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So, I was going to write this fantastic paper about what my name means and how it’s true or how it’s completely wrong. But I’ve looked on every name website I could find and none of them have a ‘Mikyla’. Darn. So I decided I’d write about my softball ‘career’ instead. When I was 9 years old I quit soccer. I wasn’t very good at it, and when it was time to move up to the ‘big girl fields’ I decided it was a good time to stop playing. That year was the first year that softball became important to me. It also happened to be the first year that we could start pitching in the rec league here in town. I started practicing with my dad in the backyard and at practice with my friend Bailey Kendall. Now, I’m not going to lie and say I was a natural, couldn’t throw a bad pitch if I tried; because that’s totally not true. But, I started taking pitching lessons from a girl in Kansas City, and things slowly got better. The next year was my 5th grade year and I had gotten way better. One day after school, when my mom was picking my sister and I up from school, another coach I knew from the rec league (Wendy) asked my mom if I would want to be on a traveling team called the ‘Red Hots’. I was excited! I had heard some of the older girls talk about their traveling teams, but I had never played on one before. I started going to their practices and it was a lot of fun. I even started going to a pitching coach that some of the other girls used. His name

was Danny Carter, and he really helped my pitching. Actually, he still helps my pitching. I go out to pitching lessons once a week. That year, we played 10 and under C ball, and got fourth in nationals. The next year, myself and a few of the other girls had to move up to 12U. My dad coached the team and we were ‘Red Hots 12U’ team. Things got bad that year so when the summer season was over, I decided to quit the ‘Red Hots 12U’ team and look for another team. After going to 4 or 5 tryouts, I joined ‘KC Pride White’. It was the first team I had been on where we actually practiced all winter long. The year between 7th and 8th grade we played 12B and took like 10th in nationals. I had a friend named Kelsie from the ‘Red Hots’ and her aunt started a team called the ‘Silver Bullets’, so sometimes I played with them. But, again I had to move up in age groups and ‘KC Pride White’ decided to stay down. So, after summer ball I tried out for about 6 or 7 teams. I had also decided to play in the fall rec league here in town. Originally, I decided I would play for ‘Smithville Sting’. But for rec ball one of the travel teams from here in St. Joe had put me on their team. Their name was ‘Kryptonite’. After a few practices with ‘Kryptonite’, I really liked their team and knew a lot of the girls on it so I decided to quit ‘Smithville Sting’ and play for ‘Kryptonite’. Sometimes ‘Kryptonite’ didn’t play very often and I would have a free weekend. So on these

weekends I played for ‘KC Blackoutz’ (a 14B team). But ‘Kryptonite’ played 14C and got 3rd in nationals. That was last summer. Right after the season ended, high school softball started their ‘camp’, and then tryouts started. I was put on the J.V team as the only pitcher. Then I was put on Varsity as a back up pitcher and pinch hitter. This year I’m playing summer ball for ‘KC Crossfire’ out of Olathe. We will be playing 16B/18B. We played in one tournament already and got 1st place. But overall, my softball life has really helped me in a lot of aspects in my life. Actually, after doing some research I found out that there are 7 main ways softball affects a girls life: it encourages a healthy lifestyle, it promotes self esteem, it helps you learn goal setting, you learn about and experience teamwork, you develop time management skills, you learn about dealing with adversity, and you have a lot of fun!

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going to a pitching coach that some of the other girls used. His name softball became important to me. It also happened to be the first year...

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