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6 PAGE- Mildmay Town Crier, Wednesday, April 20, 2011

South Bruce Council . . . (continued from page 2) #FIN-2011-04 be received for information purposes; And, that the accounts in the amount of $189,092.02 be approved for payment; And, that the Treasurer’s Statement of Council Remuner-

ation and Expenses 2010 be received; And, that the Treasurer be authorized to submit a financial request for funding consideration to the Nuclear Deep Geological Repository Community Partner-

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ship program requesting financial support to help with the replacement of the new .Gateway to the Bruce. sign and/or streetscape improvements in Teeswater. CARRIED. 7. DELEGATIONS 7.1 Mayor Goetz welcomed Karl Ellis, CEO of the Wingham

& Area Health Professionals Recruitment Committee, Marg Carswell and Jan McKague. Mr. Ellis provided information on the initiatives of the Ministry of Health in putting out a rural health study for this area and explained that the Ministry would like feedback on the study. The study defines what residents can and should expect. On April 26th, the Committee will be hosting a

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Community Forum in Wingham at 7:00 p.m. to provide information to the community. Jan McKague reviewed the contents of the PowerPoint presentation that was circulated to Council highlighting the accomplishments of the Committee and requesting Council.s support in continuing to ensure quality healthcare professionals are available to residents at the Wingham & District Hospital. Jan also advised Council that the 2011 budget will remain the same as it was for 2009 and 2010. Mayor Goetz thanked Mr. Ellis, Ms. Carswell and Ms. McKague for their presentation. 7.2 Mayor Goetz welcomed Dennis McGlynn of South Bruce Flooring and David Smith, Senior Planner, Bruce County Planning Department to the meeting. Mr. McGlynn provided Council members with the background information on the Bluewater Wood Alliance initiative which was started 6 months ago to promote woodworking in Bruce and Grey Counties and improve the competitive position of the advanced wood manufacturing industry in the Bluewater area. Mr. McGlynn and Mr. Smith requested a contribution from the Municipality of South Bruce towards start-up costs of the initiative. Mayor Goetz thanked Mr. Smith and Mr. McGlynn for their presentation and advised that Council would be considering this and all financial requests during the budget deliberations. 7.3 Mayor Goetz welcomed Carol Weigel and Brenda Wilton, members of the Teeswater Town Hall Managing Committee. Brenda and Carol presented the 2011 budget and a list of priorities for the building for 2011. Mayor Goetz thanked Carol and Brenda for their presentation and advised that Council would be considering their request during budget deliberations. MOTION M11-93 Moved by Don Schnurr Seconded by Bob Buckle That the Council of the Municipality of South Bruce proceed into a Closed Meeting at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the security of property of the municipality or local board. CARRIED. MOTION M11-94 Moved by Don Schnurr Seconded by Garry Dietz That the Council return to “Open Session” at 7:45 p.m. CARRIED. MOTION M11-95 Moved by Garry Dietz Seconded by Carl Zettel That Council accept “in principle” the terms outlined in the letter from Brian and Carol Plantz dated March 16, 2011, being an Offer to Purchase municipally owned lands described as Part of Lot 27, Concession C, Geographic Township of Carrick, Municipality of South Bruce, with the addition of the following: a) The completion of a formal Agreement of Purchase and Sale duly executed by both parties. b) That such Agreement be authorized by Municipal By-law. c) Surveying costs and legal fees shall be paid by the Purchaser, the payment terms of which are to be clarified and included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale between the parties. d) The proposed development shall proceed by way of a Plan of Subdivision, and the Developer shall enter into a .... continued on page 7

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1-8888-7799-55211 1-5519-7799-55211 GGRRUUBBBB && GGUUTTSSCCHHEERR 7. DELEGATIONS Janet Marston Ph 519-357-2283 Cell 519-901-0595 Fa...