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hCG Homeopathic Drops- FDA Banned and Lawsuits

Dr. Fotinos discusses below how the recent events of hCG Homeopathic Drops being banned by the FDA and many lawsuits started against these homeopathic drops’ companies makes total sense. Well, for one, hCG Homeopathic Drops are not REAL hCG. So, it would make sense that hCG Platinum Drops (homeopathic drops) company is being sued for their product not working like it states it should. (1) These homeopathic drops are not real hCG, and it is easy to determine this by simply reading the ingredients’ labels. The labels will include ingredients of: B12, B6, Green Tea, and Caffeine. These ingredients are known energy boosters, but some homeopathic drops’ labels will read ingredients similar to appetite suppressants. You will not find on these labels the true name of the hCG acronym of “human chorionic gonadatrophin”. Why is this? Well, because the homeopathic drops are not REAL hCG. Those that purchase these products are purchasing a supplement that will cause extreme spikes in energy and have a diminished appetite. The consumer feels uncomfortable, anxious, and is practically starving themselves. Some consumers have even referenced heart palpitations, dizziness, weakness, fainting, etc. These are dangerous side effects, hence another reason it makes sense the FDA has completely banned these products. Only a medical doctor can legally prescribe true human chorionic gonadatrophin (hCG), which is specially compounded by a compounding pharmacy. If you are seeking real hCG, you want to pursue this treatment through a medical doctor. Dr. Oz recently mentioned on his show that he recommends hCG only under medical supervision. This additionally is understandable, as only REAL hCG can be purchased as a prescription, but also you are carefully monitored throughout your weight loss journey. You can trust that the hCG you are using is safe, supervised, and most importantly, legal. In a recent article by the FDA, the statement was made, “These HCG products marketed over-thecounter are unproven to help with weight loss and are potentially dangerous even if taken as directed,” said Ilisa Bernstein, acting director of the Office of Compliance in FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “And a very low calorie diet should only be used under proper medical supervision.” (2) REAL hCG Platinum drops can be partnered with a very low calorie diet safely, because of the science behind how hCG functions in a pregnant woman’s body. To keep it very simple, hCG in a pregnant woman’s body functions to utilize existing abnormal fat storages to nourish the fetus. hCG works in a similar way in our own bodies (male or female); as it recognizes that the patient is taking in a low calorie diet and is in need of nutrition. hCG recognizes this need and utilizes existing abnormal fat storages, which nourishes the body and preserves energy. By mouth, the patient may be taking in low calories, but through the hCG fat metabolism process, the body is fully nourished with calories needed and supported. This is why patients who undergo a REAL hCG diet program (strictly following diet protocol) do not complain of uncomfortable hunger pangs, weakness, or tiredness. Patients reference feeling well and full, and of course notice the consistent and daily weight loss they were hoping for.


Well, for one, hCG Homeopathic Drops are not REAL hCG. So, it would make sense that hCG Platinum Drops (homeopathic drops) company is being...

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