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How HCG Diet and Exercise Helps Shed Body Weight First, a little information about the HCG diet, what it is and how it works should be provided. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women at the beginning of the pregnancy only which more or less eradicates the fat in a woman to convert it to energy and feed the growing life in her. This might have something to do with the strange food cravings and sudden extra eating but that’s not the point of this article. HCG can do the same thing for you by getting rid of your fat and converting it to energy for use. With no baby, you’ll need to spend that fuel elsewhere. Other aspects of your life are sure to become more enjoyable when using the HCG diet to lose weight. You will take on the same tasks with more strength and stamina than usual thanks to all the extra energy you’re getting. The thing is, you need to cut down the amount of food you take in as well, because the burning fat really does overload your body with fuel which is ready to spend. If you don’t want it to be made back into fat, you need to get rid of it. That’s how people get fat in the first place.

This method of weight loss is effective if not strange. You’ll need to submit yourself to a series of shots, daily injections of the HCG hormone which you need to keep your weight dropping. Some people will experience some mild benefits, about a pound of weight off a day, not bad by any measure. Others will get much more from the same amount of HCG, burning double or even triple that amount of weight every day. This has been a quick read on how HCG diet and exercise helps shed body weight. While on the HCG diet, you eat less and don’t need to exercise at all, since the hormones are converting your fats to energy at an alarming rate. Sit back and wait for better health to come your way. Remember though, if you keep up with the same bad habits that got you overweight the first time, they’re sure to land you in the same big pants again. In addition to getting rid of extra weight, dieters must often make some lifestyle changes which are difficult. If you want to look like this go on this


How HCG Diet and Exercise Helps Shed Body Weight