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August 2016 | Denver/Boulder Edition |

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Keeping Food Out of the Trash Bin


by April Thompson


EMPOWERED Helping Kids Step into Their Best Selves by Judith Fertig



22 Minutes a Day Boosts Well-Being by Randy Kambic



How to Safely Help Hurt Animals by Sandra Murphy


GUARDIANS Kids Say No to Global Warming


by April Thompson




by Christa O’Leary

24 YAY FOR PLAY Ways to Spark a Child’s Creativity by April Thompson


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arents have the hardest job in the world: raising good kids who lean toward love, happiness and passion. Only a parent can know the physical and emotional ache of wanting to protect and bless your child with every joy possible. Balancing rules and consequences; playing the loving supporter or the disciplinarian; these can be an excruciating balancing act. Sometimes, the word “empower” can have a new-age, politically-correct feel that tends to be polarizing. However, our friend Randy Ferguson uses “empower” in a beautiful way. As a verb, it means to purposefully look for the very best in another. To see the totality of another human being and rejoice in their beauty, dreams, hopes, and positive qualities. Sharing this is an act of love - unconditional acceptance for the receiver and freedom from judgement for the giver. Challenge yourself to try this for a day, a week, then a month. Start with your kids, but include your spouse, coworkers, boss, friends. In the moments you choose to do this, you will know love. By sharing the experience of love, acceptance and freedom, we raise the vibration, reap the rewards, and just plain feel great! We hope the many articles offered in Natural Awakenings this month spark some ideas for you. We have great local resources, and of course other articles focused on conscious living, eating and personal growth. We hope you enjoy every moment of this August, as the summer winds down and kids return to school. Time seems so fleeting as we age; focusing on the Good, the Holy, and the Beautiful is a great way to be present and savor each moment with those you love.

“Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.” H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition


There’s a

New Intimacy Workshop


en Holloway, local author, speaker and life coach announces his new workshop for couples, Friday Night Delights, to take place August 5th and 19th, 6 pm at 750 W Hampden Ave, Suite 516 in Englewood. According to Holloway, the program is based on the work of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes and helps couples reconnect and appreciate one another by improving communication, deepening intimacy, and heating up romance. The setting is casually intimate and includes wine and refreshments. Contact Ken Holloway 760-223-3587 or

Homeopathic Remedies for Summer


August Specials for Access Consciousness


ccess Consciousness (AC) participating practitioners invite Natural Awakenings readers to a “buy-one-get-one-free” Bars session in August. Practitioners include Symantha Holloway, Jennilynne Coly, Alison Cox, Amber O’Hara and Mira Claire. According to Mira Claire, “Bars are a foundational part of Access Consciousness. There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money; 32 different ones in all. Each Bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named. Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it.” See ad page 19 for practitioners’ contact information to schedule your session.

Invisalign at Studio Z Dental


nvisalign braces, the clear, “virtually invisible” alternative to metal braces, are now available at Studio Z Dental, 818 W. South Boulder Rd in Louisville. “For many people Invisalign is a dream come true! It is a simple, virtually painless option that allows you to live a normal life. No food restrictions like braces and no reason to keep you from smiling during the whole process. At the end, you get a beautiful, healthy smile,” says Jackie Zyvoloski of Studio Z Dental. According to Zyvoloski, they are molded specifically to each unique mouth and have a very thin profile over the teeth. They generally don’t hurt, and you won’t talk funny. Any pain indicates the need for a simple adjustment. The process takes about the same amount of time as conventional metal braces. And, the overall cost is comparable to metal braces, depending on the severity of bite correction. Contact Studio Z Dental for a consultation at 303-666-7110. See listing page 30.

Newest Herbal Clinicians Taking Appointments


for That!

eginning September 15, the newest clinicians of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder will be available for holistic wellness consultations. Confidential and based on a sliding pay scale, they work with herbs, nutrition and lifestyle to educate and empower you to take charge of your health. Each certified herbalist has completed at least 870 classroom hours on these topics and all cases are reviewed by senior faculty. CSCH offers certificate programs in Western herbalism and integrated nutrition in the Vitalist tradition. Vitalist practitioners employ clinical strategies and methods which support this life power through encouragement of nourishment, digestion, rest and appropriate activity; identification of purpose in personal life; connection with nature; an active spiritual life; identification and removal of obstacles to cure on all levels; and avoidance of methods which suppress or distort life processes. Appointments available Mon-Fri. Call to schedule 720-406-8609. See ad page 13.

omeopathic remedies are powerful medicines made from substances found in Nature that stimulate your innate ability to heal yourself. Unlike conventional pharmaceuticals and herbs that chemically change the body’s physiology, homeopathic remedies work energetically by stimulating the Vital Force to restore optimal health. When the Vital Force is weakened by stress, injury or long-term trauma, symptoms develop, indicating that it needs help. Homeopathic remedies address chronic conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Attention Deficient Disorder and depression; as well as acute conditions like colds, flu, strains and sprains. Here are some of my favorite remedies for common Summertime ailments. They are readily available in most health food stores and are ridiculously cheap! Generally, use the 30c potency every few hours until the symptoms subside. Then take the remedy once or twice a day for a few days to prevent relapse. • INSECT BITES/STINGS – LEDUM PALUSTRE • PICNIC FOOD POISONING – ARSENICUM ALBUM • HEAT STROKE/SUNBURN – BELLADONNA For more specific information on these and other Summertime Homeopathic Remedies, see or

Kathleen Fry, MD, CTHHom Homeopath Author: VITALITY! How To Get It and Keep It: A Homeopath’s Guide to Vibrant Health Without Drugs (





480-695-1383 •

natural awakenings

August 2016


newsbriefs Learn Dowsing from a Local Master


aren Rice King, Master Dowser Energy Worker, will hold her last Pendulum Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture training of 2016 on August 27-28 in Denver. Participants will work with King in a central Denver home (Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 10am-3pm) for two days. According to King, no experience is necessary while you learn to dowse and “cure” your home and office of Geopathic Stress. Everyone takes home a kit (valued at $250) that includes supplies and learning materials. King has been choosing her paid Apprentices from these workshops over the past two decades. Cost is $450 and space is limited. RSVP or 303-665-0175.

Life Coaching Special Offer


onia Crosby, Certified Life Coach, is offering a package of 4 sessions for $280. Focused on clarifying, strategizing and motivating for meaningful change and progress, Tonia uses methods in self-awareness, mindfulness and appropriate goal-setting. Tonia says, “You can expect to examine limiting beliefs, habitual behaviors and patterns that may be standing between you and the life you desire, while building goal-centered plans for achieving your short and long term dreams and objectives. I encourage and guide clients in accessing and living the most authentic and fulfilling life possible.” Sessions available in office or via Skype/Phone, 619-838-3844 or See listing page 31.

Free Energy Healing Sessions Aug 8 & 15


everend Natasha Deakins is offering free, 30-minute healing sessions August 8th and 15th for Natural Awakenings readers and first-time clients. “Healing sessions are helpful in speeding up recovery time and your spiritual advancement. Assistance will be given on an energetic level to release undesirable life patterns and provide insight from a spiritual point of view. During the session, you can bring concerns and questions on anything you want a healing on.” Spots are limited and appointment is necessary. Contact Rev. Deakins at 720-499-8469 or See ad page 9.

ʱĹčå ƋĘå œŅųĬÚ kĹåŅÚƼ at a ‰Ĝĵå ‰ų±ĜĹĜĹčŅĵĜĹč„ŅŅĹ ƋŅ±åčĜŅĹcå±ų¥Ņƚ a±ƼƐLjØƖLjŎƀôåĬĬĜĹčʱĵØœe IƚĹåŎƖØƖLjŎƀôeƋĬ±ĹƋ±Ø:e eƚčƚŸƋƀØƖLjŎƀôBŅĬÚåųĹ域ØcB „åŞƋåĵÆåųŎíØƖLjŎƀôʱųĬ埉ŅƵĹØœš „åŞƋåĵÆåųƖƖØƖLjŎƀôųŅŅĩĀåĬÚØœF



Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

The ‘Best of the Best’ of Matrix Energetics August 20-22


r. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson host a three-day Matrix Energetics® Fundamentals, Magic, and Mastery course at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Int’l Airport 7001 Yampa St., August 20-22. The course is focused on the art and science of creation, realization and manifestation, and effectively takes individuals into the realms of intensified personal empowerment, according to Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy “We will be integrating all of the basic procedures of Matrix Energetics Fundamentals in the first extended day,” Dr. Bartlett says, noting the program will cover Two Point, Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Archetypes, and the 21 Frequencies. Melissa Joy says that these subjects will teach attendees how to connect with the field of Matrix Energetics to make changes instantly. “Specific techniques are taught that utilize the power of focused intent, playfulness and heartcentered awareness to create realtime changes in patterns, precepts and awareness,” she says. “The following day will expand on our popular Wizards Training or Magic, which explores the powerful field of consciousness potential,” Dr. Bartlett says. Finally, the third day of the program will build on these previous courses to introduce the Mastery seminar. According to Melissa Joy, “You will learn how to locate physical and energetic areas of imbalance in the body, determine the cause of the imbalance and utilize specific energetic tools and techniques to correct imbalances contributing to the condition or problem.” Tuition for the 3-day course is $650 before 7/29; $700 after. No prerequisites, course counts toward maintaining Matrix Energetics® certification. Info/register, or 800-368-0973. See ad page 9.


Rolfing Improves Sitting Posture


hen sitting, many people believe that pulling their shoulders back, lifting up the chest and tucking in their buttocks to eliminate the curve of the lower back creates a healthy posture. Good posture actually comes naturally from using our body efficiently and allowing its structure to support us, rather than holding ourselves up by means of muscles alone. When we sit, if the buttocks are shifted forward the back gets rounder and our weight compresses the nerves near the tailbone; breathing is restricted as the neck and shoulders tense to try to hold us upright. However, by popping out the buttocks and seating the pelvis on the chair so that our weight of drops down to the front edges of our “sit bones,” we can relax our entire body while remaining upright and balanced. Rolfing Structural Integration practitioners analyze how different positions and tension patterns shift the way our weight is supported, which in turn affects posture. Rolfers release these constricted areas in the connective tissues (fascia), which can bind us into habitual tension patterns. They also advise clients about the most efficient ways to sit, stand and move to help them achieve the balance, mobility and awareness needed to be able to enjoy a consistently relaxed, upright posture. Jazmine Fox-Stern, certified advanced Rolfer in Boston, MA, can be reached at 617-308-7104. Visit to find a practitioner near you, under FindARolfer. See ad page 8.

Aromatherapy Soothes Allergies


esearch from Korea’s Chung-Ang University has found that inhaling aromatherapy infusions comprising a combination of sandalwood, frankincense and ravensara for five minutes twice daily significantly reduces symptoms of allergies after seven days. The researchers tested 54 men and women, half of which were tested using a placebo of almond oil. Total nasal symptom score (TNSS) and rhinoconjunctivitis quality of life questionnaire (RQLQ) results were both significantly lower in the aromatherapy group. TNSS scores decreased by more than half and RQLQ scores decreased by more than 60 percent. Scores for fatigue and sleep quality also improved in the aromatherapy group. “These findings indicate that inhalation of certain aromatherapy oils help relieve perennial allergic rhinitis symptoms, improve rhinitis-specific quality of life and reduce fatigue in patients with perennial allergic rhinitis,” ChungAng University’s Seo Yeon Choi and Kyungsook Park explain in their paper.

Heal Now • Intuitive Healer • Energetic Healing • Chakra Balance • Cellular Repair

1800 30th St. Suite 309 Boulder, CO 80301

Call Now: 720-499-8469

Rev. Natasha Deakins

M-Joy Integrative Denver, Colorado March 19-21, 2016

Best of the Best of ME Fundamentals + Magic + Mastery in a Complete 3 Day Program

• Access transformation  DQGLQ¿QLWHSRVVLELOLWLHV • Explore magical living, healing, and manifestation • Acquire skillsets for the journey to self-mastery

Dr. Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy Jonsson Co-Instructors

Denver, Colorado • August 20-22, 2016 Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Int’l Airport Registration/More Information: or call 1-800-368-0973

FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING Food Sensitivities can cause Bloating • Gas • Foggy Head • Skin Problems Fatigue • Joint Pain • IBS • ADD/ADHD and many other health issues. The Physics of Health offers Food Sensitivity Testing using: • FDA Registered Biofeedback • Painless and Non-Invasive • 160 Different Foods Tested • Immediate Results-Full Color Report For More information Call Trish Watson, CNC

303.257.0058 • natural awakenings

August 2016



Maya Abdominal Massage Helps PMS and Digestion D

o you struggle with abdominal symptoms related to your menstrual cycles or digestion that leaves you feeling miserable? Maya abdominal massage (MAM) is a traditional body-work modality practiced for generations among indigenous Central Americans. According to MAM expert Rosita Arvigo, these are possible benefits of MAM: • MAM may relieve PMS (and menopause) symptoms related to your menstrual cycle. Many cycle-related complaints can be linked to a tipped uterus (1 in 5 women may experience this according to Malposition of the Uterus by John P O’Grady, MD, MA). When the uterus is massaged back into its homeostatic position, the organ can function properly and hormone balance may improve; • MAM may help support your ability to get pregnant. A tipped uterus may not be getting the blood, nutrients, and oxygen needed to keep the tissue healthy and primed for pregnancy. Once pregnant, MAM can help to keep the uterus positioned correctly, which can help support a more easeful delivery. And it may support post-delivery as the uterus returns to a smaller size and the ligaments that hold the uterus in place have to tighten; • MAM can support and promote digestive health by helping to soften all of the muscles of the abdomen to aid proper nutrient absorption. Natalie Gentry of Holistic Healing Space is Certified in Arvigo techniques, as well as other massage therapies. She can be reached at 303-325-4150 or See listing page 31.

Delayed Kindergarten Reduces Attention Deficit


elaying kindergarten enrollment for one year shows significant mental health benefits for children, according to a Stanford University study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Reviewing results from a mental health survey completed by more than 35,000 Danish parents, the researchers saw that youngsters held back from kindergarten for as little as one year showed a 73 percent reduction in inattentiveness and hyperactivity for an average child at age 11, compared to children enrolled the year earlier. Measuring inattentiveness and hyperactivity reflect a child’s ability to selfregulate. The generally accepted theory is that young people that are able to stay focused, sit still and pay attention longer tend to do much better in school. “This is some of the most convincing evidence we’ve seen to support what U.S. parents and policymakers have already been doing—choosing to delay entry into kindergarten,” says Stanford Graduate School of Education Professor Thomas S. Dee. In addition to improved mental health, children with later kindergarten enrollment dates also exhibited superior emotional and social skills. The number of U.S. children entering kindergarten at age 6 instead of 5 has progressively increased to about 20 percent, according to the study. Many parents are opting to delay kindergarten enrollment for a year to give their children a leg up in physical and emotional maturity and social skills.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Breastfed Babies Have Fewer Colds and Ear Infections A

study from the University of Texas has found that increased breastfeeding decreases ear infections among nursing children. The researchers followed 367 babies between 1 and 12 months old from 2008 through 2014. The scientists analyzed family history traits of smoking, ear infections, breastfeeding and formula feeding. Nose and throat mucosal samples were taken throughout the study period to identify infections, and parents informed the researchers whenever the baby experienced an infection. The study was led by Dr. Tasnee Chonmaitree, a pediatrics professor from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. “We clearly showed that frequent upper respiratory infections, carriage of bacteria in the nose and lack of breastfeeding are major risk factors for ear infections,” he states. “Prolonged breastfeeding was associated with significant reductions in both colds and ear infections, a common complication of colds.”

healthbriefs Legumes Facilitate Weight Loss


ol of Clinica o h


erbalism lH

If You Are Reading This, So Are Your Potential Customers.

ra Colo do Sc

review of 21 clinical trials has found that just one daily serving of legumes can facilitate an average drop of three-quarters of a pound over a six-week period. Published in the journal Obesity, the research analyzed results from studies that tested a total of 940 men and women eating about three-quarters of a cup of beans, lentils, chickpeas and other legumes each day. The subjects reported feeling nearly one-third fuller on average after eating about 5.6 ounces of these foods with their meals, compared with a control group’s diet. These beneficial legumes may also reduce body fat percentages. According to senior study author and physician John Sievenpiper, Ph.D., of St. Michael’s Hospital’s Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Center and the University of Toronto, “Ninety percent of weight-loss diets fail, resulting in weight regain, which may be due in part to hunger and food cravings. Knowing which foods make people feel fuller longer may help them lose weight and keep it off.”

Boulder, Colorado

Contact us today so we can help grow your business. 303-770-1981 720 ‡ 722 ‡ 4372

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism Offering Introductory, Advanced, and Clinical training programs in Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition in the Vitalist Tradition. Also offering sliding scale Holistic Wellness Consultations in our Student Clinic. Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

natural awakenings

August 2016


globalbriefs Good Reads Fiction Readers Have More Empathy

Get Fresh! Feel Energized! Savor The Flavors! Garden Fresh Hot Buffet, Natural & Organic Salad Bar & Gluten Free Options Our health conscious creative cuisine delights vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike

NEW HOURS Lunch: Wed-Fri 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Dinner: Wed-Sat 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

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Awesome Indoor & Patio Dining 1400 Cherry Street entrance on 14th

The love of books may begin at any age, but for most, it starts in childhood. Now, scientists are studying the effects of reading on the brain with MRIs, polls, surveys and experiments. The results indicate that readers of fiction are more empathetic toward others. By engaging with a story, they are temporarily placing themselves in a character’s shoes, thus fostering empathy in real life, and literary reading amplifies this effect. According to a Stanford University study, reading a challenging book also helps us become smarter, as well as more empathetic. By attempting to tackle harder books, we create new connections in our minds that we might not have done otherwise. Neuroscientist Bob Dougherty remarks, “The right patterns of ink on a page can create vivid mental imagery and instill powerful emotions.” David Comer Kidd, author of another related study, observes, “Like opening a window to let fresh air into our home, literature opens up our minds to the myriad ideas that we wouldn’t be able to experience on our own. We can pause to analyze the experiences depicted as if they were our own, expanding our experience of the world.”


Show Stopper



Circuses Cease Exotic Animal Acts The Ringling Brothers Circus made good on a promise to retire their last contingent of performing elephants to the Center for Elephant Conservation, in Polk City, Florida, with the last such show streamed worldwide in May. While Ringling will retain the services of tigers, lions, leopards, horses, camels, dogs and kangaroos, the Mexican Congress has voted to prohibit exotic animals under big tops across their country. That means no more tigers jumping through hoops, elephants used as props or monkeys dressed in tiny outfits. The bill requires circuses to report the wildlife they own, which would then be made available to interested zoos. Source: The New York Times

Green Serenity Sikkim Now a Wholly Organic State

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September Yoga & Music Issue 12

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Sikkim, the northeastern Indian state located between Bhutan and Nepal, has rid its agricultural land of pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified crops and other artificial inputs on around 75,000 hectares, or about 300 square miles, of agricultural land, making it its country’s first organic state. Instead, farmers use natural alternatives such as green manure and compost. Twelve years ago, the Pawan Chamling-led government decided to make Sikkim an organic farming state through a declaration in the legislative assembly. After the entry of chemical inputs for farmland was restricted and their sale banned, farmers had no option but to go organic. Source:

globalbriefs Scrambling Species Climate Change Favors Some Birds over Others Decades of data show that climate change is manipulating the way avian species move across continents. For instance, the orchard oriole is losing prime habitat in the South, but gaining more up north. Thousands of species worldwide face the same dilemma. Specific birds need a particular habitat, such as open spaces or groves of trees, and some of their traditionally preferred spots are becoming unlivable. England’s Durham University ecologist Phillip Stephens, along with researchers from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the U.S. Geological Survey, have compiled nearly half a century’s worth of occurrence data from thousands of citizen scientists. Birders submitted their observations to the Pan-European Common Birds Monitoring Scheme and the North American Breeding Bird Survey for 145 terrestrial bird species native to Europe and 380 species native to the United States. “We used that information to generate a prior expectation for whether the species would’ve been advantaged or disadvantaged by climate change,” says Stephens. The predictions were compared with actual bird abundance data from 1980 through 2010, and the populations that were expected to lose suitable habitat declined, while those expected to find their habitats improve increased. He states, “Recent climate change has already favored one set of species over another.” Read the report at

ecotip Vegan Leather Walk the Talk with Cruelty-Free Shoes With a wealth of luxury faux alternatives available in today’s market, shoe lovers can obtain the quality footwear they desire without incurring the usual environmental and human health costs. Vegan leather is an animal-friendly alternative to real leather, derived from synthetic materials. No cow, sheep, goat or any other animal is killed in order to make vegan leather shoes, and for most people, that’s a good enough reason to choose it over the “real” thing. Provided that we pick the right maker, it also boasts the added advantage of being far more eco-friendly and sustainable than conventional leather. Elizabeth Olsen, founder of the luxury vegan shoe brand Olsenhaus, says, “The only difference is the materials—one uses a dead animal’s skin preserved in toxic chemicals; the other is made from a mixture of natural and manmade materials that are better for animals and the environment.” Twenty times more energy is used to create a leather hide than what is required for synthesized material. Conventional leather tanning involves treating animal skins with large quantities of toxic chemicals, including mineral salts, lead, cyanide and formaldehyde. This process wreaks havoc on our environment and the people that work in or live near tanneries, where chemical exposure can cause sickness or even be lethal. Olsen cautions that just because a shoe is vegan doesn’t mean it’s been made in an eco-friendly way. She uses natural and manmade materials such as linen, cotton, cork, wood, imitation leathers and recycled faux suede in her vegan shoe line. To assess the quality of vegan leather shoes, she advises, “Shoppers can feel the material and look at the grain to see if it’s faux; with faux, the grain will show a repeating pattern. Also, look for labels noting materials either inside or on the bottom of shoes.” natural awakenings

August 2016


consciouseating pounds of food from 184 campuses in 42 states, proving that ingenuity and philanthropy can together fight the food waste travesty. “There are two major barriers to recovering leftover food; one is awareness, like helping businesses to understand the laws that protect them from liability,” says Pascual, the organization’s current director of innovation and operations. “The other is the labor involved. Universities are the perfect ecosystem for food recovery because college students have flexible schedules and are community service-minded, offering a ready by April Thompson supply of volunteers.” The latest FRN initiative is a certifi cation program to verify that s much as 40 percent of farms and restaurants are engaging in food produced in the U.S. is food recovery that includes creating wasted, even as one in six a toolkit to help restaurants safely Americans goes hungry. Instead recover leftover meals. of feeding people better, we are The U.S. Environmental Protection feeding the city dump. Of all types Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of trash, food consumes the most of Agriculture recently set a goal space in our municipal landfills, of slashing food waste in half by followed by plastic and paper. 2030, with several supporting bills Rotting food then releases harmful methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times approaching the floor in Congress. The EPA food recovery hierarchy more potent than carbon dioxide. calls for reducing food waste first While food waste is a big problem, social entrepreneurs see a and foremost, with recovering food big opportunity. Around the country, to feed people or animals as a they are working to reduce, recover fallback and utilizing landfills only as a last resort. and rethink discarded food valued “It’s one thing to set goals, but at more than $160 billion a year. to realize those reductions in food In the process, they are not only cutting food costs, but also creating waste, we have to change our behavior,” says Jonathan Bloom, jobs and fighting climate change. author of American Wasteland: How University of Maryland College America Throws Away Nearly Half Park alumna Cam Pascual coof Its Food (and What We Can Do founded the nonprofit Food About It). Farms and households are Recovery Network (FRN) after the two largest generators of food watching hundreds of pounds of waste, according to Bloom, whose food hit the trash in her campus blog at offers dining hall every night. Pascual dozens of beneficial tips for keeping and her colleagues mobilized food out of the trash bin. a volunteer network to shuttle Fighting food waste starts before leftovers from the university to soup we go to the grocery. Bloom kitchens, donating 200 meals a recommends consumers organize night to feed the hungry. cupboards to know what’s already In the last five years, FRN has in stock, plan meals and stick to recovered more than 1 million

A GOOD FOOD FIGHT Keeping Food Out of the Trash Bin



Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Food waste reduction can be engineered in ways less noticeable to consumers, such as doing away with dining hall trays or using smaller plates.

UGLY FOOD FEEDS THE HUNGRY Diverting Unsold Food from Full Landfills to Hungry Tummies

~Cam Pascual


the shopping list. Post-purchase, easy tips include serving smaller portions, freezing leftovers and sharing surplus with friends and neighbors. Bloom’s website fans contribute more ideas like mixing veggie scraps into pet food or making them into soup stock. Using a smaller refrigerator keeps shoppers from bulking up while saving energy costs. The battle against wasted food needs to start at home, where small steps add up to big change. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, of Washington, D.C., at

onathan Bloom speaks to college students around the U.S. explaining how fighting food waste requires changing beliefs and behaviors about food. “Recognize that taste should trump appearance, and don’t be so concerned with superficialities,” is a leading message. He cites replicable countermeasures like Hungry Harvest and Imperfect Produce, both predicated upon giving “ugly produce” a second chance. Based in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco’s Bay Area, respectively, these businesses offer low-cost home delivery of surplus produce, much of which is rejected for not meeting grocery stores’ high cosmetic standards. Here are more examples of the community pioneers working to divert food from overstuffed landfills to people. Daily Table ( purchases excess food from growers, manufacturers and supermarkets to provide healthy food at fast-food prices for populations in need. The

Dorchester, Massachusetts, retail grocery store offers fresh produce and grocery items, plus ready-to-cook and grab-n-go prepared meals. Fruitcycle ( makes healthy dried snacks from produce that would otherwise be tossed. The Washington, D.C.-area business also provides jobs for formerly incarcerated, homeless or otherwise disadvantaged women. Food Cowboy ( reroutes food rejected by distributors. Truck drivers use a mobile app to communicate availability of such produce and find a charity or compost site to accept it. Re-Nuble ( transforms food waste into affordable, organic fertilizer for hydroponic growing, thus contributing a solution to hunger. BluApple ( makes a plastic, fruit-shaped device that can triple the shelf life of refrigerated food. It absorbs ethylene, a naturally occurring gas that accelerates spoilage.


Your smile… the ultimate accessory

Dr. Cate Vieregger believes that dental health plays a SIGNIFICANT role in your overall health. A SPECIAL diagnostic appointment will help us UNDERSTAND your individual needs and desires. We will work with YOUR other holistic health partners to provide optimal care.

MERCURY FREE * LATEX FREE * SEDATION DENTISTRY * GENERAL AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY • 7400 E. Crestline Circle • Suite 230 • Greenwood Village • 303-770-1116 natural awakenings

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GROWING UP EMPOWERED Helping Kids Step into Their Best Selves by Judith Fertig


he plugged-in, stressed-out world that challenges adults can be even more difficult for teens dealing with hormones, peer pressure and a “selfie” culture. Parents can help their children thrive and become empowered individuals by nurturing desirable character traits such as resourcefulness, resilience, perseverance, self-reliance, independence, empathy and social competence. Child psychologist Michele Borba, Ed.D., of Palm Springs, California, is a former classroom teacher and the mother of three grown children who dispenses advice at MicheleBorba. com/blog. Her main parenting focus is character education, as reflected in her latest book, Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our AllAbout-Me World. “Tune in to what your kids love,” advises Borba. “Then


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

find learning experiences that help them develop traits they need to be happy, productive adults.” This positive parenting approach— accentuating youthful desires and strengths, instead of deficiencies and weaknesses—helps young people develop a secure footing in life. “Kids are driven by their hearts,” observes Borba. “A positive parent doesn’t do the cookie-cutter approach, as in, ‘That’s what worked for other kids in the neighborhood.’ Teens think that being trendy, beautiful, rich and famous are valuable life goals. “The positive parent looks at each child as an individual, listens to what really makes them light up, and then supports that.”

Local Resources Locally, you’ll find individuals working on empowering our children

to defend against bullies and even courses that help us become empowering parents! Rich and Jeanie Dreher teach a children’s self-esteem workshop (Unity Temple, 1555 Race St.) in Denver. They empower kids ages 7-13 to raise their self-esteem while creating “bullyproof armor” through affirmations and mirror-talk. “This workshop teaches physical self-esteem techniques and ways to stay safe in school. We have children identify themselves with a ‘power animal’ (anything from the pet turtle to the family dog) and side-by-side with a personalized mirror, children can practice some inspired self-talk anytime,” says Dreher. (303-717-7424 or Randy Ferguson’s Love, Courage and Achievement Project aims to “bring forward the innate magnificence we are as human beings…so participants discover how to live from a higher state of awareness.” “One of our most significant discoveries is a technique for dismantling ‘core issues’ - those vulnerable areas that kids reactivate in parents over and over again. What happens is quite remarkable. Parents begin responding instead of reacting. The anger and drama begin to fall away and families move into a whole new level of cooperation where they see the best in each other. Especially in the world of parenting, the adage, ‘What we create on the outside begins with what we create on the inside’ becomes especially true and useful.” (303-989-2605,

Emotional Literacy/ Healthy Risk-Taking Sometimes parents need to address a teen’s longing for friends and social connections. For youths that especially need to nurture their social skills, such as high-functioning kids with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, film school might be an answer. At the Joey Travolta Film School and summer camp, in Lafayette, California, kids work together to make a movie; they start with a script, create sets, operate the camera, act and direct.

Outdoor skills can help teens develop healthy risk-taking behaviors, as well as teach resilience, perseverance and selfreliance. Susie Kincade of the Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail leads outdoor workshops like the Chrysalis Circle for Girls, a 6-day retreat for girls 13-18; or the Heart-2-Heart Mother/ Daughter retreat. Designed to help women and girls connect, support and gain confidence to live their best lives, they include fun activities include mountain biking, skiing, rafting, climbing and trailblazing. (970-3285472 or

Leadership Over time, experiential learning can help youths develop leadership skills. Lander, Wyoming’s National Outdoor Leadership School, a gap-year program for high school graduates taking a year off before college, offers courses lasting two weeks, several months or even a full year. Activities include sea kayaking, Alaskan mountain and glacier climbing and wilderness medicine. Teens already on track and wanting to develop additional leadership skills can tap into motivational speaker and self-help author Anthony Robbins’ annual Unleash the Power Within youth leadership program event. Groups of youths 14 to 17 years old collectively participate to create individual breakthroughs, move beyond fears and limiting beliefs, accomplish goals and realize true desires. Application

requirements include a good academic record, at least 20 hours of community service and a guidance counselor’s recommendation. Robbins maintains, “Grow and give is what life is all about.”

Service to Others One surprising way for youngsters 5 to 19 years old to become empowered is joining a 4-H group in urban, suburban or rural areas. Founded in 1902, 4-H is a global nonprofit dedicated to learning by doing; specialties now range from computer science and graphic design to leadership, healthy living and the performing arts. Positive mentoring by adults and developing community spirit ground 4-H clubs, camps and programs. Research by Tufts University’s Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development and America’s landgrant colleges and universities shows that people with a 4-H background are more likely to be give back to their communities than others (Tinyurl. com/YouthDevelopmentStudy). For Grammy-winner Jennifer Nettles, of Nashville, 4-H meant learning to perform at an early age, even flying to Chicago to do it. “I don’t know that I would be where I am today without 4-H,” she says. “Mentors there help you. They helped me with the skills of performing and learning about being on stage; they also taught me the importance of giving back.”

Sustainable Sustenance Growing food for themselves and others can be a great adventure for teens, while fostering resourcefulness, perseverance and ecological awareness. Seventeenyear-old Katie Stagliano launched Katie’s Krops, in Summerville, South Carolina, several years ago based on her desire to fight hunger by growing food for people that need it. Today, the enterprise offers grants for youth in any area to start and maintain a local garden, provided they give away the produce to the hungry. The initiative has grown to more than 50 gardens around the U.S.

Both Mobile Urban Growers, in Mobile, Alabama, and Closer to Earth, in Oklahoma City, empower youth through exercising organic gardening skills, environmental and food justice advocacy and personal mentorship. Empowering experiences for teens don’t have to cost a lot or involve travel. “Dream big, but start small. Look around your own backyard, in your community,” says Borba. “Teens can learn to pay it forward in all kinds of ways. They can get together with their peers and take on a doable project to help others.” Casual family activities can provide opportunities for conversations about what teens want in life or what they’re worried about, and that opens the door for adults to step up to help mentor and empower their children. “Boys are more likely to talk while they’re doing something, like shooting baskets with you in the driveway,” observes Borba. “Girls are more likely to talk if it’s one-on-one.” Positive parents actively listen and then clarify what they heard from their teens, says Herman-Saccio. This information helps point the way forward, to more interactive dialogue, brainstorming, problem-solving, helpful experiences and eventually, youth empowerment. Judith Fertig blogs at from Overland Park, KS.

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Chiropractic plus: Game Changers

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JUST WALK 22 Minutes a Day Boosts Well-Being by Randy Kambic


ven mainstream media have picked up on the many physical and mental benefits of walking, including weight loss, reduced stress, increased energy and better sleep, and that’s only the beginning. These additional compelling effects may well catalyze us to consistently step out for a daily walk, understanding that cumulative steps count, too. For more inspiration, check out this month’s race walking at the Summer Olympics.

Walking helps heart health and diabetes. According to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking program launched last fall, the risk of heart disease and diabetes can be significantly reduced via an average of 22 minutes a day of brisk walking. “Physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, osteoporosis, cognitive decline and even depression,” says Dr. JoAnn Manson, chief of the division of preventive medicine at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “Can you imagine if there was a pill that could simultaneously have all those benefits? Everyone would be clamoring for it.”

The moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow. ~Henry David Thoreau Walking reduces anxiety and clears thinking. The results of a national survey of nearly 3,000 women between the ages of 42 and 52 published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that those that walked as part of a regular physical activity showed fewer signs of depression compared with inactive women. The more physical activity a woman logged, the less likely she was to exhibit such symptoms, suggesting that moderate-to-intense levels of exercise may help protect against mental illness. The survey further revealed that 85 percent believe walking helps reduce any present anxiety and feelings of depression, while two-thirds reported that walking stimulates their thinking.

Walking boosts life performance. “Until the late 1960s, 90 percent of America’s children that lived up to a mile away walked to school. Today, that figure is 30 percent,” says Sheila Franklin, of the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity, in The Walking Revolution documentary (scroll to the video at Experts warn that less walking by youngsters can create sedentary habits and lead to shortened life spans. Daily walks to school boost cognitive performance in students, according to Mary Pat King, the National Parent Teacher Association director of programs and projects. Dr. Richard Jackson, a pediatrician, professor and chair of Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health at University of California, Los Angeles,. and former environmental health director at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, reports that walking improves children’s learning ability, concentration, moods and creativity. Even lifelong walkers are moved to walk more by using a pedometer to track their steps and distance traveled,

says Dr. Lauren Elson, a physical medicine and rehabilitation instructor at Harvard Medical School, who is also the medical editor of the recent Harvard Special Health Report Walking for Health ( walk). A meta-review of 26 studies found that using the device raised physical activity levels by nearly 27 percent, adding about 2,500 steps per day. Most stores that sell exercise equipment offer inexpensive pedometers, while smartphone users can download an app such as Moves, Breeze or Pedometer++. Apple’s iOS includes the free app Health.

Walking leads to meaningful exchanges. Social connections and honest conversations between two people can be aided by walking outside instead of sitting inside. Clay Cockrell, a licensed clinical social worker in New York City, began walking with clients 12 years ago. He notes that casual venues like parks have been especially helpful for men. “They sometimes have a more difficult time making eye contact in sessions. Outside, they are looking where they are going, looking at nature, other people—the pressure is less. My own health has improved, as well,” he says. He shares ideas with the public and other therapists at to maximize the benefits. He sees moving the body forward along a path as a metaphor for moving forward in life. Adds Habash, “We believe that engaging in health should be simple and fun, like putting one foot in front of the other at every opportunity.” Randy Kambic is an Estero, FL, freelance writer and editor who regularly contributes to Natural Awakenings.

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By Removing Toxic Silver Fillings Did you know that amalgam (silver) fillings contain 50% mercury, and have been called “a biochemical train wreck in your body”?*

South Lakewood Dental is Certified Mercury Free and Mercury Safe!

Our office has used only non-amalgam products for restoring teeth for over a decade and we take every precaution to remove amalgams safely for your health and ours. We offer biocompatibility testing to see which filling material works best for your body, especially for sensitive individuals.

All Holistic and health-minded individuals should demand the safe removal, handling, and disposal of silver fillings. *from Boyd Haley, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at University of Kentucky

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HANDLE WILD THINGS WITH CARE How to Safely Help Hurt Animals by Sandra Murphy


hen encountering a bird or animal that appears to be abandoned, take only minimal steps to help. “People mean well but a lot of rescues we see, didn’t need help,” says Lacy Campbell, wildlife care center operations manager for the Audubon Society of Portland, Oregon. Make sure the animal is away from traffic or predators, and then call a local wildlife rehabilitator before taking further action, especially if the animal is injured.

Vulnerable Little Ones Baby squirrels can fall out of the nest. “Leave him at the base of the tree,” says Jennifer Keats Curtis, author of the children’s book Squirrel Rescue. “Mom will rebuild the nest before coming to get her baby. If it’s cold, put it in a box with a towel. Once squirrels have been treated as a pet, they can’t be released.” Tiny, not-yet-feathered nestlings should be returned home; it’s a myth that human scent poses a problem. If the nest is out of reach or can’t be located, make one with a box and soft cloth. Put it in the tree, so the parents can resume feeding. Leave the area so as not to frighten them. “After young robins, scrub jays, crows and owls leave the nest, they

typically spend up to a week on the ground before they can fly,” says Campbell. “At night, the parents will escort the fully feathered fledglings to safety beneath a bush.” In parks, ducks and geese may nest away from the water. Mama will lead her babies to the pond, even across busy streets. If it’s safe, stop the car to halt traffic, act as their crossing guard, and then resume driving. A box turtle operates on innate GPS. “It lives in an area the size of a football field,” explains Curtis. “It will go onward, no matter how many times people try to redirect it. If injured by a car or lawn mower, the shell can be mended by a rehab center.” Bunnies eat at dusk and dawn. Inbetween, the nest may look abandoned. “Wild baby rabbits are difficult to keep alive if injured,” says Curtis. “At sundown, see if mom returns; if not, they need a wildlife rehab expert.” A lone, young raccoon is either old enough to climb a tree by itself or the mother will carry it. If we feed a raccoon, it will become a beggar. Opossums are dramatic actors. When cornered, they hiss and fall over and play dead in a coma-like state for up to four hours. Check back later. If a mother possum has been killed by a car, call

The best outcome for injured animals is rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild. a rehab official to check her pouch for potential babies. “If you find a young deer fawn or moose calf, leave it. The mother comes back several times each day to nurse,” advises Amanda Nicholson, director of outreach for the Wildlife Center of Virginia, in Waynesboro. “Its coloring helps it remain undetected by predators.”

Other Unexpected Encounters “Don’t feed wild animals or leave out food or accessible comestible trash. Bobcats, wolves, bears and coyotes will avoid people unless food is involved,” cautions Jennifer Place, program associate for Born Free USA, a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. “Wild animals protect their space, food and young, so stay on marked trails when hiking and never turn your back on them.”

For unexpected meetings, stay calm. “Make sure there’s an escape route for the animal,” says Place. “With foxes or coyotes, throw sticks or small rocks, but don’t hit the animal. Make yourself look large and yell.” With snakes, sidestep away slowly for more than six feet before walking in the other direction. Bears require a different response. “Speak in a low voice so the bear realizes you are not prey. Never climb a tree,” says Place. “Bears know the terrain, can run faster than a horse and can climb trees, too. Sidestep away, remaining carefully upright, calm and unthreatening. If the bear moves toward you, keep talking until he moves away. Running kicks in its prey drive.” Yellowstone Park regulations require visitors to stay 25 yards away from most wildlife and 100 yards away from bears and wolves. Selfie photos with animals can result in injury or death for humans and animals through carelessness; safety depends on good judgement, respect and common sense. Friends of wildlife know beforehand how to contact local rehabilitators if there’s an emergency, observe before taking action, and protect pets. “Always

Wildlife Transport Tips If a wild animal is injured, wear heavy gloves in its vicinity to avoid being bitten or scratched. Completely cover the animal with a blanket so it stays relatively calm, and place it in a carrier for transport to a rehabilitation facility. A warm hot water bottle can help ward off shock. Do not give the animal water, milk or food. Time is of the essence to ward off dangers of stress. Wild animals can carry disease without appearing to be ill. Fleas, ticks and mites are likely, so keep injured wildlife away from pets and children. leash dogs when going into the yard at night and keep cats indoors,” says Place. “Peaceful co-existence allows for the safety of both people and animals, domestic and wild.” Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at StLouisFreelanceWriter@

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August 2016



EARTH GUARDIANS Kids Say No to Global Warming by April Thompson


t age 6, climate change activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez gave his first speech to a packed crowd in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Raised in the Aztec tradition, he was taught that as indigenous people, they are descendants of the land and inherit a duty to protect it. “I felt such sadness that my generation inherited this crisis to clean up. That night, I saw that those emotions could be channeled into action and my voice could make a difference,” says Martinez, founder and youth director of the nonprofit Earth Guardians. Ten years later, his impassioned message has sparked a global movement. More than 2,000 “youth crews” from Bhutan to Brazil are fighting climate change and improving their communities in other ways.

These activists aren’t yet old enough to vote, but are still making their voices heard by global policymakers. On their behalf, Martinez delivered a plea to representatives from 192 countries at the United Nations General Assembly meeting on climate change last year, asking for stronger measures to protect both the planet and its people. He particularly pointed to the ever-increasing “climate refugees” that have lost their homes to rising oceans and other havoc caused by Earth’s warming trend. Although Martinez serves on President Obama’s youth council, he and 20 other young plaintiffs filed a landmark lawsuit earlier this year against the federal government for failing to protect its citizens from

climate change. The plaintiffs are seeking a court order requiring America’s president to establish a national plan to decrease atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to “safe” levels by 2100. At home, Martinez is working with Boulder County community and environmental organizations to locally eliminate pesticides from parks, charge for plastic bags at retail, regulate coal ash emissions and ban fracking. offers many ways anyone can plug into the movement, whether taking individual actions to lighten our carbon footprint, creating school gardens or signing its Silence into Action pledge, inspired by Martinez’s younger brother Itzcuauhtli’s 45-day silence strike for climate action. “The most important thing you can do is educate yourself. Whatever makes you come alive, use that passion to make a difference,” says Martinez, whose performances as a pianist and hip-hop artist inform and enliven music festivals worldwide. “Together, we can create a legacy we can be proud to pass on to the next generation.” Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, of Washington, D.C., at

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Clean, Harmonious by Christa O’Leary


reating an inspired and healthy home environment soothes the soul and recharges our proverbial batteries. Making healthful choices in the products we use and consume helps ensure we retain a healthy body and vibrant living despite being inundated with toxins in our homes, food, air and water. A study published by the International Academy for Design

and Health shows that because our home influences us on many levels, the setting is continually either supporting or depleting its occupants. That’s why we periodically feel impelled to clear unsettling clutter from our private spaces. It’s an irritant that disrupts order and our sense of beauty; even when it’s stashed in drawers and closets. It competes for attention and distracts our focus.

More than 80,000 chemicals make up commonly available products in the typical American home, and a large portion of them are toxic. Nearly 20 percent of the chemicals are not divulged, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Learning to identify potential hazards in carpets, couches and bedding, cleaning products, laundry solutions and air fresheners is crucial. Local companies like Organic Carpet Cleaning (see ad this page) are doing just this: improving indoor air quality by cleaning with Green Seal Certified botanical products while using industrialquality vacuum and extraction machinery and double-sealed hepa filtration. According to a company representative, “We strongly believe that this level of cleaning is an integral part of your health care.” It doesn’t hurt that they “re-inspect and brush the carpet by hand to give the fabrics an even look and soft touch.” Making informed choices can reduce stress and fear. It only requires taking a series of small and manageable, progressive steps to create our own style of a healthy and harmonious home life. Caring for our environment supports a greater good and fosters a deeper connection to life’s Source. We feel more physically, psychologically and spiritually vibrant. Our home becomes a vital wellspring that, cleaned and furnished with holistic awareness, continually refreshes us. Christa O’Leary is founder and CEO of Home in Harmony, Inc.,Connect at


natural awakenings

August 2016




PLAY Ways W ays tto oS Spark park ka Child’s Creativity by April Thompson


hether it’s playing dress-up, making forts from sofa cushions or drawing pictures, creative moments can define and distinguish a happy childhood. Yet it’s not all just fun and games, according to experts. Childhood creativity, nurtured both in the classroom and at home, is crucial for developing qualities such as sound decision-making, flexible thinking and mental resiliency. Analyzing more than 150 studies across the fields of psychology, neuroscience, education and business management, the Center for Childhood Creativity, in Sausalito, California, found many important life skills are affiliated with a creative upbringing. The resulting white paper, Inspiring a Generation to Create, underscores that rather than simply being an innate trait, creativity can be taught. “Creativity should be an integral part of every child’s education. The research shows that we can avoid the drop in


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

original thinking that happens as students move into early adolescence,” reports Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind. Creativity isn’t only child’s play; parents also could do well to infuse their own lives with its discoveries and delights. “Through creativity, parents can reawaken a sense of wonder and joy, and nurture characteristics like patience,” says Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way for Parents: Raising Creative Children.

Engaging Parents Cameron wrote the book in part to guide her own daughter, aactress and film director Domenica C Cameron-Scorsese, in her creative jo journey through motherhood. While m many such works focus on art projects for kids, Cameron’s book emphasizes activities that put creative fuel in the parental tank. For example, she recommends parents take up the ritual of “morning pages”; writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts the first thing each morning. Jean Van’t Hul, author of The Artful Parent, started a daily sketchbook practice for herself and to set an example for her kids. “I like that the kids see me creating regularly and they’ve joined in a couple times. I also want to get over my self-limited belief that I’m not a good artist,” remarks Van’t Hul, who blogs at

what they might be saying, given their circumstance at the time. This is a family favorite; we laugh constantly.” Mark Runco, Ph.D., a University of Georgia professor of gifted and creative education, founder of the Creativity Research Journal and advisor to the Center for Childhood Creativity, notes the importance of balancing unstructured and structured activities, creating space for both individual expression and creative collaboration. To foster the former, Van’t Hul encourages “strewing”, which she refers to as “the art of casually yet strategically leaving invitations for learning and creativity out for kids to discover on their own.” Invitations to play could be a basket of non-toxic blocks, a recycled-paper sketchpad opened to a blank page or some nature finds from a walk in the woods. As an example of the latter, Cameron suggests that parents lead kids on a weekly creative expedition, allowing the kids to choose a new place to aimlessly explore such as a park, bookstore, pet shop or museum. According to the author, that sense of shared adventure, fostered in a safe space, naturally nurtures the creative process, both for now and the future. “If you make art the center, insisting that kids be creative, they may feel a sense of pressure,” advises Cameron. “If you make inspiration the center, it spills over into art.” Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, of Washington, D.C., at

Engaging Kids A family ritual, like a bedtime story or relationship with a pet, can be re-imagined to inspire household members to co-create together. “Instead of always reading to my kids, we take turns making up stories by ‘giving’ each other three things, like an airplane, a shovel and a pair of pants, which we have to use in a story,” says Nicole Corey Rada, a working mother of two in Richmond, Virginia. “Sometimes, we pretend our pets are having conversations, and use different voices and accents to express

Every c hild and parent creative is . Exerci sing ou creativi r ty is an act of fa ith. ~ Julia Camero n


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What Is Manuka Honey? Manuka Honey is gathered in the wild back country of New Zealand from the native Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). The bees don’t use the pollen from a variety of other owers or plants, so the content of the honey is very consistent. A 2013 study in the European Journal of Medical Research used active Manuka Honey under dressings on postoperative wounds for an 85 percent success rate in clearing up infections, compared with 50 percent for normal antibiotic creams.

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$30 Off Initial Ascension Healing Reiki, vibrational healing & intuitive reading for first-time clients. In person or phone. 700 E. 9th Ave., #9, Denver. JoAnne Palladino, Reiki Master-Teacher, Channel, & Intuitive. 303-263-0679 or

$50 1-hr Energy Medicine Special Tonia Crosby, B.A., M.A., E-RYT, Certified Life Coach of Sādhaka Wellness, 1212 Kerr Gulch Rd., Evergreen. Contact 619-8383844 or

LCA Heart Centered Leadership Program…How to Bring Out the Best in Others–Randy Ferguson, Mastery Over Overwhelm: Practical Keys to Having Internationally Acclaimed Speaker/Author, shares 21 a Life Rather than Life Having You–7-9pm. Presented higher leadership tools used by extraordinary leaders. by Randy Ferguson, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker/ Pre-Registration req’d. Info 303-989-2605. Author. Discover how to master self-motivation, especially when times get tough. Free tix/info 303-989-2605. TUES AUG 9


How To Be Ridiculously Happy and Do Great Things: Meditation, Mindfulness and Modern Mysticism– 7-8:30pm. Proven meditation and mindfulness techniques will provide you clarity, energy, and conviction to realize your career and life goals. Come to a workshop on meditation, mindfulness and modern mysticism! Enjoy FREE valet parking when you arrive! Just mention our event name. Free. St. Julien Hotel Calypso Room (back left corner of lobby, down the hall) Boulder. RSVP to or

THURS AUG 4 BarzzzBQ Access Bars Curious?–5-8:30pm. Join us for a big AC Bars get together, bring your body, food to share and trade Bars or get a session! Berkeley Park, Denver. Amber O’Hara 720-810-2041

The ART of Happiness–6:30pm. Join us for this series of The ART (Allow, Receive, Thrive) of Everything where we will explore what keeps you from being you and gain tools to help you clear your path to a more happy live and living. Golden. Mira Claire 303-8085737 or Shmaya Gathering w/JoAnne Palladino–7-8:30pm. Experience Shmaya, an illumined, channeled presence that attunes you to the love and light within. $20. First Spiritual Science Church of Denver, 3375 S Dahlia, Denver. RSVP 303-263-0679 or


Access Consciousness FaceLift Class–12-4pm. Learn this dynamic Access Consciousness Body Process that feels like heaven and rejuvenates the face. Great for therapists or learn with a friend. $150. Vast Wellness, Aurora. Jennilynne Coley 303-578-8694


Access Consciousness: Learn How to Run the Bars– 10-6pm. Learn this dynamic body process that facilitates change for yourself and others. $300 Northglenn. Symantha Holloway 801-349-9291


Mindfulness & Meditation Series –7-9pm. We explore “What is Mindfulness” and the use of guided & quiet meditation to bring more peace and harmony into your life. $10. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.


Holistic Healing and Psychic/Intuitive Fair–11am-5pm. Variety of healing modalities- massage, shamanic, foot baths, reiki, sound healing, healing touch, oils; Palmistry, tarot, intuitive, astrological and vendors $20/20 min or per healer/reader/vendor. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.


Releasing Resentment Without Giving Up Your Power–7-9pm. Presented by Randy Ferguson, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker/Author. How do we forgive in a way that works? Come ready to witness miracles. Free tix/info 303-989-2605. Meditation for Beginners 5-Weeks–7-9pm Tues. Meditation can transformation your life and create change. Meet your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. Early $185, Regular $200. Journey Within, 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino 720-413-7303,


Unity Movie Night: What the Bleep Do We Know? –79pm. Join a community of open minded spiritual seekers as we watch the movie, enjoy popcorn and a lively discussion afterward. Donation. Unity Spiritual Center, Denver. Stephanie 720-684-5528


Pendulum Dowsing/Earth Acupuncture Training: Creating Sacred Space–8/27 10am-5pm; 8/28 10am-3pm. No experience necessary. Learn to dowse and “cure” your home and office of Geopathic Stress. Take home kit valued at $250 incl necessary supplies. Work in a home in Denver with Master Dowser Energy Worker, Karen Rice King. $450. Space limited. Contact 303-665-0175 or


Shmaya Gathering w/JoAnne Palladino–7-8:30pm. Experience Shmaya, an illumined, channeled presence that attunes you to the love and light within you. $20. 700 E 9th Ave, Denver. RSVP 30363-0679 or Open Mic Night with We Are Change Colorado–6-10pm. Live Interviews, Open Mic, Special Guest performance by Alais Clay. Bring instrument, poetry, and voice and sign up for the mic, or just come to enjoy, dance, and share. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

Heart-Centered Leadership Intro–7-9pm. Presented by Randy Ferguson, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker/Author, shares tools for bringing out the best in others. Free tix/info 303-989-2605.





A Taste of Being–7pm. Join Dr. Dain Heer, world renowned author and speaker, for a unique taste of truly being you. What if we, together, have the capacity to BE what creates the future we know is possible? $150. Curtis Hotel, Denver.

Community Drum Circle–7-9pm. Focus on Community. Bring snack to share and drums, rattles, flutes etc for Shamanic Sound and Vibrational Expansion. Suggested $10. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695

Compelling Conversations–6-9pm. Short talk, potluck meal, and discussion in an open and affirming environment. Donation. Free Unity Spiritual Center Denver 3021 S University Blvd., Denver. Info Stephanie 720-684-5528 or


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Special Evening with Adam Kokesh sponsored by We Are Change Colorado–5-10pm. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

savethedate DENVER PET EXPO AUG 20, 10AM – 5PM; AUG 21, 11AM – 4PM Attendees can enjoy a fun-filled and educational day with their best pet friend. This free, indoor air-conditioned event attracts thousands of pet lovers along with their furry, feathered and reptilian pals who are looking to enjoy a day of live entertainment, education, adoptions, contests and live demonstrations. Pets are welcome as long as they’re on a fixed lead and have proof of ageappropriate rabies vaccines. If your pet is not upto-date, there will be discounted vaccinations and low-cost microchipping available. Merchandise Mart, 451 E 58th Ave, Denver.

THE ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ OF MATRIX ENERGETICS® AUGUST 20-22 Dr. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson will lead a 3-day program that includes their Matrix Energetics® Fundamentals, Magic, and Mastery courses in Denver from August 20-22. The course is focused on the art and science of creation, realization and manifestation, and effectively takes individuals into the realms of intensified personal empowerment, according to Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy. Location: Hilton Denver Int’l Airport 7001 Yampa Street Denver. Tuition $650 before July 29; $700 after. No prerequisites required, course counts toward Matrix Energetics® certification. Info/Registration 800-368-0973 or

ongoing wednesdays

sundays Movement Meditation with Natalie–4-5:15pm. Come dance! Experience how movement and meditation merge into one practice at iBody, 1177 S Pennsylvania Ave., Denver. No experience needed. Natalie Gentry, Holistic Healing Space. 303-3254150 or North Boulder Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Lon 303-746-7118 Online Mindfulness Course: The Four Keys of Mindfulness–10-Noon. Practical, accessible, and universal skills that empowering you to engage with attention and intention supporting you to live a life that is meaningful and to cultivate inner peace and happiness. $125. Laura 970-633-0163.

tuesdays Longmont Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Connie 720-494-0368

Energy Healings/Aura Clearing/Chakra Balancing–6-7pm. A healing is an energy clearing, release negative energy blocking growth and create the life you desire. $5/healing. Free for first timers. Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino 720-413-7303 All Vegan Natural Buffet Wednesday Night Dinner Discount–5:30-9pm. 10% discount on Denver’s only all you can eat vegan buffet when you mention Natural Awakenings. Govinda’s Garden Cafe 1400 Cherry St., (enter on 14th) Denver.

thursdays Aura and Chakra Healings–Drop-In between 6-7pm. Receive a 10-min cleanse and release negative thoughts, emotions, pain and fear. Get replenished with positive energy and feel great. FREE. Boulder Psychic Institute 1332 Pearl St. 303-530-0920


Wheatridge Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–6pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Tim 303-239-8101

Denver Psychic Development Group–Learn to access your intuition in a safe environment of like-minded people. We meet almost every Friday evening with other events during the week. Make plans to join us soon!

Free Psychic Readings–Tues and Thurs. 7-8:30pm by appt. Learn about your soul essence, past lives, and aura. Ask questions about relationships, career, money, and health. Boulder Psychic Institute 1332 Pearl St. 303-530-0920

Healing & Meditative Church Services–6-7pm. Celebrate living life and cultivating community. Sing, laugh, and reset your energy for the weekend. FREE. Boulder Psychic Institute 1332 Pearl St. 303-530-0920.

ORTHO-BIONOMY PRACTITIONER TRAINING PROGRAM STARTS NOVEMBER 7 It is about being inspired. The Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center is now enrolling in their 10 week, 20-month Practitioner Training program. The program will begin in November and finishes September 2018 with ten fascinating weeks of training. This is by far the most cutting edge, science-based training available. For more information on Ortho Bionomy or the Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center explore our website at RMOBCENTER.COM. Embrace change and self-discovery.

natural awakenings

August 2016


looking ahead 2016 SEPT 1 Access Consciousness JOY of Business–10-5pm. Pragmatic tools and processes from Access Consciousness that you can apply in your business and your finances. Warwick Hotel, Denver. Info/RSVP Heather Nichols 303-478-6845

SEPT 3 Firewalk Denver–5:30-10:30pm. Firewalking is an extreme personal and spiritual challenge which will forever change your perception of impossibility. Join us in this sacred ceremony for release of negative patterns and beliefs. $150-165. RSVP/info

SEPT 9-10 John of God: Miracles and Mysteries–7-8:30pm Friday / 9am-4pm Sat. Who is John of God? How has one man healed thousands of people? Kelsie, authorized Casa guide, shares the work of John of God. Donation. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th Ave, Arvada. Info/RSVP

SEPT 11 Earth Acupuncture/Creating Sacred Space Intro Mini-Class–3:30-5pm. Healing tools presented by Karen Rice King, Master Dowser, Energy Worker, Shamanic Teacher. Boulder Psychic Institute, 1332 Pearl St. $25 ea or $60/all 3 prepaid. Pre-reg req’d. No exp necessary. Info or 303-665-0175.

SEPT 15-MAY 18 Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism Student Clinical Herbalists Holistic Wellness consultations–Working with herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle to educate and empower to take charge of your own health. Faculty oversight. Sliding scale. Confidential. 2900 Valmont Rd., Ste. H-1, Boulder. 720-406-8609

SEPT 16-18 + 7 WEEKS Love, Courage & Achievement (LCA) Weekend and 7-wk Course–Regain personal power; heal relationships with self and others; Clarify your core issues holding you back; discover solutions for your situation; regain enthusiasm and hope that you haven’t felt in years. Info Randy Ferguson 303-989-2605


classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Looking for a way to bring in extra money but don’t want to get “another job”? Need something flexible to fit it into your life? What if you could transform your health and your wealth in the next 90 days by partnering with us? What if you could work a handful of hours each week and bring in a nice side income? We are looking for people who want the above and want to make a difference in the world while having FUN! WHAT IF YOU COULD? Please call for more info @ 303.903.8248 Start a career you can be passionate about: Publish your own Natural Awakenings magazine. Home based business complete with comprehensive training and support system. New franchises are available or purchase a magazine that is currently publishing. Call 239-530-1377 or visit

PRODUCTS/SERVICES Allergy Testing for Foods and Supplements: Using FDA registered Biofeedback testing. 160+ foods tested with immediate color results. See what foods and/or supplements may be causing you bloating, gas, fatigue, brain fog etc. $195. Call Trish Watson, CNC 303-257-0058 Intuitive Awakening: SHEN-U: Promotes selfhealing. Seeks no followers. Requests nothing. Expects nothing. Shen-U exists to teach self-love. To Learn More Visit: Two intuitive phone healers on the phone for the price of one! Regain your health where other healing methods have failed! Intuitive Health Assessments, Psychic Surgery, Akashic Record Readings. Dr. Larry has 35 years of experience as a naturopath and a chiropractor. Tina Joy does intuitive readings to help you uncover and remove unconscious blocks for success. 855-910-1112 EST

JOBS AVAILABLE Distribution Driver for Boulder or SW Lakewood ‘burbs: Natural Awakenings is looking for a reliable, conscientious, honest delivery driver with a good driving record and car, who lives in the area. Must have own insurance; basic ability to work with Excel; be available for a day or three between the 25th-1st; ability to take on side jobs for extra $$ on same route. No phone calls please. Email with your qualifications.

TRAINING Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training: Looking for a new career with meaning? Become a licensed workshop leader in Louise Hay’s philosophy. Complete manuals and materials provided plus follow-up. Cost includes hotel lodging in San Diego and meals. This training is approved by Louise and Hay House. April 16-23 or Oct. 22-29.

~Benjamin Franklin

SEPT 25 Light-Life® Tools Intro Mini-Class–3:30-5pm. Healing tools presented by Karen Rice King, Master Dowser, Energy Worker, Shamanic Teacher. Boulder Psychic Institute, 1332 Pearl St. $25 ea or $60/ all 3 prepaid. Pre-reg req’d. No exp necessary. Info or 303-665-0175.

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Remove Toxic Amalgam (Silver) Fillings: Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offers mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL, Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician, 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood, 303-988-4338.

Well done is better than well said.

Pendulum Power Intro Mini-Class–3:30-5pm. Healing tools presented by Karen Rice King, Master Dowser, Energy Worker, Shamanic Teacher. Boulder Psychic Institute, 1332 Pearl St. $25 ea or $60/ all 3 prepaid. Pre-reg req’d. No exp necessary. Info or 303-665-0175.


Highest Quality Dental Care in Boulder: Your beautiful smile begins with healthy teeth. Dr Judith Timchula and her team provide you the highest quality dental care with a holistic approach, in an environment that is warm and caring. Mercury safe; bio-compatible testing and materials; PACE member to keep Boulder green! Let’s talk about how we can make a difference in your smile. 7490 Clubhouse Rd, Ste 101, Boulder. 303-530-1212.

Join Us in Spreading the Light. %HFRPHDNatural Awakenings3XEOLVKHU Create Your Future with a Lifestyle Franchise! \HDUVRIOHDGHU ship in publishing has made Natural Awakenings the #1 healthy, green living livi magazine with 98 HGLWLRQVDFURVVWKH863XHUWR5LFRDQG the Dominican Republic ... ... and we continue to grow!


Natural Awakenings recently received the prestigious FBR50 Franchise Satisfaction Award. Our publishers ranked us among the highest in franchise satisfaction for our Training, Support, Core Values and Integrity! To learn more, visit:


visit 1DWXUDO$ZDNHQLQJV0DJFRPP\PDJD]LQH or call 239-530-1377

yourlocalresources CONSCIOUS EVENTS AND SPEAKERS JOURNEYS FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING 7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 303-731-6695 / Discover a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers and event center (space rental) to empower people to create thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand the community. See ad page 7.

DENTIST JUDITH TIMCHULA, DDS 7490 Clubhouse Road, Suite 101, Boulder 303-530-1212 / There is an undeniable bias toward absolute first-quality care in every respect. You can expect thorough examinations, expert cleanings and impeccable workmanship. I believe that a visit to our office should be like a visit with old friends. You are always made welcome and comfortable and you know that you are with people who care for your well-being. Call us today for expert General, Cosmetic, Preventive and Restorative Care. See ad page 22.

STUDIO Z DENTAL Tom Zyvoloski DDS, Jenna Nicolson DDS 818 W South Boulder Rd, Ste 100, Louisville 303-666-7110 / If you’re the type of person who cares enough about your body to shop for organic produce, why not give the same thought to your dental health? At Studio Z Dental, we use only the safest, most natural products with each of our clients. Curious about mercury safe dentistry? Check out our videos at

SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood 303-988-4338 Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offering mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Holistic-minded individuals should consider the safe removal and handling of any silver fillings. We offer a bio-compatibility test to decide which replacement material is best for you. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. See ad page 20.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

VIBRANCE DENTISTRY Dr. Cate Vieregger 7400 E Crestline Circle, Ste 230, Greenwood Village 303-770-1116 / Whether your goal is to encourage a healthy attitude towards oral health in your children or ease your own anxiety about dental procedures, our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere will change the way you approach dental care. Our state-of-the-art equipment and spalike amenities allow us to offer services that transcend traditional dentistry and promote whole-body wellness. See ad page 15.

DOG TRAINING MISHA MAY FOUNDATION DOG TRAINING & RESCUE Lorraine May, Executive Director 303-239-0382 / Learn to speak the language of your dog! Misha May Foundation provides inexpensive community classes where you learn invaluable tools to help your dog be more secure and happy, and you too! Classes include Understanding Dogs, with positive reinforcement techniques only, and Dog Trainer Apprentice Programs to become a dog trainer, utilizing behavior science and holistic approaches.

EMPOWERMENT COACH ANNA HORST Empowerment Coach & Intuitive Healer 720-548-7176 / Are you stressed, anxious or depressed? Maybe you desire peace and emotional wellbeing but are just not sure how to attain it. Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction but fail to actually create the life you desire? I am an Empowerment Coach who helps those who are unsure how or feel powerless to create the life of their dreams! Let’s manifest your greatest destiny!

ENERGY HEALING/ MEDITATION JOURNEY WITHIN Anita Destino 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood 720-413-7303 / A safe place for people interested in creating change in their lives, Journey Within helps you focus on spiritual growth, developing your intuition and personal development. Give to yourself with Energy Healings, Angel Healings, Guided Meditations, Meditation Classes, Workshops and Intuitive Readings/ Healings. Join us for Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing every Wednesday from 6-7 pm, open to everyone. $5 per person. Free to first time visitors.

ENERGY MEDICINE HEALING CHANGE Marie Adams EEM-AP, CHT, PT Littleton office: 679 W Littleton Blvd. #205 Denver office: 1776 S Jackson St. #1004 303-668-0299 / Increase Joy, Health and Vitality with individual sessions and classes in Eden Energy Medicine! EEM creates healing at all of your being by balancing nine different energy systems in your body and energy field. Marie has been a professional therapist for over 26 years and is an empathetic listener as well as caring, non-judgmental and supportive. All sessions are completely confidential, and performed in a safe and trusting environment. Free 30-minute phone or Skype consultation available.

FAMILY PRACTICE/ HEALTHY AGING CLEAR SKY MEDICAL Katia Meier, MD 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 Feel and look your best at any age with Katia Meier, MD, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Specialty trained in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine in Europe and certified in laser and injectable aesthetic dermatology. Specializing in whole body health with customized approaches. All ages; most insurance welcome. Set up your appointment today. See ad page 2.

HEALING JOANNE PALLADINO 303-263-0679 FREE MEDITATIONS! Receive free audio meditations and/or blessings each month when you sign up. Shop handmade, one-of-a-kind mala beads and bracelets, forgiveness practice beads, sacred essential oils such as “Christ Scent,” “Love” and more. A meaningful intuitive reading helps expand perspective; Shmaya, a channeled vibrational language of light presence, attunes you to a love frequency; Reiki energy healing dissolves blocks. In-person or by phone. Next Shmaya gatherings: July 12 & 25, 7-8:30pm. $20. In Denver. Info/ RSVP

yourlocalresources HEALTHY LIFESTYLE HOLISTIC HEALING SPACE Natalie Gentry 121 S. Madison St, Ste D, Denver 303-325-4150 Support your body’s natural ability to heal and thrive through massage, breath, and movement. If you are looking for relief from chronic back pain, menstrual cycle related issues, digestive dysfunction and breathing challenges, Holistic Healing Space is a great support for those who are interested in unfolding the deeper patterning that may be contributing to their physical challenges. Also try one of my inspiring, fun filled “free movement” classes outside of my studio!

ELISA MALANGONE 720-372-3927 /

HOLISTIC HEALTH INTEGRAL HEALTH (within Ancient Art Health and Fertile Ground) TRICIA GAST, MSPT, AdvCBP Littleton Office: 2516 W. Main Street Littleton DTC Office: 7355 E. Orchard Road, Suite 350, Greenwood Village 303-888-2185 / Helping those who suffer from the physical, mental and emotional signs of stress and illness. You will sleep better, heal faster, be mentally sharp, and have a plan to move forward to health. Individual sessions and coaching are available. Modalities include BodyTalk, Clairvoyance and Medical Intuition to facilitate the body’s natural healing. Classes offered on Developing Intuition and performing BodyTalk at home. Contact Tricia for a no-cost consultation.

NEW! SĀDHAKA WELLNESS BODY BACK HEALTH CENTER Shelly Cain, RMT, MH 2755 S. Locust St., Ste 112, Denver 720-427-7809 / Return back to a more balanced state of well-being. We’ll cleanse and nourish your body as a whole using a variety of massage modalities and other natural Therapies, such as herbal Health coaching to encourage positive Lifestyle Changes; Advanced Therapeutic Massage for muscle specific work due to injury are postural distortions as well as rest and relaxation; non dehydrating body wraps cleanse from the inside out with a guaranteed loss of 6 to 24 inches from head to toe. Also available facials and waxing with Stephanie.

CENTERED COOKING +DANCE STUDIO Cooking Experience Club, Inc. 1050 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Unit P, Lakewood 720-519-1962 or 561 722-4788 Gain clarity and create the change you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Visit our Cooking + Dance Studio and learn fun creative ways to stay fit through Bollywood and Reggae style dancing. Also, learn how to prepare healthy flavorful meals by incorporating natural herbs and spices from around the world. Visit our website to register for upcoming classes or call or email for our private classes.

Tonia Crosby, B.A., M.A., E-RYT, Certified Life Coach 1212 Kerr Gulch Rd, Evergreen 619-838-3844 / Experience relief from mind, body or spiritual ailments, as well as a heightened inspiration for life. Tonia supports you in accessing your ability to thrive, and in choosing your journey as a part of daily life and practice. Tonia is a clientcentered and multi-modality practitioner with the unique ability to meet you where you need it, with life coaching and intuitive counseling; energy medicine; yoga and Ayurveda; and spiritual guidance.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional Medicine. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.

MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT HEATHER M HUNTER PSYCHIC MEDIUM 602-390-0295 / Hear stories of joy, humor, forgiveness, growth, and healing from the other side, teaching those of us here what it truly means to live. Heather validates the presence of deceased loved ones through evidence-based messages and shares guidance regarding other life issues. Heather offers individual and group readings in a Denver-area office location, in private residences, and at various event locations during her travels. Email is preferred to book an appointment.

Searching for passion and insight to your life purpose? Connect to your unique insight and higher soul perspective for guidance concerning healing from grief and loss, health, career, relationships, finances, and other matters of the heart. Elisa combines authentic mediumship abilities and intuitive coaching by connecting to spiritual guidance to assist you in tapping into your higher wisdom and best self. Live, phone or virtual readings & events. Call or see website for more details.

MINDFULNESS MINDFUL LIFE PROGRAM Laura Bartels, Executive Director 520 S. Third St, Ste 28, Carbondale 970-633-0163 Harnesss all the Harness Harnes he to tool tools o of mindfulness to help you li live ve the t li life fe yyou want to live. Make lasting lastin las tingg chan cchange han a ge g in yyour everyday life. Programs gra ms are ar pract practical, ac ica caal accessible and universal.. See sal See our o On Online nlin linee Courses, Memberships for Daily Daily Su Suppo Support, ppo poort, and Teacher Certification t Program. Available to t anyone, anywhere.

NO-PAIN OPTIMAL ALIGNMENT NEUROENERGETIC RELEASE™ (NER) Donald W. Kipp, Founder 303-697-4923 / NER helps people be Healthier, Decrease Pain, and Increase PeakPerformance ...In Seconds! Control systems, not force are used to painlessly and quickly realign and rebalance the entire body. This releases whole-being patterns causing seemingly unrelated symptoms (such as back pain, headaches, indigestion, brain-fog and asthma). NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes, and dis-ease. Call now for optimal health and performance.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING NATURAL BODY WISDOM Phyllis Guy 5614 Kipling Pkwy #5-203, Arvada 303-358-2045 / Cut through your emotional blocks and get on the right path to your best body with Phyllis Guy, Certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. If you struggle with emotional eating, stress eating or other nutrition-related concerns, her approach is different than anything you’ve tried. Call today.

natural awakenings

August 2016


yourlocalresources NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier and staff offer Certified Nutrition therapists, specializing in the food-brain connection, nutrition for cancer prevention, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities/allergies, elimination diets and medically supervised weight loss.. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.

PHYSICIAN: BOARD CERTIFIED HOLISTIC CLEAR SKY MEDICAL Dr. Katia Meier 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 Feel and look your best with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health for children and adults. Customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutritional Analysis and therapy, medical aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Program, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Make your appointment today. See ad page 2.

Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. ~Albert Einstein

RELATIONSHIP COACH NANSEA LEE Professional Astrologer Licensed Life Coach 720-887-2919 Are you single or coupled? Learn how to love fully by creating a solid foundation with new relationship skills and tools. Your unique astrological information is the missing link in understanding your relationship needs and the type of person you would be in harmony with.

SPIRITUAL COACH A DEEPER JOURNEY Steve Grover 303-995-2999 A Deeper Journey moves from the external to the internal where our soul is telling and teaching the truth about each one of us. Understanding comes once perspective changes which entails opening our heart, ears and eyes to the internal communication our soul is having with us. The question is, are you ready to see the world differently? Call for more information.

SPIRITUAL HEALING/ COUNSELING LIVE YOUR KNOWING COUNSELING Renee Ellis, MA RMT Psychotherapy, Intuitive Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Classes The Renaissance Center, 427 E Bayaud, Denver 720-984-9575 / Find clarity, freedom and intuitive perspective to move gracefully through life’s changes and challenges with Live Your Knowing Counseling, blending traditional techniques with intuitive support, energy healing, past life therapy without regression, and personalized Bach Flower Essence formulas. Find your way through grief and loss, life transitions, finding your path and purpose, spiritual development, relationship challenges, depression and anxiety, befriending intuition, and thriving with high sensitivity. Individual sessions, classes and events for a richer and more joyful life. Free 30-minute phone or in-person consultation.

VIDEO FOR HEALERS ANTHONY C. PRICHARD Google Business Trainer, Video Producer, YouTube Specialist 303-994-8612 Video communicates 80% better than images or text. It’s because body language doesn’t lie. Show thousands of people who you are and what you do through video. Mastering The Art Of The One Minute Video, Anthony Prichard will write your script, give you a teleprompter, unlimited background choices and a musical logo/graphic intro that you will be able to use on your website, Facebook and YouTube. Only $499; mention this ad for a special one-time $200 discount.

August 2016 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving metro Denver and Boulder and the surrounding counties of Arapa...

August 2016 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving metro Denver and Boulder and the surrounding counties of Arapa...