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All brands in one app! What previously required several apps now flow together into one single experience.

What is Mikz? We have put together a world of brands under one roof, and more are being added all the time. Gift cards, coupons, inspiration and contests – all in one place. You choose which brands, companies and organizations to follow.



According to Apple, 90% of all apps have only been used once.

You have probably downloaded a bunch of apps before. Probably one for each brand. And probably you have deleted nearly as many.

What if‌ If apps were stores in the real world, what would you do? Driving around to a lot of different stores in town – or go to a mall?




The Mall Here’s everything brought together – in one place. There are storefronts that quickly show what the different brands offer. And maps to help you find your way. You move quickly around and get a good overview.

Mikz is convenient One app instead of many. That is how Mikz works – your mall in the mobile.



My brands You can build your own mall in Mikz – with brands selected by you. Just by pushing a button, you select which brand you want to follow. And which ones that are allowed to send notifications to you. Because no one else knows what you like. Only you.


Mikz in daily life Get offers, tips and coupons. Download loyalty cards and get the 10th for free. Or pay with your mobile and jump the queue. Participate in quizzes and polls. Browse around for new things and be inspired. Or be the first to know. Have you joined a loyalty club already, you can get exclusive membership benefits in Mikz. Mikz is on your terms. Because only then we believe you’re interested. Good for all – for you as a company also.




Build loyalty As a business or organization, Mikz provides the tools you need for your app – whether you want to engage or inspire, create traffic in the store or build loyalty.

Own customer database With your customer database, you take care of your leads. You can create followers, increase your loyalty club and follow up. You target your campaigns – to whom, where and when.


Mobile marketing and CRM Mikz offers a full-service solution for modern communication with your customers and members – no matter if you want to find new or strengthen relationships with existing ones. All packaged in one ready solution. Without start-up costs. Without waiting. Without risk.


Extend and augment Short code for SMS, web links and QR codes – Mikz offers the tools you need to extend and augment your existing marketing channels. This allows your customers to act directly on your messages. With Mikz, they can also start following your brand.






Your loyalty club You can also connect your existing CRM system with Mikz to send exclusive member benefits and VIP offers.

Statistics included Mikz gives you ongoing information about your campaigns – information that is stored in your customer database. The statistics also allows you to select target group for your next campaign, for example ”Select all who used my coupon last week.”


Free SMS service As a customer of Mikz, you use our text messaging service without any additional charge. When you create a new campaign, you can add a text message. The web link to your campaign is then automatically included in your text message.

SMS short codes included You also get a unique short code that your customers can use to reach your app by sending a text message.



Marketing contribution We even have a kick-back mechanism for you. If you recruit e.g. 1 000 new Mikz users through your own marketing, you get credited 1200 EUR during the first year.

Don’t forget... Receipts, menu holders, packaging, brochures, giveaways, Facebook page and your website – excellent interfaces to capture customers and guide them to your app in Mikz.



Business model Subscribing to Mikz gives you access to all the features of Mikz and you don’t need to invest time and money in your own app. In addition, we assist in marketing of your app.


Monthly fee Our business consists of two parts – a fixed monthly fee and a variable. • The fixed part is determined by the level of support you need. • The variable part you can affect by working with Mikz in your own marketing.


Fixed monthly support fee

SMALL MEDIUM LARGE 1 campaign 1 retail location

2 campaigns 4 retail locations

4 campaigns 16 retail locations

35 € 55 € 110 € All packages include graphic design of your app and your campaigns, help with the campaign tool and a share in joint marketing. The fees are per month and exclude VAT.


Variable monthly rental fee The variable part is determined by the size and composition of the customer database that you build: • For each existing Mikz user in your customer database, you pay 0,10 € per month. • For each new Mikz user you recruit through your own marketing, we credit 0,10 € per month. See for full terms and conditions.


Your invoice Monthly billing is the difference between charged and credited amount.

Get money back By working actively with Mikz in your communication, you can use Mikz for free or get money back. We see this as our contribution to your marketing.

Mikz has no start-up costs. Notice period is three months.



”By integrating Mikz in our marketing, we get a direct channel into our customers’ mobile phones. We can share our vision and make ongoing work while we will be able to present attractive deals and best discounts on a new way. the ability to communicate fully digital and avoid physical paper mailing is of course an added bonus to our environmental efforts.” Björn Almér, CEO Barista

”With Mikz we take the step into the mobile world and a whole new way to market our products. Mikz also allows the consumer to choose what is important for him or her and what brands you want to follow – that´s is a big plus. It is well in line with our ambitions to be an honest, quality-oriented company.”

Rolf Frid, CEO SIA Glass AB

”We are actively working to develop communities with our customers, both through new technology and virtual platforms at our destinations and in grocery stores. With Mikz we get a tool that helps us to create an ongoing dialogue with our customers.” Mikael Ek, Head of Communications and Trade Marketing at Kiviks Musteri


About Mikz Mikz is a complete solution for next generation mobile marketing. The service is developed and operated by Danir Marketing AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Danir AB. Danir AB is a privately owned group founded in 1986 by IT entrepreneur Dan Olofsson. Among the portfolio companies are ÅF, Sigma and the charity organization Star For Life. Danir Marketing AB has 20 employees and a unique, comprehensive expertise in marketing, digital communications and mobility – many with up to 20 years of experience in their respective fields.


Copyright Š Danir Marketing AB


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