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Who is The Best Wedding Photographers in Perth Wedding pictures keep alive the memories of those special moments and commemorate the time and money spent to plan the most important days of your life. Other than the spouse, the most important wedding-related decision is to choose a photographer who can record your big day. If you are living or getting married in the scenic Swan Valley in Australia, here are some tips to help find a suitable wedding photographer in Swan Valley. Talk to your partner and decide what type of photography you both prefer. Do you want the wedding photographers Perth to follow the traditional approach in that the photographer clicks posed images? Or would you prefer more candid shots in which you and your guests are not even aware that they are being clicked? Do you like the glamour approach or prefer the wedding photographer combines all these styles? Decide on what level of service you require from a wedding photographer in Perth. Do you want to hire the photographer for a few hours of the service, which could be anything from 1 to 3 hours or do you require a complete package that could include pre-wedding engagement sessions, rehearsal dinner photographs, bridal portraits and newlywed photos.

Also decide on how many images you would like from your wedding celebrations. Some wedding photographers in Swan Valley may provide you under 100 photographs while there may be others who are ready to capture anything between 1000 to 3000 photographs to keep alive all those special moments. The number of photographs the wedding photographer in Swan Valley clicks will depend on the time and budget for which the photography services are hired.

You also need to consider some other factors, for instance, do you have the expertise and skills to process the images or would you like the wedding photographer in Swan Valley to do it for you. Remember, the photographs also need to be properly edited, for instance, cropped, colourcorrected etc. Years later, you don’t want to browse through a disc or album of dusty, cheaply processed photos – you want each photo to tell its own story and to bring alive a moment frozen in time. So when you consider a wedding photographer, do take into consideration image processing costs also. And do make sure that the wedding photographer in Perth has the expertise and software to edit and process these images.

If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a wedding photographer in Swan Valley and don’t know whom to choose, you may wish to consider Sandie Bertrand, an award-winning photographer who provides wedding photography services in Perth, Swan Valley and Fremantle.

Make your wedding day memorable with wedding photography services If you are planning to tie the knot in and around Fremantle, know that you can choose professional wedding photographers in Fremantle who can capture those special moments and keep them alive for times to come for you and the generations that follow.

If you are planning to tie the knot, your most important decision is choosing your spouse. The second most important wedding-related decision is choosing a wedding photographer to capture all

those special moments when you celebrate the most important occasion of your life with your family and friends.

Here are some tips to help you choose a wedding photographer in Perth. Decide upon your budget:As a thumb rule, know that wedding photographer fees including prints and albums usually work out to be approximately 12% of the entire wedding budget. Your budget would largely depend on whether you are planning just one ceremony or pre- and post-wedding photos with your family and friends. If there is more than one ceremony, you can ask the wedding photographer perth for discounts and packages.

Decide how you would use the wedding photos: Do you plan to put the photos in the album or enlarge them to hang them on the walls? Do you wish to give away some prints to your friends or family, or may be even put the images on mugs, calendars, t-shirts etc.? What form of pictures do you require: Discuss with the wedding photographer in Perth whether you wish to just purchase the prints or want the complete album. If you are on a tight budget, you could ask for the negatives and then have them printed at leisure, in parts or in full. If you want to post the images on your website or use them as a screen saver, you would also want the digital forms of the images via the Internet or CD.

How many images you require: Apart from determining what form of images you require, also discuss the number of photos you want with your wedding photographer in Fremantle. Photographers can provide anything between 100 to 3000 images depending on the ceremony and the time it takes.

Processing services: You would also want the images to be edited and processed, for instance, cropped and colour-corrected. The edits and processing help photos tell their own story and create a halo around that particular moment. You can then lovingly display these photos on the walls or arrange them in an album to relive the moments and share with your children and grand-children.

As a closing comment, highly professional wedding photography does not always have to be expensive. The trick is to find a wedding photographer who provides excellent photos at affordable prices. Sandie Bertrand, an award-winning wedding photographer, provides affordable wedding photography services in Fremantle. To know more about her work, portfolio and clients, you can visit her website, and contact her for a free, noobligation quote. Wedding Photographers in Perth Make your wedding day all the more memorable by hiring the services of a wedding photographer who can capture each and every emotion, each and every move, and each and every moment of togetherness with your loved ones, family and friends.

If you are planning to tie the knot in Perth, you can choose from several wedding photographers to photo shoot your wedding as well as pre-and post-wedding events. Sandie Bertrand, an awardwinning wedding photographer in Perth has the following suggestions to offer for choosing a wedding photographer. The most important consideration should be your budget. A wedding photographer in Perth can provide you anything from 100 to over 3000 photos for a 3 hour ceremony. Discuss with the wedding photographers how many photos they would provide for the ceremony.

Most wedding photographers in Perth also offer special packages and discounts for multiple events that could include pre-wedding parties and post-wedding shoots with family and friends. While deciding on a wedding photographer in Perth, also enquire if they will provide prints or/and digital photos. You wedding day is special – each photo should also be special. To ensure that each photo captures and highlights the occasion, the wedding photographer should also be able to edit and process the photos, for instance, highlight a smile or throw attention on the glow on the cheeks etc.

Processing and editing will cost you extra and so if you are on a tight budget, you can enquire from the wedding photographer in Perth if they would provide you negatives of the photos. If you are on

a budget, you can keep the negatives and have the photos processed at a later date, the whole album or in parts. We are living in a digital world, so apart from the prints ask the wedding photographers in Perth if they would be providing you with a CD of the photos and if there would be extra charges for that. Also determine if you want an album or some photos enlarged to frame and hang in your home. Again, there would be extra costs for enlarging photos. However, before signing a contract with the wedding photographer in Perth, discuss all your requirements – the number of photos you want, in what form – print or digital or both, editing and processing of photos, cost of album, and cost of enlargement of photos. Last minute changes could throw your budget out of gear.

Also, know that some wedding photographers require a notice period to book their services so do ask if they would charge extra for short notice. Found these suggestions useful? Contact Sandie Bertrand to discuss your wedding photography service requirements. To know more about her and gain insight into her work, you can visit her website, and contact her for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Talk to your partner and decide what type of photography you both prefer. Do you want the wedding photographers Perth to follow the traditio...

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