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Perry Weber Clifford Coach the Year By Bonnie Whitehead Clifford Correspondent

President Perry Weber was pleased with the turn out at the Clifford Minor Hockey Banquet which was held on March 26th at the Community Hall in Clifford. Henry Dyksterhuis offered a blessing on those gathered and the food prepared before everyone was treated to a meal of lasagna, salad, and garlic bread with squares and ice cream treats for dessert. Perry Weber hosted the event with his little helper Ainsley Whitehead. With only three teams this year, the banquet still held the interest of close to 75 players, parents, and guests as trophies, medallions, pucks, plaques, and memorial awards were handed out to well deserving recipients. Clifford Minor Hockey (CMH) promotes fun as the underlying theme throughout the practices and skill drills,

games and goals, and elusive wins. The parent reps were appreciated beyond measure by the coaching teams. Pre-Novice Coach Tony Dyksterhuis welcomed Assistant Coach Josh Parent, Trainer Jason Kleist, Manager Bob Rutherford, and his team - Jacob Crouse, Braydon Dyksterhuis, Brent Dyksterhuis, Alvina Dykstra, Macy Dykstra, Landon Gerrard, Tyson Hummel, Brody Kleist, Jaxson Rutherford, and Keegan Whitehead to the stage to receive their trophies and medallions. Josh Parent presented Brody Kleist with the first puck he ever scored during this first year of playing hockey. The puck was collected after that first goal and mounted on a wooden base and saved for the awards banquet. The Midget team was coached by Dan Richardson with the help of Assistant Coach Pat Raftis, Trainer Wayne Burnett, and Manager Ashley

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A “run”down on local running enthusiasts, events and more! The Town Crier would like to introduce a new column / news feature which will highlight the achievements of local running enthusiasts. The sport has become more and more popular over recent years and we feel it’s important to recognize those involved and also to provide information to our local runners. Run Clinic Run/Walk Clinics have been in operation in the community of Mildmay for a few years now. The spring 2011 Run/Walk Clinic started last Monday April 18th, and will continue for seven more weeks. Amy Bross is the contact person for the clinic and noted that participants are still welcome to join. You can contact her at 519-367-5835 or The clinic is sponsored by Active Soles, Port Elgin & Saucony. The group meets at The Coffee Perk at 6 p.m. The cost is $30.00 and this includes a run shirt. Amy also stated that there are groups for runners, walkers and children. She encourages everyone to come out and join in, there are various groups for all levels of fitness. Local Runners And Their Achievements On Sunday, March 27th

Memorial Awards were presented at the Clifford Minor Hockey Banquet held March 26, 2011. Back (l-r): Dylan Burnett - Jamie Campbell Memorial Award; Perry Weber - George Hohnstein Memorial Award. Front: Nathan Weber - Patricia Scott Memorial Award; Dylan Hutchison - Patricia Scott Memorial Award; Brody Kleist - Andrew Dettman Memorial - Bonnie Whitehead photo Award; Brianna Dyksterhuis - Patricia Scott Memorial Award.

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Kathy Ditner, Mildmay, participated in the Around the Bay 30 km run. She completed it in 3 hours, 20 minutes. She is currently preparing for a full marathon on May 15th in Toronto and a half marathon May 29th, also in Toronto. Patti Weiler of Mildmay and Melanie Greenley from Clifford completed the 5 km run in the for Around the Bay event. Beth Fischer, Bridget Borth and Laura Detzler, all from Mildmay, participated in the 3 Person Relay in the Around the Bay run. Amy Bross also participated in the Around the Bay in the 30k run. This was the third Bay race for her and she finished with a new personal best- finishing in 2 hours, 44 minutes. Last October Amy finished her first marathon- the Goodlife Fitness Marathon in Toronto on October 17, 2010. She said it was a really tough run but she finished in 4 hours, 17 minutes. “I was lucky enough to have many family members there to cheer me & encourage me to the finish line”, she added. Amy will complete her second marathon on May 1st in Waterloo and her 5th half marathon on May 29 in Toronto, The Toronto Women's Run. Boston Marathon Ron Irwin, a resident of

Durham, began running approximately 7 years ago. He qualified for the Boston Marathon which took place on April 18, 2011. Ron stated that "I started running a half dozen or so years ago. It was a few minutes on a tread mill…then I began to wonder what it would be like to go longer, then faster and longer." Ron is not only a marathon runner but an ultra runner too which is a title given to runners who run in excess of 42.2 km on a regular basis. Ron was in ninth position in the Final Standings for the Ultra Series 2010. Ron has been training for the chance to run the Boston Marathon for many years now and he was excited to run this marathon before turning fifty in June of this year. Hanover lawyers, Selwyn and Barbara Hicks of Hicks & Hicks Professional Corporation are proud corporate sponsors of Ron's Boston Marathon. Said Hicks, "Ron has always had a dream to run the Boston Marathon. He succeeded in this aspiration and he should realize how proud his community is of his hard work and success. We will be travelling to Boston to personally cheer him on!" ******* You are welcome to make submissions to this column. You can send your information and news via email at or call Susan at 519-367-2681.

Richardson. Team members included Greg Allen, Kole Ersman, Mason Binkley, Dylan Burnett, Tyler Heise, Tyler Hymers, Cody Keddy, Brandon McDonald, Brandon Mahar, Braedon Raftis, Josh Underwood, Sheldon Veld, Tyler Veld, Adam Weber, Brooks Weber, and Joel Ziegler. This team received Clifford Thunder jackets for their efforts this year. Larry Reinhart was proud to present Sydney Reinhart with her keepsake puck for the first goal she every scored. Coach Perry Weber, Assistant Coach Larry Reinhart, Trainer Kent Debruyn, and Manager Tom Hutchison showed this team Aidan Atchison, Madison Atchison, Brandon Benson, Brianna Dyksterhuis, Brigette Dyksterhuis, Mikyle Hoffele, James Honorkiewicz, Dylan Hutchison, Zack Leith, Sydney Reinhart, Preston Rutherford, Garrett Scheeringa, Nathan Weber, and Nicolas Weber - how to enjoy the sport with lots of heart and plenty of fun. Four memorial awards were presented this year. Tony Dyksterhuis presented the Andrew Dettman Memorial Award to Brody Kleist for being the most improved pre-novice player. Jim Scott and his brother Craig presented three Patricia Scott Memorial Awards to three young players who earned the right to be named top team player. Tied in the Novice division were Dylan Hutchison and Nathan Weber, with Brianna Dyksterhuis being named Atom Team Player. Ivan Campbell created a new memorial award in remembrance of Jamie Campbell to be awarded to the player who is the

Most Dedicated to Clifford Minor Hockey. Ivan presented the award to Dylan Burnett of Rothsay who proved to be the player who did the most for CMH, helped other players, and went the distance time and time again. The George Hohnstein Memorial Award was presented to Perry Weber, the Coach Contributing the Most to CMH. Carrie Whitehead remarked that Perry coached the Atoms, still plays for the Old Timers team, stepped up to be president of CMH, ran the golf tournament, organized the Cricket tournament, took on the challenge of ice time chair, and dedicates many hours to CMH. Peggy Hohnstein and Tyler Haug were unable to attend the celebration, but offered their words of praise to Perry and CMH. The executive include President Perry Weber, Acting Vice Tom Hutchison, Treasurer Peggy Hutchison, Secretary Tracey Rae, Registration Carrie Whitehead, Tournaments Tammy Weber, Fundraising Carrie Nickel, Volunteers Jenn Atchison, Referee in Chief Leonard Underwood, Town Contact Rheo Machina, Director Kaley Hummel, and Director Bill Raynard. Eileen Dyksterhuis won the 50/50 draw and Garrett Scheeringa won $100.00 gift certificate towards next year's hockey registration. The CMH garage sale is scheduled for June 11th with a rain date of June 18th. The golf tournament will be held in September. Call CMH at 519327-8841 or Perry at 519-3385981 for further information. Clifford Minor Hockey Think Rink!

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On Sunday, March 27th Memorial Awards were presented at the Clifford Minor Hockey Banquet held March 26, 2011. Back (l-r): Dylan Burnett - J...

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