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MILAN LUXURY Off the beaten track


Your key to an exclusive experience of the city People, trends, secret addresses, places to be.

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MILAN LUXURY Off the beaten track




Numero DIECI (September 2016)



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ccording to many, New Year in Milan starts on 1 September, when the summer holidays are officially over and, once again, the city hums with activity. The season starts with a bang, with a series of appointments connected to Fashion Week. As autumn arrives, enjoy this exciting time when the city becomes alive again.

Among other things, the celebrities featured in this issue embody to perfection two facets of Milan: the talented, reserved, revolutionary and slightly snobbish facet of design guru, Alessandro Mendini who has never left the city, but has exported its beauty abroad. And the facet of the expansive, trendy, eclectic and irreverent VIP restaurateur Joe Bastianich, who answered our ’10 questions’, offering us an amusing portrait of the city, seen through the eyes of an American in Milan. “Your key to an exclusive experience of the city” is the leitmotif of these pages. Discover the latest fashion trends and impeccable Milanese style, be updated about new openings of elite boutiques and restaurants, find the right advice about luxury shopping. Milan Luxury offers an overview of the city seen through the eyes of experts in the field – with secret shopping addresses, the hottest, most fashionable restaurants and corners that are best-loved by locals. Here is an hourglass of time, offering up-to-the minute suggestions about what to do in Milan in just a few hours, what to visit without wasting time and how to avoid clichéd tourist destinations, providing readers instead with first-hand insider information about curiosities, and ‘off-the-beaten track’ attractions. If you happen to be in Milan at this time, make sure to get a seat at the fashion shows and don’t miss the concerts of MITO SettembreMusica, the international music festival, offering a truly rich events calendar.

If I hadn’t been born in Milan, at no. 15 via Jan, in a house designed by Portaluppi which is now a museum, I would never have become a designer

– Alessandro Mendini, designer –



Milan offers a world of unforgettable experiences, even for those who have a short time to enjoy the city Alessandro Mendini A lover of colors and geometries, he is one of the most eclectic celebrities on the international artistic scene


“I couldn’t live anywhere else” 18 The places best loved by Alessandro Mendini

Italian style is the embodiment of elegance Milan offers the most desirable fashion and lifestyle choices Gallery The most precious aspects of fashion


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Make way for innovation New places and spaces for those in search of the latest trends


Discovering Milan Fabulous hidden attractions in the city


Save the Date Milan offers new spaces and opportunities to experience and get to know the city better Events Exclusive proposals Art 82 Photography 84 Fashion 86 Classical 88 Entertainment 89 10 questions for... 96 Eclectic, exuberant and always engaged with one of his passions, New Yorker Joe Bastianich gives us his take on Milan Chinese and Russian translations

中文翻译 • Русский перевод

The woman Ralph Lauren envisages for Fall 2016 an authentic urban goddess. This exquisite dress of pleated velvet in a nuanced red, reminiscent of Pompeii and ancient Rome, celebrates self-confident femininity and highlights a seasonal trend. It was the designer’s specific request that the silks and velvets used to create the micro-pleats were made in Italy.

dieci numero


MILAN LUXURY Off the beaten track


Your key to an exclusive experience of the city People, trends, secret addresses, places to be.

Chinese and Russian translations

中文翻译 • Русский перевод

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A lover of colour and geometries, he is a creative individual who is not afraid to air his views which are often just a little ironic and critical. Twice winner of the Golden Compass award, he tells us – and not only with loving words – about Milan. His relationship with the city, which he has never questioned, began with his birth in the neighbourhood of Città Studi.

lessandro Mendini

|Interview by Simona P. K. Daviddi


ilanese to the core, ironic and caustic, Alessandro Mendini is one of the most eclectic celebrities on the international artistic-architectural scene. In order to understand him, just sit on his iconic Proust armchair – one of the cult objects of modern design, whose original version was inspired by Pointillism, and created using a mixture of 12 colours – or visit the dream-like Groningen Museum in The Netherlands. Here a series of brightly-coloured geometric volumes spring magically from a pool of water, giving the appearance of being piled one upon another, apparently defying the rules of gravity, or even don one of the watches from the Swatch collection that he designed. Though often faceted, the colour used by Mendini, who tells us that he abhors ton-sur-ton, always features original plays of contrasts and is without a doubt, his hallmark feature. A feature that has won him innumerable awards, including the Golden Compass, an honorary degree at the Politecnico di Milano, the European Prize for Architecture 2014, in addition to numerous prestigious collaborations with coveted luxury brands like Alessi, Cartier, Philips, Venini, Swarowski and Bisazza.


© Carlo Lavatori

COLOURS AND GEOMETRIES In 2014, Alessandro Mendini won the first edition of the Cauda Pavonis award, the first award dedicated to researchers and artists by the Italian Association of Colour Consultants which was given to Mendini based on “the high social and aesthetic value of his work.�



However, Alessandro Mendini is also an individual with a strong personality, one of those people who has the courage to impose his ideas even when they are controversial. He is never afraid to express his opinions, even at the risk of being unpopular. Here he told us about his Milan, offering us both a realistic and somewhat disenchanted impression nuanced with a touch of subtle irony. Tell us about your relationship with Milan. “My relationship with Milan is stable: I’m still living here, I was born here and nothing much has changed over time.” Has the fact that you were born in Milan, the international capital of design, influenced your choices in any way? “Milanese design has always been my reference point and, as result, it has always profoundly influenced me.” What opportunities has the city of Milan offered you? “I have always worked in many far-off places (Editor’s note: not only Italy and Europe, but also Japan, Korea and China). My official role as a Milanese architect came when I worked on the editorial staff of the magazines Casabella and Domus”. Milan as a source of inspiration: in your opinion, what are the most stimulating and creative aspects of the city? “I have never boasted about Milan. I find it a boring city, apart from La Scala, design and fashion.” In your opinion, has anything about Milan changed after Expo? “Although I didn’t go to Expo, for good or bad, I think that it served as an important stimulus, a useful and necessary shot in the arm.” Is there a corner of the city, a theatre or a museum located ‘off the beaten track’ that you are particularly fond of? “I love the Duomo in Milan.” What do you do when you have a free half-day in Milan? “I stay at home and read.” What ‘must-sees’ would you suggest to someone visiting Milan for the first time? “I would definitely suggest visiting the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio and the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie hosting Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.” Can you reveal the names of some of your favourite places and restaurants in Milan? “The places around my house/studio in via Sannio, in the Porta Romana neighbourhood: bars, standard Chinese or Vegetarian restaurants”.


A SIGNATURE… IN COLOUR “I like combining contrasting colours. I don’t like ton-sur-ton, and I don’t get hooked on one or other: I continuously change colours. I feel a need to change at least one shade,” explains Alessandro Mendini who has managed to transfer colour from design to architecture in his futuristic projects. He has created a new style by colouring objects and places that are usually characterized by non-colours. “I have the impression that colour is now being rediscovered through glass; I am talking about large facades and the reflection of the sky. I am also pleased to see that colour is now being used in public places such as schools and hospitals.” Below, the Atelier Mendini. Right, the Proust armchair for Magis in a purple version.



LIMITLESS LUXURY Alessandro Mendini created a column covered with precious stones, taken apart and engraved before being encapsulated in cylinders inserted in grooves of pink gold for Cartier: the quintessence of luxury applied to design because, according to the architect “real luxury means being able to experiment freely with design”. Tell us an anecdote associated with the city or a particular meeting that ‘changed your life’... “Being born in a house in at no. 15 via Giorgio Jan, designed by Piero Portaluppi and now home to the Boschi Di Stefano house-museum. It’s a small building built at the beginning of the Thirties, which now houses a selection of approximately three-hundred works from the 20th century art collection that husband and wife Antonio Boschi and Marieda Di Stefano donated to the City of Milan in 1974.” In your opinion, what are the ‘hottest, most happening’ areas or those having the highest potential of appeal? “The Varesine area, with the Pei skyscraper, is particularly noteworthy. However, for a restyling project, I would choose an outlying area.” If you didn’t live in Milan, where would you like to live? “I live in Milan. I’ve never thought about any other city”. Alessandro Mendini designer: is there anything that you’ve created that you’re particularly fond of, and if so, which one? “The Groningen Museum in The Netherlands, because it is the ‘mother’ of all my other projects.”


Milan is also a city of luxury: what does luxury mean to you? “As far as I’m concerned, luxury means being able to experiment freely with design.” Which luxury do you indulge in? “My luxury is… not exploiting luxury.” Among the objects that you have designed, which one do you associate most closely with the concept of luxury? “‘Cartier’s Column’, a column of precious stones, taken apart and engraved before being encapsulated in cylinders inserted in grooves of pink gold.” (Editor’s note: the column was exhibited at the Triennale di Milano during the 2010 Salone del Mobile, curated that year by Mendini himself). You have been described as the designer of colour: what colour is Milan? “Milan has the same, rather dry colour of the Milanese but takes on a warmer tone thanks to the non-Milanese.” Finally, can you tell us about your idea of banal design? “Banal design means favouring anthropology over aesthetics, humanism with respect to hyper-technology.”

Alessandro Mendini was born in Milan on 16 August, 1931. He began making a name for himself as a designer and architect in the Seventies due to his innovative aesthetic. In addition to working for high-end brands like Alessi, Venini, Cartier and Swatch, he was invited to design several private and public buildings across the world. He has received numerous awards including the

Golden Compass in 1979, a commendation from the Architectural League of New York, an honorary degree from the Politecnico di Milano, the Guangzhou Academy of fine Arts in China and the 2014 European Prize for Architecture. He has worked as a member of the editorial staff of several prestigious museums including Domus and Casabella. He still lives in Milan.


corso matteotti 14 milano


“I couldn’t live anywhere else” Considered boring at times, “in spite of La Scala, design and fashion”, a fact that he has never argued, Milan is the city where Alessandro Mendini has always lived, and where he developed the unique flair that has made him a world-class architect.

BASILICA OF SANT’AMBROGIO According to Alessandro Mendini, this is one of Milan’s must-see landmarks. It is also one of the city’s oldest churches, commissioned in 386 by Ambrogio, at that time the bishop of the city, who was buried here in 397. According to legend, one day the devil entered the church to tempt Ambrogio, who gave him such a hard kick that the devil ended up with his horns stuck in one of its outside columns, after which he mysteriously disappeared. Today, just outside the Basilica, there is a column marked with two mysterious round holes. Some people say that sometimes you can still smell sulphur emanating from the holes: legend has it that they are directly connected to hell.



THE BOSCHI DI STEFANO HOUSE-MUSEUM This is the elegant building located at no. 15 in via Jan (in the Città Studi neighbourhood, just a stone’s throw from the Politecnico), where Alessandro Mendini was born. Designed by Piero Portaluppi, this small building now hosts a part of the immense collection that husband and wife Antonio Boschi and Marieda Di Stefano bequeathed to the City of Milan in 1974. A noteworthy testimony to the history of 20th century Italian art, featuring paintings, sculptures and drawings from the first decade of the 20th century up until the end of the Sixties.

DESIGN MUSEUM 1880-1980 “You are not a designer if you haven’t visited the ‘Museo del Design 1880-1980’”. Bearing in mind these words written by Alessandro Mendini, visitors are welcomed at the futuristic headquarters of the brand new Design Museum, inaugurated approximately one year ago at no. 9 via Borsi, just steps from the Navigli. Its collection, which traces the birth and evolution of design, is one of the most significant in Europe and boasts numerous cult-objects designed by the superstars of design, whose names have gone down in history. It goes without saying that it is also home to Alessandro Mendini’s icon, his imposing, brightly-coloured Proust armchair, whose original version was inspired by Pointillism. The museum also hosts the ‘Piccolo Cinema del Design’, a space devoted to the screening of documentaries, archive material and video-interviews, featuring world-famed designers and architects.


Ernest HemingwayTM and HemingwayTM are trademarks of Hemingway Ltd., and under exclusive license through Fashion Licensing of America, Inc. New York, NY 10001 212 370-0770

The Soldier

Boutique Milano - Via Borgospesso - 02 76004682



Make way for innovation As is known, Milan is a fast-paced city: each day, the Milanese capital is enhanced by the comings and goings of new places and spaces. A real Mecca for the lovers of glamour and a must-visit stopover for those in search of the latest trends. But, go beyond the banks and boutiques and Milan offers a world of unforgettable experiences even for those of you who only have a short time to enjoy this unique, multi-faceted city to the full!


D’O All the creativity of starred chef Davide Oldani is embodied at his new restaurant recently launched around the corner from D’O. His new spot features modern, minimalist décor and an intimate ambience, creating the perfect backdrop to discover his culinary marvels. Piazza della Chiesa, 14 - San Pietro all’Olmo (Cornaredo, Milano)

VENINI One of the leading producers of art glass, Venini has relocated from via Bigli to via Montenapoleone, to open its new boutique in the heart of Milan’s Quadrilatero. An artistic space where aficionados can find all the elegance and sophistication of the exquisite creations handcrafted by master glassmakers from Murano. One example is the new ‘Koori’ line by Emmanuel Babled (on the right), a part of the Artglass fall/winter 2016 collection. Via Montenapoleone, 10.

FELIX LO BASSO Renowned chef Felix Lo Basso, a recipient of a coveted Michelin star in 2011, has opened a new restaurant with a stunning panoramic terrace on the 5th floor of Milan’s TownHouse Duomo Hotel. Piazza Duomo 21 (entrance also from via Silvio Pellico 2)



Discovering Milan

Milan boasts an extraordinary heritage of artistic masterpieces and famous monuments. All of them can be discovered from a new perspective while avoiding tired tourist spot clichĂŠs and discovering the fabulous hidden attractions that the city has to offer.


Behind the scenes

In the year 2000, the renovations masterminded by Mario Botta transformed Milan’s 18th century Teatro alla Scala into a technologically avant-garde masterpiece. The new ‘scenic tower’, standing at a height of 56m, 18 of which are below ground, houses stage machinery capable of handling the most complex and spectacular stage sets, even when the curtain is up. The most advanced prototype in the world.

Rooftop view

© Andrea Martiradonna

An evening view of Piazza della Scala from the rooftops of the Gallerie d’Italia: left in the foreground, Palazzo Marino, Milan’s City Hall, a new museum space for public viewing. In front, the illuminated entrance of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and, in the background, the pointed spires of the Duomo.



Marble spectaculars

Among the statues and decorations of the Duomo of Milan, under the watchful gaze of the Madonnina, one would expect to only see portrayals of biblical figures, saints, demons and garlands‌ but here, this rule does not apply: amidst the 3,400 statues etched in marble there are also a number of famous Italian personages including the poet Dante, renowned composer and conductor Arturo Toscanini and King Vittorio Emanuele, but also two boxers (in honour of Italian champion Primo Carnera) and a semi-nude woman lying between one spire and another. Keep your eyes peeled!


An iconic vineyard in the city

Recently opened and housed in the gardens of the Casa degli Atellani (see photo), Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard is located just a short distance from the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie where he painted ‘The Last Supper’. Visitors can now take an insightful tour of both the House and the Vineyard.

A Leonardo that you might not have expected…

The Last Supper, the Codex Atlanticus and his machines. But then, there’s also this mysterious portrait, a small, unforgettable painting, attributed to Maestro da Vinci, entitled ‘Portrait of a Musician’. It’s preserved, together with several other breathtaking masterpieces, at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

… and the one that you were looking for

Each year, in order to view Leonardo’s Last Supper, 450,000 visitors stand in line. As an image, ‘The Last Supper’ is the most reproduced religious painting of all time and has been put on everything from mirrors, to mouse pads, to musical pillows. In fact, on entering the refectory, visitors are often surprised that this is actually what it looks like.




It’s the other face of the famed Pinacoteca di Brera, the Orto botanico and the Osservatorio astronomico. At the last census-taking, the Biblioteca Braidense, built at the behest of Empress Maria Teresa of Austria in 1770, boasted 898,377 printed books, 2,119 manuscripts and 2,368 incunabola. A truly wondrous sight!


Above and beneath

Castello Sforzesco’s appeal as a historic dwelling is revealed in its crenellated walls and its secret underground passages, lit by the light shining through slits in the walls. The passageways were used to connect the Castle’s watchtowers and can only be visited with a guide. Below: those who want to take in the sights of the city from a different perspective can now walk along the exclusive, recently opened panoramic walkway that circles the roofs of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (entrance from via Silvio Pellico, 2).

© Alfinzi_WhereItalia



© EGiudici_WhereItalia In the vault of a bank

Behind the old-world bronze tellers’ counters at the historic headquarters of the Banca Commerciale, the Gallerie d’Italia-Piazza Scala exhibit spectacular masterpieces of 19th and 20th century art and sculpture alongside other works presented to the public for the first time. A modern-day patron of the arts: the works of the Intesa Sanpaolo collections are housed in three historic buildings overlooking via Manzoni, Piazza della Scala and via Morone.


The Sistine Chapel of Milan

San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore is an early Christian church that was totally rebuilt during Renaissance times. Due to its sumptuous interiors emblazoned with gold and frescoes from the school of Leonardo, it has been dubbed the ‘Sistine Chapel of Milan’.


You’re not in Ravenna nor in Piazza Armerina. You’re in Milan, and this is Sant’Ambrogio. In addition to being noted for its medieval architecture, a perfect example of Romanesque splendour, there’s something else to admire: a rare mosaic, that after various vicissitudes, finally found its way here.



A melting pot of cultures

The MUDEC-Museo delle Culture started life as an operation of archaeological recovery in one of the most lively districts of Milan, the Tortona area. The architecture of MUDEC mirrors the many spirits that dwell in the museum, featuring a central hall of free inspiration which generates an inner courtyard with a characteristic ‘flower’ shape.

Fashion on show

To celebrate 40 years dedicated to fashion, last May Giorgio Armani opened the doors of a new exhibition hub in a former Nestlé granary in Milan’s Tortona district, at the general headquarters of maison Armani. The museum/exhibition space designed by Japanese archistar Tadao Ando is divided by themes that have inspired and continue to inspire the creative work of ‘King Giorgio’.


Vertical forest

Recently named the “most beautiful building on the planet”, the green tower designed by architect Stefano Boeri and included in the Porta Nuova project is a revolutionary experiment. A panel of experts awarded it first prize, preferring it to other humungous feats of architecture like the One World Trade Center in New York, the CapitaGreen in Singapore and the Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid Tower in Abu Dhabi.

© Danimisra_WhereItalia

New hub

One of Milan’s oldest areas has been restored thanks to a urban project making it the most modern district in the city. The epicentre of the area, packed with high-tech stores, bookstores, cafés, pizzerias and discotheques, is the large raised square dedicated to architect and designer Gae Aulenti. The piazza is surrounded by skyscrapers, including the UniCredit tower, the highest building in Italy, and the multi-purpose UniCredit Pavilion, designed by Michele De Lucchi.

© Danimisra_WhereItalia




Italian style is the embodiment of elegance Suggestions, news and addresses for a luxury lifestyle. Match your mood with our fashion predictions and the finest shopping experiences and discover how to shine this season: when it comes to style, Milan is a city that literally oozes glam!











STYLE | GALLERY Full uniform

The military style is an evergreen. It was ‘invented’ in the ‘60s by Yves Saint Laurent who launched the look by wearing pieces borrowed from a soldier’s wardrobe. John Lennon and Yoko Ono re-introduced it in the ‘70s as a satirical symbol of peace. Since then it has been revisited and interpreted thousands of times, never disappearing from the scene. To extend the end of summer with a touch of warmth, the 2016 catwalks focused on the typical ribbed knitwear worn by sailors and aviators, especially for her. But take note of the season’s general mood, the effect should be sophisticated and feminine, and combined with high heels and bon ton.





military knit








From China with Love

The western world looks towards China: not only as a market, but also as a source of inspiration. Catwalk trends constantly referenced the Far East, with numerous, interesting effects. Dragons, snakes, flowers and silk are either key players of total original looks, or highlights of individual pieces to be combined with contrasting lines and colours. For savvy, fashion-conscious global citizens.









Daring with colors

This shade of orange instantly brings to mind ripe pumpkin, a fire burning in the grate, the scent of tangerines and many other vibrant, agreeable images. Used sparingly, either as an accessory, or in a single piece accompanied by a total black look, it is capable of illuminating even the dullest autumn day.









dark blue






STYLE | GALLERY Like a Degas painting

Soft shades, flounces and weightless fabrics, create an undeniably romantic look. Fabrics that caress the body, seductive lines that highlight movement, intertwined laces, silk hosiery and other details explicitly reference the world of dancers: from classical ballet to street style, this look is primarily for young trend-setters.





ballet school






A taste of retro pleating

The ancient Egyptians folded linen in tiny vertical pleats for elegant dresses. Pleating enhances dresses, skirts and tops with movement, making accessories more sophisticated, softening and adding an intriguing retro look to urban wear. An iridescent effect is accentuated by nuanced shades, while pure white conjures up the world of origami.








1. AUDEMARS PIGUET. Featuring an


18kt rose gold case studded with 116 brilliant diamonds and an alligator strap, the, ‘Millenary Hand-Wound’ timepiece by Audemars Piquet has two dials: one with Roman numerals for the hours and another in mother-of-pearl to note the seconds. 2. TIFFANY & CO. Embodying Swiss precision and a captivating design,


Tiffany’s ‘East West Mini’ stainless steel watch has a blue watchcase and comes with a single strap, as well as a double wrap, both of which are crafted in calfskin leather.


3. VACHERON CONSTANTIN. The result of a sophisticated combination of a rose gold case studded with white diamonds and a grey crocodile strap, ‘Traditionelle Moon Phase and Power Reserve’ boasts a sophisticated lunar phase indicator. 4. ROLEX. The maison’s new generation ‘Oyster Perpetual Datejust’ featuring


a stainless steel and 18kt gold case, dial and bracelet, reinterprets the lines that have made the model an icon of style since 1945, endowing it with a movement at the forefront of Rolex watchmaking technology.

PIAGET POLO S, PLAY A DIFFERENT GAME The partnership between the world of polo and Piaget continues. Inspired by this famous sport, the new ‘Polo S’ model is geared for today’s generation of what Piaget is calling ‘game changers’. Its distinctive steel case featuring rounded lines reveals an innovative, geometrically-shaped dial, available in blue, silver or slate grey and an automatic precision caliber, the beating heart of the collection. Also available in the chronograph version.

Address book at page 70.







1. TIFFANY & CO. The undulating,

it takes its name. The ring is a unique

sophisticated shapes of ‘Paloma’s

piece and can be customized on

Venezia Pendente Luce’ in 18kt rose gold


is inspired by Venice’s grand hanging

5. CARTIER. Each bracelet of the

lanterns and their fluid spiral patterns.

‘Amulette de Cartier’ collection,

Available in three different sizes.

available in rose gold and carnelian or

2. POMELLATO. The ‘Nudo’ ring

in rose gold, malachite and diamonds,

collection has been enriched by new

is an enchanting lucky charm, featuring

colours while remaining faithful to

simple, sophisticated lines, enhanced

its distinctive, contemporary design.

by a luminous brilliant-cut diamond.


Among these, the new version in pink gold with a white gold setting and


faceted Blue London topaz, is an icon of timeless style. 3. MIMÌ BROGGIAN MILANO. Precious natural white pearls mounted on an


irregular shaped base in white and rose gold studded with diamonds make each handcrafted earring of the ‘Victoria’ collection a unique,


unrepeatable piece. 4. WEMPE. Inspired by the works of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, the ‘Vienna’ ring, a part of the ‘Cosmora by Kim’ collection, features 300 gemstones including sapphires, emeralds and brilliant-cut yellow and


burnished diamonds under a swirling golden dome, conjuring up the intricate maze of streets of the city from which

WHEN NATURE BECOMES ART Inspired by verdant palm leaves, this Piaget necklace from the ‘Sunny Side of Life’ collection in 18kt white gold, studded with 680 brilliant-cut diamonds and 37 baguette-cut diamonds, is an emblem of refined luxury. Whether worn by itself or paired with other coordinated jewelry, it adds a touch of elegance to any look. Address book at page 70.








1. TOM FORD. Tom Ford Black Orchid: this exclusive solid perfume comes packaged in a beribboned black-and-gold tone compact for that inimitable touch of Tom Ford glamour.


2. ESTÉE LAUDER. Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup, a liquid foundation featuring an innovative, easyto-use applicator. Polishes and evens skintone for a healthy-looking glow. 3. GUCCI. Pink flamingo, Magnetic


Color Shadow Quad and Tuscan storm, Magnetic Color Shadow Quad: the colour shadow quad fuses vibrant hues with lavish textures. Each quad holds a combination designed to recreate a signature Gucci look from sophisticated to bold. 4. DIOR. Diorskin Nude Air poudre compact. Its ultra light, non-occlusive formula allows skin to breathe freely, 4.


creating a natural barrier against external stress factors and reducing the skin’s absorption of toxins. 5. TOMMY HILFIGER. The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger is a vibrant, fresh fragrance. The composition opens with a wave of green notes of pear, violet leaf and fig leaves. The heart of white jasmine flowers and lily of the valley provide a silky texture to the scent. Cedar and cashmere wrap the base of the perfume up with a woody


character. 6. CLARINS. Joli Rouge lipstick: this creamy, moisture-rich formula deposits intense colour and a delicate satin sheen to lips. Enriched with soothing Mango Oil and moisturizing organic Marsh Samphire - Joli Rouge comforts, conditions and nourishes lips for 6 hours.

Address book at page 70.









1. GUCCI. Crafted in GG Supreme canvas, embellished with contrasting suede leather details, this hand-held ‘Dionysius’ bag draws inspiration from Greek mythology. Its tiger head closures handcrafted by Indian


craftsmen make each bag a unique piece. 2. PRADA. The maison’s calf leather ‘Cahier Bag’ in warm shades of caramel and black is a compact yet roomy accessory thanks to its inside pockets which, like a little secret, are protected by a pocket flap closure accentuated by metal trim. 3. GIORGIO ARMANI. This calf leather and velvet bag featuring geometric patterns and elegant chromatic contrasts can either be hand-held or worn over the shoulder


thanks to its practical, removable shoulder strap. 4. MARNI. Spacious and practical with a youthful allure, Marni’s lambskin ‘Sacca’ is the perfect accessory for those who like carrying everything that they need around with them. Its vibrant twotone shades make it an irresistible seasonal trend.

Address book at page 70.



5. 5. FENDI. No more Peekaboo exclusivity, Fendi has decided to give men their own iconic Peekaboo. Handcrafted in Italian sharp cut leather, with palladium finishes, a silver pocket flap with an engraved series number and an adjustable shoulder strap, it is the ideal accessory to hold a laptop. 6. COCCINELLE. Available in different sizes, hides and colours, each ‘Arlettis’ bag stands out on account of its versatility and distinctive stirrup closure. Handy but with character, it represents a


new idea of the it-bag, ideal for a woman who loves to live the city through and through, together with a unique and up-to-date bag that adds a touch of colour to every ensemble. 7. BRIC’S. Featuring a sophisticated retro design, inspired by oldenday travel trunks, Bric’s ‘Bellagio’ trolleys are made from an ultralightweight, durable polycarbonate, trimmed with full- grain Tuscan leather. The ideal accessory to travel in style like a real star. 8. RODO. Rodo’s ‘Celebration Bag’ in zebra-striped pony skin and calf leather pays tribute to the Italian fashion house’s 60th anniversary. A contemporary re-interpretation of one of the Maison’s most popular and versatile bags, it is enhanced by a shoulder strap with two adjustable chains.



9. VERSACE. Crafted in grey, deep navy and lime leather, Versace’s ‘Palazzo Empire’ bag features a


Medusa head clasp, the emblem of the maison. An icon of sensual style and a bold personality, it mirrors the style of the woman wearing it. 10. GIOSA. Created using only the most priceless crocodile skin in a vibrant shade of cherry red, this roomy bag is the purest expression of Giosa’s creativity and expertise. Available in different colours. 9. 10.

SUSTAINABLE GLAMOUR A curated collection for conscious consumers. The shopping bags created thanks to a partnership between Carmina Campus and Vibram are made using a specific combination featuring a pixelated, multi-colour effect obtained from recycled rubber materials. Available in 4 elegant shades, each bag is a trendy accessory with a green soul. Address book at page 70.



A Milanese story of art and passion dating back to 1919: painstaking attention to detail and the search for stylistic innovation epitomize the jewelry created by Antonini

Art and passion for top-quality jewelry


ocated in an historic palazzo in the heart of the city, the Antonini showroom is a secret address where you can admire elegant collections of jewelry, or have a unique piece designed and handcrafted especially for you. Established in 1919 as a workshop dealing in diamonds and precious stones, it soon became a favourite of the Milanese aristocracy, recognized, over time, as an historic trademark of haute joaillerie. In 1989, third generation heir Sergio Antonini (see photo) joined the family-run business. He began his career by designing a new line of high-end jewelry. An undeniable trendsetter and creative director, Sergio Antonini continues to create collections and stunningly unique pieces. His artwork, inspired by Italian tradition and design, resulted in several collections of sophisticated contemporary jewelry including ‘Anniversary’, a tribute to the brand’s 90 years in the industry, and the new ‘Black & White’, ‘Siracusa’ and ‘Matera’ collections. Antonini’s jewelry, based on ancient goldsmithery techniques, is still designed and manufactured exclusively in Milan. The brand boasts distribution networks all over the world where it has made a name for itself as one of the most sought-after icons of ‘Made in Milan’.


Antonini Milano Piazza Borromeo, 10 T: 02 7712901





Satinized yellow and white gold and white, cognac and black diamonds



and champagne diamonds, currently on display at the XXI Triennale International Exhibition of Milan - ‘Brilliant’ exhibition

3. ‘BLACK & WHITE’ EARRING COLLECTION. Natural white gold and white diamonds

4. COCKTAIL RING FROM THE ‘AGRA, EXTRAORDINAIRE’ COLLECTION. A unique piece featuring a 7.6 kt emerald, black rhodium-plated


white gold and diamonds

5. ‘SIRACUSA’ BRACELET COLLECTION. Yellow gold and diamonds

6. ‘SIRACUSA’ EARRING COLLECTION. White gold and diamonds




Dining with a view

The fabulous department store overlooking the Duomo is a real part of Milan’s history: discover the exclusive tasting location on the 7th floor where nothing has been left to chance.

A must-visit stopover for those visiting Milan is la Rinascente, an ideal combination of shopping, design and taste! For a romantic dinner, a business lunch, a party in an exclusive location, a meeting with friends or simply a cup of coffee with an unparalleled view over the spires of the Duomo, the Food Hall on the 7th floor of la Rinascente, with its fabulous terrace, is the ideal setting for any occasion. A COMBO OF STYLE AND TASTE Few other locations in the city offer such a combination of style and taste. Every day until midnight you can indulge your every food whim

by choosing from among an array of different offers: My Sushi, Obicà Mozzarella Bar, Il Bar, Juice Bar, Maio Restaurant, Be Steak, De Santis, Champagnerie Moët&Chandon Champagne Bar and the Corallo Lobster Bar. THE BEST GOURMET In addition to the exclusive tasting location, on the 7th floor there is also a Food Market which stocks hundreds of the best gourmet Made in Italy products as well as numerous sophisticated culinary offerings from all over the world. A cosmopolitan floor where nothing has been left to chance, including the venue’s exclusive contemporary design!

LA RINASCENTE PIAZZA DUOMO T: 02 8852471 Monday-Saturday 9.30am-9pm Sunday 10am-9pm




Jo Malone London Unexpected Fragrances and Luxury Lifestyle Gifts Via Manzoni, 18 | T: 02 76341313 Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 13 | T: 02 80502719

This British lifestyle brand is known for its unique fragrance portfolio and luxury home products, representing the perfect destination for sophisticated gifts: from unexpected scents, to coveted candles and sumptuous bath and body care. Discover how to successfully gift with fragrance by speaking with a Jo Malone Gift Concierge during a personal Art of Gift Giving Consultation. At every Jo Malone location the experience is unique: impeccable service within an inspiring, elegant environment. Every shop has its own feel, but all take the customer on a discovery journey, where they can enjoy a unique sensory experience with a menu of complimentary in-store services: from Hand & Arm massage to our Fragrance Combining™ Consultation, where our Expert Stylists help you create your signature scent to express your personality.

RODO RODO is the acronym of Romualdo Dori, the person who founded it in 1956. Beginning with the production of wicker bags that were very requested and fashionable during the Fifties in Florence, today, 2016, RODO celebrates sixty years of presence on the international market. Six decades of sophisticated creations for modern women, in the name of the finest craftmanship. Shoes, bags, accessories and fine leather goods with recognizable features such as woven details, metal finishings and embroidered crystals.

Rodo Fine handbags, shoes and leather goods Corso Matteotti 14 T: 02 84928436


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ROLEX BOUTIQUE BY PISA OROLOGERIA Rolex was created by brothers-in-law, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905. Now, more than a century on and its golden crown logo signifies nothing less than time-keeping excellence; a jewel and a device merged to become one of the greatest status symbols of our time. The family-owned Pisa Orologeria deals exclusively in these Swiss watches and the four floors of the boutique thrill the senses right up to the workshop.

Rolex Boutique by Pisa Orologeria Swiss-made timepieces Via Montenapoleone, 24 T: 02 76317726

PISA OROLOGERIA FLAGSHIP STORE A watch lover’s paradise for over 70 years, the renewed flagship store, extending over a surface area of 1,000 sq.m., is a reference point of innovative, high-class watchmaking in Milan showcasing over 40 of the world’s most desirable watch brands including Vacheron Constantin, A. Lange & Söhne, Piaget, Blancpain, Breguet, Bulgari, Chopard, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Officine Panerai, Roger Dubuis and the first Italian Patek Philippe Boutique. It also offers a library, a space for exhibitions and events, small lounges devoted to the sale of sports models, complications, women’s watches and tourbillion, an assistance centre, a specialized workshop and a unique gift packaging service with delivery guaranteed to any part of the world.

Pisa Orologeria Flagship Store Prestigious timepieces Via Pietro Verri, 7. T: 02 762081

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DAMIANI Founded in 1924, Damiani is an Italian family-run company with a flagship store located on the corner of via Sant’Andrea. The luxury jeweler offers a collection of exquisitely handcrafted pieces that symbolize the timeless appeal of unmistakable Italian style. Elegant and seductive, the collection of ‘Eden’ jewellery is inspired by the design of the Damiani bracelet of the same name, winner of the Diamond International Award. A masterpiece of goldsmithery, the collection features a snake: rings, earrings and bracelets are re-interpreted in myriad new versions, all distinguished by a contemporary, exclusive design. The collection is available in two versions: one features a combination of black ceramic with pink gold while the other, true to Damiani’s timeless style, sees the pairing of different colours of white, burnished and pink gold with matching diamonds.

Damiani Jewellery and watches Via Montenapoleone, 10 T: 02 76028088

Eden Collection

ROCCA 1794 Master jewellers and watchmakers since the 18th century, Rocca rates among the first importers of luxury Swiss watches. The store boasts a collection of some of the world’s most prestigious and sought-after brands: Damiani, Rolex, Breguet, Ulysse Nardin, Omega, Cartier, Panerai, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Breitling, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Tudor and Gagà. In addition to offering an unrivalled range of services, Rocca also provides top-notch professional advice.

Rocca 1794 The best jewels and watches Piazza Duomo, 25 T: 02 8057447


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CULTI MILANO After restyling its historic showroom at 53 Corso Venezia, Culti Milano has opened its second boutique dedicated to sought-after home fragrances at 6 via Fiori Chiari, in the heart of Brera district, in Milan. At the store it is possible to purchase the entire range of the fragrances created by the iconic brand and characterized by its unmistakable style, which focuses on quality, a careful selection of only the finest ingredients and a painstaking attention to details. A new opportunity to personalize both the home and the workplace with an aura of sophisticated elegance. Culti Milano represents a unique approach to lifestyle design that over time has evolved to include new refined fragrances, as well as the unprecedented Matusalem, the big 25 litre bottle: the real protagonist of any interior.

Culti Milano Finest home fragrances Via Fiori Chiari, 6 T: 02 36553875

AUDEMARS PIGUET Located at number 6 via Montenapoleone, the boutique welcomes customers into a warm, elegant atmosphere where they can savour the spirit of the Maison of Le Brassus, the oldest makers of Haute Horlogerie still owned by the founding family. Though this is one of the brand’s smallest venues it nevertheless showcases the four collections of Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore, Millenary and Jules Audemars. Here visitors can also admire the special editions created for Audemars Piguet boutiques throughout the world together with several complicated pieces. Upon request, the boutique offers a worldwide delivery service.

Audemars Piguet Refined Swiss watches Via Montenapoleone, 6 T: 02 76003115

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ACQUA DI PARMA Boasting five windows overlooking via Gesù, corner of via Montenapoleone, the Acqua di Parma boutique is an elegant ode to pure Italian style, whose rooms and themed areas exude a multi-sensory atmosphere. Each detail expresses sheer Italian artisanship: Calcutta marble floors, precious mosaic niches, stuccoes, sophisticated decor, Poltrona Frau armchairs and paintings by Soraman act as a perfect setting for its products. Not only limited edition items but also services: from customized pieces to a home delivery service, plus a barber’s corner where customers can enjoy a classic Italian shave in a refined atmosphere reminiscent of a visit to a traditional Italian barber.

Acqua di Parma Fragrances with style and Italian craftsmanship Via Gesù, 1 corner of via Montenapoleone T: 02 76023307

E. MARINELLA Neapolitan sartorial brand E. Marinella has recently doubled its presence in Milan with a new sales point in the highly central via Manzoni. Discover its full collection of handcrafted ties, the epitome of Italian elegance, alongside a range of accessories from small leather goods to luggage, fragrances, watches and eyewear but also outerwear, shirts and knitwear, all details of style for an elegant, sophisticated wardrobe. The brand now also caters to women with a stylish selection of bags and scarves. Conversely, its via Santa Maria alla Porta venue will continue to remain a sartorial atelier.


E. Marinella Ancient Italian sartorial tradition Via Manzoni, 23 - T: 02 89010842 Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 5 - T: 02 86467036

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PECK All Milanese locals know that this is a point of reference for the most sought-after gastronomic delicacies. In fact, for the past 130 years, it has been home to Peck which offers a selection of the best international culinary delights: truffles, caviar, salmon and foie gras as well as more than 3,000 wine labels plus almost 200 different blends of coffee and infusions located next to its bar and restaurant on the first floor. In addition to the above it also offers a myriad of other treasures including a sought-after selection of prime-quality meat, Peck pasta produced using only Italian wheat, extruded through bronze dies, the very best Italian jams and honeys, chocolates, panettone, shortbread as well as a cornucopia of world-class Italian pastries and cakes. Every Sunday, from 12-noon to 4pm, the Al Peck restaurant transforms to become the epicenter of the typical brunch ritual.

Peck Iconic temple of Milanese taste Via Spadari, 9 T: 02 8023161

PASTICCERIA COVA This is one of those places whose appellation “historic” venue is fully justified. A cult destination for gourmands since 1817, it has had the singular honour of being mentioned by name and, what’s more, several times, in the works of Ernest Hemingway, who loved its atmosphere and delicacies. If you’re considering going there to pay homage to this literary genious, you can rest assured that you will return for other reasons: for example, the sheer exquisiteness of its cakes, pastries, ice-cream, sugared almonds or savoury snacks, created by master pastry chefs. Perfect for an “Italian-style” breakfast, consisting of coffee and brioches. Cova also offers the option of a light lunch.

Pasticceria Cova The chic pastry of the Quadrilatero della Moda Via Montenapoleone, 8 T: 02 76005599

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ADDRESS BOOK FASHION Acqua di Parma Via Gesù, 1 corner of via Montenapoleone. T: 02 76023307. Agent Provocateur Via Pietro Verri, 1. T: 02 76024043. Alberta Ferretti Philosophy Via Montanapoleone, 18. T: 02 76003095. Alexander McQueen Via P. Verri, 8. T: 02 76003374. Alviero Martini 1a Classe Via P. Verri corner of piazza Meda. T: 02 76008002. Angela Caputi Giuggiù Via Madonnina, 11. T: 02 86461080. Aspesi Via Montenapoleone, 13. T: 02 76022478. Balenciaga Via Santo Spirito, 19. T: 02 760841. Blumarine Via della Spiga 42. T: 02 795081.

Check this logo on the listings for merchants accepting the Union Pay Card

Boggi Piazza San Babila, 3. T: 02 76000366. …and many other locations Borsalino Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 92. T: 02 89015436. Bottega Veneta • Via Montenapoleone, 5. T: 02 76024495. • Maison Bottega Veneta: Via Sant’Andrea, 15. T: 02 77878115. Burberry Via Montenapoleone, 12. T: 02 36010852. Chanel Via Sant’Andrea, 10/a. T: 02 77886999. Chiara Boni – La Petite Robe Via Sant’Andrea, 8. Clinique c/o la Rinascente. Dior Via Montenapoleone, 12. T: 02 76317809. Dior Homme Via Montenapoleone, 14. T: 02 76398530. Dolce&Gabbana • Men: corso Venezia, 15. T: 02 76028485. • Women: via della Spiga, 26. T: 02 76001155. • Accessories: via della Spiga, 2. T: 02 795747.

Drumohr Via A. Manzoni, 45. T: 02 783921. Dsquared2 Via P. Verri, 4. T: 02 89691699. Emilio Pucci Via Montenapoleone, 27. T: 02 76318356. Emporio Armani Via A. Manzoni, 31. T: 02 72318600. Ermenegildo Zegna Via Montenapoleone, 27/E. T: 02 76006437. Etro Boutique - Via Montenapoleone, 5. T: 02 76005049. Fragrances - Via Verri corner of via Bigli, 5. T: 02 76005450. Home -Via Pontaccio, 17 corner of Vicolo Fiori. T: 02 89095080. Fedeli Via Montenapoleone, 8. T: 02 76023392 Fendi Via Montenapoleone, 3. T: 02 76021617. Furla Piazza Duomo, 31. T: 02 89096794.

ARMANI BOUTIQUE Via Montenapoleone, 2. T: 02 76003234. In Milan, Armani is not simply a fashion brand but rather an integral part of city life, deeply rooted in the city’s history. Starting from Boutique Giorgio Armani (see photo): three floors of luxury and elegance, 2000 sq.m. set against the backdrop of a Renaissance palazzo, an imposing synthesis of the Armani signature style. Then, at the Emporio Armani concept store in via Manzoni 31 you can find the following Armani lines: Armani Jeans, Armani/Dolci, Armani/Fiori, Emporio Armani man and woman, Armani Junior, EA7, Armani/Libri. Armani/Casa in via Sant’Andrea 9 is a reference point for interior decor, from furniture to lighting; from accessories to textiles.


Giorgio Armani • Via Montenapoleone, 2. T: 02 76003234. • One stop shop for Armani Lifestyle, from food to home accessories. Via A. Manzoni Givenchy Via Sant’Andrea, 11. T: 02 78623710. Gucci • Via Montenapoleone, 5/7. T: 02 771271. • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. T: 02 8597991. Gusella Via della Spiga, 31. T: 02 76340778. (Montenapoleone district) Hermès Via Montenapoleone, 12. T: 02 76003495. Italia Independent Flagship Store Via Montenapoleone, 19. T: 02 78623358.

Jo Malone Via Manzoni, 18. T: 02 76341313 Santa Maria alla Porta, 13. T: 02 80502719. Kenzo Via A. Manzoni, 25. T: 02 72080735. Krizia Via della Spiga, 23. T: 02 76008429. Larusmiani Via Montenapoleone, 7. T: 02 76006957. La Mer c/o la Rinascente. Loro Piana Via Montenapoleone, 27/c. T: 02 7772901. Louis Vuitton Via Montenapoleone, 2. T: 02 7771711. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. T: 02 72147011.

Manzoni24 Via A. Manzoni, 24.T: 02 76001395. (Montenapoleone district)

Paul & Shark Via Montenapoleone, 16. T: 02 76008565.

E. Marinella Via Manzoni, 23. T: 02 89010842. (Montenapoleone district) Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 5. T: 02 86467036. (Duomo district)

Pellux-Rimowa Store Piazza San Fedele, 2. T: 02 864104.

Marc Jacobs c/o la Rinascente. Max Mara Corso Vittorio Emanuele II-Piazza del Liberty, 4. T: 02 76008849. (Duomo district) Micael Kors Via della Spiga, 8. T: 02 76341381 and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II corner of Galleria San Carlo, 12. T: 02 76341378. Miroglio Piazza della Scala Via Verdi, 2 corner of via Manzoni. T: 02 97389718. (Duomo district) Missoni Via Sant’Andrea corner of via Bagutta. T: 02 76003555. (Montenapoleone district) Miu Miu Via Sant’Andrea, 21. T: 02 76001799. (Montenapoleone district) Mona di Orio c/o Campomarzio70. Via Brera, 2. T: 02 72094164. Moncler Via Montenapoleone, 1. T: 02 76341316. Moschino • Via Sant’Andrea, 12. T: 02 76000832. • Via della Spiga, 30. T: 02 76004320. (Montenapoleone district) Patrizia Pepe Via A. Manzoni, 38. T: 02 76014477.

Prada • Corso Venezia, 3.T: 02 76001426. • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 63/65. T: 02 876979. • Via Montenapoleone, 8 (Woman). T: 02 7771771 • Via Montenapoleone, 6 (Man). T: 02 76020273. • Via della Spiga, 18 corner of via Sant’Andrea, 23 (Woman Accessories). T: 02 780465. Roberto Cavalli Via Montenapoleone, 6. T: 02 7630771. Rodo Corso Matteotti, 14. T: 02 84928436. Roger Vivier Via Sant’Andrea, 17. T: 02 76025614. Saint Laurent Via Gesù, 4. T: 02 76000573. Salmoiraghi & Viganò Piazza Cordusio. T: 02 72010727. Piazza San Babila, 3. T: 02 76000100. Corso Vercelli, 7. T: 02 48005290. …and many other locations. Salvatore Ferragamo • Via Montenapoleone, 3(Woman). T: 02 76000054. • Via Montenapoleone, 20/4 (Man). T: 02 76006660. Shiseido c/o la Rinascente. Simonetta Ravizza Via Montenapoleone, 1. T: 02 76012921. Sisley c/o la Rinascente. Tom Ford Via P. Verri, 3. T: 02 36529600.


ADDRESS BOOK Tommy Hilfigher Piazza Oberdan, 2/a. T: 02 20241573

Bernasconi 1872 Via A. Manzoni, 44. T: 02 86460923.

Dodo Corso Matteotti, 9. T: 02 49524750.

Tory Burch Via Della Spiga, 7. T: 02 76319028. www.toryburch.i

Breguet Via Montenapoleone, 19. T: 02 76007756.

Gobbi 1842 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 15. T: 02 76020536.

Trussardi Concept Store: Piazza della Scala, 5. T: 02 8068821. (Duomo district)

Buccellati Via Montenapoleone, 23. T: 02 76002153.

Valli Tessuti Alta Moda Vicolo Giardino, 1 (between no.17 and no.19 of via Manzoni) T: 02 782124.

Bulgari Via Montenapoleone, 2. T: 02 777001.

Versace Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 33/35. T: 02 89011479. Via Montenapoleone, 11. T: 02 76008528. Victoria’s Secret Corso Vercelli, 20. T: 02 89015436. Via Torino, 13. T: 02 89015436. Zilli Via Gesù, 5. T: 02 49541950. (Montenapoleone district)

JEWELS & WATCHES Antonini Milano Piazza Borromeo, 10. T: 02 7712901. Audemars Piguet Via Montenapoleone, 6. T: 02 76003115.

Cartier Via Montenapoleone, 16/a corner of Via Gesù. T: 02 3030421. Chopard Via della Spiga, 14. T: 02 76394950. Christofle Corso Venezia, 6. T: 02 781948.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique Via Montenapoleone, 1. T: 02 76281376. Longines c/o Pisa Orologeria Multibrand Store Luigi Verga • Orologeria Luigi Verga: Via G. Mazzini (piazza Duomo). T: 02 8056521. Via V. Capelli, 6 (piazza Gae Aulenti). T: 02 6595775. • Luigi Verga Orologi: Corso Vercelli, 19. T: 02 43995176. Mimì Broggian Milano Via Gesù, 3. T: 02 76281461. Montblanc Boutique: Corso Vercelli, 1. T: 02 4812230 and la Rinascente Piazza Duomo. T: 02 8852327. Writing instruments: via Bigli, 22. T: 02 76317720.

Damiani Via Montenapoleone, 10. T: 02 76028088.

Montegrappa Via Borgospesso. T: 02 76004682.

De Vecchi Milano 1935 Via Santo Spirito, 14. T: 02 76394441.

Omega Via Montenapoleone, 25. T: 02 76000984.

Dior Via Montenapoleone, 12. T: 02 76317801.

Patek Philippe Boutique by Pisa Orologeria Via Verri, 9. T: 02 762081. (Montenapoleone district)

OROLOGERIA LUIGI VERGA Via V. Capelli 6 (Piazza Gae Aulenti). T: 02 6595775. The new sales point boasts two large window displays and its interior houses the collections of several of the world’s most desirable watch brands including Patek Philippe, Cartier and Tudor for which dedicated corners have been created. In addition, customers can also admire the exquisite jewelry creations of Pomellato. The shop also has a quick-service area for replacing batteries, straps and solving other minor problems while more complicated repairs are carried out at the in-house workshop located at the brand’s historic headquarters in via Mazzini.


ADDRESS BOOK Piaget Via P. Verri, 10. T: 02 32164701. (Montenapoleone district) Pisa Orologeria Flagship Store Via P. Verri, 7. T: 02 762081. Pomellato Via San Pietro all’Orto, 17. T: 02 76006086. (Montenapoleone district) Rolex Boutique by Pisa Orologeria Via Montenapoleone, 24. T: 02 76317726. Rocca 1794 Piazza Duomo, 25. T: 02 8057447. Ronchi Via Gonzaga, 5. T: 02 877449. (Duomo district) Swarovski Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 15. T: 02 780722. Tiffany & Co. Via della Spiga, 19/a, 7. T: 02 76022321.

De Padova Corso Venezia, 14. T: 02 777201. Flos Corso Monforte, 9. T: 02 76003639. Kartell Via C.Porta, 1. T: 02 6597916. Meritalia Via Durini, 23. T: 02 76007701. Nude Corso Matteotti, 3. Poltrona Frau Via Durini, 1. T: 02 6570626.


Van Cleef & Arpels Via Montenapoleone, 10. T: 02 77677951.

Baldinini Via Montenapoleone, 15. T: 02 76022002.

Christofle Corso Venezia, 6. T: 02 781948. Da Driade Via Borgogna, 8. T: 02 799957.


The monobrand store of this American clothing and accessory retailer, renowned for its easy-towear, casual apparel, is located in corso Vittorio Emanuele, in the heart of the Milanese shopping district. Spread over two floors, this elegant space incorporates both American and European style. You can also book an appointment at one of its luxurious Personal Shopping lounges where a style expert is on-hand to offer you advice and help you create the perfect look.

Villeroy & Boch Via Montebello, 35. T: 02 65584928.

Alfonso Garlando Via Madonnina, 1. T: 02 874665

Alessi Via A. Manzoni 14/16. T: 02 795726.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 24/28. T: 02 30352900.

Venini Via Bigli, 6. T: 02 76000539.

Ulysse Nardin c/o Boutique of Pisa Orologeria



Ballin Via Santo Spirito, 5. T: 02 76020183. (Montenapoleone district)

Church’s Via Sant’Andrea 11. T: 02 76318794. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 84. T: 02 72094454. Fratelli Rossetti Via Montenapoleone, 1. T: 02 76021650.

Car Shoe Via della Spiga 1. T: 02 76024027. (Montenapoleone district)

Geox Via Montenapoleone, 26. T: 02 76009372.

Christian Louboutin Via V. Capelli, 3. T: 02 63793483. (Porta Nuova district)

Gianvito Rossi Via Santo Spirito, 7. T: 02 76280988.

Gusella Via della Spiga, 31. T: 02 76340778. Hogan Via Montenapoleone, 23. T: 02 76011174. Jimmy Choo Via Sant’Andrea,1/a. T: 02 45481770.

Milan Store Piazza A. Rossi, 8 (Portello district). T: 02 62285613. Moshe Tabibnia Via Brera, 3. T: 02 8051545. Outliving Via Agnello, 8. T: 02 80583246.

Manolo Blahnik c/o Antonia Boutique (via Cusani,5) Excelsior Milano (Galleria del Corso,4) 10 Corso Como

Pettinaroli Piazza San Fedele, 2 (entrance from via T. Marino). T: 02 86464642.

Sergio Rossi Via Montenapoleone, 27. T: 02 76006140.


Tod’s • Via della Spiga, 22. T: 02 76002423. • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. T: 02 877997. Tory Burch Via della Spiga, 7. T: 02 76319028.

UNIQUE IN MILAN Ferrari Store Via Giovanni Berchet, 2. T: 02 49498015. La Scala Shop Largo A. Ghiringhelli. T: 02 45483257.

12 THE BRIAN&BARRY BUILDING SAN BABILA Via Durini, 28. (San Babila area)

Brian & Barry Building Via Durini, 28. (San Babila area) la Rinascente Piazza Duomo, 10. T: 02 88521.

OUTLETS AND FACTORY STORES Serravalle Designer Outlet Vicolungo The Style Outlets Fidenza Village FoxTown Factory Store Franciacorta Outlet Village

A cult destination in the heart of Milan, this is a 12-storey ‘vertical dream’, a destination address that offers new experiences dedicated to shopping and leisure with monobrand boutiques, multibrand areas, cafeterias, a food market, fashion events featuring unique limited editions and the exclusive restaurant Asola | Cucina Sartoriale. Exuding innovation, elegance and originality, the building has not only been designed to amaze and surprise but, above all, to communicate a specific lifestyle concept that skillfully mixes well-known brands and new and promising names.

SERRAVALLE DESIGNER OUTLET One of the first outlet villages in Europe, the Serravalle Designer Outlets is located in the province of Alessandria. Designed as a typical medieval Ligurian town, it combines all the appeal of luxury designer brands with the beauties of the surrounding Piedmont countryside and the Liguria Riviera. 180 exclusive designer brand stores, elegance, affordable prices and high quality for all pockets. McArthurGlen also boasts ‘Barberino’ near Florence, ‘Castel Romano’ near Rome, ‘La Reggia’ in Marcianise near Naples, and ‘Veneto’ in Noventa di Piave near Venice.


ADDRESS BOOK PASTRY SHOPS & CAFES Armani/Dolci Via Manzoni, 31. T: 02 62312686. (Quadrilatero della Moda district) Bastianello Via Borgogna 5. T: 02 76317065. Cacao Lab Via Eustachi 47. T: 02 20520158. (Città Studi district) California Bakery Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, 4. T: 02 39811538. And other stores… Cova Pasticceria Via Montenapoleone, 8. T: 02 76005599. Cucchi Corso Genova 1. T: 02 89409793. Di Viole Di Liquirizia Via Madonnina, 10 T: 02 89092201. (Brera district) I Dolci di Namura Via Castelvetro, 16. T: 02 34534176. (Sempione district) Ernst Knam Via Anfossi 10. T: 02 55194448. Farage Cioccolato Via Brera, 5 T: 02 78623698. Gattullo Piazzale Porta Lodovica, 2. T: 02 310497.

Gay Odin Via San Giovanni sul Muro, 5. T: 02 39663509. (Corso Magenta district) Giovanni Galli Via V. Hugo 2. T: 02 86464833. (Duomo district) Glu-Free Via Curtatone, 6, 15. T: 02 54019723.

Taveggia Via Visconti di Modrone 2. T: 02 76280856. Venchi Via G. Mengoni, 1. T: 02 89096178. Via Boccaccio, 2. T: 02 4812703. Vergani Via Mercadante, 17. T: 02 45497606.

GOURMET DESTINATIONS Guido Gobino Corso Garibaldi, 39. T: 02 89096601. (Brera district) Ladurée Boutique Via Spadari, 6. T: 02 876149. (Duomo district) Marchesi Pasticceria Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11/a. T: 02 862770. NEW OPENING: Via Montenapoleone, 9 Neuhaus Maître Chocolatier Via San Vittore, 6. T: 02 72000096. (Sant’Ambrogio district) Panarello Piazza San Nazaro in Brolo, 15. T: 02 8712284. And other pastry shops… Sant’Ambroeus Corso G. Matteotti, 7. T: 02 76000540. (Quadrilatero della Moda district) Sugar Via V. Monti, 26 T: 02 4815376. (Cadorna district)

Chic & Go Via Montenapoleone, 25. T: 02 2782648. (Montenapoleone district) Piazza Virgilio, 4 (Magenta district) Conti Restaurant Via Montenapoleone 19. T: 02 76394934. Eataly Smeraldo Piazza XXV Aprile, 10. T: 02 49497301. Emporio Fratelli Carli Via Ponte Vetero, 13. T: 02 72094035. Guido Gobino Corso Garibaldi, 39. T: 02 89096601. Ladurée Boutique Via Spadari, 6. T: 02 876149. Nespresso Boutique Piazza del Liberty 6-8 (Flagship Store); Galleria San Babila 4/d; c/o la Rinascente Piazza Duomo; c/o Coin Piazza V Giornate; c/o Coin Piazza Cantore; Via Belfiore, 16.

PASTICCERIA MARCHESI Via Montenapoleone, 9. T: 02 76008238. Renowned for its creation of haute patisserie, Marchesi recently launched its latest ‘creation’: a new pastry shop in via Montenapoleone. In addition to the traditional Marchesi selection, the new shop has now enlarged its offer: 38 luminous display cases lined with crystal shelves and elegant cherry wood counters accentuate its treats in an aestheticallypleasing pastel coloured ambience. Inside, customers will lose themselves amidst sugar-coated candies, bonbons, chocolates, pralines and sweet treats, presented in unusual packaging.


Ottimo Massimo Via V. Hugo 3. T: 02 49457661. Peck Via Spadari, 9. T: 02 8023161. la Rinascente Food Hall Piazza Duomo. T: 02 8852471.

Il Massimo del Gelato Via Castelvetro, 18. T: 02 3494943. (Sempione district) La Gelateria della Musica Via G.E. Pestalozzi, 4. T: 02 38235911. (Navigli district) Via Abamonti, 2. T: 02 20520397. (Porta Venezia district) Via Lomazzo, 28. T: 02 34691745. (Sempione district)

Signorvino Piazza Duomo corner of corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 42. T: 02 89092539. and via Dante, 15. T: 02 89095369. Vinicola Rotondi Piazzale Lagosta, 2. T: 02 6684293. (Isola district)

WINE SHOPS & WINE CELLARS Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone Via Santo Spirito, 10. T: 02 784650.

Cantine Isola Via P. Sarpi, 30. T: 02 3315249. (Sempione district)

Tartufi&Friends Truffle Lounge Corso Venezia 18. T: 02 76394031.

Cotti Enoteca Via Solferino, 42. T: 02 29001096. (Brera district)

ITALIAN GELATO Chocolat Via Boccaccio, 9. T: 02 48100597.

Eataly Smeraldo Piazza XXV Aprile, 10. T: 02 49497301.

Cioccolati Italiani Via De Amicis, 25; Via S. Raffaele, 6; Via TorinoPiazzetta San Giorgio; Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 44. Gelateria Marghera Via Marghera, 33. T: 02 468641. Gelato Giusto Via San Gregorio, 17. T: 02 29510284. (Porta Venezia district) Grom Via A. da Giussano, 1; Via S. Margherita, 16; Corso di Porta Ticinese, 51; Corso Buenos Aires, 13; Corso XXII Marzo, 5; Piazza Argentina; Piazza Gae Aulenti.

Enoteca Ronchi Via S. Vincenzo,12. T: 02 89402627. (Sant’Ambrogio district) Moscatelli Corso Garibaldi, 93. T: 02 6554602. (Brera district) N’Ombra de Vin Via S. Marco, 2. T: 02 6599650. (Brera district) Peck Via Spadari, 9. T: 02 8023161. (Duomo district)

ZÀINI Via de Cristoforis,5 corner of Corso Como. T: 02 694914449. A timeless location decked out with period furniture and a counter at which customers can savour authentic cakes, hot chocolate laced with violet flowers or rose buds, sweet treats and bread and chocolate. In 2013, this Milanese chocolate factory celebrated its 100th anniversary with the opening of this new space in Milan, the ideal place to taste and buy some of the best chocolate in town.

ENOTECA DUOMO 21 Piazza Duomo, 21. T: 02 45397655. One of its highlights is its exclusive location on the newly opened terraces of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Enoteca Duomo 21 is an intimate wine bar and restaurant offering delectable cuisine and a superior selection of wines. Its extensive menu and wine list, combined with a lively, vibrant atmosphere, make the venue a great place to dine and enjoy a glass of wine. The 7,000 bottles in stock cover the full spectrum of Italian producers and the range allows for sampling by region or by variety.


ADDRESS BOOK MICHELIN-STARRED RESTAURANTS Alice Ristorante c/o Eataly Smeraldo Piazza XXV Aprile, 10. T: 02 49497340. Armani/Ristorante (Armani Hotel) Via Manzoni, 31. T: 02 88838888. Cracco Via V. Hugo, 4. T: 02 876774. D’O Via Magenta, 18 – Cornaredo (MI). T: 02 9362209.

Tano passami l’olio Via Villoresi, 16 corner of via Pastorelli. T: 02 8394139. Tokuyoshi Viale A. Papa, 30. T: 02 392614847. Unico Milano Via S. Calocero, 3 T: 02 84254626.

LA VERANDA (FOUR SEASONS HOTEL MILANO) Via Gesù, 6/8. T: 02 77081478

Vun c/o Park Hyatt Milano Via S. Pellico, 3. T: 02 88211350.

FIVE STAR RESTAURANTS Joia-Alta Cucina Naturale Via P. Castaldi, 18. T: 02 29522124. Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia Via privata R. Montecuccoli, 6. T: 02 416886. Innocenti Evasioni Via privata della Bindellina. T: 02 33001882. Iyo Via Piero della Francesca, 74. T: 02 45476898. Sadler Via A. Sforza, 77. T: 02 58104451. Seta (Mandarin Oriental Milan) Via Monte di Pietà, 18 T: 02 87318888.

Acanto (Hotel Principe di Savoia) Piazza della Repubblica, 17. T: 02 62302026. Al V Piano-Attico Gourmet (Grand Visconti Palace) Viale Isonzo, 14. T: 02 540341. Armani/Ristorante (Armani Hotel) Via Manzoni, 31. T: 02 88838888. Bulgari Ristorante (Bulgari Hotel Milano) Via privata Fratelli Gabba, 7b. T: 02 8058051. Caruso (Grand Hotel et de Milan) Piazzetta Croce Rosa corner of via Manzoni, 29. T: 02 723141.

Starred-Michelin chef, Vito Mollica, has just touched down at this restaurant, a great destination for ‘celeb watching’ and business lunches. Aged 43, 19 of which were spent working for the Four Seasons’ group around the world, Mollica was recently named executive chef of Milan and Florence meaning that La Veranda will now be helmed by his right-hand man Marco Veneruso. “What I would like”, says Mollica, “is to build upon what Sergio Mei, my predecessor and maestro, has developed over the past few years while, obviously, adding my own personal touch based on my philosophy that the main value of any dish is the quality of its ingredients, with a nod to Lombardy cuisine.”

RISTORANTE SETA Via Andegari, 9. T: 02 87318897. The prestigious Michelin Guide awarded the new Mandarin Oriental’s Seta restaurant with its first star. The restaurant is helmed by multi-starred Executive Chef Antonio Guida and boasts a cuisine distinguished by sophisticated dishes featuring outstanding seasonal ingredients where flavours are enhanced thanks to unexpected though beautifully balanced pairings.


photo © Davide Lovatti NOBU MILAN Via G. Pisoni, 1. T: 02 72318645. A meeting point for the subtle pleasures of gourmet cuisine and the refined sophistication of discreet dining. Over the years, Nobu Milan has become a respected fixture on the Italian restaurant scene, combining chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s cuisine with the distinctive aesthetic quality that distinguishes the Armani brand.

Panevo Restaurant (The Westin Palace) Piazza della Repubblica, 20. T: 02 63364001.

Petit Pierre (Pierre Milano Hotel) Via De Amicis, 32. T: 02 72000581.

Da Noi In (Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano) Via Forcella, 6. T: 02 83278111.

Primadonna (Hotel Milano Scala) Via dell’Orso, 7. T: 02 870961.

Don Carlos (Grand Hotel et de Milan) Via Manzoni, 29. T: 02 72314640. Il Baretto al Baglioni (Carlton Hotel Baglioni) Via Senato, 5. T: 02 781255. Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala Piazza della Scala, 5. T: 02 80688201. La Sinfonia (Seven Stars Galleria) Via Silvio Pellico, 8 . T: 02 89058297. Le Noir (Hotel The Gray) Via San Raffaele, 6. T: 02 7208951. L’Opéra (Hotel De la Ville) Via Hoepli, 6. T: 02 879131.

Ristorante Gastronomico (Palazzo Parigi) Corso di Porta Nuova, 1. T: 02 62562555. Ristorante Rubacuori (Hotel Château Monfort) Corso Concordia, 1. T: 02 776761. Roses by Eataly (Starhotels Rosa Grand) Piazza Fontana, 3. T: 02 88311. Seta (Mandarin Oriental Milan) Via Monte di Pietà, 18 T: 02 87318888.

TERRAZZA GALLIA c/o Excelsior Hotel Gallia Piazza Duca d’Aosta, 9. T: 02 67851.

A new meeting point for lovers of haute cuisine and cocktail connoisseurs, the Terrazza Gallia offers the best of Italian and Lombardy cuisine upgraded with a creative, contemporary twist, overseen by 3-Michelin star duo Enrico and Roberto Cerea. The restaurant has a truly unique wine list for an unparalleled tasting experience. The hotel’s covered, heated rooftop terrace offers guests a jaw-dropping panoramic setting. Also located on the ground floor, the Gallia Lounge and Bar offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Straf Ristorante (Hotel Straf) Via San Raffaele, 3. T: 02 80508715.

Manzoni Restaurant (Hotel Manzoni) Via Santo Spirito, 20. T: 02 76005700.

Style Lounge Bar & Restaurant (Style Hotel) Via delle Erbe, 1. T: 02 49537000.

Oltremare Restaurant (Hotel Boscolo Milano) Corso Matteotti, 4,6. T: 02 77679610.

Vun (Park Hyatt Hotel) Via T. Grossi, 1. T: 02 88211234.


Save the Date Arts and attractions in the city: this season’s unmissable dates and a pick of several more exclusive events that Milan Luxury has chosen just for you. Check out the city’s rich cultural scene.



Art Immersed in a world of manga and anime, it is impossible not to be attracted by Japan. Palazzo Reale offers visitors an opportunity to explore the roots of a graphic culture designed to satisfy our aesthetic sense with a tribute to three famous Japanese masters. Other must-visit exhibits include the fabulous Escher exhibition and the triple tribute to Italian contemporary artist Emilio Isgrò.

THE ART OF PARADOX Mathematically-inspired woodcuts, suspended between the real world and the reflected world, between dreams and reality, between geometric elements and plays of perspective. Maurits Cornelis Escher brings us his world of paradoxical art. A large anthology of more than 200 works explores Escher’s talent and artistic history, starting from his figurative art rooted in the ‘Liberty’ movement to his relationship with historical Avant-garde movements, from his love for Italy to his trip to Spain which, following a visit to the Alhambra Palace, with its Islamic patterns, marked a turning point in his life.

24 June 22 January 2017 Escher

Palazzo Reale, piazza Duomo 12

Maurits Cornelis Escher Altro mondo II, January 1947. Xylography, 31,8x26,1 cm. Collection Giudiceandrea Federico. All M.C. Escher works © 2016 The M.C. Escher Company.


KIENHOLZ: FIVE CAR STUD Five Car Stud (1969-72), which reproduces a horrific scene of racial violence in real size, is considered one of the most significant works by the American artist Edward Kienholz. It forms the central nucleus of an exhibition that brings together 26 works, including drawings, sculptures, assemblages and tableaux created by Edward and Nancy Kienholz between 1959 and 1994.

19 May - 31 December Kienholz: Five Car Stud

Fondazione Prada, largo Isarco 2.

THE ORIENTAL TOUCH Views of bridges, waterfalls, the districts of Tokyo, Kyoto and far-off provinces are exhibited alongside faces, elegant kimonos and beautiful, sensual women. An extraordinary selection of 200 polychrome xylographs and illustrated books demonstrate the skills and eccentricity of three famous masters of ‘Ukiyo-e’, Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro. Images that became an aesthetic benchmark which captivated and revolutionized the European art world at the end of the 19th century.

22 September 29 January 2017 Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro. Places and faces of Japan that captivated the West Palazzo Reale, piazza Duomo 12

Katsushika Hokusai, Under the Wave of Kanagawa, from the series “ Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”, 1830-1832. Xylography, 25,9 x 38,5 cm. Honolulu Museum of Art.

THE ART OF ERASURE Milan celebrates Emilio Isgrò, one of the main protagonists of contemporary art, with a large-scale retrospective of his work mounted simultaneously at three sites: Palazzo Reale features a rich selection of historic works showcasing more than 200 works including ‘erased’ books, paintings and installations; the Gallerie d’Italia showcases a preview of his famous portrait of Alessandro Manzoni by Hayez, deleted in white, while his work entitled ‘The Betrothed cancelled for twenty five readers and ten lepers’ is exhibited at Manzoni’s House.

29 June - 25 September Emilio Isgrò. Milano

Palazzo Reale, piazza Duomo 12 Gallerie d’Italia, piazza della Scala 6 Casa del Manzoni, via Gerolamo Morone 1,

Emilio Isgrò, L’occhio di Alessandro Manzoni, 2016. 260x160 cm Private collection



Photography This autumn will showcase several fabulous photographic exhibitions. Head to Palazzo della Ragione to see Giovanni Gastel’s unmissable exhibition that celebrates a career of 40 years. In addition to Armin Linke at PAC, this season’s main attraction is the Italian debut of David Seidner’s retrospective, featuring his visual art applied to fashion and portraiture. FORTY YEARS OF WRITING PORTRAYED IN IMAGES This retrospective is dedicated to Gastel’s impressive career. He is an icon for both Italian and international photography, and has held this status from the time of his debut in the 70’s to the present day. This exhibition, exploring the complexity of his work in fashion, communications and visual experimentation, will be divided into a maze-like layout organized by ‘series’, moving between fashion and design, portraiture and still life’s, commissions and research work.

23 September 13 November Giovanni Gastel. The 40 Years Exhibition

Palazzo della Ragione, piazza dei Mercanti, 1


THE SPIRIT OF PAINTING For the first time in Italy, an exhibition by David Seidner, one of the foremost exponents of fashion photography between the 1980’s and the 1990s, prior to his premature death in 1999. Fifty images trace his photographic research, in continuous oscillation between fashion, portraiture and the history of art: “What interests me most is evoking the spirit of painting through the fold of a fabric, the position of a hand, the quality of light on skin.”

4 September - 1 November DAVID SEIDNER

Galleria Carla Sozzani, corso Como, 10

Ahn Duong wearing Yves Saint Laurent, 1986. © David Seidner

REALITY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Photography matches itself against science, philosophy, sociology, art and contemporary architecture. Armin Linke has shared the more than 20,000 images comprising his archives – twenty years devoted to the study of the economic, environmental and technological changes that are shaping our world – with thinkers from various fields inviting them to react. By reading these images through their theories and concepts, each produces a selection (currently exhibited with supporting texts and audio) illustrating their vision of contemporary society.

16 October - 6 January 2017 ARMIN LINKE. The Appearance of That Which Cannot Be Seen PAC-Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, via Palestro 14.

Mountain with antennas Kitakyushu Japan © Armin Linke, 2006



Fashion The fashion shows at Milan’s Fashion Week in September are eagerly anticipated by the international fashion scene as well as a celebration involving the entire city. In addition to Milano Moda Donna, don’t miss Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, which this year has teamed up with the Fashion Film Festival.

#MFW: NOT ONLY FOR FASHION ADDICTS A seven-day extravaganza of fashion shows and presentations, miraculously organized at different locations and times across the city. Milano Moda Donna promotes established names as well as emerging talent in Italian fashion, offering Milan a one-of-a-kind event featuring a perfect combination of creativity and organization. Held twice a year, the happening is not only a highlight of the fashion scene but also an occasion that infuses the entire city with a party-like atmosphere.

21-27 September MILANO MODA DONNA Various locations


THE WHITE NIGHT OF FASHION Thousands of fashionistas crowd the streets of the Quadrilatero, the new Porta Nuova district and piazza Gae Aulenti. This year, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is celebrating its eighth anniversary, and its winning format has remained unchanged. The streets will become alive with late-night shopping, cocktail parties, DJ sets, cultural events, concerts and open-air fashion shows. This year, cinema is also spotlighted, with open-air screenings of 10 fashion films dedicated to ten Italian brands. Proceeds from the sale of the must-have limitededition pieces, especially created for the occasion by the event’s numerous brand partners, will be donated to a deserving charity.

20 September, from 7pm to midnight VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT Various locations.

FASHION TELLS ITS STORY Now in its third consecutive year, Fashion Film Festival Milano once again offers countless surprises, new collaborations and partnerships, including, above all, its successful partnership with Vogue Italia. Its format: three days of free screenings, showcasing fashion films from all over the world, a renowned international jury, debates and awards. Creativity, talent and fashion are the key words of this project, and are inherent in the visual language of the videos which contribute to Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. Enjoy 10 fashion films dedicated to 10 Italian brands shot by 10 young international directors.


Anteo Spazio Cinema, via Milazzo 9



Classical MITO SettembreMusica, one of the most important international events dedicated to music, is held simultaneously in both Milan and Turin from 2 to 22 September. Marking this year its 10th anniversary and featuring a total of 160 concerts, it is a must-attend event for lovers of the genre and neophytes. EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS OF MUSIC MITO’s rich Milanese calendar, featuring 80 concerts based on the “Fathers and Sons” theme, will span approximately 800 years of music with contemporary music represented by 112 living composers. Among its numerous events, must-see performances include the concert by Barbara Hanningan (in the photo), a soprano-conductor who will conduct the orchestra while singing (Conservatorio, 4 September), and Mito Opera Singing (Piazza Duomo, 10 September), an extraordinary jamboree of song in which the audience, to whom scores will be given, will be invited to sing along with the thousand voice choir. Choir members will mingle with the public, whilst a choir-guide and a conductor will offer, from the stage, a repertoire ranging from the most classical opera to light music. Other highlights will include Oboe and Brothers (Palazzina Liberty, 12 September), Solo Violins (Teatro di Vetro, 14 September) and Orchestrating Russian-Style (Conservatorio, 15 September), enhanced by numerous other presentations just waiting to be discovered.

2-22 September (from 3 September in Milan) MITO SETTEMBREMUSICA Tickets can be purchased online and at the ticket offices of various theatres on the same day as the concert. Ask your concierge.


Entertainment The theme is fusion and the events featured in this issue mirror it to perfection. The JTQ are masters of a mixture of styles, and the Bach-breakdance combination is one of the most unusual experiences that we can offer you.

ACID JAZZ LIVE SHOW The James Taylor Quartet is a band that has contributed to defining the acid jazz genre. Their sound is a combination of soul, funk, jazz and Rythm&Blues directed by frontman James Taylor’s magnificent Hammond organ. A must-see show, the JTQ give their best at live performances.


Blue Note Milano, via Pietro Borsieri, 37

BACH MEETS BREAKDANCE What could J.S. Bach and breakdance possibly have in common? The answer lies in this fascinating performance. This innovative adaptation of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier breaks down the barrier between high society and urban culture with piano, cembalo and electronic beats. The break dancing skills of the Berlin-based dance company Flying Steps and classical ballerina Virginia Tomarchio are off the charts.


Teatro Arcimboldi, viale dell’Innovazione, 20



如果这些天你刚好在米兰的话,一定要想尽办法在时装发布会 场给自己找个位子,更不要错过九月的意大利MITO国际音乐 节,内容丰富的节目单将为大家带来一场视觉&听觉的双重饕 餮盛宴。

如果我没有出生在米兰,出生在 Jan街道的15号,出生在由皮 耶罗•波尔塔罗比设计、如今成 为博物馆的这样一座房子里,我 一定不会成为一名设计师。

多人认为,属于米兰的新年应该是9月1 日——这一天,夏日假期结束,城市再次 沸腾起来。与此同时,一系列与时装周有 关的活动也再次以势不可挡的姿势席卷而 来。因此,在初秋的日子里,整个城市重 获盎然生机,着实应该好好享受这令人兴奋的时刻。 我们本期邀请的两位行家可以完美地诠释米兰的两个面向:一 面以才华横溢而低调内敛、反叛而高贵的设计大师亚历山德 罗•门迪尼(Alessandro Mendini)为代表,生于米兰的 他从未离开过这座城市,却把意大利设计之美带到了全世界; 另一面由活跃而时髦、不拘一格而桀骜不驯的VIP餐馆老板 乔•巴斯提亚尼奇(Joe Bastianich)诠释,作为身在米兰 的美国人,他在回答本刊末的“十个问题”时为我们描绘了一 幅关于米兰十分有趣的画面。 无论怎样,“以一种独特的方式体验米兰”就是这本杂志的主 旨所在。发现最新的时尚潮流和无懈可击的米兰style,实时 掌握奢侈品门店和餐厅开业的最新资讯,并获得奢侈品消费的 正确建议。 《Milan Luxury》为您提供的,就是一个行家对这座城市的 全方位概览——秘密的购物地址,最潮、最私密的餐馆,还 有当地人最喜欢驻足的那些角落;对于想要在数小时内游览 米兰的游客,《Milan Luxury》可以像沙漏一样为您提供精 确到分钟的游览攻略,帮助您节省时间,避开千篇一律的旅 游项目,为读者提供满足好奇心的第一手内讯以及非主流的游 览攻略。

亚历山德罗•门迪尼(Alessandro Mendini)


给你的风格提供养分 精彩部分(第62页起)

RODO Rodo品牌由Romualdo Dori创立于 1956年,其名字来自Romualdo Dori 姓名的第一个音节。该品牌以稻草织就 的手袋以及柳条编成的提篮而闻名,两 者在上世纪五十年代引领风尚潮流。今 年,Rodo品牌恰巧迎来进军国际稻草和 柳条市场的钻禧志庆。六十年来,Rodo 品牌秉承传统制作工艺,为当代女性创造 出无数雅致的经典杰作。无论是鞋履、手 袋、珠宝还是高档皮具,均饰有品牌的标 志性特征,包括编织细节、金属五金件以 及刺绣水晶。。 Corso Matteotti 14 T: 02 84928436

每家JO MALONE专卖店都有着独一无 二的体验:完美无瑕的服务,加上令人愉 悦的优雅环境。每家店面都各具特色,但 全部引领顾客踏上独特的发现之旅,通过 我们免费提供的店内服务,享受到与众不 同的感官体验。这些服务种类丰富,包括 手部和前臂的香氛按摩与FRAGRANCE COMBINING™香氛调配教程,后者可 以让您在我们的时尚香氛专家的指导下, 调配出具有独家特征的香氛,以展现您的 非凡个性。 Via Manzoni, 18/ T: 02 76341313 Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 13/ T: 02 80502719

比萨钟表劳力士精品店 ROLEX BOUTIQUE OF PISA OROLOGERIA 劳力士是由连襟汉斯·威尔斯多夫 (Hans Wilsdorf) 和阿尔弗雷德·戴维 斯 (Alfred Davis) 于 1905 年创立的。 现在,一个多世纪过去了,其金色皇冠标 志依然是卓越时计的象征。珍稀珠宝与精 致器件的相融,造就了我们这个时代最伟 大的地位象征之一。家族经营的比萨钟表 (Pisa Orologeria) 专门经营这些豪华瑞 士腕表,四个楼层的精品店和工作坊充满 了令人兴奋的感觉。 Via Montanapoleone, 24. T: 02 76317726. -

JO MALONE LONDON 作为源自英伦的生活时尚品牌,JO MALONE以其超凡独特的香氛产品以及 奢华优雅的家庭用品而闻名,不论是高雅 独特的香水、沁心怡人的蜡烛,还是奢华 的洗浴和护肤产品,这里绝对是您选购精 致礼品的绝佳之地。联系JO MALONE 礼宾顾问,咨询挑选礼物的诀窍,了解如

比萨钟表旗舰店 PISA OROLOGERIA FLAGSHIP STORE 七十余年来,这家修葺一新的旗舰店一直 是腕表爱好者的天堂。作为米兰创新高档 制表技术的圣殿,Pisa Orologeria拥有 1000多平米的展示空间,共有40多个 全球最受喜爱的钟表品牌,包括江诗丹 顿、朗格、伯爵、宝珀、宝玑、宝格丽、 萧邦、爱彼、宇舶、雅典表、万国表、积 家、沛纳海、罗杰杜彼,该店还是意大利 首家百达翡丽专卖店。 店内还设有图书馆、展示活动区、销售各



表款的沙龙,一个辅助中心、一间专业工 坊,以及独具特色的包装服务处确保您的 腕表可以送往世界各地。 Via Pietro Verri, 7 - T: 02 762081.

帕尔马之水 ACQUA DI PARMA 拥有五个窗口,俯瞰 via Gesù 路,在 著名的Via Montenapoleone大街拐角 处,帕尔马之水精品店是一座纯意大利风 格的优雅住宅,各处的房间和客厅里都 能够感受到多感官氛围。每一处的细节 都体现着精美的意大利工艺:从卡拉卡塔 大理石铺就的地板,到镶嵌着珍贵马赛 克的壁龛,墙壁上的粉刷细节,精致的 家具,Frau的扶手椅再到Soraman的画 作,创造出一个适合帕尔马产品展示的环 境。在这里您不仅可以购买到独特的商 品,还有各种服务:从个性化的产品到送 货上门,还可以在充满古老意大利风格理 发店的氛围内享受一次剃须服务。 Via Gesù, 1 corner of via Montenapoleone. T: 02 76023307. 达米亚尼 DAMIANI 达米亚尼成立于1924 年,为一家意大利家族 企业,旗舰店位于 via Sant’Andrea 街的街角处。 这家奢华珠宝店销售的系列珠宝 均为意大利手工精品,体现了完


美意大利风格的永恒风情。 Damiani从优雅而性感的伊甸园珠宝系 列中汲取灵感,设计了同名的手镯产品, 并借此夺得钻石国际大奖。作为金匠工艺 的集大成之作,该系列珠宝别具特色地采 用了蛇形元素:戒指、耳环以及手镯演绎 出各种栩栩如生的蛇形图案,均展现出现 代而独特的设计。该系列分为两种款式: 一款采用褐色陶瓷搭配玫瑰金,另一款则 将白金、磨光金、玫瑰金等不同颜色的金 质材料与相同色彩的钻石组合,彰显出 Damiani的完美风格。 Via Montanapoleone, 10. T: 02 76028088

罗卡1794 ROCCA 1794 自 18 世纪以来,珠宝和钟表制造大师 罗卡 (Rocca) 一直都是进口瑞士奢华 腕表的首批商家之一。其中最负盛名的 品牌包括:达米亚尼 (Damiani)、劳 力士 (Rolex)、宝玑 (Breguet)、雅典 (Ulysse Nardin)、欧米茄 (Omega)、 卡地亚 (Cartier)、沛纳海 (Panerai)、 伯爵 (Piaget)、江诗丹顿 (Vacheron Constantin)、百年灵 (Breitling)、积 家 (Jaeger-LeCoultre)、帝舵(Tudor) 、及 Gagà 等。罗卡可以确保优秀的专业 能力和专家级的咨询服务。 Piazza Duomo, 25 - T: 02 8057447.

AUDEMARS PIGUET 位于蒙特拿破仑大街6号的AUDEMARS PIGUET(爱彼表)专卖店环境雅致,氛围


温馨,进店客人可以在此感受到来自布拉苏 斯的这一钟表世家的精神传统。作为历史最 为悠久的高级钟表制造商之一,爱彼表至 今仍由创始家族所有。尽管这里仅是爱彼 品牌旗下的一家小型专卖店,却依然陈列 着品牌的四大时计系列:皇家橡树(Royal Oak)系列、皇家橡树离岸(Royal Oak Offshore)系列、千禧(Millenary)系列 以及Jules Audemars系列。客人在此还可 以欣赏到爱彼表专卖店独家打造的特别版 腕表和数枚复杂腕表。该店提供全球运送服 务,申请即可享受。

另外还有外套,衬衫和针织服装等一切打 造精致衣柜所需的时尚物品。该品牌现在 也开始涉足女性配饰,销售别具风格的箱 包和围巾。而其在via Santa Maria alla Porta 街上的店则继续为手工裁剪工作 室和门店。 Via Manzoni, 23 - T: 02 89010842 Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 5 T: 02 86467036

Via Montenapoleone, 6. T: 02 76003115

银联,为卡用户提供全 球服务 MANZONI 24 这处洋溢现代设计之风的小店位于米兰历史 悠久的老城区中心,与米兰动感时尚的街区 完美融合,浑然一体。环境温馨宜人,是青 睐现代风格和意大利传统工艺的人士寻找灵 感,欣赏和试穿各种设计式样的奢华皮草制 品、配饰以及家居产品的理想之地。款式百 搭的服饰加上完美无瑕的剪裁线条,就连高 贵典雅的皮草也经过改进,以适应年轻时尚 的风格。多元的材料不仅满足了最新的时尚 潮流,更赋予其动感活力:夹棉外套与皮草 完美搭配,皮草更增羊绒特色,两者的混搭 组合打造出一件时尚新潮的单品。 Via Manzoni, 24. T: 02 76001395 E. MARINELLA 那不勒斯的工艺品牌 E.Marinella 最近 在米兰添加了又一家店铺,地处市中心的 via Manzoni 大街。 在那里可以买到代表着意式优雅的缩影的 手工领带,以及一系列的配件,如小型皮 具配饰到箱包,香水,手表和太阳眼镜,

银联(UnionPay)是来自中国的 全球支付网络,负责通过银联的全 球网络进行跨行支付。 截止2015年底,意大利有超过20 万商户支持使用银联卡进行支付, 其中有6万商户位于米兰。这确保 数以万计的中国顾客可以使用自己 最常用的银行卡进行购物。 银联还与各大知名零售公司积极合 作,为银联卡持卡人提供特别折 扣或服务,包括La Rinascente 百货公司、McArthurglen设计师 品牌折扣店、Value Retail零售 店、机场免税店、Global Blue退 税商店等。 银联服务热线 00-800-800-95516 电子邮箱:

请查看这个标志来确认哪些商 户接受银联卡。



о мнению многих, настоящий миланский Новый

самые свежие идеи о том, чем заняться в Милане, если в

год наступает 1 сентября, когда заканчиваются

распоряжении есть всего нескольких часов - что посетить, не

летние каникулы, и город возобновляет свою

пожалев о потерянном времени, и как избежать туристических

бурную деятельность, моментально погружаясь

клише. Milan Luxury - ключ к инсайдерской информацией

в стремительный круговорот событий во время

из первых рук о необычных мероприятиях и уникальных

Недели моды. Не упустите возможность прочувствовать в


первые дни осени этот волнующий момент, когда город снова возвращается к активной жизни.

Если Вы планируете быть в Милане в эти дни, рекомендуем побывать на Неделе моды, а также не пропустите музыкальный

Наши инсайдеры в этом номере прекрасно воплощают

фестиваль MITO Settembre Musica.

разные грани миланской жизни. Это великий мастер дизайна Алессандро Мендини - талантливый и скромный, с революционным нравом и аристократическими манерами. Никогда не покидая город насовсем, он распространил красоту по всему миру. И второй наш герой - жизнерадостный и стильный, эклектичный и дерзкий ресторатор Джо Бастианич, который составил забавный портрет Милана глазами американца, ответив на «10 вопросов».

лейтмотивом это номера. Milan Luxury поможет Вам быть в курсе последних тенденций моды и безупречного миланского стиля, своевременно узнавать о новых открытиях эксклюзивных бутиков и ресторанов, а также получить дельный совет, куда отправиться на шопинг, если Ваша цель - премиальные бренды. Milan Luxury представляет обзор города глазами экспертов в этой области. Мы делимся секретными шопинг-адресами,

Если бы я не родился в Милане на виа Жан в доме номер 15, который был спроектирован Порталуппи и сегодня является музеем, я бы никогда не стал дизайнером

“Ваш ключ к эксклюзивным маршрутам города” является

– Алессандро Мендини –

лучшими ресторанами и потайными уголками, нежно любимыми местными жителями. А также предлагаем


Пища для стиля Бренды (со стр. 62)

индустрии уже многие годы, знает об этих роскошных механизмах каждую деталь и старается держать высокую планку во всем. Бежевая кожа, декоративные элементы из зеленого стекла, деревянные панели и мониторы, меняющие изображение от сезона к сезону, создают особую атмосферу Via Montanapoleone, 24. T: 02 76317726. -

Piaget, Blancpain, Breguet, Bulgari, Chopard, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Officine Panerai, Roger Dubuis и другие, а также пер-вый в Италии бутик Patek Philippe. Здесь же находится библиотека, вы-ставочный зал для мероприятий, торговые залы, посвященные спор-тивным и женским часам, сверхсложным моделям часового искусства и турбийонам. Для постоянных клиентов - сервисный центр, специализированная мастерская и служба упаковки подарков с гарантированной доставкой в любую точку мира. Via Pietro Verri, 7 - T: 02 762081.


Бренд Rodo был основан Ромуальдо Дори в 1956 г. Название бренда представляет собой комбинацию из первых слогов имени и фамилии создателя. Rodo славится соломенными сумками-корзинками, которые были на пике популярности в 1950-х гг. Сегодня бренд отме-чает 60-летний юбилей с момента появления на международной арене. Целых шесть десятилетий он радует современных женщин изысканными коллекциями, секрет успеха кото-рых - проверенные временем традиции итальянских мастеров. Обувь, сумки, ювелирные и кожаные изделия украшают узнаваемые детали - плетеные вставки, металлические пряж-ки и вышивки кристаллами. . Corso Matteotti 14. T: 02 84928436


Расположенный на via Montenapoleone, 6, бутик Audemars Piguet радушно встречает клиен-тов в элегантной атмосфере, которая пропитана духом истории Maison Le Brassus - ста-рейшего производителя в области высокого часового искусства. Легендарный бренд до сих пор принадлежит семье-основателю. Несмотря на то, что это один из самых камерных ма-газинов марки, в нем представлены четыре коллекции Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore, Millenary и Jules Audemars. Кроме того, здесь можно увидеть лимитированные модели, созданные для бутиков Audemars Piguet по всему миру, включая сложные часовые механизмы. По запросу предлагается услуга доставки в любую точку мира. Via Montenapoleone, 6. T: 02 76003115 ФЛАГМАНСКИЙ МАГАЗИН PISA OROLOGERIA


В бутике Rolex часового магазина Pisa Orologeria вы по достоинству оцените безупречное качество обслуживания. Семейство Пиза, работающее в часовой


Этот обновленный флагманский магазин настоящий рай для любите-лей часов. Уже более 70 лет он является отправной точкой в выборе инновационных первоклассных часовых механизмов в Милане, представляя на площади 1000 кв.м. более 40 самых желанных часовых брендов мира: Vacheron Constantin, A. Lange & Söhne,


Основанная в 1924 г, итальянская компания Damiani - семейный бизнес. Флагманский магазин находится на углу via Sant’Andrea. Роскошный ювелирный бренд создает изысканные украшения ручной работы, которые олицетворяют настоящий итальянский стиль и не теряют своего очарования со временем. Элегантная и соблазнительная, ювелирная коллекция Eden навеяна дизайном одноименного браслета Damiani, победителя международной премии Diamond International Awards. Шедевр ювелирного искусства, коллекцию украшает изображение змеи: кольца, серьги и браслеты оживают в новых многочисленных вариациях, все изделия имеют современный эксклюзивный дизайн. Коллекция представлена в двух вариантах: в первом - черная керамика сочетается с розовым золотом, во втором - различные цветовые оттенки

золота, такие как белый, бронзовый и розовый, соединяются с бриллиантами в безупречном стиле Damiani. Via Montanapoleone, 10. T: 02 76028088

ROCCA 1794

Начиная с 18 века, компания Rocca является одним из важнейших дистрибьюторов швейцарских часовых механизмов премиум-сегмента. Среди всего разнообразия нельзя не обратить внимание на такие известные бренды, как Damiani, Rolex, Breguet, Ulysse Nardin, Omega, Cartier, Panerai, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Breitling, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Tudor, Gaga. Профессионализм консультантов и высокий уровень обслуживания - гаранты качества Rocca. Piazza Duomo, 25 - T: 02 8057447.


Современный шоу-рум в историческом центре Милана органично вписывается в стильное окружение динамичного модного квартала столицы. Гостеприимная атмосфера располагает к покупкам, а представленные здесь изделия

вдохновляют и вызывают восхищение. Вы можете примерить понравившиеся вещи из люксовых коллекций одежды и аксессуаров, а также выбрать предметы для дома, созданные для ценителей современного стиля и тра-диций итальянского производства. Вы оцените по достоинству комфортные модели с без-упречными силуэтами и убедитесь, что благородные меха делают молодежный стиль еще более современным. Нестандартные сочетания материалов рождают новые тренды: стега-ные жакеты идеально смотрятся с мехами. Мех подчеркивает красоту кашемира, и получаются по-настоящему стильные изделия.

консультацию по комби-нированию ароматов: профессиональные стилисты помогут создать ваш неповторимый аромат, который подчеркнет вашу индивидуальность. Via Manzoni, 18/ T: 02 76341313 Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 13/ T: 02 80502719

Via Manzoni, 24. T: 02 76001395



Британский бренд Jo Malone славится уникальным портфолио ароматов и люксовых про-дуктов для дома. Миланский бутик представляет собой прекрасное место для выбора изысканных подарков: от неожиданных парфюмов и ароматических свечей до роскошных средств по уходу за телом. Если вам интересно узнать, как правильно выбрать аромат в подарок, советуем записаться на персональную консультацию по искусству дарить подар-ки к консьержу Jo Malone. Каждый магазин Jo Malone предлагает уникальный опыт: безупречное обслуживание в эле-гантной обстановке. Консультанты Jo Malone приглашают клиентов отправиться в путешествие, в котором они смогут испытать уникальную гамму ощущений. В качестве компли-ментов вам предложат массаж кистей и рук, а также бесплатную

Парфюмерный бутик Acqua di Parma выходит окнами на виа Джезу и угол виа Монтенаполеоне. Он расположился в элегантном итальянском палаццо, в залах которого чувствуется особая мультисенсорная атмосфера. Каждая деталь отражает мастерство итальянских ремесленников: от пола из мрамора Calacatta и ниш, украшенных драгоценными мозаиками, до великолепной лепнины и изысканной мебели. Кресла Poltrona Frau и картины дополняют интерьер и создают нужную обстановку для презентации изделий. Эксклюзивны не только изделия, но и услуги, предоставляемые клиентам: от персонализации понравившегося аромата и доставки на дом до бритья в традиционной итальянской брадобрейной. Via Gesù, 1 corner of via Montenapoleone. T: 02 76023307.



10 questions for... Eclectic, exuberant and always engaged with one of his passions, New Yorker Joe Bastianich, a restaurateur, TV celebrity, writer, musician and runner, gives us his take on the most vibrant, fashionable aspects of Milan, his favourite city, while savouring a cigar, of the Cuban variety, naturally!

Three adjectives to describe Milan. Vital, international and full of personality. If you hadn’t been a chef, what would you have become? I’m not a chef but a restaurateur, which is different. Like all of us who grew up in New York in the 70s/80s, I would have liked to have been a rock star. But, who, knows, maybe it’s not too late… In reality you’re also a writer, a musician and a runner. How do you manage to reconcile all these passions and still find the time to dedicate yourself to all of them? The secret is simple: being sleep-deprived. What does “luxury” mean to you? Without a doubt finding a little time each day to do what makes you feel good. What do you do when you have a free half-day in Milan? I always try to find time to work out at the gym (my favourite in Milan is Virgin Active in Corso Como), or spend time with my partners at Ricci (1), the venue that we recently opened. Otherwise I practice the guitar. As you can guess, I’m never bored.

Rodriguez, do any of your future projects involve other new openings in Italy, possibly in Milan? Never say never. I’m not excluding the idea of embarking on new projects in the short term. However, what with currently recording four TV shows and overseeing approximately 30 restaurants throughout the world, I would say that, for the time being, I have enough on my plate. How would you complete the following sentence: Milan is the only city where…”? ...before starting work, the coffee and cigarette break ritual exists.


And when you only have an hour? When I only have an hour, you might see me strolling through the city smoking a cigar. For the record, I prefer Cuban cigars! (2) Which is your favourite corner of the city? Isola is my favourite district, but I also love running in Parco Sempione (3), browsing the boutiques in the via Montenapoleone, or drinking a glass of wine at Cantine Isola in Chinatown. What is your favorite restaurant for a quick lunch? And for a distinctive dinner? As far as I’m concerned, Eataly Smeraldo is a great option for a quick, tasty lunch. For the latter, I recently dined at the Mandarin Oriental. If you haven’t yet tried it, I warmly recommend that you do. After Orsone, the restaurant that you opened in Friuli, and your Milan-based brasserie Ricci, co-owned with Italian actress Belen











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