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The International Dance Summer School

A unique week-long residential training Programme in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Kuchipudi & bhangra

17-24 August 2012 Liverpool, UK Learn from great gurus, teachers and performers Bharatanatyam Leela Samson, Priyadarsini Govind & Anjana Anand Kathak

Kumudini Lakhia, Prashant Shah & Sanjukta Sinha


Sujata Mohapatra


Vijayanthi Kashi


Vijay Mehay

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The UK’s Indian Arts Development Trust

Odissi Ensemble performance at Dance India 2011

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul� Martha Graham

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Welcome Dance India offers a unique experience as the only residential summer school for Indian Dance in the UK, attracting students from all over the world too. More than this though, Dance India is a movement that supports the learning, development, and performance of Indian dance outside of India and particularly in the UK. For one intensive week, participants completely immerse themselves within the world of Indian dance, receiving unprecedented access to a wide range of activities, learning experiences, training opportunities and performances. This holistic training leaves students with a transformative experience which informs and enhances their future dance practice. Each Dance India strives to provide a more diverse and exciting experience than the last. This year we continue this vision by streamlining and developing key strands in the training programme. The school takes place once again in the beautiful setting of Liverpool Hope University’s Creative Campus. With students living and learning on campus, in beautiful gardens and a state of the art performance theatre, the Dance India experience will be greater than ever. This year we are excited to announce the addition of one of India’s, and indeed the UK’s, most popular folk dances - Bhangra! At Dance India we’re always looking for new ways to get more people dancing and we’re delighted to have Vijay Mehay of Bhangra group Nachda Saansar with us to lead the way. One of the most significant benefits of Dance India is the teaching faculty. The experience of learning from and interacting with legendary gurus and some of the finest teachers and performers of our time is unique. The tutors are all assisted by musicians who complement their teaching by providing live rhythm accompaniment. A programme of evening performances by the tutors reinforces the learning process and offers an inspiring ideal for budding dancers to aspire to. The atmosphere at Dance India is friendly, caring and sensitive to the needs of all students. A nurturing yet structured learning programme allows students to develop through the intensive week, whilst a range of complementary activities encourage healthy dance practice. We look forward to welcoming new friends, and old ones from around the world to this exciting, ultimate week of dance, where we’ll create memories that will last a life time! With best wishes, The Milapfest Team

Dance India 2011 Memories

Dance India offers intensive training in four classical Indian dance styles; Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Odissi and Kuchipudi*. For lovers of folk art, a special two day intensive Bhangra course has been newly introduced this year. With each dance style, there are different courses of study which focus on two main areas: exploring and developing technique, and building on repertoire. Participants also experience the unique approach of the teaching faculty members, each of whom are internationally renowned performers and choreographers in their fields.

*Note - The Kuchipudi course will take place only if there is enough participant interest.

Programme Approach & Ethos Participants will learn and interact with all Dance India tutors at lecture demonstrations, performances and In Conversation events throughout the week. This rare opportunity to learn from the experiences of world class teachers, performers and choreographers is unprecedented in the UK. The training approach at Dance India is holistic and individual focused, therefore the development of personal talents and goals are highly valued and encouraged. For the duration of the school, complete immersion in dance and related arts and activities contributes to achieving this goal. The programme is carefully constructed with content, length, and intensity of sessions appropriately designed to each level of study. Each morning begins with a warm up session to prepare the body and mind for the day to follow. The daily Yoga or Pilates class will reinforce the awareness of good, safe dance practice. There will be two daily morning and afternoon training sessions for each dance style and level covering areas such as technique, repertoire, abhinaya, and performance skills. Daily interactive sessions with tutors will encourage participants to think about related dance practice such as performance theory, health, career development, and music and ryhthm. Many evenings will feature inspirational performances by the tutors at the on campus performance venue, The Capstone Theatre.

Levels of Study Beginners - A New Process

This level is for those who have a minimum of three to five years of dance experience for their chosen style. This level of study explores the process of creating dance using body and space, in addition to articulating and finding a range of qualities in movement by looking at different levels of tension and effort. The course will also focus on refining technique and developing performance skills, through a taught choreographed dance piece.

Intermediate - Create and Rediscover

This level is suitable for dancers with a minimum of five to seven years of experience in their chosen style. The intermediate programme will focus on the dynamic use of space, in addition to articulating and finding a range of qualities in movement. The programme will also look at refining technique and developing performance skills. Dancers will be required to move at a faster pace and will be expected to have a high level of fitness and the desire and willingness to explore and discover new depths in their dance.

Advanced - New Directions & Choreographic approach

This level of training requires a minimum of ten years experience and a high level of fitness for this physically demanding programme. Advanced level explores the unique performance skills and choreographic approaches of Dance India’s tutors through a taught piece or by investigating repertoire. Dancers will explore quality of movement, rhythm and dynamics, and levels and direction in space. A strong emphasis will be placed on strengthening technique, performance skills and enhancing repertoire. Upon receipt of your application to the school, the Dance India faculty will assess your performance experience and training history in order to place you in the most suitable course of study, from which you will benefit the most. Please note that while you may apply for the level of study appropriate to your experience, the Dance India faculty retain the final decision in this process.

Padmashri Leela Samson, Priyadarsini Govind and Anjana Anand

Bharatanatyam Leela Samson - Advanced Class Padmashri Leela Samson received the impulses for her growth as a dancer from Kalakshetra, the College of Fine Arts in Chennai, Tamil- Nadu. She adheres to the mould of the Kalakshetra technique yet has grown out of its binding, believing as she does that adherence to any school is a point of reference only. She is an acclaimed performer, accomplished teacher & choreographer, and also an acknowledged author. In May 2005, she became the Director of her alma mater, Kalakshetra and in 2010 was appointed Chair of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, India. In 2011 she became the Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification of India.

Priyadarsini Govind - Intermediate Class Priyadarsini Govind is one of the foremost Bharatanatyam dancers amongst the current generation. She is a dancer known for her command of traditional technique while at the same time effortlessly embracing the contemporary. Acquiring a massive repertoire of padams and javalis from the Abhinaya guru Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, Priyadarsini is renowned for her exquisite expressiveness.

Anjana Anand - Beginners Class Anjana Anand graduated from the Kalakshetra Foundation in 1998 with a diploma in dance. Engaged in a full-time career in Bharatanatyam (performance, choreography, and teaching) since 2001, she is an independent solo artist who has performed in major venues in India and abroad. Anjana now works in the recently launched Research and Development wing at the Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai. She is one of the founding members of Sahrdaya Foundation in Chennai.

Padmabhushan Kumudini Lakhia, Prashant Shah and Sanjukta Sinha

Kathak Kumudini Lakhia - Advanced Class Padmabhushan Kumudini Lakhia , of the Lucknow gharana, is one of the foremost Gurus and Kathak Choreographers in India. Credited with many innovations in Kathak, she is the Founder & Director of Kadamb, a renowned Kathak institution in Ahmedabad, India. Her teaching and choreography is admired not only in India but the world over.

Prashant Shah - Intermediate Class Prashant Shah is an exceptional dancer with a dynamic, crisp, and precise style. A graduate of the Kadamb School, he is known for his masculine grace and extensive repertoire. He is now a leading member of the Kadamb Performance Troupe, which is known for it’s innovative dance productions within the traditional frame of classical Kathak dance. With these influences, Prashant has developed an acute awareness of space and form, resulting in great acclaim in India and throughout Europe.

Sanjukta Sinha - Assistant to the Advanced Class Sanjukta Sinha, student of Smt. Kumudini Lakhia, is a young and upcoming Kathak dancer representing the new generation of artistes in India. She currently teaches in Kadamb at Ahmedabad, is an ICCR empanelled artist and regularly features in major festivals across India. She is currently working with her Kumudini Lakhia on a cuttingedge project called ‘Kathak in its New Vocabulary’, which explores the use of newmovements, dimensions, space and speed while keeping the traditional framework of Kathak intact.

Sujata Mohapatra

Vyjayanthi Kashi

Odissi Advanced Class taught by Sujata Mohapatra Sujata Mohapatra is the world’s leading Odissi dancer, renowned for her unbending adherence to her Guru, Kelucharan Mohapatra’s style which is known for its grace, depth of expression, and technical perfection. Her dance has an arresting and a striking sculpturesque quality that is most dynamic. Amongst the present generation she has established herself as a dancer of repute, having achieved the techniques and subtleties of the Odissi form. Her grace, perfection and spellbinding charm has won her accolades world-wide. She has performed and taught extensively in all the major cities in India and abroad including countries such as Germany, Canada, UK, USA, Belgium and Malaysia.

KUCHIPUDI Class taught by Vyjayanthi Kashi One of India’s most respected classical dancers, Vyjayanthi Kashi is also a choreographer, dance guru, dance therapist, researcher and organizer. With over twenty years in the field of dance and now in twilight, Vyjayanthi remains undaunted, vibrant and committed. She has firmly stamped her arresting presence on the contemporary Kuchipudi scene with an incredibly individualistic style.

Bhangra Nachda Saansar are a group of Bhangra folk dancers based in Birmingham (UK). Since 1984 they have excelled themselves and spearheaded a campaign to keep the art of traditional Bhangra dancing alive. One of the UK’s best Bhangra dancers, and Nachda Saansar founding member Vijay Mehay will be leading the Bhangra course at Dance India. Vijay will be conducting a two day intensive workshop in Bhangra, introducing participants to a comprehensive set of key movements in Bhangra, culminating in the creation of a full Bhangra dance piece. The traditional and freestyle routines provide a fast and exhilarating experience for everyone to enjoy. Participants will also have a unique opportunity to learn how to play basic rhythms on a Dhol drum during the afternoon music workshop sessions.

Milapfest Fellowships One of the greatest experience for a young dancer is to learn the intricacies of their dance style from a guru. The Gurukul or ‘finishing school’ style of training is largely not possible outside of India in the traditional manner. Often established dancers and teachers wishing to hone their skills have to make their own arrangements to do so. Each year Milapfest awards several dance fellowships to students and established teachers in the UK. The fellowships are awarded on the basis of recommendations and a personal statement of intent from the candidate. The Milapfest Dance Fellowship enables the successful candidate to travel to and learn with an established Guru. For further information, please contact Archana Shastri at Milapfest on 0151 291 3949.

Indika Indika is a stunning festival of Indian Music and Dance presented as a part of Dance India each year. Each evening of the school, the Gurus of Dance India and special guest artistes perform, giving students a rare opportunity to see some of the finest and most inspiring dance the art has to offer.

The home of Dance India - The Capstone Theatre & Cornerstone Building at Liverpool Hope University

Venue & accomodation Venue DANCE-INDIA 2012 returns to Liverpool Hope University’s Creative Campus. Set just a few minutes walk from Liverpool City Centre, this vibrant centre for creative learning has an excellent performance theatre, new on-site accomodation and many training spaces all surrounded by beautiful renaissance gardens. For more information on The Creative Campus please visit: www.hope.ac.uk The Dance India team will be present at all times at both the venue and the accommodation to help participants and answer any queries.

Accomodation This year participant accommodation will be provided on campus in brand the new student halls. Each bedroom will consist of single rooms with on-suite facilities, and a shared kitchen diner with lounge. The campus benefits from 24 hour security and free wi-fi access. Amenities are located just a five minute walk from campus. The Dance India team will be on hand to assist participants and answer any queries.

Dance India 2012 fees Tuition FEE (£)

Accommodation FEE (£)










Early Bird Discount*



*Early Bird Discount: Fees paid before 30 April 2012 • Fees may be paid in three instalments; an early bird discount of £30 will be applied to the first instalment if received before April 30th. Please contact us to arrange an instalment payment plan. • Please note that fees may be paid in other currencies such as Euros, USD or Canadian Dollars. The amount should be equivalent to the fees stated above after currency conversion, plus additional £5 should be paid for oversees bank transfer. • Fees should be paid by electronic bank transfer only. Please contact us for bank details. • Fees can be paid in interest free instalments between March and July 2012 on dates mutually agreed • Fees are NON refundable unless the training programme is cancelled by Milapfest • Full fees must be paid by 31 July 2012.

Terms and Conditions Milapfest reserves the right to substitute the teaching faculty advertised or alter the programme, without prior notice to the participant in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Milapfest reserves the right to refuse participant admission to its course without explanation to the participant. Participants will lose their right to continue participation if they engage in unacceptable conduct. While all reasonable precautions and information will be provided for participants to ensure a safe working environment, Milapfest shall not accept responsibility for loss of property or personal injury during the course or outside of teaching hours. Milapfest has a Child Protection Policy to ensure the safety of all children. Participants must make sure that they are physically fit to attend the course as they will be involved in at least 8 hours of training each day including dance and physical fitness. Accomplished, responsible youngsters between the ages of 12-16 may be admitted to Dance-India on the recommendation of their teachers (in a separate letter attached to the Application), and on the complete understanding of the youngster’s parent/guardian that Milapfest does not and cannot undertake their especial supervision inside or outside of programmed sessions. The admission will be facilitated if a responsible, co-resident adult (including a participant or tutor) takes charge of their conduct, participation and wellbeing for the duration of Dance-India. All other Terms and Conditions herein will also apply. Milapfest has an Equal Opportunities Policy in place. These policies are invoked by inclusion in all of our activities.

Sonia Sabri


To book your place at Dance India 2012 or for further info, please contact

Milapfest Tel: +44 151 291 3949 Email: shyla@danceindia.org.uk Download an application form at http://www.scribd.com/MilapFestivalTrust

Milapfest Liverpool Hope University, The Capstone Building, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool, L6 1HP, United Kingdom Tel: +44 151 291 3949 Email: info@milapfest.com www.milapfest.com


Uniting Hearts through Arts

Milapfest, the UK’s leading Indian Arts Development Trust, works to create and develop high quality performance programmes that showcase the rich diversity of Indian culture and performing arts. Complementing and enriching this, is a sophisticated education and professional development programme for artists and students of Indian Arts. This includes two national orchestras, the Artschool, and many Artist Development opportunities in both music and dance. Now in its 27th year, Milapfest is working both nationally and internationally to promote excellence in the sector, and to forge a new and innovative approach for future engagement with Indian culture.


The International Dance Summer School www.danceindia.org.uk

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Dance India Summer School 2012  

Dance India offers a unique experience as the only residential summer school for indian dance in the uk, attracting students from all over t...

Dance India Summer School 2012  

Dance India offers a unique experience as the only residential summer school for indian dance in the uk, attracting students from all over t...

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