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A syllable is unit of sound made from a single vowel, or single vowel/consonant combination - note that syllables never have more then one vowel sound in them.

Stress and unstressed syllables form the basis of the rhythmic pattern of English words.


 Stresses syllable is longer, louder and

higher pitch.

 Unstressed syllable is reduced and

becomes a neutral short vowel called the “schwa”


Rules for syllable stress Rule 1:

If a word end with “tion” stress the syllable before “ tion”. Example: Comm-u-ni-ca-tion

Rule 2:

If a word ends with “ graphy” stress the syllable before “ graphy”. 7/8/11


Rule 3:

If a new word is constructed by adding a prefix, stress the first syllable. Example: re-lo-cate Rule 4:

If the word ends with “ic” “sion” “ ical”, stress the syllable before “ic” “sion” “ ical”, Example: ten-sion 7/8/11


Syllable Stress  

Explain hot to stress syllable

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