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Air Cushion Packaging – An Introduction

Before getting into the details, trends and market dynamics of Air cushion packaging, it will be wise to know what it is all about. Air cushion is stated to be a packaging material that is created from polyethylene. This product is used mostly to pack different types of products like pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer products, automobile components and other items. This can be termed to be a dual material that is customized for plastic film bag and corrugated box and filled with air. With its usage, it becomes possible to pack quickly and also ensure high amount of protection from all types of surfaces. This can also be termed to be a highly flexible and lightweight material best suited to pack variety of products in similar format. Thus, it helps to reduce the need for loose fit and additional fitments.

At the same time, Air cushion packaging is found to be economical and it does help to do away with traditional bubble transportation, storage and handling related expenses. It is also found not to lose easily its cushioning properties. The reason cited for the same is due to the film present that allows transferring of air within the cells, so as to provide amazing

protection and cushioning facilities. Hence, it can be rightly termed to be the perfect replacement for foam-in-place & paper packaging and conventional bubble wraps. Moreover, it is stated to be a sustainable packaging solution, since it has additives in it that accelerates biodegradation in the environment.

Know the market dynamics

Consumer products are enjoying increasing popularity and demands due to improving per capita income and evolving consumer lifestyle. This is a feature that can be commonly noticed in both developing and the developed countries. Air cushion is said to offer value added applications. It also offers adequate and proper protection to the goods packed in it, while allowing safe transportation and distribution of the packed materials. Due to its increasing popularity as wonderful and reliable packaging material, its demand is only on the rise, thus giving rise to new market investments. This is more so in the developing countries, where its potentiality has been clearly understood. The world-wide air cushion market, according to the industry experts is estimated to witness a tremendous robust growth, because of the flourishing and rapid development of e-commerce industry. Well established and reputed e-commerce companies can be found to make use of automated packaging equipments. The objective here is to deploy off air cushions in the form of void fill material. On the other hand, air cushions are also used by smaller companies, but as protective mailers. This is because, they are more lightweight and much cheaper when compared to rigid boxes.

Another key factor that has been driving its market growth prospects especially when products are directly delivered to the end consumers is because of environmental concerns related to packaging. Foam filled packaging, for instance has been efficiently replaced with air cushions. The reason is because, foam is considered to be a harmful material for the environment. Besides this, air cushions are also found to be quite cost-effective as it comes with less packaging weight. This is considered to be another crucial factor that has helped promote its market on a global scale. However, alternate packaging materials are being used like traditional foam packaging materials, textile packaging products and paper packaging products. This is considered to be a restrain especially for the global market for this product.

Market sustainability of this product depends very much upon the role of the local players and that of raw material supplies.

Market segmentation

Global market for air cushion is segmented in the given below aspects, based on its applications:    

Wrapping Bracing & Block Cushioning Void Filling

Moreover, the product’s market also is segmented in the given below manner, based upon its end-use industries:     

FMCG Pharmaceuticals Electronics Personal care E-Commerce

Other industries

Again, the product market is also segmented in the following ways, based upon geographies:       

Latin America North America Western Europe MEA (Middle East & Africa) APEJ (Asia Pacific, but excluding Japan) Japan Eastern Europe

Regional Outlook

In Western countries as well as in North America, this packaging material has managed to enjoy a well established market. In the forecast periods, industry experts claim it to grow linearly. Growing economies like Brazil, India and China are also expected to be among the most attractive and demanding geographical segment for global air cushion market. The reason is because end use industries are increasing at a fast pace like personal care, FMCG and e-commerce that has been placing demand for this packaging material. Similarly, MEA and Latin America are also expected to increase opportunities for manufacturers of such packaging materials due to increasing demand in these regions for FMCG goods.

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Air Cushion Packaging – An Introduction  

Before getting into the details, trends and market dynamics of Air cushion packaging, it will be wise to know what it is all about. Air cush...

Air Cushion Packaging – An Introduction  

Before getting into the details, trends and market dynamics of Air cushion packaging, it will be wise to know what it is all about. Air cush...

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