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JustKidney.Org “Of course it all started with a Kidney!” states Roel P. Ramirez, one of the founders of JustKidney.Org. “And it was not even mine!” he further exclaims. In September of 1996, my wife Heidi had her right kidney taken out due to a massive stag horn stone in her said organ. This started our long and continuing sojourn of serious and somewhat debilitating health issues that changed our lives completely. Some of you are pretty familiar with Heidi’s miracle. Yet somehow, our trials continue… In April of 2008, I, Roel, was diagnosed with end stage renal failure and have been undergoing dialysis treatments ever since. Three times a week, (M/W/F) like a typical school schedule, I have religiously trooped to my temporary home at Fresenius Medical Center in Glendale Heights, IL for the four-hour sessions. Even with all the side effects dialysis treatments has afforded me, I still felt so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to continue all my treatments despite my not having any active form of health insurance. It made me truly wonder and give thanks at the thought of knowing someone out there was watching over me. Imagine if I was still back home in Manila and I needed all this medication? I would not be able to afford such a costly procedure. Yet I think about the thousands of Filipinos who do need dialysis but cannot access or are denied access to it due to cost constraints. They are just left to whither and die. Not given a chance, not given the opportunity like I was in my adopted land. I am still alive today and I need to make a difference! I also need you, my friends, to help me make that difference and change someone’s life! JustKidney.Org aims to provide free dialysis treatments to needy Filipinos in the provinces. It is our goal to establish an endowment fund meant to operate three initial clinics, one in Angeles City, one in Olongapo City and one in Bulacan. We shall partner with Local Government Units and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office as well as the newly established Phil Health initiative to keep the project financially sound and stable. We have already reached out to other friends; both local and international, to get on board this truly worthy cause. But we are taking this slowly as we want to keep the transparency of funds and funds raised for this endeavor very understandable and incorruptible. This is no longer about you and me; it is about the thousands of other lives we can save, for now… We need you and we need your pledge and honest support. Please see the back side of this letter. Thank you.

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JustKidney.Org Pledge Form  
JustKidney.Org Pledge Form  

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