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In addition to helping physically challenged athletes in the Texas Adaptive Sports program participate in their favorite physical pastimes, Logan Wilkerson the 6-3-225 pound senior football Panther, is demonstrating his ability to make another kind of movement happen; the impact that he will have on the K-Park defense as he settles in to his new position on the field.

e remembers it like it was yesterday. Just like any of the youngsters that the Humble High Football coaching staff had talked to in 2007 whether at Ross Sterling Middle School, Humble Middle or Timberwood M.S., Zorrell Ezell was listening intently.

Galelyn Dart of Summer Creek (See page 3)


Wilkerson has left his ironman posts of seeing time

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Hybrid Breeds Wins.. Low and Behold at KHS


On the other hand, if you wanted to select a most valuable player for the two-toned blue squad you could end your search the way journalists end copy that they send to an editor. End it with the number 30, and in the MVP’s case that would mean KW defensive lineman, jersey number 30 himself, Tony Winslow.

“We were told that we were going to be the players that they (Humble coaches) were going to take to State(championship) and we believed it,” Ezell said. His good friend and fellow All-State candidate Paul “PB and J” Boyette heard that speech, too. So, the two

See page 7

Worthwhile Gamble at Atascocita


4 5

he debate rages on. Just who is the best football player on the Kingwood Varsity?

Is it the highly sought after tight end that has colleges drooling, Grant Davis? Is it the compact, speedy runningback/ slot receiver/passer in special package formations who was his district’s Newcomer of the Year in 2010, Kade Harrington? Or is it the speedy hard hitting linebacker who brings Academic Excellence and football leadership to his position, Brooks Beckleman? The truth is they all could qualify for that best Mustang gridiron title.


n a nutshell, that pretty much sums up the “General” of Kingwood Park High’s attitude in helping the less fortunate.

See page 6 and click on Cinch September 3, 2011 Interview!!! Watch for the Mic throughout - An interview is on file!!!

2 0 1 1 Football“Eeeze” on Down

Vol 1, Number 1 September 2011


Kingwood’s Justin Brinkley - Catch his interview on

Brandon Gamble is in stark contrast to his last name. There’s not a high risk involved in  putting him all over the field. Whether it’s lining up in the secondary or at linebacker, or fullback, he can adequately, in some cases outstandingly, fill out those positions. The hard-hitting stick of speed, quickness, and crunching dynamite is ready for a big, soon to be All-district kind of season. That’s a fact.  Here are some others...


7 8

Profile... ----Three year Varsity Starter ----Seen time at fullback and linebacker, moved to cornerback this season. ----6-2-205, 4.6 secs/40 yds. ----Led team with 63 tackles and nine sacks in 2010 ----Recruiting interest shown by SMU, Texas Tech, and U. of Houston. ----Widely regarded as Atascocita’s best player by preseason prognosticators pg. 1


Letter to Our Readers

from Rob L. Sprouse Chief Writer HighPoints Sports Network

“More is less and Less is more, more or less.” The above quote did not come from the late actor Gerald Mohr, nor former NBA’er Jim Les. Instead, it came from the advice of every journalism professor or Radio or Television station director/ manager that I learned from over the years. With that as a backdrop welcome to the new evolution of HighPoints- HighPoints Sports News. This tabloid(bigger than a magazine, narrower than a newspaper, paper print) is that next step. It’s where we begin to come back to our Humble/ Kingwood/Atascocita/ Summerwood and Beltway 8 roots.  We return to what made our magazine HighPoints and our kids magazine HighPoints KidSports well accepted, local Lake Houston area high school, and nonscholastic coverage.  This move is just part of a whirlwind summer that is drawing to an end.  More on that to come  First things first. Let’s delve into the HighPoints Sports Network as we now call it.  To start, we are strictly going to cover the Humble Independent School District (ISD), Humble, and Kingwood area private schools, and Huffman Hargrave. Every time in the front part, the first several pages of this tabloid, we will cover the varsities of each of our cover area’s high schools. Their sub-varsities, and feeder middle schools will join local little leaguers, summer league swimmers, and club athletes of course, from all sports in our pages in the final part of some issues.  You’ll find those issues monthly, and the best part, our 8-12 to eventually 16 page tabloids will be free.  That’s right, free.  We also will begin introducing our tab into virtually every nook and cranny of this area.  Look for them in full color. 

Blob (no misspelling) is my look at what is going on around the area, and my take on it. Join me, won’t you?  We’ll touch on everything from our seasonal and schoolyear awards to my thoughts on what the kids’ endeavors, if you’re a kid, your endeavors, your competitive exploits, mean in the big picture. The final part of the HighPoints Sports Network harkens back to my Radio and Television days in this business. You no doubt have already heard our morning Rob’s Sports News internet podcast from 7:05 AM-7:20 AM, fifteen minutes of the best local sports news you’ll ever find. It’s at www.highpointssportsnetwork. com, as you know, and began August 15th. It runs Tuesday through Saturday.  Its companion, so to speak, is our weekly game play-by-play.  Whether it’s football right now with games, including Summer Creek High’s regular season homegames and maybe their playoff games, or later on this Fall, the volleyball playoffs, swimming meets of select Humble ISD teams, or even CrossCountry district, regional and State meets; we’ll be there at www. We’ll also be here with HighPoints Sports News every month, and remember it’s free!  Feature stories of athletes, coaches, schools, and the like, will be coming your way.  Shorter in words, and pages, but long on substance and the antitheses of it’s free cost to you, a valuable bargain. More not less!

Red Hot Hopes for AHS with New Coach I t’s easy to stereotype people. If they’re red or auburn haired, and short in stature, why! they’re feisty and fiery.

While whether or not that firebrand image fits the greater majority of people with rusty hued hair is an immaterial thought, although there’s no scientific data to support it. What is true is that skin cancer disproportionately attacks more people with red locks, and a pale or both pale and lighter and freckled complexion than any other type. The corroborating data says that fact is especially true if those people have ancestors from northern Europe, which most of them have. So it is that

“Paiging” Ms. Block - Paige Gallardo (#10), Sr Middle Blocker for AHS along with her teammates, are about “deefense”. (exclusively for HPSN, photo by Stacy Turner At Your Service!!! photo by Stacy Turner

“We are transitioning away from

Goal Digger - With the goal being to prevent opposition points, the Atascocita Lady Eagles led by senior Morgan McDaniel (#8) bringing the needed effort on the dig, bring youth and veteran leadership to the floor. Onlooking are Angela Dunham (#6) and Ashlyn Wilkinson (#4). (exclusively for HPSN, photo by Stacy Turner) after Skin Cancer revisited Jessica Callahan the second Volleyball head coach that Atascocita High in their short history had ever had, that one outstanding, dare we say it, fiery and passionate chief instructor was replaced by another teacher of the game, cut from the same reddish cloth of passion and drive. (Stereotype or coincidence? You make the call). Enter this summer, Lori Smith who after 13 years playing and coaching on top club teams such as the fabled Gulf Coast Jrs. or the Texas Tornadoes; who after 11 years as an assistant behind the bench at Spring High, and a year running the Oak Ridge program in the Conroe ISD, was more than ready to take control. However, Smith wasn’t or isn’t trying to make anyone forget the work that Coach Jessica Callahan had already laid down.

The second portion of the sports network that we are putting into play is our blog on Rob’s

“Defense, is the way you win. We have to be effective blocking, whether it’s the middle of the court, on the outside or the rightside. We want to use a perimeter defense (where the backline  players stay touching the sidelines, monitoring balls on the sides or endline, communicating with players on the interior, and then in addition always being prepared to run to balls in the center of the backlines or the rest of the back portions of the court). Jessica Callahan created the winning attitude here and the winning tradition, not much to change here at all,” Coach Smith said.

“I know that there is already a history of playoffs here and that the winning groundwork was established by Coach Callahan,” Smith said. Coach Smith just wants to just tweak the system left behind by Callahan. Callahan herself is still planning on to continue showing up at Lady Eagles games at home, and continues to teach academic courses at Atascocita. As for the tweaking, Smith wants the Red and Navy ladies to think of an essential task that perennially winning team’s take for granted.

rotational defense (backline players and others rotate to different spots than the ones they held before each serve, in order to match up even or across from the opponent’s main hitter). We have to hit the ball with aggressiveness off of the other team’s serve and not give our opponents any easy setups, or passing returns, no ‘free’ balls. It’s all about developing our blocking and our backlines, concentrating on playing every point. That’s our focus, working on that block for every point, and making our opponent work hard to defend and to get to their offense, working hard is the focus,” Smith said. The players she is depending on are: senior setter Taylor Livotti, sophomore hitter Madison McDaniel, Madison’s senior sister Morgan the inside attacker,  and outside blockers Paige Gallardo and Jessica Wooten, the latter a fine high jumper on the Lady Eagles Track and Field team. The Captain of the squad, has been an annual All-District player. Like Livotti, first year hitter Madison McDaniel already has major schools looking her way.  Older sis Morgan  does too, schools like New Mexico State, for instance. “Madison has done a beautiful job with that left hand in just her first year of hitting.  Everyone looks at her as the quintessential volleyball player,” Smith said.

See page 6


Bullseye !

Summer Creek’s Dart Aims for First Playoff T he love of a Grandmother and the excitement of capturing that granny’s full attention are the reason that Summer Creek’s Bulldogs have one of the most vital areas of a team’s defense locked up- middle or inside linebacking. Galelyn Dart decided after all to play Football because he loved/loves it, and the senior in the middle loved it so much because he loved the idea of fulfilling his grandma’s wish, expressed to him the previous year before she passed away. She wanted to see him play and when she died, that dream perished, but only in Galelyn’s mind for a short time. “I figured if I played, Grandma could see me out there from up there in heaven,” Dart said.


And start over? He did!

Brian Ford quickly noticed the speedy, quick, and ferocious linebacker. Right from the jump in Dart’s sub-varsity year on the split sophomore/ junior varsity Big Man, Big Dart - Summer Creek’s Galelyn Dart aims for team, a talent was finally being the State playoffs. If he and his 3-0 teammates can stay cultivated as it on the proper course, the budding young powerhouse? finally got its - Bulldogs are more than capable of getting there in just chance.

cruciate ligament, the dreaded ACL knee injury, and his season was over. “It was tough sitting on the sidelines or standing there watching my team play and mostly losing, and knowing there was nothing that I could do about it. That was the hardest part,” Dart said. So, rehab followed, and after a successful summer getting the knee back into shape, the senior, Galelyn was ready to go. A minor injury this pre-season , limited his effectiveness, but he shook it off, let it heal, and then put the pads back on to so far finish the early season (as of press time).

their second Varsity year. (excl. for HPSN, photo by Stacy Turner, artwork by Mila Sprouse)

He’s playing for himself and his team. He also wants to do well for his coaches.

And so did the pain.

“I like the intensity of the hits recorded by my hero Ray Lewis, (the Hall of Fame bound linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL). I channel any anger I have into the hits that I dish out,” Dart said.

“Coach Ford has helped me get my head straight. He’s talked to me in his office about my schoolwork and my attitude. He’s helped me get it right,” Dart said.

“We got to the league Super Bowl both years I played in Little League, but we lost both times. My ankle injuries hampered my play,” Dart said.

If anyone doesn’t believe that Dart doesn’t model his game after Lewis, just look at his number- 52, yeah that’s Lewis number, too.

His mom thought too, that Galelyn ought to know that an attitude problem might just get him taken off the seventh grade team where he played at defensive end.

Of course, hard hitting can only take a player so far. When Dart found himself sitting on the bench on the Humble High ninth grade A team, he suggested a position move to an Humble assistant, a linebacking coach, but he says he was told that there was nothing he could do about not getting playing time. Relegated to the bench, Dart was already thinking about his next move, moving to Summer Creek High.

So, after hearing from his father that his (Galelyn’s) wish to be an athlete would be centered around the sport that his granny wanted him to play, Galelyn’s love affair began.

He stayed on the straight and narrow long enough to be moved to linebacker during his eighth grade year at Ross Sterling Middle School. It was at that position that Galelyn discovered that he liked to hit people hard.

Red Hot, page 5 The McDaniel sisters are often the big scorers for Atascocita. “Our philosophy is that if someone has the hot hand, you set them up, but defense is still the way we are going to win most of our games,” Smith said. One key sub for the team coming into the year has now become maybe the linchpin player for that perimeter defense. “During our second day of tryouts, we lost our best Libero(restricted defender only) to a meniscus and medial collateral ligament tear(MCL). Off the bench stepped up Michelle Marshall who has done a good job with her digging (controlling difficult, hard velocity shots that usually bear in on a player or move toward the ground rapidly. The ability to save and pass those hits is a ‘dig’). She especially did an amazing job in her very first game for us,” Smith said. And so with many players who are just now getting varsity experience at key blocking positions in the starting lineup or on the bench, AHS will attempt to earn their fourth straight playoff appearance.  They will do that by outworking the opponent of the day, limiting free balls, working harder

“I figured that I would start over and smarter, and one more thingbelieving in a coach who believes in them. “We can get back to the playoffs, but this is a tough 14-5A district with the State Runnerup The Woodlands, Kingwood and their big players, Oak Ridge, and the team we will probably be having the grudge (tough, place deciding bouts) match with, College Park. Those matches could determine our playoff trip,” Smith said. Like an encyclopedia of strategic volleyball coaching, frenetically, passionately, and knowledgeably explaining her wisdom of the game, Lori Smith can make you a big believer in what she has been trying to do. She also, with class on display, has paid homage to Jessica Callahan who attempts to wrest control of cancer one more time and then head to the next coaching opportunity after the bout is hopefully done. Oh, and Lori Smith has done one other thing, taken her team to a fast non district finish after a slow start.  You see, they can feel her momentum, that knowledge, that zeal. One might say it’s a red hot passion.She certainly has some very noteworthy ruby slippers to fill.

As Galelyn moved into Year One “V” history for the Maroon and Vegas Gold Bulldogs, things couldn’t have been much brighter. Against Magnolia High last season at Turner Stadium in Humble, Dart intercepted a pass in just the second game of his varsity career. It lead to a SCHS touchdown which gave the team its first lead of the game.  The dodging Dart was all over the field and Magnolia’s offense couldn’t consistently move the ball against an opportunistic defense. Summer Creek’s Varsity’s first win ever was the product of a lot of people, including Dart who played the best game of his short high school career. It was a coming out party that brought out the best in Creek and Dart.  Happy days were there for the first time.. And then, so was the pain. One game later, Dart tore his anterior

You might say now that granny is watching her Galelyn shoot straight for the stars. The kid with the tongue in cheek nickname of “ ‘BoutCash” may one day reach the money and the stars as a star. In the meantime, he and his team can really possibly make Galelyn’s granny happy.. if their aim is true enough for the playoffs. Dart’s Dossier- Galelyn likes to play the NBA Y2K video game. His favorite NBA player is Carmelo Anthony. Why? “He’s a scorer,” Dart said. Spoken like someone who likes to make the big play!

Volleyball District Predictions


( top 4 to playoffs)

1. The Woodlands 2. Kingwood 3. TW College Park 4. Atascocita/Oak Ridge- Atasc. wins tiebreak 6. Lufkin 7. Conroe


1.Willis 2.Humble 3.Porter 4.Kingwood Park 5.Caney Creek 6.Huntsville 7.Summer Creek 8.New Caney

22-3A (top 3/playoffs) Huffman Hargrave-5th out of seven Humble Christian - playoffs in TCAL Northeast Christian- playoffs in TAPPS


Rob’s Rhetoric by Rob L Sprouse


The Connection


Why does it generate such deep emotion even after you have left and gone your own adult way? Why does any other relationship in your(my) life either not have the quantity of the emotion or the different quality or type of emotion, that the family that you grew up with does?

Or..Why is it that a family that you share chromosomes and shared scant time as an infant with, and which you hadn’t seen in 50 plus years; why when you get to meet them does that family bring an emotional reaction that transcends that very large vacuum of time that was spent away from each other? The answer seems to be both simple and complex...and points primarily to one word - connection. It’s the same way in Sports, particularly, high school Sports. The team there is a “family”, a large, very extended family at that, but a family nevertheless. When a member(s) of that family falls or when someone attached to a member of that family or team, suffers, for whatever reason, and therefore brings worry to that member’s connection to the team, then the whole team is affected, good or bad.  Most of the time, athletes rally, because they are competitors and they are inspired. Such is the inspiration provided by four cases in our area that have had their genesis within the last 15 months. First, there is Thomas Joseph Stanton. The 4A State Champion Swimming star from 2010 continues to struggle

A Real Family - (me, top row left end) ... Nothing else compares! (photo by Mila Sprouse)

Live Play by Play Live Morning Reports on www.highpointssportsnetwork Up to the minute Podcast on Local Sports Happenings attached to each other. Concern over that is failing to see the forest green for the trees.

What is it about “family”?

Yes, you certainly have an intense relationship with your boy/girlfriend or partner or, Spouse in this reporter’s case.  Keep in mind though, that there are some who won’t continue relationships on those levels if those pairings are going to cause problems with their flesh and blood families. When you get to the adult level of mating, I don’t understand that, but it happens.


Proud Papa - Whether he is overseeing the Kingwood Park Football Panthers, a team that he takes a fatherly, vigilant interest in, or the health of his 21 year old son, Christian; K-Park Head Football Coach Jim Holley knows character when he sees it. His footballers give him max effort even when Varsity inexperience gets in the way, and his son delivers maximum perseverance even when a vicious health issue muddles the path. (exclusively for HPSN, photo by Stacy Turner) against the effects of major head trauma suffered from a long-boarding skating accident in June of last year. Joe Stanton would have been a senior this year at Kingwood Park and he would have been involved not only in the water, but also in early fall sports as a member of the KP Panther football team. Last season, the Panther Green gridironers used his inspiration to rally during the backside of the schedule, winning four of their last five which included the monumental Turner Stadium upset of visiting State number three ranked Brenham in bi-district. So.. Where will his unseen inspirational hand find it’s grasp this year? Will the team/family react to, or feel Stanton’s touch at all?  Will that feeling be there to the point that the loss of 35 graduating seniors who have come and gone, be felt at all?  We shall see. On the other hand, is Joe going to be the largest catalyst to overcome all of that which ails the Panther family? The last question in the preceding paragraph is the product of K-Park’s latest family/team challenge- how the players can be successful for Christian, Holley that is.  The young 21 year old son of Panthers’ Head Football coach, and Boys’ Campus Athletic Coordinator Jim Holley, Christian continues to fight the brain cancer which reared its ugliness for the first time during this past May’s UIL State Track and Field meet. The players rightfully aren’t looking to pit Joe Stanton’s inspiration against the motivation provided by Christian Holley’s plight. We don’t know if one will overshadow the other or even be

The real story is what will be the feelings and connection that the adverse circumstances engender from the suffering of each of the team’s affected “family” members? In Christian Holley’s case, his now senior ex-schoolmates--ex-teammates?-familiarity with him, and his dad, their leader, brings us to ask-  What will come from that?  While the concern about how that drive can translate into something that in the bigger picture is trivial- wins and losses; it is still a fact that KP football players ran out on the field last year bearing a “Team Joseph” banner, that they heard from Stanton’s family in the locker room before they hit the field, and that the team was inspired. Oh! They finished with their best seasonal record yet.  Can it happen again, this time with Christian? As for Christian’s dad, he will be there for every game, in that locker room, and he will be their Head Coach... their connection. Ask Huntsville and Brenham, and 5A Channelview about that emotion from the Stanton.. connection. The Coach Holley/ Christian Holley connection should be just as powerful and yes KP has, and had a talented team.  But, Football is a game of emotion and inspiration, right? At Atascocita High it’s the same question that has to be addressed. An abrupt resignation has left former Volleyball Head Coach Jessica Callahan time to battle Skin Cancer which surfaced abruptly itself. She also has successfully encountered it before. She was replaced over the

summer by former Oak Ridge(Conroe ISD) Head Coach Lori Smith. Coach Smith has to rally returning players like senior setter Taylor Livotti, and even though Callahan is still going to go to as many AHS Lady Eagles’ games as she can, the team/family will have to rally themselves to overcome her considerable absence on the bench. Smith herself is up to it though, piloting Oak Ridge deeply into the playoffs during her tenure there.  Meanwhile, Callahan will remain at AHS as an assistant golf coach, and a teacher. She hopes to return to coaching, no matter where that will be, in about a year. We at HighPoints Sports wish her well. As for the team, they will think about her but focus on the task ahead. They will remember and will fight for Callahan because of one thing... the connection, the one they had and the one they will feel. And so it goes. That connection is what it is all about.  It’s brought about because nothing else brings it out like “team”, like “family”. The emotions come from that whether you’re talking about an athletic or flesh and blood/relative connection. I found out about the latter with my new/old family and each of these aforementioned teams should do the same with the former. With the team/family group, the exciting season that lies ahead, should unfold just that way--even though wins and losses are not the bigger picture--and it’s the connection of family in any form that will be the reason why. Nothing else can compare.


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“When I help them participate it makes me feel better about myself,” Logan said.

subject, coming right from his own words. “I can move. They can’t.”

Too Late - As Kingwood Park’s outstanding receiver Cullen Craft (#7) leaves the field of play, over the endline, he does so with the satisfaction of knowing that Huffman Hargrave Falcon defensive back Cole Harrell’s dive is too late. Craft already had tapped his foot in for the touchdown a split second before in the September 10th game. It was all part of a 35-0 shutout tossed by the Forest Green’s defense, and was all a part of the backyard brawl rivalry game, 2011 style. (exclusively for HPSN, photo by Stacy Turner)

General, from page 1 as a starter on both the offensive and defensive lines, in order to move to first string middle linebacker. In effect, the young man who exudes the very essence of a coach-like leadership on the field is the final conduit between the KP coaches and what is executed on the Panther defensive side. After all, the middle linebacker is the stopping side’s last voice of playcalling strategy, after they get their instruction from the coaches, of course.  And according to Park Head Coach Jim Holley,  Wilkerson is up to the challenge. “Logan has been playing a lot on both sides of the ball for us as our ironman.  However, this year he’ll only be seen from time to time on offense because we have moved him to the linebacking spot, and he will do well there because he is an outstanding football player,” Holley said. A national athletic clothing apparel company has recognized Wilkerson on it’s website, which means a trip to the company’s all-star game may be on the horizon this season before Wilkerson heads off to college, or... military school. “I wouldn’t mind being in the navy like my grandpa Willie who was a ‘Toad’. He performed underwater demolition acts (ships) for the Navy as a frogman,” Wilkerson said. Why wouldn’t it be the military? The first thing one notices about Logan is the extreme politeness in the responses he communicates to anyone addressing him. “Yes sir and No sir” are the order of the day.  The second thing that you notice is actually the ‘look you straight in the eye’ encompassing presence of the purely unadulterated leadership he exudes.  In his presence there is almost a desire to say ‘Sir, Yes sir’, yourself. His steely fixed ambience could very conceivably one day be used to command not only Forest Green teammates, but a batallion of grown men.  He truly is the “General”- or at

least possibly, one day- in waiting, or since he might join the US Navy, the “Admiral” or even the “Commodore”. Wilkerson very much likes the idea of men being part of a team goal and then having the opportunity himself to lead them to that goal. “Unity with my teammates, that’s what it’s all about. We should fight for each other and as a rule, never try to compare each other against the other. That’s why in the seventh grade that I connected with Football,” Wilkerson said. The young man with what his head coach Jim Holley calls outstanding mobility and speed, who runs a 4.7 and says he can easily adapt to his new position because he knows defense thanks to his time as a lineman, knows one other thing... His mission in life is to live with honor.  His National Honor Society membership is the proper accent for someone who volunteers his honesty and his time to let others feel the joy that he feels from being a part of athletics.

He’s already received a community award for his work with the Texas Adaptive Sport program’s participants. He lives and breathes his convictions. Of course, he’s also someone who can have fun. He loves Country Music. As for the former, he prefers Jason Aldine, and Wilkerson’s reason is as much a part of what his makeup is all about, as anything. “Jason Aldine’s songs are about pure family values,” Wilkerson said. They’re the kind of values you find just about any place there is a group of people, a football field, a military base, or a group of physically challenged athletes.  With Logan Wilkerson it’s all about the value of not only being a part of a unit but helping the group he is in.  When the potential All-Stater or high school All-American provides that one of a kind motivating leadership that few can, it’s akin to one previously stated fact regarding another

What A Pounds is Worth Again - Similar cutline, same successful story. Just like his brother Tyler on the four playoff rounds deep KP basketball squad in 2010-11 and his Panther dad Tony the retiring Golf Coach at KPHS, and former 70’s era Big 8 Quarterback at Oklahoma State, QB Hunter Pounds is finding success in his sport and is showing off his powerful arm to boot. (excl. for HPSN, photo by Stacy Turner)


Hybrid, page 1

like them and vice-versa. There were also things that happened off of the field between us that were outside of football.  They lost some big contributors to their team (Daniel Lasco and Joe Schneider for two). This is our chance to beat them,” Winslow said.

“He’s on another level when it comes to versatility,” Kingwood High Head Football Coach Dougald McDougald said. That’s because of that rare size and speed contribution that Winslow tops off with a blazing desire to disrupt the other team’s offense. McDougald knows.

It’s that love of a good rivalry, that love of the game...”I love to hit people on the field,”... and that love of the pass rush that he provides, that makes Winslow the key piece in making Kingwood go on defense.

He gives you the size of a linebacker with the strength of a lineman and the speed of a defensive back, all rolled into one,” McDougald said of the 6-3-216 lb. senior. In other words, in football, he’s a hybrid, a hybrid cross. But unlike hybrid genetic crosses in the animal kingdom, Winslow can reproduce ... winning performances, in his case. That’s why schools from Texas Tech to Utah are after him as a pass rushing linebacker. “I’m not concerning myself with that (recruiting) right now.  I’ve got plenty of time to think about that later.  To begin with, I really haven’t made up my mind what I’m going to do after I graduate.  For now, it’s all about this year and this team.  I’ll just play and wait,” Winslow said. So, Nevada, Arizona U. and even Stephen F. Austin will just have to wait. As for this team, this year, Winslow said he knows that this younger, less varsity starting experienced defense is looking up to him and he in turn is looking to them, as well. “A wise old man that I knew once told me that ‘I would rather have a hungry young pup around than an old tired dog.” Meaning this young defense is going to continue to be full of energetic, enthusiastic, hungry players,” Winslow said excitedly. Winslow said that if he could impart any advice to those “hungry pups” it would be for them to be a leader to each other and to themselves. “We’ll be just fine when we do that,”

Tony, Tony, Tone - The versatile, state of the art pass rusher in high school football nowadays, Kingwood’s smooth Tony Winslow. (exclusively for HPSN, photo by Stacy Turner) Winslow reaffirmed. He is especially excited to be sharing the d-line with senior tackle Giacomo “Giaco” Vozza who Winslow says is a hard hitter and d-end Dylan Ramirez a junior defender who also brings that slam bam streak to the stopping side of the ball. Ramirez is another one of the ‘stang’s character guys, as evidenced by his coaching of a ladies’ flag football team over at the Joe Stanton fundraiser at Kingwood Park last December.

More importantly, it’s his ability to actually provide that rarely found combo of speed, power and fury that makes success with a relatively inexperienced defense possible. That in turn can help take the load off the offense, which also sports some new faces in key places. In the early going, the “O” has been fairly sound, while the “D” has been very opportunistic. With Tony Winslow out to prove that Coach McDougald’s comments about the senior d-lineman-rushing linebacker hybrid true, the ones that say Winslow could be the best that he has ever coached; the final word in the best/most valuable player Mustang debate

will probably fall on the feet and shoulders of the young man who admittedly hates banjo music. “I don’t like Country music and one time I heard a banjo in a song and just about flipped,” Winslow said. His opponents on the other team’s offenses better hope that they can strum a different tune of success or the young man who once grew up in tough surroundings, may make their music come to a screeching halt. Tony’s Tales- Tony likes “fighting” video games such as the bow and arrow contests that he and his friends in Austin and his relatives play for hours on end. “We play it for three days, and then we go run to make up for the fact that we were just eating ‘Sour Patch Kid’s’ candies all during the time we were playing.” Tony who started football in the eighth grade after being bored with basketball-“I love the hitting”-- also likes Hip Hop music and treating people the way that he wants to be treated. “I don’t know why people want to treat people badly and why they want to belong to gangs and shoot each other.  If you’ve got to have a gun while belonging to those groups in order to defend yourself, you’re not much of a man in my book.”

Of course, helping in the community is nothing new to Kingwood, just as it isn’t a novelty to other Humble ISD schools. It’s also not a nouveau concept that KW will probably make another playoff appearance this season. That showup would make six years and counting. Tony Winslow sees this year’s team in that same light. “I think this year’s team is better than last year’s. This is a good team and it will be able to pursue our goals of winning the district, and beating our new/old rival, The Woodlands. Since Humble moved to 4A, The Woodlands are our big rival. We don’t



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Eeeze, page 1 defensive linemen will continue to push each other, as they soon begin the 18-4A District season. For Ezell, it’s time! “Everybody is going to be wanting to beat Humble because it will make their year. We’re going to be ready against everybody, big team or little one.  We’ve got to just ‘ball’ and prove our point. When it’s time for everyone to look down the line and just give a little bit more, well, it will be asking ‘If you got one more in them’ and  then you (say to them) you got one more that you can do,” Ezell said.

genetic football family which includes former All-AFL and NFL All-Stars Garland Boyette( Houston Oilers) and Ernie “the Big Cat” Ladd( Chargers, Oilers, and Chiefs). The departing Kyndhal Hill is a cousin of PB and J, and with those blood lines, Paul knows what an outstanding football player looks like. “He (Ezell) may be a better athlete than me. He’s so quick and strong . He’s a high competitor on the field

“We have to remain a ‘family’ if we are going to have success on the field,” Zorrell said.

and in the classroom. I know that in the fourth quarter he’s going to be there, ready to go. I know it because I’ve been playing with him since we were in little league and middle school playing football together,” Paul Boyette said.

“We are so blessed to have the two of them. They bring it every game because they just love to play football. They work hard, you never have to worry about that,” Beasley said.

Long Arm of the Law. Rendering his form of justice Zorrell Ezell’s linemate on defense, Paul Boyette (#50 purple) renders a verdict of “no points” on the conversion attempt by visiting Channelview. The block occurred in the September 3rd contest Turner Stadium in Humble. Boyette thinks Ezelle could be a better athlete than himself. High praise coming from a likely All-State candidate.

Paul Boyette himself is part of a

Atascocita Cheer

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It was back in those days of yore that Humble Head Coach Walt Beasley first saw his program’s future. He sees the future of 2011 predicated on what Boyette does, and of course, what Ezell gets done.

While Boyette might be considered the greater star of the two, the Purple Wildcats will see their fortunes on defense rise only because, neither Ezell nor Boyette can be doubleteamed without allowing other outstanding Humble d-linemen like Dante Doucette, or Boyette or Ezell themselves to rush the passer unchecked. With senior Kyndhal Hill leaving the ‘cat Football program and the d-line, to strictly play Basketball, Humble will need everything that Ezell has got to give. Easing or “eeezing” on down the road to the championship will also take chemistry laden cohesiveness. Ezell knows it, too.


Zorrell Ezell is being looked at by the University of Miami, both major schools in Arizona, Baylor with whom he has signed a letter of intent, Arkansas, TCU and Oklahoma among others. His work ethic is the main reason. At 6-2-260 pounds Ezelle has that linebacker quickness because of one aspect of his personality, relentless effort.  Simply, he’s the football equivalent of a basketball “gym rat”. Ezelle’s passion can now lead to one special end to one special goal.


Zorrell Ezell knows what it will take,

Kingwood Park Silver Stars Aloft

too- all out every game effort. “ just ‘ball, ball, ball,” said Ezell. After losing to Friendswood in the Region three Division One semis, Humble and Zorrell can remember that like it was yesterday. It’s one thought they refuse to dwell on. They now have the leaders in place and to Zorrell it’s only about one thing- “State, you don’t have to say anything else,” Ezell said. Easing or ‘eeezing’ on down that championship road means not only looking at the final sign at the end but not disregarding all the ones on the way. “We have a target on our back, and we better be ready every game, Ezell said. Then and only then will the memories be made up of visions of a certain wood and gold plated trophy and thoughts of yesterday’s losses be put into the ashbin. Then Zorrell Ezell will really have a ball. The Z Files- Zorrell likes to fish for Crappie(croppy) and Bass. He likes music from Zero, and Lil’ Wayne, and Gospel, and some Country. Ezell likes to play the leading NCAA football video game. He enjoys playing basketball-- was on the 2010-11 Wildcat Varsity-- and after athletics are over, he’s thinking about being an aircraft engineer, following in the footsteps of a cousin.- Ed.

Huffman’s Darion Gray for Five.

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Ball Stopped (with Atascocita tacklers)

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Cross Country Predictions 14-5A ( top 3 to regional)

Boys - 1. The Woodlands 2. Kingwood 3. TW College Park 4. Atascocita 5. Oak Ridge 6. Conroe 7. Lufkin Girls- 1. Kingwood 2. The Woodlands 3. TW College Park 4. Oak Ridge 5. Atascocita 6. Conroe 7. Lufkin 18-4A Boys - 1. Willis 2. tie-Kingwood Park and Summer Creek 4. Huntsville 5. tie- Humble and Porter 7. Caney Creek 8. New Caney Girls - 1. Willis 2. K-Park 3. Tie- Huntsville/ Summer Creek 5. Porter 6. Humble 7. New Caney 8. Caney Creek 22-3A Boys - Huffman Hargrave 3rd Girls - Huffman Hargrave 1st

Kingwood Girls Cross Country U of H Champs Photo by Rhonda Ellis

Summer Creek Bulldog Ben Sprouse, down the stretch. Photo by Mila Sprouse

Bulldog Frosh Phenom Matt Kraemer at U of H meet. Photo by Mila Sprouse

5A powers and Humble ISD school Summer Creek battle it out. Creek and Atascocita chase the Cross Country cluster of Kingwood’s Boys at the Cougar Classic in Buffalo Bayou.

Kingwood Boys compete at U -Houston on Buffalo Bayou, September 3rd. Photo by Mila Sprouse

Photo by Mila Sprouse

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