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Vol. 01 Num. 04 December 8, 2010 Wednesday

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Stanton Fundraiser On Tap This Week

D-1 FRIENDSWOOD ‘S THIRD STRAIGHT TO 3-4A FINALS Joe’s Gold Medal Smile at the 2010 State Meet

Photo by Mila

Family Costs Assisted Greatly

Powder Puff Football Fund Raising Event on Saturday to Help Stanton


he mature beyond his years sophomore teammate that traversed a 4A 100 yard Freestyle State Championship swimming course and lent his leadership to his fellow Panther Football “brothers”, needs your help. With insurance company payments that go toward Joe Stanton’s hospital care running an uncertain course for Dr. Robert Stanton and his family, they could soon be faced with long-term care expenses-reimbursed through insurance which is the good case scenario-or worst case-coming out of their own pockets. They themselves wouldn’t ask for help, but they don’t have to because as it turns out their neighbors from both Kingwood Park and Kingwood High are all too glad to lend a hand. Some out there may not know by now, but the Stanton’s

See Stanton Page 2

Liam Davies

Photo by Alex Tommy Morris

Photo by Mila

Jessi Jacobs

Photo by Alex Blair


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Continued from Page 1 son Joe the State Champion Swimmer and prospective Varsity Football team member to be, had that outstanding athletic career cut short when he suffered a tragic long board skating accident during the last week of school, earlier this spring. He is mostly awake but because his brain was damaged when

he fell off the board, he is courageously fighting to remain mentally viable. The young man that his swimming teammates called the “wise old bull” who was more than willing to help up and coming younger squad members and show them the swimming “ropes”, is

now going to have others step in to help him out. This Saturday, December 11, at nine am. at the Kingwood Park High School sub-varsity football field, pigskin varsity and JV moms will play and coach and their community’s daughters from both Kingwood high schools will put on jerseys as well, raising a banner, so to

speak, with their actions. One that says: “We’re here to help. Why don’t you join us and give so that Joe can receive the care he needs, in or out of the hospital and brain research can also be expanded.” For more information on how you can help, click on your computer and go to: You’ll be glad you did because he was and is no ordinary Joe. Oh,

Cheers for K-Park and Stanton - Joe’s Mom and Dad (bottom left corner, green shirts) lent their support in February at the 2010 State Swim meet and their friends are asking you to do the same this Saturday.

Rob’s Rhetoric ... On the Run

Hail the Victors and Pass the Helmet by Rob L Sprouse I felt like I was Zero Mostel the old Yiddish Broadway comedian. Only I wasn’t seeing anything or for that matter hearing anything that was very funny and I definitely wasn’t on my way to the forum. It felt more like the Coliseum. After all, that’s where civilization went out the window and the lions moved in for the kill on the Christians. Or, maybe it felt like I was at the old Stade Arena somewhere in 1970’s Germany. You know where they filmed the movie Rollerball. That motorcycles running over actual living people Rollerball. You remember. But, I digress. You see, there I was minding my own business when someone that I didn’t even know moved in and stood next to me as I was on my way to watching one of the races this year at the State CrossCountry meet in Round Rock. Now, I’m not anti-social. So, when the gentleman started to talk to me I responded in kind. And before you know it, the subject got around to me discussing with this Centex gent my pet peeve about the sport of Cross-Country, a sport I absolutely like, immensely. Well, I broached the subject of how XC races sometimes in the middle of the woods with not many around looking, other than runners, develop with some racers into a free-for-all. By that I mean, that there are some runners who like to shall we say, nudge, nudge and SHOVE the competition out of the way. Call it the ‘world belongs to me, so get your own planet syndrome’. I like to call it something else that probably wouldn’t be a good idea to give to your eyes in print, especially if you haven’t had breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. Meanwhile, back in Round Rock I didn’t

have a sympathetic ear-never mind about brain- on the other end of the discussion. Instead, his famous retort was-“Well, that is what makes it a sport”, he confidently said. At this point my blood did not begin to boil. It began to slightly bubble, the boiling and the scalding would begin soon enough, later. I was surprised but not amazed by the statement. After all, if it’s not the coaches telling runners to commit an offense that would draw a yellow flag in the NFL, it has to be someone else steering that voice in their head. The one voice that back in the day we used to call a conscience. True, said runner in question may come up with the idea on his own from time to time, but generally the value system that tells his little voice to chime in with” JUST SHOVE THIS GUY IN FRONT OF YOU OUT OF THE WAY WHEN NO COURSE MARSHAL IS LOOKING LITTLE Berrnie(MADOFF?)”, comes from seeds that are planted by older farmers, i.e. parent(s). This guy I had the discussion with was definitely one of those kind of “parents”. So, next thing you know I was breaking out the Rollerball, and the civility and honesty defense on him. Which he would have none of. Being the thinker that he is-I use the term lightly-he replied back to me-“Well, that is what seperates it from just, you know, … running”. Curse the thought! Then, the old boiler started to get hotter-me not my stomach- and I could feel my own civilization slipping away. You have to know that I knew of an instance related to me at the regional meet in Humble at Atascocita High this year. The kid in question said he went





there. - December Exero 8, 2010, 2010 - BLA PageBLA 3 BLA  01, 5555 

Rob’s Roll MONTAGE - Basketball/Bulldogs Parents Night


Page 4 -BLA - December 8, 2010 4  BLA BLA  Exero 01, 5555 Continued from page 1 - (Swimming)

SUMMER CREEK MOVING SWIMMINGLY IN 4A YEAR ONE Five star, 5A competition ? … no problem. One UIL conference below in size but not talent, are the 4A Summer Creek High Boys and Girls swimming squads. HighPoints is certainly happy to help spread their word, too. In this case it comes from Bulldog Head Coach John Dissinger himself: Results from this week’s Tuesday dual meet at the SCHS Natatorium with North Shore High, a 5A school, are as follows- The Bulldog Boys beat the NSHS Mustangs 186-107 in team point totals. The Girls earned success too, narrowly defeating the Lady Mustangs 147-140. Individually for our Bulldog Girls, Jessi Jacobs won both the 50 and 100 yard Freestyle events, to lead the way to victory. Other individual event winners were Savanah Zempoalteca in the 100 yard backstroke, Courtenay Siegrist in the 200 Free, and Shelby Smith in the 100 yard Breaststroke. Relay results

played a major part in the girls win. Taking home gold were: the 200 medley relay team of Zempoalteca, Smith, Jacobs, and Kayla Bennett and the 400 Freestyle relay team of Zempoalteca, Smith, Peyton Donnell, and Siegrist. On the Boys’ side, leading the way was Tommy Morris who captured the 100 free and 100 Back, along with winners Justus Pennington in the 200 free, Connor Nickell in the 50 free, and Liam Davies in the 100 yard Butterfly. Finally, sweeping the relays were: NIckell, Hunter Attard, Morris, and John Correa in the 200 medley; Pennington, Correa, Michael Headlee and Nickell in the 200 free. Of note, the team of Pennington, Headlee, Nickell and Morris set a new pool and school record by taking the 400 free relay. The Swimming Bulldogs will be back in action January 18th 2011, at the K-Park Invitational.

Coach Dissinger was also pleased with the teams’ recent performances against Oak Ridge in the dual meet battle with yet another 5A squad. The Boys won going away, 212-55, while the Girls showed their mettle with a tough 138-124 win over the Lady War Eagles. On the girls’ side, joining Segrist’s twin triumphs in the 200 individual medley(IM) and 100 ‘fly were Kim Carlson in the 200 free and Peyton Donell in the 500 free. Also taking first place was the relay quad of Siegrist, Smith, Bennett, and Jacobs in the 400 free. The Boys were not going to be outdone, with overwhelming consistency they took gold in the 100 Back and 100 freeConnor Nickell; the 50 free and 100 flyTommy Morris; and had single time winners in: Justus Pennington-200 free; Michael Headlee-500 free; and Will Womack in the diving competition. Every relay race was swept with Kyle Adams , Hunter Attard, John Correa, and

Jarvus Pennington in the 200 medley; and Justus Pennington, Headlee, Nickell, and Morris executing the “daily double” taking the 200 and 400 free races. Do these ‘dogs have fins? Note: Next time we’ll have more meet results in our swimming corner. Coaches drop us a results line at highpointsmagazine @ Thanks again coaches and we’ll leave the pool light on for you. - RLS

Kim Carlson won the 200 Free helping the Bulldogs narrowly beat Oak Ridge High School 138-124 last week

Continued from Rob’s Rhetoric - page 2 right into a tree and he wasn’t even a hugger. The shover in question who did the dirty deed is unknown to me because the “shovee” didn’t get the license plate number or the offender’s bib number either. So, at this time I was about to lose it with this guy, and I then knew I had to back away. This was becoming too personal. But before I left and walked away, I left him with this gem“Maybe they ought to just start wearing football helmets and padding out there and maybe they should just shove back. At the same time maybe you just need to get some perspective,” I added as I turned and heatedly walked away at six times normal room temperature. Now, I realize that pushing and shoving in a game, a sporting setting, is allowed sometimes within the rules. That’s fine because those that are doing the shoving will soon get their opportunity to feel the equal and opposite reaction coming right back at them. However, in the games that allow that sort of thing all those affected combatants expect that to happen. They are either prepared for it by planning, equipment, moving, or all or any of the three in any combination. There is a big difference. Because you see folks the dirty little secret that isn’t really a secret is that SHOVING IS NOT ALLOWED IN CROSS-COUNTRY RUNNING, PERIOD! If some of you out there think it’s okay to “fudge that rule”, then do me and all the rest of us a favor. Order Rollerball, watch it and while you are at it read Golding’s Lord of the Flies if you haven’t before or if you forgot what it was saying to you in the past. You know the part about civilization being a thin veneer, a thin coating, and that as in Rollerball, creating an institution to camouflage the darker angels of our personalities and desires, creates a dangerous excuse that will damage us all in the long run. And finally, from a sporting standpoint equally as damaging is that some XC kid just running along minding his team’s and his own business, doing the best he can under tough circumstances, might be made to feel like he’s a Zero as he goes crashing into the nearest pine or pin oak. Any kid who wins a race by acting like he’s a brush-hog and eliminating the competition with a hardy shove or elbow to the ribs of the innocents, needs to just remember one thing“You’re one step closer to having an

expanded number of Course Marshals run alongside everyone in the race, all throughout the course, including you”. Because you see sooner or later there will be enough complaints-especially after people read columns like this-that something will have to be done, whether that is race expulsion, seconds deductedminute or two?-or something else. Frankly, if it was left up to me I would like to force the guy that I was having the discussion with at State, to be strapped against his will into one of those motorcycles from Rollerball and have him marshal the course. As long as he didn’t run over the kids, especially the ones breaking the rules. Hey, I guess a funny thing did happen to me on the way home from the forum, er, coliseum, eh, racecourse side. Uh oh! Look who needs to go ahead and crack open some Golding. On the positive side of the sport of Cross-Country look no further than our kids at the Nike Cross-Regionals(NXN South) or Cross-Nationals (NXN). A HighPoints hats off to Brian Gohlke of The Woodlands College Park High and the Park XC Club, who turned in an eighth place finish-with a time of 16 mins, 28.8 secs, for the 5000 meter/ 3.125 miles course-at the National meet at the Portland Meadows running grounds in where else, Portland, Oregon. He just finished up this past weekend with the capper to his South Regional second place finish last month at The Woodlands Bear Branch Park, a Nike topten mark this week representing himself after his Park XC Club teammates failed to qualify nationally. Way to go senior. On the Boys national side, The Highlanders’ Brigham Hedges who helped to spearhead The Woodlands Fifth straight State XC title in 5A, did his part with a 63rd place finish-of those whose teams qualified for Nationals-and 107th spot overall. His time of 17 minutes and 49.9 seconds was the best mark on the team. His Woodlands XC Club initially finished third at the South Regionals and earned an invite to the Nationals as one of five wild cards that didn’t make the top two at those teams respective Regionals around the country. Woodlands’ clubbers finished 20th in Portland. Joining Hedges were racers: Jake Hendrick, Andrew Scheffey, Phil Schneider,

Crowded In- Huffman HS XC at 3A State 2010

last man point getter Conner Moncrief; and the rest of the squad, non-scorers Chris Vargas,and Eric Vibrock . A job well done! We’ll also add cudos to the Girls unit who finished one better than the guys. The 19th place team finish on the Woodlands clubbers’ side in Portland was made possible by super-freshman Maddie Mc Lellan and her 19 point scoring finish,

and 45th place overall ending. Her 5K time of 19:56.3 set the stage for fellow harriers Hannah Novelli, Ashley Guidot,

Margo Lyons and Colleen Murray, along with non-scorers Anna Lyons, and Katie Willard. Salutations! and commendations!

Finally, let’s not forget about those who gave a good showing at the Nike South Regional even if they did come up short for National qualifying. Girls high finishers were: Catie Daigre of Kingwood-9th in points and 17th overall; her Kingwood XC Club point scoring helpers: Sandie Raines, Ashley Mills, Adrianna Suarez, and Laura Craig along with Kerstin Sheehan,

and Grace Howley.. Then add Kingwood Park’s Girls K-Park XC Club runners: Zahri Jackson 40th in scoring and 60th overall, along with KP’s Grace Fletcher, Jennifer Nwuli, Destilynn Lindberg, Nicole Aponte, Melissa Henry , and Courtney Broussard. Kingwood XC clubbers finished third at Bear Branch and just missed getting a wild card, while K-Park’s Girls took 12th among the 22 teams invited. On the Boys team, Kingwood raced to a sixth place finish at Regionals. That fine mark was led by Justin Brinkley along with Logan Terry, Travis Beck, Tyler Brady, Todd Bennett, and Trent Higgins. Let’s not leave without saying what a great job an 18-4A runner, Cali Roper of Willis High and the Cat’s running Club, did at Nationals and Regionals, and the fine ninth place finish by College Park’s Boys’ Park XC Club at Regionals. How about the 7 point 14th place finish at Regionals by Park’s Katie Jansen? Congraaats to all. Now, that’s what I like about Cross-Country.

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Basketball for the Week Week of 12-1—12-7-10 Pre-district -Ranked by record for the last seven days Boys 14-5A (locally excluding Lufkin) 1.TW College Park overall record-10-5, for the week 5-1, last game 12-7- 10 at Cypress Ridge 63-54, Win 2 Kingwood -9-4,week 4-2, last 12-7 at North Shore 43-40, W 3.The Woodlands-8-3,3-1, last 12-6 at Klein Collins 70-61, W 4.Oak Ridge-8-1, 2-0, last 12-7 at Klein 55-53, W 5.Atascocita-5-4, 1-0, last 12-7 at Eisenhower 58-56, W 6.Conroe-3-6, 0-1, last 12-7 at Magnolia West 52-51, Loss 18-4A(local excluding Huntsville and Willis) 1. Kingwood Park – 7-3, 5-1, last 12-7 at home vs. Cypress Ranch 38-37, W 2. New Caney – 6-4, 2-0, last 12-7 at Livingston 48-37, W 3. Humble – 6-7, 2-4, last 12-7 vs. Elsik 58-55, L 4. Caney Creek – 3-3, 1-1, last 12-7 vs. Barbers Hill 5. Porter – 1-4, 1-1, last 12-7 at Splendora 51-47, W 6. Summer Creek – 0-11, 0-4, last 12-7 vs. Clear Creek 54-32, L

Other Sports Everybody Loves Alex The voting is over and the first annual HighPoints Cross-Country Male Athlete of the Year as picked by you the readers, the fans, is the Atascocita High’s Alex Medrano. Congrats to the young man who according to his Head Coach Todd Symons is not very vocal, but is very credible with his fellow team members. “He is the kind of kid who will be listened to by his teammates on the few occasions that he speaks about what needs to be done in preparation, and he leads them by example,” Symons said. He adds that Medrano is always practicing in the off season, including the Summer, and at school during the season, and that Alex makes good grades on top of that other responsible behavior. “He’s just an all around great guy! It’s awesome that he has won this honor,” Symons said. Eds. Note-Don’t forget to vote in next week’s Female Cross Country Athlete of the Year Poll. It’s in Rob’s Roll (HighPoints’ Weekly Sports Update) next week on Wednesday December 15th.

22-3A(local ) Huffman Hargrave- 6-4, 3-2, last 12-6 vs. Magnolia 74-48, L Privates( top two) 1. Northeast Christian Academy – 13-2 for the year 2. Conroe Covenant Christian – 9-2 for the year Girls 14-5A(local excluding Lufkin) 1. Atascocita - 15-2, 5-1, last 12-7 at Cypress Ranch 61-38, W 2. TW College Park – 8-6, 2-0, last 12-7 vs. Cypress Creek 72-56, W 3. Oak Ridge – 9-4, 2-1, last 12-6 at NC Porter 60-40, W 4. The Woodlands – 10-3, 1-0, last 12-7 vs. A&M Consolidated 68-49, W 5. Conroe – 3-10, 1-3, last 12-7 vs. Westfield 63-37, L 6. Kingwood – 3-8, 0-1, last 12-7 vs. Cypress Fairbanks 52-38, L 18-4A(local excluding Huntsville, and Willis) 1. Caney Creek – 6-9, 2-1, last 12-4 at (Montgomery tourney) – Klein Forest 52-35, L 2. New Caney – 10-3, 2-2, last 12-7 vs. Hampshire Fannett 51-48, W 3. Humble – 6-5, 2-2, last 12-4 at Katy 50-49, L 4. K-Park – 6-6, 2-2, last 12-7 at Hardin Jefferson 5. Summer Creek – 3-4, 0-1, last 12-2 at Klein Oak 42-36, L 6. Porter – 0-6, 0-2, last 12-6 vs. Oak Ridge 60-40, L 22-3A(local ) Huffman Hargrave – 3-9, 1-2, last 12-7 vs. Coldspring-Oakhurst 43-24, W Privates(Top Record) Conroe Covenant 10-0 for the year Note- Latest 12-7 Tex. Assn. of Basketball Coaches State Rankings : Boys- Kingwood 23rd. in UIL 5A; Northeast Christian Acad. 1st. in Private Small School division; Woodlands Christian 16th. in Private Small Schools; and Conroe Covenant 22nd. in Private Small Schools.

Alex Medrano

Girls- Atascocita is 5th in UIL 5A, New Caney 18th. in UIL 4A; and Conroe Covenant 19th. in Private Small Schools division. Scores not posted were not reported to HighPoints

Young Pup - Summer Creek Roundballer James Mouton

K-Park’s Adrian Johnson had the game winner Tuesday night

6  BLA BLA BLA  Exero 01, 5555 Page 6 December 8, 2010

The Grace of a Winner and the Honors That Follow Kingwood Park High has only been around for four years, but between its stellar athletes, particularly in Basketball and Cross-Country/Track and Field, and its outstanding academic reputation, the phrase “state of the art” might just be too weak and passe’ to use when it comes to describing its impact in this community. Take the recently released All-Academic and All-State and All-Region CrossCountry teams, and Rob’s Roll will be publishing next week the full list of the area’s youngsters so honored but-for now on those lists-there is one young lady that really demands anyone’s attention: Grace Fletcher (pictured right). Her achievements of getting State level All-Academic, and All-State and Region teams are outstanding enough, but to do all of that and to receive the award for Top 4A senior Girl’s Runner in Texas along with landing a spot on the State Coaches’ All-Star team, well now the word outstanding itself suddenly becomes too passe’. Or does it? Because you see she did all of that outstanding work on the XC course this year at the very same time she nursed a season-long foot injury. Not a hand injury mind you, a foot injury, the very essence of the word obstacle for any runner, competitive or not. Her proud papa Lynn Fletcher said he was shocked to find out recently from Girls Head Coach and Campus Athletic Coordinator Britney Lanehart that Grace had been sporting the malady all along. Apparently, there was never a complaint about pain from Grace. Apparently, she loves the sport so much that nothing was going to stand, or plant itself, in her way to competing. Imagine if she had been healthy all season long. Although, it might have been tough for an orthopedically healthy Fletcher to top commendations such as the 4A-5A XC Athlete of the Year. The latter is considered the highest honor a runner can receive and is based on her four marvelous years of high school XC achievements which include three years of All-State honors and four years of All Region bouquets. So what’s next? After she finishes Track and Field season this spring, and goes through the graduation line, Lynn Fletcher says his daughter is going to look at U. Texas-San Antonio. He says that she wants to get into the physical rehabilitation and therapy field, maybe even the orthopedic side of it all. In other words, even though Oklahoma State in the Big 12 Conference is interested in her Cross-Country ability, she would rather help other people, other athletes no doubt, with areas like their feet. She can certainly relate to that area. The question is though, can we relate to her fetes this year? One might say that they’re state of the art. HighPoints Magazine Sports Weekly Updates welcomes reader correspondence. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted. We assume no responsibility for the return of any unsolicited material. HighPoints Magazine Weekly Sports Updates copyright 2010, all rights reserved. All editorial, stories, photographs and advertising copies belong solely to HighPoints Magazine Sports Weekly Updates. Production in whole or part without our expressly written permission is strictly prohibited.

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