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2006/2007 Product Catalogue Communication Solutions for You

The CCP Promise CCP is committed to your experience at every point before, during and after your purchase. We recognize that you have specific needs and we are confident that our product offering and well-trained team will help you meet those needs to your satisfaction. CCP’s service and support representatives help ensure that you receive fast, superior support. We are completely dedicated to helping you get the most from your investment. At CCP, we take pride in offering a full range of services that meet your needs. Just a few of the services we provide and can offer are: one and two year warranties, set-up & installation, toll free telephone support for the life of the product, leasing and rental options as well as training and/or maintenance programs for your specific needs. CCP is not just another supplier, we are a partner in your success.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Conferencing Audio

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Digital Voice Recording Recorders

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Headsets Wireless

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Telephones Wired

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Wireless Communication Handsets

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Servers, Base Stations, Repeaters p. 30 Power Protection Small (up to 1500VA)

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Medium (up to 5000VA)

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Large (up to 6kVA)

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Polycom® | LifeSize

CONFERENCING Audio Polycom VoiceStation® 300 Full-duplex for simultaneous, natural, free-flowing conversations and more productive calls. Users don't have to wait for participants on the far end to stop talking before breaking into a conversation. • Automatically reduces room background noise • A powerful, digitally-tuned custom speaker and three sensitive microphones provide coverage from up to 7ft. away


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Polycom VoiceStation® 500 The VoiceStation® 500 has all the same great features and benefits as the 300, plus Bluetooth® connectivity. • Connect to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for hands-free calls • Connect to Bluetooth-enabled computer for high quality hands-free conferencing over the Internet

Polycom SoundStation2™ Non-Expandable • Available in two models; with display and without display • Remarkable voice quality equal to the SoundStation Premier® • Full duplex for natural, simultaneous two-way conversation for small to medium conference rooms • 50% increase of microphone sensitivity, allowing speakers to be heard up to 10 feet away

Polycom SoundStation2™ Expandable • Remarkable voice quality equal to the SoundStation Premier® • Full duplex for natural, simultaneous twoway conversation for small to medium conference rooms • 50% increase of microphone sensitivity, allowing speakers to be heard up to 10 ft. away • 360 degree microphone coverage • Extended microphones sold separately

Polycom SoundStation IP™ 4000 This is the voice conferencing system for organizations with a (SIP) Session Initiation Protocol environment. • For small to medium sized conference rooms • Allows speakers to be heard up to 10 ft. away • Gated microphone technology that eliminates echo and back ground noise



Polycom QSX™ Polycom QSX™ allows users to instantly share a live view of a computer screen with remote locations simply by dialing a Polycom conference phone. It's an easy and secure screen sharing solution that anyone can use. • Share any type of visual content from your computer • Compatible with all Polycom wired, analogue conference phones

Polycom VTX 1000® As the world’s first high-fidelity, wideband conference phone, the SoundStation VTX 1000® covers the full range of the human speech spectrum, making every voice, word, and syllable crystal clear - you’ll think you were all in the same room! • Automatic gain control (AGC) that equalizes the outgoing volume control • Wideband capabilities • Perfect for medium to larger sized boardrooms

Polycom Vortex® Series The Vortex® Series can expand the audio capabilities of your installed conferencing facility and easily add outside calls. The Vortex® enhances the productivity of conferencing and distance learning applications through industry-leading acoustic echo and noise cancellation, plus a DSPbased telephone interface. The Vortex® series is available in a number of model numbers that vary depending on the number of microphones and speakers required.



Polycom SoundStation2W™ The Polycom SoundStation® has gone wireless! The SoundStation2W™ delivers voice quality that is twice as loud and provides twice the microphone sensitivity as the original SoundStation® enabling clearer natural, twoway conversations. Our secure and proven 2.4 GHz or 1.9 GHz platforms provide simple and robust wireless capability with any analogue phone line. With reliable 150 foot wireless roaming from the base station, wireless frequency hopping to avoid interference, and a long lasting Lithium-ion battery, the SoundStation2W™ truly meets today’s needs for excellent voice quality and usage flexibility. • Up to 24 hours of talk time with extended life battery • 2.4GHz WDCT DSS with frequency hopping and added voice encryption for security

Polycom VoicePlus™ Audio Conferencing Bridge Polycom redefines voice conferencing and collaboration with the innovative Polycom VoicePlus™. All on the award winning MGC platform, one of the most widely used conferencing systems in the world. • Unique multimedia solution integrates voice and video conferencing, plus web collaboration



CONFERENCING | Audio | Video

LifeSize Room™ LifeSize Room™ is the High Definition (HD) video communication system specifically designed for medium to large conference rooms. • Internal four site bridge software • Laptop connection cable • Soft key input selection supports up to four inputs • 128 Kbps to 2.5 Mbps IP calls • Connects IP or ISDN sites

LifeSize Team™ LifeSize Team™ is the HD video communication system designed for use in small conference rooms or remote sites. LifeSize Team™ is well suited for point-to-point calls or to a LifeSize Room™ system for multi-point calls. • Laptop connection cable • Soft key input selection supports up to four inputs • 128 Kbps to 2.5 Mbps Internet calls • Connects IP (H.323) or ISDN (H.320)

LifeSize Phone™ LifeSize Phone™ delivers revolutionary HD quality audio conferencing. The (16) Omnidirectional microphones provide superior audio from greater distances. • World's best frequency response from 100Hz up to 16kHz • VoIP/Analogue • Supports SIP and H.323 • Integrated speaker and HD microphone unit

LifeSize Control™ LifeSize Control™ is the all-in-one video communications management software for multi-vendor networks. • Real-time management; automated workflow and centralized software upgrades • Manage networks using LifeSize, Polycom and TANDBERG systems • Schedule multipoint or point-topoint conferences using a web browser or Microsoft Outlook 6



Nice | Algo


Recorders NiceLog

The NiceLog provides a future proof, digital, multimedia recording platform with a wide range of scalable recording solutions. The NiceLog serves as the system voice capture and logging unit and supports a wide range of telephony interfaces. • Recording options - total recording, record-on-demand, real-time monitoring and more

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NiceCall Focus lll A full featured, single box compact recording solution utilizing advanced PCI technology designed to meet the dynamic needs of mission critical small and medium sized sites. • Records up to 48 channels per unit • Unmatched online capacity up to 50,000 hours standard with default G.729A compression • Records a wide range of digital telephony interfaces, analogue and radio channels in the same box

Algo 4105 Analog AuxBox® The Algo 4105 Analog AuxBox is a state-ofthe-art digital call recording solution for home or small business analogue phones. Ideal for capturing and managing comprehensive call information, the 4105 combines the power of a PC interface with advanced digital audio recording capability. • Creates high-quality WMA digital audio files • Logs call display data, call duration, missed calls, & user-entered comment field per call record • All call records time and date stamped

Algo 5006 Centrex AuxBox® The 5006 Centrex AuxBox is a state-of-theart digital call recording solution for Meridian Digital Centrex telephone systems. • Creates high-quality WMA digital audio files • Logs call display data, call duration, missed calls, & user-entered comment field per record • All call records time and date stamped • Find call records instantly through Sort, Search, and Advanced Query functions




NiceUniverse Compact™ This is NICE's total recording and Quality Management (QM) solution for small to medium contact centres. Provides centres with up to 48 seats with a powerful, cost effective recording and QM application packaged in a unique single-box solution. QM processes provide random recording schedules for voice and screen; monitoring and recording of interactions in real-time. Users can view the work status of agents and choose to monitor or begin recording at any point in the call and simultaneously play back voice and screen recordings. NiceUniverse Compact has been specifically designed to be simple and easy to implement, while at the same time meeting modern IT requirements for a highly secured environment. • Up to 50,000 hours of on-line recording • Replay streamed directly to the user's desktop

Algo Enterprise Recorder (ECR) For multi-user applications up to 32 stations on a single PC. Interfaces with 4102R Digital AuxCard that is designed for equipment or server room installations or ECR as an option to the 4102 Digital AuxBox. • Quality audio recording: 3MB/hour conversation • Sort by outgoing, incoming missed or imported call type • LAN based supervisor live call monitoring • Automatic or recording from the telephone • Non-proprietary Windows based PC Server • Permissions-based user access • Unlimited supervisors and users • Records and monitors up to 32 telephones simultaneously • Scaleable cost structure provides best value for 1 to 32 telephones • Feature-rich solution with user friendly interface




GN Netcom | Plantronics®



GN 9350 Dual-Function Wireless Headset System The dual-function, future-proof GN 9350 wireless headset provides high performance in both traditional and PC-based telephone environments. State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology enriches sound quality. • Up to 300 feet of office mobility • WiFi- friendly 1.9 GHz frequency sound quality and greater hearing protection • Digital encryption for secure conversations


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GN 9330 Wireless Headset System The GN 9330 allows you to escape the limitations set by your conventional telephone handset and provides up to 200 ft. of hands-free mobility. The GN 9330 provides clear, natural sound, and its noise-cancelling microphone ensures your voice is always transmitted clearly. • WiFi-friendly 1.9 GHz frequency with DECT 6.0 wireless technology • Up to 9 hours talk time without recharging • Two wearing styles including: headband and earhook

GN 9120 Wireless Headset Your work environment has evolved and so has the headset. The 9120 multi-unit conferencing capabilities lets up to four headsets join in on a call. • Truly wireless headset for complete freedom and easy use • Full mobility in the office-up to 300 feet range and up to 8 hours of talk time • Sleek design, choice between 3 boom arms and remote call answering/ending (optional)

GN RHL 1000 Handset Lifter Let’s you pick-up and hang-up without going back to your desk! Enjoy full wireless freedom. Add the GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter to your GN Netcom wireless handset system, and you’re completely free to roam.



Plantronics CS55 Wireless Office Headset System • Combines the clarity of corded technology with the mobility of wireless • Roam hands-free up to 300 feet • One-touch control over calls and volume • Up to 10 hours hands-free talk time

Plantronics CS70 Wireless Office Headset System Communicate in executive-level style with the Plantronics CS70. The lightweight sophisticated over-the-ear design and DECT 6.0 technology provide ultra-comfortable, digitally-secure communication up to 300 feet from a desk phone. • Voice tube delivers superior audio clarity • One-step remote answering makes it easy to stay connected using HL10

Plantronics SupraPlus® Wireless Office professionals can now answer or end calls while moving about the office. Built on digitally-encrypted DECT 6.0 technology, the SupraPlus Wireless allows conversations to continue up to 300 feet from a desk phone. • Choose from voice tube or noisecancelling microphone • Up to 10 hours hands-free talk time • Available in monaural or binaural style

Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter With the Plantronics HL 10 handset lifter, remotely taking or ending a call is as simple as pressing a button. It is compatible with typical office or PBX-based phones and any of the Plantronics wireless systems.




GN Netcom | Plantronics®



GN 2100 Series The 2100 is the next generation of professional headsets. Delivering unsurpassed sound quality and crystal clear conversation, the headset’s sleek profile and lightweight, ergonomic design combines style and comfort. With optimized versions for both traditional telephony and VoIP. • • • • •

Advanced voice tube technology Weighs just 1 ounce Rugged boom turret (Tested for 50,000 rotations) Swing away boom Full range of styles and models

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GN 2000 Series Every detail of the GN 2000 Series has been designed with durability in mind. Delivers wideband sound and protects hearing. • True wideband sound (150-6800 Hz) meets VoIP standards • Two boom/microphone styles: flex boom with noise-cancelling microphone and the flexible SoundTube with a standard mic. • Offers Monaural or Binaural models

GN Profile/405 Flex-SF® • Three wearing styles • Omnidirectional microphone • SureFit flexible earhook, earloops and Stay-Put™ click-stop headband • Racheting boom: fixed (telescoping) or flexible • Exceptional sound quality

GN 8000 MPA® Amplifier Multipurpose amplifier works on most phone systems with a modular headset connector. • Voice compression for advanced hearing protection • Headset/handset switch • Mute switch • Sliding volume control • Built-in headset stand

GN 8210 Digital Amplifier The digital 8210 is a flexible, customizable amplifier providing the best sound quality and protection against acoustic shock. • Reduce background noise on incoming signal • Automatically adjusts the incoming volume • Compatible with virtually all analogue or digital telephone systems



Plantronics SupraPlus® Headset Family The SupraPlus headset family sets new standards in all-day comfort and reliability for telephone professionals. SupraPlus offers monaural or binaural models, with either voice tube or noise-cancelling microphones. • Enhanced audio for greater listening accuracy • Supports all Plantronics amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters

Plantronics Encore® Headset Family This series of headsets is available in two styles; the monaural and binaural. Both styles are available in voice tube and noisecancelling microphones. Sound Enhancement System lets you select bass or treble setting for a fuller, richer tone. • Available in amplified or Polaris models

Plantronics DuoSet® Headset Family The DuoSet is worn over-the-head or overthe-ear; it allows you to remain hands free. Available with the voice tube or noisecancelling microphones. • Available in amplified or Polaris models



Plantronics Mirage® Headset Family The Mirage is a stylish and unobtrusive headset, with a sculpted shape that fits perfectly behind the ear. For added comfort, the Mirage has a receiver that swivels and rests lightly on the side of the ear. The Mirage is available with noise-cancelling and voice tube microphone options.

Plantronics TriStar® Headset Family This headset features four sizes of userselectable earbuds, an adjustable receiver arm and a unique three-point design to give users support behind, around and in-the-ear. The TriStar headset can be custom fitted to almost anyone. This model is also available with either a noise-cancelling or voice tube microphone.

Plantronics S12 Telephone Headset System Plantronics S12 Telephone Headset System offers hands-free convenience and superior sound clarity with a 2-in-1 convertible headset and the Firefly® in-use indicator light.

Plantronics M12 Vista™ Amplifier The M12 amplifier connects Plantronics headsets to just about any modular single or multi-line phone with ergonomically designed volume, headset/handset and mute controls. Allows one-button selection between handset or headset, and unique Sound Guard® Plus™ and Call Clarity™ technology provides sound quality while delivering automatic sound protection.




Plantronics® | GN Netcom



Plantronics Pulsar™ 590A Stereo Bluetooth® Headset The Plantronics Pulsar 590 Series Bluetooth Stereo headsets deliver the ultimate in wireless freedom! Make calls and enjoy wireless stereo listening on laptops, PCs, TVs, DVD and MP3 players. • • • • • •

Up to 12 hours talk time and up to 10 hours audio listening time High fidelity stereo sound for superior audio performance Universal adapter plugs directly into most 3.5mm audio devices Seamlessly switch between calls and music listening Telescoping voicetube provides clear calls and discreet conversations Foldable head set design for convenient travel and compact storage

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Plantronics DSP 400 The DSP-400 is a digitally enhanced foldable stereo headset with full-range stereo sound. The noise-cancelling microphone enhances speech accuracy. The Plantronics PerSono™ Audio Control Centre software is available via internet download. The software allows users to adjust microphone and audio characteristics like volume, bass and treble, launch their favourite voice or audio applications as well as select audio presets from a central software interface.

Plantronics MX10 Amplifier The MX10 amplifier connects your telephone and PC or external audio device to your Plantronics headset to deliver precise levels of listening, superior protection and excellent audio performance. The MX10 includes near universal compatibility with single and multi line telephones. The MX10 has ergonomically designed volume control, headset/handset selection button and mute control. • Comes with a light weight 10 ft coil cord

Plantronics DA60 Adapter Maximize the value of VoIP softphones with the DA60 USB-to-Headset adapter. Ideal for medium to large contact centers using VoIP softphones, and offices using softphones for business-critical applications. • Provides unparalleled control over voice and audio quality • Tracks agent noise exposure to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards • Secures customer information when agents leave their workstations



GN 4800 Series The GN 4800 is an innovative office headset that provides seamless integration between your PC and traditional telephone. • Available with two different headsets: GN 4800 Hi-Fi and GN 4800 Wideband • Ring-tone detection; automatic switching from PC to telephone mode

GN 500 Series Stereo PC Headsets The GN 500 Series is designed to give users a choice of stereo headsets for any PC audio application such as voice, video, chat, VoIP, speech recognition, interactive training or video conferencing. The GN 500 series has the features and sound quality users need to optimize their PC audio experience and maximize the effectiveness and usefulness of every application.

GN 8120 USB Adapter A digital USB-to-headset adapter delivers superior audio quality and simplicity for your VoIP softphone. • Enhanced digital audio quality for all VoIP application • Compatible with any GN Netcom QD headset • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Smooth Stream technologies remove impurities from the call signal

GN 8050 TCA Amplifier The 8050 TCA has all the features of the 8000 MPA (see p. 14), plus: • Easily switch between telephone and computer • Works with most phones with a modular connector • Plugs into any Sound Blaster-compatible PC




Plantronics® | GN Netcom


Bluetooth® Plantronics Discovery™ 655 Bluetooth® The Plantronics Discovery 655 Bluetooth headset fuses cutting-edge technology with a sleek, ultra-light and discreet design to deliver a mobile experience unlike any other. With Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the latest in audio technology - the Discovery 655 reduces noise levels to provide enhanced sound for clear conversations. • • • • •

Digital Signal Processing for crystal clear sound Sleek, stylish design for discreet connectivity Ultra-light and comfortable at only 9 grams Innovative charging pocket with vibrate ring alert Easily recharge from your PC


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Plantronics Explorer™ 320 Bluetooth® Enjoy affordable, easy-to-use wireless freedom for Bluetooth phones with the Explorer 320 headset. With a small, lightweight design and one-touch button controls, keeping in contact with friends and family is comfortable and convenient. • • • •

Simple to use and affordable Longer talk time Quality sound Comfortable, small, lightweight

Plantronics Discovery™ 640 Bluetooth® Enjoy simplified mobility with the ultimate Bluetooth headset - the Plantronics Discovery 640. This innovative wireless headset sets the standard in style, comfort and convenience. • Innovative pocket charger delivers up to 15 hours talk time • Ultra-light 1/3 ounce weight, customizable gel ear tips for long-wearing comfort • Sleek, lightweight wireless design with chrome finish carrying case • Vibrate ring in charging pocket, last number redial, and voice dialing

Plantronics Voyager™ 510 Bluetooth® The Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth headset delivers versatility, all-day wearing comfort and superior sound quality in and out of the office-perfect for the mobile professional. • Noise-cancelling microphone for clearer conversations • WindSmart provides wind-noise reduction technology for optimal sound clarity • Versatile headset for multiple Bluetooth devices • One-touch call control buttons



GN 6210 Bluetooth® Mobile Headset • Soft, contoured shape complete with the patented JABRA MiniGel eartip • Behind-the-ear wearing style • Designed to work with both standard desk phones & Bluetooth mobile phones • Fully secure, with 30-foot range • Up to 4 hours talk time with standard charge • Travel charger included

Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Mobile Headset • Intuitive one-touch button for easy pairing • “Mute” function for added privacy • Charging from PC via USB cable • Bluetooth link and battery status indication LED’s • Answer/End button • Weighs only 2/3 ounce (19g) • Supports Bluetooth 1.2 headset and hands-free profiles

Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Mobile Headset • Weighs less than 1/3 oz. • Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology • Up to 6 hours talk time & up to 200 hours standby * Winner of the Wireless Emerging Technology Award at CTIA Wireless 2006



HEADSETS | Accessories

CCP carries a full line of accessories for both GN Netcom and Plantronics headsets.

GN Netcom Accessories GN Microphone Windscreens GN Ear Cushions GN On-Line Indicator & Stand GN AC Adaptor GN Direct Connect Cords GN Supervisory Y-Cord GN Tape Recorder Jack Dasan Online Indicator

Plantronics速 Accessories Plantronics Microphone Windscreens Plantronics Foam Ear Cushions Plantronics Leatherette Ear Cushions Plantronics Wireless On-Line Indicator Plantronics AC Adaptor Plantronics Coil Cords Plantronics Supervisory Y-cord Plantronics Voicetube Plantronics Handset Volume Amplifier Dasan Online Indicator




Polycom® | Nortel-Meridian | Aastra Uniden | Algo | Konexx

TELEPHONES Wired Polycom SoundPoint IP™ 301 The SoundPoint IP™ 301 provides an easy transition from traditional PBX features into the world of VoIP. • Individual volume settings for each audio path with visual feedback • Hands-free headset mode • Built-in monitor speaker • Support for G.711 m/A and G.729A (Annex B) codecs • Voice activity detection and comfort noise fill 24 Check us out online at

Polycom SoundPoint IP™ 501 The SoundPoint IP™ 501 is a 3-line desktop IP telephone that utilizes Polycom's Acoustic ClarityTechnology™ to deliver superb sound quality. • Individual volume settings for each audio path with visual display feedback • Hands-free audio modes including headset and full-duplex speakerphone • Adaptive jitter buffers to improve speech quality

Polycom SoundPoint IP™ 601 The SoundPoint IP™ 601 provides a powerful, yet flexible IP communications solution, delivering excellent voice quality. • Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone • Type 1 compliant with IEEE 1329 full duplex standards • Individual volume settings with visual feedback for each audio path • Support for G.711 µ/A and G.729A (Annex B) codecs

Polycom SoundPoint® Pro SE 220 SoundPoint® Pro SE-220 seamlessly integrates handset and headset telephone functionality with crystal clear, hands-free voice conferencing in an elegant personal business phone. With the touch of a button, SoundPoint® Pro SE-220 lets you hold clear, multipoint conference calls with up to two additional participants. • Front-facing microphone for voice conferencing • 36-number speed-dial capability




Nortel-Meridian (Refurbished phones only) Nortel M3904 Series The Meridian M3904 Professional telephone is the ideal choice for busy executives, managers, and administrators who requires maximum flexibility. • Multi-Line telephone • Three-Line x 24-Character Display • 2 self-labeled, programmable line/feature keys

Nortel M3900 Series • M3901 - Single line digital phone; 5 programmable features • M3902 - Single line digital phone; 3 programmable feature keys • M3903 - Multi line digital phone; 2 programmable features keys • M3905 - Multi line digital phone; 6 fixed ACD feature keys

Aastra Aastra business telephone series • A8004 - Message waiting indicator, Compatible with Centrex, PBX, or standard telephone services • A9110 - 7 programmable feature keys; speakerphone with mute • A9116 - 8 programmable feature keys; call display with visual call waiting • A9120 - 7 programmable feature keys offer 14 auto dial positions; two line telephone with conference key • A9316 - 8 programmable feature keys; caller ID & call waiting display • A9417 - 6 programmable feature keys; caller ID & call waiting display; two line telephone with conference key 26



Uniden EXP971A • • • • • • •

900 MHz analogue cordless phone 10 memory speed dial Hearing aid compatible AutoScan system AutoSecure & random code Headset compatible Battery life: 14 day standby, 7 hour talk time

Uniden DXI4246CA • • • • • •

2.4 GHz analogue cordless phone 10 memory speed dial Hearing aid compatible AutoSecure & random code Headset compatible Battery Life: 14 day standby, 7 hour talk time

Uniden DCT7585A • • • •

2.4 GHz DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) 4 handset expandability Backward/forward compatible Digital answering system with 13 min. recording time • Headset compatible • Direct link walkie-talkie mode • Battery life: 14 day standby, 7 hour talk time

Uniden TRU9465A • • • • • • •

5.8 GHz DSS 10 handset expandability Backward/forward compatible Dual keypad & dual speakerphone 20 distinct ring options Voice message waiting indicator Hearing aid and headset compatible



TELEPHONES | Enhancements

Algo AuxBox® The AuxBox® connects between a Meridian Digital Telephone and a Meridian 1 PBX, Norstar KSU or Business Communications Manager. The AuxBox provides a variety of opinions for diversifying a phone system or just an individual phone set. Also available in a USB version. • Analogue desktop telephone recording • Visual message waiting • Visual or loud ringing

Konexx Phone2PC Solution The Phone2PC Solution enables you to record all telephone conversations and save them as WAV files. This is a cost effective tool for recording all of your important conversations and is compatible with all PC laptops, desktops and soundcards. • Available in both soundcard and USB versions

Konexx DWInt The DWInt connects analogue devices to digital phone lines and it also supports most 2-wire analogue devices such as: modem, fax modem, fax machine, answering machine, cordless telephones, audio conferencing or video conferencing eliminating the need for dedicated phone installations or special terminal adapters. Compatible with certain Nortel phone sets.

Konexx Konference The Konexx Konference connects analogue conferencing units or direct-connect speaker phones to virtually any digital phone system by interfacing with the telephone and the handset. This product lets you avoid the cost of installing dedicated analogue lines.




SpectraLink (Kirk Telecom)

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION Handsets SpectraLink (Kirk) Dect 4040 The Dect 4040 Wireless Telephone is a durable, well-designed and fullfeature handset that meets demands for workplace mobility and is built for harsh environments. The Dect 4040 is ideal for the manufacturing, industrial and healthcare markets. • • • • • •

Graphic display CLIP (10 caller-ID presentations) LED indication of incoming and unanswered calls Telephone book (200 names) Loud speaker/ hands free SMS function stores 14 messages Check us out online at


Servers | Base Stations | Repeaters

SpectraLink (Kirk) SERVER Dect Wireless Server 1500 The Dect Wireless Server 1500 is a good fit for small to medium sized businesses with a need for up to 128 wireless users. • • • • •

Signaling - DTMF or pulse Recall function - loop break/earth pulse Ringing frequency - 25Hz - 50Hz Public network - dial tone detect pause Transmission - parallel operation down to eight mA

SpectraLink (Kirk) BASE STATION Dect Base Station The Dect Base Station provides enterprise wide wireless coverage and works as a link between the Dect Wireless Telephone and the Dect Wireless Server. It connects directly to the Dect Wireless Server through standard twisted pair cables.

SpectraLink (Kirk) REPEATERS Dect Repeaters The SpectraLink Dect Repeater expands the coverage area without increasing the number of speech channels. The wireless Dect Repeater is used in areas with limited voice traffic where cabling is difficult. Up to three Repeaters can be placed in cascade formation to direct coverage.




Alpha | APC

POWER PROTECTION Small (up to1500VA) Alpha Technologies Tetrex Series • • • •

500VA - 1500VA Ideal for personal computers, POS systems and entry level servers Short circuit and overload protection Advanced battery management

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APC Back UPS CS Series • • • •

350VA - 650VA 6 power outlets Built in phone/fax/modem line protection Professional grade power protection for office and home office systems • Hot swappable, user replaceable batteries

MEDIUM (UP TO 5000VA) Alpha Technologies ALI Elite Series • 700VA - 3000VA • Ideal for servers, telecom equipment, voice and data networks • Buck and boost expansion with auto voltage regulator • Fast recharge and hot swappable battery capability • RS-232 connector for remote monitoring and orderly shutdown during power failure • Surge protection for fax, modem and network cables

APC Back UPS RS Series • 800VA - 1500VA • Up to 8 power outlets • Automatic Voltage Regulation corrects low and high voltages without using the battery; ideal for poor power regions • Fax/modem & Ethernet data-line protection • File-saving, auto-shutdown software (serial or USB) • Versatile mounting: tower under-monitor or 2U shelf mount




APC Smart-UPS Series APC Smart-UPS delivers performance power management for advanced networks. The Smart-UPS towers are great to protect business file servers, mini computers, network switches and hubs, point of sale, retail and bank back office and ATM’s. • 750VA - 5000VA • Available in tower or rackmount models • Perfect for protecting file servers, network switches and hubs • Connectivity is through serial or USB port

LARGE (UP TO 6kVA) Alpha Technologies Pinnacle Plus Series The Alpha Pinnacle Plus Series provides safe, clean and reliable power protection for computer, telecom and other mission critical equipment. The state of the art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology of the Pinnacle Plus Series provides pure sine wave and zero transfer time backup power. • 700VA - 6000VA • Fully digitized microprocessor controlled

APC - Symmetra Series • 2kVA - 6kVA • Available as rackmount and tower systems • Design provides redundancy, scalability, manageability and serviceability power protection • Designed for space constrained computer rooms and voice and data networks



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