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Reduce Your Wrinkles By Valerie Sjoberg


he saying “wrinkles just show where the smiles have been” is just one of many quotes that put a positive spin on the lines that etch across the face during a lifetime. While wrinkles are a natural by-product of the aging process, you can slow the development of those “smile markers.” Here are several recommendations… but don’t forget the basics of wearing a high-SPF sunscreen, avoiding the sun, and moisturizing. 1. Limit facial washing. Tap water strips the skin of its protective oils and hydration. Facial cleansers are less harsh than soap and often contain protective moisturizers. 2. Don’t smoke. The nicotine in cigarettes narrows blood vessels and thus impairs the delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the skin. 3. Prevent squinting. Wear eye glasses and sunglasses as needed. Repetitive facial movements can overwork muscles and cause the development of furrows beneath the surface of the skin. 4. Sleep in a supine position. To minimize wrinkle production, sleep on the back. 5. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation causes increased cortisol, a hormone which in excess can cause cellular breakdown. 6. Eat a healthy diet. Diets including oily fish such as salmon (omega 3 fatty acids) and fruits and vegetables (antioxidants) nourish the skin, reduce damage caused

by free radicals, and support a younger and more radiant look. 7. Drink plenty of clean, filtered water. The epidermis (outer layer of skin) holds a large amount of water; high levels of epidermal hydration help to reduce wrinkles. Water also helps to flush toxins out of the body/skin and carry nutrients to cells. 8. Exercise. Movement increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. 9. Apply topical treatments. Skin care products containing certain ingredients have been shown to decrease wrinkle visibility, including: Alphahydroxy acids, retinoids, vitamins A, E and C, beta-carotene, idebenone and pentapeptides. In general, the skin serves as a mirror, reflecting how the body feels on the inside. Making healthy lifestyle choices can go a long way in wrinkle reduction and healthy-looking skin. Valerie Sjoberg is a licensed acupuncturist and certified health coach at the Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center. See ad page 13.


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Simple IgE testing may uncover a true food allergy that qualifies as a disease state. This only affects 5% of the population. But the ALCAT Test will detail optimal foods, occasional foods and avoid foods specifically for you! 80% of you may have latent sensitivities to specific foods that impact your digestion, immune function and overall vigor and health.

Clients that have undergone this testing to discover their own optimum diet report:

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Reduced Body Fat/Increased Muscle Tone Increased Energy Enhanced Mental Clarity Improved digestion Decrease Pain

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