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International Scientific Conference on Water Exhibition of Water Management Equipment and Technology


8 - 10 November 2011



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BelEXPOCENTAR Belgrade, Serbia

EXHIBITION ON WATER Unique event in the south east European region bringing together the experts of water management sector Proceeding from the generally accepted view that water is the most significant strategic resource of the 21st century, the husbandry of water resources and the management of the systems for the utilization and protection of waters have been gaining in significance all over the world. Drinking water supply, wastewater runoff, protection against floods and erosions, irrigation and draining in agriculture, navigation and utilization of water for industrial branches under current disturbed ecological conditions are becoming increasingly serious issues. To resolve these issues, significant financial investments are needed, both in the reconstruction and expansion of capacities, and in the construction of new facilities. Exhibition on Water 2011 will, for the third time, bring together at the same place manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and chemicals; representatives of scientific institutions, designing companies, water management enterprises, local governments, public utility companies, ministries, as well as the financial institutions making investments in the water management through donations and loans

Exhibition on Water offers the best possible

Exhibitors’ Profiles

• Overview of innovations, products, services, technologies, and solutions • Setting for making new business contacts and for fostering and restoring the former ones

• Manufacturers of equipment for hydraulic structures (exploitation and use of waters), protection against floods and erosion; • Manufacturers of measuring instruments; • Manufacturers of equipment for systems automation and monitoring; • Manufacturers of equipment and instrumental technology for water and wastewater control; • Designing companies for the area of water management: water supply, canalization, and the environment protection (protection of water against pollution); protection against floods and erosion; and exploitation and use of waters (navigation, exploitation of water power, and irrigation); • Institutes involved in the area of waters; • Contractors / building companies involved in construction of water management facilities; • Financial institutions donating money for the water management

The aim of the Exhibition on Water 2011 The aim of the Exhibition on Water 2011 is to have the outdated water management systems of the South East European countries revitalized as soon as possible, and to make them, by means of local and foreign investments, reach the level required by strict EU demands referring to the exploitation of waters, the protection of waters, and the protection against waters. In conceiving the development of

water management, as well as all activities associated with waters, it is important to enable smooth social and economic development, without causing any detrimental impact on the environment. Resolution of this extremely difficult and delicate task requires great funds and resources. Funds required to improve the water management of any country of the region are provided from the government budget and the

public investment programs, which most often amounts to between 30% and 40% of the total budgetary resources allocated for infrastructure facilities. Other financial resources required are provided through donations or loans extended by governments of some countries as well as by financial institutions/organizations, which in such a way help the implementation of particular water management projects.

Foreign financial institutions that have so far invested in the Water management of the South East European region: EAR - European Agency for Reconstruction EBRD - Bank for Reconstruction and Development World Bank KfW - German Development Bank GTZ - German Organization for Technical Cooperation

Investments are the only way to accomplish the development goals, namely, the manner of investing marks the time link between the present and the future. Exhibition on Water is not just an exhibition of products, equipment and technology, but also a place where ideas are exchanged and new knowledge in the area of water management acquired.

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Conference During the Exhibition on Water, an International Scientific Conference on Water will be held. Leading experts from Serbia and the region will have an opportunity to present their knowledge and experiences.

The Conference offers • scientific-expert program arranged by topics • information on the completed and the scheduled investments in the South East European region

Visitors’ Profiles The organizers of the Exhibition put great emphasis on attracting high quality visitors. The visitors are invited through marketing campaigns organized during expert theme conferences and exhibitions, as well as through direct mailing.

Visitors are Experts from the government sector and industry, involved in the area of waters; government officials; representatives of chambers of economy, relevant bodies of regional chambers and local governments; representatives of financial institutions; engineers; experts in building construction and well drilling; representatives of PUC Waterworks and Sewage; representatives of public enterprises; representatives of national and international organizations; customers; representatives of agencies for building land; representatives of city institutes for public health; experts of water management sector; scientists; directors of various sectors in companies; media representatives; representatives of the industry of paper and cellulose, food processing and beverages, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, as well as textile industry.

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Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering Sindjeliceva 21, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Phone: +381 11 2442 228 Fax: +381 11 2441 193 e-mail:

Belexpo Vojvode Dobrnjca 40, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Phone: +381 11 3391 959 Fax: +381 11 3284 074 / 3284 103 Mobile phone: +381 63 110 95 15 e-mail:


Belexpocentar Belgrade Spanskih boraca 74a, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia Phone: +381 11 3133 250

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Exibition of water, brochure.

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