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Dr Mark Hyman on CURES in the KITCHEN August 2014

A Story of


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Denver/Boulder Edition |

Katia I. Meier, MD and The Clear Sky Medical Team

The Journey to Well-Being


ealth is sometimes the most important aspect determining our quality of life...and we miss it once it has gone. ‘Suddenly’ it seems, you find yourself with half the energy you used to have, memory issues, lack of good sleep and irritability you are being offered sleeping pills and antidepressants and age is often used as an excuse to explain your misery - though the real cause of what has actually ‘thrown a wrench’ into your once pristine well-being remains unrevealed and unaddressed. Could you be suffering from a change in hormone status, suboptimal thyroid functions, exposure to environmental toxins or mold that started a cascade of inflammation in your body? Few know that certain genetic traits can make you more susceptible to toxic exposures and make you ill while others remain unaffected. This can be true for Mold toxins or other environmental toxins. Complete well-being can only be restored once the cause is remedied and removed from your life, and optimal functional status of all organs is restored. Of course, fixing the root cause takes longer than putting a band aid on symptoms; a perfect picture of health is the result of many puzzle pieces artfully put together including optimal nutrition, Hormone restoration, detoxification and body support with supplements. The results are going to be worth the journey...and the only regret might be that you did not ask for help earlier to get to your optimal health and well-being. Come and learn more about how you can optimize your own health at any age and join us for an upcoming presentation with Dr. Katia Meier on the 28th of August.


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Schedule in August for JUVASHAPE


SUMMER FUN IN THE SUN! PGGBOZTVOCMPDL Make sure you’re safely protected with toxic free SPF! Clear Sky Medical offers several different sun block to make sure your skin stays beautiful all summer long!




&.JOFSBM$JSDMFt$FOUFOOJBM $0 Heather Evans, Paramedical Aesthetician

August 9 - 10, 2014 WESTIN 10600 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CO DARSHAN

with SAI MAA August 9, 7:30PM (doors open at 7PM) No Charge


Experience the divine presence through an intimate moment with an enlightened master. Awaken the love that brings unbounded passion and vibrancy to your life.

Join Sai Maa’s Successors, Lucinda Hanover and Joey Klein, for an exploration in embodying your life from the fullness of who you are. Discover your boundless passion for life itself made possible by making every moment yours to create.

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The Blessings of Life


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feel blessed to have known Alyse Urice, our cover story subject, for more than four years through the book group she started and manages, The Golden Pulpwood Queens. Her kindness and philanthropy have earned her a spot on the cover of the magazine. Her story on page 16 proves you don’t have to be a millionaire like Bill Gates to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Alyse has been routinely giving of herself, seemingly pulling resources out of thin air – like driving to South Dakota to start a library for the kids on the reservation. She leaves bundles of books for people that otherwise would not have access to them. She started a book group for formerly homeless women and has mentored many of them through much more than reading. Alyse’s first fundraiser for Literacy & Hope will be a spelling bee (and other fun games) October 25th in Golden at the Table Mountain Inn, one of the Pulpwood Queens’ favorite lunch spots. They have generously donated space to her. Mark it in your calendar, grab a group of your fun friends and join her in any way you can on this amazing roller coaster she’s driving. She is helping to make OUR community a better place, and you can, too. And speaking of great things in our magazine, we wanted to share some fantastic products we’ve tried recently… For years, we have always made a point to stop by the Taspen’s Organics booth at our local Farmers Market to buy their Women’s Nourishing Tea and No More Aches salve. Heather (an RN and herbalist) and Keith Baruch specialize in organic, natural, GMO-free herbal remedies for… whatever ails you! The tea is clean, refreshing and Doug loves it too. The salve is very effective for small aches and pains. See page 15. Sampsons All Natural makes a full line of natural moisturizing and shaving products. Since Pete Sampson sent us some samples, Doug has been shaving his beard with ‘old-timey’ shave soap and aftershave. He loves the clean, natural essential oil scent of the shaving soap and his skin feels ‘baby-bottom’ soft! And I use the Marisol products for moisturizing – perfect for dry Colorado weather. See page 15. And, lastly, we’re not sure if we could live without our Natures Rite products! Their silver colloid solutions, Super Neti Juice and nebulizer made a huge difference when we both had the flu this winter. We immediately started to breathe and feel better once our package arrived. We love all the sinus products (lifesavers!) and use the Bruise, Strain, Tear lotion for post-workout (hike, ride) soreness which really makes a difference… their Joint and Neck/Back Relief products come in handy ‘roller’ packages, and they definitely ease the discomfort when we’ve pushed our bodies a little too hard. See page 13.

We hope your blessings come in both big and small packages too this August! Have a fun, safe and happy last month of summer.

COVER: Alyse Urice, founder of Literacy & Hope (story on page 16), is photographed at the Tattered Cover, 1628 16th St, Denver by Kristy Rowe of Moodeous Photography (see ad page 27), who also photographed the picture on page 16. Thank you to Alyse, Tattered Cover and Kristy!

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The Breema Touch & the Nine Principles of Harmony Inner Guidance with Anne Archer Butcher

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Simple Ways to Boost a Child’s Long-Term Health


by Lisa Turner



by Alyse Urice



Eco-Friendly Natural Burials by Terry Chriswell


Simple Ways to Quickly Lift Your Spirits by April Thompson

20 CURES IN THE KITCHEN Dr. Mark Hyman is Fed Up with Our National Health Crisis by Judith Fertig


Navigate Today’s Best Choices Using Updated Guides by Judith Fertig



Find more great articles at

GIFTED INTUITIVE: JOSIE ROASE Josie has been a conduit for SPIRIT COMMUNICATIONS since childhood. The light speaks to Josie and she conveys your answers. Josie has been called a MysƟc, Medium, Healer and Spiritual Teacher and is known for her accuracy and results. CerƟficaƟons include Reiki Master, Advanced Psych-K® PracƟƟoner, Facilitator for The ReconnecƟon® and ReconnecƟve Healing in addiƟon to her natural healing abiliƟes.

• $25 DISCOUNT FOR YOUR AUGUST HEALING OR INTUITIVE SESSION • Individual Mentoring for Spiritual Development available • RelaƟonship ManifesƟng and Counseling Services / 303.968.9438 / By appointment in person or phone

newsbriefs Spelling Bee Fundraiser


he 1st annual Defining Moments Adult Spelling Bee to benefit the non-profit, Literacy & Hope, will be held October 25, Noon, at the Table Mountain Inn, 1301 Washington St., Golden. According to organizers, the benefit includes prizes, luncheon buffet, live “shushed” auction, chances to win for everyone (no spelling required) and a team spelling bee. Games will include: Heads or Tails; Defining Moments (20-word definition fill-in included in a drawing); and Anagram (How many 5-20 letter words can you make from “literacy and hope”?). Prizes will go to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the three-person team Spelling Bee as well as “best team spirit” and “best team theme.” Table sponsorships are available from Large tables ($1000), Medium ($500) or Small ($300 for a book group or private group.) It is $5 to participate in the Anagram or Defining Moments 50/50 Drawing. The team spelling competition gives each team 90 seconds to agree on the spelling of a unique word given to be written on the white board. Each misspelled word earns the team a “stinger” and 3 stingers means the team is eliminated. Fun, good food, good company and a great cause. Learn more about what Literacy & Hope is doing in your community at or call 303-359-5796.

Renaissance Center Offers Variety


ol of Clinica o h


erbalism lH

ra Colo do Sc

he Renaissance Center, located at 427 E Bayaud in Denver, is home to a group of independent professionals who share a common passion for nurturing positive physical and psychological well-being, says Renee Ellis, MA, RMT. They offer psychotherapy, intuitive counseling, reiki, massage (swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular and cranial sacral) and acupuncture. “The center is a little gem tucked away in the Washington Park area. Clients really appreciate the variety of services offered in a homey, healing space. Nearly every client that enters my office comments on how peaceful it feels being here,” says Ellis. Ellis utilizes psychotherapy, intuitive counseling, past life therapy and energy work to help clients move gracefully through life challenges such as relationship or career changes, grief and loss, or to find guidance, passion and purpose on the spiritual path. For more information, contact Renee Ellis, MA RMT at 720984-9575 or visit See listing page 31.

Boulder, Colorado 720 ‡ 722 ‡ 4372


Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism Offering Introductory, Advanced, and Clinical training programs in Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition in the Vitalist Tradition. Also offering sliding scale Holistic Wellness Consultations in our Student Clinic. Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Discounts for Healing or Intuitive Sessions


osie Roase is offering a $25 discount on any healing or intuitive session during the month of August. Roase considers herself an “Oracle for Women,” and has been a conduit for Spirit communications since childhood. She is certified in Reiki, is a practitioner for Advanced Psych-K and a facilitator for the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing. Contact Josie Roase at 303-968-9438 or josieroase@comcast. net and mention Natural Awakenings for your discount. See ad page 6.

newsbriefs Becoming a Sun at Sunrise Ranch


rom September 5–6, Sunrise Ranch west of Loveland will hold its fourth annual Creative Field Conference. This year’s theme, Becoming A Sun, is based on David Karchere’s book of the same name. According to Karchere, “Participants can expect to find universal power and love within themselves, while discovering ways to bring that love to the world... Join in tracing the path of human destiny—the process of knowing the wisdom and power of the universe in the practical experiences of life.� For info contact Keahi Ewa, 970-679-4349 or See ad page 23.

Ortho-Bionomy Training Starts November


he Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center offers a 10-week training course in November in Denver leading to certification as a Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy through the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International. According to Advanced Instructor Sheri Covey, a new, updated training program covers philosophy, theory and applied techniques. Weekly modules can be taken individually or sequentially for Practitioner certification. “If you’re already a body worker or massage therapist, OrthoBionomy courses are an invaluable addition to your training and skills. If you’re a layperson drawn to the healing arts, Ortho-Bionomy is a powerful entry portal to help yourself and others live more mobile, pain free lives,� says Covey. Introductory workshops in Boulder Aug-Oct. Registration/ information, contact Sheri Covey at 970-209-9400 or See ad page 12.

Lakewood Dentist Certified in Naturopathy


omething different is going on at South Lakewood Dental, 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, where Dr. Scott Stewart D.D.S. is also a board-certified Naturopathic Dentist. This allows him to focus on holistic, natural approaches to oral care. Unlike traditional medicine, Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine which favors a holistic approach with non-invasive treatment and generally avoids the use of surgery and drugs. It applies many different treatment modalities within the context of conventional medical practices including: nutritional and herbal medicine; lifestyle advice; counseling; flower essence; homeopathy; and remedial massage. According to Dr. Stewart, his years of experience and training as a dentist as well as his Naturopathic focus allow him to treat the “whole� patient. Good oral health is inextricably linked to our overall health. He also provides options that aren’t usually at your traditional dentist - biomimetic dentistry, laser technology, ozone therapy, fluoride-free, mercury-free dentistry and mercury-safe protocols. And, he offers 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. Dr Stewart can be reached at 303-988-4338. See ad page 11.

The more you are present, the more you connect with others, and with all life. The Breema Touch & The Nine Principles of Harmony A Weekend Workshop with JON SCHREIBER Director of the Breema Center


Bodywork Bistro

info: 719/963-6418

Register early: 510/428-0937

natural awakenings

August 2014


newsbriefs Celebration Fair in Denver


2013—2014 1st Place in Dog D Training T i i

Vote for us now for 2014-2015 to help our rescued animals!


he Body, Mind, Spirit Celebration Fair takes place at the Denver Mart Sept 5-7. The three-day fair includes 250 exhibitors, 50 presentations and entertainment. According to event organizers, exhibitors feature the latest in natural health, personal growth, and metaphysics. Psychic readers, one of their most popular features, is still $20 for 20 minutes, but you’ll also be able to sample new products, learn about alternatives and even sample various massage techniques. Featured presentions include: Marlise Karlin, author of “The Power of Peace in You,” shares techniques for imprinting the neural pathways of the brain to create deep inner peace, loving relationships and greater prosperity; Denver’s own Kim Moore shares her unique connection with the dearly departed through gallerystyle readings; Roberta MacKrill, author of “Plant and Stone Spirit Medicine: Voices of the Ancients” gives hands-on demonstrations; Zach Polsfuss of Higher Brain Living discusses the gentle-touch technique that releases stress and creates joy, passion and purpose; and Lorraine Flaherty will discuss Past Life Therapy. Admission is $7/day or $15/Weekend. Hours are: Friday 1pm-9pm; Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. Parking is free with admission. To learn more, 541-482-3722 ext.1 or see ad on page 26.

briefbriefs SEPTEMBER 8TH, MASSAGE THERAPY CLASSES START AT ACADEMY OF NATURAL THERAPY IN GREELEY. Enroll through 9/12 for certification program, Associate of Applied Science Degree program or CEU classes. Scholarships Available. Contact Jennifer 970-352-1181. MILE HIGH NATURAL AWAKENINGS PUBLISHERS FEATURED IN NEW BOOK: Inspiring Couples In Business And In Love by local couple Rob Alex Ph.D. and Janelle Alex Ph.D features insights, wisdom, advice and inspiring stories from 23 entrepreneurial couples, as well as your Natural Awakenings publishers Terry Chriswell and Doug Zerbarini. Read more and order at THE COLORADO GREEN BUILDING GUILD is seeking the best green building projects to acknowledge them for their achievement and contribution to green building and Colorado’s communities. All are encouraged to enter their own projects or nominate other projects. Deadline for entries is August 14. Info


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition


Tough Family Life Linked to Chromosome Aging


hen Princeton University researchers analyzed data from a representative sample of 40 African-American boys enrolled in the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study that followed children born in major U.S. cities between 1998 and 2000, they determined that those that lived through 9 years of age with less-stable families, such as parents with multiple partners and harsh or hostile parenting styles, had a higher probability of having shorter telomeres compared with other children. Telomeres were, on average, 40 percent longer among children from stable families. Telomeres are the segments of DNA at either end of a chromosome that protect the ends from deterioration or fusion with neighboring chromosomes. Shorter telomeres can decrease life expectancy by reducing the number of times our cells can divide, and scientists are discovering that a person’s living environment may lead to the condition. Previously, study data from the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety, found significantly shorter telomere length among those with higher stress markers; the shorter length was associated with aging approximately 10 years faster. In addition, the scientists observed significantly shorter telomere length among people with depressive symptoms lasting longer than four years; the shorter length correlated with both longer and more severe depression.

Parents’ Smoking Linked to Artery Damage in Children


esearchers from Australia’s University of Tasmania have found that children exposed to the secondhand smoke of their parents will likely face abnormally thickened carotid arteries later in life. The finding, published in the European Heart Journal, followed 3,776 children that participated in the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study and the Childhood Determinants of Adult Health Study. The children were divided into groups according to whether neither parent smoked, one parent smoked or both parents smoked. Questionnaire results were combined with ultrasound testing to correlate exposure during childhood with the health of carotid arteries, and researchers concluded that the effects are pervasive even 25 years later. Those exposed to two parental smokers as children had significantly greater thickness of inner carotid artery walls than did children with non-smoking parents. Their arteries also showed signs of premature aging of more than three years compared to children of nonsmokers. The researchers wrote, “There must be continued efforts to reduce smoking among adults to protect young people and to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease across the population.”



aterbased fun for children this time of year can sometimes lead to infections in young ears, which have smaller Eustachian tubes for draining moisture from the ear canal. Combined with summer’s heat and humidity, plus frequent immersions in aquatic settings, a child’s moist, warm inner ear environment is ideal for symbiotic growth of fungus and bacteria, according to Dr. Neil K. Kaneshiro, a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine, in Seattle. Together, these factors can result in blockages and earaches. Gently cleaning the ears during the summer with a wax-dissolving solution, followed by a careful rinsing, is excellent preventative action. If an oral antibiotic is taken for an existing infection, note that it will only kill the bacteria, possibly leaving fungus to foster a recurrence. Dr. K.O. Paulose, a world-class expert in ear, nose and throat procedures at the Jubilee Memorial Hospital, in India, advises that the proper treatment of an earache requires killing both fungus and bacteria. Unlike oral antibiotics, it is administered only into the affected ear so it doesn’t upset the entire body and immunity system. An easy, natural way to wholly treat the condition is by administering a couple of drops of an enhanced aqueous silver colloid such as Super Neti Juice, from Nature’s Rite, into the ear and then remaining still to let it settle for 10 minutes; this will kill both the fungal and bacterial pathogens. In Book of Silver Testing, co-authors S.R. Frank, G. Clark and A. Cornelious concur that this treatment may be repeated every hour and can eliminate the infection within one day with no adverse consequences to the child. Steven Frank, founder of Nature’s Rite can be reached at See ad on page 13.

natural awakenings

August 2014




A Growth Meditation

Dangerous Influx


n this season of growing, take a moment and pause. Find a plant around your garden, in the park, or on a walk in your neighborhood. Get to know one that you can revisit. Take a moment to notice the earth in which it sits and get familiar with its stock, leaves, and flowers. Make a point to revisit the plant and notice how it changes day to day and week to week. Recognize and know the miracle of growth, life and change that is all around you in every moment. Even if you’re stuck in the mud, know this same miracle of growth is within you. Renee Ellis, MA RMT is a counselor and healer in private practice. 720-9849575. See listing page 31.

Pine Bark Extract Reduces Perimenopausal Symptoms


esearch published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine confirms that pine bark extract can significantly reduce symptoms of menopause and perimenopause, including restless legs syndrome and hot flashes. For three months, 170 perimenopausal women were given 30 milligrams of Pycnogenol patented pine bark extract or a placebo twice a day. Although a placebo effect was noted, the supplement significantly improved all but two symptoms and was especially effective in improving vasomotor and insomnia/sleep patterns. The severity of symptoms among the Pycnogenol group, as measured by the Kupperman Index, decreased 56 percent more than for the placebo group. In another study, scientists from Italy’s Pescara University gave 70 perimenopausal women a placebo or 100 milligrams of Pycnogenol daily for two months. The supplement group experienced fewer menopausal symptoms and showed improvements with symptoms that include fatigue, insomnia, reduced concentration, memory problems, dizziness, depression and irritability.

Flaxseed Lowers Blood Pressure


ating flaxseed reduces blood pressure, according to researchers from Canada’s St. Boniface Hospital Research Center. They attribute the effect to its omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and fiber. The researchers examined the effects of flaxseed on systolic and diastolic blood pressure in patients with peripheral artery disease, a condition typically marked by hypertension. Patients consumed a variety of foods that collectively contained 30 grams of milled flaxseed or a placebo each day for six months. The flaxseed group experienced significantly increased plasma levels of certain omega-3 fatty acids and lower average systolic blood pressure (by 10 mmHg) and diastolic blood pressure (by 7 mm Hg). Those in the flaxseed group with initial systolic blood pressure levels over 140 mmHg saw reductions averaging 15 mmHg.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Gas Pipeline Pumps Radioactive Radon into Homes In New York City, the Spectra gas pipeline that went online in 2013 is delivering more than just energy-efficient, clean-burning natural gas from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale. It’s also piping radioactive radon gas that’s contaminating commercial and residential boilers, ovens, stoves, dryers and water heaters at 30 to 80 times baseline levels—well above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency safe level for radiation exposure. According to Dr. Sheila BushkinBedient, with the University of Albany, New York, “While it may be possible to remove other components of raw natural gas such as ethane, propane, butane and pentanes at natural gas processing centers, it’s not possible to remove radioactive substances such as radon. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers and the secondleading cause among smokers and indirect (secondhand) smokers.” The Spectra conduit is one of hundreds of pipelines and fossil fuel infrastructure projects across the country being quickly approved by the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission. Citizens should demand that elected officials connect the dots and halt the uncontrolled rush to drill new sites regardless of safety concerns and let them know people are alarmed by the possibility of radioactive gas entering their communities. To learn more, visit

globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.


Cycling Rx Doctors Order Up a Bike for Patients The Prescribe-a-Bike program ( allows doctors at Boston Medical Center, in Massachusetts, to write low-income patients prescriptions for a one-year membership to Hubway, the city’s bike-sharing system, for $5, which is $80 less than the regular charge. A free helmet is part of the deal. According to The Boston Globe, one in four Boston residents is obese, and Kate Walsh, chief executive of Boston Medical Center, believes the program can help. “Regular exercise is key to combating this [obesity] trend, and Prescribe-a-Bike,” she says, “is one important way our caregivers can help patients get the exercise they need to be healthy.”

By Removing Toxic Silver Fillings Did you know that amalgam (silver) fillings contain 50% mercury, and have been called “a biochemical train wreck in your body”?*

South Lakewood Dental is Certified Mercury Free and Mercury Safe!

Our office has used only non-amalgam products for restoring teeth for over a decade and we take every precaution to remove amalgams safely for your health and ours.

Source: The Atlantic Monthly

True Grit Why Persistence Counts Some educators believe that improvements in instruction, curriculum and school environments are not enough to raise the achievement levels of all students, especially disadvantaged children. Also necessary is a quality called “grit”, loosely defined as persistence over time to overcome challenges and accomplish big goals. Grit comprises a suite of traits and behaviors that include goal-directedness (knowing where to go and how to get there); motivation (having a strong will to achieve identified goals); self-control (avoiding distractions and focusing on the task at hand); and a positive mindset (embracing challenges and viewing failure as a learning opportunity). A meta-study of 25 years of research by John Hattie and Helen Timperley, professors at the University of Aukland, New Zealand, has shown that giving students challenging goals encourages greater effort and persistence than providing vague or no direction. Students aren’t hardwired for these qualities, but grit can be developed through an emerging battery of evidence-based techniques that give educators a powerful new set of tools to support student success. A famous example of the power of self-regulation was observed when preschoolers that were able to withstand the temptation of eating a marshmallow for 15 minutes to receive a second one were more successful in high school and scored about 210 points higher on their SATs later in life than those with less willpower ( Source:

We offer biocompatibility testing to see which filling material works best for your body, especially for sensitive individuals.

All Holistic and health-minded individuals should demand the safe removal, handling, and disposal of silver fillings. *from Boyd Haley, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at University of Kentucky

20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings

Scott Stewart, DDS

& Certified Naturopathic Dentist FINANCING AVAILABLE


2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood natural awakenings

August 2014



Find Inspiration & Enrich Your Practice NEW training program starting November in Denver

10 weeks spread over 24 months. The most complete training program available.

The Breema Touch & the Nine Principles of Harmony

Ortho Bionomy is a structural and neurological-based bodywork that has a profound ability to shift the trauma within the body and allow the body to self-correct. The work allows the body to restore balance and health. Our classroom hours include Advanced Pelvis & Neck; Chapman’s Reflexes; Cranial, Endocrine & Lymphatic; Extremities; Fluids; Neurological; Spine & Shoulders; and Visceral & Organs. It creates no strain on the practitioner’s body.

ENROLL NOW Explore the depth and scope of this work at or call 970-209-9400


on Schreiber, D.C. will lead this Breema workshop August 9-10 at the Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center, 3825 Iris Ave., #300 in Boulder. According to organizers, “BreemaÂŽ is a simple, natural form of touch and body movement that aims to bring us to a tangible experience of presence that becomes our foundation for a new dimension of health, consciousness and self-understanding. It provides a unique approach to experiencing body-mind connection.â€? It utilizes its Nine Principles of Harmony to “understand the underlying unity of all life.â€? Further, “Breema bodywork uses nurturing touch, tensionrelieving stretches and rhythmic movements to create physical, mental and emotional balance. Breema‌ guides the practitioner to support the body’s instinctive healing energy, nurturing vitality instead of focusing on symptoms of illness or imbalance. The nonjudgmental atmosphere‌ is deeply nourishing and enables us to let go of conditioned patterns, so that we can connect to new and more natural ways of moving, thinking and feeling. Breema’s Principles can be integrated and applied in any profession and in all activities of daily life, helping us bring greater harmony to all our relationships.â€? CEs available for massage and bodywork practitioners by the NCBTMB (#145251-00). For information regarding the workshop contact Alexandra Johnson 719-963-6418 or See ad page 7.

A Few Drops Can Change Your Life! You could feel better, lose weight or increase energy and mental clarity with a few drops of Natural Awakenings DETOXIFIED IODINE daily in water or on your skin when used as directed. Order Online Today at

An essential component of the thyroid, iodine replacement has been reported to give relief from: t%FQSFTTJPO t8FJHIU(BJO t-PX&OFSHZ t'JCSPNZBMHJB t)ZQPUIZSPJEJTN t)ZQFSUIZSPJEJTN t3BEJBUJPO t#BDUFSJB7JSVTFT t"OE.PSF NAW bt or call: 888-822-0246

1-11 bottles: $19.99FBtCPUUMFT$14.99FBt CPUUMFT$ 9.99 ea. SHIPPING — $ 5tVQUP8 bottles (1 bottle yields a 6-8 week supply)


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

eventspotlights Inner Guidance with Anne Archer Butcher


re you looking for tools to help you conquer fears, resolve karmic ties, face challenges with ease, accept inner guidance, recognize daily miracles, and live a more spiritually oriented life? Attend “Inner Guidance - Getting Your Own Answers from the Divine” at the Denver Sheraton West, 360 Union Blvd., Lakewood on September 13 from 1:30-4pm. Anne Archer Butcher will be the featured speaker, sharing stories from her book, Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright in this highly interactive workshop. Share Butcher’s journey as she survives an encounter with a shark in open water; resolves difficult karmic connections; accepts grace; struggles with malaria; and inspires her high school students to

greatness. Throughout all these ordeals, adventures, and profound experiences, the author received clear and reliable inner guidance that helped her survive and thrive. Anne reveals how she learned about this guidance through the fascinating teachings of Eckankar.

Butcher demonstrates how inner guidance saved her life and gives techniques that you can use to enhance your own inner guidance and get validation of your spiritual experiences. According to Eckankar, each day brings new opportunities to take another step forward in consciousness - the evolution of self. Our inner guidance is perfectly suited to us and what we currently need. An endless stream of divine love is being given to us each and every day if we are open to receiving it. Divine wisdom connects with our true self as Soul. Inner guidance may show up as a “nudge” to take certain action. If we listen, we may enjoy a growth opportunity or avoid a dangerous situation. We can learn to weather day-to-day uncertainty by listening and following our inner guidance. Do you want to follow it? Anne Archer Butcher is an awardwinning producer, writer, wife, mother and businesswoman. To learn more about the workshop 303-756-9287, or See ad page 24.

Sleep Apnea Relief

Natural solutions FO R AL L YOU R HE ALTH NEED S ȗSleep Apnea ȗȗBruises, Bruises, Strains, tissue dam damage ȗSinus Infection ȗSkin Rash Designed for my family, Shared with w yours.

Order online onl at MyNaturesR or ca call 800-991-7088 800-991-

Helps ensure deep, steady breathing throughout the night, improving the efficiency of the lungs and relaxing muscles to address sleep apnea.

Injury Repair air Ankle sprains, bruises, painful elbows and shoulders all need help during repair. Bruise, ise, Strain & Tear Repair clears the bruising and keeps the healing process going for as long g as you apply it. Get a complete repair naturally.

Sinus Infection Sinus Relief offers a nasal spray that is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in a convenient spray bottle. Super Neti Juice offers the same antimicrobial power with soothing, subtle peppermint. Powerful tools to combat germs.

Rash Relief This powerful herbal lotion is designed to relieve the pain and itch of eczema. while correcting the cause and repairing the skin. A healthy and natural approach to correcting skin rash without dangerous drugs.

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August 2014


Pinpoint Allergies


Super-Immunity for KIDS Simple Ways to Boost a Child’s Long-Term Health

Shore Up with Supplements

by Lisa Turner

We’d love it if our kids had fewer sick days away from school, but what if by bolstering their immune systems now, we could also protect them from serious diseases going forward?


uring childhood, when the immune system is still developing, there’s a great opportunity to set the stage for improved health and resilience,” says Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a family physician and nutritional researcher in Flemington, New Jersey, and author of Disease-Proof Your Child. “A healthy diet and lifestyle can help kids avoid common childhood illnesses like colds, ear infections and allergies, as well as ensure greater resilience against disease later in life.”

Focus on HighQuality Foods Fruits and veggies have a wealth of protective phytochemicals that enhance immune cell function and protect against disease. In a study published in


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Food allergies and sensitivities can suppress the immune system by increasing inflammation in the body and call for consultation with a health specialist. “Whenever there is extra inflammation, the body has less available energy to keep the immune system functioning as well as it should,” says Dr. Fred Pescatore, a New York author of The Allergy & Asthma Cure. “It’s like putting the wrong type of gasoline in the car; it hinders your performance.”

the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, kids that ate the most fruit had a 38 percent lower risk of cancer later in life. Berries, cherries, plums and pomegranates are among the most powerful immune-boosting fruits. For veggies, eat more dark leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. Also emphasize whole grains and healthy fats such as those found in nuts, seeds and avocado, advises Fuhrman. Sugar-laden calories depress the infection-fighting activity of white blood cells, says Dr. Alan R. Gaby, of Concord, New Hampshire, author of the textbook, Nutritional Medicine. Even natural sweeteners such as honey and juice have similar effects when consumed in excess, he says. Try healthy options like pomegranate and kiwi fruit salad; trail mix with raw almonds; dried cranberries and air-popped popcorn; and hummus with red pepper strips and baby carrots for dipping.

Probiotics can enhance immune function in children by stimulating white blood cells and reducing inflammation, says Gary B. Huffnagle, Ph.D., a University of Michigan Medical School immunology research professor and author of The Probiotics Revolution. They are especially protective against allergies, diarrhea and respiratory tract infection. Start with yogurt: Serve with cereal; mix with mashed bananas and freeze in ice cube trays for a cool treat; or make smoothies with unsweetened, non-dairy yogurt and frozen berries. Or consider a Lactobacillus acidophilus supplement; aim for 5 billion CFUs per day of Lactobacillus or bifidobacterium. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), an ayurvedic herb, boosts immunity by supporting and balancing adrenal function, says Dr. John Douillard, Ph.D., a Boulder, Colorado, chiropractor, ayurvedic physician and author of Perfect Health for Kids. The adrenal glands produce cortisol, and overproduction of this “fight-or-flight” hormone can dampen immunity. Ashwagandha is particularly helpful for preventing colds and can also be used when kids are stressed or tired. For children ages 6 to 12, give 500 milligrams per day with breakfast; children over 12 can take 1,000 mg a day.

Stabilize Hormonal Changes “Puberty and adolescence are marked by dramatic shifts in and surges of hormones,” says Dr. Richard Shames, of Sebastopol, California, co-author of Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? “This is monumental, as far as the developing immune system is concerned. As the immune system is directly linked to hormonal in-

Tell kids they’ll get sick, and chances are it’ll happen. Instead, nurture an attitude of wellness and help them learn they have control over their own health. fluences, any hormonal imbalance will affect overall immunity.” Shames recommends selenium—a potent antioxidant and general immune booster—to help balance hormones. For children ages 8 to 18, aim for 100 mg per day.

Let ’em Get Dirty “Once a child has been exposed to dirt and germs, the immune system responds by trying to expel those bacteria from the body, which strengthens immunity,” counsels Jane Sheppard, owner of and founding executive director of the Holistic Pediatric Association. Avoid antibacterial soaps, cleansers and gels; most contain the chemical triclosan, which some researchers suspect of contributing to development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Instead, use a natural antibacterial gel or make one, by combining witch hazel or alcohol, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil.

Stay in the Sun “The sun is our primary source of vitamin D, which has broad effects on the immune system,” Fuhrman says. “Depending on your skin tone and the local climate, about 15 minutes of full sun exposure a day will lead to natural production of sufficient amounts of vitamin D.” If kids have dark skin or live in a cloudy region, they may need vitamin D supplements—at least 200 IU per day.

Laugh Out Loud “You can give your kids the best food and nutrition, but if they have underlying sadness, their immune system will suffer,” remarks Sheppard. “When you’re happy and when you laugh, your brain releases chemicals that increase immunity.” Lisa Turner is a Colorado-based health writer. natural awakenings

August 2014




& Hope

By Alyse Urice


appily, I will tell you that by our fifth year of operating the 501c3 non–profit I founded called Literacy & Hope, we have given away nearly a half million dollars worth of pre-loved and new books. Our mission is to recycle books into the hands of people who cannot afford them. And we’ve done it with no formal funding, an office in my home and a garage that has never housed my SUV. “We” are my adult children and a handful of committed friends. We supply books to food banks, shelters, classrooms, senior/daycare centers, motels frequented by homeless families, free clinics, day labor offices, public parks and bus shelters. We leave packets of 2-3 books with a note, “Did you find these? They’re for you. It’s a sign from the Universe that things are looking up. Read, enjoy & share.” Donated new books go to book groups we’ve created for formerly homeless women. Our motto is: What you can. Where you are. Every day. When I was a child, my dad brought home a 30-year old set of Honey Bunch books, sending me on my literary journey. Books were my escape, my friends, and they challenged me to improve my vocabulary. I learned about people, lives and worlds as books were a door to another life.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

One summer Saturday in 1999, my children and I were among a small group attending a library used-book sale. My daughter said, “Mom, did you know that the books they don’t sell today get ground up at a pulp mill?” I looked at the librarian. She nodded. I asked her for two hours. Just two hours to stop the truck that would haul away the books. Who could use all of those books? Who could benefit from a small library? I called the county jail with a “library room” but no books. The officer said he would send a truck and inmates to load the books. I said yes to the truck and no to the inmates. I

called the local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops with a chance to earn community service badges. I called a TV station about the cool thing the library was doing to help the jail and they sent a crew. Then I called the librarian and said, “Cancel the pulp mill.” It took 45 minutes. My kids jumped up and down. I did, too. By 2008 I was talking a lot about doing nonprofit work, volunteering and making some change in the world. It was just that, talk, until I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I did a lot of thinking while recovering and was bored out of my mind staring at the walls covered in bookshelves. One day I bundled and stacked books everywhere. We brainstormed about places to leave them and started simply giving away my books. For the first time in months I did not feel useless. As I was healing from cancer surgeries, focusing on what I loved became increasingly important-family dinners, blogging, hours spent stroking the head of my golden retriever, Truman. How much time do you spend just doing what you love? Now, ask yourself: how can you share what you love with other people in a way that might improve their lives? It’s just that simple. Our first Literacy and Hope fundraiser on October 25 is the “Defining Moments Adult Spelling Bee” at Table Mountain Inn, 1301 Washington St, Golden at Noon. There will be great prizes, a buffet luncheon and teams of spellers showing off their stuff. Sponsor a table, or grab 2 others and form a team of 3 to join the spelling bee! Learn more about what Literacy & Hope is doing in your community and how you can be a part of the spelling bee at or call 303-359-5796.

DUST TO DUST: Eco-Friendly Natural Burials By Terry Chriswell


ost of us don’t like to consider death – ours nor our loved ones. We put off planning for “someday” until the cycle of life comes to a close for a loved one and we must arrange burials through our grief. Often, we let arrangements be handled by the local funeral home. But, a proactive decision made early may help us handle this time with some comfort that we are following the wishes of the deceased. In fact, forethought and selfeducation that takes into account our loved one’s wishes, affordability and the environment might be the wisest decision you will ever make. Most of us are completely unaware that modern burials contribute to the decline of the environment. Some interesting facts about cremation and burials from Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to A Natural Way of Burial by environmental journalist Mark Harris: •

A typical 10-acre swatch of cemetery ground contains enough coffin wood to construct 40 houses; nearly 1,000 tons of casket steel; 20,000 tons of vault concrete; and enough toxic embalming fluid to fill a backyard swimming pool.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) deems formaldehyde (used in embalming) as a potential occupational carcinogen and the funeral trade shows elevated levels of several different cancers; no Federal law requires embalming; the EPA regulates it as a hazardous waste yet the funeral industry routinely buries over three pounds of the formaldehyde-based ‘formalin’ in each body; the em-

balmed body’s toxic cache is eventually released into the soil, where it can leach into groundwater. •

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, in 2012 the US cremation rate was 43.2% and mostly chosen to save land; however, carbon monoxide, radioactivity, fine soot, sulfur dioxide and metals, including mercury, are released into the atmosphere. Mercury is highly toxic (mostly known due to silver fillings), which is linked to brain and neurological damage in children; The New England Zero Mercury Campaign estimates that US crematories emit over 5,000 pounds every year.

A return to the traditional way of letting our loved ones go can be a beautiful, peaceful time with definitive closure for those that remain – and it doesn’t have to be toxic to the environment. The Jewish burial culture is inherently green, says Jamie Sarche, Director of Outreach and Pre-Arranged Funeral Planning for Feldman Mortuary in Denver. Options include no chemicals or embalming, an all-wood casket with no nails and a biodegradable interior and shroud. “We came from the Earth, and we believe we go back into it with the utmost respect for the body and

the Earth.” And, she says, most people don’t know that a mortuary like Feldman is not just for those of the Jewish faith. Regardless of faith, if you prefer the “greener” services provided by a professional organization like Feldman, don’t be intimidated; reach out and ask. There are very few traditional burial services available in Colorado. Imagine the traditional way our forefathers buried their loved ones: within 24-48 hours, with some refrigeration or ice to keep the body from decomposing too quickly; a basic casket made from biodegradable, readily-available, local wood or wrapped in a cotton cloth and placed in a hand-dug grave amidst a field of wildflowers, marked with the planting of a bush or the piling of fieldstones. Historically, these burials used significantly less resources, were inexpensive, natural and environmentally safe. Dust to dust. We can still have that today. Luc Nadeau, owner of Nature’s Casket in Longmont, hand-makes simple caskets and ships them all over the country. He says his customers tell him about the empowerment they feel when they pick the casket, assemble it and sometimes paint it with beautiful designs. They feel the process is more meaningful and cathartic, and it honors their loved ones more than they could in a modern burial process. You are not required by law to buy the casket a funeral home offers you; in fact, the Funeral Rule (enforced by the Federal Trade Commission) stipulates that funeral homes are required to accept caskets from outside their establishments, without any upcharges or fees. Laina Corazon has been trying to

natural awakenings

August 2014


create a low-cost, low-impact natural cemetery for years in Colorado. Consistently stumped by neighbors, changing policy and money, the land she bought went into foreclosure. Her non-profit, “Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries,” needs 10+ acres and a “perpetual care fund” so that the land is maintained for proper use after she herself passes. The idea that on this land you can be laid to rest next to your beloved pet should interest many Coloradoans. Because we all want a better world to leave our children, the importance of how and where you leave your loved ones can’t be emphasized enough. Evaluate your options well in advance for a burial that not only honors your loved ones, but honors the Earth as well. Terry Chriswell is the publisher of Natural Awakenings.

RESOURCES Green burials for all faiths & workshops on end of life planning: Feldman Mortuary, Jaime Sarche, 303-322-7764 Homemade, local, natural caskets: Nature’s Casket, Luc Nadeau: 720-383-7613 Do you have 10 acres for green burial use? Contact Prairie Wilderness Cemetery, Laina Corazon: 303-832-7074 Natural Transitions magazine: home funeral information, workshops, educational consultation: Karen van Vuuren: 303-4433418 or Ask your county officials about burial on your private land

Green or Natural Cemeteries: Evergreen Memorial Park in Evergreen Crestone Cemetery in Crestone

Books: Grave Matters by Mark Harris Final Rights by Joshua Slocum, executive director of Funeral Consumers Alliance, and Lisa Carlson, executive director of Funeral Ethics Organization

Funeral Planning: Green Burial Council Planning Guide: The Funeral Consumers Alliance:


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition


Be Happy Now Simple Ways to Quickly Lift Your Spirits by April Thompson


inger-songwriter Pharrell Williams, whose infectious hit song, “Happy,” has spread joy worldwide, seems to know the secret to happiness. More than 1,500 people from 140-plus countries have posted their own happy video spinoffs at, inspired by his daylong music video featuring Los Angeles residents from all walks of life dancing and lip-syncing to the tune. Can happiness really be just a finger snap away? It depends on our unit of measurement—a moment versus a lifetime. Research by such authorities as Psychologist Martin Seligman, Ph.D., director of the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center, suggests that several basic ingredients are keys to long-term happiness, including a sense of purpose, engaging activities, quality relationships and achievable goals. Ultimately, happiness is a subjective state, gauged only by personal perception. Still, there are quick, simple things we can do to shift our mood into a higher

gear, according to Jonathan Robinson, author of Find Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love, Balance, and Joy Into Your Life. “Broadly, happiness shortcuts fall into two categories—those that help in letting go of negative emotions and those that help in tuning into or expanding positive feelings,” says Robinson. “The end result is the same.” Practice gratitude. When the day’s affronts seem excessive, we can reframe them by counting our blessings mentally or in a journal. Review the day with an eye to everything that went right. “Soon, you’ll start to see everything as a gift,” observes Robinson. Pencil it in. Take a few moments at the start of each week to block out a little time every day for happy activities. Pay it forward. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day, advises Robinson. Give someone a compliment or a piece of chocolate and watch their attitude instantly change, which in turn lifts you into their happy cloud.

Sing and dance. Williams applies this secret: Moving our bodies and vibrating our vocal chords helps shake us out of our mental cages. “It’s hard to feel bad when you sing. It’s a choice: You can stay angry for four hours or sing for 15 seconds,” Robinson notes. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple jumpstart to happiness. Research from the University of Arizona shows that as little as a forced smile not only releases stress-fighting neuropeptides and moodlifting serotonin in the brain, it activates a chain reaction of happiness around us. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson at

This fall, the University of CaliforniaBerkeley’s Greater Good Science Center will host the first public online course on the Science of Happiness. According to Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., professor of psychology and founding director of the center, the university’s meta-analysis of research indicates that 50 percent of our happiness level is tied to genetics, while only 10 percent stems from our environment. “Therefore, about 40 percent of your happiness is up to you,” remarks Keltner. Students will learn practical, scientifically tested strategies for nurturing their own happiness and tracking progress. Sign up to audit the free course, which has already attracted 40,000 registrants, at


Your smile… the ultimate accessory

Dr. Cate Vieregger believes that dental health plays a SIGNIFICANT role in your overall health. A SPECIAL diagnostic appointment will help us UNDERSTAND your individual needs and desires. We will work with YOUR other holistic health partners to provide optimal care.

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Cures in the Kitchen Dr. Mark Hyman is Fed Up with Our National Health Crisis by Judith Fertig


n the groundbreaking new documentary film, Fed Up, Dr. Mark Hyman prescribes a major overhaul of the diets of all family members in communities across America to prevent far-reaching unwanted consequences. Hyman practices functional medicine, which takes a whole-system approach to treating chronic illnesses by identifying and addressing their root causes, starting with poor diet. He is also the bestselling author of a series of books based on The Blood Sugar Solution.

What has your experience with Fed Up shown you about the root cause of many diseases?

To advertise or participate in our next edition, call

(303) 770-1981 20

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

In Fed Up, I met with a family of five to talk with them about their health and understand the roots of their family crisis of morbid obesity, pre-diabetes, renal failure, disability, financial stress and hopelessness. Rural South Carolina, where they live, is a food desert with nearly10 times as many fast-food and convenience stores as supermarkets. The family’s kitchen was also a food desert, with barely a morsel of real food. There were no ingredients to make real food—only pre-made factory science projects sold in cans and boxes with unpronounceable, unrecognizable ingredient lists. This family desperately wanted to find a way out, but didn’t have the knowledge or skills. They lived on food stamps and fast food and didn’t know how to navigate a grocery aisle, shop for real food, read a label, equip a

kitchen or cook nutritious meals. Their grandmother has a garden, but never taught her children how to grow food, even though they live in a temperate rural area.

What results did the family see when they changed their eating habits? I got the whole family cooking, washing, peeling, chopping, cutting and touching real food—onions, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, salad greens, even asparagus. After 12 months, the mother had lost 100 pounds and was off of blood pressure medication, and because the father had lost 45 pounds, he finally qualified for a kidney transplant. The son originally lost 40 pounds, but

because he was stuck in a toxic food environment at school and only able to get a job at a fast-food eatery, he gained much of it back. I’m happy to report that he is now working to get back on track.

How is sugar a primary factor in creating obesity? Of some 600,000 processed food items on the market, 80 percent contain added sugar. Sugar calories act differently from fat or protein calories in the body. Sugar calories drive food addiction, storage of belly fat, inflammation and fatty liver (now the number one reason for liver transplants). They also disrupt appetite control, increasing hunger and promoting overeating, and are biologically addictive. Sugar calories are the major contributor to heart attacks, strokes, cancer, dementia and Type 2 diabetes. Sugar is a root cause behind the tripling of obesity rates in children since the 1970s. As just one example illustrating government policy culprits, although poor people are disproportionately

affected by obesity, the food industry vigorously opposes any efforts to limit the use of food stamps for soda. Every year, the U.S. government pays for $4 billion in soda purchases by the poor (10 billion servings annually) on the front end, and then pays billions more on the back end through Medicaid and Medicare to treat related health consequences that include obesity and diabetes.

What are the consequences if we don’t attack the problem of poor diet now? The costs of a poor diet are staggering: At the present rate, by 2040, 100

percent of the nation’s federal budget will go for Medicare and Medicaid. The federal debt soars as our unhealthy kids fall heir to an achievement gap that limits America’s capacity to compete in the global marketplace. At the same time, having 70 percent of young people unfit for military service weakens national security. In a detailed scientific analysis published in The New England Journal of Medicine, a group of respected scientists reviewing all the data affecting projected life spans concluded that today’s children are the first generation of Americans ever that will live sicker and die younger than their parents. Health issues due to poor diet comprise a national crisis. They threaten our future, not just for those fat and sick among us, but all of us. For more information on Fed Up, visit Judith Fertig blogs at AlfrescoFood from Overland Park, KS.

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August 2014



Safe & Sustainable

SEAFOOD Navigate Today’s Best Choices Using Updated Guides by Judith Fertig

We love our seafood, a delicious source of lean protein. The latest data reports U.S. annual consumption to be more than 4.8 billion pounds of it, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with the average American eating 3.5 ounces of seafood a week. About half of the catch is wild-caught and half farmed. How do we know which fish and shellfish are safe to eat and good for ocean ecology?


he best approach is to choose seafood carefully. Oil spills, waste runoff and other environmental disasters can compromise the quality of seafood with toxic contaminants like mercury and other heavy metals and industrial, agricultural and lawn chemicals. These pollutants can wash out from land to sea (and vice versa). As smaller fish that have eaten pollutants are eaten by larger ones, contaminants accumulate and concentrate. Large predatory fish like swordfish and sharks end up with the most toxins. Beyond today’s top-selling shrimp, canned tuna, salmon and farmed tilapia, more retailers and restaurants are also providing lesser-known seafood varieties like dogfish and hake as alternatives to overfished species such as sea bass and Atlantic cod. These new-to-us, wild-caught fish can be delicious, sustainable and healthy.

Choices Good for Oceans An outstanding resource for choosing wellmanaged caught or farmed seafood in environmentally responsible ways is Seafood Watch, provided through California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium. Information on the most sustainable varieties of seafood is available in a printed guide, updated twice a year. The pocket guide or smartphone app provides instant information at the seafood counter and restaurant table. Online information at and via the app is regularly updated. The Blue Ocean Institute, led by MacArthur Fellow and ecologist Carl Safina, Ph.D., supports ocean conservation, community economics and global peace by steering consumers and businesses toward sustainably fished seafood. It maintains a data base on 140 wild-caught fish and shellfish choices at

A safe, wearable patch with Indica Cannabis frequencies!

The Medical-Grade Indica Cannabis (CBD) patch is a perfect solution for people who would like to experience the very relaxing benefits of Marijuana-Cannabis without using and without guilt. Made in the USA by

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

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The truth is that no one fish can be seen as a sustainability darling, because if it is, it’s sure to be overfished. ~ Hoki, for instance, might have a green fish icon for “relatively abundant” and a blue icon for “sustainable and well-managed fisheries,” but also be red-flagged for containing levels of mercury or PCBs that can pose a health risk for children. As species become overfished, rebound or experience fluctuating levels of contaminants, their annual ratings can change.

Choices Good for Us To help make choosing easier, Seafood Watch has now joined with the Harvard School of Public Health to also advise what’s currently safe to eat. Entries on their list of “green” fish, which can shift annually, are low in mercury, good sources of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and caught or farmed responsibly. If the top-listed fish and shellfish aren’t locally available, look for the Seafood Safe label, started by EcoFish company founder and President Henry Lovejoy, which furnishes at-a-glance consumption recommendations based upon tests for contaminants. Labels display a number that indicates how many four-ounce servings of the species a

woman of childbearing age can safely eat per month. (Find consumption recommendations for other demographics at Expert-reviewed independent testing of random samples of the fish currently monitors mercury and PCB levels. Lovejoy advises that other toxins will be added to the testing platform in the future. “My dream is to have all seafood sold in the U.S. qualify to bear the Seafood Safe label, because consumers deserve to know what they’re eating,” says Lovejoy. “We need to be a lot more careful in how we use toxic chemicals and where we put them.”

Retail Ratings Some retailers also provide details on their seafood sourcing. Whole Foods, for example, offers complete traceability of the fish and shellfish they carry, from fishery or farm to stores. Their fish, wild-caught or farmed, frozen or fresh, meet strict quality guidelines in regard to exposure to antibiotics, preservatives and hormones. They also display Seafood Watch and Blue Ocean Institute ratings at the seafood counter. Wise seafood choices feed and sustain our families, foster a healthier seafood industry, support responsible local fisheries and keep Earth’s water resources viable. Judith Fertig blogs at AlfrescoFood from Overland Park, KS.

SUPERB SEAFOOD According to Seafood Watch and the Harvard School of Public Health, the Super “Green” list includes seafood with low levels of mercury (below 216 parts per billion [ppb]) and at least 250 milligrams per day (mg/d) of the recommended daily consumption of omega-3 essential fatty acids. It also must be classified as a Best Choice for being caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways at

The Best in July 2013

 Atlantic mackerel (purse seine, U.S. and Canada)  Freshwater Coho salmon (tank system farms, U.S.)  Pacific sardines (wild-caught)  Salmon (wild-caught, Alaska)  Salmon, canned (wild-caught, Alaska) The “honorable mention” list includes seafood that contains moderate amounts of mercury and between 100 and 250 milligrams per day (mg/d) of the recommended daily consumption of omega-3s. It also must be classified as a Best Choice for being caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways at

More Healthy Choices

 Albacore tuna (troll- or pole-caught, U.S. or British Columbia)  Sablefish/black cod (Alaska, Canadian Pacific)

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calendarofevents NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by August 10th (for September issue) and adhere to our guidelines. Visit for guidelines and to submit entries. All entries will be edited.

A Basic Meditation 5-Weeks–7-9pm. Meet your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. Let go of negativity and make room for the positive. Early $165, Reg $180. Journey Within, 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino, 720-413-7303,


FRIDAY AUG 1 Breema at Esalen: Building a Foundation for SelfTransformation–Immerse yourself in an experiential exploration of the Principle of No Judgment through touch, movement, and Breema’s transformational philosophy. CE available. Info RSVP Esalen Institute, Big Sur 888-837-2536 or

SATURDAY AUG 2 Camp Merveilles Theater Show–Rhythm, dance and music with Les Merveilles de Guinée and Friends Theater Show featuring artists from Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast, Congo, Zimbabwe, and USA. Sunrise Ranch, 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland. Tix

Reiki III - Master Teacher Training–Noon3pm. Prereq: Reiki II from any teacher Advanced Reiki training. Six classes over 1-2 months for time to integrate the experiences energetically and spiritually. Student teach & attune in Reiki I&II classes (optional). Initiation ceremony in a sacred space. Instructor: Karen Fox, Reiki Master Teacher 20+ years. Massage therapist & energy worker in 1990s when she began her work as a hands-on medical intuitive. $750 RSVP/Info 303942-0646 or


As seen on Gaiam TV: Higher Brain Living–6:30pm. Free demonstration with real people who have made real change. Higher Brain Living® unravels addictive behaviors naturally. AWAKEN Higher Brain Living, 2100 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton. Kent Johnson 303-907-3468 or

FRIDAY AUG 8 Free Introductory Breema Workshop–7:15-8:30pm. With Jon Schreiber, Director of the Breema Center. Dancing the Soul, 950-C Jersey St, Denver. Info

Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1 st Ave., #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358, or

Trance Medium Healing Clinic–7pm. Open Channeling 7-7:30ish. Free. Followed by Healings $10. Facilitating re-alignment and cleansing of spiritual body. Channeling, energy readings, and intense individual clearings. Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe Street, Denver. 303-282-9439 or

Psychic Intensive Workshop–9am-4pm . Are you ready to push the envelope to develop your psychic skills? For beginners & advanced students who want to take your psychic abilities to the next level. $100 Instructor: Marcia Stanfield. Register

Makeover Your Cleaning Cabinet w/ Essential Oils–6:30-8pm. Clean your home naturally, effectively w/ safe, all-natural ingredients, plus recipes. Free. Soulshine Family Wellness Center, 1705 S Pearl St, Suite 2A, Denver. Must RSVP at 303-744-0711


Guided Meditation w/Gongs and Singing Bowls– 6:30-7:30pm. Discussion of chakras/energy system/ purpose. Then sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center, 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer. RSVP 303-638-3374 or

Non-Denominational Church Service–1:30pm. Meditation and a spiritual message. Free aura healing/chakra balancing clinic. Rev. Lauren Skye, Officiating Minister. Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S. Monroe Street, Denver. 303-282-9439 or

Oneness Blessing Deeksha and Meditation Northwest Denver/Arvada–7-9pm. Deeksha is a Divine intelligent energy transfer that causes a neurobiological transformation within the brain. $10. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-7316695.

Eckankar Worship Service–10:30-11:30am. Understand how Divine Spirit (the ECK) works in our lives. Reading from the ECK works, HU Song, quiet contemplation, music and connection. Free. Eckankar Center of Boulder Valley 1800 30th St., #208 Boulder. 720-466-3322 or

Ilahinoor and Global Awakening Intro With Kiara Windrider–7pm. A profound technique for accessing high, middle and low selves through physiology and psychology. Info Kiarawindrider. net or Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

ARISE Festival at Sunrise Ranch–thru 8/10. A 3-day festival of music, camping, yoga and community. Five stages of extraordinary music, presentations, workshops, performance, yoga, visionary artists, theme camps, kids zones, food village & more! Info 720-608-8830.

BodyTalk Access–9-5 pm. Become a certified BodyTalk Access Technician, a wellness routine w/ 5 simple techniques to improve your health, manage stress and well-being. $150. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center, 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer. RSVP 303-638-3374 or

Inner Guidance

Community Drum Circle–7-9pm. Bring food to share and your drums, rattles, flutes and other instruments for an evening of Loving Shamanic Sound and Vibrational Expansion. $10. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.


Our Divine Birthright Anne Archer Butcher, author of Inner Guidance, shares incredible stories of her rescue at sea by dolphins, conscious out-of-the-body journeys, facing her deepest fears, and finding happiness - due to clear & reliable inner guidance.

Connect with your own inner guidance. Learn techniques to conquer fear, resolve karma, and face life’s challenges with grace. September Septem mber 13, 2014 1:00 - 4:30 4:30 pm Denver Sheraton West Hotel 360 Union Blvd, Lakewood

Reserve rve your seat now: l d d The first 50 to Pre-register will get a FREE book


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

SATURDAY AUG 9 Makeover Your Cleaning Cabinet w/ Essential Oils– 1-2:30pm. Clean your home naturally, effectively w/ safe, all-natural ingredients, plus recipes. Free. Rishi’s Community Yoga Studio, 2750 S Wadsworth Blvd, Suite D202, Denver. Must RSVP at 303-601-0789 The Breema Touch and the Nine Principles of Harmony With Jon Schreiber, Director of the Breema Center. An experiential Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center, 3825 Iris Avenue #300, Boulder. CE available. For info email; to register email

SUNDAY AUG 10 Free Energy Clearings–Noon-1:30pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Free! Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-6682358, FREE Trust Your Intuition class–1:45-3pm. Relieve stress, achieve your goals with less effort and have an overall calmer lifestyle. Learn to easily hear your intuition. Yoga of the Mind, 8 E 1st Ave, Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358 or

MONDAY AUG 11 Thriving Community Program–thru 8/13 Master motivator Daniel Gutierrez and author Peter McGugan moderate this annual fun, consciousness expanding exploration of what really matters for prosperity and wellbeing. Sunrise Ranch, 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland. RSVP/info Kirtan with Tom Fuhrman–7:30pm. Devotional call and response chanting known as Bhakti Yoga. Sacred song, dancing and Oneness! Floor seating and chairs, please bring your own. $12 Info Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-7316695.

TUESDAY AUG 12 Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358, davids@ As seen on Gaiam TV: Higher Brain Living–6:30pm. Free demonstration with real people who have made real change. Higher Brain Living® unravels addictive behaviors naturally. AWAKEN Higher Brain Living, 2100 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton. Kent Johnson 303907-3468 or Evolution Series–6:45-9pm. Monthly gathering exploring evolutionary and cutting edge concepts, tools, and technologies that expand human consciousness and support healthy sustainable living. $10. Journeys for Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th Ave., Arvada. 303731-6695 or Pack for Your Back–6:30pm. Take care of your back while wearing a backpack, the proper way to wear a backpack. Free. Dody Chiropractic Center For Wholeness, 3625 W Bowles Ave, #18. Littleton. RSVP/info 303-794-1737 or FREE Trust Your Intuition class–7:15-8:30pm. Relieve stress, achieve your goals with less effort and have an overall calmer lifestyle. Learn to easily hear your intuition. David Stevens 303-668-2358 or

savethedate FUNDAMENTALS OF MEDICAL HERBALISM PROGRAM NOW ENROLLING August 4 – December 1 Introductory level training in Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition for students who intend to work in the herb or health foods industry or pursue further advanced studies. Introductory Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Botany and Plant Identification, Medicine Making, and Materia Medica. Class Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, 10am-5pm. $2,600. Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, 2900 Valmont Road, Unit F-1, Boulder. For inquiries, please contact Lisa Ganora at 720-722-4372 or Download our Catalog at

INNER GUIDANCE – OUR DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT A WORKSHOP FEATURING AUTHOR ANNE ARCHER BUTCHER Saturday, September 13, 1-4:30pm Gain exceptional spiritual tools with Anne Archer Butcher, author of Inner Guidance – Our Divine Birthright. She shares incredible stories of her rescue at sea by dolphins, conscious out-of-body journeys, facing her inner fears and finding happiness. Explore insights and techniques to conquer fears; Accept and benefit from your own divine guidance; Unlock your spiritual wisdom; Learn to open your heart, recognize daily miracles and live a more spiritually-oriented life. $35 in advance/$45 at door. Location: Sheraton Denver West, 360 Union Blvd, Lakewood. Info/RSVP or contact communications@ or 303-756-9287 (leave message for return call).

HEAL YOUR LIFE® WORKSHOP LEADER TRAINING September 20 – 27 in San Diego Do you long for a career with meaning and joy? Spend the most incredible week of your life with an amazing group of people all committed to bringing positive changes to the world! Our small group size (maximum of 40) provides an excellent environment for learning. Train to lead up to 14 different workshops in Louise Hay’s philosophy. Training is licensed by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay. Pre-registration required. Full details or call 800-969-4584.

BECOME AN ORTHO-BIONOMY PRACTITIONER Training Starts November 2014 in Denver The Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center is offering an entirely new program with courses in philosophy, theory and applied techniques to become a Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy. For bodyworkers or massage therapists as an invaluable addition to your training and skills. For laypersons drawn to the healing arts as a powerful entry portal to help yourself and others live more mobile, pain free lives. RMOBC offers courses that stand on their own, or can be taken sequentially to become certified Practitioners of Ortho-Bionomy through the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International (SOBI). Registration/information, contact Sheri Covey at or 970-209-9400.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought. ~Matsuo Basho

natural awakenings

August 2014


world to produce powerful results in the outer world. 5-week active meditation class. $150 Yoga of the Mind, 8 E 1st Ave, Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358. RSVP

WEDNESDAY AUG 13 Drumming/Journey Circle–We encourage you to join the MEETUP GROUP, SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL for announcements about this circle and any shamanic trainings. Contact Karen@ or call 303-665-0175 Five Guiding Principles for Sustainable Green Purchasing Workshop-8am-Noon. Green products/services available today, finding and pricing. Environmental Preservation Solutions, 2323 S Troy St, Bldg 4-205, Aurora. $229.99. 303-482-1490 or Free Date Night for Soulful Couples–7-8:45pm. Bring alive your romance, sparkle and soulful connection! Jim and Ruth Sharon lead ice breakers to loosen us up and have fun! Each month has a different theme. Free. 6162 S Kearney St, Centennial. Create Energy Boundaries: Be Grounded & Centered Workshop–6:30-8:30pm. Also on the 20th. Eliminate worry and stress for people with “busy minds” or who work in intense people professions. $39. Yoga of the Mind, 8 E 1st Ave, Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358. RSVP

SATURDAY AUG 16 Stress-Busters–2-4pm. Naturally deal with stress using strategies from a Naturopathic Dr and Acupuncturist. Restore peace and well-being. $20. Red Willow Natural Medicine, 10090 Garrison St,Westminster. RSVP Dr. Colleen Gagliardi, ND LAc 720-648-2046 or

SUNDAY AUG 17 FREE intro to Transformational Meditation course–1:30-3pm. Create and manifest in your inner

Incredible, Edible Gluten-Free Food Fair–10am4pm. The Fair will feature local and national vendors who serve the gluten-free market. Vendor samples, newest product lines, coupons and cookbooks. Denver Mart Expo Hall II, 451 E 58th Ave, Denver. Community HU Song–10:30-11am. Community HU song, an ancient name for God sung for spiritual upliftment. Free. Eckankar Center of Denver 5800 E Evans Ave., Eckankar Center of Boulder Valley 1800 30th St., #208. 720-466-3322 or

TUESDAY AUG 19 Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind, 8 E 1st Ave, #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358 or An Evening With Shmaya, Channeled Language of Light–7-8:30pm. Aramaic for “oneness in all,” Shmaya is a collective consciousness channeled through JoAnne Palladino. The sound of these words transmit healing qualities. $15 Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695 or

WEDNESDAY AUG 20 Create Energy Boundaries:Be Grounded & Centered Workshop–6:30-8:30pm. Eliminate worry and stress for people with “busy minds” and if you work in an intense people professions. $39 Yoga of the Mind, 8 E. First Ave, #103, Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358. RSVP under Grounding and Centering.

FRIDAY AUG 22 Guided Meditation w/ Gongs and Singing Bowls– 5:30-6:30pm. Discussion of chakras/energy system/ purpose. Then sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs. Taspen’s Wellness Center, 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer. RSVP 303638-3374 or Become the Healer & Intuitive you were Born to Be–7-9pm. 9 wks. Explore and develop your abilities w/like-minded individuals. $225 Yoga of the Mind, 8 E 1st Ave, Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358. RSVP under Be the intuitive your were born to be. Nimo Patel’s Empty Hands Gathering–7-9pm. Nimesh “Nimo” Patel gifts his music and spirit with messages of Love, Kindness and Gratitude. Free album for attendees. Sharing an intimate evening of inter-connectedness. Taspen’s Wellness Center, 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer. RSVP 303-638-3374 or

SATURDAY AUG 23 Holistic Healing/Intuitive/Vendor Fair–11am6pm. Gifts and variety of complimentary healing modalities; readers and vendors include crystals, jewelry, oils, clothing, and more. $20/20 min per vendor. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 W 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695. Denver Urban Homestead Tour–10am-3pm. Selfguided tour of food production, natural building, chicken/bee/goat keeping, composting, sustainable design in all applications/ neighborhoods. $10. RSVP Denver Botanic Gardens 720-865-3580 or

70 TALKS &








Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Marlise Karlin Lorraine Flaherty

SUNDAY AUG 24 New Moon Sacred Sound Spiral–7-8:30pm. Sound meditation focused on astrology of evening with intention and group participation. Everyone receives mini sound blessing. $10 Taspen’s Wellness Center, 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer. RSVP 303-638-3374 or

TUESDAY AUG 26 Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358,

THURSDAY AUG 28 The Journey to Well-Being-6:30pm. Complete wellbeing can be restored once the cause is remedied and removed, and optimal function restored to all organs. Free. Clear Sky Medical, 9085 E Mineral Circle #260, Centennial. RSVP 303-790-7860. Ortho Bionomy Workshop: Working with Cervical and Neck Issues– 5-8pm. Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center. All Workshops are $90/class or $230/3. Bistro BodyWorks, 3825 Iris Ave, Suite 300, Boulder. RSVP/info Sheri or call 970-209-9400

Tell’em You Saw It In

Natural Awakenings!

looking ahead 2014 SEPT 2


A Simpler Way to Reading the Tarot–1:304:30pm 4 wks. Learn to use the reading mat, review suites and court cards. Tarot reading mat incl. Bring own tarot cards or purchase a Rider Waite deck for nominal fee. $111. RSVP David 303-668-2358,

Ortho Bionomy Workshop: Working with Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Issues–5-8pm. Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center. All Workshops are $90/class or $230/3. Bistro BodyWorks, 3825 Iris Ave, Suite 300, Boulder. RSVP/info Sheri or call 970-209-9400

SEPT 4-7 Healing Beyond Borders 18th Annual EnergyHealing Conference–Hear experts Gregg Braden, Joan Halifax, Gayan Gregory Long, Jonathan Ellerby, Vivian Rice. CEUs available. Seating Limited! $475/entire conference or $85/single day. Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs.


SEPT 27 & 29 Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training– 9am-5pm.Internationally celebrated teacher Patrick Murphy Welage, affiliated w/ Dr. Kataria School of LY, Mumbai, India. YMCA, Denver $199. or $149 by 9/1. Lunch incl. RSVP Robert 303-257-8378 or

Becoming a Sun: Annual Creative Field Conference–thru 9/6 A journey to our personal and collective destiny. Trace the path of our human destiny—the process of knowing the wisdom and power of the universe. Sunrise Ranch, 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland. RSVP Becomingasun or email



OCT 11-16

Massage Therapy Classes–Start a wonderful career in massage therapy! Enroll through 9/12 for certification program, Associate of Applied Science Degree program or CEU classes. Scholarships available. Academy of Natural Therapy, Greeley. Contact Jennifer 970-352-1181

Fall Breema Intensive–A Breema Intensive is an opportunity to study yourself and support your wish to know who you really are. Beginners welcome! Many attendance options; CE available. The Breema Center, 6076 Claremont Avenue, Oakland. 510-428-0937,



Art of Raising Frequency Workshop with Barbara Evans–2-4pm. Experience a unique healing synergy of high vibrational art, sound and crystals. $35. Full Moon Books and Events Center, 9106 W6th Ave, Lakewood. RSVP Jean Wampler 303-233-6666 or

Ortho Bionomy Workshop: Working with Extremities–5-8pm. Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center. All Workshops are $90/ class or $230/3. Bistro BodyWorks, 3825 Iris Ave, Suite 300, Boulder. RSVP/info Sheri or call 970-209-9400

Academy of Massage Therapy Massage Fair–10am-2pm. Raffle prizes, vendor booths, speaker presentations and discounted Natural Therapy Health Center service in Greeley. To be a vendor or speaker, contact Jennifer 970-3521181 or

natural awakenings

August 2014



classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Looking for a way to bring in extra money but don’t want to get “another job”? Need something flexible to fit it into your life? What if you could transform your health and your wealth in the next 90 days by partnering with us? What if you could work a handful of hours each week and bring in a nice side income? We are looking for people who want the above and want to make a difference in the world while having FUN! WHAT IF YOU COULD? Please call for more info @ 303.903.8248

GET INVOLVED Right To Know Colorado - GMO Labeling Thrive Sustainable Solutions Meetup – Check dates; 7-9pm. The Initiative Movement is underway and Petitions are being circulated! This group is meeting to pursue the Initiative Process to add state legislation to the Colorado ballot in 2014 that requires mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) in Colorado. Anyone interested in becoming involved is invited to attend. Go to for training or petition information. For meetings, Thrive Sustainable Solutions Meetup or Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303731-6695. Sleep Study: Karen Rice King, Master Dowser, is conducting a scientific sleep study to determine whether Earth Acupuncture can reduce the stress that causes sleep disturbances. Just as medical acupuncture balances your body’s meridians, Earth Acupuncture balances your property and home. To find out if you qualify to participate in this study, contact or call 303-665-0175.

HEALTHY PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Get a Summer Body! Build a new relationship with your body; learn the secrets of intuitive eating and holistic health. Marianne Jones is a Board Certified Health Coach who works with individuals ready for change. Free 20 minute consult. FLOURISHING LIFE WELLNESS with MARIANNE JONES 303-475-1893 or mjhealthcoach@gmail. com.

Energy-Based Chiropractor: Dr Rob Smigelski, DC, focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection and specializes in helping patients with autoimmune and brain-based difficulties. Symptoms of these difficulties can include brain fog, memory loss, low energy, insomnia, chronic pain and poor concentration. No painful popping/cracking; health and holistic wellness from an integrated approach. Lafayette and Denver. 720-381-8561 or Essential Oils: From seed to seal, Young Living Oils are committed to plant purity and potency. The oils provide ongoing support for your home, health, and body. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender and Peace & Calming, the cleansing power of Thieves and Purification, the comforting touch of Valor and PanAway, the uplifting properties of Joy essential oil blend, and much more. For more information, call Marty Heppinstill at 303-995-2995 or email Order online at www.youngliving. org/martyandmarlana Remove Toxic Amalgam (Silver) Fillings: Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offers mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Numerous studies have found amalgam (50% mercury) to be a substantial source of exposure to mercury vapor, which has potentially hazardous side effects to your health. Holistic-minded individuals should consider the safe removal and handling of any silver fillings. We offer a bio-compatibility test to decide which replacement material is best for you. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL, Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician, 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood, 303-988-4338.

MISCELLANEOUS Inkjet & Toner Cartridges: Environmental Preservations Solutions has Inkjet and Toner Cartridges available at a competitive price! Contact Gilbert at 303-875-7733 or Epsinkjets.

SPACE FOR RENT Quiet, professional furnished space available, full or part-time. Reasonable rates. Private suite option available. Includes utilities, a/c, reception area, closet. One room w/ bathroom plumbed for closed-system colonics. Wellness Spa on 5th Ave, Denver. 303-777-2555.

tuesdays Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358, Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Longmont Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Connie 720-494-0368 Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–6pm. Wheatridge Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Tim 303-239-8101

wednesdays Free Energy Healings; Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing–6-7pm. A healing is like an “energy car wash” that releases negative energy to create the life you desire. Free. Journey Within; Inside Irongate Executive Plaza 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood. Anita Destino 720-413-7303 Evening Yoga–6-7 pm. Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga where asanas (postures) are linked with breath, creating beautiful movement and flow from one posture to the next. $10/members; $12/nonmembers. Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York St, Denver. 720-865-3580 or

thursdays Aura and Chakra Healings–Drop-In 6-7pm. Receive a 10min cleanse and release negative thoughts, emotions, pain and fear. Get replenished with positive energy and feel great. FREE. 1332 Pearl St. Boulder. 303-5300920. Psychic Readings–7-8:30pm by appt. Learn about your soul essence, past lives, and aura. Ask questions about relationships, career, money, and health. FREE. 1332 Pearl St. Boulder. 303-530-0920. Bhakti Yoga–9:30-11am. Blend of lecture, mantra, asana and meditation. It focuses on deepening your understanding of the spiritual path of a yogi. First Class: $6, Drop-In: $12 (Pkgs avail). Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center, 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer.

sundays Service in the Dome–11am-12:15pm. Followed by an Attunement circle and lunch in the Pavilion dining room. Sunrise Ranch, 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland. Info Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation– North Boulder 7pm. Group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Lon 303-746-7118


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

communityresourceguide DENTIST

ACUPUNCTURE Maria Mandarino, LAc, DipAc (NCCAOM), RMT, NCTMB 9150 West Jewell Avenue, Ste 111, Lakewood 720-670-0098 Acupuncture is a safe, gentle, and natural approach to treating pain and illness, or for just keeping healthy. We can help you with pain, autoimmune disorders, fertility, allergies, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, migraines, anxiety, depression, PMS, and more. We also specialize in Craniosacral Therapy, AMMA Therapy, John Barnes Myofascial Release and individualized Bach Flower formulas. Located in the Bear Creek section of southwest Denver, adjacent to Lakewood and Littleton.

CONSCIOUS EVENTS AND SPEAKERS JOURNEYS FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING 7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 303-731-6695 Discover and develop a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living (J4CL) is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers and event center (space rental) to empower people to create thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand the community. J4CL invites you to co-create opportunities, collaboration and communities for individuals and businesses to reach their full, highest potential, while experiencing love, joy and transformation. See ad page 12.

CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT MARY BETH KENNEDY, MA 1637 28th St, Boulder 303-589-8006 Reconnective Healing transcends the limitations of human ability and imagination. By opening to it, we are able to restore balance and harmony in our lives and transform our bodies, minds and souls in ways that otherwise may seem impossible. Mary Beth has been a practitioner, mentor and coach for 14 years. One of the most experienced Reconnection Practitioners in the world, she travels with Eric Pearl and the Reconnection Teaching Team in addition to her practice in Boulder.

SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL Scott Stewart, DDS & Certified Naturopathic Dentist 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood 303-988-4338 Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offering mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Numerous studies have found amalgam (50% mercury) to be a substantial source of exposure to mercury vapor, which has potentially hazardous side effects to your health. Holisticminded individuals should consider the safe removal and handling of any silver fillings. We offer a bio-compatibility test to decide which replacement material is best for you. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. Call today for a radical improvement in your health. See ad page 11.

STUDIO Z DENTAL Tom Zyvoloski DDS Aesthetic Excellence and Holistic Family Care 818 W South Boulder Rd, Suite 100, Louisville 303-666-7110 If you’re the type of person who cares enough about your body to shop for organic produce, why not give the same thought to your dental health? At Studio Z Dental, we use only the safest, most natural products with each of our clients. Curious about mercury safe dentistry? Check out our videos at


A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller

MISHA MAY FOUNDATION DOG TRAINING & RESCUE Lorraine May, Executive Director 303-239-0382

August Spotlight




VIBRANCE DENTISTRY with DR. CATE VIEREGGER 7400 E Crestline Circle, Ste 230, Greenwood Village 303-770-1116 Whether your goal is to encourage a healthy attitude towards oral health in your children or ease your own anxiety about dental procedures, our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere will change the way you approach dental care. At Vibrance Dentistry, we believe that oral healthcare should be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Our state-of-the-art equipment and spa-like amenities allow us to offer services that transcend traditional dentistry and promote whole-body wellness. See ad page 19.

Adopt your best friend today! We rescue dogs and cats and foster them until we find a forever home. Classes in Understanding Dogs with positive reinforcement techniques and Dog Trainer Apprentice to become a dog trainer utilizing behavior science and holistic approaches. Many more classes – see our website for adoptable animals and classes. See ad page 8.

ENERGY HEALING/ MEDITATION JOURNEY WITHIN with ANITA DESTINO Inside Irongate Execute Plaza, Belmar area 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood 720-413-7303 A safe place for people interested in creating change in their lives, Journey Within helps you focus on spiritual growth, developing your intuition and personal development. Give to yourself with Free Energy Healings, Angel Healings, Guided Meditations, Meditation Classes, Workshops and Intuitive Readings/Healings. Join us for a Free Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing held every Wednesday from 6-7 pm, open to everyone. Reconnective Healing with Mary Beth Kennedy. Transform your body, mind and soul! See full listing under Consciousness Shift.

ESSENTIAL OILS YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Independent Distributor Marty Heppinstill 303-995-2995 / How do you know you are getting good quality oil? Consider the source. From seed to seal, Young Living Oils are committed to plant purity and potency, and verify perfection in every step. The oils go through extensive laboratory testing and independent audits to exceed our own industry-leading quality standards. Enjoy ongoing support for your home, health, and body with the relaxing benefits of lavender and Peace & Calming, the cleansing power of Thieves and Purification, the comforting touch of Valor and PanAway, the uplifting properties of Joy essential oil blend, and more.

FAMILY PRACTITIONER CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional medicine. See full listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

natural awakenings

August 2014


HEALING CRYSTALS SOLDIS - HEALING CRYSTALS 1470 S. Santa Fe Drive, Suite 104B, Denver 303-317-6634 / / Here at Soldis, we believe healing can be done naturally. Not only do we offer healing crystals, but we work hard at trying to incorporate healing crystals into every item we have. Are you a novice at healing crystals, and don’t know what to do with it? We can help you. All the bath products are handmade. Try our healing soaps and bath products. At Soldis, we strive to make our customer’s lives better than when they walked in.


Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional Medicine. See full listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

LIGHTWORKERS ONLINE DIRECTORY LIGHTWORKERLOCATOR.COM The Premier Online Directory for Spiritual Healers, Readers & Practitioners Search on, the premier online directory for Spiritual Healers, Readers & Practitioners, to find complete listings from people dedicated to your healing and growth. List and share your spiritual and healing gifts on the site to gain exposure and get your own mini-website for promoting your work. Visit or call 303519-0355 for more information.

CLEAR SKY MEDICAL KATIA I. MEIER, M.D. Panorama Falls 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 Feel and look your best at any age with Katia Meier, MD, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Specialty trained in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine in Europe and certified in laser and injectable aesthetic dermatology. Specializing in whole body health with customized approaches to Healthy Aging, BHRT, Nutritional analysis and Therapy, Medical Aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Detoxification Programs, Medical Weight Loss for men & women. All ages; most insurance welcome. Set up your appointment today. See ad page 2.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH DR. ROB SMIGELSKI, DC BioTransformational Institute Lafayette and Denver 720-381-8561 / 1 in 8 people over the age of 65 suffer from Alzheimer’s. Over 50 million Americans have an autoimmune disease. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of your body, mind and spirit degenerating as you grow older. Dr. Smigelski specializes in addressing brain health and autoimmune conditions by using an integrated approach of chiropractic, functional medicine, and Chinese medicine concepts. Are you experiencing brain fog, fatigue, temporary memory loss, cold hands and feet? Call today to set up an appointment, or for a free 20 minute consultation.

MASSAGE & ENERGY THERAPY SOUL’S BLISS, LLC Naomi Ackerman, L.M.T. Serving the Denver Metro area 720-445-6474 Need to relax or release pain? Mention this ad to save $20 off of your first visit. I’ve helped many, quickly, with exceptional integrative massage, skill and intuition. Even pain clients thought they had to live with is gone. Convenient location. Mobile massage. Events. Loyalty discounts. Package deals. Gift Certificates. Call today to move toward your holistic wellbeing. You’ll thank yourself. Honorably, Naomi

MASSAGE SCHOOL ACADEMY OF NATURAL THERAPY 625 8th Avenue, Greeley, CO 970-352-1181 / When you are a massage therapist, every day is rewarding! The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects Massage Therapist employment growth of 20.1% by 2020. The Academy of Natural Therapy (ANT) has a long tradition of graduating the finest students, produced through a combination of hands-on, one on one instruction, excellent instructors and a real world atmosphere with over 300 hours in fully equipped facilities - the Student Clinic and the Natural Therapy Health Center. 1000 Hour Massage Therapy Program accredited by the Commission of Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). Financial aid available. See ad page 8.

CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

NUTRITION/NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier and staff offers Certified Nutrition therapists, specializing in the food-brain connection, nutrition for cancer prevention, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities/allergies, elimination diets and medically supervised weight loss. See listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

FLOURISHING LIFE WELLNESS MARIANNE JONES 303-475-1893 / When it comes to health and nutrition, one approach does NOT fit all. Learn the secrets of intuitive eating and holistic health and start building a new relationship with your body. Marianne Jones is a Board Certified Health Coach who uses a whole life holistic approach to create your personal nutrition and health blueprint. Marianne works with individuals ready for change, ready for personal growth, and ready to create maximum health via nutrition, holistic wellness, and behavioral science. Please call for a free 20 minute consult.


The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~Napoleon Hill


PHYSICIAN: BOARD CERTIFIED HOLISTIC CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with KATIA I. MEIER, M.D. Panorama Falls 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 Feel and look your best with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health for children and adults. Customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy, Nutritional analysis and Therapy, Medical Aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Programs, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Treating all ages and most insurance welcomed. Make your appointment today. See ad page 2.

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT THE ASPEN PROGRAM FOR PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT Explore Your Potential! Karen Fox, Ph.D., Director I-25 & Belleview 303-942-0646 We are all psychic! Improve your innate psychic abilities to make better decisions or become a professional. Take the classes you choose. Certificates in Psychic Studies, Medical Intuition, and Spirit Mediumship. We teach the “clairs.” Leader in Psychic Education since 2010.

SPIRITUAL HEALING/COUNSELING LIVE YOUR KNOWING COUNSELING RENEE ELLIS, MA RMT Psychotherapy, Intuitive Counseling Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Classes Located in Central Denver 720-984-9575 Are you dealing with challenges in your relationships, career or health, loss of a loved one, or finding and following your life path? Renee specializes in helping women find the clarity, freedom and intuitive perspective to gracefully move through life transitions to a more joyful experience. She weaves traditional counseling techniques with intuitive abilities, energy healing, personalized Bach Flower Essence formulas and past life therapy without regression. Individual sessions, programs and classes. Free 30-minute consultation.

SPIRITUAL RETREAT & CONFERENCE CENTER SUNRISE RANCH 100 Sunrise Ranch Road, Loveland 970-679-4200 Home for leaders & people who are committed to the spiritual regeneration of humanity. Our programs & events are meeting the evolving needs of our world and empower personal transformation. Concert venue & conference facilities for leading-edge organizations; opportunities to participate in our 350-acre organic farm and ranch; & connection with like-minded people in this multifaceted spiritual community. See the Calendar for events. See ad page 23.


August Spotlight AWAKEN HIGHER BRAIN LIVING® CENTER-LITTLETON with Kent Johnson / 303-907-3468 2100 W Littleton Blvd, #248, Littleton NEW IN COLORADO: From your first session, you experience an energy surge through the connective tissue of your body, loosening the grip of your fear-based “survival” brain as this energy shifts into your prefrontal cortex. As your stress plunges, you rediscover your inner Joy, Passion and Purpose - YOUR intended purpose! This gentle-touch technique is so consistent and predictable that we guarantee it. 1st step: See a LIVE demonstration - email for a video clip and schedule.

natural awakenings

August 2014


WE ARE EXPANDING Publish Your Own Natural Awakenings Magazine

Natural Awakenings is Looking for Passionate Publishers for EXPANSION into the Following Available Markets: r .PCJMF#BMEXJO "- r -JUUMF3PDL )PU4QSJOHT "3 r -PT"OHFMFT $" r 4BO'SBODJTDP $" r 3JWFSTJEF $" r 4BO#FSOBEJOP $" r 7FOUVSB $" r 'SFTOP $" r 4BO+PTF $" r #BLFSTÃ FME $"




Share Your Vision and Make a Difference t.FBOJOHGVM/FX$BSFFS t1SPWFO#VTJOFTT4ZTUFN t&YDFQUJPOBM'SBODIJTF t-PX*OJUJBM*OWFTUNFOU t)PNF#BTFE#VTJOFTT 4VQQPSUBOE5SBJOJOH For the last 20 years, Natural Awakenings has for turn-key publishing of your magazine. Explore the possibility of making a contribution to been committed to providing our readers and your community as a Natural Awakenings publisher. advertisers with the tools and resources they need to live a healthier, more balanced life. No publishing experience is necessary – we offer a complete training and support system

Visit Our Website or call 239-530-1377

August 2014 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving metro Denver and Boulder and the surrounding counties of Arapa...

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