapy course begins Monday, September 10 at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, 2132 Osuna Road NE, Ste B in Albuquerque. Upon completion of the first three modules (300 hours), students are eligible for certification as hypnotherapists with the International Board of Hypnotherapy. Module four (100 hours) covers pain management techniques, and accelerated healing, leading to the professional designation of Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist. The Module five (100-hours) elective covers natal regression and past-life therapy, for a total of 500 hours of training. Students travel from 30 countries and all 50 states to attend the school. Academy Director Tim Simmerman Sierra states, “Our state-licensed hypnosis courses and clinical hypnotherapy training have led the field in hypnotherapy education for over 30 years. The 500-hour accelerated certification course in hypnotherapy is held three times a year and is taught in twoweek modules.” To register, call 505-767-8030 or toll free at 877-983-1515 or visit See ad page 11.


Denver Mile High Edition

event spotlight



oin Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® / Psychic Explorer® for 3 unique, healing and soulful events in July and August. Mark is the author of the award winning critically acclaimed best-sellers Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity submitted for a Pulitzer. He is a world-renowned fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits in addition to being an Oxfordeducated attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the United States Supreme Court. Most recently, Mark was featured on the Emmy award winning show The Doctors and is seen regularly on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX TV, major talk radio shows and in print media, as a psychic medium, paranormal expert and legal analyst in high profile cases.

July 31st: Mark connects random audience members with loved ones from the other side during a Light Circle of Spirit Communication from 7-9pm, at For Heaven’s Sake NEW Lakewood Gallery, 1923 N. Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood. Reservations only; limited to 12. $160. Reserve your tickets at or call 303-953-8760 August 2nd: Mark presents, in an entertaining and intelligent manner, the scientific

basis for the existence of the soul, the afterlife, spirit communication and reincarnation at The Vail Symposium Consciousness Series “Debunking Death: The Science of Reincarnation and Eternal Life” at 6pm.. This groundbreaking and uplifting journey bridges the gap between the scientific and the spiritual and removes fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact. Location: Edwards Interfaith Chapel & Community Center, 32138 US-6, Edwards. For tickets, see or call 970-476-0954 August 3rd: Mark connects random audience members with their loved ones on the other side for “An Evening of Interdimensional Communication/Spirit Communication” at the Edwards Interfaith Chapel from 6-8pm. It will be an evening of healing and “edu-tainment” for your soul. Tickets or 970-476-0954 Information, events and more about Mark Anthony can be found at See ad page 3.

Boulder Location 2525 E Arapahoe Ave

Great Summer Grilling FOR SALE

Grass Fed Beef All natural, grass fed beef. Available by the ¼, ½, ¾, or whole. Call today to reserve your portion!

Fred & Emily Golemboski Visit our newest location - Parker Rd & Lincoln Order Online

25858 County Road 27 Snyder, Colorado 80750 (970) 380-5458 or (970) 768-1988


@gski_shorthorns July 2018


As Earth’s climate becomes warmer, sleepless nights will increase for many, predicts a study from the University of California, San Diego. The research links sleep data on 765,000 Americans collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with climate models that predict warming trends. Rising temperatures could cause six additional nights of poor sleep per 100 people by 2050 and 14 by 2099. Seniors, which have difficulty regulating body temperature, and low-income people without air conditioning, are likely to be the most affected.

Exercise Benefits Cancer Survivors Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity increases cognitive function and reduces fatigue in breast cancer survivors, concludes a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne study. The 299 participants that had undergone chemotherapy an average of eight years earlier wore an accelerometer for a week to measure their average daily minutes of exercise and completed a set of questionnaires and neuropsychological tests. The findings suggest that those regularly performing this level of exercise benefit through improved attention, memory and multitasking abilities. Also, in a recent Portuguese study of 15 women being treated for advanced breast cancer, eight women performed two, one-hour sessions a week of aerobic, strength-training and arm exercises. After 12 weeks, they experienced significantly less fatigue and pain, improved cardiovascular fitness, better emotional well-being and a greater ability to perform daily tasks, compared to the control group.


Denver Mile High Edition

Eating Apples and Tomatoes Repairs Lungs Eating lots of fresh tomatoes and fruit, especially apples, helps heal damaged lungs of exsmokers, reports Johns Hopkins University research published in the European Respiratory Journal. The study, which followed more than 650 people between 2002 and 2012, also found that those that ate more than two tomatoes or more than three portions of fresh fruit daily experienced markedly less of the natural decline of lung function that typically occurs after age 30.


The danger of pesticide exposure for expectant mothers has been confirmed by a study of half a million people in the San Joaquin Valley of California, a heavy-pesticide region in which more than one-third of U.S. vegetables and two-thirds of our fruits and nuts are grown. Studying birth records, researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, found that the top 5 percent of women with the highest exposure had negative effects for all birth outcomes, including low birth weight, gestational length, preterm birth and birth abnormalities.


Warming Planet Will Worsen Sleep


Pesticides Lower Birth Weights

health briefs


What is Tantra? Tantra does not mean sex or sacred sex, as it is so often marketed in the West. The word Tantra means “web” or “to weave” as a verb. While the term has been skewed to be sex-centric, it overtly refers to the divine web of connection of the universe. Tantra is the glue, or womb, that holds all things together. Some refer to the Tantric web as the space “between” or the “ether” (5th element). Therefore, Tantra in practice revolves around connectivity. Deepening your connection inwards to connect more deeply outwards. A stem of Kundalini yoga, Tantric practice is broken up into White Tantra & Red Tantra. White Tantra consists of exercises practiced individually to build connectivity. Red Tantra incorporates modalities that involve two or more people.  Can Tantric practice be integrated into your sex life? Absolutely! Sex is the deepest form of physical connection we have. Tantra glorifies the body as a sacred temple where the divine can be accessed. When that heightened awareness is brought into the bedroom, sparks fly. Tantra is also a natural cure for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Even if your current sex life is great, Tantric practice will take you beyond the physical realm and into next level love-making. Tantra Sessions are holistic immersions that offer a melting pot of non-sexual modalities. Incorporating body, energy, and breath work, guided imagery/ meditation, engagement techniques and mild yoga postures. For information and appointments, contact Andrea Martin, Selah | Holistic Wellness, 720-739-0422 or See ad page 23.

Bee Venom Is Powerful Lyme Disease Remedy Bee venom and its toxic component, melittin, can reduce the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi that causes Lyme disease more effectively than standard therapy using antibiotics such as doxycycline, cefoperazone and daptomycin. The laboratory findings come from the Lyme Disease Research Group at the University of New Haven, in Connecticut.

Food Trucks Speakers Vendor Booths Food Presenters Kids’ Activities

July 28 & 29, 2018 1stBank Center

11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield, CO 80021


Sarah Broome

JL Fields

Dr. Andy Mars

Chef Ron Pickarski

Deborah Devore

Andrew M. Freeman MD, FACC, FACP

Armaiti May, DVM

Alan Roettinger

Ginny Messina

Andy Tabor

Sarah Eastin

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.


Doors open at 10am

FREE Parking | 720-985 -2726 July 2018


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Good Things Take Time Be patient with your growth and urgent with your actions. Good things take time. It is our commitment, continuous striving, determination and clear vision that lead us to success. We can move through each day with a calm confidence that we are indeed taking the right actions. When the inevitable challenges come along, acknowledge them as opportunities for growth. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Edison was a man who was very patient with his growth and urgent with his actions.

If you are feeling stuck or unhappy with your current situation, it’s time to get busy. Work on your vision by thinking about it and seeing it clearly. Then, describe in great detail what your perfect scenario looks like. How are you spending your valuable time? What kind of work are you doing and how does it make you feel? Write it down. Be as specific as possible. The next step is to turn your vision into a plan of action. What’s the first step you will need to take? Prepare for it. What begins as a simple exercise will soon become a way of life for you. There is no reason to put things off or wait for the perfect moment, which is an illusion anyway. This moment is all we have. So, take action and you’ll be glad that you did. But, be patient and gentle with yourself. Remember, good things take time. It is never too late to pursue your dreams and it’s always too soon to quit. Maybe it’s time to finally take some action. Reiki can help by bringing clarity and confidence to your first steps. There is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment that comes from making a bold move. You will learn to love this feeling as you continue to follow your heart and live the life you were meant to live all along. Jeff Baird, Unlimited Reiki Master/Teacher based in Evergreen, offers in-person & remote healings. Call 720-250-8107 or See ad page 31.

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Conservation Project Protects Part of Amazon The Amazon Region Protected Areas Program (ARPA), a joint venture between the World Wildlife Fund and the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, has reached the goal of protecting a network of conservation units comprising more than 231,000 square miles in the Amazon River basin, or about 15 percent of the biome’s territory in Brazil. The program is now present in 117 conservation units—including in national and state parks, ecological stations, and biological and sustainable development reserves in the states of Amapá, Amazonas, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins—that are home to more than 8,800 species. ARPA works with local communities to create, expand, strengthen and maintain these units by ensuring resources and promoting sustainable development in the regions. They benefit from goods, projects and service contracts, such as the establishment of councils, management plans, land surveys and inspection, reaching 30 protected areas so far. ARPA is the largest strategy in place on the planet for conservation and sustainable use of tropical forests.

Meat Menace

Animal Product Emissions Rival Oil According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, three of the world’s largest meat producers, JBS, Cargill and Tyson, emitted more greenhouse gas last year than all of France and nearly as much as the biggest oil companies, such as Exxon, British Petroleum and Shell. Carbon dioxide emissions from raising farmed animals make up about 15 percent of global human-induced emissions, with the biggest offenders being beef and milk production. The nonprofit environmental organization EcoWatch claims that a pound of beef requires 13 percent more fossil fuel and 15 times more water to produce than a pound of soy. It notes, “There is no such thing as sustainable meat, and plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs take a mere fraction of the resources to produce as their animal-based counterparts.” A vegan diet is not just good for the planet, either; it also spares animals misery at factory farms. “Pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals suffer horribly. These innocent animals face unthinkable horrors: cruel caged confinement, brutal mutilations and bloody, merciless deaths,” says Joe Loria, communications and content manager at the humanitarian group Mercy for Animals.

Pooch Patrol

Smart Vest Could Increase Neighborhood Safety Thailand is the home of a new “smart vest” that could turn stray dogs into personal guardians. Equipped with a hidden video camera, vest sensors transmit live streaming videos when the dog barks, showing what it sees via a smartphone app. Pakornkrit Khantaprap, on the creative team at Samsung, says, “It’ll make people feel that stray dogs can become night-watches for communities.” More tests are needed before the vest can be introduced into additional communities for trial runs.


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Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops by Melinda Hemmelgarn


e think of scientists ads men and women in lab coats peering into microscopes. Our society doesn’t tend to equate the two, yet farmers are active field scientists. How they choose to grow and produce food greatly impacts our shared environment of soil, water and air quality, as well as the nutritional content of food, and therefore, public health. The best field- and lab-based scientists share key traits: they’re curious, keen observers and systems thinkers that learn by trial and error. Both formulate and test hypotheses, collect data, take measurements, assess results and draw conclusions.

Field Science

Diana Dyer, a registered dietitian and organic garlic farmer outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, explains, “I like to help people see the similarities between the scientific process and good, careful farming—all aspects of which revolve around observations, goals, planning, implementation, intervention and analysis of results—then careful re-planning based on those results.” 18

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Dyer and her husband, Dick, started farming after long careers in traditional health care, where the focus was on treating people after they got sick. Through their farm work, they wanted to focus on prevention. “Growing healthy food in healthy soil, our goal was to create and nourish a healthy community from the ground up. Communicating the multiple benefits of healthy soils and ecosystems has been at the core of our vision and responsibility from day one,” she says. The Dyers believe that flavor is key to eating and enjoying truly nourishing foods, and based on their professional health backgrounds and farming experience, they connect healthy soil with higher-quality, better-tasting food. In Havre, Montana, Doug Crabtree, and his wife, Anna, manage Vilicus Farms, featured in the book Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America, by Liz Carlisle. The Crabtrees grow organic heirloom and specialty grains,

pulses and oilseed crops such as emmer, kamut, black beluga lentils and flax. Asked if he considers himself a scientist, Crabtree first defines the term as “a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.” Then he replies, “Given this definition, how could any farming not be a science? An organic farmer is a lifelong student of nature, seeking to emulate her wisdom and processes as we refine our production systems. Organic production isn’t just growing food without toxic chemical inputs, it’s a system that requires conscientiously improving soil, water and associated resources while producing safe and healthy food for America’s growing population of informed consumers.”

Healthy Soil, Food and People At the Rodale Institute, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, Andrew Smith directs the new Vegetable Systems Trial, a long-term, side-byside comparison of both biologically organic


Organic Farming: Growing America’s Health

and chemically based conventional vegetable production. An organic farmer with a Ph.D. in molecular ecology from Drexel University, in Philadelphia, Smith studies how soil quality and crop-growing conditions influence the nutrient density and health-protecting properties of specific vegetables. “Over the past 70 years, there’s been a decline in the nutritional value of our foods,” reports Smith. “During this time, industrial agriculture, with its pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, increased yields and size of crops, but the tradeoff was a decline in nutrient content, known as the ‘dilution effect’.” In addition, Smith explains, greater levels of nitrogen fertilizer, typical of conventional production methods, may also increase a plant’s susceptibility to insects and disease. Smith’s research will give fellow farmers, healthcare providers and consumers a better understanding of how crop production practices influence soil quality and therefore, food quality. For example, research of organic crops shows higher levels of vitamin C; higher-quality protein; plus more disease-fighting compounds called secondary plant metabolites such as lycopene, polyphenols and anthocyanin, the plant pigment responsible for the red, blue and purple colors in fruits and vegetables, as reported in a meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Nutrition. The Rodale Institute has formed partnerships with nutrition and medical researchers at Pennsylvania State University, in University Park. Of particular interest, for example, are extracts from purple potatoes that show promise in helping to kill colon cancer cells. Smith looks forward to identifying growing methods that boost levels of anthocyanin, as well as other health-protecting compounds in crops. The new Regenerative Health Institute, a global research and education center linking soil health to human health, will also be housed at the Rodale Institute. It’s a collaboration between Rodale staff and the Plantrician Project, a nonprofit organization in New Canaan, Connecticut, that promotes whole food and plant-based nutrition, and helps healthcare providers embrace food as medicine as the foundation of their practices.

Jeff Moyer, a renowned international authority in organic agriculture and executive director of the Rodale Institute, explains, “It’s not only what you eat that’s important, but how what you eat was produced. Ultimately, our personal health is linked to the health of the soil.” David Montgomery, a professor of geomorphology at the University of Washington, in Seattle, has visited farms worldwide, witnessing how farmers use regenerative farming practices to bring degraded soil back to life. He learned that grazing animals, cover-cropping and no-till farming free of synthetic chemical

fertilizers and pesticides protects and enriches the soil microbiome, which contributes to the nutrient density of plants and human health.

We Are What We and Our Animals Eat

Along with our well-being, livestock farming methods impact our environment, too. A growing body of research including a new study published in Food Science & Nutrition shows that meat and dairy products from animals raised mostly on grass or pasture— as nature intended—contain significantly higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid and

Local Ranchers Raise Healthy, Happy Cattle


oday’s health-conscious consumer is rightly concerned with where their food is sourced and how it is produced. The absolute best way is to buy straight from the farmer, ensuring locality and direct relationship with the farmer or rancher. Questions are encouraged and transparency in farming and ranching methods leads to greater consumer confidence. GSKI Shorthorns raises all-natural, grass fed cattle that is marketed directly to the consumer. Every steer is born on the ranch where he is raised until the day he goes to slaughter. The cattle are never injected with growth hormones or fed animal byproduct. Antibiotics are only used in the event that an animal becomes sick and requires treatment; such an animal is never marketed as all-natural. For at least 80% of the steers’ lives, they are grazing on pasture before being brought into a large corral for the final few months of life. There they receive grass hay grown on the ranch, in addition to locally-sourced corn. According to a GSKI spokesperson, “By raising our steers primarily in the pasture, we have noticed a definite difference in their overall health compared to cattle that spend the majority of their time in a feedlot setting. This past winter, not one animal required medical treatment! The reason our steers spend their last few months in a corral is to give the land a break. This allows the grass to grow back and keeps our pastures from becoming overused.” With grilling season in full swing, now is the perfect time to think about where your beef comes from and explore the option of purchasing directly from the rancher. This approach cuts out the added expenses from truck transportation, slaughterhouses, wholesalers, and grocery stores to bring a high-quality, local product direct to the community. Perhaps most important, the animals enjoy an excellent quality of life in their natural habitat. See ad page 13 or call 970-380-5458 for more information.

July 2018


omega-3 fatty acids compared to grain-fed animals. These naturally occurring fats help protect us from inflammation, heart disease and cancer. Important in brain, eye and nerve development, omega-3 fatty acids are especially critical for pregnant and breastfeeding women and their infants. Organic farmers, by law, must provide their ruminant animals with significant time on pasture and may not feed them genetically engineered feed or feed produced with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Further, they can’t use synthetic hormones or antibiotics to promote weight gain. In these ways, organic farmers help protect our food, water, and environment from contamination, and reduce the growing global threat of antibiotic resistance. Local rancher Emily Golemboski at GSKI Shorthorns in Snyder, CO diligently studies and question changes they witness

in their immediate environment. They monitor what grows in their pasture, watch what their cows choose to eat and count the numbers and activities of insects, bees, worms, birds and wildlife. They understand that careful land and animal stewardship is key to soil, plant, animal and human health.

Healing Communities

More hospitals nationwide are investing in farms and farmers’ markets to boost patient, employee and community health by increasing access to nutrient-dense, fresh, healthful food. One exceptional example is the new partnership between Virginia’s Allegheny Mountain Institute (AMI) and Augusta Health, an independent, community-owned nonprofit hospital in Augusta County, Virginia. The AMI Fellowship program prepares individuals to become farmers, teachers

and ambassadors for health-promoting food systems. “Both AMI and Augusta Health believe that access to excellent health care includes access to healthy food,” explains Sue Erhardt, the institute’s executive director. The AMI Farm at Augusta Health initiative will create an onsite production farm and a community venue for food, nutrition and gardening education. Their goal is to tackle three major local health issues: poor nutrition, low physical activity and overweight; diabetes; and mental health. A Food Farmacy program for those with or at risk for Type 2 diabetes will provide fresh produce prescriptions at an onsite farmstand, as well as cooking classes. Erhardt recalls her life-changing experience as a teen, hearing American labor leader Cesar Chavez speak about farm worker exposure to pesticides and related cancer clusters. She’s proud to say, “The farm project will exemplify sustainable practices for growing vegetables, including organic fourseason crops and companion planting, while promoting soil health. “We believe this project will promote a better quality of life for staff, patients and community members.” That’s the power of farming when it’s dedicated to optimum health. Melinda Hemmelgarn is a registered dietitian, writer and Food Sleuth Radio host with, in Columbia, MO. Connect at

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Dr. Jamie Greear Schmidt, DMD

I’ve seen a shift over the past few years where your focus has really zeroed in on food healing. Why do you feel this is so important in today’s world and how does it relate to one’s personal Qi?

wise words

PRESS ON QI: An Interview with Jeff Primack Part 1 by Damon Damato

Can you describe Qi? Qi is the electric life presence that beats the human heart and charges the air we breathe. Gong, like Gong Fu, is a repeated action to activate higher energy. Qigong generates a powerful magnetic field in the hands and this energy “dilates arteries” healing what it touches. The effects of Qi are profound for increasing circulation and improving endocrine imbalances. Science will discover Qi is related to static electricity and can be harnessed with hand postures.

Qi Revolution is coming to Denver Hyatt on September 1st-3rd. What is your higher vision for sharing this kind of healing with so many people?

Genesis 2:7 reveals, “God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” People report Euphoric vibrational experiences when they do our Breath Empowerment, even if they don’t believe Qi exists. Breathwork is the best Gong Fu, repeated deep breathes will break the veil of darkness and bad thoughts, eventually flooding the body with light energy.

Do you need to be fit to participate? Can one receive healing attributes if they are out of shape, ill or have other physical impairments? People with injuries often experience pain relief doing Qigong in the first morning practices. We are okay with people practicing where their body is at and provide modified postures for those who need special assistance. People of all ages can benefit from Qigong’s challenge.

Food is the key to excellent health, especially natural foods made before the inventions of man. Kiwi for example, helps to reverse asthma in hundreds of students I’ve counseled. Medical journal Thorax indicates children who eat Kiwi 3-5 times a week vs. those who didn’t eat any, have a much lower incidence of asthma. Evidence shows kiwi should be suggested by allergists and breathing therapists to help children with this disease. (Kiwi’s Effect on Breathing. Thorax J. Respiratory Medicine 2004) Food effects our Qi by becoming our blood and the cells which carry oxygen to our brain. I teach that eating red foods (high in carotenoids) are the best way to stop the oxidative processes responsible for heart disease and brain degeneration. We make smoothies and serve sweet red pepper paste to all attendees at Qi Revolution so they can taste for themselves how delicious natural foods can be prepared.

You perform a Global Healing Circle that is legendary. How does it connect participants using the 9-Breath Method with an expanded process?

The breath work at the Qi Revolution is transformative. Since every person is connected to it, do you believe the answers to healing & overcoming negative emotions are found here?

The living electricity felt in the hands of the healing circle is unlike anything else we teach. After everyone is proficient in using the 9-breath method, our signature breathing technique, we hold hands while doing it many times. The feeling is like an electric current going through everyone’s legs, arms and hands. It feels so very good! Delicious I might say. We focus our mind to God and ask for healing of people we love and send light to noble groups and nations worldwide. Qigong is not only for rich or materially successful people. Qi Revolution at $149 for 3-Days is made affordable to open the “Qi door” for more people. Massage Therapists, Counselors and Nurses love our training and earn CE hours when they attend, but all types of people will benefit. No experience is necessary and we allow U.S. veterans to attend free. Each year hundreds of veterans attend Qi Revolution and many of them have become our best Qigong instructors.

Breathing is the most powerful skill humans can learn to attune with the spirit of life.

For more information contact 800-298-8970. See ad page 32.

We will transform the hotel into a sacred space with the intention to experience the authentic healing practices of Qigong in a strong group energy field. Sound, light and Qi graphics are used to improve learning so everyone can feel what is going on without any previous experience. It’s rare that hundreds of people all simultaneously inhale at the same second, while holding the same healing prayer. Many people that attend heal old injuries and nearly everyone is strengthened by the energy. Where two or more practice Qigong sincerely there exists a larger living field of energy and I believe it’s stronger when more people practice.

July 2018


Inflammation Food Fixes



Flavorful Ways to Lower Disease Risk


by Judith Fertig

ny time our bodies sense an “invader”—a microbe, virus, plant pollen or unwelcome chemical— they go into high alert, producing white blood cells to fight it off. Once the danger has been thwarted, normal functioning returns. If we continue to expose ourselves to these threats, then the high-alert process, known as inflammation, becomes chronic. This disturbance of natural equilibrium can lead to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, depression and pain. It can also mask or worsen autoimmune diseases. Eating foods with natural anti-inflammatory properties can help the body function better.

Physician Support

“Many experimental studies have shown that components of foods or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects,” says Dr. Frank Hu, also a Ph.D. and professor of nutrition and epidemiology in the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, Massachusetts. “A healthy diet is beneficial not only for reducing the risk of chronic diseases, but also for improving mood and overall quality of life.” Hu, Josh Axe, a chiropractor and doctor of natural medicine, and Dr. Andrew Weil, 22

Denver Mile High Edition

director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, promote anti-inflammatory foods, backed by recent studies, on their websites. “Small, gradual changes are typically more sustainable and easier for the body to adapt to,” writes Axe. “So rather than emptying your pantry and sailing off to the Mediterranean, you can pursue an anti-inflammatory diet one step at a time.” That’s what Andrea Adams Britt did. A professional wedding cake baker from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Britt experienced bewildering symptoms, including digestion issues, depression, migraines, weight gain and skin irritation. In 2015, she eliminated flour and sugar from her diet, and then added more organic leafy green vegetables, coconut oil and wild-caught salmon. Her symptoms went away one at a time, and by last January, she had also lost 100 pounds. The solution for her was to create flavorful dishes that she enjoyed eating, so she did not feel deprived. Weil advises, “The best foods are those that offer disease-preventive benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects and delectable flavor. When I eat such foods, I feel as though I’ve hit a grand slam homerun—the sensory

1 2

Green leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard contain natural anti-inflammatories such as vitamins K, D and C.

Beets have a natural antioxidant, betalain, an anti-inflammatory compound that inhibits the activity of enzymes the body uses to trigger inflammation.

3 4 5

Sea buckthorn berry juice (known as olivello juice) is one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamin C. Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory food that also helps reduce intestinal gas and prevent nausea.

Green tea is best enjoyed hot with a little squeeze of lemon; it may reduce cholesterol levels, ultimately assisting in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Virgin coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, according to a study published in Pharmaceutical Biology. Britt eats a total of one-and-a-half tablespoons a day in hot drinks, salads or soups.


Tomatoes are an easy-to-use and a tasty anti-inflammatory food, says Axe. He notes, “They are a rich source of lycopene, betacarotene, folate, potassium, vitamin C, flavonoids and vitamin E.”


Bok choy has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, as well as a higher concentration of betacarotene and vitamin A, than any other variety of cabbage.


Black cod, also known as butterfish or sablefish, has even more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon.


Walnuts, rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, help protect against metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Judith Fertig writes award-winning cookbooks plus foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/

pleasure is heightened by the fact that each bite contributes to my overall well-being.” His take on an Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid at offers a broad sample of these foods in an easy, downloadable graphic. Reducing inflammation in her body has also led to better mental and emotional health for Britt. “I am a happier person,” Britt says. “I can control my emotions, focus my thoughts and am more at peace.”

conscious eating

Soothe Inflammation with Summer Superfoods


n the surface, inflammation is local redness, heat, swelling, or pain in an area of the body that is injured or fighting infection. This is the foundation of our body’s healing response and conversely, a potentially destructive process. If our inflammatory process is weak, we get colds and infections easily. If the inflammatory process is elevated and persists without a purpose, we may develop allergies, autoimmune issues, and chronic disease. There are many influences on the inflammatory process: genetics, stress, environmental toxins, and diet. Dr. Andrew Weil points out that the Standard American Diet is pro-inflammatory – it simply does not provide enough protective nutrients from fruits, herbs, vegetables and spices. Certain foods, like lower glycemic foods or foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, can decrease inflammation and protect tissues from inflammatory damage. Dr. John Douillard, researcher, author, and Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner in

Boulder, notes that fiber is also a factor when it comes to fighting inflammation. A high-fiber diet helps ensure that inflammatory toxins quickly exit the body, rather than accumulating and causing damage in organs and joints. In fact, Dr. Douillard cites a 2017 study published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases that links a high-fiber diet to decreased knee pain and knee arthritis. Both doctors encourage eating fresh, local, and seasonal foods to support a healthy immune system and reduce chronic inflammation. Summer produce is loaded with water, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and insoluble fiber to help your body and

its healing response remain nourished and balanced throughout these warmer months. Dr. Douillard recommends the following summer superfoods for dense nutrition and decreased inflammation: • Apricots, berries, ripe cherries, peaches, grapes, and melon. • Leafy, bitter greens such as dandelion, kale, and lettuce. • Cucumbers, cabbage, bell peppers, celery, jicama, and zucchini. • Cilantro and coriander. • Chamomile, dandelion, hibiscus, and mint teas. Proper hydration is also crucial during the hotter months. Water protects our joints from injury, helps us maintain body temperature, and is needed to efficiently digest food and remove waste. Drink plenty of water and focus on fresh, hydrating, cooling fruits, vegetables and herbs this summer. Simple, healthy foods help soothe inflammation, ward off chronic disease, and support your body’s natural ability to heal and thrive. Elaine Brogan is an Integrative Health Coach with Daybreak Holistic Nutrition. Contact her at 720-256-1336 or See ad page 30.

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Experience your raw, intimate being...

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Every Wednesday 6-7 pm, open to everyone. Repeats $5/pp. Journey Within, 777 S Wadsworth Blvd., Bldg 2-108, Lakewood. Anita Destino, 720-413-7303


Deep healing at the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels of your being. 679 W Littleton Blvd, #205 Littleton. Marie Adams EEM-AP, CHT, PT, Healing Change, 303-668-0299


Live Your Knowing Counseling, Creekside at Highline Office Park, 1211 S Parker Rd, Denver. Renee Ellis, MA RMT, 720-984-9575


Normally $175. Includes 90-minute assessment interview, evaluation and treatment recommendations by Inge Sengelmann, LCSW, SEP, RYT-500, Embody Your Life, 305-788-6857 or


Reiki, vibrational healing & intuitive reading for first-time clients. In person or phone. 700 E 9th Ave., #9, Denver. JoAnne Palladino, Reiki Master-Teacher, Channel, & Intuitive. 303-263-0679


South Lakewood Dental, 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, #11, Lakewood. Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician, 303-988-4338


LDT uses vibrational energies, sound and probes. It is 10x more effective than manual lymphatic massage! $79 Whole Health Center, 9370 S Colorado Blvd, Highlands Ranch. Sheree Michelle, 303- 471-9355


Create a nourished life and transform your health through one-on-one coaching, personalized nutrition plans, and expert guidance. Daybreak Holistic Nutrition, Elaine Brogan, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), 720-256-1336 or

Tour: Midsummer Nights–6-7:15 p.m. Also on July 3,6. This Midsummer’s eve (solstice) tour focuses on the edible, medicinal and mischievous properties of the plants that played important roles in Shakespeare’s works. $14, $12 DBG member, $10 student. Register at

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Self Healing 101–Learn how to meditate and heal yourself with easy to use visualization techniques. Check out the first class for FREE on July 10th. Offered inperson & over-the-phone!

THURS JULY 12 Lavender-Lemon-Peppermint “Summer Fun” Inhaler Party–5-7pm. Enjoy outdoors worry free! Fast, convenient inhaler promotes easy breathing, supports dripping and plugged up nose, boosts immune system. Other dates/ times offered. $20 incl drinks/snacks. Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang 858-922-2964 or When, How, Why to Enter into a Sexual Relationship: A Tantric Perspective–7-9:30pm. How do we know when, how, why to enter into a sexual relationship? $35 RSVP Judith Anne Condon Journeys to Tantric Bliss. Sip and Stroll–6:30-8pm. Pour a glass of your favorite drink and reconnect with nature during a summer stroll! Learn about the healing connection between humans and plants and how to turn garden plants into medicine at home. $15, $10 DBG member. Register at Guided Meditation Walk: Forest Bathing–7-8pm. Forest bathing is the process of connecting with the sights, smells and sounds of nature to promote physiological and psychological health. Enhance your wellbeing through a guided walk in nature. $18, $15 DBG member. Register at

FRI JULY 13 $15 Trance Medium Healings–Receive a channeled healing from our post graduate students. Come with a healing intention and release pain, mental blocks, and spiritual imbalances. Offered in-person & over-thephone. Schedule online. Richard Rudis Gong Bath–7pm. Richard Rudis, creator of the original Gong Bath experience has performed over 1,000 Gong Baths around the world. Bring a pillow, mat and blanket. Info/tickets or 720-371-9137. J4CL, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. Heart-Centered Goal Setting Group–11am-Noon thru Aug 3. We will create clarity, accountability, support and inspiration to help you make the most out of 2018!  $80 incl materials/refreshments.  East Denver location. Contact Renee Ellis 720-984-9575 or for info/registration.

SAT JULY 14 Girl Goddess Playshop: Self-Empowerment for Teens–1-5pm. Discover the power and beauty of your true self. Create your personal Goddess journal and tune in to your inner wisdom. $55. The Caritas Center 5723 Arapahoe Ave, #1A Boulder. Register at Hiking & Yoga–7:30-9:30am. Short hike with Flow all levels yoga for 45mins, and return hike. Please bring water, a mat, snacks and appropriate dress. Suggested Donation $15/person. Prairie Gateway Open Space, Denver RSVP Claire at or via Facebook: $25 Pet Readings–Improve your relationship with your companion animal! Clarify relational dynamics and negotiate issues. All species welcome. Offered over-the-phone on 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month at 11am. Schedule online.

SUN JULY 15 $15 Trance Medium Healings–Receive a channeled healing from our post graduate students. Come with a healing intention and release pain, mental blocks, and spiritual imbalances. Offered in-person & over-the-phone. Schedule online

MON JULY 16 The Law of Attraction: Beliefs–7-9pm. Learn how to shift your beliefs to accelerate the Law of Attraction through exercises, meditation and discussion. $30, The Healing Studio, 18 Garden Center, Broomfield. Register at

TUES JULY 17 Tibetan Singing Bowl Concert–6-7:30pm. Yoga instructors and sound healers Chris Anne Coviello and Jason Coviello perform on the Hang Drum and singing bowls tuned to the different chakras. $18/$15 DBG member. Register at

THURS JULY 19 Lavender-Lemon-Peppermint “Summer Fun” Inhaler Party–5-7pm. Enjoy outdoors worry free! Fast, pocket size inhaler promotes easy breathing, supports dripping and plugged up nose, boosts immune system. Other dates/ times offered. $20 incl drinks/snacks. Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang 858-922-2964 or

FRI JULY 20 Sacred Drumming Circle, Sound Celebration & Meditation–7-9pm. Join the community for sharing the sacred vibrations of the Drum Circle. Bring a snack, drums, rattles, and flutes. Suggested Love offering/$10. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695 or Partner Yoga in Wash Park! –6:30-8pm. Bring a partner for all levels partner flow with live music. Meet by the boathouse and playground. Suggested Donation $20/pair. Washington Park 1000 S Downing St, Denver. RSVP Claire or

SAT JULY 21 Lavender Festival–9am-5pm. Celebrate all things lavender at Chatfield Farms. Lavender products made by local growers and artisans are available for purchase. Enjoy live music, food, drink and craft vendors. Workshops available for additional charge. $7, $5 DBG member, free for kids 13 and under. Register at 3 Keys to Manifesting Your Desires–3-4:30pm. Are you a woman yearning to create something more in your life? Amplify your power, step into your potential, and manifest your destiny! FREE! Koelbel Library, 5955 S Holly St., Centennial. Register: Citrus Rosemary Sugar Scrub Party–3-5pm. Get Summer Glow Skin with my secret recipe. Bonus! Invaluable tips on essential oils from a Certified Aromatherapist. Other dates/times offered. $20 incl drinks/snacks. Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang 858-922-2964 or

SUN JULY 22 Psychic Fair–1-5pm. Drop in and receive a 15-minute reading or healing for $15! Ask any question and get a laser focused reading or healing to help you gain clarity and answers.

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MONDAY, JULY 16, 6:30-9 PM Gifted and heart-centered spiritual mediums Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton and Elisa Malangone deliver powerful and purposeful messages from beyond. This is an opportunity for magnificent healing, love and compassion. Lyn is featuring her new book “The Hand II” and her Spiritual Tea line. Location: Nik Nac Nook Metaphysical Bookstore, 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd., Unit A, Lakewood. Tickets or


The 8th annual VegFest Colorado (VFC), a health and environmental fair, takes place July 28-29, at their new location at the 1st Bank Center, 11450 Broomfield Lane in Broomfield. VFC offers two days of family-friendly activities including speakers, cooking demonstrations by nationally acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors, food sampling, exhibitors, food trucks, movies, activities for children and more. Learn from renowned luminaries about health, diet, environmental and animal rights issues, and the advantages of embracing a compassionate, cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle.

MARK ANTHONY IN COLORADO THREE EVENTS IN JULY & AUGUST Mark Anthony is a world-renowned fourth generation psychic medium, an Oxford-educated attorney, regularly seen on network television and major talk radio, and the author of Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity. July 31st: Light Circle of Spirit Communication from 7-9pm, at For Heaven’s Sake NEW Lakewood Gallery, 1923 N. Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood. Reservations only; limited to 12. $160. Tix: or 303-953-8760. August 2nd: Mark speaks on reincarnation, and the scientific and historic basis which reveals it exists at The Vail Symposium at 6pm. Edwards Interfaith Chapel, 32138 US-6, Edwards. Tickets or 970-476-0954. August 3rd: “An Evening of Spirit Communication” at the Edwards Interfaith Chapel from 6-8pm; Mark will connect random audience members with their loved ones on the other side. Tickets or 970-476-0954


AUGUST 5 - 8 @ SHAMBHALA MOUNTAIN CENTER Transform self-limiting thoughts and cultivate mindfulness with this dynamic sword practice. Rooted in Tantric Buddhism, Tog Chöd is based on the Kalachakra and Yama dances. Decisive sword movements combined with visualization and mantra enable us to channel wrathful energy to battle our only enemy – negative emotions. Participants receive tools to be more clear and decisive, and learn the deep philosophy of Tog Chöd. Attend all 3 sessions to become a Tog Chöd Teacher.

MON JULY 23 The Law of Attraction: Emotions & Thoughts–7-9pm. Learn how to focus your mind and emotions to accelerate the Law of Attraction through exercises, meditation and discussion. $30, The Healing Studio, 18 Garden Center, Broomfield. Register at

Self-preservation is the first law of nature. ~Samuel Butler July 2018


THURS JULY 26 Lavender-Lemon-Peppermint “Summer Fun” Inhaler Party–5-7pm. Enjoy outdoors worry free! Easy, convenient inhaler promotes easy breathing, supports dripping and plugged up nose, boosts immune system. Other dates/times offered.  $20  incl drinks/ snacks. Littleton.  RSVP Evie Yang  858922-2964 or Worshipping Your body as a Summer Temple Ritual & Pool Party–7-10pm. Sweet music, flowers and fruits, soft glowing candles, sacred oils and pastes prepare you to enter into a state of bliss and enchantment. $35. Private residence with pool, Boulder. RSVP Journeys to Tantric Bliss 303 630 9479 or

FRI JULY 27 $15 Trance Medium Healings–Receive a channeled healing from our post graduate students. Come with a healing intention and release pain, mental blocks, and spiritual imbalances. Offered in-person & over-the-phone. Schedule online.


on going events

Free Healing Therapy for Individuals with Cancer– Reiki and Healing Touch support relaxation and balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Sign up for free sessions at one of our partner locations, or in-home for those too sick to travel, at

Horses & Donkeys Helping You–By appt. Relieve stress, embrace well-being, confidence, joy, peace, and empowerment w/equine assisted intuitive sessions. And it’s fun. $260/2-hr session, July Special, bring friend for FREE. Santa Fe, NM. Your Divine Light, 505-438-1074.

sundays North Boulder Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Lon 303-746-7118

Citrus Rosemary Sugar Scrub Party– 3-5pm. Get Summer Glow Skin with secret recipe and make with your friends. Bonus! Invaluable tips on essential oils from a Certified Aromatherapist.  Other dates/times offered.  $20  incl drinks/ snacks. Littleton.  RSVP Evie Yang  858-9222964 or 


We Are Change Open Mic Night–6-10pm. Uniting our local grassroots activist community for an evening of food, music, interviews, headliners, poetry and dancing. This is Powerful! for details. The Law of Attraction: Action–7-9pm. Learn how your attitudes and actions can accelerate the Law of Attraction through exercises, meditation and discussion. $30, The Healing Studio, 18 Garden Center, Broomfield. Register at

classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Looking for a way to bring in extra money but don’t want to get “another job”? Need something flexible to fit it into your life? What if you could transform your health and your wealth in the next 90 days by partnering with us? What if you could work a handful of hours each week and bring in a nice side income? We are looking for people who want the above and want to make a difference in the world while having FUN! WHAT IF YOU COULD? Please call for more info @ 303.903.8248


Denver Mile High Edition

Energy Healings/Aura Clearing/Chakra Balancing– 6-7pm. A healing is an energy clearing, release negative energy blocking growth and create the life you desire. $5/healing. Free for first timers. Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino 720-413-7303 or

Intuitive Healing Sessions for Empaths–By appt. Learn to channel your unique gift of sensitivity so that it will support you for health, flow, empowerment. 2.5 hr session, $350. In person or phone. Santa Fe, NM. Your Divine Light, 505-438-1074.

8th Annual Destination Health Walk/Run/ Learn–7am-1pm. This is a fun-filled annual community event for the entire family. All activities besides the race are free. Denver City Park Pavilion. Contact Wafa Saeed for more info.




Longmont Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Connie 303-834-0526

tuesdays Wheatridge Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Tim 303-239-8101 $30 Psychic Readings–7-8:30pm Performed by grad students. Enjoy an advanced skill set and ask questions about relationships, career, health, and more! Schedule at

thursdays Lavender-Lemon-Peppermint “Summer Fun” Inhaler Party–5-7pm. Fast, easy to make, convenient (pocket size). Promotes easy breathing, supports dripping and plugged up nose, boosts immune system. Other dates/ times offered. $20 incl drinks/snacks. Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang 858-922-2964 or $60 Home & Business Healings–7-8:30pm. Got ghosts? Sleepless nights? Consistent household/business conflict? These are great in times of transition! In Boulder or phone. Schedule $30 Psychic Readings–7-8:30pm. Performed by grad students. Enjoy an advanced skill set and ask questions about relationships, career, health, and more! Schedule FREE Aura and Chakra Healings–Drop-In betw/ 6-7pm. Receive 10 min cleanse and release negative thoughts, emotions, pain and fear. Get replenished with positive energy and feel great.

fridays Free Healing & Meditative Services–6-7pm. Celebrate being yourself, living life, and cultivating community. Enjoy weekly themes such as Chakra Balancing Singing Bowls, Channeled Angel Healings, Singing & Storytelling, and Meditative & Shamanic Journeys.

saturdays Citrus Rosemary Sugar Scrub Party–3-5pm. Summer  Glow Skin! Get the secret recipe and make it with your friends. Invaluable essential oil tips from Certified Aromatherapist Evie Yang. Other dates/times offered.  $20  incl drinks/snacks. Littleton.  RSVP  858922-2964 or 

HEALTHY PRODUCTS/SERVICES NEW CLIENT MASSAGE SPECIAL $40/HOUR! Relax & rejuvenate! Swedish & sports massage. Wheat Ridge location 16 years exp. Mon-Sat Call Angie 303-475-6937 Remove Toxic Amalgam (Silver) Fillings: Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offers mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL, Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician, 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood, 303-988-4338. $30 Off Initial Healing Session: Reiki, vibrational healing & intuitive reading. In person or phone. 700 E. Ninth Ave., Suite 9, Denver. JoAnne Palladino, Reiki Master-Teacher, Channel & Intuitive. 303-263-0679 or

Shen-u is a customized healing practice and teaching designed to empower YOU to access your own unique healing abilities. Please visit for more information

JOBS AVAILABLE Earn Extra Spending $$ as a Distribution Driver for GOLDEN/ARVADAArea: Natural Awakenings is looking for a reliable, conscientious, honest delivery driver with a good driving record and car, who lives in the area. Must have own insurance; basic ability to work with Excel/email; be available for a day or three between the 25th-1st; ability to take on side jobs for extra $$ on same route. No phone calls please. Email with your qualifications.

looking ahead SAT AUG 4 Boulder YogaHike™ –9-10:30am. Arrive at 8:45. Meet at Centennial Trailhead, Sunshine Canyon. 30 min hike; 1 hr yoga. More info: Andrea Martin, Selah | Holistic Wellness, 720-739-0422 or Lakota Moon Equine Therapy Volunteer Training Part 1–Sat and Sun 8/5. We are looking for a volunteer team of upbeat, positive, active, well-grounded people, who understand the responsibility to provide a safe and sacred space for growth and healing. Spend time with the horses (no riding); Learn about Equine Therapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL); Participate in Group EAL activity; Observe/participate in sample EAL sessions; Roleplay EAL; and more. $175. Info/RSVP Diana Berna at 480-221-0630 or

SEPTEMBER 10 500-Hour Hypnotherapy Course Begins–Accelerated certifi cation course in hypnotherapy taught in 2-wk modules. After completing first 300 hours (modules 1-3), students eligible for certification as hypnotherapists with the International Board of Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy Academy, 2132 Osuna Rd NE, Ste B, Albuquerque, NM. Register: 877-9831515.

SEPT 15-16 36th annual Fall Holistic Fair–10am-5pm. Explore alternatives to caring for your body, mind, spirit and environment. Children 12 and under FREE. FREE Parking! FREE Lectures! $7/day; $12/weekend. The Ranch/ Larimer County Fairgrounds, South Hall, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland. Belu Olisa Fairs Carol 970-472-0200 or Advanced Animal Reiki Certification–Experience the world from the animal’s perspective. Attendees will learn Reiki practices, emotions, physiology, and psychology. Animal lovers, incl rescue personnel, holistic practitioners and owners will find useful. In Lakewood. Reg req’d at

OCTOBER 6-7 Oneness with Spirit Retreat–A Fall camping-style retreat near Loveland, CO aimed for us to grow beyond what we think is possible for ourselves and embrace an identity of oneness with the natural world and our Higher Selves.

DECEMBER 8-22 India Travel Abroad–A group travel experience that merges social consciousness with spiritual practice. Learn about women’s issues, caste, health, and village life; Receive individualized messages from your spirit guides about your own place and purpose in our global community.

JANUARY 5, 2019 Become an Intuitive Practitioner–18 Saturday Teleclasses, 12-2pm + 3-day on-site training May 24-26. Deeply transformational training perfect for anyone who wishes to start their own intuitive practice as well as empaths seeking support. Limited spaces, Early bird discounts. Santa Fe, NM. Your Divine Light, 505-4381074.

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AUGUST 9TH -12TH @ PEACEFUL MEADOW RETREAT LaHoChi is the movement of light into your body at the speed of Love. The 13th Octave is a process of conscious union within the heart of God. When LaHoChi is joined with the energies of the 13th Octave the squaring effect is comparable to a nuclear reaction. The God energy anchored within lifts you to a place where the energies flow instantaneously. No previous training required. $675; early bird $550 before 6/1/18. Register


Top experts, researchers & chefs talk about the preventive and healing power of plant-based nutrition, and creating and maintaining a state of optimal health along with identifying tangible steps that anyone can take to live a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the science behind plant-based nutrition; the impact on chronic disease prevention and reversal; Tips, tools, and strategies to create and maintain a healthier lifestyle; Cooking demos for healthy plant-based meals; and much more. Guest Speakers include: Chef AJ; Andrew Freeman, MD; and John Pierre. PACE Center, 20000 Pikes Peak Ave, Parker. Questions Jerry Casados or 303-944-4172.


AUG 18 10am – 5pm; AUG 19, 11am – 4pm Attendees can enjoy a fun-filled and educational day with their best pet friend. Enjoy a day of live entertainment, education, adoptions, contests and live demonstrations. Pets are welcome as long as they’re on a fixed lead and have proof of age-appropriate rabies vaccines. NEW LOCATION: National Western Complex, 4655 Humboldt St, Denver.


Late summer is an excellent time to observe the flora and fauna in the hills of Cherokee Ranch. Aster and goldenrod are everywhere. Blazing star paints purple spikes in the tousled mats of buffalo grass. See three species of hummingbirds as they stop en route to Central America. Mountain and Western Bluebirds have finished nesting and their young fly throughout the property. There is no better place for a summer hike. $25, $20 DBG members.


Explore alternative choices for taking care of your body, mind, spirit & our environment. Bring a canned food donation & receive $1 off admission. FREE Parking! FREE Lectures!! $7/day, $12/weekend; children 12 & under FREE. Tickets at the door. The Ranch / Larimer County Fairgrounds - South Hall, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland. For more info, see or contact Carol at 970-472-0200 or

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Mahatma Gandhi July 2018


THE SLEEP BRACELET Wearers have experienced:

· Falling asleep faster · Increased quality sleep · Waking up more refreshed


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Denver Mile High Edition



Sheree Michelle 9370 S Colorado Blvd., Highlands Ranch 303-471-9355 / Lymphatic Drainage Therapy will boost your immune system and assist in detoxification. Perfect support for injuries, surgeries, and swelling to decrease inflammation. We use a vibrational, frequency, energy and sound device with probes. Are you sensitive to foods, pets, pollens, or chemicals? Try Electrodermal Biofeedback!! It can help restore balance back to the body. Get Your Complete Health Picture! All Initial Services Only $79. See ad page 11.


HINSDALE AUTOMOTIVE 15455 E Hinsdale Dr., Centennial 303-617-0152 /

DC AUTO in Morrison

303-801-1959 / Professional Mechanics, Not Professional Prices! Owner Darrell Weddell’s motto is to take care of your problem, educate you to make an informed decision, and to advise on future repairs and maintenance. Whether it’s major or minor issues, your electrical system, or a combination of mechanical problems, Darrell’s team has the experience and knowhow to diagnose and accurately repair your vehicle.


JOURNEYS FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING 7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 7502 West 80th Ave., Ste 170 (Lower Level PSCU Building), Arvada 303-731-6695 or 303-469-0306 Discover a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers and event center (space rental) to empower people to create thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand the community. See ad page 28


Psychotherapy, Intuitive-Focused Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Classes 1211 S Parker Road, Suite 103, Denver 720-984-9575 Experience the benefits of traditional counseling while openly and actively acknowledging the role of intuition and the soul’s journey in achieving wellbeing. Live Your Knowing Counseling helps you gracefully bring wisdom to life through a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy, intuitive wisdom, past life reconnecting, and energy balancing. Move through grief, relationship challenges, depression, anxiety and self-doubt. Discover your path and purpose, reveal your unique wisdom, and experience sensitivity as strength. Gain clarity, confidence and a more joyful life. Get started today with a phone or in-person complimentary consultation.


Inge Sengelmann, LCSW, SEP, RYT 607 10th Street, Suite 109, Golden 305-788-6857 Break through the limits of talk therapy with body-mind-spirit integration strategies to help you tap into limitless wellbeing. Healing is more than reducing symptoms. Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Somatic Experiencing® & ParaYoga® combined can empower you to thrive by rewiring unhelpful nervous system patterns and amplifying your healing potential.


Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood 303-988-4338 Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offering mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Holistic-minded individuals should consider the safe removal and handling of any silver fillings. We offer a bio-compatibility test to decide which replacement material is best for you. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. See ad page 20.

VIBRANCE DENTISTRY Dr. Cate Vieregger 7400 E Crestline Circle, Ste 230, Greenwood Village 303-770-1116 Whether your goal is to encourage a healthy attitude towards oral health in your children or ease your own anxiety about dental procedures, our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere will change the way you approach dental care. Our state-of-the-art equipment and spa-like amenities allow us to offer services that transcend traditional dentistry and promote whole-body wellness. See ad page 10.


Anita Destino 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood 720-413-7303 / A safe place for people interested in creating change in their lives, Journey Within helps you focus on spiritual growth, developing your intuition and personal development. Give to yourself with Energy Healings, Angel Healings, Guided Meditations, Meditation Classes, Workshops and Intuitive Readings/Healings. Join us for Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing every Wednesday from 6-7 pm, open to everyone. $5 per person. Free to first time visitors. See ad, page 9.

ENERGY MEDICINE/ PSYCHOLOGY HEALING CHANGE Marie Adams EEM-AP, CHT, PT 679 W Littleton Blvd. #205, Littleton 303-668-0299 / Individual sessions using a combination of different techniques such as Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), Hypnotherapy, EFT (meridian tapping), and Matrix Reimprinting will facilitate deep healing at the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels of your being to create that permanent change in your life. You will leave the sessions with tools that you can use at home to continue the healing work and progress towards a better you. Ongoing classes in EEM for increased Joy, Health and Vitality! Free 20-minute phone or Skype consultation. July 2018


yourlocalresources EVENT CENTER & MEETING ROOMS


Two Locations!


7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 7502 West 80th Ave., Ste 170 (Lower Level PSCU Building), Arvada 303-731-6695 or 303-469-0306 / Discover a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers, and gatherings, and offering an event center (space rental) to empower people to create and express thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand community. See ad page 28.


Katia Meier, MD 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 / Feel and look your best at any age with Katia Meier, MD, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Specialty trained in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine in Europe and certified in laser and injectable aesthetic dermatology. Specializing in whole body health with customized approaches. All ages; most insurance welcome. Set up your appointment today. See ad page 2.

HEALING JOANNE PALLADINO Intuitive – Channel – Reiki Master-Teacher 303-263-0679 / NEW CLIENT Specials; FREE Activations to Awaken.Your session will touch all aspects of your being. 1. A meaningful intuitive reading helps expand perspectives; 2. Shmaya, a channeled vibrational light language, attunes you to a love frequency; 3. Reiki healing to dissolve energetic blockages; 4. Life changing guidance that will shift ‘old patterns’ that no longer serve you. In-person or by phone. 30

Denver Mile High Edition

Elaine Brogan, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) / 720-256-1336 Create a nourished life and transform your health through one-on-one coaching, personalized nutrition plans, and expert guidance. Feel balanced, beautiful, and empowered to take on your wellness goals. Achieve and maintain your ideal weight, discover the ideal foods for your body type, learn healing, seasonal recipes and remedies, and naturally improve your energy and mood. 3-6 month plans are designed for your unique needs. Call or see website to set up your free 1 hour consultation today.

NEW! HOLISTIC NURSING HOLISTIC HEAVEN Kerry Hardy, RN, HNB-BC, RMT, CCH 5277 Manhattan Circle, Ste 250, Boulder / 203-895-5134 Looking for balance between traditional medicine and the holistic environment? Offering energy healings, health consultations and medical intuitive sessions to promote peace, love and healing to the mind, body and spirit. Kerry is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Certified Holistic Cancer Educator, doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, & Juice Plus+ Consultant. Specializing with clients & their families dealing with cancer, chronic pain or disease, emotional trauma or the transition & loss of a loved one. Visits in office, Skype, or house calls made in local area.

INTEGRATIVE CARE CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional Medicine. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.


Chantal Fidanza - Santa Fe, NM 505-438-1074 / Offering Intuitive Guide Certification, Tele-courses, Intuitive Healing Sessions, and Empath Support (both with and without equines) at my peaceful, mountain-view setting, or via phone. Everything I teach I continue to walk on my own path and offer with the intention of empowering others to merge with their divine light and to trust their own guidance and inner wisdom. Special support for empaths, those particularly sensitive to energy. Discounted Session Packages for ongoing support available.

NEW! MEDITATION RON LIGGETT 303-819-2100 / The Royal Road to an experience of the Self starts with meditation and service to others. There is a scientific and very effective way of doing both using a method called Transmission Meditation. In this meditation our Elder Teachers send very high energies through our chakras which then get distributed to the world. It is simple, life changing and always free. Call for more information.

MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT ELISA MALANGONE 720-372-3927 / Searching for passion and insight to your life purpose? Connect to your unique insight and higher soul perspective for guidance concerning healing from grief and loss, health, career, relationships, finances, and other matters of the heart. Elisa combines authentic mediumship abilities and intuitive coaching by connecting to spiritual guidance to assist you in tapping into your higher wisdom and best self. Live, phone or virtual readings & events. Call or see website for more details. See ad, page 8.

yourlocalresources NO-PAIN OPTIMAL ALIGNMENT NEUROENERGETIC RELEASE™ (NER) Donald W. Kipp, Founder 303-697-4923 NER helps people be Healthier, Decrease Pain, and Increase Peak-Performance ...In Seconds! Control systems, not force are used to painlessly and quickly realign and rebalance the entire body. This releases whole-being patterns causing seemingly unrelated symptoms (such as back pain, headaches, indigestion, brain-fog and asthma). NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes, and dis-ease. Call now for optimal health and performance.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier and staff offer Certified Nutrition therapists, specializing in the food-brain connection, nutrition for cancer prevention, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities/allergies, elimination diets and medically supervised weight loss.. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.

PHYSICIAN: BOARD CERTIFIED HOLISTIC CLEAR SKY MEDICAL Dr. Katia Meier 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 / Feel and look your best with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health for children and adults. Customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutritional Analysis and therapy, medical aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Program, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Make your appointment today. See ad page 2.


Jeff Baird, Unlimited Reiki Master/Teacher Based in Evergreen In-Person & Remote Healings 720-250-8107 Reiki heals both humans and animals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Baird’s “touch free” and gentle leading approach changes lives as his loyal customers rediscover their wellness. Jeff has helped people and animals heal from Cancer, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Insomnia, Migraines, Depression, Retinitis Pigmentosa, broken bones, sprains, spinal issues, allergies, nightmares, flu, chronic pain, dental issues, panic attacks, kidney stones, diabetes and more. He has helped individuals and teams achieve their professional as well as their personal goals for over 30 years. Got Pain? Get Reiki!

Each person must live their life as a model for others. ~Rosa Parks

TANTRA/CONSCIOUS COACHING SELAH | HOLISTIC WELLNESS Andrea Martin, CYT, Certified Intuitive Dao Tantric Healing Artist, Conscious Lifestyle/Relationship Coach

2346 Broadway, Boulder 720-739-0422 / Complement your body’s natural ability to self-heal, balance, and evolve with Selah, a Tantric Healing Arts, Yoga, and Conscious Lifestyle & Relationship Coaching practice. Tantric Bodywork for individuals & couples combines sensory massage, energy circulation, breathwork, engagement techniques, and mild yoga postures to re-sensitize your being. Conscious Coaching guides you into deeper congruence with your authentic self. YogaHikes™ invite you to hike into your practice on epic trails. Allow us to guide you into the modality that will best serve you. See ad page 23.


Conscious Relationship/Tantra Coach 1025 Rosewood Ave, Ste 106, Boulder 303-630-9479 / I am dedicated to Conscious Relationship & Tantra. Tantra. It’s a path of meditation…what sets it apart from other ‘paths’ is that it looks to the wisdom of the body & the senses as a means to becoming more present & alive in every aspect of our lives. Our bodies have a deep wisdom that modern life often ignores. Sessions include bioenergetics, breathe practices, meditation & more. There is no nudity or sexual contact. Individuals & couples may explore issues such as Tantric Lovemaking & Spirituality; Tools for Initiating & Deepening Intimacy; Support in the Awakening Process; Men, WomeN’s & Teens Empowerment.


Shannon Elisabeth 970-818-8346 An adventure of a lifetime in rural and urban India, exploring ourselves through reflections from our global community. Our journey is about social consciousness, compassion, inspiration, and awe for the complexity and beauty of life everywhere. This is not a yoga or meditation retreat. Through this unique cultural immersion, we connect with the physical and spiritual worlds like never before. Learn more about traveling with us to India December 2018!

I don’t go by the rule book... I lead from the heart, not the head. ~Princess Diana

July 2018



Experience REAL QIGONG



3-Days AMAZING Qigong and Food Healing $149

Day 1 SATURDAY Intro: History of Qigong Traditional Chinese Medice



Food-Healing: Smoothies,

Qigong Strength Training:

Qigong Level-2 Form:

Wuji Level-3 Freestyle:

Make Fresh Red Pepper Paste Sample Taste Top Healing Food

Empty Force: Magnetic Favorite to Increase Energy Improves Standing Posture

Wider Stances Deeper Qi

Breath Empowerment:

Walking Qigong: Carry

Gives a Profound Euphoria Oxygenates Body to Core

Energy Wherever You Go Improves Focusing Ability

Food-Healing: Radicals,

Tui Na Massage: Pressure

Foods for Cancer, Heart, Eyes, Diabetes, Brain and more

Qigong Level-1 Form:

Routine Decreases Stress, Improves Circulation in a Connected Group Atmosphere

Applied Points for Pain Relief

9-Breath Method:

Our Most Powerful Breathing Helps Instantaneously Dissolve Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Improves Oxygen Metabolism


Powerful Fitness without Injury Use Qigong in Your Workout

Uses Tai Chi like Movements Creatively in Your Sequence

Mastering Five Elements:

Psychology Self Improvement See Your Strong/Weak Elements

Foot Reflexology:

Pulsing Massage for Pain Relief

Advanced 9-Breath: Brings Qi to Pituitary Gland Helps Cognitive Performance Energizes in a Moments Notice

Hyatt Regency Tech Center

September 1st-3rd (800)-298-8970

SAT -SUN- MON 9am to 6pm Reserve Your Seats Today Limited Space

July 2018 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving the Front Range from Aurora to Evergreen - from Castle Rock to...

July 2018 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving the Front Range from Aurora to Evergreen - from Castle Rock to...